Friday, November 07, 2008


CBSNews has an interview with Alan Greenspan:
The former Fed chairman said early data for October show the GDP in a severe contraction that could top a 3 percent annual rate of decline.

I keep looking for even some evidence that the rate of implosion isn't accelerating.


Lou Minatti said...


Lou Minatti said...

I apologize for not saying anything in my "foist" message, but I was just surprised that I was foist.

So why should anyone believe what Greenspan says? He is a senile old git. Reminder: Greenspan in 2005 was urging dumbasses to sign up for ARMs.

Rob, the pink walrus photo was better.

Lou Minatti said...

Oh, and your link to CBS Snews doesn't work. Courage.

Rob Dawg said...

I fixed it before you commented.

New avatar for your amusement.

Akira said...

Gee, somehow I managed to stir thinks up a bit yesterday. Nothing wrong with that.
Cute new walrus, Dawg.
I thought this was cute too: Never Teach Your Captive Cephalopods Tricks