Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Greg Swann Just Can't Help Himself

There's arrogant certitude and then there's Greg. Check out his latest bit of hubris:
When will the Phoenix real estate market finally hit bottom?

Believe it or not, I can answer that question with a high degree of precision: When the number of homes being added to the available inventory each month is generally lower than the number of homes sold each month.
Buy and hold? No problem. Profit on resale? Don’t bet on it, not for a while.

Got that? He still thinks it is a good time to buy!


Jean ValJean said...

If anybody tells you they can time the market, first, walk away slowly, then RUN from that person.

Northern Renter said...

damny ou val jean.
Beat me by a minute.


anonymous said...

In my dealings with realtors over the past year, I have come to the conclusion that most of them are freaking idiots.

And the few that aren't idiots, are liars.