Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Alban Arthan

Wishing everyone a solemn Alban Arthan as we honor the souls of the trees we sacrifice then deify in our living rooms. Hang the revered kerm-oak, drink the blessed wassail. "Yule" feel so much better. The Norse had the right idea taking 12 days for Jole. The oak was the ‘king of the forest.’ One possible source of the word ‘Druid’ is in the Gaelic word for oak, ‘drui.’ So the burning of the Yule log of oak signified the return of the Oak King at the rebirth of the Sun.  Oh and all the recent religion adherents that have since renamed these Christmas, Christmas Trees, holly, sacramental wine and the 12 days of Christmas as if changing the name makes a difference; Merry Christmas. 

Wishing everyone Prop 13 protection for as long as it may last.

Wishing everyone a secret decoder ring to translate Fedspeak into reality. 

Wishing I understood inflation formulas. 

Watch that cliff.  
Anyway, We got the Druids covered and I need to add Joyous Saturnalia so the pagans are taken care of as well so all that remains is;

Happy Holy-days!  And a special for skk:

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