Saturday, December 01, 2012

Winning Hearts and Minds

MADRID (AP) — Labor unions representing most workers in Spain's Iberia airlinesay they will stage six days of strikes right before the Christmas holiday period to protest the company's plans to lay off 4,500 workers.
The stoppages by Iberia's ground staff and cabin crews will be held Dec. 14 and Dec. 17-21.

Oh good, all the workers lose their jobs.  
Danger?  Don't worry, we've got this umbrella.


w said...

800 Port of Los Angeles clerks are holding up billions of dollars of imports coming in before Christmas. 595,000 jobs in SoCal are directly dependent on the port traffic. Poor clerks...big business must be really abusing them and this is their only recourse to make amends. I hope they really screw them good. Oh wait...what's that you say...the typically anti-business pro-labor LA Times leaves the best sentence for last:

"The employers say they have offered a wage package worth an average of $195,000 annually, up from $165,000."

But it isn't exclusively more pay that they want. They want guarrantees that their jobs will never be outsourced where apparently they could be done for a fraction of the cost. Why would any business outsource their clerks making $195,000 a year?

Rob Dawg said...

The bastards aren't even sworn in yet:
"Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) said he will introduce a constitutional amendment that would allow local parcel taxes for schools to pass with 55% of the vote, instead of the two-thirds currently required."

w said...
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w said...

Apparently EN needs a neutron reflector to handle the loss of critical mass.

Maybe this would work:

Rob Dawg said...

Blinded me with science.

Putting up lights in the rain. Post about LA pension crisis impending.

Unknown said...

Dawg, wouldn't a properly engineered virus solve the pension problem?

Rob Dawg said...

A virus inserted into the CalPERS accounting computer?

Into politicians to restore their vision and recalcify their spines?

Into voters to to remind them conservative ≠ any existing party?

sm_landlord said...

No virus can fix stupid.

Glad we go some light up last weekend, it's been drizzling for days, it seems.

Unknown said...

SM_Landlord, Ebola fixes stupid right quick.

Son of Brock Landers said...

The Spanish unions are particularly stupid considering the rumbling from Catalan's voters and pols about saying adios. Catalan is 20% of Spanish GDP. Are these Spanish unions getting advice from the Hostess bakers' union reps?

As far as politics are concerned, I suggest you guys start reading up on the Dark Enlightenment.