Friday, December 07, 2012

Market WAG

It is once again that time of year to peer into the crystal bowling ball and play "I'm stupider than you."

Apple lost more than the market value of 90% of all listed companies the other day.  Perfectly understandable.  In three weeks any appreciation in the stock to date will suddenly drop by at least 7% and likely more depending on your tax status.  So, what about the markets?  Fearless Fosdick says:
The market will decline sharply into the new year and rise twice as much on a federal tax and spending deal.  Down Dow 200 up 400.  Down 500 up 1000.  Something like that.

Okay my stupid is out there.  Are you stupider?  Prove it in the comments.


w said...

Okay, I will swing for the fences.

There will be a slight bump from whatever mockery of a deal Washington comes up with. Then in the end of March as the scent of poor earnings starts the market will collapse 20% starting the excuse train of Obamacare and government regulation. This will infuriate the white house and Dems who will ramp up the anti-rich rhetoric to a new level. RRE will suddenly lose it's balance and slip back into sudden decline as buyers lose more confidence. CRE will crash with the coming understanding that there will be no recovery and this is the new normal along with the overturning of prop 13 for commercial properties in CA which I assume has the most CRE in the country.

The rich will then be eaten. Braised in their own wine.

Unknown said...

I'm a Realtor.

Rob Dawg said...