Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Stink Global, Stink Locally

Political coverups and inside favors are everywhere.  Today's bookends come from the highest levels of Chinese government and the city council election in Oxnard, CA.

It only later emerged that the message was a sham, posted by someone under Mr. Ling’s alias — almost three months after his death.
The ploy was one of many in a tangled effort to suppress news of the crash that killed Mr. Ling and critically injured two young female passengers, one of whom later died. The outlines of the affair surfaced months ago, but it is now becoming clearer that the crash and the botched cover-up had more momentous consequences, altering the course of the Chinese Communist Party’s once-in-a-decade leadership succession last month.

Monday's administrative actions also concern former Councilman Dean Maulhardt, current council members Bryan MacDonald and Irene Pinkard, and Development Services Director Matt Winegar. The violations, including those leveled at Herrera, stem from failing to report meals or golf games paid for by companies doing business with the city.

Violators have agreed to pay the fines, which are scheduled for routine approval at a Dec. 13 commission meeting in San Diego.
Not all officials could be reached for comment after the item was posted Monday.
Similar fines previously were assessed against: Mayor Tom Holden, $10,500; City Manager Ed Sotelo, $12,500; interim City Manager Karen Burnham, $2,000; Community Development Director Curtis Cannon, $4,000; and former Public Works Director Ken Ortega, $7,000.

Bryan MacDonald is highlighted because he just barely eeked out reelection. Had the FPPC produced this finding when they finished their investigation he most likely would not have been reelected. Personally the top Chinese officials are pikers compared to Oxnard.

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