Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All Cash

All cash, yeah just like Casey with a whole lot more zeros.

VCStar: Recorded sales filed with the Ventura County Clerk and Recorder's Office show that Invitation Homes, through a corporation called THR California, has purchased 101 homes in the county since Aug. 3, with the frequency picking up in September and peaking with 26 transactions in the first 17 days of December.
THR's purchases accounted for 3 percent of all home sales in the county in November, and more than 9 percent of the value of all real estate purchases in the city of Oxnard.
Blackstone, a giant investment firm with worldwide real estate assets of more than $50 billion, owns 600 community shopping centers across the United States and has high-profile holdings such as Hilton Hotels, the Waldorf-Astoria and San Diego's historic Hotel del Coronado.

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sm_landlord said...

It remains to be seen how BX will do with this strategy. Some analysts are cheering them on, and I was even considering putting a little money on them.

So far, I'm up almost 8% on the small bet I placed on ROIC, the outfit that bailed out the Seabridge center.