Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Buy the sizzle, sell the steak

"Ford Motor's November sales rose 7.2% to 190,449, as its Fusion sedan sales zoomed 51% and its F-series trucks hits 60,000 sales for the seventh consecutive month.  Ford said it was the best November since 2004. 

This from USA Today of all places.  

And Ford stock?  Down 3%.   Talk about a disconnect.  I used to talk about the difference twixt good companies and good stocks but that is not even enough.  These days it is necessary to be cued into where the stock is going to be thrust regardless of any technical or fundamental issues. 

The "new" Mustang 2014 design is an interesting direction for the company.  Very inexpensive to produce via common components.  Very popular and looking at a long platform run.  Winner?  Hard to bet against a 50 year old streak.  My bhet is that it is even more important to the Fusion line of subcompact sporty vehicles. 


Cinco-X said...

A Period Of Bitterly Cold Temperatures Not Seen In A Decade Is About To Hit Parts Of The US

Roads close, crops threatened as arctic blast causes temperatures to plummet in West, Midwest

Rob Dawg said...

Hah! Three minutes too late!