Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Magic Kingdom Come

Privacy at Disney World Waning? RFID and Tracking Updates

All of a sudden last week, based on some first-hand reports, there was reason to suspect that the Disney MagicBands do, after all, contain the capability to be read at a distance. The assumption until now was that Disney would only be able to track its visitors when they took the step of placing their MagicBands (MB) within millimeters of the readers to pay for purchases or join the FASTPASS+ line, and that customers were therefore in charge of deciding when Disney would know where they were. But if Disney can read MagicBands from a distance, they will be able to track users much more closely, and without their knowledge or minute-by-minute consent. Visitors may feel their privacy is at its lowest ebb when on a Disney World vacation.

Seems to be a race whether Apple, Google or Disney are the first to successfully tag their product.  And by "product" I mean consumers.  

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