Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Crafty

And now for something completely different.  Holiday craft corner time.

Now wait.  Before you think I've had too much eggnog look at the stats.
• All components from the 99¢ Store.
• Noxious fumes from melted plastic and glue.
• Electricity and soldering pencil.

Here's the visual steps:
2 large serving bowls
8pc plastic condiment bowls
4pc small bowls
3x 20 conventional light strings
Hobby cement

$8+tx and any sundry medical supplies.  

 Use the sodlering pencil to melt two holes in a large bowl and small bowl.  This is the top half.  Thread the three strings through the holes as shown and glue the small bowl to the large bowl.  Note, for now do not install the blinking bulbs.  The constant on makes the next steps easier.

Note the bleeding finger tip from a broken bulb and solder burn on the thumb. 
The bottom bowls are the same except there is no need to melt feeder holes.  Instead use the solder pencil tip to melt little holes just big enough for the bulbs.  Remember they are fragile glass so don't force them.  Alright.  After you bust the first one stop forcing them.  I know the kind of person who reads EN. 

Use the small cups and melt some holes in clusters and put the rest of the bulbs in them.

Replace one bulb with a blinker bulb.

Push the whole mess together and glue the large bowl rims.

Have a Merry Christmas. 

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