Tuesday, December 03, 2013

New Automobiles


Nobody "gets it."  2014 vehicles are good for 400k miles.  No misprint.  Four... hundred... thousand... miles.  When I was a sprout my dad knew his slant six Dodge was good for 45,000 mil;es and after that it was a case of luck and/or Tuesday or Friday assembly.  I recall when he and a few friends went to the Hershey antique swap meet as it was known in those days to trade and pick.  The Dodge Dart being a throwaway piece of rolling ... you know.  Despite that it was low mileage and had an advance.  He had bought radial tires.  Mein Gott!  POS late capitalism rolling sh¡tbox turns three passengers into converts.  This was a turning point in industrial production.  Making more turned into making better for the same price or less.  No coincidence this was the same time Erlich made his famous bet.  

Where are we now?  Precious metals crushed.  Commodity inputs crushed.  Maybe the Central Banks aren't able to keep up with deflationary pressures. 

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