Monday, December 02, 2013

What we put into it

Nothing is sadder than people who bought at the peak and poured cash into their house who then think they need to be made whole.  Wait... there is something sadder.  When they might get it.  And thus I present:

 Nice place, nice 'hood.  Nice schools, etc.  What's the problem?

Tax History

YearProperty taxesChangeTax assessmentChange

 Yup, last sold 08/09/2006 for $1,410,000 and assessed at that time $608,682.  This needs a little explanation for the non-California reader.  In CA you can transfer a tax basis if you meet certain conditions.  Prop 60 allowed seniors to transfer their old Prop 13 tax basis to a new property provided the new property was of a lesser price.  No trading up but only cashing out.  So the tax history isn't a reflection of transactions in this case.  Lucky we have the transaction history of $1,410,000.

What is the asking price? 

$1,399,000.   We aren't going to give it away.  


Cinco-X said...

Tax policy is the biggest problem in this country. Been sayin' it for awhile...Auburn sucks-

Cinco-X said...

How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big

1) Have A System, Not A Goal

2) Success Creates Passion More Than Passion Creates Success

3) Focus On Energy, Not Time

4) Fake It Until You Make It

5) Increase Your Happy Thoughts Ratio

Cinco-X said...

Fookin' priceless...

Rule Change Lets IRS Target Conservatives
Last week, the IRS unveiled an end-run around the problem of illegally targeting conservatives with a rules change. The new policy would reverse a 54-year-old regulation and essentially eliminate an entire class of advocacy groups that just happens to be used by far more right-wing activists than left-wingers. But to ensure that this transparently political maneuver by an agency that is supposed to be above partisanship got as little coverage as possible, the change was announced Tuesday with the rule only being posted on the Federal Register on the Friday after Thanksgiving.