Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Last Gasps of a Failtard

Wow, who thought is would take so long? Tomorrow is tax day for his 2007 filing. He's burning his mom's seed money for Goldspring. 30% losses plus expenses. The picture is Benoit's™ awesome massive focused effort. Bubba is waiting. Is this the last Casey post? Not hardly. There's the trial and sentencing phase still to go.


Sweet Cashback said...

First on this one....
Murst that !!

serinitis said...

Casey says he doesn't owe any taxes on the 91K he made in 2007. The audit should be interesting.

Casey mentioned going off the grid and holing up in the mountains. I assume he plans to move onto the Goldspring property so he can be nearer his precious.

I still don't see any signs that LE wants him.

Benoit™ said...

LOL... thanks for the nod, Walrus. ;-)

Property Flopper said...

This isn't the last gasp. No, sadly this spectical will continue. CS will find someone to take him in (Family, Monica or even a reunion with Nigel after the GF dumps him). In any event, he'll continue to blog - he desperately needs the attention.

He could end up on the street and he'll still blog through free wi-fi (at least until it rains and destroys the laptop or someone takes it from him).

It will take jail or some debilitating injury to stop him - he's addicted to the blog. If losing his wife wasn't enough to stop him, nothing will be.

Also: Would love to see him actually try to "live off the grid", he'd last about a day - long enough to get hungry and realize that nobody is going to hand him food and that he has no survival skills. Would be humorous, at least briefly.

Also, also: Dawg, if you are the Walrus, who exactly is the eggman? Koo-koo-cachoo.

Dolph said...

He is not insolvent, not by a mile. He's not living in a box or waiting in line at the EDD. He got all that cash back at close plus he sold his site for a profit.

He has credit, so how is he insolvent? I am wondering if US Bank should be told about his insolvency. I'll believe insolvency when he tells us he's filing for BK.

segfault said...

Off the grid--yeah, right. How many solar panels on top of a van would it take to power his laptop plus some sort of satellite internet connection? Oh, and a fridge to keep all of his rabbit food cold.

Rob Dawg said...

Property Flopper,
I Realworld™ I am the the Thin Man not the Walrus.

Reporter: Well, can't you tell us anything about the case?
Nick Charles: Yes, it's putting me way behind in my drinking.

more clever reparté:

Rob Dawg said...

Don't forget the recharging of his battery operated... umm, his battery powered,.. umm "devices."

Casey can't "live off the grid." As noted he is addicted to attention. Note; addicted starts with ADD. Anyway, if anything he has proven himself the opposite of resourceful. He's an early victim in any hardship situation.

Anonymous said...


Michael Ryan said...

I think you all posit a better outcome to this than I do. I suspect this story ends with him putting the barrel under his chin.

Centipede said...

@Property Flopper
Dawg, if you are the Walrus, who exactly is the eggman? Koo-koo-cachoo.

I am the fucking Eggman!!!

Peripheral Visionary said...

I'm not sure why KC is still floating around the parents' house or Nigel's basement or wherever he is these days when there are some sweet™ deals™ out there to be had:

Baghdad housing prices soar under sectarian shadow (Yahoo! News)

BAGHDAD – An arrow in central Baghdad points down a side-street to a glass door with a sign that reads: "Ali's Office."

That's where real estate broker Hadi Abbas Ali has greeted clients for 25 years. Now Ali is witnessing a boom of sorts in the Iraqi capital, where real estate prices have doubled in some areas.

. . .

With little new construction afoot, there are far more buyers or renters than available homes in places like Karradah, a mostly Shiite area where Ali is hard-pressed to shrink his waiting list.

"The business in the area is not so good now because there is high demand but not much supply," said Ali, dressed sharply in a jacket and pressed trousers. He noted that the monthly rent for a two-room apartment in Karradah, where attacks still occur, is about $400, double the price in 2006.

Now it's just a matter of convincing the Failed Flopper to take some Massive Focused Action™.

(And where's the Bluth Company when housing needs to be built in Baghdad?)

segfault said...

peripheral visionary,

The Bluth Company... Good memories. A shame that Arrested Development got cancelled.

Perhaps Casey can buy some Baghdad real estate at the peak of its real estate market?

Peripheral Visionary said...

I don't know about you guys, but I'd be happy to pitch in some frequent flyer miles to give the Failed Specu-vestor a one-way ticket to Baghdad.

Of course, I have a pretty good idea what would happen; within a few months, he'd show up bound and blindfolded in a grainy home video, with masked terrorists behind him saying "give in to our demands or we ship him back to Sacramento."

Benoit™ said...

PV... his captors would initially offer him meat shish-kebabs, but he'd demand organic fruits and vegetables from them, preferably purchased from a Whole Foods™.

Hilarity would then ensue. ;-)

Rob Dawg said...

Then they do an internet search and discover he's a hero of the terrorist world. His methods are translated to Arabic and at long last his book sales take off.

Rob Dawg said...

We are trading on a ledge of 8800 with some incredible volatility. We went down past my 8600-9000 on Friday. We are currently above the same 9000 right now...
Fearless prediction:
"Dead cats bounce. Once."

This above from a few days ago. Anybody got a better idea? The cat bounced huge. now it is settling back on that 8800 ledge. Is there one more painful climb out before the capitulation fall? Not sure yet but I don't think so. We trade around 8800 until somebody runs the numbers on the stock leaders who rely on Christmas and then they understand there will be no Christmas. That's when there will be capitulation.

Rob Dawg said...

I love the CNBC cheerleaders; "±300 [points on the Dow] is the new ±30."

Property Flopper said...


Housing prices in CA will decline next year... oh wait... even Stevie Wonder could have seen that one. Who thinks this is news? NAR of course:


H Simpson said...


Time to come back east.
The bad economy has trashed the price of lobster. Earlier in the year the stuff was going for 8-12 bucks a pound. Now is it is just north of 3.

I had a dinner of 2 1.25 lb chix lobsters plus dinner for $12 tonight. Yes a full dinner.

Yeah all that lobster double dipped in melted butter may seize up your heart, but what a way to go.

Hummmmmmm Lobstaaaaaaaa


Rob Dawg said...

Fuggin' A. $3.75 off the boat? I'm theah.

Arthur Wankspittle said...

Casey is now threatening to kill Haterz it seems.
From Twitter:
Gonna keep working through the night 'cuz my draft version is very "rough". Wanna add more meat. Tomorrow: decide how to eliminate haters!

WeWantTheFunk said...

You can now own your own copy of an unfinished, unproofread, and unedited first rough draft of an ebook that will tell you all about how to avoid foreclosure, written by someone who lost every house he ever owned. A bargain at only $49.95!


SGK said...

funny how casey's ebook site is similar to this one


Aelfscine said...

Yes, it would appear that Casey's fully losing his mind and only wants to be surrounded by a 'Fan Club' of loyal subjects - loyal PAYING subjects. If you disagree, out you go!

Property Flopper said...

That will be amusing - Casey can charge for people to read... and he'll find nobody wants to pay. Sure, he'll get one or two die hards to pay, but they will be the worst of the hater crowd.

I imagine it will quickly be Casey spouting off nonsense, the two haters and several sock puppets run by Casey discussing it.

Rob Dawg said...

Yeah, does Casey really think we don't notice that a half dozen of hiz supporterz™ all go to bed at the same times he does?

Anyway. I've put up a new top sticky thread to follow the latest (lastest?) Casey meltdown.