Monday, October 06, 2008

Say it is so Joe

Joe cool deserves some notice:
joecool329 on October 5, 2008 said:
I wrote my last post for the haters because frankly I think Casey is beyond hope or redemption at this point. That being said I wish the “haters” would go away because this story won’t end well at all-not by a long shot.

Agreed. The endgame was laid out a long time ago. I can only hope that by documenting the events truthfully the innocent can be protected.

The ones who were well intentioned realized long ago that Casey just wouldn’t listen. I want to politely challenge the haters as a collective group to go away. Please stop the enabling of the fraudster by posting on his blog. For myself, this is the last post in spite of what I said earlier. Just back off and let the slide continue. Anything that could have been done already has been done. At this point the train wreck is no fun to see.

Again, bravo. Notice all my recent comments are of the "what did mom say?" variety. Casey doesn't see it but there really won't be time to make peace when events overcome desires.

To his credit Rob Dawg has mostly ignored him in the year since IAFF and the whole Australian/Galina/Duane Le Gate/LossMit fiasco. Good on you Rob truly. While I wish you had remained in permanent ignore mode, I can reasonably understand why there have been 1-2 posts about Casey on EN.

Why thank you again. You see it correctly. The few recent Casey posts were merely paperwork. I expect a few more as we close out a sad footnote to the ongoing economic events.

I fear the worst for Casey’s family at this point since collective grief could cause finger pointing and the worst sort of recriminations. As for Casey I couldn’t care less if he wastes his life then he’ll pay not only in this life but eternity. IMHO we are close to the “Final Days”. Let the comments dry up. Let everyone go back to their own reality. This is a macabre version of the “Truman Show” or “EDTV”. Maybe something good will happen. I hope so but doubt it.

We all fear for those around him. He's shown absolute indifference at best to anyone within his blast radius and fallout zone. I'm just sounding the horn warning everyone about the impending blast. Don't expect me to go into the radiation zone to rescue those who ignore the warnings.


Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

First to say I agree.

Casey's living on the fumes of corporate credit and haterz attention.

Let's starve this thing to death.

Dolph said...

Okay, I posted a few times in the last few weeks but will go back into ignore mode.

Anyone who knows my style knows I will go away and come back but I will try and honor this because it is time for him to face the music.

Northern Renter said...

Boy's gonna be on the street soon and most likely in the pen once his corporate credit activity leads him to where he can't pay the interest.

Will he try borrowing cans of mackerel in the pen with promises of "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for this mackerel today"? We all know where that will lead.. so yeah, it is getting truly sad. And no, I don't honestly like to think of anyone being put away in prison. Well, maybe one or two people. Investment bank CEOs, perhaps.


anonymous said...

I agree too. Glad to see you on board Nigel.

- star

Tach said...

I agree as well, but first I want to see the 'Casey sitting on the sidewalk in front of Nigel's house' pics from 'The Night(tm)' :)

Dan said...
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Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

I agree as well, but first I want to see the 'Casey sitting on the sidewalk in front of Nigel's house' pics from 'The Night(tm)' :)

I have no plans to publish those now. I don't want to embarass him any more than he embarasses himself. If the conditions warrant it, they may come to light.

He's the one that turned it into big drama and he's already supplied the proof that it happened including suitcase and bus ride home. My photos are unnecessary.

Kevin said...

Agreed - we are getting into Wesley Willis territory here. (Check wikipedia if you don't know who W.W. is.)

Casey managed to suck hind tit on the greatest credit bubble in human history, and doesn't seem to understand that he is not going to perpetually get new infusions of Other People's Money to continue to allow him to eat sushi. Hopefully he won't bankrupt his parents in the process.

H Simpson said...

Never went over there, that frick'n twirp.

Gave him good advice on his IAFF and he blew it off. Fine. I got a life, good luck with yours Casey.

In fact, during the past year you have pissed away your job, your wife, your family, any friends, your future and what shreds of creditbility you may have had. the only thing you have done is become an example of what happens to slack jaw lackeys.

You remind me of John Wilkes Booth. He too thought he would become famous and never understood why everyone be hat'n him.

Tach said...

The photos are not necessary, no, but funny I would think.

Annie said...

Hi Rob:

Who is Joe Cool? I was thinking Nigel, until I saw his reply here. Is it a blog I've not read before?

Dolph said...

Kevin, agreed. He truly seems to think because the gurus SAY it's easy to get credit, he can do it.

I challenged him on the Talkcast about credit repair. It's obvious why he's doing it. He hopes he can dump his neg entries, raise his score and go after more juicy meat (aka Credit).

He's gonna have it worse than jail. He's gonna live in a sort of financial prison for at least 7 years. In that time he will be in a world where you must SHOW you are worthy to get good credit. 7 years means he is in his mid-30s. I have no idea why he thinks he will be any more successful anytime soon.

He's the boi who cried wolf. People tried to help him the first time and he didn't listen. He cried and cried and now it looks like he's gonna be roadkill for the wolves he's so eagerly played with.

JoeCool329 said...


I'm somewhat grateful that you've taken cognizance of what I am trying to say. Thank you. The point was not as Nigel said "Starve this thing to death." The thing will starve eventually regardless of any haters action. Rather it was to suggest that the collective body of haters need to ignore Casey for their own good. I never read the whole fast and cleanse post and have no idea how many comments were made. (100-200 I guess) Call that post trolling, Springer-esque whatever but how demeaning is it to partake of such nonsense? I'd rather be doing other unworthwhile things.

I think the whole Casey Serin saga is fairly unique though and is perhaps worthy of a dissertation by someone in the future. I've been around since 12/2006 when I saw a link to IAFF on Free Republic. I'll stick around lurking for the ultimate denoument but basically I've moved on as others should.

Annie-I work a "looser" W-2 job for a Dow 30 company. I have no blog and the Dawg doesn't know me. I have posted no more than 10 times on all the blogs in total, and now I fade into the peanut gallery.

Property Flopper said...

Rob -

I do believe you need to keep tracking the child and posting the results here. Why? Partially for entertainment - I'll admit it's not all pure motives, there is a great deal of Schadenfreude going on. That aside, it's providing an (arguably) necessary service.

There are a number of people who have been following this story and who will continue to follow it as it descends. To continue your metaphor of "sounding the warning horn", the curious are going to watch the blast, it's better to have them in a safe, sheltered area with a view rather than having them climb over barriers and get into trouble.

If the results are posted here, we don't have to go to or or, etc.

It is going to be a train wreck and SOMEONE is going to cover it. Better to have it covered with some discretion / taste. You've been good to the innocent bystanders as this has progressed, shielding those who are in the story unwillingly - best that continue. The child has shown no such restraint and has thrown several unwilling people into the spot light.