Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Petroleum Supplies

EIA weekly petroleum supplies report available.
Gasoline prices down year over year.
Demand destruction and inventory jumps.

Supplies for all are in the normal trading bands after some extended periods far below normal.

Looks like the Middle East countries will have to find a new export in great demand in the west. I have a suggestion.


Jean ValJean said...

FIRST, that's just wrong.

And is there a market for sand? they could export sand.

Aaron said...

murst. JVJ, why yes there is a market for sand.

If oil continues to drop it might be economically viable for them to export it ;)

Property Flopper said...

Rob - if they start exporting those, I'll take three. The problem is the Middle East has a lot of oil to export, but very few of those.

Northern Renter said...

I'll never forget the time when, working in a laboratory at UCLA, I was looking through the chemicals that we had and noticed a jar from Sigma Chemicals that contained sand from the Ottawa river (on whose banks I grew up). So yes, there is a market for sand. Mind you, it doesn't seem to be in their online catalogue anymore.


Rob Dawg said...

Still have an contacts that can get my kid a campus job? High GPA Botany major.

Property Flopper said...

So... the Fed drops the rate a half point and gets, what... an hour? Stocks up for an hour and then drop like a stone at the close. DOW -86 for the day. An insignificant drop, but still... on a day they drop the rate to a record low, they can't get even a slight bump up.

Shows the DOW is really not a great measure - but it is easy for the news critters to report, so they do.


Rob Dawg said...

Classic addiction response. More and more frequent drugs to get the same high.

Jean ValJean said...

Speaking of addictions, KC has posted his "Last Blog entry".


How many times is this? Twelve or so?

Captain Nemo said...

From TC:
I plan to get my finances in order, as well as do the best I can to prepare myself and my loved ones for the financial, political and apocalyptic storms which are beginning to make landfall as we speak.

Preparation begins with pursuing a stronger relationship with My Maker… and letting Him direct my steps.

Oh yes! He's joining a cult.

Rob Dawg said...

LOL! And when they kick him out for his whacky ideas? Even cults have limits. I wonder if it is one of those androgynous robe wearing schisms where the leader provides anal spiritual injections?

Property Flopper said...

Oh, that's too funny. I had to go over and read it just to see what nonsense he was spouting.

STILL on the whole "love the wife" kick - can't accept that she is GONE and gone forever.

Planning to save his family from the spiritual battle that is coming... what a moron.

I strongly suspect this was brought about more by the fact that he's about to become homeless and doesn't want that to hit the blog.

Rob - I'm assuming major changes in Casey's status (like homeless, arrested, etc.) will still be reported here.

Ya know, I'm just never sure if he really is that delusional or just that stupid. Not ruling out the possibility that it's actually both...

Northern Renter said...

Dear Dawg,
I still have a few friends there, but it has been a couple of decades...

My advice is that she starts by thinking about (very roughly) what type of research interests her. If it is something very general, like molecular biology, then she can contact a whole lot of labs in a whole lot of departments. She should start now. You see, a summer student is generally useful by the end of the summer. It takes a while to learn the ins and outs of any lab, and so a lab director likes to get someone in their first year. They may well be back for subsequent summers and thus be more useful with time. Also, some labs get students to work part-time, which helps get them trained. I don't know if she has the time for this, but I can guarantee that there is nothing like time spent in a lab doing actual experiments to make you realize just how useful some of the stuff you are forced to learn really is (and how much is pure crap, i.e. the various organs of a flower... although botanist out there would disagree).

I'd be happy to answer any questions she or you might have. You had my email address. Let me know if I should send it to you again.


H Simpson said...

Maybe KC is becoming a Budhist.

He is working on his vow of poverty. Guess he is taking his family and freinds with him..