Friday, December 06, 2013

5% Unemployment by Spring '14

If 204,000 jobs added can bring the U-3 unemployment rate down 0.3% then to go from the current (Nov '13) 7.0% to 5.0% should take just another 6 months, April/May '14.  Right? 

Then again what if the 204,000 and 7.0% numbers are because the Census is constantly adjusting seasonal factors and the last several years retail hiring for holiday traffic has been historically low.  A simple return to more normal hiring would mess with recent assumptions. 

And today's graph of Working v Not Working:


Cinco-X said...

Moving goalposts...sleight of hand...all useful tools for the tools in the propaganda machine...

Stagflationary Mark said...

Lookin' forward to that negative unemployment rate in a few years assuming recent trends hold!

Also planning to use the wealth effect to buy the planet Mars for its future real estate value!

Hey, a guy can dream. Right? ;)