Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A garage fire displaced 20 people from an Oxnard home and early this morning, authorities said.

The fire was reported about 1:30 a.m. in a home in the 4700 block of Reeder Avenue.

When firefighters arrived, they found the home filled with smoke and the attached garage engulfed in flames, the Oxnard Fire Department reported in a prepared statement.

All 20 residents of the home were able to get out on their own. Eight of them, including five children under the age of 7, were transported to St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard with symptoms of smoke inhalation.

Anybody thinking a collapse in the new home construction market means we won't have enough houses?


Lost Cause said...

Government bailout hits $8.5 trillion first

The federal government committed an additional $800 billion to two new loan programs on Tuesday, bringing its cumulative commitment to financial rescue initiatives to a staggering $8.5 trillion, according to Bloomberg News.

w said...

4700 Reeder Ave

This neighborhood is always crawling with people. Laundry lines running on balconies. Must be a tough way to live.

Unknown said...

20 People...what was this a "clown house"?

Hello ICE....

That's like 4 generations of people living in that house, or maybe someone that's never heard of birth control.

Rob Dawg said...


Great little bit of flash.

Rob Dawg said...

20 people in a 5br is both legal and unfortunately common in one of the most overcrowded cities in the nation.

The sad part is the voters that are outraged by all the problems in Oxnard voted overwhelmingly for maintaining the status quo. They voted for a high sales tax, against a traffic initiative and for all the insider politicians.

Unknown said...


So are you telling us that Oxnard has many homes with 20 residents.

A Mom, a Dad, and 18 kids...

or a Mom, a Dad, Four Grand Parents and 14 Kids


A Mom and a Dad and their children who are teenage parents.

Remind me to move when I retire, and don't tell my kids where I am moving to.

Lou Minatti said...

They probably work in those fields a block away. What crops are cultivated in Oxnard?

anonymous said...

Mostly indoor hydroponic marijuana buds.

Rob Dawg said...

They probably work in those fields a block away. What crops are cultivated in Oxnard?

Lou, Lou, Lou. The Oxnard Plain is arguable the most fertile area on the planet. What doesn't grow there? That's why it is being paved over with high density housing. Strawberries, onions, beets, nursery stock.

Rob Dawg said...

Typically these things are a pair of married cousins who "get" the house with their 5 kids and a relative moves in with her 2 kids and the "extra" bedroom is rented out to farm workers to make the rent.

Breeding grounds for disease, social pathologies including gangs and crime. Don't even get me started on the strain on infrastructure.

w said...

What's the problem Rob? Didn't our president live like this in Kenya or Indonesia or somewhere? I hear his family prefers public housing here though.

As to crops grown here, I worked for one grower that had something like 55 different crops in the ground through the year.

Monica said...

I checked the original article and apparently, there were 13 adults and 7 children. It is rare to find so many adults under one roof, and the article doesn't say why they were together. Who knows if it was not because of something temporary like a family reunion? As long as they did end up living together for a little while, perhaps even for just one night, they were "residents", but it could be that this living arrangement lasted, or would have lasted, a few days at most.

Also, I understand that apparently, they were not sleeping in the garage, but we don't know either if they did not put to use some rooms that are not considered bedrooms, such as the living room, or if at least some of the bedrooms were not relatively large. It would not have been ideal, and maybe that would still have been crowded enough, but that could make a difference. Hey, I slept in the same room or tent with my parents and my little brother when we were on vacation. Not now, when I was a kid.

Unknown said...


Your people should get in touch with Rosie O's people, maybe she can do a special for these poor people.

Any of them happen to be be gay and named Clay?

Unknown said...

You too could be in Palm Springs for the holiday.

Shots fired at Toys R Us in Palm Desert; 2 dead
1:45 PM, November 28, 2008

Shots rang out today inside a Toys R Us store in Palm Desert, killing two and causing shoppers at the busy store to scramble for cover.

Palm Desert Councilman Bob Spiegel told The Times that based on early reports, two rival groups shopping at the store had some kind of argument and then shots were fired. Two men were killed in the exchange of gunfire, he said.

Gonna upset the old people and the Prop 8 protesters in Palm Springs.

sm_landlord said...

Hi Rob,

I'm looking for about 1500-2000 sqft of light industrial / warehouse space in the Camarillo/Oxnard/Ventura area. I'm interested in good security (low crime) and of course, reasonable to low price.

Can you recommend where I should focus my search? Since you know the area so well, I'm hoping that you have some insight. Maybe just where *not* to look.

w said...

So who scored some loot today?

I got some awesome games for next to nothing. Best Buy was PACKED.

Unknown said...

Casey is on talkshoe live right now

Akubi said...

I couldn't give a rat's ass about Casey.

Rob Dawg said...

My reply got eaten by blogspot.

I'd be glad to show you around if you like. There's some now after years of less than no inventory. What do you need? Glass front? Loading dock or just a roll up? The Coco's suddenly closed in the strip with the Linen'n'Things (Target at Las Posas). I know those are specialty retail but tells you what's happening. There's also some space behind the Costco technically in Oxnard but has much of the same good points and none of the fascist Camarillo planners. THere are a few places to avoid either because they don't know price or too restrictive.

Son of Brock Landers said...

$10 bets that they discover at least one of those 20 people carrying TB.

Rob Dawg said...

Probably the new virulent drug resistant variety they've been breeding with their spotty health care.

w said...

You never know when you are going to be the lucky guy whose strawberry has a little something extra!

Lost Cause said...

That's exactly why we should deny public funded health care to them...I think?