Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beg-A-Thon II

Allowing any more money or credit anywhere this tard is tantamount to giving a drink to a drunk.

So, it appears there is some trickle of posts at IAFF. Problem is he's too busy reading the Duane saga here. At first I thought it might be of some help but it seems clear that Casey doesn't dwell so most likely it is on to the next shiny object for him.


CHJTS said...

first murst and foist

chjts said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA eat that boitches.


winner of:

5 firsts
11 Mursts
1 foist
2----one hundred and mursts

Benoit™ said...

Last? :-)

aaron said...

last(for now) take that benoit! :P

lawnmower man said...

A trickle of comments, a handful of deletions, and still the ongoing DNS problems -- at home IAFF resolves to the new site, at work it still resolves to the old, now-suspended, site. Is it just me?

Either Beg-a-thon II is an unabashed troll, or Casey is planning to pull some new drama out of his ass.

Hard to see how it'll work for him at this point, though, after the fallout from the last one. He's blown any possible trust. Unless he really milks the cash-for-humiliation angle for the CampIdiot crowd.

(Congrats on the Duane posts, BTW, Dawg -- I think the format is working very well so far.)

Caseyisms said...

That little prick erased my posts. I point out the truth and he can't handle it.

Casey...dahlink...YOU got caught talking out of your ass and the reporter did his job. YOU think you can get away with whatever you want but you are wrong. You DO troll us. You do it all the time and you got caught talking about it.

Fuck you liar.

lawnmower man said...

Either Beg-a-thon II is an unabashed troll, or Casey is planning to pull some new drama out of his ass.

Gah: I think Rob Dawg has it right with this comment:

I'm willing to be[t] Beg-A-Thon II is because in 5 days there is a no excuses payment due in cash in person on time no excuses.

Of course. The $22K balloon. Massive focused inability to pay. It's the CashCall drama all over again.

Sprezzatura said...

He deleted my most recent comment, which basically called him on the BS in his "cliffhanger" posts.


lawnmower man said...

Congrats on the Duane posts, BTW, Dawg -- I think the format is working very well so far.

Except for post-dating them to Sunday.

The last Duane post is getting all the comment activity, while this post has pretty much sunk without a trace.


If nothing else, it provides some interesting opportunities for the firsty-mursty inclined. This post went unclaimed for 19 minutes; a relative eternity in trigger-happy EN time.

The good news: IAFF finally resolves for me. The bad: it's a comment wasteland. 73 comments in moderation; if Casey wants to avoid the stink of slow death, he'd be well-advised to release them.

And a little diversion: Turning off AdBlock temporarily to show the ads on IAFF reveals that his sitemeter is "23rd Most Popular Outgoing Link" with 82 clicks. The bottom banner is "47th Most Popular Outgoing Link" with -- ta-daaa -- "no data found".

Yep: more people check his stats than click on his ads. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

I give to the panhandlers, but I won't give to Casey. They have humility, and are willing to do do what it takes to get by, even if it's something as simple as asking politely and saying "please" and "thank you". I'm even more inclined to give to street musicians, who are doing a genuine service for the community.

Casey, on the other hand, absolutely exudes a sense of entitlement and doesn't even bother to politely thank his contributors (and it goes without saying that he's not performing a service.) That, and he blows it all on frivolous luxuries. At least the panhandlers are spending it on necessities like food and clothing (and a little drink, but I don't judge.)

Sprezzatura said...

I just want to VERY strongly encourage all EN folks to play it on the straight and narrow w/r/t Casey and Paypal during the beg-a-thon.

We're on the side of the angels here, right? Then we should act like it.

Do not make false accusations about Casey's PayPal use, do not make donations and then report them as frauds, and do not encourage others to do so.

In short, don't screw up your own karma in an effort to make Casey sink faster. It's not worth it.

lurker said...

I posted this on the last thread and as usual I was asleep at the wheel when you changed postings

I like the begathon. I find it amusing to see what Casey will do. Since giving him money is enabling him rather than helping him I plan to make pledges to charity. This way he can help improve his karmic score which in the long run is much more important than a couple of dollars.

To this end I prepledge $100 to Habitat for Humanity if Casey eats a bug. A really big one.

Benoit™ said...

[Reposted since Rob's flipping threads around like Casey flips houses around]:

PayPal tomfoolery aside, if Casey is being serious about "Beg-A-Thon II™", we as the community of Haters should be serious in ramping up the monkey-dancing he'll have to do to earn any money.

How about Casey holding up a piece of paper with the written statement "I committed mortgage fraud and got away with it! What're you gonna do about it, FBI??" That'd be worth twenty bucks :-)

I know it's been re-hashed before, but Galina bikini pix for the males, Casey in his underwear pix for the females to laugh at him (or for Nigel to salivate, take your pick).

kndmanz said...

Rob Dawg, I am continually amazed at your ability to find the right pictures to go with the posts!

Anonymous said...

Odd question:

Does anyone else feel a twinge of sadness this is all ending? I've been following Case since october, from the humble beginnings to the spectacular public and somewhat MSM flameout.

I feel like the people who are comming in late cant really appreciate it as much as the people who were there from the beginning. I'm just an elitist.

piedpiper said...

How about a rival beg-a-thon over here tomorrow night? It would kill Snowflake to see the haterz he's brought together contribute funds and know he couldn't touch a dirty penny of it. Perhaps Rob has another Girlscout-cookies-to-the-troops type charity up his sleeve that we could support.

Benoit™ said...

Does anyone else feel a twinge of sadness this is all ending?

Ending? Casey's gearing up for another Monkey Dance, C-Net wrote an article outing him, he's just conned his own mother into backing his shell corporation, Swaby's running scared, Duane and HeeKee are just making their first appearances here, etc etc.

The best is yet to come! ;-)

Benoit™ said...

We can always donate to GLAAD in the name of Nigel E. Swaby... :)

lawnmower man said...

I find it amusing to see what Casey will do.

Or vaguely horrifying. He was right at the edge of cash-for-humiliation last time; he has nowhere left to go but downmarket.

I suspect this one will end in an abrupt closing of comments, or removal of the post, after one too many close-to-the-bone Galina-related requests.

And it'll be followed the next day by yet another "Galina says I should shut down the blog" tease.

To this end I prepledge $100 to Habitat for Humanity if Casey eats a bug. A really big one.

OK, now that is funny. And it sidesteps the moral wrongness of giving Casey any money.

baa said...

I still can't get snowflake's site to resolve... mad it skillz still at work?

Anonymous said...

My "contribution" would require:
A - G naked
B - Wesson Oil
C - The Blue Ball
D - A Web Cam that does HD.

That's not asking much, is it?

lurker said...


I will fill sad when it ends. But Casey has more lives than a dead cat. CNET, servers down, The return of Duane, The patheticness of Nigel, the story just keeps going.


Abslutely Brilliant

Rob Dawg said...

I like the idea of a Habitat for Humanity counterdrive. Habitat is big in this area, my wife volunteers a few times a year. We could either pick a specific project and donate in one lump and make a visible impact or we could just use a national group. VenCo Habitat has a project in Oxnard with handicap access starting this month. Cooper Street is in El Rio, a really poor literally wrong side of the tracks area.

Sprezzatura said...

You know what else we could do that would be a hoot?

We could set up a team over on and fund OTHER people's loans. That woul be a way of sticking it to the Snowflake, and making a bit of sweet profit at the same time.

Mermaiden said...

Why does the ticker say "Next Foreclosure Friday and BEG-A-THON"?

Have all of his houses foreclosed already? This is an obvious attempt to get money for his balloon payment due on May 22. Anyone know how much that is?

Or maybe, he promised mama he'd have his corporate credit card payment then...

Akubi said...

OT, but I'm glad Wolfowitz to resigning.

Aspeth said...

I like Habitat also. But the last time I worked on a project, the main construction guy tried to make me work a jackhammer that weighed a ton. (still not sure on the logic behind that one) I tried to make a case against that, but he clicked it on and it knocked me on my ass. Point

Benoit™ said...

Why does the ticker say Next Foreclosure Friday

I'm guessing it's just Casey's little "slogan". Today is FORECLOSURE FRIDAY, buy one monkey dance, get one free!! Yeah!! Tomorrow is SWABY SATURDAY...! You get the idea :-)

Stephanie J. said...

The begathon is blackmail... Pay up or I'm taking IAFF down.

Stephanie J. said...

The long-timers have a lot of our time and such invested in the Casey story. I *tried* to give it up... but I couldn't. It is sad to some degree, but it really has to happen.

piedpiper said...

I like the Habitat idea; it'd be a karmic counterbalance to KC's actions. Count me in.

lawnmower man said...

Ending, yes. I think we may be in the final flourish now.

IAFF is dying on its feet; Casey's blown any credibility he had left, and the comments are a wasteland. He'll try to spin it out as long as possible with further teasers, but IAFF's best days are long past gone.

I said a while ago -- at Nigel's, of all places -- that the only way for Casey to keep his readership now is to tell the full-on, unvarnished, gonzo where-the-bodies-are-buried truth.

And maybe it's wishful thinking, but I suspect that Duane telling his side of the story is really burning Casey up. He's lost control of the story; it's carrying on without him. (See also Casey's impotent rage at the C|Net story: "how dare Declan use the quotes I gave him!")

Mermaiden said...

The begathon is blackmail... Pay up or I'm taking IAFF down.

Casey can't take IAFF down. He is too immersed in the sweet media attention.

That would be a bad threat to make, he might have to do it.

Stephanie J. said...

I never said he wouldn't be bluffing. ::smirk::

Benoit™ said...

What Casey is doing to Uzbekistan's image abroad is like what Borat has done to Kazakhstan's reputation abroad :-p

Uzbecki Durak said...

I will donate $100 to Habitat to Humanity if Casey goes all the way to circus geekery and bites the head off a live chicken...

lawnmower man said...

The begathon is blackmail... Pay up or I'm taking IAFF down.

Could well be; he's prepared that ground with the "Galina wants me to shut down the blog" foreshadowing.

Easy enough to call that bluff, though. He needs IAFF more than we do.

@mermaiden: the spreadsheet says the note is for $22K. I assume the balloon is the full $22K balance.

NotAnOptimist said...

You're an amazing guy, you have my whole-hearted respect and support.

At least you got to actually do something as a volunteer. Last time I went, I had the ignominious task of scraping paint of windows. *sigh*

@Stephanie J.:
I actually did give it up for about 2 months... then it sucked me right back in.

I do like the idea of a group donation effort. Especially if it's going to a charity that uses the $$ right. I can never tell.

And IAFF has been in its dying throes for awhile now. Time for it to exit, stage left.

Anonymous said...

A counter-begathon to casey's humilithon is a great, great great idea. I will gladly donate to that.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of having a rival beg-a-thon here. Only the funds would be donated to Habitat for Humanity. I would love to show that the "haterz" do have compassion for those in real need.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Re: Dancing Monkey II

Here's the simple thing I request for the night of the Beg-A-Thon:

Rob, As much as it pains me to say after some outstanding LeWaterGate posts, I make a request that you withhold the next set of posts (or have some in hand) to release during the beg-a-thon.

Casey will tell us nothing, we know that, if you release the next set during his beg-a-thon i'll commit to promote it for you on IAFF...

That is between my $100 offers for nudie Galina pics.

Uzbecki Durak said...

I will contribute to a counter-begathon as well - it would drive Casey nuts to see hundreds of dollars flow to organizations that actually deserve it instead of to him in response to his begathon. I'd also suggest giving money to Doctors Without Borders - they do good work, have very low overhead, and the founder, Bernard Kouchner, just got named French foreign minister (a very interesting choice).

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Ooops, forgot my point.. if you withhold and launch them during the beg-a-thon, I just imagine what a ghost town Casey's site will be. Would be fascinating to not just read Mr. LeGate's posts, but also to compare the traffic and comment activity for the same period of time.

Me, I think everyone will want to hear some truths about Casey not the contrived image Casey's trying to build.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is fuming reading this thread. Now he has to get involved somehow, operating a rival begathon which will total a wopping 16 dollars.

How will he negatively spin haterz donating money?

Sprezzatura said...

@NGB: if you withhold and launch them during the beg-a-thon, I just imagine what a ghost town Casey's site will be.

Really good idea!

Rob Dawg said...

I predict Nigel will raise $27.59 for the Hair Club for Men SLC Chapter.

P.S. I just released a Nigel post so we can reserve this space for making plans for the donation-a-thon.

P.P.S. Thanks to so many for the pic suggestions. Yes, I have dozens of snarky graphics qued up just waiting for the right subject.

Aspeth said...

Oooh! Ooooh! If we do a charitable contribution, can we issue press releases? Of course, we'll have to use most of the money to pay for their distribution, but small price to pay!

Nigel Swaby told me this is the only true way to make bloggers respectable.

Sprezzatura said...

Well, I am in for a counter-beg-a-thon, but I would prefer to be able to make direct donations to the charity so I can get the writeff come tax time.

Some organizations let you do sponsorship pages with a fundraising total displayed.... kind of like the old Howard Dean bats.... that would be ideal for verifiable Team Haterz totals.

Khatie said...

I like Sprezzatura's idea; direct donations would defeat the natural inclination of Nigeypoo and his evil twin, the proprietor of RCS, of accusing us of any fraud.

piedpiper said...

Sponsorship pages are a great idea as they also help keep things relatively anonymous. In the spirit of Duane, we'll be giving something back (something I've admittedly been a bit lax with lately).

The funny part is, reporters will be all over the beg-a-thon given KC's hype, and after CNET, we can't be ignored either. How great would it be to steal his thunder *and* divert dirty pennies from him toward a real charity?

Mermaiden said...

I am in with the donations to Habitat to steal Casey's spotlight. Heck, I'm up for donations to Habitat regardless of Casey!

But like PiedPiper said, think of the sweet media... EN will be famous and surely that will bring in loads of passive income, right?

Duane LeGate said...

Mr. Dawg,

Could you put a counter on your site to show donations? I will pre donate..and match up to the 1st 1,000. Habitat for Humanity please...

Aspeth.. your awesome... Press release.. HOOT..

heres the thing... is Casey is doing a real beg-a-thon.. he has to open up comments .. RIGHT? real time requests.. real time actions... if those comments are open... NO ONE SHOULD POST ANYTHING ABOUT A REAL - MEANINGFUL - CHARITY drive.. it would spoil snowflakes. fun..

No.. No One should do it... WE SHOULD ALL DO IT... any reporters will come HERE for a looksee..

BTW>> ANy more smart ass comments Nigel?

Anonymous said...

I'll donate $20 to watch Galina shave his hair off - and I mean Marine boot camp short.

Another $20 to watch her stab the blue ball with a knife.

Another $20 to smack him upside the head with a Wiffle Ball bat. (Not a baseball bat, that'd get messy)

Another $20 to watch him pour muratic acid on his hands and sit at the table without moving until his skin smokes.

lurker said...

I hope you mean the hair on his head. Otherwise eewww.

lawnmower man said...

A little research turned up -- we could set up an EN fundraising page there so that haters donations could be verified.

Their 7.35% transaction fee sticks in the craw a bit; but it's more accountable than simply totting up what commenters say they have donated, especially given the anon troll problem.

Mermaiden said...

Another $20 to watch her stab the blue ball with a knife.

I thought he sold the blue ball during the last Monkey Dance. Oh wait! He overslept and didn't meet the buyer at Jamba Juice as planned. Typical.

BJ said...

My personal opinion on the beg-a-thon is just to ignore it. Casey had some success last time, so like a child, he wants to do it again. He gets a reward out of the attention and the money.

Sometimes to train a young child not to misbehave, is to ignore them when they do it for attention.. it is quite simple.

And maybe post just one line during the beg-a-thon on his blog..

Get A Job, repeated requests for charity is offensive

lawnmower man said...

I will pre donate..and match up to the 1st 1,000. Habitat for Humanity please...

Duane *rocks*.

Maybe our favorite pleather-clad koi-fancier will also step up to the plate?

Dolph said...

I doubt Nigel would ever give money to charity. He seems too self absorbed IMHO (Nigel that means I am allowed to have this OPINION).

I want Casey to cut that damn hair. It's greasy and gross looking. If he wants to be taken seriously by others, the hair has to go. I stand by that opinion!

Charity wise, I just gave to Dr. Ron Paul because he's much more worthy than anything Casey can ever be.

Dolph said...

BTW - good choice of charity Duane. A charity that truly helps people get a place to live. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

The same aloofness, or naiveté, or sheltered upbringing that didn't allow Casey to pick up on the irony of the Nouveau Riche "University" prevents Casey from seeing the shame of these 'Beg-a-thons'... and this is pitiable....

Sprezzatura said...

I'm down for as a way to coordinate / verify. The fee is a bit high but not excessive, and the company seems to be well-established.

Duane LeGate said...


How are you??

Habitat wasnt my suggestion... I cant remember whose it was but multiple people had suggested it.

And I agree with you... the charity is worth and fitting for this setting.

Serin is as Serin does... said...

I'm all for the counter-begathon for Habitat over here, too! (Sorry, late to the party!) I'm also on the bandwagon re: "lurker" who suggested that Snowflake eat a bug. A really big one. While doing the Macarena. Yummy!

lurker said...

Habitat has an online donation that allows you to send a gift card email to the person of your choice.

mejustme said...

Isn't it kind of funny that Snowflake picks 5 o'clock on a Friday to hold his Beg-a-thon?

Most of us W-2 loosers are getting stuck in traffic at that time, hoping to start our weekends, not stare at a computer.

But I guess it doesn't matter when every day's a weekend.

Rob Dawg said...

Surely Casey figures the cash will be rolling in on into the wee hours. Then he can sleep the sleep of the righteous knowing he's done his job and done it well. A few nembutol in G's Jamba and come 2-3 AM he can get all those special pictures too.

His internal clock is as screwed up as his value system. He doesn't care about the W-2 peons and their tiny problems. He's going for a really rough alpha release version of The Truman Show.

Anonymous said...

Casey would argue the bug is bad for him.

JoanTheArch said...

Comment #1 on IAFF is positively hilarious. Another bottom feeder trying to sell something. A little late to the party, dontchya think?

The end is nigh, I fear. The shark has been jumped, the fat lady is in the wings.

lawnmower man said...

He's going for a really rough alpha release version of The Truman Show.

Probably some truth in that. I suspect the aborted camcorder purchase was inspired by

Casey would argue the bug is bad for him.

Even an organic, naturally-raised, mostly-vegan bug?

Lost Cause said...

I am boycotting IAFF. Getting the bird from RK was the last straw.

What he did after the last beg-a-thon: 1) Make a payment, but neglect to sign the paperwork -- so the payment was a waste 2) Travel out of town, to Phoenix -- site of his guru real estate college, which he paid over $22k -- with borrowed money (Is this the balloon that is coming due?) 3) Act like a total jerk to T 4) Went into collection mode, to get Annie to pay up, instead of fix her car.

No, I won't be playing again.

Endgame said...

I offered KC $70 for 3 tricks last time (he ended up with $0; he ignored 1, reneged on 1, tried to negotiate 1 higher) - but I won't even watch, much less participate, this time.

Having said that, I'm not at all convinced there will be beg-a-thon 2. Perhaps he's just pulling our chain.

If (1) there's a beg-a-thon 2, and (2) we get something going here, I'm good for $100 for Habitat.

lawnmower man said...

The MyBlogLog "most popular link" hover widgets on IAFF are annoying, but do give us some useful information -- his sitemeter is surprisingly popular.

This is interesting. Flailing Forward has EN set as his website on his IAFF profile. It's working, some visitors *do* click through. The rest of us with registered-user accounts on IAFF should follow suit.

Jean Valjean said...

For those stopping by for Begathon II (Electric Boogaloo), please use protection:


Adblock Plus

Thank you.

bluto said...

lawnmower man
Habitat is a good enough cause that I'll eat a bug if you'll give $100 to them. I'd even take a picture or vid for ya. It's got to be a bug that I can find in VA, and can't kill me when I eat it (no wasps, fool).

Only beg a thon thing I'd pay for are revealing pics of Galina or Yulia.

Benoit™ said...

If this Beg-A-Thon is for real, at the end of it, either Casey had better be out of the closet, or Galina had better be in her underpants. Nuff said. :-p

Akubi said...

I'd rather see Casey out of the closet than cross-eyed G in her underpants.

Annie said...

Hi Guys - Annie here.

For those of you needing a refresher, I started offered Casey $250 at the last beg-a-thon provided he answer honestly all questions asked. As we all know, he didn't answer all questions nor live up to other conditions of the offer. In addition, I had a little buyers remorse - I'd had a little too much wine (not to mention, a little medical marijuana) when I made my pledge.

The money I made the pledge with was coming from a tax refund. I had earmarked that money for a new windshield. Well, turns out I got a little more than anticipated.... so I do have a new windshield PLUS I made a $250 donation to the new a new Breast Care Center that will be opening in my community. My donation is in honor of a good friend who died just over 30 months ago.

I really did face an ethical crossroads regarding paying Casey at the last beg-a-thon... however, after we all learned that he LIED about his "consulting" earnings going to his past due rent payment and that the $$ from his earnings (not to mention the excess beg-a-thon funds) disappeared (i.e., a little vacation for him and Galina) I feel okay about my decision not to pay Casey.

I think I am one of the few people who has turned the table on Casey... At the time of the pledge I really did "intend" to pay him....

I know T had a tough time that weekend too. I hope she is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Another Casey beg-a-thon--I wonder if he'll be able to match the same amount raised as the last time.

To the Haterz--I don't recommend your posting there anymore. Any number of posts just adds fuel to the fire.

I assume this blog is a good place to vent about Casey anyway. If Casey posts something that really irritates you, don't post it there, just come here.

Let the IAFF blog become an echo chamber of "Loverz" as they encourage every one of Casey's mis-steps.

WeWantTheFunk said...

I'm having trouble keeping all the plot threads straight in my pea-sized brain. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

1) Casey borrowed $4500 to buy the shell corporation, and the corp. loaned him the money to pay it back.

2) Casey borrowed about $5000 from the corp. to catch up on his rent and go to Tahoe or whatever he did. (So he's in debt to the corporation for 9 or 10 thousand.)

3) He of course doesn't owe anything on the foreclosed properties -- except tax, as the difference between what the bank gets for the forclosure sales vs. the outstanding mortgage amount is reported as income. A rough guess would be that he owes tax on half a million dollars, a rather high tax bracket. Income averaging could reduce the lump-sum amount but not the total liability. Bankruptcy is no help with the IRS stirring the pot.

4) He owes something like $170,000 in other unsecured credit, like cards. I assume this includes the $24,000 or whatever Galina's cards add up to.

5) Many of said debts are at rather stiffish interest rates.

6) He has a $22,000 balloon payment due in a few days.

Some swift back-of-the-envelope mental arithmetic puts his current liability at around a quarter million bucks. As my old boss used to say, "That's a lot of martinis."

So am I seriously off base here, or is this sort of kind of approximately in the vicinity of the ballpark?

In any event, he clearly needs more credit so he can borrow his way out of this mess. Yes.

Arthur Wankspittle said...

Travel out of town, to Phoenix -- site of his guru real estate college, which he paid over $22k -- with borrowed money (Is this the balloon that is coming due?)
I think you could be right. I have a feeling I read somewhere that you could get a loan for the course so this could be the $22k balloon. Wonder what NRU will do to get their money? It was NRU wasn't it, they do courses in Phoenix?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Casey mentioned he liked the idea recently. See that link and as an aside- he has been mentioning his mailing list more and more, I presume someone here is on it? Has he sent anything out on it?

Casey's latest entry still has 'page not found' on comments. Just noticed beg-a-thon crossed out in favor of talkcast. (at least talkcast guarantees some revenue??)