Friday, May 18, 2007

Declan Chimes In

Wow, just wow.


Anonymous said...


Serin is as Serin does... said...

First and Murst!

Scummy said...

first murst etc

chjts said...


scummy said...


chjts said...


Stephanie J. said...

Casey was a little not so passive aggressive there with Declan. He asked great questions. I'm sure Casey was relieved at the three hour notification.

Anonymous said...


as in: Casey is so full of shit, he's gonna BURST!

Anonymous said...

Exactly- has Casey made any money yet! 1000/week is 142 a day. So... why wait until Monday? 1000 in five days is 200/day...

And why didn't people ask tougher questions??!??!

Anonymous said...

exporting to mp3, will post a link when done.

Legion said...

So now Casey is threatening to pull the plug unless he comes up with 1000 dollars. What next, CAsey get's 10,000 dollars or he kills himself on youtube?

What a scumbag piece of shit.

chjts said...

I dont know who declan is..and I have been following this trainwreck for along time too.

Stephanie J. said...

He's the guy who wrote teh Cnet article.

Akubi said...

AWESOME! He sure knew how to lure Cayster in with the free meals. Can't imagine why he cut him off?

Serin is as Serin does... said...

Declan wrote the recent unfavorable CNet article that Sercasey's been crying about.

Schnapps said...

Isn't declan the guy who wrote the cnet article?

At any rate, Legion, he not only has to come up with $1K, he has to EARN it: no begging, no stealing, no borrowing.

taddyangle said...

What was the point of asking tougher questions, you heard how he avoided certain questions.

You can bet he won't make the $1000 by Friday.

mejustme said...


I wasn't on the phone but I can understand how it makes all thoughts go out of your head. You've got Casey twisting your words back at you, maybe you're refreshing EN, and you're not really listening to his answers enough to have a good comeback. Also, Casey starts talking as soon as he thinks he knows what you meant and you start talking over each other.

It's probably harder than it looks; kind of like being on Jeopardy vs. watching it at home.

Legion said...

He'll beg steal and borrow it, and then ask for calrification about earning

"didn't I earn it if I asked someone for it?"
"Didn't I earn it if I took it out of osmeone's pocket?"
"Didn't I earn it if I begged for it?"

Dan said...

That was exhausting. I'm glad I posted all of that crap because if I left it in my head, I'm pretty sure it would have exploded.

Legion said...

I agree with mejustme, and I can see why Duane thought he was intelligent...Casey is very fast on his feet, and he DOES turn the words you say back at you while twisting it around. My girlfriend does the same thing to me, and most off the time you are just saying
"That's not what I said, no I didn't mean...wait a minute you misunderstood"

It's kind of like what the lawyers do with their rapid fire questions.

Lou Minatti said...

So what was that money in his Yahoo account?

Legion said...

By the way, if you go back in the convo with Duane, you will see that Duane has built up an immunity to Casey's answering questions qith questions bullshit. Duane handled all Casey's tricks pretty well.

Dan said...


He explained earlier that he has $700 in Yahoo Ad revenue that they won't release until they review it for fruadulent click throughs (i.e. the same thing that got Casey banned from AdSense).

Dimes said...

Listening to this guy makes me feel sorry for G. I suppose their communications are a nightmare because Casey doesn't have the courtesy to STFU please while she voices her concerns and then immediately starts twisting her words around. The kid has a poor grasp of logic, like when he was flipping around the reference to Duane's son with one of the later callers.

Anonymous said...

Damnit i mised Declan

flailing forward said...

I get the feeling that Declan had been following IAFF for quite a while prior to the article. He's the first reporter to actually look deeper than just "naive kid buys 8 houses." Dare I say he seems to get a kick out of the Casey phenomenon. Is Declan a haterz?

NOTE: Haterz was around before Nigel.

Benoit™ said...

@ mejustme: maybe you're refreshing EN, and you're not really listening to his answers enough to have a good comeback.

Yep, bingo... when he was droning on about the GSPG stock and metals investing I was literally watching comments in real-time on EN, and his monotonous voice makes one essentially tune him out. After a minute of his little soliloquy, I finally had to interrupt the guy.

Again, whether the blog is around next week, whether the whole thing is a troll or not, I hope he does one of these again soon...

Lou Minatti said...

Ya know, that's 3 hours of my life I wish I had back. :-)

Legion said...


yeah kinda like

"I want you sto stop the blog"

"So are you saying that you don't want me to make any money so that I can provide for the both of us?"

"Stop spending so much money"

"Are you saying that you aren't worthy of any presents?"

Tesla said...

You've gotta love how Casey gets all self-righteous when he asks people what their credibility is when it comes to real estate investing. Like you need to be very accomplished in RE to criticize a total failure.

Legion said...

So was "sweet" a la south park.
Leave it to Nigel to try to capitalize on it with tshirts.

Lou Minatti said...

Benoit, of course the blog will be around next week. It will be around until a) Casey's last credit card is cashed out and he can't pay for a server, or b) he gets a late-night knock on his door from the Feds.

flailing forward said...

Not to put you on the spot or anything, but do you think there's much chance of Jeff showing up again at SDCIA? I'm dying to know how things turned out.

Lou Minatti said...

OK, so when Casey's mugshot appears on Smoking Gun, do you think it will be a really crazy bad one like Glenn Campbell, or a good one like Tom DeLay?

I think it will be a good one.

The Dude said...

I've got a feeling Snowflake has either seen G naked for the last time or soon to be the last time......

Anonymous said...

Attacking someone's credentials is the hallmark of someone running scared, and it's a classic manipulation tactic - it takes the focus off the topic at hand and calls doubt on the person being questioned.

It's a passive aggressive form of intimidation, and politicians use it all the time - when you see someone do that, you know you have them cornered.

CHJTS said...

I am positively giddy with excitement..(and I have to wake up in 4 hours to go to my looser w-2 job)..then go do some landscaping at my new apartment complex..

I got that little bastard..

PSS..he should seriously get nigels lips off of his ass and they should both go put them on duanes ass and beg for cash for that blog.

Lou Minatti said...

Hey Jerome Mayne, I bet you are lurking here. How about giving us your thoughts on this train wreck.

flailing forward said...

You stuck him for sure. Props for the Olympic pins remark. I shot snot out of my nose.

Dimes said...

Has anyone got a not-profitable-to-Casey podcast link? I want to post it and go to bed.

OTOH, do you think anyone will want to listen to the whole thing? Casey needs to work on his broadcasting persona.

Benoit™ said...

@ Rob Dawg, I realized in retrospect -- when he said you were cheap for using blogspot rather than your own domain, I did point out that someone else already owned the domain... BUT I should've mentioned that you did purchase as a work-around. Mea culpa...

Honestly, I can totally imagine the frustation that Nacho™ felt with him after talking for a full hour. I'm glad Steph's on board for next time, I wrote Aspeth to call in too... hehe.

Anonymous said...

Dimes, try megaupload.

Tesla said...

Talking to him sounds like it would be very frustrating. First, he doesn't actually answer any question of substance. He hears what he wants to hear and distorts what you say to change the subject, just like any good con-man.

Dimes said...

@ anon: I mean someone who has already downloaded it and has a link for me to grab.

Anonymous said...

One thing that nobody mentioned was that even if he does make $1000 per week, that's barely enough to cover his rent, food, cell phone, hosting and other extravagances. What is the plan for paying back even one of those credit cards he's been ignoring???

schizoid said...

It looks like Galina will be posting here sooner than I thought. Duane better pick up the pace or he's gonna get bumped.

Benoit™ said...

Homey DA Clown has posted a new threat aimed squarely at Casey on my very own Benoit™ thread. Thanks! :-)

Homey DA Clown said...

The ONLY way I will question Serin is when he swears under penalty of perjury to tell the truth or under oath in a deposition (US Code Title 18 Section 1623). I will not waste my time with a useless monkey dance like tonight.

The questions asked will be more direct and detailed than Serin allowed tonight,and the environment will not be controlled by Serin. Serin thinks he knows how to evade and obfuscate. He can't and won't be able to do so when his freedom is at stake. When the tables are turned and Serin's choice is to come clean or face prosecution, we'll see how smug he is.

Serin, I know you will read this. The lenders you defrauded are not going to go away. The Sacramento FBI isn't. Neither is the IRS, or the FTB. If I were YOU , I would start reading up on Title 18A, Rule 11 of the U.S Code.

You do understand that once Mrs. Serin divorces you, the spousal privilege expires.

While your at it, look up the term "innocent spouse relief". (IRS Code 6015. She has.

Benoit™ said...

Another thing... I can't believe I forgot. But all haters should've informed Casey about the Caseypedia™ project. heh. I'm sure that will thrill him to no end.

Also, Casey's posted a new countdown clock that expires at 11:59 PM PST, Friday, May 25th. Along with how much of the $1000 he's earned. Right now, it's predictably at zero. :-p

The Dude said...

Homey says: You do understand that once Mrs. Serin divorces you, the spousal privilege expires.

Ooops! Conversation with G goes something like this: "Oh baby..Oh baby....please don't leave me! I'm beggin' ya babe. I love ya.

taddyangle said...

@flailing forward

I don't think Jeff will show up. His post on SDCIA got so many hits in a very short period of time, and whenever he posted in that thread it got negative, at least after the first 10 or so posts.

I think he wants to avoid becoming the next KC, so he is staying quiet.

Jeff is very optomisitic, and has always been up on re. I would meet him for breakfast every 3-4 months to BS about re (over the last 1.5 years). I would tell him to sell a property or two every time we would meet. I met with him abot 3 weeks or so before he made his post, so I already new about the problems he was dealing with.

It is really to bad, he is a nice guy, and I really think if he started the process to sell his SLC re he could make a decent recovery.

Endgame said...

I'm calling BS on the Homey post for 2 reasons:

1. Substantially different in tone that previous Homey posts - e.g. pedantic use of legal references.
2. A high powered DA would not make the obvious error "While your at it, ..."

I don't believe that's Homey - I hope I'm wrong, though!

schizoid said...

It just occurred to me that Casey has done something I didn't think was possible. He's made me think of the IRS and the FTB as the good guys.

lurker said...

Just got in an I am trying to donate to Habitat. I keep getting

Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow

Did anyone else have this problem?

Benoit™ said...

Tonight's Talk-Cast has been uploaded to Talkshoe at this link. It's an MP3 file. I dunno whether clicking on it from here earns Casey any money, click at your own risk.

Duane LeGate said...

Rob Dawg,

How much has EN collected for Habitat?

lurker said...

It looks like Casey earns $4 for every 100 downloads

jilly said...

"If it were between money and fame and my marriage, I would choose my marriage - although that would be a tough decision for me"


The Dude said...

I uploaded it to my domain if anyone wants to link or download themselves....Enjoy!
72meg file
TalkCast is Here

Just in case Casey makes money off any downloads at Talkshoe :o)

Legion said...


You know Casey has already spent the money he thinks he could make tonight if those 60,000 people who went oh is website WEdnesday all downloaded it. That's 2400 dollars, that for one night? Multiply that by 365 days is 876000!!

He's probably going to Galina right now and saying "I don't have to do anything but blog for 876 weeks!"

ratlab said...

Count me in for the next call-in. Hoping to use my experience with annoying vendors to use outside of work.

Tony Soprano said...

Man o Man o Man...Did I ever pick a bad evening to go sailing...I've been out of the loop for a while and forgot all about the Beg/talkathon tonight...Galina PWNS his ass. Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Awesome job Duane. If that doesn't rattle Snowflake, nothing will.

Legion said...

10 to 1 Casey calls Duane tonight looking for a bailout.

Legion said...

Why do you think cAsey was trying to make him feel guilty about 'stabbing him in the back with all that private info?"

Endgame said...

@The Dude,

Thanks for hosting the mp3 - I'm downloading it now.

I don't want to be responsible for Casey making (G - not earning) even $.04.


ratlab said...

Thanks 'The Dude' for hosting the mp3.

ratlab said...

Based on today's closing price, fliptard's alleged purchase of Goldspring Inc. (GSPG.OB) would result in:

(0.0034-0.0013)*1,300,000 = -($2730)

If he bought it, he would have bitched about it by now. If he was up, he would have thrown it in the face of the haterz. He probably has no idea what the price of the stock is right now.

The Dude said...

No problem....I've got more bandwidth than Casey has brains. Wait...that's not saying much. :o)

Anyway...every nickel he don't get is a nickel short of his goal. Now, if he was making money from a J-O-B, I wouldn't interfere with his plan. But, we all know he's addicted to "passive income" so we'll passively deny him any of OUR nickels. What would be a hoot is if he checked his Talkshoe account and a total of six people downloaded his drival. Hey G...honey....I made a whole quarter tonight for three hours "work".

Seriously, I've got TONS of bandwidth; much more than I will ever use.

Anonymous said...

I like Duane's comment concerning Casey's extraordinary hairbrain schemes..."My son with the lemonade stand would even realize 'no'."

That's funny as hell.

dm said...

For what its worth, here's a brief email exchange I had with CS when I first started following his blog. Keep in mind, this was when I first started reading and had no idea how mentally retarded he is...

(I cut out the stuff I don't want search engines picking up on. It's not too hard to figure out if you look around a little bit, though.)

"Hi Casey,

My name is D* M*. I'm a 24 year old web developer /
entrepreneur like you. I've been reading your blog, although
admittedly I haven't had time to read even close to all of it, much
less the comments. You seem to be taking a beating out there.

First I want to be honest. The mess you've gotten yourself into is,
well, incredible. I personally freak out about $10k in debt and can't
imagine $2.2 mil. You've obviously made some bad decisions and it's
good that you're recognizing it. You've gotten a lot of good advice on
your blog and I'm honestly a bit disappointed to see that you don't
seem to have taken too much of it. (Letting your properties foreclose,
filing bankruptcy, starting from scratch and getting out of real
estate for starters...) But that's your personal business, your life,
and you're the one responsible for living it and dealing with the

I'm actually writing to you for a couple of reasons. First, I run a
web development business blog (I just started it and haven't had too
much traffic yet - www.*.com) and I was interested in
finding out if you'd be up for a short interview. I'm interested in
things like why you got into web development, if you enjoyed it, why
you made the move to real estate (was it just the money and/or the
perceived glory or prestige involved?) and other general questions. I
have strong opinions about your situation, but what I'm interested in
here is getting a behind the scenes look at what people are seeing on
your blog. Think of it as a "Where Are They Now?" episode in reverse:
I want to know where you're coming from, who you were before you got
yourself into this mess and who you'll end up being when all of this
is resolved.

In addition to this, I may eventually have some business propositions
for you. I run a web development firm called *
(www.*.com - the website is outdated and doesn't really
reflect what I do these days, but will be updated when I have time).
I'm in the process of creating something that I'll be selling to
Realtors and I may eventually want someone to work with me in the area
of sales and marketing for this product. (Keep in mind this will be a
couple of months out, but it could be a profitable venture for you and
it could provide some much needed income to help you work your way out
of where you are now.)

I'm not the type of person who likes to step on people's toes, but at
the same time I hate myself when I sugar coat things to make people
like me or to keep from hurting someone's feelings. I am interested in
seeing you work your way out of this and I think you have the
potential to become a great success if you will accept help and listen
to those who are older and wiser. (Trust me, I have older and wiser
mentors that I respect very much and if they tell me I'm being stupid,
I listen!)

Sorry for the long email. I know you have a lot of comments and
probably a lot of emails, but I'm hoping you get to read and respond
to this and maybe we can establish some sort of relationship based on
our common attributes and interests."

Here's his reply, one month later:

"Sorry for slow reply. Thanks for your thoughts. I got out of web dev
because I needed a faster vehicle to get me to my financial goals. RE
was/is a good one. Yes, I may need to get a stable job if I can't get my
other stuff off the ground fast enough."

And mine thereafter:


When I first came across your blog, I thought you were a guy who got
in over his head and was trying to deal with the situation to the best
of your ability. I was hoping to be able to be supportive of you.
After following your blog for a short time, I realized that 1) you're
greedy, 2) you're lazy and 3) you're not very intelligent.

Sorry, but you completely lost me. Everyone gets what they deserve.
You tried to take a short cut and now the short cut's gonna take you.
I believe in working hard AND smart, neither of which you've done.

Enjoy life on the hard road. Looks like you'll be there a while."

I've since launched the product I mentioned and am currently promoting it myself locally and eventually nationally. My thinking was that since he probably had a lot of contact with RE agents and he had a background in web dev and seemed to have a knack for promotion, it could work out well for both of us. I was prepared to offer generous commissions if he was prepared to work hard at it...

Ah, my naivety [sic?]... Glad he didn't take me up on it, though.

Anonymous said...

I've never really gotten into the Duane stuff. but I think duane gives more credit than he deserves. I think he has a very low IQ. he seems like no matter how you explain things to him, he doesnt comprehend it.

ratlab said...


Thanks for digging up the email. Another example of legitimate opportunities coming across him lap and fliptard not being able to respond in time (due to laziness, naps, etc.) while thinking there is that better shiny email that can drag him out of his self-made hole. And we all know 99.9% of those emails are a scam.

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me where in the call Declan is on? Unless i missed it, he never identified himself?

Anonymous said...

Funniest comment on the call:

Casey "It is unlike Nigel to delete Comments"

Arthur Wankspittle said...

I'm just catching up with the podcast and I have the following observations:

He hadn't a clue about Nigel removing all the stuff off DHC.

He kept deflecting Duane's questions when they got "too hot" for his liking.

He practically cut off the guy who was pushing him about the RE courses especially NRU.

He keeps on about the opportunities but he's never made anything off them. No one pointed out that he was taking about "opportunities" coming his way months ago and what have we seen - zip. Unfortunately no one forced the point to Casey.

He never tells who are all these "advisers" he has are, or what they have done for him.

The last guy didn't like Nigel much did he?

Declan was giving him a hard time too, deservedly so, but then my download seemed to cut out. Did the 2 hours of fame run out?

I predict he won't make the $1000 but he'll come up with some excuses for keeping the blog going after next week.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

The kind of dialog with Casey described here in this thread and from what I have gleaned about Casey [from all of the hearsay, I admit because I do not read IAFF much, (legal disclaimer)], Casey's Personality disorder in the Meyers Briggs may be called the 'Tight Circle' I am deducing. It is very difficult to flunk the Meyers Briggs because it categorizers as apposed to rates, but a 'Tight Circle' is at the bottom of ALL desirable traits, no matter one's IQ.
I reckon he has 'borderline personality disorder', too, but I ain't nobody.
Very interesting thread about KC's lack of communication skills. One can NEVER WIN with a Tight Circle/Borderline Personality.

Another legal disclaimer, I am not an emo analysis of any kind, just an opinionated back seat driver.

R-Boy said...

I think the next fraudcast I'll call in.

I have a some whoppers that I haven't publicly shared.

flailing forward said...

@ taddyangle
Remaining silent is definitely his best course of action (Casey has more than proven that), but I hope he at least gives an update at some point. Jeff's an interesting character. I admit I'm mainly intrigued from a trainwreck standpoint and there's a bit of schadenfreude because he was so cocky in the beginning, but he was very realistic after he realized the hole he's in in Florida and his breakdown elicited mixed feelings. I hope he sells his Utah property and whatever else he has to before he ends up in a Casey-size hole with no way out. Especially for his family's sake.

TV Rots Your Brain said...


Oh if he's dumb enough to do so, please do.

PS Homey forgot to mention a little exception to the hearsay rule called 'admissions against interest'...I think you could get a heck of a lot of what Casey cops to admitted on that rule alone ;)

Anonymous said...

Casey is such a tool..he's a yes man for sure. He's the type of person who wishes to avoid criticism by telling you he already knows that he is wrong.."Yeah, I know that..I know what you mean." after blasting him with verified f@ckups.

But his quote has to sum up his bipolar thinking...

"We have negative $200 in our bank account, and thats not acceptable."