Friday, May 18, 2007

Attention All Haterz™

Be on the lookout for Sputnik_the_Cat, aka S_t_C, aka "The Fishy Treats Bandit™." S_t_C was last seen dropping upper decker fishy surprises in the Modesto area. Current location believed to be Salt Lake City. If you see a hairball, do not, repeat do not attempt to clean this yourself. Notify Hazmat immediately. Watch your shoes!

[Schedule Note: Part 2.0 slight delay, mid morning estimate. Received additional info for story line, real life minor j-o-b distraction.]


The Dude said...

FIRST!....anytime I want

GameOver said...


Dumbfounded said...

Damn! Beaten by a murst troll

GameOver said...

Nice to see you Dude.

Tony Soprano said...

Impressive indeed!

Rob Dawg said...

Yeah, "anytime" between 6:40 and 7:10 PDT. Gawd, it's like my catz™, every morning trying to get out to the office they circle my feet like sharkz™. I gotta count my fingers after these "good morning" posts the snapback being so fast and all.

unbelievable said...

It's mid-morning on the east coast Dawg! 9:55 am

GameOver said...

Sadly I have become a Lurker of sorts...still and A-grade Haterz™ of course but work is nuts and life is busy with three kidlets running around the GameOver Homestead.

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the Duane LeGate updates. Nice to finally get the whole story on that situation. Now it makes a whole lot more sense as to why he gave Fliptard the chance he did.

Duane - You seem like a classy guy and I admire your desire to help people out of a hard place. Thanks for sharing your story.

Rob Dawg said...

unbelievable said...
It's mid-morning on the east coast Dawg! 9:55 am

That probably explains the PDT bit in my reply. I could set these for autopost in the wee hours or I just foget them entirely seeing as no one laughs....

BTW, this is the picture S_t_C sent himself.

The Dude said...

Something about the eyes....
Sputnik the Hutt

Dawg, a bunch of hungry cats underfoot, waiting to pounce of the topic.

Jean Valjean said...

Why even ask?? I swear, why even ask what I'd like with my coffee, if you're still going to give me the same wrong thing? Honestly, what's the point? And it's not like it's the first time you've done it. You do it every time. The first two times, I called you on it, told you that I had asked for cream and Sweet & Low, but you had just given me sugar. Today, I just looked into my bag, sighed, and drove off thinking, well, that probably why you still work at a drive-through: complete inability to follow directions.

Rob Dawg said...

Sympathies. You didn't happen to ask for "regular" did you? That means different things in different regions.

But more importantly. It has become an industry practice to open Exurban Nation BEFORE coffee. Many keyboards have given their lives to that cause.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure anyone has mentioned this, and i haven't had time to read through all of the comments here....but has anyone noticed that yahoo ads are no longer on iaff?

Anonymous said...

dangit, yes they are...just realized i was using firefox so they weren't showing. darnit, i was hoping yahoo had pulled his right to have ads

kirk said...

Gameover: Sadly I have become a Lurker of sorts.

I've become more of a lurker due to real life as well. Work has been busy, in part due to preparing for a conference in Las Vegas next week. I did want to express gratitude and admiration to Duane though. The first part of the story is truly inspirational. I have a sinking feeling that when Casey enters the picture inspiration will be replaced with exasperation, but I'm a hater so those are the breaks.

During Casey's first beg-a-thon (before I converted to the hater side) I actually donated $60, just what he needed to give him enough for the CashCall payment at the time. Since I'll be in Vegas next week, perhaps I should invest a donation for him. I'll put it all on #7; it has a better chance than any of snowflake's investments.

The Dude said...

More Sputnik pics
Sputnik relaxes with a brew

Kung Fu Sputnik

BIG fishy treat

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Yeah, ads seem to have gone.

On a related note, I wonder if it's well-known in SLC realtor circles that it's not the done thing to have AdSense and AdBrite on the same page.

Anonymous said...

TalkCast, what a joke - shithead still thinks he has an audience.

And he still trolls, some 'challenge" is's not even interesting as a Hater™. In fact, I think I may retired my Haterz™ Secret Decoder Ring, as the story isn't over there any more, it's *here*.

Hey shithead: whining and sniveling about free server bandwidth is no way to draw an audience. Stupid little boy. Anything after this point is just wrap-up, endgame, what little he had, is over.

I declare Snowflake done. It's over.

EN: 1 Casey "I meant to do it!" Serin: 0

I think we can declare Nigel done too - stick a fork in him. Fuck you Nigel, you tiresome old queen, go hang out in your local gay bar and brag about your heady pin selling days, you have nothing left here.

EN: 1 Nigel "I suck!" Swaby: 0

Duane, hats off to you, and a glass of two buck chuck raised to you, you were the roundhouse to the jaw finishing move to both of them. Bravo. It may not have been what you started out to do, but you have provided a great service to everyone, and your tales of Caseyland™ should prove to be entertaining!

lurker2 said...

Went to iaff to see if adz were gone.
clicking on his "read more" and his comments links resulted in page not found errors.
more evidence of his mad skillz (?) or is he trying to drive the count on his main page up?

you folks rock...
now i have to take a casey and wipe my nigel.

Anonymous said...

Dawg, why the delay for a j-o-b? By now you could have learn a thing or two about delaying anything for a j-o-b from Casey.

The story is drawing to an end. It's good to get another side of the story from Duane. As far as the SLC boy goes, it looks like he wishes to remove himself from the internet for awhile. That's good for all of us. But what I'm really hoping for someone to knock on Casey's door to end this story.

baa said...

just checked out snowflake's site. at least for me the yahoo ads still appear.

however, his page is rife with "page not found" errors. for a blogger with mad it skillz, his blog sure is full of broken links and other easily corrected items.

StephanieS said...

Rob, great content. Awesome coup on getting Duane.

It has been amusing me that so many people are "concerned" about whether Duane is honest or not. For goodness sakes, if you don't believe him stop reading. It's really simple.

As for Casey, I think his "talkcast" is a cover for a beg-a-thon. Get people to listen and then beg for money.

R-Boy said...

There is no talkshoe broadcast for casey currently scheduled

StephanieS said...

LOL! I just saw the Audio Beg-a-thon countdown on the front page. Wasn't trying to state the obvious with my last post.

Rob, Great minds think alike?

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

WooHoo!!! That's me!!!

I'm famous!!



Anonymous said...

There's no point in interacting with Snowflake now, as he's been proven, by his own words, to be a liar - anything he says is suspect.

The only use for a talkcast or whatever is to puch his buttons to make him dance, or get naked pictures of Galina. His latest blather is about not respecting her boundaries, so lets make him crash through the final boundary at full speed, he's getting dumped anyway. The only thing he has'nt done is post nude pictures of her - and compared to some of the things he's done, that's minor.

at the very least, get him to hold up her underwear with a sign that says "These would look better on Nigel".

The key here is to make him present himself in the worst light possible, so anyone who might come by and is curious will see what a joke it is. I'd rather kill anytraffic he has, but he's doing a good enough job himself in that arena: so in the meantime, the few times his site is up, we can help drive away anyone in the country left with any sympathy for Monkey Boy.

I have a feeling he's close to the 'fuck it" point, that point where he snaps. At that point...I beleive we can get snaps of G's bewbies.

Yes, i know Casey reads this. Hi shithead. You know it's gonna happen. Just give in to the inevitable. It's all you have left.


Embrace the end!

You know she's gonna dump you, marriage counceling in the 3rd year of marriage? It's over, pal! She's leaving, and she's taking half - forever!

Show her who's boss!


lurker said...

Don't you mean she is stuck with half - forever

unbelievable said...

Has anyone noticed that Sputnik is fond of showing off his "parts" in his pictures?

R-Boy said...

Health & Welfare Agency Data Center
Sacramento CA

Hey Casey, Dey be looking at your blog!

unbelievable said...


Casey is the skinny black cat taunting his viewers. Sputnik is the yellow tabby putting Casey in his place.


I think Casey needs a bowl of wheatgrassy goodness!

BadjerJim said...

IAFF sitemeter says only 2,600 visits today, as compared to like 40,000 at this time two days ago.

Show's over. Move along.

Cue up Duane!

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


When I hit IAFF, the counter-thingy says the beg-a-thon, talkcast, or whatever has started.

Started where? WTF?



Stephanie J. said...

Casey Serin:
No longer facing foreclosure.

Didn't really 'face it' anyway.

But either way; foreclosures; come and gone.

LOL, he crossed out Beg-a-thon and put in "Talk Cast"

I like how he circled his picture on MSN, just in case you miss it.

LOL!! What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure someone pointed this out already, but robert cote sux blogspot is deleted.

Jean Valjean said...

@Anon 9:16

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't know that the RCS blogspot was gone. Good new-- sorry. "It's all good!"

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

hmmm... RCS gone ... Nigel MIA ... VERY interesting.



kirk said...

RCS is still there, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

crap, i had sucks instead of sux in my autocomplete.

or....i could be nigel trolling for hits

Anonymous said...

This is a link found at IAFF to a cache of Casey's blog before he started IAFF. Sorry if someone already posted it. It is the most compelling read ever. Its like reading a prequel of his current story. A loss for words

Endgame said...

Stream of consciousness thoughts

- RCS still there for me. My offer of airline miles and $ for a baseball bat remains open.
- Duane was the final nail in the coffin of DHC. Thanks Duane!
- I agree with others that KC's about toast. It doesn't appear that he's moderating.
- For heaven's sake, he only had 6-ish callers for the last Talkcast. Nobody wants to hear the same old recyled canned talking points.
- He admits trolling on CNet, then denies it, then posts a troll post about G announcement. Geez - what a looser!

TV Rots Your Brain said...

If there were a talkshoe talkcast thing scheduled for today, you wouldn't be able to tell from's still showing up broken for me (all I can get to is the front page and nothing else).

Still it's very amusing to think that assuming Snowflake is intent upon having some kind of begathon that he can't do it on his own much for those mad IT skillz of his.

lawnmower man said...

When I hit IAFF, the counter-thingy says the beg-a-thon, talkcast, or whatever has started.

Nope, it's meant to start at 5PM PST.

The countdown script that Snowflake borrowed runs on the client side -- so it's actually counting down to 5PM in your local timezone.

Look, he's an ideas guy, not a details guy, OK?

BadjerJim said...

And speaking of Mad IT Skillz...
KC has been trumpeted all over the media as a "Website Developer" - and a not too bad paid one at that.

Yet, when it comes time to highlight something in a graphic... me uses MS Paint and draws red lines and circles on the image? WTF?

I mean... how about a semi-transparent drop-shadow? Darken the rest of the image, and highlight what's important?

The only other skill he's shown in graphics is how to smudge out or blur numbers on financials. But that's it.

IF he ever developed a website, he knows barely more about graphics than copy-and-paste existing JPEG.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

lawnmower man, any idea where the "ideas guy, not a details guy" comes from? I want to make a CaseyPedia entry but can't find where he first said it.

The Original Kevin™ said...

I wonder if Casey ever wonders where he's be if he just stayed in his $50k / yr job after he got that 1st $30k in profits....

Healthy marriage? Money in the bank? Little debt? Wifey in college being pd for, or maybe even a CPA by now? No haterz™? No stress? But he would have no publicity....

Nah... I bet he would've done it all over again, just the way he did it.

Stephanie J. said...


Don't forget the church of Serintology

Stephanie J. said...

You're right. Sadly.

lawnmower man said...

@nodebt: not sure. I don't think he ever used *exactly* that phrase; and Googling IAFF for idea detail turns up hundreds of results.

The April 13th roundup has probably the archetypal usage, in the "Can't I just ignore it?" whinge about the Utah wrap:

This doesn’t seem like a good use of my time or the right task for me. I’m not the detail guy, I’m the ideas and connections guy, remember?

but it's obviously not the first mention.

The it's kind of magical comment sets out the "connections guy" manifesto:

[M]y ideal job would be to devote 100% of my attention to establishing connections, identify opportunities, and putting together deals on high level - brainstorming and making a rough draft.

Once there is a draft, it goes to the professionals and bean-counters to spot holes in my ideas so we can improve upon it until we have a sweet plan. Then we delegate the execution of the plan to people who are highly trained in each particular area.

Can't find the first "not a detail guy"-ish mention so far. Anyone?

lawnmower man said...

Incidentally, it seems to me that with the multiple posts describing his ongoing server problems, IAFF has itself become "a blog about a blog".

Legion said...

HEY are we all going to get together in a lobby like last time for updates and real time conversations of his latest bullshit cast? By the way, I hope he does have it, it's just more ammo for the DA, he stupidly admits quite a lot, and he can't say he never said it or it was out of context blah blah blah...