Monday, May 14, 2007

Small Consolation


Thanks for writing in regarding the confidential information on In accordance with our Terms of Service
(, we've completed processing your
complaint. The content in question no longer appears on

Please let us know if we can assist you further.

The Blogger Team

Original Message Follows:
From: Rob Dawg
Subject: [#146800029] Child endangerment on blog
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 14:39:42 -0700 (PDT)

[#146800029] Child endangerment on blog

This is Robert Cote. Your continued stonewalling in
the issue of has placed my
child in danger. If you had listened the first
hundred times you got complaints about this blog you
wouldn't currentlly be implicated in child
endangerment. Do something now.

Of course the site is archived in dozens of places. I can only hope the Blogger Team understands the seriousness and now stops stonewalling on the identity of the perpetrator. What are the consequences for concealing the identity of a a child molester? I imagine there is someone somewhere getting a tad brown in the boxers about now.


Miguel said...

May I be the FIRST! to congratulate you?

Miguel said...

And the murst?

kirk said...


Miguel said...

Coincidentally, I was about to e-mail you anyway - I made a complaint of my own about RCS, and Blogger replied very promptly, but said that they needed the go-ahead from you. Which they obviously now have.

Miguel said...

The content in question no longer appears on

Er... yes it does. And yes, I did hit refresh.

Rob Dawg said...

Let's save the "congratulations" part for the picture of my fat ole' walrus mustache kissing the wheel of my slightly used BMW shall we? Excellent furst/murst/etc BTW. I love when the first has content as well.

kirk said...

I don't know why I even tried.

In regard to RCS, the site is still and picture is still there as far as I can tell. I cleared my cache, reloaded, and it looks the same to me. Maybe it's cached on some blogspot server and will disappear soon, but it's not gone yet.

kirk said...

Oh, now I see. They've removed the phone numbers but not the picture. I also have a teenage daughter, and if I were in your place I'd rip 'em a new one dawg.

Anonymous said...

It's still up there. I wrote them to ask (politely) to remove the entry, too. Seems they don't give a Casey's behind.

Legion said...

Hey Rob, congrats on CNET, Casey deserves a nice box of plastic bags to play with.

As for this RCS crap, man, I hope whoever get's caught with their hand in the cookie jar get's their comeuppance. As for the brown in the pants comment, I don't think that is from fear, more like stretched out of proportion and now has no tone. God help him if it does turn out to be Nigel.

Jade said...

they didn't remove the picture, the name, or the comments? What's wrong with these people?

RCS is engaged in criminal stalking at this point. This will be way, way worse than Deb Frisch.

Nail their asses to the wall.

Miguel said...

I've just replied to Blogger's reply, pointing out what they've removed and what they're still permitting - i.e. graphic sexual allegations about a named teenager - and asking whether this is acceptable within their terms of service.

I'll let you know if they reply.

dm said...

Everyone can help:

"When a person visiting a blog clicks the "Flag?" button in the Blogger Navbar, it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal. We track the number of times a blog has been flagged as objectionable and use this information to determine what action is needed. This feature allows the blogging community as a whole to identify content they deem objectionable."

Go to the site and flag the blog. If enough people do it, blogger should hopefully remove it completely and quickly.

flailing forward said...

@ dm
The flag feature doesn't seem to have much effect. The blog was heavily flagged when it first came out, and nothing happened.

Stephanie J. said...

Okay, I think I just burst a vein on my forehead.

Who the hell would put information about a minor on a public site?

What kind of coward attacks a man's credibility using his children?

Oh My God!

Is it Nigel? I know he's a smarm-bucket, but is he capable of being this low?


The Endgame Is Afoot said...


I feel your pain - seriously.

At one point, I had thought an adult male was following my grade school daughter. (Turned out an estranged father looking for his daughter in her class).

But, in all seriousness, I found myself wandering the neighborhood with a baseball bat one afternoon. I am not at all a violent person, but in your situation...

Anonymous said...

Looks like NS commented on the CNET story. Heh.

Stephanie J. said...

I *am* a violent person; especially when kids are endangered.

This person must be found and kicked into the consistency of tapioca.

ruh roh said...

dont you have to use a phone # to get a gmail account to get a blogger blog?

so these blogs are highly traceable.

whoever ownz™ that blog has crossed a few linez™

PMSPMS™©® said...

Freedom of speech sucks sometimes. Also these stupid idiocies perpetuated by and CampIdiot idiots (you're not hinting at PGB here are you Dawg?).

HeeKee- I'd be interested in knowing what exactly CI and WFT were created for? What purpose do they serve?

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ ruh roh:

dont you have to use a phone # to get a gmail account to get a blogger blog?

No. You just have to have an existing e-mail account.

@ all:

I take it RCS should be considered 100% NSFW.

flailing forward said...

You don't need a phone number or a legitimate email to get a blogger blog or a gmail account. The guy was posting here through a proxy (that's why he got the ///' every time he typed an apostrophe) so I seriously doubt he used legit accounts. Of course, we know that either A. he's Nigel or B. Nigel has an email address for him.

I don't know if you already have Rob, but if I were you I would call the FBI to at least find out what laws the guy is breaking and what your options are. I was about to email them myself, but then I figured they would probably just think I was the perp.

I'm a twerp, but not a perp.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nigel,

You appear to be a willing accomplice to this RCS asshole. Are you him? Did you make that post hoping that we'd take it at face value that this guy isn't you?

Prove it asshole. If not, I'd be more than willing to contact your boss and any other company you do business with and show them the COINCIDENCES (same posting style, same use of dumb pictures, same log in post style).

You said bad traffic, good traffic DOESN'T MATTER. Well guess what? Child engagerment fucking matters you douchebag.

America, Nigel Swaby condones child endagerment. LOL on your alter-ego DUI ROBERT. He posted here a few times last night and flamed out like the coward he is. Here's a tip Nigey ol man, don't use a SLC IP address when posting here, it's easy to spot.

lawnmower man said...

FWIW, I too got a "thanks, please ask Robert to contact us" response from Blogger support.

they didn't remove the picture, the name, or the comments? What's wrong with these people?

They removed the previous post, which contained several telephone numbers; but not the current post, which contains the name and the sexual allegations.

Flagging might help a little, but continued reporting of ToS violation probably carry a lot more weight.

(But notice how weaselly the Content Policy is on hate content and defamation: "an allegation of defamatory expression, in and of itself, does not establish defamation.")

Reposting again for those willing to go to bat:

Blogger's Terms of Service and Content Policy. Blogger's Contact Us form which includes an option for reporting ToS violations. Have at it.

Anonymous said...

Flailing, I noticed that a proxy was posting right after a user from SLC was here. The proxy was Level 3 and was recommended by somebody here awhile back. For $9.95/3 months Level 3 (aka will provide you with an untraceable anon proxy acct.

I have no affiliation with them but I do see the IP from time to time here. Could be haterz using it as well.

Anonymous said...

DMCA takedown?

Rob, if you own the copyright on those photos and they don't have a licnese to use them, then send a DMCA takedown notice.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Nigel is RCS. C'mon guys, I know some of you want to take Nigel at face value but the guy has proven he A) posts anonymously here regularly B) Uses profanity often and C) Has picked on many different Haters often (Dolph, Aspeth and the ones he outted).

He's not above this kind of thing and I will not give him ANY benefit as long as he keeps silent. He is behind this as one minute he rips Camp Idiot and the next he's admitting teaming up with Heekee on things. Why hate on something one minute only to work with the guy whose site you have issues with? CI is a place where hatred of Nigel is unabashed and downright evil compared to EN.

Anonymous said...

If you file a DMCA complaint and the other party refuses, Google MAY give you the other party's contact info for a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo, didn't Nigel once brag he could get Caseyland USA removed because the blogger posted some unflattering opinions? Seems if Rob Dawg is getting the runaround from Google over a serious matter, Nigel couldn't do shit to anybody. Let's start some anti-Nigel blogs!

Lost Cause said...

The Swab is no doubt incapable of reproduction, thus has no idea how harmful this type of activity is. Pity him.

Schnapps said...

Rob, I also sent an email earlier to the guys at blogger re: the contact information. I've responded to them asking them to remove the picture of your daughter.

However in the last email they said you should contact them directly (and it seems you have).

I cc'd you on my response.

flailing forward said...

Heh, I think anti-Nigel blogs is a pretty well covered genre. Google Nigel Swaby.

Thanks, whoever noticed the Nigel comment at C-Net. My money is this being the work of the nefariously devious NGB.

Here it is:

What about me?
Reader post by: Nigel Swaby
Posted on: May 14, 2007, 4:34 PM PDT
Story: Casey Serin: The world's most hated blogger?

I'm quite honestly fed up with all the media exposure that Serin is getting. I am an AWARD WINNING blogger from Salt Lake City and many people link to me as authoritative.

My success in Real Estate and Olympic Pin Sales have brought me untold riches and it is me who should be held up by the press as a role model.

Just today I was sitting in my expansive garden. I gazed into the 28,000 gallon pond with koi (which are fish)in it and I said to myself, "Nigel, you have everything anyone could want. You have a BMW, you have 12 blogs, you have a POOL... IN YOUR HOUSE; What more could you really want in life?"

Later, when I was sitting in my professionally designed kitchen, I leaned against the high grade counter top and the answer came to me... I want to be just like Casey Serin. Even the love of the entire Jamaican Bobsled Team cannot fill the void in my heart.

I have seen many things in my life. I have met Ziggy Marley, for Christ sake. I have worn the finest leatherette and doused my body in the fancy body spray. I have deleted many comments and I am stickier than any of you will ever know- but I have never had the love of the media.


Anonymous said...

To: anon @5:12

If you send a DMCA takedown, the service provider has to take down the infringing material immediately (or risk being sued themselves).

It is then up to the original poster to submit a counter notice to have the material put back up again.

So, unless Google is certain that they have the rights to have the material on their website, it's gone immediately -- the other side does not get an opportunity to refuse, only an opportunity to have it put back up again.

Rob Dawg said...

Rob Dawg is getting the runaround from Google over a serious matter,

Google is running "bigger" scared. They've allowed child rape to promulgate. They've refused to cooperate with legal requests. They've acted in an arbitrary fashion with respect to their own terms of service.

Archive EN. It may not be too much longer before..... bzzzt.

lawnmower man said...

@PMSPMS: Freedom of speech sucks sometimes.

But not here.

There's a number of significant limitations to freedom of speech, including slander and libel (use of untruths to harm others) or fighting words (incitement of hatred or violence placing the target in danger of harm).

And of course the First Amendment protects freedom of speech from infringement by Congress. Blogger is free to limit speech on its services however it chooses.

(Wikipedia: First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Freedom of speech in the United States.)

Mozatta said...

Where can I send complaints regarding this? I've flagged it numerous times, but I want to complain.

Call me out, put me down, make me look like a fool. That's all fine and dandy, but you bring up a family member and I throw down. Calling a grown adult out is one thing, but this is uncalled for. You hit below the belt, prepare for your world to come to a screeching halt.

If it is Swaby, or if he has any connection that can be proven, I would be scared shitless right now. Swabnuts, if you have any involvement, expect your broker's license to vanish. I'm sure the Utah Division of Real Estate would love to hear about your actions. And I'm sure there are plenty of people here willing to throw you under the bus.

Whoever posted this RCS site deserves everything coming.

Schnapps said...

heh. Blogger's response to me asking them if a more permanent fix can be done:

Thank you for your note. Please note that Blogger is a provider of content
creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to
create blogs, but we don't make any claims about the content of these
pages. We strongly believe in freedom of expression, even if a blog
contains unappealing or distasteful content or presents unpopular
viewpoints. We realize this may be frustrating and we regret any anxiety
or inconvenience this may cause you. In cases where contact information
for the author is listed on the page, we recommend you working directly
with this person to have the content in question removed or changed.

In cases where the author is anonymous, please note that in accordance
with US state and federal law, it is Blogger's policy to only provide a
user's contact information pursuant to a valid third party subpoena or
other appropriate legal process


randy h said...

Robert Cote',

It's been a long, long time. I'm sorry to see this kind of shit affecting you. I've had to deal with my own run-in with lowlife blog fanbois threatening my family. Two pieces of advice.

1. As someone said above, just download a guide on how to file an official DCMA takedown. Given the involvement of minors-related sexual content, they'll zap it faster than that vermin can get his hand out of his pants.

2. Rest assured there is a 99.999% chance that Nigel Swaby et. al. are pathetic, cowardly, wumps who would release all their bodily fluids if they ever found themselves standing afront you for fear you'd break their quivering little frames. If you cannot tell, I have zero tolerance for this kind of crap.

I'll see if I can get this thing turned up a notch.

--Randy H

flailing forward said...

Blogger is notorious for being hardasses about removing material from their users' blogs. That's usually a good thing, but then you've always got bungholes like RCS who are going to abuse it. You can file a DMCA complaint, but won't Blogger just put the material back up in two weeks if you don't file a lawsuit? I don't think there is much chance of Blogger dumping the entire site, but I can't imagine them letting the latest post stand.

anon 4:59
There were a couple of non-proxy RCS crony comments mixed in during his tirade. Did you catch if those were from SLC?

Akubi said...

I'm still catching up on this, so perhaps I missed a beat...but have you spoken with your attorney? Why the flying f is that blog still in existence?
Disgusting, disturbing and still represents child endangerment.

flailing forward said...

40. Casey Serin
May 14th, 2007 at 5:46 pm

Crap… something is going on with the DNS. I’m still looking at my old server. And there are not many comments because many people are not able to see my blog. My new dedicated server is giving me issues too….

Sorry for the troubles.

He's a quick one, that boy.

Anonymous said...

Flailing Forward said:
but won't Blogger just put the material back up in two weeks if you don't file a lawsuit?

Only if the original poster files a counter notice. If that does not happen the material will stay down. Note that IANAL and this is only what I have gleaned from reading Wikipedia.

wine country dude said...

RCS is going to cause a tidal wave of sympathy for Senor Cote. Even putting aside the issue of how RCS depicts his daughter, the rest of RCS is unbelievably angry and mean-spirited. It makes me want to take a shower.

randy h said...

Let's hope ValleyWag picks up on this. This blows the Kathy Sierra "cyber stalker" academia love fest away. It's time someone puts down a big boot on the neck of these wet crotch cowards.

Anonymous said...


Akubi said...

randy H,
I agree. Involving underage, uninvolved kids in a sick agenda really, really crosses the f-ing line.

LOL said...

I filed a complaint also, what a fucking sicko.

jiggy said...

I too contacted blogger about the rcs blog, and received this response...

"Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 14:06:30 -0700
From: "Blogger Help"

Subject: Re: [#146430049] posted phone number and vile stuff about a minor


Thanks for writing us regarding this possible Terms of Service
We will examine it soon and take action as necessary.

Additionally, please ask Robert to contact us directly as we'll need to
confirm his identity to continue processing this complaint.

The Blogger Team "

I cannot believe these people, that they did take down the offending post but left the site otherwise intact?? In spite of a very obvious abuse of their TOS? What does it take to have an entire blog taken down? How far would that rcs idiot have to go?

Casey Serin said...

Hey, its just me Casey. Well, thought I'd just show you guys a new picture of Galina. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

my virus protection popped up when i clicked that link. beware.

Anonymous said...

how come when i try to go to iaff it loads in as a completely blank page?

lawnmower man said...

when i try to go to iaff it loads in as a completely blank page?

Casey's mad IT skillz at work. Don't worry, it'll be up just as soon as he's totally missed the traffic coming his way from C|Net.

In related news, Nigel's back and he's deleting comments. I suspect he didn't like me mentioning Integrity First Financial...

Anonymous said...

Dude, libel of a minor is a pretty easy case, as are a variety of other issues applicable here.

I'd send Blogger an e-mail with the comments translated, explain that your 14 yr old daughter is not in fact fucking Mexican immigrants, and ask who is entitled to accept service of process for the robertcotesux blog.

That should learn them.

NoVa Sideliner said...

OK, that's it. RCS is beyond the pale.

My latest spare change contrib is in the fishy treats department to hopefully offset a small portion of any legal actions needed to set these wankers up, preferably for a date with Stephanie J and her steel-toed boots.

Anonymous said...

Also, send a request to yahoo, as the e-mail is

Stephanie J. said...

Let's start some anti-Nigel blogs!

Let's not.

Nigel would probably get a woodie just thinking about all that negative attention that will bring him further traffic.

walt526 said... is Nigel's employer?

Just for kicks, I entered my info on the "How much can I borrow calculator?" Now when I use the more reputable calculators (CNNMoney, Yahoo, HUD, etc), it's usually between $300k and $335k (entering same data). On Integrity First Financial, their "conservative" prequal amount is for $396k while "aggressive" is $524k. I have no idea what type of ratio it's assuming (or maybe some sort of toxic mortgage product)? So basically Nigel's firm advertises that they would approve me at over 5x our annual income.

Oh, here's why perhaps: closing costs are $8k (conservative) or $10k (aggressive). At reputable lenders, it's more like $4-5k for zero point loan.

Jade said...

I think it's interesting that Nigel still hasn't denied that this is him

Steve said...


I'm also good for some legal $ if you need.

Or some airline miles and $ for a baseball bat if you decide to do that. I'm serious.

"The Endgame Is Afoot" - posting so that you have my email address.

flailing forward said...

Holy crap, I can't believe Casey managed to screw Heekee over! Why would you back out of a free server deal anyway? And now he has a brand new non-functioning server while all his sweet traffic goes to the various haterz sites. Karma, as they say, is the bitch.

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg;

Some tactics about the RCS low-life that have worked before.

1) Have the wife look at that site, then call and make complaint to the local po-leece.

Contacting the fuz was the first thing Jeff Goldstein thing after Deb Frisch "frisched" herself...that first raindrop that heralded the end of HER "parade".

2) screen-cap everything "over the line" that RCS or his sockpuppets have posted.

3) Do I need to say it? Hire a lawyer...soemone's gonna "taste his/her fist", watch 'em all trample each other to get outta the way of THAT bus.

4) Once you have the ID of the RCS poster, open new blog solely dealing with that issue.

Google: "Don't Hire Deb Frisch", that was "Sinner's" masterstroke...the posse is still goin' strong.
(And just the NICEST lynch-mob, you'll ever meet).

Good Luck;

Grand Admiral Bilgeman

kndmanz said...

Rob, is that picture at RCS really of your daughter? Where did that psycho get it? Is there anything else we can do to help besides report a ToS violation?

flailing forward said...

Wow, Frisch is quite the nutcase.

Rob Dawg said...

No, my daughter is very pretty but nothing like the altered photo shown. Conversely the single photo is me but not particularly representative. T'aint handsome but then again I'm not a tubborounder either. Problem is refuting the fake or distorted is not helping. I even once, at the start, tried to make clear that what was being posted was not accurate but it was ignored.

Aspeth said...

Rob Dawg...unfuckingbelievable, that. I've got some boilerplate DMCA takedown letters that you can use. You should have gotten an email from me very early this morning, so just drop a note if you want me to fwd them along.

Keep us posted about what we can do to help.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, nigel has said he does not run RCS or has sock puppets. Given how easy it would be to pin him down to RCS if it was him, i would tend to believe it. You guys here aren't half as smart as you think you are.

Lost Cause said...

Wow! Casey's new site is just blazingly fast! The response time is amazing! Unfortunately, they are blank pages, but wow, fast!

Pandemonium Pajamas Ltd. said...

Dear RCS/Nige;

Please post your address/phone(s) and size(s), because we will be pleased to gift you with a set of genuine Nigel™ Mansell™ Nomex™ (flameproof) pajamas, with the highly-acclaimed Flame™ pattern, valued @ $695/set.

Could be useful, if not mandatory on your next destination.

Dumbfounded said...

It just occurred to me that the only other guy that went off the deep end was Tim from MB. And it was a doozie too! Could he be behind the RCS blog?

Anonymous said...

Yes, KC's new dedicated SWEET server is FAST!!! He has skillz!

(And apparently enough money to be able to afford to move off of a free server)

flailing forward said...

So the story of Casey's latest IT triumph goes something like this:

1. Heekee offers Casey a deal for free hosting in return for advertising on IAFF.
2. Casey agrees to the deal.
3. Heekee rents server space for $180/month.
4. Casey then changes his mind and buys his own dedicated server. Heekee is stuck with the $180/mo bill.
5. Casey's site craps out for most of the weekend due to bandwidth limits at his current host due to Casey refusing to disable comments. The site comes back up Sunday sometime.
6. Casey gets featured in C-Net in an article describing him as the most hated blogger on the web. The article describes the number of haterz he has.
7. Casey promptly screws up his DNS entries so that his site is unreachable. For the 5% or so of the country that can actually get to the site, they see a very inactive blog with two very bored commenters.
8. All of C-Net's links to IAFF are dead, but links to haterz blogs are live.
9. Casey finally gets his site back up after 6 PM (west coast)
10. EN enjoys a 20% spike in traffic, while IAFF is down about 65% from the previous Monday.

Casey for the winwin!!

Grand Admiral Bilgeman said...

flail forward:

"Casey for the winwin!!"

I see the hobbit chasing after the bus to Wealth and Fortune as it motors off into the distance...

Musta been napping at the station.

The lad has a Gift.

flailing forward said...

If RCS guy was Tim MBA, every post over there would have to be over 1000 words. His blowup was quite spectacular though.

Joe said...

Robert, this mail is for you:

Thanks for writing us regarding this possible Terms of Service violation.
We will examine it soon and take action as necessary.

Additionally, please ask Robert to contact us directly as we'll need to
confirm his identity to continue processing this complaint.

The Blogger Team

Lou Minatti said...

Sweet. I'm #7 for CashCall.

Anonymous said...

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous said...
FWIW, nigel has said he does not run RCS or has sock puppets. Given how easy it would be to pin him down to RCS if it was him, i would tend to believe it. You guys here aren't half as smart as you think you are.

Nigel has blatantly misled people with his "Award winning blogger gets real estate scoop of the year" press release, which upon questioned about its origination, finally admitted his shame in paying for that press release himself. He has a track record of denying something until he gets caught red handed, THEN comes the crocodile tears.
We may not be half as smart as we think we are (still twice your IQ though), but we certainly aren't as gullible as your dumbass. Hey Mr. Gullible, Casey has a real estate course called Noveau Riche that you may be interested in, it's 100% guaranteeeeeeedddddd!!!

Dumbfounded said...

At 8:24 PM, flailing forward

Good point about Tim from MBA's bloviating tendencies. He was also way over the line, and if I remember correctly he blamed it on a drinking problem.

In any event, he did leave here in quite a pissy mood and he had a rather scary dual personality.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's employer is not Integrity First, it is Gold Medallion Homes. Their contact info is on their website... that is if someone really wants to put him in a world of hurt.

Legion said...

What a cast of characters we have

We have Casey and the chocolate factory always looking for the golden ticket

Tim the alcoholic rich psycho

And last and least, nigel the man child who grew up always the last to be picked for a team, and an inferiority comlplex that is immune to therapy.

Anonymous said...

Robert,i haven't been to your site in a while,i got a bit tired of casey serin.i do like to check in from time to time because your comments are thoughtful and intelligent.I took a look at rcs,this is seriously objectionable go to the police,and the feebs,get a good lawyer.if you find out who did this,publicize their background...maybe not,on second thought,you could end up being sued by a surviving relative if someone took it into their mind to give this sleazy coward a horsewhipping.bite them in the ass rob dawg~!

flailing forward said...

Nigel is connected to Gold Medallion somehow as well, but his current employer is definitely Integrity First Financial, where Byron Goates is the manager. I think it used to say it on SLCRE but he took it off. When he sent that DMCA complaint against me he did it in the name of Integrity First.

Integrity First's website

Bearer of bad news said...

Some of us believe that Nigel has a little kickback scheme worked out with Gold Medallion homes. Or did at least when subprime loans were given to monkeys. When Mr. Serin went to SLC< it seems to me they were looking at some Gold Medallion homes to see if they could work a little sweetcashbackwinwin...but the homes were too new and alas, there was no enough sweet cashback for Casey to take on the loan (which Swaby would broker and get a tidy you from Gold Medallion for setting up.)

Anonymous said...

Integrity first's website looks like garbage for someone who supposedly does brisk business.

Akubi said...

Can we please drop the Tim MBA crap? I'm 99.99% certain he has absolutely nothing to do with RCS - can't say the same for Nigel though.

Anonymous said...

I think TIM MBA is gone. Gone for good. There's no way that nut would chance the serious trouble he'd be in for this bullshit after how he left this site with his tail between his legs (and his enlarged liver under his arm)

Akubi said...

Exactly, anon.

TK said...

Man Flailing you are funny as hell on IAFF today. I especially liked your new angle on the old joke about the two bulls.

Lost Cause said...

"Casey for the winwin!!"

The kid is absolutely allergic to money, or success of any kind. All of the traffic that he would get from CNet, gone. Yet again I exclaim, "What a hapless, pathetic looser!"

TK said...

Actually I think it's interesting - the first article which really focuses on the negative aspects of the Caey saga (or at least someone who didn't just take his side and parrot it in their piece) the first one which actually has some balance and the kid shuts everything down. Frankly I think he's trying to avoid the negative backlash. I mean the guy admitted to trolling today. But you're right, negative, balanced or otherwise, this could have been traffic, an opportunity for him to make some money. I mean even a monkey can figure out how to feed itself. Not Casey Serin. He must actually be a lower form of life - one which is totally helpless, even as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Nigel does, in fact, work for Gold Medallion Homes. Fairly obvious since they're the only builder in Utah to have their own blog(s), and furthermore some of their posts are tied into that Carnival of Real Estate crap that gets Nigey all moist behind the ears from time to time.

BJ said...

Verified IAFF IP is different;
was, now

Previous Host was Go Daddy Software, registered through, India.

Current Host is LiquidNet, running a class C subnet off of Interland's class B block.

From my area, I hit Interland through Peer 1 Network, straight from the corp ISP I sit on (very few jumps). Timing round trip is 19ms. Looks like there is a network problem at the host though because I am getting periodic flags of TimeToLive on packets at 53 (with only 11 noted hops).

Out of curiousity, ran the old IP. The route goes through It looks like there is a problem between networks and Looks like a hidden router that responds slowly, does not reply to ICMP on TTL extinquish. His previous server looks like it was through ''. It also shows the TTL oddball return behavior.

Just the nerds eye view

TK said...


You have my support. This RCS fuck deserves a swft kick to the temple with a steel toed boot. Hopefully though he just gets arrested.

BJ said...

Rank in Utah: 181
Rank in Salt Lake County: 63
Rank in South Jordan: 4

Number on website show for;
South Jordan: 4 (dead last)
South Lake County: 78 (81 percentile)
Utah: 223 (81 percentile)

I would say the Nigel Swaby has spent too much time with Casey and blogging.. and has let his work suffer!!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe he's too interested in being some sort of internet celebrity. Whatever that accomplishes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch Nigel's looserific roundup on today's events? Don't bother. It's a freaking bore.

BJ said...

Can't be an internet celebrity if you are functioning at the 81st percentile. That means 81% of the people are better than him..

BJ said...

The remaining (14 in Salt Lake, 41 in Utah could be dead or left the business)..

It is probably going to be a while before that other BMW is more than a picture in a magazine!!

Lost Cause said...

So Casey managed to put in several hours of labor on his revenue producing blog. No wonder he probably lost his biggest traffic spike in years. It's his 'value-add.'

Anonymous said...

I'll save everybody the nap inducing trip to Nigel's whore blog.

A new story about Casey Serin on C/Net provided some sweet link love to Casey, the haterz and even this site.

Unlike past stories, this one examined the haterz perspective, got a partial exclusive interview with Galina and revealed some of Casey's "gold nuggets" for future income.

It was also revealed Casey slowly releases posts in a manner that continues to string along readers. I think this is the master stroke to the story. In effect, you have a sad story (8 foreclosures) that has been turned into entertainment by the author and extended far past its natural expiration date.

"Is he mentally ill? Mentally feeble? Do his bizarre personal habits affect his judgement or vice versa?" Dawg wrote in e-mail on Friday.

As "feeble" as Robert Cote may feel Casey is, the IAFF story has sucked in tens of thousands of visitors who come back every day for more. C/Net called it "irritainment." I call it marketing genius, however the lack of being able to cash in yet is certainly a great failure.

The story mentioned publicly Casey's involvement with Nouveau Riche, a multi-level real estate company.

Serin said he has found two people to pay $18,000 to Nouveau Riche, and if he finds any more, he'll get a $9,000 commission for each one, as well as additional commissions if the people he recruited then sign up additional customers.

Pay careful attention to the statement, "if he finds any more." This is one of the "ifs" that put me off on working with him. I am no fan of multi-level marketing. In fact I believe they are all scams. Essentially, Casey has made NR 30k plus and didn't even get paid for it. I won't even tell you why sale number three, the pay day sale, has not yet happened. You can probably guess.

Most ironic and of course continually infuriating, is that since Casey has decided he was going to blog for a living selling ads, his site has been down 30% of the time! He sacrificed uptime for negative comments and has apparently abandoned his dedicated hosting plan with HeeKee to try and go it alone. Heekee still wants to help. Despite what goes on at his board, he is very nice in real life. I received this email tonight:

It seems he is on the cover of and the DNS of his site is pointing somewhere that doesnt exist since he told me he is going to get his own dedicated server. I have internet at the hotel for the next couple days and I would like to help him out if possible.

Maybe Casey can make a fortune by finding a way to monetize traffic to a site that doesn't resolve?

Nigel, you are such a low life asshole.

lawnmower man said...

In non-Nigel news: holy crap, Casey sold a text link ad! I guess there is always a bigger fool.

bemused guy said...


I sent a second complaint to blogger.
Expressed thanks for removing what they did,confusion why they didn't remove the other part and then pointed out the following:

The blog previously had pictures of children in sexually explicit positions. The latest posts listed a child's name and phone number. There is a pattern of what is basically child pornography by the blog and they should remove it in its entirety. Also suggested they show my point to their lawyers who, even if they are 2 nd year students should agree & immediately pull that plug.

I am all for free speech (which is why I didn't complain about the rest of the blog)but lines were crossed. Cheers.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

The IAFF domain seems to be resolving to a new IP (, though the webserver is serving up blanks (a bit like a certain someone we all know). Seems to be a Godaddy dedicated server .

(And might I just take this opportunity to say you in USAland sure have expensive dedis... Here in Old Europe I pay around US$75 / month for a machine equivalent to the US$130 / month "Preconfigured Deluxe Plan" from Godaddy).

ratlab said...

Rob, sorry to hear about the crap being posted over at RCS. I, for one, refuse to go to that site. So I have no idea how bad the material is and I don't want to know. I have a decent idea just from the comments here.

Arthur Wankspittle said...

Rob Dawg, my best wishes for you getting the RCS site down and getting the sicko behind it.

Nigel - I posted about the NRU commission yesterday. i.e. Casey not getting any and being suckered again. Have you been reading EN and picking up ideas for your blog? Missed out the part about Casey stuffing HeeKee over the server didn't you? You also missed out that you didn't get any links to any of your blogs from the CNET article. Shame.

One further Casey note. I listened to the .mp3 following the CNET article and the journo being interviewed said that Casey had run up debts on credit cards "backed by his wife and his mother". So he's not only screwed up his wife's credit he's probably screwed up his mum's too. Nice boy.

Arthur Wankspittle said...

Rank in Utah: 181
Rank in Salt Lake County: 63
Rank in South Jordan: 4

Number on website show for;
South Jordan: 4 (dead last)
South Lake County: 78 (81 percentile)
Utah: 223 (81 percentile)

Two points:
There are 4 brokers in the office where Nigel works, I think, so the "South Jordan" could just be the office. Is that possible?

He could just be not very good at the job.

Caseyisms said...

Since Nigel has no clue of the term "hater" can I assume he hates on all of us because he is jealous?

It must be because I realize he only sees shades of gray. Much like that bored government worker he loves to generalize. I've never seen a man who works so hard to convince others he's intelligent act with such pigheadedness. He generalizes anybody who criticizes Casey as evil and that could be why nobody visits his blogs outside of a few realists.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody...Casey is owed $50!

Go here and see:

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

@anon, 1:20AM:

In Caseyland that's $50 of sweet passive income. Lose 8 houses and the State of California will give you $50 free! That's $6.25 per house. That means foreclosing on just 800 houses a month will bring in a jambajuicy $5000 - and itsallgood (assuming the paperwork is completed within the same decade).

TK said...

Anyone notice Casey was dutifully wearing the Murse in the Jamba Juice pic in the CNET article?

Teucer said...

Flailing Forward, et al - why are you (and anyone else on this blog) pushing up Casey's page visits and comment count? Wouldn't it make more sense to just not bother, now snowflake has made his strategy public?

And Nigel, if Casey is such a marketing genius (and you've always been oh-so-perceptive in your assessments of Casey before, hater-man), how come he blew his wad so publicly to CNET and split the beans over his trolling activities?

flailing forward said...

I don't know, I was just kind of amusing myself. I thought it was funny that immediately after he gets major coverage about the activity on his blog, all visitors saw was a guy so bored he was telling knock knock jokes to himself and a guy making cricket noises. (that was before he released the regular comments).

I don't think it matters what anybody does now, IAFF is on the way out. He showed everybody his hand, and he's got nothing.

Arthur Wankspittle said...

Nigel - look up the word "plagiarise" will you?

"the IAFF story has sucked in tens of thousands of visitors who come back every day for more"

Funny how the stats show 9000 visits per day tops in the last week, dropping to just over 2000 when the servers were being "moved" ( = f***ed by Casey)
Or do you count page views as visitors? The most visits were 206,318 last month, which averages less than 7000 per day.
Do you work with numbers much?

flailing forward said...

Why the boy feels the need to troll, I don't understand. His daily dumbassery is more than enough. Notice that he was still looking at his old server when he posted that the new server was SWEEEEEEEEET!!!

105. Casey Serin
May 13th, 2007 at 2:41 am

Walter, yeah I know… that’s why I’m finally getting my own dedicated server. Will be finishing up the transfer this weekend and Monday. Comments will be temporarily disabled to minimize getting them lost between instances.

106. Casey Serin
May 13th, 2007 at 6:06 pm

Dedicated server is SWEEEEET. I should have had it from the start!

44. Casey Serin
May 14th, 2007 at 5:46 pm

Crap… something is going on with the DNS. I’m still looking at my old server. And there are not many comments because many people are not able to see my blog. My new dedicated server is giving me issues too….

Sorry for the troubles.

48. Casey Serin
May 14th, 2007 at 7:44 pm

I have to disable the comments again until the transfer to the dedicated box is complete. This is the worst time to be doing this (with the CNet article that came out today) but it will solve the downtimes I’ve had in the past.

While Casey is in Homer Simpson mode, everybody else gets a traffic boost, Heekee is chilling in Europe, and even Nigel finally got a comment at SLCRE.

Milton's Ghost said...

I suspect Casey knows nothing about DNS, and even if he did, he doesn't control the nameservers.

In the meantime, readers of the C|Net article are reading all the haterz comments and laughing; becoming haterz themselves. Casey doesn't realise that all publicity is not good publicity (unless you're an entertainer or celebrity trying to pump up a failing career); soon he will be not only the world's most hated blogger but also the worlds most famous idiot. For fifteen minutes.

Joe said...

Have you seen the staggering amount of comments on Nigel's blog?


Anonymous said...

Some tidbits from CNet:

* The article was edited a bit for space and some of the last section was abbreviated. To elaborate: Galina told me that she initially had agreed with Casey that he should go to Tahoe but then rescinded her permission after considering the cost. She was suspicious when Casey packed his toothbrush and laptop for what was supposed to be a brief drive to go bike riding, and her suspicions turned out to be accurate. *

In other words, shit lied again. Can't even get mad, it's to be expected. His "I just started driving and decided on a whim to head to Tahoe" was an utter, baldfaced lie.

* She forced Casey to return the $600 video camera even with a 15 percent restocking fee.

Galina is striking me more and more as someone taking care of a child - Mommy took shiny away! Thus far, we know she took the video camera away, and the corporate credit card.


* Casey said his business credit has a relative as a guarantor, I believe his mother.

This, I think, is the most despicable thing I have heard throughout the entire saga. His mother signed for his sweet corporate credit, which he's frittering away buying german magazines and dedictaed servers. Oh, and paid rent.

Casey, you are scum. You are a shit eating, low life, scum sucking, motherfucking (literally) piece of shit.

* As for "Nouveau Riche University," Casey told me that he has paid them $16,000 but has not made any commissions by signing up the first two people. The first two generated no commissions. Future signups will generate commissions.

***WHEN*** did he pay them, that's what I want to know.

Folks, he's sick. The corporate credit was a case of booze to an alcoholic, and the party will go on...for a while. When it runs out...he'll be seeking his fix again.

This piece of shit belongs in a mental ward. I no longer think the Feds should go after him, I think they need to take the power of attorney away from him and lock him up where he can't harm anyone anymore.

This look into the reality of them by a reporter is chilling. He really is batshit. He really does think it's cool to be seen as a crazy asshole...because he is one.

The Original Kevin™ said...

I think it is claer he has no intention of paying back anything to anyone - he is clearly a scam artist who cares nothing but how he is to scam other for more money. A traveller - nothing more.

Arthur Wankspittle said...

As for "Nouveau Riche University," Casey told me that he has paid them $16,000 but has not made any commissions by signing up the first two people. The first two generated no commissions. Future signups will generate commissions.

***WHEN*** did he pay them, that's what I want to know.

He paid NRU for some scaminars he went on when he first start in RE "investing" many months ago. He is on a promise of some commission if he signs up a third customer for them. They appear to take referrals off anyone.

eric said...

How about this tidbit? Under his list of money making schemes he lists,
More: almost-guaranteed roulette strategy: $100-500/session.

So did he buy this too or develop it using his "SUPER SERIN BRAIN POWERS". Or is it just a bit of bait that I took.

Rob Dawg said...

almost-guaranteed roulette strategy: $100-500/session.

It is called being the "house." Thus the latest $1.5 billion deal for a casino.

eric said...

Not much of a casino if you're only making 500$ per 8 hour shift.

0 Comment Swaby said...

Nigel Swaby's post at the CNET article got 0 Comments. But I like that he linked to it at DHC.