Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Red Flag Alert

The weather report for the greater Sacramento area is hot. The FTB in conjunction with the State Courts has issued a red flag warning for the region until further notice. Observers are asked to report any unusual activity but are warned to avoid adding any fuel to an already volatile situation. More reports as they are confirmed.


Anonymous said...

murst bitches

Anonymous said...


Mouse And Pencil said...


Anonymous said...


Can you be any more obtuse with your comments? You know, we all know you love Casey and would like to have passionate jungle sex with him, but that doesn't mean copying his stupid style is a good idea.

Either post substance or don't post anything. Your idiotic updates aren't worth shit.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Hah! I claim first, you misspelled it

FTB, huh?

I remember a Flickr of a letter from the FTB. Casey finally opened it, huh?

Flounder: 'Oh boy oh boy oh boy, this is gonna be great!"

Anonymous said...

Damn Trolls. . . Rob-can you out this person or persons? It sounds like there is one or two at the most. . .


Mouse And Pencil said...

Don't hate on the trolls, they're just all excited they actually found people who will talk to them. They're not used to that - it's not easy going through life as a pariah in real life and online.

Just don't feed them, pick them up (you don't know where they've been), or try to train them - like Heinlein said, if you try to train a pig, you just make a fool of yourself and annoy the pig.

SmellyPogoStick said...


Does "red flag" mean something is going to happen, or is this like in racing, where a "red flag" means action stops.

Walter Sobchak said...

FTB = Franchise Tax Board

California's own little IRS

Mouse And Pencil said...

Franchise Tax Board - the California tax collectors.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me how the state's tax collector enters into the picture? BTW, I'm not from California, so have no idea what this all means.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Yes, something is going to happen today. Or not. Maybe. The grass is dry, humidity is low, all it takes is a spark...or there will be rain.

Expect less, as things change at will, as a lot of stuff requires verification and permission (no, I don't know anything, but Rob and LMP and Duane have repeated this over and over). CHJTS has something planned for his Haterz™ talkshoe as well.

The only certain forecast is trolls. Heavy troll activity is certain for today, wear your galoshes! By lunch we'll be wading hip deep in the little fuckers.

Mouse And Pencil said...

@7:30 anon

Who knows how the FTB is involved, or might be, or will be - we'll find out later.


Someone(s) sent Casey and Marty's contract that specifies a plan to hide income to them, thus conspiracy for tax evasion.

Casey's getting audited...which means all his finances come under scrutiny, and I believe the FTB has to share anything they find with the IRS, and criminal activity to the appropriate authorities.

Casey has'nt filed taxes in years, and the state caught up to him.

Casey filed, and failed to state all income, or tried some other shenanigans.

It's connected to the corporation.

All of the above.

None of the above.

Take your pick! :)

mejustme said...

I may be biting the hand that feeds me good gossip, but I have to agree with Anonymous 7:14.

A big part of my job is writing and editing for a large audience. All day long at my job (between blog-reading), I'm trying to make communication clearer.

The key to good writing is never being obtuse or baroque; the best writers say what they have to say in the same sort of language they might use face to face (just a little tighter).

When readers have to reread and reread to understand, eventually they give up. I know, there are thousands of other blogs for me to read. That has become the knee-jerk answer to anyone's feedback.

But I've edited a lot of people, from college interns to Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters, and I've found the best writers truly do care what their readers think. And I think I just want to know what's up, without getting out a secret decoder ring.

By the way, I have no problem with words like "nadir." Just don't let Lost Mittens keep abusing "whom."

Speedy Villagonzales said...

Is today the latest circlejerk called the Haterzcast?


I'll check Caseypedia today to see if anything important happened.

Rob Dawg said...
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losmittpro said...

Whom is this ignorant troll that accuses me of being grammatically incorrect?

Hey troll don't ask for who the bell tolls, now I have a liable lawsuit to file.

mejustme said...


H Simpson said...

First Cashcall then LMP.
Now the FTB is circling closer as our hero laughs while treading cool ocean water.

To paraphase the high point of Jaws II's catamaran scene:

Swim Casey Swim!!!!


Endgame said...


Me and my's brother done gone to the courthouse to see who's lawsuits was filed yesterday. Its hard to except the fact that I didn't seen they're filings yesterday. So I'm glad your gonna done it today!

@ Trolls,

Grammar contest above. 2, maybe 3, errors - can you find them all? Reward - extra $10 from Marty in next paystub.

ratlab said...

I remember a picture of an envelope from the Sac County Property Tax Assessors not the FTB.

Endgame said...

Just imagine all the official looking envelopes waiting for KC. I bet if I mailed KC a $10 gift card for JJ, he'd mine that gold nugget out of the mail the day it came, and not even touch all the other inconvenient mail. "Mail ignore mode" comes so easy to him.

Roger Hayes said...

1. Cashcall
2. LMP
3. FTB - Who would have guessed that the first action from any body with law enforcement authority would be the California taxing agency. Shame on the Sac DA.

I'd love to see the Snowflake at an audit. One can only guess at the state of his financial records. Long weekend of digging out receipts for midnight "business meetings" at Denny's.

While doing that, he's jumping behind the sofa at every knock at the door, knowing for sure that on the other side is a process server from Cashcall and/or LMP.

Every ring of the cell brings a new terror as it must be Marty again, yelling at him for being such an idiot to send out their contract, a contract that states IN WRITING their conspiracy to commit fraud on the IRS and his other creditors.

His mother won't look him in the eyes. His father's gaze (when he can't avoid it) contains only rage.

The noose is tightenening.

Anonymous said...


See, here's the deal. You are turning into Casey yourself.No, not the scamming part - the ego trip part. Now, you label everyone who disagrees with your opinions / posts / whatever an "anonymous troll". The only difference is Casey calls them "haterz".

LEt me ask you a question: what's in this for you? Do you get some sort of pleasure out of typing "dudes, the sky is blue, kangaroos falling from the sky, FTB is ringing our bells" and posting a "snarky" pic? If so, damn, what a bore of a life you lead.

Robert Serin, you are boring your audience, and turning into the thing you "hate" the most.

early_retirement said...

@7:21 and 7:32 M&P - ROFL! Love the perspective. Thanks for articulating it so well!
Personally, I like the suspense and the anticipation. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a regular reader.

lawnmower man said...

@ratlab: Tax bill? But no, not the FTB.

Dolph said...

Looks as if that photo is from the county tax collector.

As for the FTB, it will most likely take them 2 years to catch up to him. The only way they will take notice sooner is if he is in court (Mark?) or arrested.

Anonymous said...

So what is happening to all the money from the Hatercasts? Is that going to Galina or Habitat for Humanity?

Dolph said...

God, these troll posts telling Rob he's boring are now too much.

Yawn...if you hate it here so much don't visit. It's quite simple. I see it the same as visiting a store. If you don't like the selection of the merchandise or the prices, you are more than free to find a competitor or open your own store. Griping to Rob about useless points is similar to a whiny customer who can't understand why your store has higher prices than the big chain down the street.

The comments are not annoying, per se but they sure are getting boring to see over and over.

Dolph said...

He spent that money. NO way in hell it cost $400 to stay in Australia. No way.

Sharky said...

The FTB huh?

IIRC,that would be aimed at Hammar Inc...which would put the corporate credit guarantor in the gunsights also.

Quite a move there.

No wonder the corp credit guarantor saw the light. Nothing like getting your tit caught in the automobile door to make the getaway car driver get their mind right.

And this is just the State boys... not even a "manhole cover" dropping...more like a water meter cover.

Murses said...

He spent that money. NO way in hell it cost $400 to stay in Australia. No way.

This is true. A flight there, and a flight back were more than 4 times what he says he spent while there.

I know, I know! He says a supporterz paid for his flights. Great! But he also likes to 'count' supporterz donations as 'income' - so why is he not counting the donations of plane tickets? Oh wait! He IS, but he is counting it as earnings to make things look good.

And didn't he rent a car? That expense alone would be more than $400. Plus he took that Yaro guy out to eat and paid. He stayed more than one night in some hostels and, while cheap, they were not free. I have no doubt he did Australia low rent, but he did not do it for $400.

snark said...

@anon 8:44am

losmitpro has an exceptional vocabulary and command of the English language. His legal strategy is nothing short of brilliant, his genius is so far advanced that not even the few real attorneys are able to see the big picture. He is a man of the highest ethical standards and unsurpassed charm, a gentleman in every sense of the word.

If ANYONE disagrees with the above,
they are rightfully labeled trolls
by the fanatic haters.


hohoMadonna said...

if we are still debating the English language:

Rob is not being "obtuse", he is being "abstruse".

...as in, "Rob, your posts of late teem with abstruse circumlocutions so please get to the f'ing point & stop dicking us around with your dreary opinions about convicted right-wing factotums & the masses of unconvicted (but hard-working) migrants".


Anonymous said...

OK, here it goes then:

Rob, it's your blog, but if you insist on making "inside comments" just to show people who the "in" people are, I'm outta here. I've got better things to do with my time than trying to belong in a haterz club.

Also, you must be aware that if lossmitpro doesn't file charges, he'll loose all credibility. And wil be part of the so called "enablers".

Rob Dawg said...

When the readership was in the dozens there were no problems. In the hundreds there were several suggestions, some good, some bad, some neutral. Now with thousands of readers it is statistical certainty that they all cannot be pleased. The blog is not falling apart but it is important to recognize the limits of the medium. The switch to forums and monetization to allow more time and effort won't change that either. It still remains certain that some will be displeased.

Mocha said...

I rock!!

Murses said...


Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

So here is the million-dollar haterZ question.

To what extent should justice end with flip-for-brains?

We already know of the civil suit, the possible divorce, the FTB, the IRS, Mortgage Fraud, family abandonment, et al.

So in what combination and/or all the above is enough or too much?

Anon1 said...

So where is little Snowflake staying right now? I think I read in the comments on DHC that Casey went home to find the locks changed? Whoever left the comment cited Caseypedia but I can't find anything on there.

Also, why is Anna S. named in the suit? Is she guilty of something other than association?

Miguel said...

Also, why is Anna S. named in the suit? Is she guilty of something other than association?

She's the guarantor of Casey's corporation.

Miguel said...

Or I should say was - I believe it was her decision to withdraw as guarantor that led directly to Casey's credit being cut off.

Anonymous said...

FTB also collects delinquent vehicle registration for the state of california. It could be something much smaller..

Just a suggestion since know one has seen the paper.

SmellyPogoStick said...
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