Sunday, July 01, 2007


"Family secret" will have to wait untl tomorrow. For you art and detective conspiracy theorists this Dali should provide enough diversion until tomorrow.


Jean Valjean said...



I need to go to bed...

Jean Valjean said...


I got the thread all to myself..

Let's study the painting...

Other said...

G'night JVJ!

Jean Valjean said...

The title of the painting is "Premonition of Civil War"

and Civil War is also called "The Brother's war" in some places of the US...

Just speculatin'

Jean Valjean said...

Alright, I'm really going to bed. Almost midnight here in TX...

Laters all.


Other said...

From Wiki:

Foreshadowing the conflict: Salvador Dalí's Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)

LossMitPro said...

Jean Valjean @ 9:28 PM:
”...Civil War is also called 'The Brother's war' in some places of the US.”

Good call Jean, I hadn’t considered that angle. Nonetheless, this piece sure reminds me of a Picasso on steroids. (Where does he find these interesting pix???)

(Off to bed myself)

Endgame said...

Steve and Tim are going to split Casey right down the middle and stomp on the pieces? :=) I wish.

But I don't assume KC is coming home. He'll be home only when he is out of money and people to mooch off of. Hmm... but that might have occured.

El Gabo Gringo said...

Catching up on snowflake's talkcast...

My favorite quote:

LMP: Casey, it's the Law.

KC: The Law? What Law?

Anonymous said...

The painting, which was painted in 1936, is used to show the struggle of war that can sometimes be both self-fulfilling and self-mutilating at the same time. Dali was openly against war, and used this painting to show it. The boiled beans may refer to the ancient Catalan offering to the gods. The little man in the bottom left corner is a representation of the astonishing, awe-inspiring spirits contained in the souls of Anneke and Nikki van Lugo, childhood friends and muses of Dali.

Bemused Guy said...
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Bemused Guy said...

Don't be confused by the painting's title. That looks like a boob to me. Is that the secret? Casey is really a woman? Or, he went to Sydney to begin the gender transfer process?

Who is Tim? Is he the hot Marine brother?

Anonymous said...

Here's something for the fliptard ... 110% loan would put a nifty $2.7M in his pocket -- sweet!

Beverly Hills – 1.5 acres gardened grounds, pool, spa, tennis court, 2 story guest house, 7 br, 7.5 baths, $27,000,000.

Maybe he can haggle 'em down to $24M.

Rob Dawg said...

Haggling down the price only reduces cashback at close.

Anonymous said...

As a wise man once put it:

"...where there was nature and earth, life and water, I saw a desert landscape that was unending, resembling some sort of crater, so devoid of reason and light and spirit that the mind could not grasp it on any sort of conscious level and if you came close the mind would reel backward, unable to take it in. It was a vision so clear and real and vital to me that in its purity it was almost abstract. This was what I could understand, this was how I lived my life, what I constructed my movement around, how I dealt with the tangible. This was the geography around which my reality revolved: it did not occur to me, ever, that people were good or that a man was capable of change or that the world could be a better place through one's taking pleasure in a feeling or a look or a gesture, of receiving another person's love or kindness. Nothing was affirmative, the term "generosity of spirit" applied to nothing, was a cliché, was some kind of bad joke. Sex is mathematics. Individuality no longer an issue. What does intelligence signify? Define reason. Desire -- meaningless. Intellect is not a cure. Justice is dead. Fear, recrimination, innocence, sympathy, guilt, waste, failure, grief, were things, emotions, that no one really felt anymore. Reflection is useless, the world is senseless. Evil is its only permanence. God is not alive. Love cannot be trusted. Surface, surface, surface was all that anyone found meaning in... this was civilization as I saw it, colossal and jagged..."

El Gabo Gringo said...

Now listening to Annie...

KC: Annie, Annie, Annie... You are holding me to all these written agreements! That written agreement was like... weeks ago!

Weeks Ago!!!

Speedy Villagonzales said...

I just read this site, and the haterzcast.


That Casey is one selfish little bastard.

So now that Casey's life is shattering around him, who's going to be the person that whispers thoughts of suicide into his ear?

If you get him at his lowest manic low, HE WILL COMMIT SUICIDE.

That would be awesome!

Hey, are you guys afraid that the new internet bullying laws may be applied to you?

Endgame said...

@Bemused Guy,

Who is Tim? Is he the hot Marine brother?

Yep - the Marine brother.

lawnmower man said...

Speedy, stop being an ass. Again.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, are you guys afraid that the new internet bullying laws may be applied to you?"


Casey can view the Bud Dwyer video for ideas.

Endgame said...

@At 10:08 PM, Speedy Villagonzales said...
Hey, are you guys afraid that the new internet bullying laws may be applied to you?

No, but I'm sure the laws against attention-seeking moronic dipshit trolls apply to you. You're in the wrong crowd here - take your spiel somewhere other low-IQs like yourself congregate. CampIdiot would be perfect for you.

Anonymous said...

Speedy Villagonzales - idjit. If he commits suicide he leaves G holding the bags.

I don't wish any physical harm to him, and anybody that does it nothing more than a thug.

He should serve jail time. Nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

puh lease...KC owned more houses than any of u will own in your lifetime!

sillyboi25 is not something to spend your hours upon. get a life! let me know when KC is goin to the big house

Anonymous said...

u all know casey was late to the game, but if he had performed his antics in 2004 or '05, he'd be rollin in it, unlike all you whiney renters who blame him for making housing unaffordable!

there are bigger fish to fry!

Endgame said...

Marty - go to bed...

Sac RE Agent said...

anon @ 10:24,

i agree there are bigger fish to fry. but there's no reason they all can't get cooked a little.

"the law? what law?" thanks for that el gabo gringo. appreciated the four syllables of casey existence.

Jon said...

Yeah, Casey must've made another payment to Marty or something, suddenly there's supporterz again on IAFF and trolls here.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Actually, I suspect if Casey had gotten into it in 2004, he would be in the same situation. Same happened to most of the day-traders back in 1999-2000. Lots of them ran small amounts up into seven-figure portfolios. And if they had cashed out, they would have been set.

But most of them didn't. Most of them kept on pushing the limits, putting more and more on margin, not setting aside anything in safe places. And when it crashed, most of them lost it all. The truly unfortunate ones are still paying it off, due to their failure to understand AMT issues.

Just watch the situation in Bakersfield at Crisp and Cole. Had everything, and couldn't help but mortgaging it all to have even more. Now will likely have nothing but a banrkuptcy filing and federal/state investigations.


Anonymous said...

if u really think casey put his 'sweet cash backs' in a coffee can in his back that didnt happen. remember the hawaii trip? it was a business expense! how about phoenix? dallas? abq? get over that . maybe the corp credit, etc. but i doubt it.

offshore accounts? that's more likely from some fraudsters avoiding taxes on rob dawgs site. casey hasnt ideas like that unless someone sells him on it first. maybe while reading EN, he thought of it, but who knows. i'll wait for your silly 'breaking news'.

u 'rodent hunters' make me sick, but so does wall street fraud.

Schnapps said...

Can I pinch the troll's fat, widdle cheeks? Its so cute!

uıɹǝs ʎǝsɐɔ said...

¡ɹǝpunuʍop ɯoɹɟ ʎɐp,b

Anonymous said...

paris hilton, casey serin, lindsey lohan, britney, jeebus! get a life! go get yours u risk averse mofos! maybe u fail, maybe u succeed.

dont get me wrong, i think KC is a dipshit, and a terrible person, but ask yourself if this soap opera blog/stupidborrower27 is worth your time? if u say yes, i dont care. if u say no, i dont care. i'm just saying, get a life. quit feeding on crumbs, let someone else feed on your crumbs if u have nothing better to do.

i go to btc's blog, and guess what! he's taking a page (and words) from friggin casey serin. saying he's got to 'monetize' his blog.

go figure! maybe its not a terrible idea if you got the traffic.

stick your dick out, grow some balls, but quit pretending.

i hate casey as much as u all! i have friends in sacramento who i want to get to beat the sh*t out of him!

but sheesh! get a life and quit comparing your blog traffic with his ->rod bawg

that is low!

BelowTheCrowd said...

Uh, slight correction moron.

I haven't "got" to monetize anything. That's what my company and regular income are for.

But if I'm writing anyway, as I have been doing for a while, why not try to make enough to cover the hosting costs?


Been there Done that (but not this) said...

I did in fact recognize this as Salvador Dali but that was about it. My personal visceral response to this had to do with childbirth and betrayal.

That could be because I am a parent(althought at this point, my children are far to young to do what KC has been accused of) and I am just saddened, disgusted and appalled by what KC has done to his mother. As a living being, I am also a child and again I am offended that someone could do this to someone that nutured them. (suckled at the breast. The image above, so painfully squeezed is not so far from the truth).

A lot a negative things have been said about Anna Serin, but the fact of the matter is that she and her husband had to fight like hell to get their children out of a Soviet ruled country and bring them to America. I have no idea what type of parent she was or is but I do believe that took a tremendous amount of courage and persistence.

Even if KC was an abused child, there is a point in your life when you make a decision, will you perpetuate the cycle or will you break free.

Maybe as a child KC heard too many stories about streets paved with Gold in America, or California, the Golden State or even the golden nuggets that the 1841 miners picked up in Placerville just down the highway from Sacto.

Whatever the case may be. He is a living being possesed of Free Will given by his maker. His judgement is coming. BY the looks of the painting and from personal experience. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and God forbid the woman is your mother.

Miguel said...

A lot a negative things have been said about Anna Serin, but the fact of the matter is that she and her husband had to fight like hell to get their children out of a Soviet ruled country

The Soviet Union collapsed several years before they emigrated.

Dolph said...


Casey's NEVER not posted a comment of mine and he fails to post this...did I push the right buttons? Does he not want the Ramit info to be available for all to read?

Posted again for those who didn't get to read it in an earlier thread. Enablerz: So do you still support the little criminal?


Posted at IAFF and rejected by Casey Serin:


Casey knows exactly what's going on here. One minute, he's a guy with a 131 IQ, the next he feigns naivete for everything he doesn't want to own up to.

He's lazy and this is further proof his laziness is catching up with him. I feel no sympathy for the kid. He could have listened to wise advice but dug a hole SO deep, he can't dig out.

The haterz aren't the reason for his problems, HE is the problem. Stop enabling him.

Go to When you find the article, read it. If this doesn't lay out who Casey Serin really is, then you are delusional. Casey is not this poor little victim. He is very aware of everything he is doing.

Don't believe me? Fine...go to the article in question AND THEN tell me I am wrong.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I was lucky enough to see this painting in person, at a Dali exposition at the Tate in London in the late 70's. First one I ever went to, I was in HS, and I can still see his work vividly. Dali was amazing - I don't find his paintings pleasant to look at (Magritte is better for that) but Dali led the way to a place nobody will ever follow. Technically he was a genius, I remember he was doing stereoscopic paintings, where you had to look through two lenses, and you'd get a 3-d effect. That's hard to do with computers, he painted them by hand.

Anyway, my visceral reaction is that Casey's actions, maybe some not yet revealed*, are tearing his mother apart, and the Serin family is about ready to coupe detat Casey's narrow ass into dust.

(Like she used her pension or 401K to guarantee Caseys Korporate Kash)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Casey fan. I think he's an offensive, childish little criminal who's abandoned his wife, ripped off his mother, and embarrassed his family. Casey's behavior sucks ass.

However, I don't think it's funny or cool to suggest that he ought to commit suicide. I shared office space with a guy who committed suicide a couple of months ago and I've had some exposure to the emotional and logistical aftermath. It's not what it looks like on TV or in the movies. It's not funny, not cool, not romantic, and the problems don't go away just because someone died. If Casey killed himself now would actually be adding just another level of bullshit to what his wife and family are already dealing with and don't deserve.

Speedy, it's clear from your earlier comments that you're just amusing yourself being an offensive idiot. Pointing out that your comments are offensive and juvenile is probably the reaction you're looking for - so here you go, happy birthday. I realize you're probably about as likely to listen to others as Casey is - but I can tell you from firsthand experience, suicide is a shitty thing to subject others to and is certainly not "awesome", and in Casey's case would be just another cowardly attempt to avoid the natural result of his actions and/or the product of mental illness, neither of which is anything decent people should encourage.

Dolph said...

Hey just declared war on me by hiding a necessary truth. I found your weak spot and will now make sure everybody is aware of it.


Dolph said...


Regular haterz don't want the kid to commit suicide. Trolls tend to post such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Someone here needs a visit, you get it?

xxxx Mariano St
Camarillo, CA 93010-8430
(805) 484-7xxx

No joke. You may need to rethink everything ur doing, fast.

Anonymous said...

It's not what it looks like on TV or in the movies. It's not funny, not cool, not romantic, and the problems don't go away just because someone died.

No one said it was funny or cool or romantic. But it happens. Sometimes it actually does solve the problem. Pedos off themselves occasionally when they see the law closing in, thus saving taxpayers the cost of prosecuting and warehousing them. I'd say it's overkill (haha) for KC however. He's a white collar criminal and we just want to see him publicly shamed in a courtroom.

Been There Done That said...

Miguel, after all the recent debate about both legal and illegal immigration, I would think that people that have kept up with the facts would appreciate what a struggle it is to gain legal entry with permanent resident status to the US.

If you are attempting to insult me or make me look stupid because the wall came down 20 years ago, I am not offended. If you think that it was not a stuggle of epic proportions for the Serin Family to emigrate to the US, you are sadly mistaken.

I am a California Resident, I am native born to the state, my family has been in the US since 1700. I have have friends and aquaintences imported from other states residing here in CA,legal PR's, former illegal alients tha are now PR's or naturalized citizens that got amnesty under Ronnie's Reign and friends that are here outside the Law.

You can't tell me the Serin's ride was cheap and easy. Beside the fact that they had to leave behind every thing that they new.

Anonymous said...

I am increasingly convinced that Casey suffers from a malignancy I call "narrative poisoning." This pathology is prevalent among all members of the developed world (e.g., "first world" nations like the U.S., EU countries, Japan, etc.), although it is particularly noted in the U.S. It is also more frequently seen in members of the younger generations (X and Y), although lord knows millions of Boomers and even older folks are inflicted with it too.

"Narrative poisoning" is what it sounds like: being poisoned mentally and spiritually from overexposure to narratives. It is similar to "media overexposure," but even wider in scope. Bear with me on this for a minute.
Narratives can be defined for our purpose here as any structured array of information (fictional of factual) that seems "story-like," with a beginning, a middle, and an end. As I use the term, it includes books, movies, web sites, video games, works of art, even sporting events or commutes to work and so on. Any structured progression of information or events may be considered a "narrative" here for our purposes.

To see how this works, consider a 16th century illiterate peasant hoeing beans in a field. This is a very simple narrative: he comes out of his shack, begins hoeing, reaches the end of a row, and moves on to the next row. At the end of the day, he puts his hoe down, goes inside, has beans for dinner, and falls asleep. His day contains this single, simple narrative event. If, for example, he stops working for a few moments and leans on his hoe in the field to take a break, perhaps he sees the clouds, the earth, a few fence posts, maybe some skittering leaves or birds. This natural scene he takes in is not (for our purposes) a narrative; it is just a situation that has no particular beginning or end. This is what human daily life has been like for most of the past 10,000 years: a handful of simple narratives (such as hoeing a field), punctuated by non-narrative events (staring randomly off into space, watching leaves skitter, etc.).

Now look at the way most people (in the developed world) live today. The average day in the first world contains dozens of narratives: simple ones such as commuting, and highly complex ones such as office tasks, novels read while on the toilet, dozens of web sites absorbed, magazines flipped through, sitcoms half-watched, stories told, video games played, etc. etc. Compared to the bean field peasant with his one narrative (and perhaps a story told around the fire after dinner), the citizen of today literally has to elbow his way through hundreds of full and partial narratives each and every day.

Now don't get me wrong -- I am not advocating a Luddite-style return to some simpler imagined time. Nor am I condemning narratives per se. But I AM condemning the ridiculous number and complexity levels of narratives that the postmodern citizen must process on a daily basis. After a lifetime steeped in a narrative-choked environment, the brain begins to process life itself as if it were a narrative with a well-structured beginning, middle, and end, rather than a collection of more loosely related non-narrative events punctuated by occasional simple narratives.

The "poisoning" comes in when people start to see themselves as characteris in a book or movie. And this is what Casey's mind makes of his situation: he almost certainly believes that a "happy ending" (or at least a neat ending) is coming, because all narratives have a definitive end. It literally cannot occur to him that "shit just happens." This is the mind that is convinced a "maker" is looking out for him, like a wise benevolent author looks out for his characters and makes their stories into something that makes sense. This is wrong; on a macro-level, our lives far more resemble a random bean field of skittering leaves than they do a neat story with a beginning, middle, and pat ending. Casey can't see this; he thinks "something will happen" automatically to "resolve everything," just like happens in every structured narrative. It won't, and his inability to recognize this prevents him from taking meaningful control of his life -- and from appreciating it just as it happens to be in any given moment.

LossMitPro said...

Anon @ 11:59 PM:
”Someone here needs a visit, you get it?”

:::: Begin Troll-taunt ::::
Hmmm, ponder this boy; I mean reeeeealy think hard... I’m on the cusp of filing litigation, entailing the power of Subpoena, and you come off with that?? Trolling for reactions is one thing, suggestions of getting physical quite another. But for the latter I’m your Huckleberry, not the folks you address. (Though we covered this before?)

So whenever you’ve the inclination, and grow the manhood? Come find me, it ain’t that hard. We can have a git-down why more people in Tuolumne County are CCW certified, than any other place in this state.

“No joke.”
:::: End Troll-taunt ::::


CHJTS said...
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WeWantTheFunk said...

CHJTS said...

and LoSSmit what the hell is CCW certified??

Concealed carry weapons permit.

Roger Hayes said...


I'm betting one of the C's is "concealed" and the W is "weapon".

Just checked my Talkshoe account and "Mr. King" is available as a screenname. Sweet!

CHJTS said...
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CHJTS said...
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CHJTS said...
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CHJTS said...
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sweet said...

'The "poisoning" comes in when people start to see themselves as characteris in a book or movie.'

You know, there are a number of people I know in Germany who have noticed this about Americans.

It is also something that has struck me, though without your framework (which is at best a rough one), and which I generally refer to as the 'Hollywood' ending - you know, where New Orleans is not still a ruined city, because that is not how Hollywood movies end.

And more interesting, see the reaction when someone dimly grasps how shallow this all truly is, people auditioning for roles in a major made for blog series.

Anonymous said...

There was a young girl from Peru,
Whose limericks end at line two.

CHJTS said...
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WeWantTheFunk said...
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Other said...

It may be the "best of EN",but it sure ain't the EN that R-Dawg likes....

CHJTS said...
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CHJTS said...
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WeWantTheFunk said...
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WeWantTheFunk said...

(Massive focused chickening-out by CHJTS and self)

Other said...

Sorry guys,didn't mean to spoil the fun.....

CHJTS said...

yes funk...but people will want to know what was said..and only you and I will know.

We will always have paris.

WeWantTheFunk said...

But we only had Paris maybe twice each.

teucer said...

Oh well, Casey's home, everybody.

There's a new, short, and mostly contentless post up on IAFF to say so.

He still maintains that he's spent only about $400 but made "a thousand or two in extra income, money to send home and money to live on and be able to make a turn-around..."

Boy, $2000 bucks (let's be generous) sure stretches further than you'd think, doesn't it?

But his return home announcement ends on a bum note as he grimly opines: "Now I have to deal with all this crap here."

Why would you start now? Welcome back, Casey.

eebee said...

And he's-a-back:

>I’m Back in the United States

It was a good and productive trip to Australia. Got some time to get away, do some thinking and catchup on some work, make some great connections, get some extra exposure and extra advertisers. Only spent about $400 or so but made a thousand or two in extra income - money to send home and money to live on and be able to make a turn-around. Thanks to all the supporterz out there. Now I have to deal with all this crap here.<

Urg. Why couldn't he just stay away? I think I need a shower...

CHJTS said...

You know, him coming back is all marks fault.

Mark had to go and sue him and make him come back.

EVERYONE lets thank mark for bringing casey home.

PSS I wonder if BTC was right with the flight of him coming in from the haterzcast yesterday?

Other said...

The question is,
Is he posting from Snapdragon ,
or a local hotel?

WeWantTheFunk said...

He ain't gonna be at no Snapdragon. Could be posting from his 'rents place.

So a thousand-or-so dollar plane ticket plus another thousand-or-so-dollar plane ticket plus breakfast for Yoda, the Skype headset, hostels, Internet cafes, and whatever else adds up to "about $400"? Clearly, a strange and bizarre form of mathematics heretofore unknown in our experience.

CHJTS said...

think about it funk.

The initial thousand he got to bring his blog back ..that he said he could have used on whatever he wanted and the benefactor said he was okay with a plane ticket.

That money + the money casey pissed away in australia could have went along way to satiating caschcall for the time being until the debt was chipped away.

I am also willing to bet if he would have stayed and been responsible for his mess that it would have went along way to saving his marriage to.

G will still have to clean up the mess that he made because you know he wont.

Miguel said...

Clearly, a strange and bizarre form of mathematics heretofore unknown in our experience.

Presumably the same kind of math that thinks spending nearly $40 on a single Jamba Juice is a "sweet deal".

There are any number of reasons why Casey sucks as a businessman, but being totally and utterly clueless about money in general and the value of it in particular has got to be the killer.

In fact, as things will inevitably have changed significantly since the January spreadsheet, I'm willing to bet he does not have the faintest idea how much he's currently in the hole.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Oh hell yes.

He coulda paid off her two smallest credit cards with that kilobuck.

And if he'd stayed to deal with things, that'd not only help his relations at home, but it just might induce a judge to cast a more kindly eye on the shenanigans than he'll get now. But no -- that's for loosers.™

Business trip, my ass.

uıɹǝs ʎǝsɐɔ said...

.ǝɹǝɥ dɐɹɔ sıɥʇ 11ɐ ɥʇıʍ 1ɐǝp oʇ ǝʌɐɥ ı ʍou .ǝɹǝɥʇ ʇno zɹǝʇɹoddns ǝɥʇ 11ɐ oʇ sʞuɐɥʇ .punoɹɐ-uɹnʇ ɐ ǝʞɐɯ oʇ ǝ1qɐ ǝq puɐ uo ǝʌı1 oʇ ʎǝuoɯ puɐ ǝɯoɥ puǝs oʇ ʎǝuoɯ - ǝɯoɔuı ɐɹʇxǝ uı oʍʇ ɹo puɐsnoɥʇ ɐ ǝpɐɯ ʇnq os ɹo 004$ ʇnoqɐ ʇuǝds ʎ1uo .sɹǝsıʇɹǝʌpɐ ɐɹʇxǝ puɐ ǝɹnsodxǝ ɐɹʇxǝ ǝɯos ʇǝb 'suoıʇɔǝuuoɔ ʇɐǝɹb ǝɯos ǝʞɐɯ 'ʞɹoʍ ǝɯos uo dnɥɔʇɐɔ puɐ buıʞuıɥʇ ǝɯos op 'ʎɐʍɐ ʇǝb oʇ ǝɯıʇ ǝɯos ʇob .ɐı1ɐɹʇsnɐ oʇ dıɹʇ ǝʌıʇɔnpoɹd puɐ poob ɐ sɐʍ ʇı

sǝʇɐʇs pǝʇıun ǝɥʇ uı ʞɔɐq ɯ’ı

Casey Serin said...

Sorry about that last post.I'm still adjusting to being back on this side of the equator.


Anonymous said...

Rob your more of a troll than Casey. LAME blah blah blah
In fact all of the serious haterz are looser scumbags. Casey is a piece if shit too but your worse! I'm starting a new blog to hate on and look into haterz. More to come stay tuned. I've got some major info on Mark, duane and Rob that will change the way most people view them. Stay tuned.....

eebee said...

Well, at least the good news is, that when I pick up my DH in a few hours at SFO, fliptard won't be there to ruin my hello :-)

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Hey, Anon 3:13, that sounds like fun! Where'd you get all that info? Why not pick a screen name so we can keep track?

I'd love to hear more about "LossMitPunk" ... for the life of me, I can't figure out why he wants to fuck with Casey so bad. I heard him try to explain it on the last Haterzcast, but it still didn't make sense to me.

The most I could figure out was:

1. Casey is in the same business as LossMitPunk (helping people in foreclosure), so LMP sees it as his duty to make sure Casey doesn't do anything "illegal".
2. LossMitPunk is a "citizen" (ooh, congratulations!) and also sees it as his duty to stop Casey's illegal activities. Kinda like a Dudley Do-Right thing, I guess.

That's all I can really figure out. Maybe LossMitPunk can enlighten us further... after he finishes cleaning his gun.



Miguel said...

Well, at least the good news is, that when I pick up my DH in a few hours at SFO, fliptard won't be there to ruin my hello :-)

...unless he's sleeping rough in the airport. When he said "home", what did he mean?

Tesla said...

"I'd love to hear more about "LossMitPunk" ... for the life of me, I can't figure out why he wants to fuck with Casey so bad. I heard him try to explain it on the last Haterzcast, but it still didn't make sense to me. "

Think about it... what better way to force the legal system to do something about Casey's REAL crimes than to pull the skeletons out of the closet in a courtroom? It doesn't matter what drags Casey into the courtroom initially once those red flags are exposed (though don't expect Mark to reveal this).

The Real Wagga™ said...

Annie & I need to come clean about what really happened last night. I know that we left the impression that we went to bed together, and that there was a lot of yelling.

The truth is that it was (& still is) a beautiful moonlit night, & we sneaked off to the gorge for some bungie jumping.

The Jumpmaster™ was a skinny bloke named kc (He insisted on the lower case usage). There was a gentle breeze, and we were able to stay upwind, so it was allgood.

The Jumpmaster™ kept telling us that he could guarantee 50% interest on the length of the cord. Apparently this actually means extension.

So for Annie's first jump she was shouting "Don't","Don't","Don't",
"Stop", "Stop", "Stop".

After the first jump it was all "Don't Stop!", "Don't Stop!", "Don't Stop!". Ladies' lungs filled the gorge with reverberant echoes, completely (& mercifully) drowning out the Jumpmaster™'s mumblings.

Then we held hands for the first time for a duo jump! Nowhere nearly as scary as marriage, though!.

The Jumpmaster™ was very taken with Annie, paid her a lot of attention. In fact he even asked her to take a shower with him. Annie, the perfect lady, very nicely suggested that he take a shower by himself. Preferably cold.

All the time the Jumpmaster™ was typing into some kind of electronic hand-held object which he kept in some kind of marsupial pouch, & muttering "Sweet Deal!" I think he was calculating interest on the cord, or something.

Then it got weird. He requested a three-way, and offered me a special, one-time only deal on a new project of his, which he called the "Cordless Bungie Jump". He said it would be a huge "win-Win!". Apparently he's writing a book about it.

I declined, & on my next jump he must have added more interest, 'cause I actually landed in the river.

Then we drove home (In Annie's car with the new windshield!) to our cat(s).

We want to set the record straight. We both want to be as truthful & honest as our Jumpmaster™, but somehow wish our fantasy life could be as rich as the Jumpmaster™'s.

Surreal, eh?

Merlot said...

I thought Wagga & Annie were drink typing.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Still doesn't make any sense ... in order for Casey to be prosecuted for anything, the lenders need to cooperate with the prosecution. And I just don't see that happening... small fish, and all. Plus, it would likely be quite embarassing for them.


Watching the store said...

Casey's home.

His post:

It was a good and productive trip to Australia. Blah, blah great connections, blah extra exposure and extra advertisers. Only spent about $400 or so but made a thousand or two in extra income - money to send home. Blah blah Now I have to deal with all this crap here.

Duane LeGate said...


I guess sometimes it is better to confess than to let someone else get the story out..

You said" More to come stay tuned. I've got some major info on Mark, duane and Rob that will change the way most people view them. Stay tuned....."

OK gang here is the deal.. This whole thing is a hoax. Mark, Rob, and I are lifelong friends. When we get bored, we put together some amazing conspiracies that Oceans 11 couldn’t even touch. We have been involved with and staged many things.. including:

1) Staging the first landing on the moon.. the conspiracy theorists?? They were right. Mark dressed up in a space outfit, I held the camera, and Rob lounged in a lawn chair drinking an imported beer (he said he directs scenes better laying down)

2) Kennedy. Yes, we were there. The speculation about triangulation? True. Lee Harvey (we called him curly.. just our nickname for him) was posted in the book depository. Mark was behind the grassy knoll. I was across the street. Rob was in a lounge chair under a shady tree drinking an imported beer. We (Mark, Lee and I) were complaining that he (Rob) wasn’t doing anything. But he convinced us he had a plan. So the whole deal went down.. and when the secret service started looking for us, Rob held up two 12 inch by 18 inch pictures. One was of a red speckled butterfly, the other picture was of the 3 Stooges. He stopped the secret service and asked, are you familiar with the chaos theory? The other picture? YEP. Foreshadowing. The stall allowed Mark and I to get away.
3) The Missing Rose Law Firm records that mysteriously ended up in the Clintons quarters? Again, it was us. Mark hired Annie to flirt with Bill, He hired FMW (relax FMW.. this is my poor attempt at humor) to flirt with Hillary. While their backs were turned, I snuck into the white house and laid down the records. Rob??, well he was on the White House lawn distracting secret service by laying in a lawn chair, drinking an imported beer holding up a picture of a Cuban cigar saying does anyone get the TRUE meaning of this?
4) Hoffa? You guessed it. He is buried in the end zone. Mark dug the ditch, I threw the body in. Rob? Sat in the end zone in a red lounge chair drinking an imported beer. (He said he could feel the earth’s density better being closer to the ground.)

So now you have the story. I feel better about getting this off my chest. Now, if I could only get Rob to share one of those imported beers with me… been politely asking for over 40 years..

Go G Go said...

Now I have to deal with all this crap here.

Please, please Galina give him loads of crap. Do not relent.

Speedy Villagonzales said...

So when Casey and G divorce, who get's first dibs on G? Is it Duane, or Mark? What did you guys agree on? Rob is too told, fat, and drunk to get any G poon.

You guys are getting waaay to involved in G's life. Does that fat ass of her's cast a spell on you guys? What are you planning to get out of it?

I troll as satire to point out the absurdity of the whole situation, with both Casey and the Haterz!

Nigel is the only haterz carrying himself in a dignified manner. He's a class act.

Go G Go said...

Speedily Revolting,

Many people concerned about Galina also happen to be female.

LossMitPro said...

@ Duane

ROTFLMAO! (It’s all true!!)


eebee said...

3:42 AM, Miguel said...
>...unless he's sleeping rough in the airport. When he said "home", what did he mean?<

Noooooo! I'm hoping "home" is Oakland International and not SFO...

LossMitPro said...

Sputnik_the_Cat @ 4:40 AM:
”Still doesn't make any sense…”

News flash Kitty... Don’t matter what makes sense to you, only what makes sense to a court of law. Now go back to your litter box and scratch for more nuggets of wisdom.


Go G Go said...

It's funny how people can read things differently. Duane, Mark and Rob's concern sounds very fatherly to me. I think good men feel protective when they see ANYONE being treated poorly.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

Hey, LossMitPunk,

I can't wait to see what the "court of law" makes of your complaint - assuming they can stop laughing long enough to get past the word "LIABLE".

Isn't it time to go polish your gun?



JAHWEH said...

'I think good men feel protective when they see ANYONE being treated poorly.'

Unless they are illegals - in which case, time to deal with that problem in a way the Old Testament would approve of, since as we all know, the LAW rules with a MIGHTY fist, before which the poor and weak tremble in AWE.

Forget all that stuff from a wayward Son - he is nothing like a true Father. A true Father knows how to grow rich from moneychangers in his temple, cashing out at the top of the market, and waiting to grow rich on the follies of others.

You are all most certainly not created equal - that delusion came from a slaveowner, after all.

LossMitPro said...

Sputnik_the_Cat @ 5:11 AM:
”Isn't it time to go polish your gun?”

Nah, don’t need to. The dogs and I do fine CAT huntin without it! ;)


Sputnik_the_Cat said...


If my comments anger you, maybe you should sue me for "LIABLE".

Or maybe "Internal Infraction of Emotional Digress".

Or how 'bout "Slaander" or "Copyright Impingement"??

People who file nuisance lawsuits and clog up the court are...well, a nuisance.



Sputnik_the_Cat said...

LossMitPunk @ 5:20 AM:
"The dogs and I do fine CAT huntin without it!;)"

Whoa!! That could be interpreted as a DIRECT THREAT!




someotherpersonaltogether said...

Is it true that the Casey audio files were not copyright protected because they are evidence?

If it is true, why did Mark take them off of the Queuetrac site?

Raised a heathen said...

JAHWEH no doubt said something profound.. I just have no idea what it was.

Tesla said...


Do you think Casey should go unpunished for his mortgage fraud, illegal cash back at closing, etc.?

Orson Buggy said...

I've been thinking on this for a while, and Speedy's last post inspired me to put it here:

Former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is said to have said something to the effect of "Nations don't have friends; Nations have interests." Which to me, sheds light, so to speak, on Nigel's conversion to the Dark Side.

Nigel's primary interest is to make money. Okay, I have no problem with that. One method he's come up with to meet that goal is to establish a reputation for himself as a prominent REI blogger. Again, sure, go for it. And early on during the Serin escapade, Nigel decided that it was in his interest to hitch his wagon to Casey's star.

Time passed, as Nigel touted some of his and Serin's ideas (foreclosure help site) on other blogs in addition to his own blatant link whoring, he began to get called on his wisdom and good judgement in associating himself with Casey. Oh, and his overly optimistic cheers on the state of RE markets didn't do his reputation much good.

And with the breakdown of his last sweet deal with Serin, and maybe Serin's abandonment of Galina, Nigel decided that it was in his interest to not only disassociate himself from Serin publicly but to publicly align himself on the side of the "haterz".

So Nigel believed it was in his best interest to hop onto another bandwagon. He hasn't seemed to suffer much whiplash from the 180 degree change in direction. And after releasing some juicy tidbits of information, I expect that he feels it would be in his interest if the Serin Saga just goes away, or at least his role as an accessory.

It's probably difficult to be an internationally known, award winning, internet journalist/RE blogger when you're known for being taken in by and a partner of the world's most hated blogger. And it's probably not in one's interest as a mortgage broker to be so widely associated with a notorious unrepentant mortgage fraudster.

So I haven't been all that impressed by Nigel's turnaround. It makes sense to me. Other than the odd Koi shot here and there, I never was too vocal in Nigel 'hating' and I see no reason to ramp it up now. I was mildly and pleasantly surprised at his fairly gentle reception to the Dark Side.


Hey,Timeline Guy...where are you? It's been a long time without an update. We miss you.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


No, I don't think that Casey should go unpunished for what he has done. In a perfect world, everyone who breaks the law would pay a penalty - but we know things don't actually work that way.

I do, however, think that it's unfair that Casey be punished when others who are undertaking mortgage fraud on a much larger scale don't even get investigated.

From what I can tell, Casey has basically ruined his life - we could consider that punishment enough.

But I don't believe for one nanosecond that Mark is in this for the good of society ... he's picking on Casey because it's in HIS best interests. I'm just not sure what those interests are...

And Mark, don't get TOO upset .. I'm just having a little fun with you (and please, DON'T SHOOT!!)


Duane LeGate said...

I have a question for the people that are questioning others motives...

If Casey had walked into "the Bank of CountryWide" brandishing a gun, and robbed the bank of 50K... is that reason for the general public to be upset?

What if he was successful in that robbery and decided to rob more banks, each with varying amounts and winds up robbing a half a dozen banks…

Now Casey decides after NO LAW ENFORCEMENT goes after him, that he is not a criminal since no one has arrested him, that somehow the past robberies are just one big opps in the game of life. But since no consequences have been laid at his feet, he gets bolder. Now he puts a gun to a parents head and demands 23K. He puts a gun to his wife’s head and demands 37K.

All the while he does this, he “Oh My Goshes” his way through life, saying yes, he has made mistakes, what’s the big deal... he has learned valuable lessons from his various robberies.

His family, siblings, parents, and wife become increasingly concerned and try an talk him out of robbing people, but their requests fall on deaf ears. His family reaches out to people they think might can stop Casey from robbing people…

He will pay back every dirty penny... then he changes it to he may pay back some (negotiated settlement) ... then he changes it to he will pay some back and deposit that money into the banks, AS LONG AS IT IS STILL HIS money and he can withdraw the funds at any time. Then he changes it to he wont pay it back because the lenders cant find him because he is using some funds that could have made restitution to vacation in another part of the world.

So I ask YOU Speedy, why do you sit on YOUR butt complaining that people are trying to help when you have nothing to offer… you laugh at this “absurd” situation, yet you hang out here and post nonsense, if this whole story bothers you leave. Don’t come back. Ever.

And you Sputnik, a person decides enough is enough and takes action. Why are you worried about his spelling? Why are you worried about how he files, what he files, or when he files?

Some of the people here amaze me.

Joe Dirt said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!

East Coast Haterz RULE!!

Anonymous said...

What Casey has done to his family is just montrous, simply indefensible. What he has done to society is garishishly thumb his nose at the law and every tenet decent people hold dear. That others have done worse is true but they are not rubbing our faces in it.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


With all due respect, comparing what Casey did to a violent bank robbery using a gun is a bit absurd.

If you and Mark want to spend your time trying to bring the Fliptard to justice, then by all means - knock yourselves out. I just can't believe you don't have more important things to do with your time.

To explain my position, I'll create an analogy of my own: Let's say there's a drug lord named "Carlo" who runs an operation importing millions of dollars worth of harmful and illegal narcotics into our country. Carlo employs 20 wholesalers, who sell the drugs on to 250 "major" dealers, who in turn sell them to 700 local dealers. Each of the 700 local dealers have 20 or 30 kids who run the drugs and play "lookout" - and you're spending your valuable time trying to nail ONE 12-year-old lookout in the organization!! Now tell me Carlo is going to be intimidated by that?

Just seems kind of futile, that's all. But hey, it's your time... have fun. Just don't act like you're saving the world, that's all.


PS - Casey is so stupid he wouldn't know which end of the gun to point at anyone...

Miguel said...

and you're spending your valuable time trying to nail ONE 12-year-old lookout in the organization!!

Yes, but the 12-year-old lookout has been blogging about his activities, maintaining a high (and international) profile and generally boasting about getting away scot free to the point where he's becoming a national embarrassment.

So the analogy doesn't really work, unless this is typical behavior for a 12-year-old lookout. (Not being in the trade myself, I don't know)

someotherpersonaltogether said...


In this case the banks invited the robber in, led him to the vault, opened the vault, and told him to take as much as he wanted because they could tell he was an honest person who would never lie on an app. I mean, they've got all those warnings on the paperwork, right? Ain't no innocents where the bank dealings are concerned.

The family stuff hasn't been documented very well at this point so I have no real opinions on that other than that Galina is doing the right thing for a number of reasons.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


I hate to sound like I'm defending Casey here ... but I've been following this thing pretty closely since October, and must have missed what you're referring to.

Can you post a link to where Casey has been "boasting about getting away scott free"? I can't ever remember him saying that. Or are you just embellishing?

For the record, I'm in the mortgage industry myself so also have a vested interest in this kind of thing. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but I don't think making an example of Casey is going to change anything. I hope I'm wrong...

By the way, have any of you seen:


Law abider said...

Unless I'm mistaken, going after Casey will expose the lenders during discovery. I don't think the suit is only about one man. Or am I wrong?

Duane LeGate said...

Sputnik, first who is embellishing.. in my example, I said Casey was brandishing a gun, not that he shot up the place, or killed anyone... just had a gun..

The gun was his weapon of choice. In real life, it is his manipulative ways.

Now, the 12 year old lookout is not a good analogy. Casey is and was involved in the transactions... maybe not the druglord, but just a step or 2 down.

As far as what I do with my time. Well I have lots of it. I spend some time like now... listening to a CC while posting.. I cant do too many things at the same time, but I can do 2 or 3. And yes, how I spend my time is my business. Right now, I want to help Galina. Period. I also want to stop Csey from hurting her anymore. Period.

WINEX said...

Sputnik, the biggest problem with your analogy is where you place Casey on the ladder.

If you look the mortgage fraud "industry", the lowest rungs of the ladder are occupied by people who committed fraud for housing. They lied about their income so they could get a single house to live in.

Next up from the bottom at the people who got undisclosed cashback at closing on a single house. (This artificially raised comps and cause other people to overpay for housing and/or taxes) Though they committed a felony and put banks at unnecessary risk, their primary motive was getting a place to live.

Above that are people who committed multiple frauds (this is where Casey is) for profit.

Above that are the mortgage brokers, appraisers, and crooked real estate agents who worked with people like Casey to rob the system blind.

Using your analogy, Casey would be one of the wholesalers, not a runner.

Miguel said...

Using your analogy, Casey would be one of the wholesalers, not a runner.

Replace "runner" with "bird-dogger" and the argument becomes clearer still.

Anonymous said...

Right now, I want to help Galina.

Thank God someone is. Where are her father and brothers in all this?

WINEX said...

And replace "bird-dogger" with "bird-dogging mailman" and we are back to guns and shooting up the place.

Joe Dirt said...

Its there time and their dime. Thats why we call it irritainment! Seriously you troll, if you don't like what goes on here, turn the channel!

East Coast Haterz RULE!!

Anonymous said...

3:41 AM - Sputnik

6:12 AM - Sputnik
I just can't believe you don't have more important things to do with your time.

This from the guy who apparently spent the better part of three hours in the morning refreshing and commenting on this blog...?

6:12 AM - Sputnik

To explain my position

Ooh, yeah... about that... Nobody cares what your position is.

Run along now, sputnik...

MexicanMike said...

Now I have to deal with all this crap here.

Now why does this 25 y.o. man act like a 14 y.o. biotch? He's probably on the ground right now kicking his feet because he has to clean up his own mess he started years ago!

I really do hope Steve and Tim kick his azz for being a crying biotch punk!

The Dude said...

This will be an historic week.....

Buttfly's back in the country. (Note to Homeland Security: Border security sux)

The "Homecoming"
The "Lawsuit"

It's going to hit the fan or a thousand Haterz will "I call bullshit"

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Gun crime is a totally different kettle of fish, and I think you know that. If Casey defrauded Wells Fargo (for example), I'm not at risk of getting SHOT if I happen to be in the branch at the time.

If I've got limited resources, I'm going after the guys with the guns FIRST - then Casey if I have time.

Look, I'm really not being critical of any of you guys - just curious (I'm a cat, after all).

I think Casey is a dirt-bag, and I hope he gets whats coming to him.


Endgame said...

@Mexican Mike,

Yes, I had the same reaction to his petulant whining

Now I have to deal with all this crap here.

What he should have said was

Now I have to deal with all this crap that I so foolishly created for myself and others here.

Anonymous said...

I hope our own pro se erstwhile Clarence Darrel will find some time to litigate CW and the billions of dollars of fast and sleazy Casey style loans they originated. I hope he can sue Mozilo for liable since he is cashing out 80 million in stock options as we speak. But first things first, Casey is top priority and the Sacto based crime spree must be stopped!

Nothing like the fury of an ex partner bottom feeding scum scorned!

michael said...

"and Civil War is also called "The Brother's war" in some places of the US..."

in the south it is "jokingly" referred to as the war of northern agrression.

segfault said...

I hope LossMit does a video deposition of Mocha, although it probably won't get that far. That would make for hours of cringe-inducing entertainment.

Anonymous said...

"I hope LossMit does a video deposit-ion of Mocha"

Exactly what do you want Mark to deposit into Mocha?

segfault said...

"Exactly what do you want Mark to deposit into Mocha?"

Casey Serin himself.

Soup Nazi said...

Excuse me for asking, but...

Who is Clarence Darrel?

Anonymous said...

You need to set up a Casey Serin suicide watch page, so that people can suggest ways he can get rid of himself and quit soiling the Internet with his wretched, hated self.

Here's my suggestion. A tall bridge as the tide is going out.

See you in hell, asshole!


Benoit™ said...

@ Duane -- 2) Kennedy. Yes, we were there.

Pretty hard to pull that one off when you weren't even born yet. :-)

I'm not discounting Mark and Rob though, who were alive. It was the 6-year-old and the 4-year-old kids in the book depository!! :)

Mouse And Pencil said...

"Crap", indeed. That means it's all something that's just an annoyance to Boy Blunder - same bullshit, different day. Just like he called the major problems in his marriage "drama". He loves to belittle people, don't he?

Could you imagine being his father, and trying to deal with him? "God, you just don't GET IT, man. You're so stupid! How dare you question me, I know everything! I paid 22 THOUSAND DOLARS to know EVERYTHING. Why can't you just let me do whatever I want to, and give me everything I demand, with no responsibility or accountability, and just stop nagging me about stuff STUPID people do, like get a job, or support and love their wife! Hey man, it's all good, man, there's good things coming so get off my back already! Oh, and here, sign this. What? SIGH Why do I have to keep explaining this, it's called a third mortage, it's just paperwork, it'll be fine, just sign it or I'll whine and snivel and pout for days and days until you give in, just cut to the chase and do it, I need the money for my next hairbrained scheme."

I finally remembered who Casey reminds me of. Go watch the movie "Parenthood" with Steve Martin. Casey is the younger brother. It's HIM, without the mumble mouth and gambling addiction, change that to mortgage and corporation fraud, and it's Casey. Especially the scene where the father finally confronts him and tells him he'll help him, but with conditions, and the younger brother weasels his way out of it. That look of sad acceptance on the father's face when he finally realizes who and what his son is. (the father is the esteemed Jason Robards, the younger son is the guy who played Amadeus).

It's him.

Duane LeGate said...


Point taken. My point is simply this. He robbed banks, and his family, whether by gun or other means. He stole. He is an criminal. I have a source that KNOWS that he has recently tried to do more cash back deals. So, he continues to act in a criminal way.

He is an admitted thief, he steals from his family, he abandons his wife, he______ fill in the blank...

He will face the consequences, and I for one am glad Mark is bringing this to the forefront... spelling or not.

HoHoMadonna said...

The Eagle is returning to Columbia from the Sea of Tranquility.

"Houston, I think we have a problem".


Mouse And Pencil said...

It's not Clarence Darrel, it's Clarence Darrow:

A famous and well known lawyer, lots of fictional lawyers and characters have been patterned after him and his career.

Duane LeGate said...

At 7:01 AM, michael said...
in the south it is "jokingly" referred to as the war of northern agrression.

And for over 200 years we have been plotting our revenge. :-) God bless peaches, sweet tea, and REAL barbeque. Those damn Yankees only bring us traffic.. ever been stuck on285 during rush hour?

Anonymous said...

I wish people would quit mentioning Casey and suicide. Casey is a liar and thief, but there are millions of Caseys out there.

Suicide is not a joke, comments like yours are enough to push a person over the edge, assuming they have such predilections.

My brother committed suicide, believe me it's not funny.

Speedy Villagonzales said...

Hey Duane,

No doubt Casey is a hardcore criminal who will never stop on his own. I agree with you.

Its just that you and Mark seem like pervy old men, the way you're getting so emotionally attached to Galina. I'm sure some young, immigrant girl with a fat ass and speaking broken english probably gets you firm.

You know what made me change my opinion of you guys... those haterzcast where you walk around trying to sound like Andy Griffin talking about "the right thing", and Mark apparently forgot to take his medication and hyperventilates.

It's too pervy for my taste.

And what's up with that stupid lawsuit, Mark? Why are you suing Casey's mother, and wife? Are you trying to bribe some sex out of them?

And what's up with suing that crackhead Mocha? It almost makes me jealous that you're not suing me too. I dare you, punk! I want a little fame like that Korean family when the judge sued them for bad dry cleaning.

The Real Wagga™ said...

Who is Clarence Darrel?

Darrow. Google Darrow & Monkey

Ufff said...

What is with the Spelling/typo police anyway?

Einstein was a lousy has nothing to do with intelligence, people.

Holiday Inn said...

"Could you imagine being his father, and trying to deal with him?"

Funny you should say that. We've never heard anything about papa Serin in all this. Perhaps a father who laid down some rules and enforced them would have prevented all this.

Benoit™ said...

@ Duane, 5:54 -- He puts a gun to his wife’s head and demands 37K.

Did I miss something about this figure? We all know the $23K he filched from his mom, but I've never heard a $37K figure brandied about in regards to his wife.

Unless you're talking about the $40K CashCall fiasco...

Anonymous said...

"And what's up with suing that crackhead Mocha?"

Now, now... it's not nice to make fun of the African American Transgendered Community...

Mouse And Pencil said...

That was'nt a typo, the name is completely wrong. I posted a link to Darrow because he's an interesting story, maybe someone will learn a thing or two from looking into the cases Darrow was a part of, most notably the Scopes trial.

That, and someone asked. Chill.

Rob Dawg said...

Note to Duane and Mark. President Chelsea sends her regards but regrets that the time travel enabled black helicopters have been delayed. They are busy trying to reverse the effects of global cooling caused when her mother President Hillary signed that stupid treaty in 2015. Thus it will be a while before we can go back and drive ourselves away from that unfortunate crash near Roswell. Dammit Nigel, I told you not to engage the hyperdrive so close to the atmosphere.

Miguel said...

We've never heard anything about papa Serin in all this.

Yes we have - see the Steve Serin transcript. Not a lot of detail, but he does make it clear (on two separate occasions) that their father is opposed to what Casey's doing.

Perhaps a father who laid down some rules and enforced them would have prevented all this.

Casey's 24. I know he looks, whines, behaves and probably smells like someone ten years younger, but he's legally an adult and his father shouldn't have to be held responsible for him. At least not any more.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

"That was'nt a typo, the name is completely wrong. I posted a link to Darrow because he's an interesting story, maybe someone will learn a thing or two from looking into the cases Darrow was a part of, most notably the Scopes trial."

I had a look, and I even knew that Darrow was a famous lawyer. But I learned a lot about his life, and some of the interesting cases he was involved in. Unfortunately, he didn't prosecute or defend any mortgage fraudsters...



Miguel said...

This is nothing to do with our Casey (in fact, it's a desperately sad story), but the headline of this BBC story was mildly startling...

serinitis said...

Casey is a thief and will continue to steal as long a he is able. However, with the admittedly very limited knowledge I have, it seams like Marks case is very weak and could hand Casey a win.

Can Casey face discovery? Unless he has used a gun, he can. California is likely to be under federal court order to drastically reduce our prison population. Casey, as a non violent offender is likely to get probation or house arrest.

Mark force bankruptcy? Every sane person has recommended bankruptcy for a long time.

Can Mark get a judgement against Casey? Oh my God - Casey will owe someone money!!!!

Can Casey afford Mark to waste his time? I suspect Mark's time is a lot more valuable than Casey's.

If Mark can get the info that will get a bank to act, I suspect his suit will be very effective. Barring that, he is just driving Casey and ENs ratings

Anonymous said...


Our very own losmitpro was the first to mention Clarence Darrel.

My post was snarky, but the sarcasm was a little too subtle I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that judges get grumpy when you request an ex parte hearing for injunctive relief when you've been sitting on the papers for a week or so.

I don't believe this lawsuit is going to pan out the way people hope it will.

serinitis said...

While I suspect Marks lawsuit will primarily be entertainment for us trainwreck watchers, the work you guys have been doing with Casey's family, (.e.g. breaking the Casey reality bubble, letting them talk to real lawyers about what is likely to really happen) has been a wonderful public service.

Duane LeGate said...


This is my last comment to you ever.

One, so there is no confusion.. I am a happily married 42 year old man with 3 boys.

Two, I have helped people of all ages, races, male or female, so in your eyes, I must oggle over senior men, young girls, immigrants, Americans, and/or anyone else.

Three, I am sorry my style does not please you. This will cause me to go into self introspection mode for a long time. For you are the reason I am here - and I need you to validate me. Without that, there is an undescribed emptiness throughout.

Four, I am sorry for speaking like Andy Griffin, its a curse to have a southern accent, to be born in Tennessee, to have a drawl, to still live in Georgia. After your remark, I will go see a speech therapist and try as hard as I can to become accent neutral. I will not speak publicly again until that has occurred. Thank you for pointing out all my faults. You are truly a blessing.

Five, Your theme from day one has been of a sexual nature. Is there something you wish to get off your chest? Are you jealous that Galina and I have developed a friendship? Maybe you want her to divorce Casey, so you can have Casey for yourself? If a divorce goes through, I will talk to Casey on your behalf and see if you two can hook up. Please don’t see me as a threat in that regard… I’m not attracted to men.

And a couple of clarifications… Mark is not suing Casey’s wife. You also state that you are begging to be sued. If I were you, (which I am not because I have too many faults and you have none) I would stop posting behind a false identity. Put your name out there. Come on… Go ahead…. Your untouchable. Unbeatable. Infallible.. You have all the answers…

Casey Fannnnn said...

Personal appeal to anything:
Happen, in great detail. I gots a bad case of narrative poisoning!

When I skimmed over this LossMit bit:
>>Now he puts a gun to a parents head and demands 23K. He puts a gun to his wife’s head and demands 37K<<, I thought, "Whoa! The story's heatin' up!" Then I re-read the post, and it was a gol-durn hypothetical. A allegory. A parable. Damn literary constructs. Intellectual kokteezes, all of them.

Holiday Inn said...

"Casey's 24."

The fatherly rules and enforcement I was thinking of were for when he was much younger--well before he was even 16.

Uff said...

Mouse And Pencil,

I was directing my comment to the people on about LossMitpro. Please, I would never criticize someone of your caliber-- I'm a bit of a fan actually.

cheerios are yummy said...

That painting is about the SPANISH Civil War, NOT the American Civil War.

Amusingly (as it relates to this post), the Spanish Civil War began with a coup d'Etat (of the Spanish government). The painting highlights the plights of many who are reaching up, but being pulled back down (see the hands pulling down on the feet?).

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people seem to think that this lawsuit won't affect Galina either.

Just assuming that Lossmit wins a judgment, Galina is on the hook for half of it.

Further, just assuming that it pans out the way loss mittens wants and forces a criminal case, Galina is almost certainly going to face conspiracy charges. Regardless of your personal view of her innocence, no prosecutor who has to go through the effort of going after casey is going to let her walk. Especially when she was quite happy to take the trips to Hawaii, work on the houses to flip, and generally profited from the scheme.

Speedy Villagonzales said...

Cut the crap, Duane.

I don't care where you grew up, or what your accent is. It's your false concern that's annoying.

The only reason why we know who you and Mark are is because YOU WERE EXPOSED when you and Mark were attempting to aid and abet the known criminal, Casey Serin.

Yes, you were his enabler at some point.

The only reason why you and Mark turned against him Casey is because he led you on, and dumped you.

It's just like those Nigerian email scams. The only ones who get caught are criminals themselves. No honest person will ever get taken by a scam artist.

Anonymous said...

Is that REALLY Sputnik or a troll pretending to be him?

Seems weird because the new Sputnik's posting style reminds me an awful lot of Isamu.

Anonymous said...


Anons are not untouchable. All it takes is continued libel and get to serve a court summons to his IP.

Real easy stuff. If Anon doesn't show up, the court will order the ISP to unmask our little anon friend.

He thinks you are too close, yet, I see he is too. Maybe too close for comfort if you ask me.

teucer said...

Oh my God, Casey's joined up with a band of Spanish Surrealists!

Did I guess right?

Rob Dawg said...

Dadaists. Ooops I said too much.

Akubi said...

Dadaists, Rob...?
I much prefer them over the Surrealists.

T said...

I'm a bit late to this thread but here's my $0.02

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

you're spending your valuable time trying to nail ONE 12-year-old lookout in the organization!!

Any 12 year old lookout producing 2.2K in sales should be nailed, imo.

Anonymous said...
I wish people would quit mentioning Casey and suicide.

Suicide is not a joke, comments like yours are enough to push a person over the edge, assuming they have such predilections.

My brother committed suicide, believe me it's not funny.

I agree. Some people just don't know when it's appropriate to shut their fucking pie holes.

I'm sorry about your brother.

Holiday Inn said...
Funny you should say that. We've never heard anything about papa Serin in all this. Perhaps a father who laid down some rules and enforced them would have prevented all this.

The man has raised more than one seemingly decent child. It's not his fault Casey got the "get rich quick" bug. Cut the guy some slack, ffs.