Thursday, April 26, 2007

Place Your Bets

Casey is:

- pouting

- serving time when the traffic fine check bounced

- confessing to family

- packing for a visit to the olde country

- sleeping in the v dubbs sans Galina

- [_________]


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whats going on here....that was WAY to easy !

But its all good and murst

Anonymous said...


Rob Dawg said...

By my count this is the longest the fliptard has gone with a sweet shot of attention. I can only imagine him curled up in a fetal ball crying for Jamba bottle and a diddie change. Harsh but some of us have been warning him for 6 months that this time was coming and that it didn't have to end like this and in fact there were dozens of ways to avoid this end game and how he had to sometimes go to great lengths to avoid accidentally getting saved and he didn't believe us. Not revenge, vindication.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone check the public records for whatever county Sacramento is in, and see if they have an inmate named Snowflake?

If so, then I would say Casey's getting his 23rd taste of unwashed black dick covered with shit and blood by now.

Alan Smithee/gt said...

...and Murst.

He's sleeping, paralyzed in the do-nothingism of his depressive cycle.

Rob Dawg said...

Joey, we get it. Let's keep it R rated and save the scatalogical for when it is justified.

Peripheral Visionary said...

Once again getting drawn into the saga I thought I had sworn off . . .

My vote is he's trying to clean up from the fallout of a clash with his in-laws, or a CashCall repossession, or both.

While he looked like he was at the end of the line in his latest (last ever?) post, he does seem to have an overpowering need for attention. The fact that he's not blogging probably doesn't mean that he's given it up--I don't think he's capable of that--but rather that he's no longer able to.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rob. I'll keep it clean going forward.

Has anybody tried to call Snowflake's sister-in-law to see what's up?

Rob Dawg said...

If Cashcall visited Snapdragon... even I wouldn't wish that sh¡tstorm on him.

Unknown said...

This J-O-B is killing my Firstiness™ :(

I have to admit the first few days without fresh postings from Fliptard were tough on's true, I'm an addict. Now, the silence of our FFF is very pleasant.

My bet is hiding under his covers @ his folks house crying because G stole the coffee can 'o cash...

Anonymous said...

Lets hope its jail, but its most likely he is pouting and thinking of his next sweet deal...

Or maybe he watched this stupid show on CNBC called "The Millionaire Inside"
Your Guide to Wealth located at:

I vote for that!

lawnmower man said...

Casey is:
- job-hunting?
- actually cleaning the Muncy pool?
- in Utah finding out what a hot tub should really look like?

If I remember rightly, he did drop out of sight for a few days before when it all got too much for him widdle head.

Has anyone tried emailing or phoning him?

(Hint to Nigel: this is another chance for you to impress us, and get some sweet traffic, with the inside scoop. Is Casey OK? Or would you rather spend more time poking fun at him and ragging on the haters?)

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, he has sweet deals happening. At least that what both him and Nigel are saying.

Anonymous said...

If Casey gave up blogging wouldn't that mean that he's become negative?

Couldn't we also say that we won then? Fuck you Nigel, we WIN.

Rob Dawg said...

This J-O-B is killing my Firstiness™ :(

Then I guess i shouldn't mention that I'm currently billing full rate as i type this. I've got an XP image under Parallels being auto-repaired as a background task.

Miranda Mayer said...

He's sleeping all day; he looks like hell. His hair is oily, his boyish face, peachfuzzy. He hasn't showered in days, nor changed his underwear or brushed his teeth.

He just gets up to eat while standing in front of the fridge, or to accept take out from Macaroni Grill from Galina, and to use the can.

He does sit up late at night to watch quality Informercials and I Love New York reruns, and then goes to bed at about 4:20 AM to sleep in until 2PM.

He ignores the phone, the door and withdraws from the activity of the two sisters clucking at one another in Russian.

That's my image of what's going on with Casey.

Miranda Mayer said...

Rich Dad is coming to Portland; should I sign up? LOL

Rob Dawg said...

"I'll,.. I'll show those darned haterz™ and their bad dawg too! I'll,.. I'll clean the pool, get to the bottom of it. Track down the liarz™ at the sux site and reveal their identity! Yeah! That's it, I'll,.. I'll turn their frowns upside down!" "But first a nap..."

Anonymous said...

What we need right now is for that great investigation journalist otherwise known as ratlab to go get us the scoop.

Anonymous said...

For a kid who is so fixated on being healthy, does he not understand that diet is one part of keeping a healthy weight? He needs to get exercise and not sleep so much. I bet he sleeps so much because it's a combination of laziness, depression and diet.

He needs to realize that he won't be thin forever if he thinks wheat shots and sleep are all he needs.

Anonymous said...

""As I kept reading his story, I realized he's very intelligent and pretty shrewd about reaching his goal of avoiding foreclosure," Swaby added."

Judging by what Nigel Swaby said here, I'm assuming somehow Casey dipped into his massive intelligence and figured out a way to erase this entire mess.

lawnmower man said...

He ignores the phone, the door and withdraws from the activity of the two sisters clucking at one another in Russian.

Less Donald Trump; more Howard Hughes. Except that it won't be Congress Casey gives his testimony to.

Anonymous said...

re: RobDawg @ 10:51


Anonymous said...

I'd say someone personal showed Casey what real hate is so he is going "on the run" for a little. If Casey has been arrested it would have made the papers. Somewhat morbid but serious question:Ratlab could you check the Sacto morgue?

Anonymous said...

Casey is pouting/perhaps coming to the realization of what his life is really turned into.

He's probably got 1-2 "deals" working with some other bottom-feeder companies and he'll come back (or through Nigel) with a cryptic update about "big things coming soon"

My point is this is mostly algae caused by the sun. Blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

We gotta have someone in the Sac area here. Just go for a drive by those certain addresses and see if there's a certain vehicle with sweet rimz sitting outside.

Then go knock on the door and ask for Casey.

At least then we'd have some idea.

I'd do it but it's a bit of a drive from LA.

Anonymous said...

I emailed Casey yesterday and got a response...So, he is alive and still has his computer/cellphone.

Rob Dawg said...

I'll bet he's got two dozen "hot leads" emails with saving deals ready to go in his inbox. He's been working them all for months and now he's going down the list "making it happen" in his best letsdoit sales pitch. Then he gets the replies: "You dumb bunny, we were scamming you not the other way around." "Casey, we were fooling." etc.

Anonymous said...

Casey can't admit he lost. He has the mind of a spoiled child. He took his ball and went home.

Akubi said...

Rob Dawg,
Will you be participating in an All Things Good podcast?

Anonymous said...

Knowing Snowflake, it could be any number of scenarios:

He's on a trip with G Money again.

He's at a week long seminar with another guru - hey, he got corporate credit, what else do you think he's gonna spend it on?

His pda thingy was disconnected from the inerweb's tubes because of a past due account, and cell provider's don't play the "I can pay next wek, promise!" game.

He's busy moving his meagre possions back to Mom & Dad's. We all know this is where he'll end up. "Uh, yeah, we can have a Sweet Meeting™ thursday...uh...oh, wait, that's when Mom has her bridge club over...uh..."

If I lived in Sac I'd swing by and see if teh Vdub is at home...or over at the court house...or at a lawyer's office...or it's in a repo yard CashCall hired...or at the local Fed building...

What if...gasp...he got a job. I know, I know, that's crazy talk, but maybe he found himself another shady job like he's had in the past, doing "IT" for a fellow scammer...

Well, we'll see...or we won't. Snowflake NEVER admits defeat, so if something big did go down (and there was the CashCall bad news update he never followed up on) we'll never hear it from him.

Rob Dawg said...

Akubi, no for several good reasons. One, I'm not a good speaker. Two, I'm honestly not interesting in the least and my insights to these events are nowhere near as perceptive as so many others. Third, I am not a "public figure" and doing anything to blur that distinction would -complicate- ongoing activities.

Anonymous said...

Casey is just punisging the bad bloggers who posted the naugthy comments on saturday. You ingrates after all the free Entertainment he provied for you you should be ashamed

Anonymous said...

Dealer: Dice out, point is 8 (for houses). Let's go shooter.

Casey: Nigey, blow on these baby.

Nigel: Anytime Snookums.

Casey throws.

Dealer: SEVEN OUT!

Anonymous said...

Rob said it better than anyone could at 11:08. Casey's pouting. I think he knew that he couldn't pull another beg-a-thon, but thought that the "owe is me" post [his last] would cause a spontaneous outpouring of sympathy and money in the old tip jar, especially when he was so kind as to allow open commenting.

But no, us haterz made fun of him. Well he certainly has shown us!

I would vote for the PDA thingie being disconnected, but he posted the green pool thingie photo's on flickr.

I would also vote that he got a job, but first a monkey must fly out of my butt.

Sprezzatura said...

Casey can't admit he lost. He has the mind of a spoiled child. He took his ball and went home.

As much fun as the other possible scenarios are, I think this one is most likely to be right.

And changing topics --

@Rob Dawg -- you're a Mac guy, I take it. What do you think the liklihood of there being a new model iMac sometime soon? I'd really like to buy one but if there's some new hotness on the horizon I can wait a few more months.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are:

Sitting at home reviewing his very limited real opportunities. Weighing whether or not he can get a flexible schedule/flexible deal so he can opt out at any time for any reason, devote more time to sweet deals, or otherwise not commit. His inability to make decisions is one of the main problems and something he's probably struggling with terribly right now. But at least he hasn't got people telling him things he doesn't want to hear.

Probably opening the mail, catching up on email reading and reading a lot of EN. A LOT> as in every single bloody word. And probably reveling in the fact that we care. Or at least he's perhaps waiting for interest to wane here and then he can make a triumphant post that his haterz don't control IAFF. Which we all know they do! People looking for foreclosure help are not going there ! It's haters looking at his flickr photostream, it's haters looking at IAFF so they can be the "First" to notice he's back. He will return, but he's waiting for things to die down. I figured he'd be back on Monday. I'm very surprised he's not back yet which leads me to believe he won't be back for another week plus - when everybody is REALLY frothing.

Anonymous said...

I meant to type "woe is me", but hell, "owe is me" fits better.

Anonymous said...

The 300 Haterz (thanks to the film)

And now here...on this rocky patch of land we call California and Utah, Casey and his whore(Nigel who else) face OBLITERATION!

The scamsters huddle close, sheer terror gripping tight their hearts with icy fingers, liquid hershey's in their pants, knowing what was uncovered about them by just Homey and Rob Dawg. 8 months later the now stare across the internet at 300 HATERZ...commanding 1000 lurkers!

We usher in a future that is surely brighter and more con artist free than any we can imagine. Give thanks HATERZ, to Homey and the BRAVE Rob DAWG!

Anonymous said...


OW is me is even better.

Sprezzatura said...

@TK -- if he waits longer than 7-10 days, his traffic will really start to take the hit.

Most people on the net have gnat-sized attention spans. If Casey doesn't keep the flow going, a big chunk of his audience will wander off to the next sideshow. He'll still get at least decent traffic numbers for quite some time due to the Google effect, but most of those will hit the site and leave quickly. They won't stick around, and they certainly won't be offering Casey any sweet deals in his magical e-mail box.

Anonymous said...

Nah, if Casey is perusing this forum with regularity, he's fuming at the stuff we write about him.

He's pissed there are more haterz than Nigey poo told him there was.

He's most likely finding the Nigel insults funny, though. How can anybody not laugh at that photoshop of Nigel's smiling mug on the Queen album.

Unknown said...

DHC has a new post. It's about us Haterz™ of course and Steph tally.

I just posted this...please double check my logic...

Nigel, do you honestly think that the 5,000 unique visitors are actually 5000 different people?

Do you understand that 1 person could be responsible for as much as 48 views? 1 every half hour for 24 hours? Ok, knock that down by 16 because of 8 hours of sleep and maybe another 2 for an hour of other time away. That leaves 30 views for A SINGLE HATERZ™.

5000 divided by 30 comes about 166 which is awfully close to Steph's current count.

I don't think Haterz are checking in that often but it just explain how the 5000 you quote isn't that impressive at all.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, let's let this go. Casey is playing you all. He knew that if he didn't post for a few days everyone would be wondering what happened. Speculation would run wild. You say you'll move on when/if he files BK or goes to jail, but after seeing everyone's comment, I don't think you guys will.

This is his and Nigel's ploy. They're sitting back, laughing at everyone get wound up over "Where's Casey."

Nothing happened, he didn't go anywhere. He's simply playing you guys. Who's really the fool? I'm sure his site is continuing to get hits by people wanting to know what's going on too. Driving up his traffic.

Let him and it go. Forget about it. We'll read about the ending when it happens anyhow. Let it go.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Mac user too (but not one of the snotty ones), so i'll hijack Rob's question:

The iMac line is definitely due for refreshing, the specs are a bit long in the tooth, so it's a good bet a speedbump refresh will happen sooner than later, but I would'nt expect a HUGE difference in processor/specs. The towers just got refreshed, so it's either laptops or iMacs. The next big "event" for Apple is the World Wide Developer's conference in June, that's when they generally debut new "pro" equipment, and since teh towers are refreshed, Leopard is delayed until September, and the iPhone probably taking a lot of teh stage, I don't see the consumer iMac getting bumped, but the laptops getting the goodness.

With Apple though, you never know. What chips is Intel releasing soon, that could be used in the iMac? There's tons of flash-based Macs rumors floating around too...who knows.

If the current iMac is good enough for what you want to do now, and for a year or two longer, then buy now - you won't be dispointed. Waiting for the latest and greatest from Apple is always a frustrating experience, with their stupid secrecy.

The only time I would'nt buy ANYTHING is December-January before MacWorld in SF, chances are the really cool stuff gets released there at the Keynote, like the iPhone.

Having said all that, I personally think the MacBookPro is the best bang for your buck right now.

Rob Dawg said...

@Rob Dawg -- you're a Mac guy, I take it. What do you think the liklihood of there being a new model iMac sometime soon? I'd really like to buy one but if there's some new hotness on the horizon I can wait a few more months.

I'm an everything guy. Linux based NAS, PCs, whatever. Being an everything guy I have a good idea of what is right for most people. If you know exactly what you need to do i'll set you up in PC at the lowest cost. don't touch it, do your stuff and everything's fine. If you are gonna be doing a bunch of stuff but nothing specific I say iMac. The price difference more than made up in lifecycle costs and frustration. The next gen will probably be here guess Christmas with new design and performance boost but just a guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob Dawg,
I do the same crap you do (web compooter stuff) and bill hourly. What rate do you charge? i get 65 per /hr.

Just curious. Im in LA county.

Anonymous said...

Many comments I’ve read so far have the wrong ideas about how prosecution of Loan Fraud really works. It’s clearly not what some folks believe it to be, and isn’t a thing prosecuted in haste.

Loan Fraud is a Federal cite coming under jurisdiction of the FBI. Although a state D.A. COULD prosecute Mr. Serin, using Federal law, this isn’t likely. If Federal law is drawn into question a state prosecuted case could be removed to Federal District Court, making state prosecution somewhat undesirable. I’m not saying Serin’s arrest can’t happen through a (state) County D.A., even the AG’s Office, perhaps under a relative state Penal Code fraud count; only that a Federal law based action (Loan Fraud, particularly) would probably not be considered.

Besides that in order for Loan Fraud to trigger; 1) there would need to be a lender-based loss (affect); and, 2) a complaint would have to be submitted by the lender (victim). Besides that; if Serin’s last property (Modesto) goes to Trustee Sale tomorrow, loss (a key element) may take some months to establish IF AT ALL. Whereas loss is not a forgone conclusion, and must first be established conclusively. Until loss is conclusively established by Countrywide, and/or the investor behind Select Portfolio Servicing (second position on Serin’s Modesto home)? Believing Casey will be or has been arrested is unrealistic... Aint gonna happen for awhile, if at all.

BTW, as of 11:37 AM California time today, the Trustee Sale on Serin’s Modesto property HAS NOT been postponed.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:50

I wouldn't exactly say we are wound up wondering what is going on. In fact, most of us actually have lives outside of this blog, unlike Casey and Nigel.
I really couldn't give a shit if Casey or Nigel are hiding, running, scared, pissed, dead or laughing. I just want to see them get theirs, and believe me when I tell you that they will. Shit like that can stink for only so long before people decide to finally flush.

Anonymous said...

Now that the Casey Case is all done no one will commit mortgage fraud again EVAR!

no wait.... i mean the opposite..

100% of mortgages will be fraud from here on out!

yes that sounds right.

Rob Dawg said...

$68 to work on boxes.
$88 networks, servers, etc.
Quote longer contracts slightly lower.

Sprezzatura said...

I have a homebuilt WinXP box that is chugging along just fine for now. I built it three summers ago as a gaming rig and have upgraded the RAM and video card within the last 12 months. Barring sudden hardware failuire, it should hold out just fine for at least another year or so.

The planned move to Apple is because I think Vista is a huge honking pile of horsepoop and I have no intention of "upgrading" to it on my next rig. And with Boot Camp, I can run Windows games on Apple hardware now, so I'm not locked in the way I used to be.

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE! We all know that Casey is working hard on his sweet book. Its going to pay BIG!!!

Am I the only one who thinks Casey wouldn't be popular, if he wasn't so dam honest? Seriously, can anyone make money off of people who are foreclosing????

Anonymous said...

This drama continues to unfold...

Someone is advising him about how to play the drama effect to his advantage... very interesting...

he has many people hooked to this soap opera...

It has many of the drama elements... sex, fraud, mystery, deceit, lies, stupidity, greed, money...

This show will go on....

The Dude said...

This N-A-P is killing my Firstiness™ :(

Anonymous said...

PRLinkbiz changed the passwords?

The Dude said...

I don't think it's a CashCall thingy because if they were knocking on the door, he would squeal like a pig.

Pouting seems to the most logical, but he's such an attention whore, he couldn't stay away this long.

Last thought is something has happened to prevent net access. What, who knows?

I've scheduled another nap for this afternoon so I'll be available for FIRST after 4pm Central. Plan topics accordingly.

Akubi said...

Rob Dawg 11:27 AM,
That's too bad, but I can understand.

I completely agree with you that Vista is a "huge honking pile of horsepoop." Vista (loaded on my home laptop) has been driving me absolutely insane. It is so slow and buggy. Hopefully, they'll resolve most of the issues in the next service pack. If not, I'll probably switch to Linux.

Anonymous said...

Interesting changes in the wind...

Not only did IAFF go dark this week (at least temporarily), but Jeff, the former Taco Bell night manager who leveraged himself to the hilt buying properties all over the country, is now publicly panicking over how bad his Florida investments are doing. (He is HELOCing his primary residence in California to cover the carrying costs of his Florida properties... gee, that's going to turn out well.)

Jeff posts at the SDCIA San Diego real estate board, and famously stated that his exit strategy if his investments turned out poorly was a pine box. It is interesting reading some of the long-term threads at SDCIA, watching Jeff go from optimism, to arrogance, to concern, to worry, to panic. He started investing in RE a couple of years ago at the top of the market, naturally...

Anonymous said...

Nigey is talking about how great all of Casey's unique visitors and page views are. Big f*cking deal. The looser has yet to monetize it, he is still f*cked financially, and at the end of the day, he is still a looser, just like his Swab.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is pretty good RDawg. 88 is awsome.

I will raise my rate on my next gig.

Being independent is friggin awsome.

that networking crap is soooo eazy i cant stands it. keep trying differnt shit till it works.

Sprezzatura said...

Nigel is ignorant.

As I have said before, Casey's site is worth MAYBE $5-10K to a domain squatter or to someonw willing to rip the guts out of the site and rebuild it from scratch.

IAFF is a sideshow, not a real Internet business. And that's solely due to how poorly Casey managed and monetized the site.

Anonymous said...

that guy Jeff at sdcia is in the casey club.

that WHOLE board is the casey seminar junkie crowd.

I think that is why casey is stymied by ther hatahz because at boards like that one its all group thinking koolaid drinkers. Its like the Church of Kool-Aid& # 8 4 8 2 ; over there.

Anonymous said...

in five years NO ONE will comprehend how stupid and easy it was to borrow millions of dollars for RE.

It will seem like those crazy dot com start ups ( etc. Those guys got free play for a few years and so did casey. Except dot commers (mostly) could shutter down and walk away free.

Alcohol Swabbie said...

Nigel Swaby knows where Casey is but he's not telling!

Anonymous said...

As a Mac based user, who also likes XP, Vista is a HUGE steaming pile o' poop. There are some things I like, but the DRM issues alone are enough to guarantee a Vista machine will never be used in my home (work, who knows. I have a G5 at work, and that will never change as long as I'm there, I make the decisions, we have too much of an invetment in Mac software, and our vendors and ad agencies are all Mac based, going XP ain't worth it).

DRM is bad enough, but Vista's is not only draconian and designed to force hardware upgrades to "compliant" devices and monitors, but the speed hit that Vista suffers from the multiple layers of authorization during playback makes it a joke. I don't want to build a Vista-based home entertainment server and find my plasma isn't "certified".

I am a published artist, so I support the copyrights of others and don't pirate, but I also resent the attitude of the entertainment industry that ALL users are thieves, and with Microsoft are trying to lock down our stereos and dvd players and tvs to conform to their idiotic ideas of "ownership". If I buy a dvd, or download a song, I want the ability to archive it, play it on ALL of my devices, and not have to upgrade a damned thing to play it. I already agreed not to pirate it, so HANDS OFF once the financial transaction has occured.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such loosers.

Casey and I are doing fine. Just got back from a nice lunch at Red Lobster (one of our favorites). We were early rizers this morning - 7:00 a.m.... Casey is so much more relaxed now we enjoyed a little sex in the shower. At 8:00 we were on our way to Starbucks and Jamba Juice for a little early morning pick-me-up. Following that, we headed over to IKEA -- need some more office organization supplies. Then to Nordstrom's and Macy's for shoes and purses.

We're home now - Casey's on the phone working on a "good thing coming" deal while I troll the internet. We'll be taking our daily snuggle nap in about an hour. Then, we'll head to the gym for an afternoon workout. Tonight, dinner's at Outback Steakhouse.... followed by a movie and a stop at 31 flavors.

We are doing just fine without that stupid blog. Watch for our new investors website.... Casey's decided to become a day trader. With RE loosing value and the DOW up, we'll be seeking partners and investors to join us in this venture. Nigel's in for $500 (that's all he has).

We are promising 24% return in 30 days.

Unknown said...

I'll chime in on windows vista. Sprezz is right it sucks donkey balls and sucks up more memory then what's in casey's head(oh wait I mean it sucks up ALOT). I've purchased 2 systems in the office with vista. They recommend 2 gigs min RAM w/ 1 gig being bare min. I'd say 2 gigs is the bare min as it just seems to run slow. For all the supposed bell and whistles it's worthless. last system purchased I had XP put on it at the factory. obviously alot of folks are demanding XP due to vista hogging sys resources.

Now my last purchase was an 8 gig RAM, 1 terrabyte win server 2003 system. Now that beauty can HUM! of course it's not for play but I'm the only one that gets to use it(and i have put some long hours in late at night on this puppy).

Sorry got OT there. In summary DON'T get vista based on microshits recommendation of 1 gig of RAM, yada yada yada.

lawnmower man said...

Hint to Nigel: this is another chance for you to impress us, and get some sweet traffic, with the inside scoop.

Feel free to keep checking back here on EN for more sweet suggestions, Nigel. It's all good.

I was politer at DHC, but really: Nigel's conclusions about the makeup of IAFF's readership are horseshit. His logic: everybody who didn't check in at Steph's roll-call is a supporter. It's horseshit, Nigel, and even you must smell it.

Anonymous said...

don't be knocking the horsepoop; it makes the garden grow.

Rob Dawg said...

Everyone has known for a long time that Nigel was mathematically incompetent but now he's just incontinent.

Anonymous said...


outback steakhouse makes em how you takes em.

cheap prices,
yeah knock the babbling puertorican waitress trying to talk 'aussie'
knock the decor,
knock the blooming onion...

but dont knock OUTBACK!

real steak lovers love outback, you dont need SmithWollensky's $$$ trap
or Peter Luger tourist trap for a good steak...


by the way didnt you know that in CASEYWORLD CASEYLOGIC
if the cow was fed organic vegan then the meat is ok to eat under casey vegan logic.

Rob Dawg said...

Outfeakinback? You smokin' sumptin' deep fried? You only say this 'cause you ain't got:

Real food.

Unknown said...

WOW. I just got a "install DriveCleaner" pop-up off of DHC. LAST TIME I GO THERE!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I think Casey is really starting to worry. The plan was clearly to try to ride the wave of publicity into some sort of escape plan.

As his past came out, those legit options are gone. Now he's dealing with Corporation Brokers or other bottom feeders like that, scam from Peter to scam from Paul and such.

Why Casey should be worried is that I run of the smaller anti-casey sites and have at least one visit from the following domains:,,

which seem like odd folks to have stumbled across a haterz blog.

Anonymous said...

We are doing just fine without that stupid blog. Watch for our new investors website.... Casey's decided to become a day trader. With RE loosing value and the DOW up, we'll be seeking partners and investors to join us in this venture. Nigel's in for $500 (that's all he has).

We are promising 24% return in 30 days.

Surely you must have been on a seminar to learn all this?

Unknown said...

That Nigel is such a tool, he posted that Casey’s site has only lost 66 hits since Casey took his ball and went home. Yeah Nigel, Casey had only 66 haters and the rest where people looking for advice, oh wait I’m probably a hater and regularly checked the site like I normally do to see if Casey is back in the game. God how stupid can that guy be, Oh wait he tried to team up with Casey on a Win-Win business plan.

I really wish he did team up with Casey then we could watch him go down in flames with Casey. Casey is the “Will-E-Coyote”, and we tune in every day for a daily fix of how the fool will dig himself a deeper hole. I bet the first time Nigel watched “The Three Stooges” he was thinking to himself “Wow, look at how popular these plumbers are, I bet people who watch them would like advice from Moe on how to fix a sink. I bet Moe could write a book about repairing sinks that must be what people are tuning in for. Sure Moe made a mess of the place but he now knows how not to fix a sink that must be valuable.”

This must piss Nigel off, let’s face he is just a pilot fish leaching off of Casey, his site is a companion piece to Casey’s nothing more. If Casey never comes back to the ball park Nigel’s site is eventually going to fall by the waste side. Sure he might get a bounce as a Casey news source but without the big fish Casey those numbers will dwindle away as people lose interest. He probably blames the haters for scaring Casey away; maybe he will find a new shark to latch onto.

Anonymous said...

"Surely you must have been on a seminar to learn all this?"

Well DUH. Were else can people get an education???

Anonymous said...

re: Nigels spyware

I love Firefox-NoScript-Adblock

Anonymous said...

"As I kept reading his story, I realized he's very intelligent and pretty shrewd about reaching his goal of avoiding foreclosure," Swaby added."

Anonymous said...

You know what's ironic? If it wasn't for EN, nobody, nobody at all, would be reading DHC.

I think Nigel should do less blogging and more preparing for I.F. being raided by a certain governmental agency who appreciated the heads up given to them this week.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I drive by Woodranch a lot, could you compare them to somebody?

I LOVE BBQ. Especially SW BBQ.

Unknown said...

"I think Nigel should do less blogging and more preparing for I.F. being raided by a certain governmental agency who appreciated the heads up given to them this week."

That just puts a huge smile on my face!

Rob Dawg said...

[Nigel]... preparing for I.F. being raided...

Geez, why do you think the sux site exists at all? Scared animals lash out. I can only hope the hint above is true. After all civil judgements are so much easier to get after criminal convictions.

Unknown said...

WOOF! The Dawg's bite IS worse than his bark!

polizeros said...

Casey Serin Hair Auction?

Anonymous said...

What slays me about The Swab is that he read Casey's story and made an inferrence that he was somehow intelligent. But if you have issues with Casey or you rebut the Swab you are somehow an idiot? So let me get this straight, Casey gets in over his head, quits his job and won't lift a finger to work and that makes him intelligent. If you make a good point about Casey you must be an idiot?

What kind of fucked up logic is that?

For those who find this article on Google, The Swab = Nigel E. Swaby, self proclaimed award winning blogger.

ratlab said...

Been busy at my job today. Three freaking meetings = 4 hours.

Well priced steak, cook properly, and all the fixins'... I go to Cattleman's. I've done the Smith & Wo, I've done the Carvers, I've done the Morton's. All are pretty good, but you pay for the name. Never had Ruth's Chris or whatever.

Anonymous said...

okay i can drive by Yulias house today see if anything seems out of sorts. will check to see if v-dub is parked. I just found out my gf lives not 200 yards from Yulia. oh i will swing by/pass the jamba juice too.

Anonymous said...

Nigel comments on DHC about IAFF traffic:
"Google analytics measures by day and that's where I get the number of 5000."

I don't believe Google Analytics works for review of other sites, you have to be the site owner, or authorized user.

Anonymous said...

My army of zombie bots is programmed to give IAFF minimum number of hits per day.

It varies due to the hosts not being up 24/7 so this actually makes the traffice look 'real' (it IS real, different IP's all zombies though...)

Anonymous said...

Ratlab, get thee to a Ruth's Chris.

You will understand. Oh yes, you will understand.

(I'm a steak snob, and I live in heaven - I have a Back 40 a block away, a Black Angus a couple blocks away, and a Ruth's Chris downtown, less than 2 miles.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A thought I've had before has reoccurred after reading Nigel's Dumb Site, 'Don't Hate Casey'. In the latest post from Nigel, who runs the dumb site, you see that he and Casey and Heekee, administrator of Camp Idiot, talked about ways to rile up the haters. What I wonder is if Casey has any negative feelings about Heekee's participation and hosting of IAFF, considering Camp Idiot has frequent lurid, insulting - though maybe accurate - and rude posts directed towards Casey and his wife. ENers, if I told you I have read at Camp Idiot posts about Galina depositing 'large stools' in the shower and stomping them down the drain with her heel, would you take that as hyperbole or infantile? Indeed it is the later but I swear it is not the former- that exact post does exist on Camp Idiot with many enthusiastic responses.

Casey, do you consider Heekee a 'hater'? Do you consider his community to be 'haterz'? Why do yo partner with Heekee? Would you partner with Rob? You have said before you will remove all references to EN on your blog, however you promote Zewg, a service of Heekee's - a service previously used for obscene alterations of your wife's image. Do you see a contradiction here?

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg:

What is the hobbit doing?

He's getting the "bum's rush" out of his "hobbit squat", THAT'S what he's doing.

Try this scenario on fer size:

The kid said he's rooming at his Sister-in-law's...Galina's sister.

It's reasonable supposition that Sister in law has a Mister, who has a J.O.B.

As far as I've seen, the WonderKid's only two tasks have been taking out the trash and paying the rent...and he's behind on the rent.

To an outside observer, I'll bet it looks like Casha is on the computer or burning up the telephone all day.

The kid calls it "work", maybe Galina does, too...I'll bet their "mister in law" doesn't.

So Casalina have been living under their roof, eating their food, crapping in their toilet, and doing dick-all else for HOW many months?

Mister in Law can't bang his old lady in the kitchen, on the living room floor, or watch the ball game in his underwear anymore.
Since the Serin's moved in.

And all the while "ForeclosureFace" has "owned" HOW many homes?

Then one night last week he shows up in his Vee-Dub with a bunch of office furniture from IKEA...looks like a "permanent arrangement", t'me.

After a week of "Liveaboard Serin", I'd be dry-firing large caliber handguns at Casey's head to "hint" that he should move on...but I'm not "kin".

I reckon that his B-i-L finally snapped and threatened to beat the hobbit silly with a pool cue if he cast his shadow on his wall-to-wall ONE MORE MINUTE.

Can't blame him, can ya?

So, Casey-lad, how's my accuracy?


Anonymous said...

@ Joey Bob

"Can anyone check the public records for whatever county Sacramento is in, and see if they have an inmate named Snowflake?"

Yulia's house is in West Sacramento, which is in Yolo County. He owned properties in Sacramento and North Highlands, which are in Sacramento County (same county that his parents live in, IRRC). Finally, his PO Box is up in Roseville, which is in Placer County.

So depending on which law enforcement agency is going after him for what particular aspect of his many frauds, he could conceivably be held in the county jails of Sacramento, Placer, or Yolo Counties.

My office is about 10 minutes from Yulia's house (and about 15 or 20 from my apartment), but its in the wrong direction for me and I really don't like messing around on I-5 to Capital City Freeway if I don't have to. And West Sacramento really isn't a destination point.

flailing forward said...

@ anon 11:55
I enjoyed your post. We could use some insight on the mechanics of legal proceedings around here.

Anonymous said...

flailing forward: ”I enjoyed your post. We could use some insight on the mechanics of legal proceedings around here.”

Thank you, I’ll try to add more remarks in the future... After all 99 percent of the comments on this Blog are so completely inconsistent with applicable law, Asset Recovery procedures and lending processes; I question the age (if not maturity) behind some posts. Speculation appears to be the only thing at which such folks are skilled, notwithstanding child-like behaviors.

Only wish I knew how to register so that my real ID would appear on these Blogs, but then again; it’s not important for me to be believed here... Clearly most folks would rather deem their own fantasies more reliable anyway, whilst knocking Serin and Swaby -- plainly based on over-loads of lies, misinformation and hype (largely stemming from themselves). Truly; it all resembles a mob frenzy, where reason and logic are the casualties.

Oh well, to each his/her own, irrespective hypocritical fodder. [;-)

Anonymous said...

Camp Idiot is a site that enjoys denigrating jews, blacks and others. As usual, Casey can't make the proper decision with the people he keeps company with.

Anonymous said...

My trolls, my trolls:
Whoever said that Casey never admits defeat is correct. That is the real reason that he has never gotten a job or dlecared b/k.

Not because of fraud or even a belief that his tide was about to turn. Declaring b/k and getting a cubicle job would mean admitting that the haterz were right all along.

Not only that, but b/k and a job would also mean some very painful and unavoidable admissions to G. You can take a phone call from a debt collector in the bathroom, but a job and a b/k filing are a bit harder to hide.

Taking a job and declaring b/k mean admitting to G that she isn't going to get the high rolling lifestyle she demands. Not anytime soon. But as long as Casey avoids b/k and a job, he can keep up the facade for a little while.

So I suspect that Casey has gone silent because something bad happened. Probably something with G-string or Yulka. Something where there is no way to spin or hide it.

Casey even cast the infamous monkeydance as a temporary indignity; something to be suffered while waiting for all those good things that were just around the corner.

n.b. If Casey thinks that disappearing will pique interest in him, then he must be getting advice from Nigel. The internet is fickle as hell.

Anonymous said...

While you may read on Heekee's CampIdiot that "Galina beefs hard and heels it down the drain", please don't forget that Heekee pays for Casey's hosting. Without Heekee there would be no IAFF. Heekee is Casey's tech guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:49,

I think that was the point-- does Casey feel conflicted over that situation?

Anonymous said...

"So, Casey-lad, how's my accuracy?"

From your latest post, it seems I called the pocket, if not the ball.

Nice to know I can still smell a drop of blood on an ocean of sewage.