Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ratlab's Big Adventure

Hi Rob, you may disseminate the info within this email on your blog in any way that you please. The photos are located at: Flikr.

Arriving at the Muncy property around 5pm, walked to the open side yard gate as Casey's neighbors were in the process of rebuilding the fence between the two properties. Very friendly people and we spent about 30 minutes in conversation. Here is what they revealed about Casey's pool cleaning adventure.

- Casey and Galina arrived at on property yesterday.
- Neighbors thought Galina was his girlfriend.
- Galina either drove the car there or away from the property, wasn't specified.
- There are pool hoses that could be used for pool draining in the yard, including sewer access in the backyard.
- Neighbors offered to help him drain the pool.
- Casey thought about taking the neighbors up on their offer to, but Galina convinced Casey not to do it.
- Casey met the short sale realtor at the property yesterday.
- Casey told the neighbors he is going to hire a pool guy to empty out the pool (about $400 per Casey).
- Casey bought a couple cases of beer for the neighbors for fixing up the fence.
- There is also a spa that's lovely green on the property.
- The abatement/vector control left a comply notice recently (as Casey revealed).
- The abatement/vector control dropped some lavae eating fish in the pool, some are a couple of inches long now, no larvae seen.

Additional details:
- The first contractor Casey hired LIVED on the property and didn't do much work.
- The second contractor did a lot of work quickly, but the quality was shoddy in nature.
- Casey told them the short sale should be done in 2 weeks.
- Neighbors on both sides thought the short sale offer of $300K a bit fishy.
- There are numerous houses for sale within a few blocks that are in the low and mid-$200K range
- The addition to the house that is claimed as part of the square footage is really a enclosed and enhanced patio cover.
- The second bathroom is in that addition, otherwise it's a 1-bath house.
- The tile work in the kitchen is super shoddy according to the neighbor, it's as if the contractor started laying the tile in the middle of the kitchen and had to cut all the tile near the walls.

- Casey asked the other neighbor's wife to do him a favor and mow his lawn.
- When she thought the house was foreclosed, she stopped mowing the lawn.
- Casey then told her that the bank wanted to lawn mowed and was wondering why she stopped.

- There's a 24-hour drive through Starbucks a couple of blocks away from the Muncy property!

Enjoy the story...


flailing forward said...

initial comment!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ewww!!! That is so nasty. I feel really bad for anyone who has to live near that. I would fear for my child. She is allergic to mosquitoes.

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks to ratlab and remember, emails remain anonymous.

El Gringo said...

WTF? He asked the neighbor's wife to mow his lawn? Then had the gall to ask him why she stopped?

Every time I start to feel sorry for this kid...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the repost, Dawg...but I was late to the new post...

walt526 said...
"Many of the comments left yesterday on IAFF crossed the line and were unnecessary, IMHO. I can understand why Casey would want to delete them and shut down the block (if only temporarily)."

I call BULLSHIT! He KNEW this would happen. After seeing RATLAB'S preview picture, the ONLY reason he is "shutting down" is to keep from having to admit that he did NOTHING to the pool. I bet he NEVER went to Modesto at all.

I see people feeling sorry for this fucktard, giving him money, trying to cheer him up, and it makes me SICK. How would YOU like to live near this pool? He needs to be arrested or he will NEVER, EVER stop.

Anonymous said...

You know, if I owned a house next to one of Casey's properties, I'd be pissed. So pissed, that I might be facing prison time if I saw him approaching my property.

Sounds like it was a really nice couple. Six months ago, it would really piss me off over his arrogance that he would express bewilderment over why someone stopped doing him a favor like mowing his lawn. Having watched him in action for over six months though, it doesn't even surprise me.

The guy is a clueless, classless, lazy jackass. That's really all that you need to know about Casey Serin.

I really do feel sorry for his neighbors. They seem to be nice, hard-working people who deserve better neighbors than a semi-retarded flip-flopper.

The Dude said...

Casey thought about taking the neighbors up on their offer to, but Galina convinced Casey not to do it.

Why? Are C's nuts in his murse or her purse?

El Gringo said...

@The Dude

I'm sure it's not hard to convince a guy like Casey NOT to do real work.

Anonymous said...

- Neighbors offered to help him drain the pool.
- Casey thought about taking the neighbors up on their offer to, but Galina convinced Casey not to do it.

I wish a judge would make her take a SWIM in the pool with the larve- eating fish. Little Miss Innocent MY ASS!

Anonymous said...

@ Leigh

I said "some" of the comments were over the line. Point me to an archive, and I'll happily identify the most distasteful.

A super-majority were valid criticisms. Some crossed the line. Similar mix to what we have at EN. And I've certainly been guilty from time to time of crossing the line between sharp, realist criticism and unnecessarily vulgar insults.

Rob Dawg said...

Do the neighbors know about the blogosphere?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Casey asked a woman (neighbor's wife) to do manual labor for him? A job he is unwilling to do. I guess it would suck for him or Galina to break a nail.

Someone please post an overview of everything that happened this weekend. It is far too much to read.

I was helping the in-laws move for 13 hours yesterday and signing new lease papers today (a bunch of broken nails and a sore back later). In two weeks, they will help us move. WIN-WIN SWEET!

flailing forward said...

Yeah, they could start their own blog. iamfacingfliptard

El Gringo said...

I like the breakdancing pics, BTW.

Oh, and I'm interested in the Galina, government assistance angle. Maybe that's why Yulia isn't kicking them out. They tried mortgage fraud and now they are onto welfare fraud.

Anonymous said...

Hey Walt :)....

I was not disputing your opinion on the distaste of some of the comments. But I don't think the shutdown was because of the comments. He did not want to answer to this, and he set it up this way to have an out. He went unmoderated before and the same thing happened. I could be wrong, but probably not. (Since I am usually right about EVERYTHING. Just ask my kids)

Sorry I didn't clarify.

ratlab said...


It does not seem that they know about his blog, but I did fill them in on his shenanigans over the past year. Shocked would be their reaction.

They asked if he was educated or took seminars. They were surprised when I told them he had at least $30K in classes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's tools were just left out? Was someone working there?

Schnapps said...

Ooh, this is good.

Akubi, you might get your post on the Taraxacum Officiale Galinalis sooner rather than later. :>

Anonymous said...

- Casey asked the other neighbor's wife to do him a favor and mow his lawn.
- When she thought the house was foreclosed, she stopped mowing the lawn.
- Casey then told her that the bank wanted to lawn mowed and was wondering why she stopped.

Wow! Casey, what a man! Have a lady mow your lawn, as a favor! And always looking out for the interests of the bank!

So two cases of beer equals one day of work and half the expenses of a fence! Interesting.

I see scum, and lots of it.

ratlab said...


Those are the neighbor's tools for fixing up the fence between the properties. I left them out of the pictures.

Here's a few of their questions/comments: How did he even get that many loans at the same time? I guess that's what he learned at the seminars. Why doesn't he just declare bankruptcy?

I have to brief them up on the fraud angle and how BK probably wasn't a good idea for him.

Anonymous said...

This is great. I will definfately be reading the fallout tommorow at work. How will Nigel respond? Will Casey flip out that his sister in law's place is now public?

now the REAL drama begins.

El Gringo said...


I understand his fraud. In what way exactly does that make BK a bad move?

Anonymous said...

Ah - Neighbor's tools. I should have figured.

Thanks for the pics ratlab! I knew fliptard didn't do shit over there and you just proved it.

G'nite all.

flailing forward said...

I love the flotsam and driftwood in the corner. It's like a ship went down in it.

Honestly, he could have at least drained and halfass cleaned out the septic sauna. What a lazy dumbass. He went down there and didn't accomplish a thing. I hope he posts some made-up dramatic story Monday so we can call him out on his bs.

And "the bank wanted the lawn mowed and was wondering why she stopped?" Balls should have been kicked right then and there. Bullshit, the bank asked why Casey wasn't mowing the lawn. That infuriating little bastard.

I'd say someone should drown him in that pool, but that would be like trying to drown someone in a vat of jello. Speaking of, it looks like it's filled with that disgusting jello salad stuff with the cabbage that my old relatives were always bringing to reunions.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I feel sorry for the neighbor's dog.

ratlab said...

@El Gabo Grino
I'm no aow expert, so I'll try and remember what's been posted here and at IAFF.

Since, he committed fraud by lying on his loan applications, that fraud would be revealed/exposed when he is in front of a BK judge. But now that all but one house has been foreclosed upon, I'm not sure how the fraud/BK angle helps or hinders him from filing BK.

Sprezzatura said...

Great job rat!

Anonymous said...

I knew Snowflake was a Finook! What kind of man lets the woman drive? Jesus Fucking Christ Casey! You can't even drive a fucking car? Fuck the blog dipshit, you can't even hire a good damned pool boi. Man, if I was neighbors, there would be some INTERESTING things floating in that pool....

Anonymous said...

Pool Status
It is possible that the pool was in terrible condition before he bought the property. One just has to assume that he bought it without actually seeing it and the nice clean before photo was sent to him by the seller, but did not actually reflect the real condition of the pool.

ratlab said...

Oh yeah, the neighbor says there is a stink from the pool when the breeze isn't blowing. Poor dog.

El Gringo said...

@ratlab thanks! I have a friend who actually works under a BK trustee. I'll ask her for her thoughts.

Other than Cashcall and assuming short sales go through on the other properties, what debt does he have outstanding?

Anonymous said...

How does it say he is in that ticket? 5'3? 5'8?

What a short little manlet.

Anonymous said...

)))It is possible that the pool was in terrible condition before he bought the property(((

And that counts for what, exactly? It became his liability, no matter its condition.

flailing forward said...

So I guess that's it's definite that rich dad is Paul Prestwich with Secure Tomorrow Asset Protection?

Anonymous said...

@El Gabo Gringo, look at the debt spreadsheet. They have TONS of unsecured debt which has not been serviced in months.

flailing forward said...

Casey claims the pool was bad when he got it, and that he spent a lot of money getting it clean. He then let it go and didn't maintain it.

@el gabo
I think they owe around $170k in unsecured debt.

ratlab said...

@flailing forward

I'm not up on the details on Rich Dad, but it's the folks here on EN that figured out the Secure Tomorrow building was the same one that Casey used when he was trading his mad tech skillz for office space.

@El Gabo Gringo
Casey and Galina have outstanding credit card debt. Don't have the amount off the top of my head. Is that debt discharged via BK?

The neighbor's wife was wondering why the bank would care if the lawn was mowed. Maybe it was Casey trying to con his neighbors into mowing the lawn some more. It was at this point of the conversation that the previous owner drove by and waved. LOL

Anonymous said...

If the pool was in bad shape when he bought, where'd he get the sparkling pool picture?

Which, yeah, doesn't matter, his responsibility either way.

Akubi said...

Sweet! Ratlab has uncovered some excellent material for the classification process.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the

Anonymous said...

Many Russian women are pushy beyond belief. I knew a few and dated one. They can be mean, materialistic and suspicious of others.

Anonymous said...

Kill moose and skvirrel.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:31 Annon

I dated one myself. She learned real fast to STFU. Casey on the other hand never had balls to lose..

El Gringo said...

Thanks for the link. I went back through IAFF looking for that info. Didn't see the spreadsheet, but saw thumbnails of loan applications that summarized his debt picture, however when I clicked on them flickr said they were private. Is that a recent change?

Amazing Galina is maxed out on every CC but Macy's and at 30%APR. Who the hell has 5 citibank cards LOL?

Funny that WF gave FLIPTARD $90K+ in credit. Looks like banks, in addition to mortgage lenders, could take a hit.

Who are the Promissory Note's to?

Anonymous said...

I posted about pool condition when snowflake bought the house.

I totally agree that it is his responsibility to fix the pool situation. It was his responsibility to make sure the pool was safe from the moment he closed on the house.

I thought people might be amused by the idea that he would buy a house without seeing it, despite it being within a short driving distance.

ratlab said...

Neighbors laughed when we talked about the cash back at each of Casey's houses... about $150K total. They said that the house (Muncy) certainly doesn't show $30K worth of improvements and he certainly didn't spend it on his car. (Their words, not mine). They then joked that he's probably having a mansion being built in the Ukraine. Note how his neighbors could decipher he's of Russian decent and could conceivably take a flyer out of the US. They don't expect to see him at the property anytime in the future.

Anonymous said...

The "clean" pool shots were taken in September 2006, using the same camera as all of Snowflakes other pictures. (and the same crappy cropping).

The "last time he saw it" picture is from October 2006, same camera.

When did Snowflake buy the Modesto House? That will tell you how many times he actually cleaned the pool (I'm suspecting none.)

If he'd cleaned it in October, and spent ONE DAY a month cleaning it, it would not be in the shape it is. I'm predicting a complete rehab, if not demolishion/replaster will be required to make it swimable. God knows what condition the pumps/heaters/filters are in.

Beyond angry here. That could be a very cool little house for a small family starting out, a couple, or a single. It needs work, but it's not a *bad* house. Now, it requires too much work to justify 200K let alone 300K. I predict it will also go to foreclosure, and somene will pay a reasonable price for it - and get to yet again clean up after the little fucker.

I am VERY suspicious of any short sale Snowflake has supposedly put together. There is NO WAY anyone pays that, or appraises it at that. There's a gentleman named Paladin who is tracking fraud on Ben Jones' blog, he might want to keep an eye out on this one, shithead probably found another scammer to pull off a short sale con with - and it's probably G Money Man.

I'd *kill* to get myself a little house like that. It's going to waste because of shithead's laziness and fraud. How many other houses are in the same prison, kept empty because some fucking flipper paid too much? I try not to think about it, because when I do, I get seriously pissed off. That house should be a *home*, for a family, and it's sitting vacant and rotting because of this little scumbag.

And fuck Galina too. They have an order to comply to clean that fucking pool, and she "decided" not to? Fuck her, game on, she's now as much a target as he is. Report that conversation to the health authorities, I'm sure they'll love that shithead has no intentions of doing squat. Pay $400? Bullshit, another lie. He can't pay fucking rent, but he'll pay $400 to clean it? I doubt $400 will be enough to return that pool to a clean state anyway - it's guaranteed the amount of chemicals and bleach and scraping that will be necessary will completely discolor the plaster, and it's probably discolored NOW before the clean up has even started! I don't even want to know what the condition of the house is...god knows. Termites? Mold? Rot? Busted pipes? Vermin in the walls? I pity whoever buys that house now, for what lurks in wait.

If you're reading this, Casey, again, FUCK YOU. You havent earned *a break*, any respect, or any compassion. You make yourself out to be this big important real estate mogul, but you're just a cowardly little boy with shiny toys that you think impress people. Fuck you. I'm going to keep bugging anyone I can think of to throw your lazy ass in jail, and now your wife too. Everything about you is a fraud, and from now on, I don't believe you if you say the sky is blue.

The gloves are off little boy. You're sick and tired of the haters? You havent seen hate yet. You have NO IDEA what's coming your way - and it'll all be legal.

Fucking liar scumbag. Taking you off the streets is now a moral imperative.

ratlab said...

Oh wow, more conversations are coming back to me. The neighbors think it was a flipper/investor from the Bay Area that bought the house from the guy that drove by and then Casey bought the house off the flipper/investor. Or maybe it was one of those bird-dog and assignment deals where Casey is on the other side of the deal?

El Gringo said...

Check it out guys... Nigel couldn't help but reply:

I don't buy that he's "Jamaican" though. There are things he isn't telling us.

Anonymous said...

Swaby = old English name

Nigel == definitely English.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia about "Nigel"
"Noddy" is also the common nickname for someone named "Nigel."

Google "Noddy" and you will see why this is very apt.

Anonymous said...


How did the fence get broken? And, i hope you urged the neighbors to *bill* shithead for labor and materials. A case or two of beer? How magnanimous of you, shithead! Fuck the little turd!

He's damned lucky he's not my neighbor. But then, the *only* good thing is it won't technically belong to the little scumbag much longer, and maybe somebody will buy it who cares about it and will take care of it.

I know it's just a house, but for us apartment dwellers who remained renters because of what shitheads like Casey did to the housing market the last couple of years, it's enraging. I'd *kill* for a house. I've wanted one for a long time. I enjoy doing carpentry and painting and home repair and projects, I'm a "This Old House" and home fix-it show addict, and I'd eat ramen for years to get a decent little house I could fix up and care for and make into a *home*. I'm good with my hands, and I was raised by a do-it-yourself dad who taught me everything from sheetrock to tile to plumbing. (The only thing i won't do is wiring and heating)

If my life had taken a different track, i might have become a professional rehabber, I worked for one in college, and really enjoyed bringing older dumps back to life. The idea of rebuilding a house with my own two hands, to know every inch of it, to see it when it's done and know *I* did that, to the mundane mowing of the lawn and taking care of the landscaping...and then indulging in another hobby I need a house for, rehabbing antiques..,grrrrrrrrrrrr....

That shithead defrauded a bank to "own" this house, and has completely ignored it and then had the utter GALL to complain about having to actually invest time and money to do *basic* maintenance, and then to think that the little fucking scumbag thinks he's going to own more property, some of which might be just makes me angry beyond belief, and I know I'll have to ignore this site and his for a few days to get back to a healthier state of mind. I'm sitting her dreaming of owning a house, and this piece of shit, this lazy sack of spinless garbage, treats them like penny stocks, and just shrugs when they fall into disrepair and sit empty rotting for months and months.

I wish i was his father, I'd put a foot so far up his ass he'd be turned inside out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was the best post ever. Casey's blog is starting to unravel. He's shitting his pants now that everyone knows where he lives.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:43, You are definitely not alone in being pissed off.

ratlab said...

@Anon 11:01
Looked to be usual wear and tear for the fence. I didn't ask specifically about it, but you can see from one of the pics that the back fence is leaning and the current fence being rehabbed probably suffered the same fate.

The neighbors said that the "there's nothing wrong with that" owners, a few owners ago, liked to entertain in the backyard and the pool/spa/BBQ/house addition was probably really "dialed in" back in the day. And they put up the higher than normal fence which put more strain on the support posts than normal, probably causing the fence to lean/sag.

As a house, it's a cute house (needs lots of work, but could be a nice house with work), in an okay area, with really nice neighbors.

Anonymous said...

How did I do?

On Friday 4/20 Casey wrote @ IAFF:

"I will be at the Modesto property tomorrow around noon time to clean the pool myself. It shouldn’t be that hard. Will have to find a place to rent the pump in the morning.

Anybody is welcome to swing by and say hi. Maybe we can all pitch in for pizza and have a little hangout."

Later that evening I made the following Predictions:

1) Casey will find that the work is, in fact, hard.

2) No one outside of Galina will come by to help. There may however be jeering onlookers. Galina's efforts will be ineffectual.

3) Speaking of ineffectual: Casey is the poster boy for that term. Mental images of Casey getting down for some real (dirty) work, anyone? Think 3 stooges.

4) The task of cleaning the pool will not be completed on Saturday 4/21/07.

5) Ineffectiveness or unavailability of the pump will be used as the excuse for non-completion. Alternatively, car trouble.

El Gringo said...

Thanks Nigel! So maybe you aren't French after all. So maybe you were born in a crappy Caribbean island where everybody screws everybody else over in order to survive. There would probably even be spammer scammers in Jamaica too if they actually had computers.

So I was right. Nigel and Casey are both immigrants. Both scammers. Neither really understand what it means to be American. It's not about wealth fella's. It's about hard work and integrity. Can't coach that.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:43 PM:

That may be the best IAFF rant yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the super spy work Rat!!

This was too good.

What a pig.

Next beg-a-thon we'll have Casey oink a few times.... and ask that Galina roll in the mud.

Can't believe the loser kids drove down and did nothing except buy beer for the neighbors. How generous!

lawnmower man said...

Ratlab: awesome.

So basically, Casey turned up; did jack shit while other people worked; and left. Figures.

Does it really matter where Nigel's from? He's not worth that much attention.

(FWIW, though, both Nigel and Swaby are English names; I'd put them as somewhat upper-middle-class English names. "Born in Jamaica" may mean little more than "parents were English expats"; maybe there's some Civil Service in Nigel's background? But really: it's all complete speculation and quite meaningless.)

Anonymous said...

One quick thought =

Rat, did you show the neighbors a photo of Galina? Was she driving the Vdub?

Perhaps it was Casey's GIRLFRIEND!!!! Maybe that's where all the money went! A mistress... That would be too sweet!

Maybe the girlfriend paid for the beer.

Maybe the girfrield didn't want Casey to drain the pool with the neighbor because it would cut into her precious Casey time.

One final thought = could it be Casey's girlfriend is his SIL???? I mean, they've been living in the same household for the past year...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a really interesting thread.
One minor point " The tile work in the kitchen is super shoddy according to the neighbor, it's as if the contractor started laying the tile in the middle of the kitchen and had to cut all the tile near the walls.
That's how you normally would tile. However, you can still make a right mess of it if you don't know what to do. Sounds like Casey has got a job on the cheap again with quality to match.
Nice to know that the neighbours are up to speed with the story now, I'm betting he never goes there again.
When is it due to foreclose, wasn't it the 24th?
And in reply to some previous posts, we have already identified that one of his Promissory Notes has a balloon payment due in a few weeks. Interesting times.

lawnmower man said...

A *mistress*?

No, it's too unlikely. It's a miracle Casey's managing to hold on to one woman -- what on earth does he have that could attract another?

Although he did manage to fool Galina, right up until the wedding night, into thinking he was a successful entrepreneur with money to burn. Hmm.

(FWIW, I've always thought that Casey & Galina have more than a slight whiff of "arranged marriage" about them.)

ratlab said...

@Anon 11:31

Um wow, that's such an out-of-the-box thought, it never crossed my mind. Wouldn't that be hilarious?

Ok, I'm still hungry after a Costco Polish Sausage & Coke, a Venti Starbucks, and a bunch of tortilla chips and salsa. So, guess what, I'm making Top Ramen. You hear that Casey? Top Ramen! I guess he never heard of the book "100 Top Ramen" recipes (or something along those lines).

Oh, and mail in the form of weekly junk mail and supermarket advertisements are still arriving at the property. I suppose it's his neighbors that are tossing those away for him. Or maybe there was a big stack of mail on the front porch waiting for him when he arrived yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention before but....

the Modesto kitchen cracks me the fuck up. He put drawer pulls on the cabinet doors, sideways. He's SO FUCKING STUPID and so completely incompetant at ANY level of rehab/refinishing/decorating/anything that he did not realize those are specifically drawer pulls and not to be used on doors. They look utterly ridiculous, in this ' ... ' way.

ratlab said...

I still find it weird that the first contractor lived at the house and didn't do jack.

lawnmower man said...

I've always thought that Casey & Galina have more than a slight whiff of "arranged marriage" about them.

Along similar all-in-the-family lines: the shadowy "uncles" mentioned in the Earth Mission blog. Who they?

Schnapps said...

Blatant traffic-whoring

And with a clicky link, no less. :)

El Gringo said...

Russians are shady to begin with, but the ones in Sac-Town apparently have some notoriety. I mentioned "Russians" and "Sacramento" to my mother and she started going on about some kidnappings. Time to check google.

ratlab said...


I know you meant the Larchmont kitchen. Funny as hell though. Good catch on the drawer pulls.

Anonymous said...

@ratlab -

Yeah, thanks, :) I realized that sometime after the fact, then just went to check and see which kitchen it was. Heh.

And yeah, it's just SUCH a clear example of everything that's wrong with him. He doesn't know, he doesn't want to learn, or figure out, or study anything (not that it's hard to figure out what goes on a drawer and what cannot also be used on a door), he has no earthly idea about something so simple, yet is CONVINCED he can rehab the kitchen anyway.

Remember the Earth Mission post about he found out about bath and shower surrounds... existing? And then he was all 'sweet! less work! who knew?!' without looking into it at ALL. Because no one with any choice wants a damn plastic surround, it looks cheap, it feels cheap... but he has not a thought about these things, or the possibility of these things, it's just that he can spend less and do less work and he thinks it's all the same to anyone else, and someone will buy it because who cares? Gah, he's infuriating.

Anonymous said...


"I still find it weird that the first contractor lived at the house and didn't do jack."

Maybe that was the guy Snowflake was gonna sue for not paying rent?

It does make sense tho - Snowflake buys house sight unseen. Hires some contractor (if he was even licensed) through one of his "sweet conenctions" (ie. another scammer/flake/fraud), and because shithead never does due diligence or followup on *anything*, proceeds to live rent free or very cheaply for shoddy work.

Yet again, the wannabe scammer gets taken. It's Casey's entire life story - he wants so desperately to be slick and pull off a clean con, but he can't even do *that* right. Being a successful crook is hard work - ask any crook in prison, the *good* ones don't get caught, and work their asses off towards never getting caught.

What is even more laughable is that the work shithead did bother to do is when he HAD THE MONEY AND CREDIT. It's obvious he lowballed, nickle and dimed and ignored most of the work that needed doing.

Where is the money? That is the #1 question out of all of this. Where is the fucking money? Did shithead gamble it away when they lived in Tahoe? Did it get funneled back to the Ukraine through family connections? Did it get thrown down a black hole of other failed attempts shithead is hiding? Could Hammar Investments be the missing key here? In that shithead put it all on "sure things" other scammers assured him would pay off, and he got cleaned out?

lets be honest...a good crook could have pulled off his scam. He failed, and it seems like it happened overnight that he was in foreclosure on everything and maxed out in all credit accounts. How did he go from flush at cash back (which all happened within the same time frame, on purpose, to hide from teh other banks what was going on), to having nothing? Were his carrying costs that steep that it took 2-3 months to wipe out all that money? And where was the money from teh credit accounts spent? He HAS TO have statements from the banks on those adding up every single time he used them, it's no mystery, yet he has to add it all up to see where it went?

Bullshit. We're close to the real story, but we have a ways to go. There's something missing, where the money went. THAT we might have to buy access to Pacer to find out, down the road.

Anonymous said...

I still find it weird that the first contractor lived at the house and didn't do jack.
I guess it's the same the world over but any labourer who fancies earning a few extra $ and thinks he can do some skilled work calls himself a contractor and tries to get work on that basis. Casey will 1. Go for the cheapest quote/deal and 2. Wouldn't recognise quality work if it smacked him in the face. This guy just got himself free rent for a few months. Look at it from his point of view, free rent, do as little work as possible and he gets minimal hassle as the owner knows nothing about construction, lives miles away and never visits. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

@Ratlab -- really nice work (yet again), many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I do not think there is any money "hidden away". Look at Casey's track record at buying aspirational stuff like the PDA, Blueball etc. He likes eating out, spending money to show how "successful" he is. I won't say I've been there but I've been down that direction. I've been in the situation that I've been down to the change in my pocket to buy my next meal. I've learned a lot off one particular website about debt and living within my means which is where I am now. Contributing to that website showed that many people were in a similar position to varying degrees. I learned too, that people found it easy to spend on cards and had little idea where all their money went. We even have a TV show here (UK) where the presenters show the subject the errors of their overspending and how to correct it. One of the commonest things the subjects do is grossly underestimate their spending, and I mean like 5x to 10x. So the idea that Casey has the brains to squirrel away some funds I don't go along with. I also think, especially with his track record, that he will have paid out money here and there on failed schemes, house buys, construction work etc. etc. that barely got started. It also wouldn't surprise me that he got overcharged by everyone else in most of his deals. Add all that up and he could easily have used up all the credit he obtained.

ratlab said...

I bet the following conversation bit will chap Casey's ass.

The neighbors and I were talking about who would possibly buy the Muncy property at $300K. Given the difficulty in getting 100% loans these days. With 5% down ($15K), the new owner is looking at a $285K loan with around a $1800-1900 monthly payment. So I asked what the going rate of rents was in that area. Well, apparently the neighbor's family OWNS rental properties that CASH FLOW. They said a comparable property to Muncy might go for $1350-$1400/mo in rent. That still leaves a $350-500 negative cash flow per month if someone buys this property for rental purposes.

But the point is that even the neighbor's family has POSITIVE CASH FLOW rental properties. Explains why the can spot bad contractor work on Casey's house and are re-building the fence on their own.

Anonymous said...

ratlab - on the basis of those figures no one with a brain would pay more than $200,000 for the place. Look at the rent rate and allow for repairing the pool(s) and the kitchen plus whatever else has deteriorated in the months of neglect. I don't think I'd pay $100,000 for the place and if there were some other serious problems like timber rot, it can't be worth much more than the lot value.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that with a purchase price of $300K, that's approx $3000/yr or $250/mo in property taxes. Casey never talks about property taxes because he doesn't pay bills, but other real estate property owners who expect to own property for > 2 months do have to worry about that stuff. If Casey thought about property taxes at all, he probably figured it'd all be worked out at closing when he flipped the property, so no need to calculate that as a carrying cost.

ratlab said...

@Arthur W.

Decent properties in the area are going for low, mid-$200K, so something is wrong with the $300K short sale offer Casey keeps talking about.

You gotta love the inflated value of the neighborhood through Zillow.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to pay the taxes up to date when you sell in CA? If so then there's another cost he's incurred that he will have forgotten about and he's had to pay out on. He might have paid a few payments on his cards and loans here and there just to keep his creditors "sweet". Yet again he won't remember and account for this.

Anonymous said...

Decent properties in the area are going for low, mid-$200K
So less than $200k, like I said, for crappy ones with dodgy kitchens and pools than need overhauling?

Going to have to go soon, I'll catch up later today. I have a bathroom to finish off for a customer.

Anonymous said...

We now know - thanks to Ratlab - it's basically a one-bedroom house. That seems pricey. I'm in NY and prices are outrageous here, but... it doesn't seem like an outrageously priced area (though I understand it's a spendy CA area) if you can rent a house for under $1500.

Oh, and this is totally just because I was looking at my own account just now, and then came and read other people displeased at the suck that is Casey - (note, I'm not an employee, officer, any relation whatsoever except that I loan) - I thought I might post this for anyone who was interested.

A way to help actual, functional business owners who really need it - - It's a way to participate in the international microfinance loan system by loaning money through local microfinance orgs to small business owners that you choose. Slate did a piece on this recently and chose Kiva as the best org they looked at. Feel free to ignore, or RobDawg can remove if it's inappropriate to link, obviously.

ratlab said...

One BATHroom, not bedroom. :) The second bathroom is in the supposedly permitted addition.

Anonymous said...

In a traditional sale, yes, the property taxes must be brought up to date.

To be honest, I don't know how the mechanics work in foreclosure - I anticipate that eventually the lender will pay the property taxes, otherwise the county will foreclose (the property tax liens are senior even to the mortgage(s)) for the unpaid taxes, although it takes them several years to eventually do so.

Ultimately, someone will have to pay the taxes - they're Casey's obligation, at least from a moral perspective, though it's certainly possible that they'll eventually be paid by someone else as part of the cleanup of this situation.

Anonymous said...

Nigel could be Jamaican. Remember folks, Jamaica isn't full of black guys with dreads referring to you as Mon. There are tons of white British expatriats.

It's believable. Maybe, maybe not, but it's believable. Has anybody ever heard Nigel talk?

Anonymous said...

Heh, that I knew, I just mistyped. Now I'm all paranoid and ratlab is gonna have to follow me around doublechecking.

Anonymous said...

If you want to check up on the Snowflake's property tax status for Muncy Drive, the assessor's parcel number is 060-024-025 and the Stanislaus County Tax Collector's website is at

Looks to me like he's about $2400 behind in property tax, though he did make the first installment (missing the second) on his 2006 property taxes for Muncy. Also, he didn't pay the supplemental assessments on the purchase, so they're still accruing penalties. Way to go, Mr. Bigshot Investor! It's all good!

For what it's worth the Stanislaus County Assessor thinks the houe is a 2 bedroom/2 bath house - perhaps when they hear about that third bedroom, they'll reassess! (Or perhaps there's no permit for that 3rd bedroom, so it shouldn't be marketed as a 3/2).

Anonymous said...

Just checked out the stupid anti-Rob site. New post up and it reads like one of Nigel's posts.

Want more proof? Look at the only poster on the newest's none other than "Robert." Kind of odd it happens to be a guy we all know to be Nigel in disguise.

Nice try Nigel.

For the Google record:

Nigel Swaby writes the hatchet job known as Robertcotesux. Nigel Swaby gets his butt stomped by Rob all the time. Nigel is so immature he can't deal with updating his business site, which purports he's some kind of licensed mortgage broker. Seems odd that a mortgage broker named Nigel Swaby would spend so much time worrying about Casey Serin and his frauds. Could it be that Nigel Swaby is involved much deeper in this mess than he admits? Could it be that Nigel Swaby isn't who he claims to be? I wonder? Why on God's green earth would somebody who purports to be a licensed broker be so moved by all this as to try and censor a bunch of "hater" comments involving a guy he claims to be an acquaintance of (Casey Serin)?

One has to wonder what Nigel Swaby is doing. What is his interest in all of this and why is he so fascinated by Rob Dawg of EN?

Anonymous said...

Boy that Nigel Swaby is a wack job. Why else would somebody spend so much time defending somebody like Casey Serin?

Anonymous said...

You completely made my day. That was hilarious. I only opened one picture but criminey - is that a dog or a cougar in the other side of the fence?

@Anyone who thinks there is a short sale:
We've seen this before and here's my opinion. Even if there was a shortsale filed the bank is going to be "review-mode" until it's time to foreclose. That also translates into "Ignore Casey mode."

Anonymous said...


For anyone who still thinks that Fliptard's criminal antics don't hurt real people:

"A new report from the Joint Economic Committee of Congress cites a study that said "a single-family home foreclosure lowers the value of homes located within one-eighth of a mile (or one city block) by an average of 0.9 percent."

"The head of that committee, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has been a vocal proponent of a bailout of subprime borrowers."


If I were Casy's neighbor, I'd beat the money out of his skinny little ass...



Anonymous said...

Thanks Ratlab. Wow. Those pictures... I'm speechless.

Once again, true to form: for a 150-mile road trip, and Casey and Galina's careful analysis of the situation, the conclusion was predictable: do nothing.

Well, except complain to the neighbors about the "free lawn service."

Anonymous said...

It's always made me wonder where all that money went. What I don't get is how he doesn't have jack shit to show for it. He burned through something like 300k pretty fast and there is no Hummer, no Range Rover, only one fucking blue shirt, one blue ball, and one PDA. Casey can't spell Goomah much less have one although that could explain part of it. I actually have a Goomah and those costs do add up but not anywhere near that kind of coin. I can't see it buried in the backyard either. Nope, something is pretty fishy there allright.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who has owned a house next to a comepletely unmaintained house...

My father was a drunk asshole who let our house go to shit. The neighbors would occasionally come over in a group to hack the lawn back to a managable size, and so on.

I feel sorry for all his neighbors. That eyesore and health hazard affects the property value of everyone in the neighborhood.

R-Boy said...


Awesome job dude. I appreciate your pro-active detective work.

I've been busy lately with our home addition, but I am still spelunking for info on Hammar.

oh, and I have Pacer, so no worries there.

El Gringo said...

I like the "follow the money" idea.

Doesn't he say he put like $30K into Credit Cards? Then you have $15K/mo to service the cards and mortgages.

Any good way to track how much cash he really had?

flailing forward said...

Casey speaking about Muncy on 9/19: “The MLS listing and the I am Facing Foreclosure flyer should help me sell the property quickly.”

Laughable. He gets it listed and puts up a couple of lame flyers on a few telephone poles, and figures job over - good as sold. Apparently he also thought letting the backyard return to a primordial swamp would also add value to the property.

I feel sorry for his Modesto realtor: desperately trying to discourage potential buyers from looking out the back windows, even as the shrieks and cries of new life forms evolving can be heard behind him.

"What's back there?"
"Oh nothing, just the back yard. Nothing to see there. And over here, you'll notice the lovely doorknob drawer pulls..."

Anonymous said...

Will someone please explain to me how Snowflake came up with the money for a couple cases of beer? I won't ask why he didn't put that kind of money towards a pump or pool cleaning services because we are talking about the celebutard wannabe here who never spends anything on the right (boring) thing.

Anonymous said...

Another thing I don't get is what fucking tool would take the listing? When I take a listing, that thing had better shine, be kept shinning, and be properly priced. I am not gonna sit and hold hands with some flipper fucktard that didn't graduate college just because he or she feels entitled that the property is "worth" it. Too many agents these days forget the basics such as qualifying buyers and sellers. I lke to spend my time on properties and clients that make the most amount of money for the least amount of work, not the other way around like Snowflakes super star.

Unknown said...

ratlab you magnificent bastard!


I hereby nominate Ratlab for Hater™ of the Year.

now I gotta catch up on comments...

Anonymous said...

In paging through the Flickr photos (much love to ratlab for going and taking them and getting us the scoop from the neighbors), at first that Secure Tomorrow building looks like a bunch of those cheesy oversized prefab backyard toolsheds you buy at Lowes or Home Depot that have all been slapped together and plastered over. But on closer inspection they're not (although they still look sketchy).

The matching set of cesspools (pool and spa) cracks me up to no end...that's gotta be a major selling point, right?

Is this place worth more as a lot (i.e. remove sketchy house, pool & spa) or would it cost too damned much to take out the pool and spa and go back to grass in the back yard?

I sure hope the neighbors do some digging online and show up to any legal proceedings to which the celebutard wannabe and his missus are compelled to attend.

I don't miss IAFF being closed at all...EN has so taken the lead here...sweet!

El Gringo said...

RE: Where'd the money go?

Whatever came of this job the "20-something real estate investor?

Is that the guy he'd get office space from in return for IT work? Sounds shady. Maybe he got conned out of some cash somwhere in that deal.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but mama mia!

God damn! I'd cook for that!

The Dude said...

Since when are hot chicks off topic???

Anonymous said...

Ratlab, you are the MAN! Thank you, thank you! For the various newbies at IAFF who wonder if the situation is really real, or if Casey is indeed as bad as the "haterz" say, it's guys like you who show how it is...

El Gringo said...

So I kept reading and the "20-something real estate investor" Casey was gong to work for isn't his "rich dad", so who is he?

Plus, I don't really see him mentioned again. Am I missing something?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Just a couple thoughts now that I'm caught up and waiting for my FF&M to start the week off...

*Maybe*, just maybe G has a shred of decency about her and felt GUILTY about the condition of the house and the impact it was having on the neighborhood and didn't want to inconvience them any more..BWAHAHAHAHA! I can't even type that with a straight face! What a couple of social rejects. They bribe with beer, b*tch about no more lawn mowing and don't do anything!

Ratlab - this really takes the cake. Well done. Rob Dawg, got anything left in that tipjar? Maybe a bit of gas money for the trip?

This just proves that none of that sweet, sweet cashback went into the rehabs. If Fliptard ever does go the bankruptcy route I'd think the judge would make them prove where the money went. The court would have plenty of reasons to doubt their story and I hope they'd see the very good possibility of a coffee can of cash...

Anonymous said...

R Dawg, give rat some kibble from the tip jar for gas and for providing the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Damn being in EST! I go to bed and I miss all of this!

Fabulous work Ratlab!

You know snowflake will be reading all of this later. Hopefully he will post a bunch of BS before he sees it.

Anonymous said...

I posted this at the end of the comments of the last post, but I think it's worth considering:

I don't think Casey can afford an attorney, although he often goes on about his corporate and criminal attorneys. Virtual attorneys show up in EVERY situation ever. They're free, after all, so why not have a whole fleet of them?

I think Galina is on public assistance, which is why she can't get a job (that would reduce her benefit amount). Someone mentioned that here, and may have mentioned it there. She probably got scared that people would see that and made him delete everything around that point. The rules for that are strict, as far as I know. You have to report all the people in the household, you have to report all the income of everyone. It would ALSO explain what happened with her education: unbelievably, California will cut your benefits immediately if you go to any sort of school. They will not help with books for college... so like I said, I think she's on public assistance or SSI/SDI). She, he, or all three of them probably lied to get their benefits, which a quick google search tells me is around $800/$850 a month for a single person living on their own.... which is simply not enough to pay rent in Sacramento/West Sac, at ~$750/month, and pay utilities, phone, etc., even if you beg and trash dive for food. Also, it's magnitudes of times harder to get public assistance if you have no children or are not a minority.

I really think this is what they are all up to. The sad thing is, I am actually in favor of this.... FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID IN TO IT. People pay a huge amount for "Social Security" crap in this state, and no one under the age of 55 is ever going to see a penny of that money. If you can find some way to bring some of that back to you or a loved one, then do it. It's highway robbery that we all have to pay that shit and will get nothing back. The politicians are robbing the Social Security fund for their own purposes, and people in the middle-class 25-45 age group are funding it *and* having to provide for both their children and their parents and grandparents. Fuck it. If you can finagle some way to get some of this money back to actual citizens (not anchor baby drops by illegal immigrants), then goodie for you.

The problem I have is that Snowflake has never worked a day in his life, so he and his have never contributed to the fund. So they shouldn't get a damn thing. They come over here, suck up our resources, and whine whine whine about how tough life is. Shut the fuck up. We're supporting your asses already, and you want MORE? Fuck off.

Rob Dawg said...

So, Ratlb;
Need any gas money? Just ask.

Anonymous said...

Snowflake spent $30k+ at seminars all over the place to learn how to make money in RE, when his Muncy neighbors are already there, with rentals that are cash flow positive...hahahahahaha.

Seeing that Snowflake's neighbors would rebuild Snowflake's fence free, and use to mow his lawn free, Snowflake probably could have learned real estate from them for free or cheap.

There's no hope for Snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Ratlab - you have done a public service. I thank you for the entertainment.

What can Casey say in the face of this absolute verification? How can he defend and obfuscate when the situation has been personally investigated and photographically documented?

What is Casey doing now? We know he has read the Ratlab report, and choked on its cold, hard undeniabilty. Is he writhing inside, awash in rage and shame and hate? Is he blinded by sparks of fury, drooling uncontrollably, slamming his featherweight girly rice-paper fists onto his Ikea cabinets, rending his blue garment, howling and tearing at his rancid, highlighted mop? Is he a lab animal study of claustrophobia, a frenzied ferret scurrying in ever-tighter circles as the walls close in, growing closer and tighter and darker as the absolute concrete wall of doom can no longer be dodged or denied? The sweet retreat of incessant napping no longer provides escape. Misdirection will no longer deflect the momentum of the inevitable. Casey's only option may be retreat into catatonia, a permanent inviolable land of sweet schemes that always go off without a hitch, and the suckersheep line up to be shorn of their fleece by the wily tools of Casey and his fiercely loyal, world-class team who actually do all the work and thank Casey for the opportunity...

Will Casey:
...ignore the entire Ratlab adventure, and delete comments referring to it?

...claim Ratlab is a liar?

...claim all the neighbors are liars?

...insist there's more to this situation than revealed by the Ratlab investigation, more than he is free to say, and we "just don't understand"? response to this unwelcome bright light, step up his flailing, ineffectual "attacks" on the proprietor of EN?

...lay claim to an epiphany, in which he will grovel, admit his faults, and present a bold-yet-vague plan by which he can recover his dignity as a human being (too late)?

...hide behind religious bullshit? to update IAFF for a week, then reappear, performing the same schtick, as if nothing has happened?

...FINALLY shut down the damn IAFF blog completely?

Anonymous said...

@7:17am Anonymous

She does not collect assistance. First of all, 'welfare' or 'public assistance' is run by the state. It is generally very hard for a single person, capable of working, to collect cash money. Then, it is so unbelieveably low, they could work an hour a day and make more per month, so why bother with all the restrictions. Of which there are many! There are too many rules surrounding public assistance for her to be on it.

SSI/SSD are social security run by the federal government and can take years to prove you are disabled enough (especially if it is non-physical disability)to qualify for funding.

I don't believe being a doofus, or being married to a doofus is a valid reason to be 'impaired'. Besides, she'd have had to put the wheels for collecting this money in motion at least a year or more ago - and they still didn't believe they were failing so badly then.

So assistance is out. Maybe she is stripping somewhere?

Anonymous said...

It's time that someone started hitting up all the excremento area strip clubs to see if G is working at any of them.

ratlab said...

@Rob & all.

No tip jar money needed. I needed to hit a Costco and a little extra driving was WELL worth it. I'm glad I brought some coolers to store my Costco stuff in so nothing spoiled during my side trip. Talking to "his" neighbors totally made my day.

You know what you could do Rob? FORUMS!!! :)

AnonyRuss said...

Isn't this a criminal offense in California? It is a misdemeanor here in Arizona. Casey, you West Nile Virus propagating MF. Hopefully, the neighbors will push for a criminal charge and Casey will forget to attend his hearing. Then, he can finally face the music, even if it is not for his previous set of felonies.

Anonymous said...

Since Casey's site has suddenly frozen, I'm so glad that people are continuing his saga here. Normally we see a tragedy after it has happened. It's fascinating to see one unfold day after day like this. If dumb crooks like him are free to thumb their noses at the law and condescend to honest employed people, then something in the country is totally completely fucked, that that is NOT a word I use very often.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that there is a something wrong with Galina's face.

Hers eyes are very close together. She looks like a Cyclops.

Nothing bad intended, just an honest observation.

she freaks me out with those eyes.