Monday, February 26, 2007

Anything people want to talk about?

There's only one subject this morning. Well there's quite a few we've saved up but if I don't want to be hit over the head by a caveclub, driven by dirty jeep and dumped in a neighbor that speaks only jive with nothing but a jamba Juice gift card I better declare:



Roastbeef said...

Rob Dawg,
May I suggest a better image for this post?

or perhaps

Rob Dawg said...

My sister got me a "Despair" calendar for Christmas. They are definitely topical but Casey used one once (poison) and everyone knows about them. I actually put a little thought into my choices, not just pictures, which is why I am not Casey.

TK said...

Screw Anna Nicole, the real spectacle is in Sacramento this morning. Er...It didn't snow did it?

Rob Dawg said...

Southern Sacramento Valley:

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Today: Showers likely. Cloudy, with a high near 53. South wind between 9 and 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%.

JJS said...

If the prosecutors really want to make a spectacle of the auction today, they should arrest Casey as soon as the auction is complete in front of all his haters and flippers looking for sweet deals. They'd already have him at the courthouse and wouldn't have to track down the address of his sister-in-law.

Northern Renter said...

Once all of the houses have been foreclosed, what will be the new name for the CS blog?

"I was facing foreclosure"

"I am facing imprisonment"

"Watch out for haters!"


Legion said...

Casey is going to look out the window of his rented room..(snicker), see the clouds, and go back to bed.

TK said...

A little rain in NorCal is like a freakin ice storm to the rest of us. Hopefully the drizzle doesn't postpone anything.

The Guy Galina Isn't Screwing said...

"I use the word “try” because I like to give myself a way out in case something better comes up. I would commit to stuff in the past only to break the commitment. I realize i’m a “keep my options open” personality type so I have to be careful when and how I commit."

I'm not flaky. I will "try" to do everything in my life, in case something I deem more important like a nap happens. I must never commit to anything lest I look like the lazy ass I am.

Cased! said...

The Magic Real Estate Fairy is currently speeding towards California to delay both foreclosures by a month - so Casey can rejoice, and then do nothing for another month (maybe he'll release the results of another personality test).

Well bye, I have to "try" to go to work - let's see if I actually manage to do it, or if I wait for a week or two to go to work "if something better comes up". I'm sure my employer will understand.

Anonymous said...


No problem keeping the old name. As you probably remember, our friend Casey is far from quitting the RE business. He will invest more, hence he will be foreclosed upon again. We all know that he has learned nothing of value so far.

Legion said...

Going to go back to Casey's newest butt buddy for a bit here, my comments are in brackets

To #76 Jilly:
Thanks for reading my blog(You are the fifth person to read my blog..for the year, besides family). It’s fairly new but I hope you can see that I’ve tried to write some substantial arguments about management(arguements for management? Wanna be lawyer huh) and the business world in general(And your vast experience comes from?). Please comment on anything on my blog that grabs your attention(How about that idiotic marron shirt and that stupid gazing into the computer pic?). I love discussion.(I don't love comments though, those I will delete, especially if it makes me look bad)
You’re right about me being new to Casey’s blog(I'm new to being unemployed too, but it's allll good), and I have already read lots of comments from smart people (really smart people, smarter than me, which isn't that hard now that I think about it)) that have poked significant holes in Casey’s real estate investment strategies. No argument from me on those points. However, the hateful comments don’t seem to be a proportionate response. If someone has already made a good argument as to why he is not just a bad investor but also an evil person maybe you could point me to it.(Read the damn blog you moron and stop reading just the comments with a few words and cartoons in it)
In my experience all people lie(WTF? This includes you right?) and all people are much worse than the appearance they put on in public(Man, and you already seem like a shithead on your blog, so you are saying that meeting you in person is worse?). I prefer the person who is honest about their vices(stealing from banks is not a vice, it's a crime nimrod) than the person who pretends not to have vices(we've seen your vice, pride,right Seal wannabe but washed out loser?). That’s just my preference. Jilly, have you read the Scarlett Letter? If so, do you think it is at all instructive in this instance?(Trying to act intelligent with some book he was forced to read at his bullshit university)

To #77 Mayhem:
Fair enough. I am not a mental health professional, but like a lot of people I enjoy playing amateur psychologist(Here is Casey, because he says everyone likes to do it, he is trying to lessen the fact that he is jumping around acting like a psychologist. Actually, MOST people do not play amateur psychologist, people with psychological problems and low self esteeem do...oops, never mind, Seal wannabe but washed out loser). If I could edit comments I would remove that bit, but as it is I’ll just have to apologize: I am sorry for the condensing(Condescending you mental midget. I suggest you pay for a REAL school next time..ahh hell just go to one of Casey's accredited bs seminars) remarks.
When I read these caustic(Used a thesaurus eh?) comments I get the impression of a vigilante mob ready to round Casey up(You're next buddy boy, we got a team of REAL seals heading your way), rather than people discussing reasonable grievances(Discuss grievances? Playing amateur lawyer now too are we. I don't have a grievance with Casey, I think he's an ass). To be sure, there are reasonable grievances here but they are unnecessarily mixed in with the vitriol(You KNOW he must have picked up this word in the latest Reader's Digest in improve your vocabulary).

Brian S. Nick, the little prick

Brian S(tevie) Nicks said...

Your kind of attitude is precisely the reason why my school, Biola University, which I graduated from without a degree, is better than conventional universities. Reinforcing the negative only tends to hold people back from reaching their true potential in their minds. For example, I would never have achieved my status as a high-school football champion if I had subscribed to your mentality.

I was a champion right up to the moment that we lost the championship. This also brings to mind my glory days as a Navy SEAL, right up to the point where I wasn't accepted. Legion, if there's one thing that I learned at the Torrey Honors Institute, it's that I can be as successful as I want to be, and little things such as words and definitions are not going to get in my way.

Perhaps you should go reread Where the Red Fern Grows.

TK said...

Auctionapalooza kicks off in 90 minutes. Everyone grab a seat. Man I wish we had a reporter on this one with a casey style PDA.

Hater with a box of popcorn said...

ohhhhh ratlab..............

we neeeeeeeed you............

(for on the scene action foreclosure massacre coverage)

Stephanie J. said...

Oh I *do* wish I were there for these momentous events. ::sigh::

Foreclosure Partay said...

Hey, somebody call Casey and wake him up so he doesn't miss his big day. What's his # again?

LOL said...

"That’s just my preference. Jilly, have you read the Scarlett Letter? If so, do you think it is at all instructive in this instance?(Trying to act intelligent with some book he was forced to read at his bullshit university)"

I bet he read it in high school. I am sure a "Christian college" would never allow a book about adultery on it's shelves.

Awesome post and comments on that choad's blog.

GameOver said...

Too bad I have this J-O-B thingy. I wish I had a few SWEET deals lined up so I could bail on this nonsense and fly out to Steph J's and drive down for FORECLOSUREPALOOZA 2007!

Oh well I guess I can TRY to make it to any of the other auctions our FFF won't be able to avoid.

Foreclosure Partay said...

Nevermind, I found it:

aaron said...

Greenspan painting things rosy again(with a slight warning but still....way to rosy)

Foreclosure Partay said...

Casey no answer the phone. But, according to his message, I'm going to have a blessed day. I'm not sure if I really want a Casey Serin blessing, but it's a nice gesture.

LOL said...

Our Lil punkin head has not approved any more comments, $50 says he is too busy with sweet deals to make it to either auction. If he was actually going he would be shouting it from the rooftops.

Foreclosure Partay said...

Ok everybody, welcome to the foreclosure party. Be sure to try some of the Foreclosure Punch. Here's the recipe:
2 parts jamba
2 parts everclear
1 part rohipinol
It tastes sweet at first, but then the next day you wake up naked in the street wondering where all your money went.

Anyone want to play guess the final bid? Let's do this Showcase Showdown style. Take it away Don Pardo.

The nearest bidder without going over wins the right to kick Casey in the nads. Also, some delicious Pillsbury frosting. Pillsbury frostings are creamy and so easy to spread. Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Frostings are the fun and easy way to finish Pillsbury cakes, cookies and brownies. All of this and more can be yours when you play "The Flop is Right!"

Thanks, Don. Here I'll start it off with a bid of $1.

I have to admit, I hate to see the Larchmont house go. The other houses always had at least a little bit of interest in them. But Larchmont was always the dirty little slut that we could look up whenever we wanted a cheap thrill. Everybody knew her name and number, but no one wanted to put a ring on her finger.

Tony Soprano said...

So who is gonna hit bottom first? CFC or CS?

segfault said...

Foreclosure Partay:

I hate to give him too much credit, but I bet our Little Snowflake (snowflake sounds too innocent--why not call him Little Dandelion--they share the same haircut?) switches his phone to silent when he's sleeping, napping, or otherwise doesn't want to be bothered by the 30 or so entities he owes money to.

Heck, I do that, and I don't even have any creditors after my tail! (Nor am I half as loathe to do actual work...)

Eth Real said...

I've been AWOL a couple of days. Which two properties are on the auction block today (Larchmont and ???)? Anyone else having trouble getting on IAFF today?

I'll raise the bid to $100.

YouSoSpecial said...

I drove by the Sacramento County Courthouse at 9:23 am, and saw Casey and Galina walking up. Looks like they will make at least one auction today.

TK said...

Amazing he actually made it to one. I'm surprised Galina was there. You'd think the shame would be too much, but Gen Y has no shame. How long do these thing stake anyway? I want RESULTS DAMMIT!

Foreclosure Partay said...

Modesto is the second lucky property up for bid today. Keep in mind that it comes with a free homeless dude.

If you mean financially, I would say CFC, since Casey has already passed into another universe where debt does n't exist. Now if you mean the bottom of Lake Tahoe with cement boots, then my money is on CS.

Foreclosure Partay said...

@ segfault
Yeah, I didn't figure he would answer due to either sleep or screening his calls, but at least he knows that he's in our thoughts and hearts.

Casey, HATERS CARE. Did Nigel call you today? How about Brian S. Nick? Didn't think so.

@ yousospecial
Pix plz.

Tony Soprano said...

For a while there, there was a Russian hitter that was using the bridge over New Melones Lake. Seemes he didn't want to drive all the way to Tahoe. He got a bit lazy and got busted...

I wonder if it's too late to short CFC, lol..

ratlab said...

Man, I really wish I still worked in downtown Sac, I would have been 2 blocks away. Alas, I have a job to go to. Sorry to disappoint you all.


YouSoSpecial said...

100% total serious. Unmistakably Casey and Galina.

@Foreclosure Partay
I brought my camera but didn't realize until they were out of sight that the battery was dead and there was no mem card in it. Sorry for being so lame.

I would have stayed and followed you two up the courthouse steps, but I have a JOB.

USGS said...

There was a mag 5 earthquake in Northern Cal earlier today but not in Sac.