Monday, February 26, 2007

No Comment Necessary


francisco d. said...

...pushing the throttles to the firewall...


ratlab said...

I'm not that great at Photoshop, but that is a horrible Photoshop effort! Horrible, I say!

So Rob, what should Bob do as the Fed Chief to curb a recession? The Fed seems to enjoy lowering Fed Fund rates as a recession curbing measure, but I've read so many opinions against that.


Rob Dawg said...

francisco d,
You do know where that comes from right? Others may not so; The controls on an airplane are all shaped uniquely so as to be identified by touch. The engine throttles are spheres. Thus "balls to the wall" meant maximum power.

Rob Dawg said...

Hard as this may be to believe but I've been using PS since v1.5. My CDs of photos from 1990 included a trial distro. I occassionaly teach photoshop to clients. I just didn't care to be cleverer. I looked back at the timestamp and took almost 4 mintutes to erase the geico, stretch the poster, smooth the noise and insert the text. I actually make it a point to cheese up my retouches so as to keep reality and fantasy seperate.

Rob Dawg said...

ratlab part deux,
The Fed can defend the dollar in a rearguard action and protect the general economy or it can try a doomed attempt to save the housing sector. Sorry housing. Higher interest rates and tighter lending are the only alternative. We all know they never should have gone so low and most agree with me in hindsight that the 1/4pct raises were too slow and thus too late. 3/4, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/4, 1/4, 3/4 would have left us at 4% and both cooled the housing market and reassured the exchange markets.

francisco d. said...

"So easy even Greenspan can see it"

Allen baby why so jaded?

It's only money.

ratlab said...

Rob, I was gonna say, the clone feature is your PS friend, but since you want to keep reality and fantasy separate, unlike the Cowardly Dandelion, forget it then.

I believe the small 25bp raises, though not directly affecting mortgage rates, gave the mortgage brokers and the REIC on last stab at FBs by saying, "Look, rates are climbing! Get in while you can!"

The housing sector cannot be saved, but raising rates and tightening standards should accelerate the housing bust, which is not the worst thing that could happen.

Dumbfounded said...

Hmmm....No post yet from our little snowflake about how sweet today was and how that win win situation unfolded when he failed forward.

I'm beginning to wonder.....

Could he have been picked up for questioning when he showed up at Modesto?

We can only hope...

Stephanie J. said...

...because he's out at the Macaroni Grill with the whole family celebrating.

Legion said...

I think he is milking the suspense for all it's worth. I'm sure the hits have gone up today with people rechecking his website for an update over and over again.

Anyone know how you can send an electric current to someone over the internet? Just asking...

Anonymous said...

What good is the supense and higher traffic when its not earning him any money with advertisements? Isn't he just paying more for bandwidth usage by these games?

Anonymous said...

At the very least maybe you should place some advertisements to earn more money. My favorite part of this site is accessing it from IAFF so casey can see the outlink. Must eat him up knowing it can make you money when he cant.

Legion said...

At this point it is all about ego...this guy would rather be defiled and hated than ignored...

SelavyOnLHOOHQredux said...

Rose Sélavy said...

Electric currents are fun. I'm game. Fun with currents!

Rose Sélavy said...

Falling back into my sci-fi proclivities, but tend to believe that if one truly focuses one energy one might create an earthquake...

Legion said...

I see you have discovered "the secret"
I am focusing my energies on the following

"I am Elmer J Fudd, millionaire, I own a mansion and a yacht"

I better see the mansion and yacht outside my trailer home tomorrow morning or I'm returning the book to the library.

Rose Sélavy said...

There are no secrets. Only games.

Ogg the Caveman said...

New post up at IAFF. It's surprisingly matter-of-fact, but there is this bit:

I feel a slight sense of relief. One less house to worry about. Now just memories. This was my biggest cash-back at close and the worst deal as far as numbers go.

Legion said...

Hey Ogg
Just checked it out, I think it was kind of a let down for him. That sale of his actually took 5 seconds, the auctions for all the houses is what took an hour. This gem is definitely a celebrity wannabe, did he seriously think a bunch of groupies was going to join in on the fun and meet their idol?

His sense of relief is what Rob and Lawn have said would happen, he hasn't felt any pain from the transaction at all yet. to him, he made money, then the bank just ook it back without forcing him to give up any dough. Remember how $1000 from wells fargo got him all in a tizzy? the guy didn't lose one dime on this transaction...YET.

Funny how the auctioneer used a garbage can as a podium, as most of the houses Casey bought was just that..trash.

I may have to do a citizens arrest when I get to Cali. Or maybe a citizens ass kicking.

Legion said...

I just thought of something

I don't think Casey will ever admit to being investigated or harassed from credit card companies or lenders, or the IRS.

To do so would mean having to admit that the haters were right. It would be just like him to keep acting like he is out there making deals, and will end the blog before he goes to jail with something like

"I was able to stay out of jail, I have declared bankruptcy, and I have moved on from my mistakes and have purchased more properties with private investors. I am really going to be busy now(so many golden nugets to choose from), so I won't be posting much on the blog anymore. Thank you fans and haters! Good bye and Godbless blah blah blah.."

I also think he is beginning to realize that the end of his blog is coming soon as well..without any houses to be foreclosed on, would anyone really give a shit about his life? that would be about as exciting as Galina in bed after telling her that not all of her credit cards were paid for the month.

Legion said...

Casey said
“Anybody interested in this one?” said the auctioneer in his bored tone of voice again. Silence. “Back to the bank it goes”. That’s a phrase I’ve been hearing a lot today. (It’s now stuck in my head).

Well I am glad that you have that phrase stuck in your head, because you will be hearing it a lot in jail;

"Anyone interested in this one" bubba asks in a bored voice (Taking his member out). No response
"Oh well, back in the ass it goes"

Anonymous said...

Snowflake had a flat tyre on the way! His sweet rim is damaged! Check it out

Ha ha ha ha!

Legion said...

Maybe it was Cashcall giving him a message?

I'm surprised he hasn't already torched the car and get some insurance money..oh that's right, he has already used it as collateral and he doesn't own it anymore.

C-Corp Man said...


He won't admit to the harassment because he also knows prospective "clients" visit his blog. If he posts about it others may think he doesn't have it under control.

ratlab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Casey had a flat and had to have VDubs towed.

I wonder why he didn't just change the tire himself.

Yes, I know, he has that towing policy he paid for. But still, it takes like 15 minutes to change a tire. He probably had to wait longer than that for the tow truck to show up.

TK said...

Well where do I start?

As anticipated, Sercasey is "relieved" to not have to deal with the house anymore, and was surprised to see the bank have such a low figure for a starting bid on "his" house.

My favorite part of the long and mostly boring post on what is likely to sink in on him later rather than sooner is the part where he says "Oh the memories" and then says it's the house he was most underwater on because of all the sweet cash back he got at closing.

Now he just continues time and again to reference his flagrant disregard for the law. He also has the balls to drag his dumbass wife to the auction to watch the sale. He's got a palpable sense of excitement. Seems to think he'd have some "fans" there. No such luck. Only some dude who once wanted to pay more for his house and now isn't the least bit interested, now that it's thousands of dollars less... How is this "all good" and exciting? I hope the bank goes after him for the promissory note and the difference. As someone commented earlier, this POS property will be back on the market in a couple weeks. Only this time I doubt Casey will make a run at it.

PS- I'd love to see Casey's "business card". Wonder what it identifies him as?

TK said...

When I was on the road a lot last year a had about 4 flats from driving on the Brooklyn-Queens expressway (lots of construction so I picked up a few nails and screws. Took 5 minutes to change the tire. Just went to some tire repair place to get it fixed after, but his problems look a lot worse. That tire is mangled. It's got too many miles on it and Casey can't afford a new set. Besides the car was such a beater when he bought it I wouldn't be surprised if it came with no spare. Or he was trying to get Galina to change it...

ratlab said...

The donut spare is clearly visible in the photos. Dandelion didn't want to get his hands dirty.

Anonymous said...

Any speculation on how the tire in:

got such damage? Was he running it flat for a while, or was it just an old crappy tire? Some combination of the two?

Anonymous said...

On the pre auction thread, little snowflake accidentally outs himself as Casey_supporter (#193.)

Catch it before it goes

Anonymous said...

My bet is L'il Snowflake drove on the tire while flat or almost flat, which crushed and split the sidewall. I have low profiles on my car (not as skinny as his), and they do not take as much damage as a regular tire - you have to stop driving immediately or you get that kind of damage.

I'd also bet fluff head has no clue how to change a tire, and/or there's no jack in the car, or he has no clue what it looks like or how to use it, let alone have the upper body strength to get the lugs off.

I'd also bet the car is parked at his in'laws for a long time before a new tire is on it.

So much for details. Spud brain can't keep the details in his "business" straight, let alone maintain a car. I check my car's tires every day, and fluids once a week. I'd bet he doesnt even know where the dipstick is, and has to go to a garage to get the windshield fluid replaced.

But then, I'm a chump who's worked on cars since I was 16, and work for a living to afford parts and tools.

I still can't over his gall to show up at the auction for a house he defrauded a bank to buy, and stands front and center as the bank is forced to auction it to cover his criminal intent and failure and laziness. It would be like an arsonist gawking at a house being rebuilt, that he torched.

Maybe the next auction can have several bystanders to call out, "Hey, is'nt that slacker up front the idiot who bought the house? I saw his website!"

TK said...

That tire looks like a cheap retread...horrible.

@Ratlab, maybe he didn't want to get his hands dirty, or maybe he never learned how to change a tire at all. That wouldn't surprise me, a guy like Casey has had everything done for him his whole life. He probably can't cook, do laundry or pay bills much less maintain a car.


There was reference in the comments section of one of his recent posts regarding creditors. Let's see if I can find it...I can't

But somebody asked him if the creditors came a knocking and ridiculously he admitted that partuclarly Cashcall had his number and called "almost every day".

That doesn't sound like Cashcall. In another 30 days they'll be stripping his car in the middle of the night.

BadjerJim said...

Hey Foreclosure Partay

I won the word game!

Casey posted my "word game" submission without editing/moderating.


TK said...

Holy shit!

193. Casey_Supporter
February 26th, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Casey I think you need to stay the course. Everything is going to work out in your favor and then you’ll be having jamba juice rewards while the rest of the 9-5 haters shuffle back and forth to their jobs. Hang in there casey!!!

How did he not catch that. Is this a blatant troll??

Go catch it, it's PRICELESS!

TK said...


Pricelesss. I caught that yesterday. I think you got em all. even without the spaces itsallgood. Beautiful. Did you manage to sneak in letsdoit?

BadjerJim said...


I tried to do the "letsdoit" but my gag reflex kicked in before I could get the keyboard to respond.

TK said...

At least we know we can always count on our fellow ENers to come up with new and interesting ways to screw with the delicate flower.

And it's also encouraging to know he's his biggest supporter! Now it must be asked, was that entire "fan mail" post made up? Methinks the answer is YES.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:04AM

Nah, it's just us haters screwing with the comments avatar plug-in he's running. Someone posted a simple hack a couple of days ago, about how to get Boy Wonder's picture to show up next to a comment, as this plug-in apparently only does a simple email address match.

This begs the question: how will Snowflake handle this? He can turn off the avatar thing, but that'll probably also turn off having his picture show up repeatedly in the comments section, which may be a fate worse than foreclosure to him.

He can also roll up his sleeves, get into the plug-in's source and fix the problem. The drawback with this course of action is that he'd actually have to know enough PHP and programming concepts to implement this solution. Perhaps he can "trick" the plug-in's author into dealing with it?

I suppose the other option is to let it happen, and then blame evil hackers for defacing (or, um, en-facing) his blog, rather than, you know, fixing the problem.

It's also quite possible that he doesn't know this is happening, because he doesn't read the comments section on the blog, at least in the way that we do. He probably sees the comments during moderation, but the avatar thing doesn't kick in at that point, and he doesn't look at the published page. It's possible he'll find out that he's been "hacked" only when he pops over to EN to see what's going on.

TK said...


I get more entertainment from knowing this is a hack as opposed to a simple screwup on his part. Either way it's a headache for him. If he has to lose the avatar in his posts, nobody will ever know it's really him. And now that somebody figured how to sneak this through (people do it on FFC all the time) it creates a situation that our friend will likely not find a solution for that will be to his liking. Good work whoever you are!

Anonymous said...

I know this is obviouus but I can't imagine going down to the courthouse and watching my property being auctioned off. The percentage of folks that would want to do that must be under 10 basis points or something like that.

Foreclosure Partay said...

Just for posterity, at the moment, 183, 187, and 193 all have Casey's photo next to them. Good job, folks!

@ Badjer
You definitely won. I bow to the master. Now if he'll just quote some of those comments on his next cheerleader support post...

Curious George said...

What's the deal with Burdett? Casey hasn't said anything about in a long long time. Is a foreclosure sale scheduled?

And a question on redemption rights: does the bank have to sit on the house during the redemption period? Or can they resell during that time. If so, what happens to a buyer who purchases the property from the bank when the previous owner exercises their redemption rights? (I know that the odds of the Rio Rancho house getting redeemed are very slim, but I'm just curious.)

BadjerJim said...

I disremember who suggested this photo, but I just did a quick PS edit:

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Casey Sweet Deal Review said...

This is more to check my recollection than anything.

1. Salmon Falls Dr, Sacramento, CA (Sold - 2003)
Casey bought and sold this townhouse with help from his parents during the bubble. He made $30k on the deal.

2. Calla Way, Sacramento, CA (Sold FSBO - Jan 2006)
3. Burdett Way, Sacramento CA
Casey sold Calla Way to a buyer, but took possession of Burdett as partial payment for Calla. He still holds Burdett and is facing foreclosure. Thus 2 and 3 are essentially the same "sweet deal."

4. Larchmont Dr, North Highlands CA (Foreclosed)
Casey paid $330k including $30k (or $50k?) cashback. He located a short sale buyer in December at $220k, but when the house foreclosed on 2/26/07 there were no takers at $216k.

5. Muncy Dr, Modesto CA
Foreclosure sale postponed into March due to possible short sale buyer.

6. W 10250 N, Highland UT (Wrapped, Unwrapped, Wrapped?)
Casey tentatively unloaded this one via wraparound in November or December. However the status of the wrap is terminally in question, with missing payments, lenders in the dark, and possible misconduct by real-estate professionals.

7. Guadalajara Dr, Rio Rancho NM
Foreclosure sale postponed into March due to snow.

8. Angleridge Rd, Dallas TX (Foreclosed)
Already foreclosed, but hard money lender promised not to report to credit agencies.

9. Sonora Ave, Albuquerque, NM (Sold FSBO via Round-robin Auction - Summer 2006)
Casey made a small amount of money on this deal. (a few thousand?)

Anonymous said...


The thing that the summary doesn't show is how much money I made. How many of you made $250k in the last 16 months? More sweet deals to come. Then, we'll see what you have to say.

Your friend in foreclosure (not YIFF)

Magnificent Mabel said...

It would be cool if Casey would change the name of his blog to I AM FORCING FACE CLOSURE.

Circle the Wagons said...

As long as he changes his other site to UnstAbleBuyer.