Friday, February 09, 2007

Post Du Jour

147. Perfect illustration
February 8th, 2007 at 2:30 pm

There couldn’t be a better illustration of why Casey’s fraud is evil. What Casey’s done through his mortgage fraud and irresponsible borrowing is to remove a bunch of housing stock from the sales and rental pool, with the effect of driving up prices for home buyers and renters (this is in addition to the big bill the rest of us bank customers got stuck with). Casey did not directly drive the blue car man into homelessness, but Casey’s actions drove someone on the edge, somewhere, into homelessness by making their rent higher than it would have been otherwise. These were not victimless crimes.



Legion said...

As for the district attorney in California receiving 95000 concerns about Casey's fraud, make it 95001

I want this POS to go down harder and faster than a Galina wanting a new gucci bag, or Nigel wanting more people visiting his blog.

Anonymous said...

Victims will now include all the subprime lender shareholders who are now going to lose an arm and a leg. Take a look at the stock action yesterday and today. After HSBC's warning, the proverbial sh!t is now officially hitting the fan. Seems like people are finally waking up.

Sooo ugly.

I have been short in some of these for a while. I was over 10% underwater with my short position, and I turned a profit in less than two days. NEW, CFC, LEND, to name a few.

Stephanie J. said...

Casey's posts are really annoying these days. They are complaints about consequences; but he's not sharing anything that he's actively doing - any progress, or efforts he's making to improve his situation and to pay back those infamous dirty pennies.

He's trying to portray himself as someone with honourable intentions, but has proven that he has no such ambitions.

"I want to pay back every dirty penny--unless I can get away with paying nothing..."


Benoit said...

Originally posted yesterday at CaseyLand --

I foresee Very Bad Things in both Casey's and Galina's future, if they think they can just ignore CashCall. In fact I whipped out the ol' crystal ball (read: MS-Paint) and asked it what would happen to the Gruesome Twosome --

1) Two weeks from now Casey goes into hiding.

2) Two months from now CashCall's enforcers finally catch up with Casey.

3) Six months from now, having inherited her husband's debt, Galina finds work in the only field she's skilled at.

The plot sickens... :-)

Legion said...

If CAsey really had any intention of paying back every dirty penny, he could have shown good faith by at least sacrificing his lifestyle to pay off the little debts. Like that sucker who lent him 3K months ago. Even a token 5 dollar payment would have been good. Instead he and Galina continue to spend money like they were BOTH working; dinners out business dinners college internet dual cell phones
the list goes on and on. His motto is really
"I want to pay back every dirty penny - with money borrowed from some other sucker, and as long as it doesn't crimp my lifestyle of the rich and fabulous."

The Original Kevin said...

Okay Stephanie J - you minx you - this is the 2nd time you spelled a word in the British manner.... You a Brit??

This is Casey's Brain said...

Just a quick update...supposed to audition for "American Idle" down in Monterey next week....but got to sell my houses!....tryin' to get the fliers made so I can advertise my places and sell them before the auctions next week and the week after...Photoshop is _SWEET_!...I took a nap...I'm thinking I should use Lucida Grande for the main font...also thinking about what kind of apartment building to buy with corporate credit thingy...thinking a 130-unit complex in Fair Oaks looks sweet....just need the corporate papers and I'm good to go..

Talked to my fantastic agent on the ground in Sacramento...she says homeless guy picked up my mail that was blowing all over the front yard....says a cat with a collar saying "Sputnik" (hey, I know that, that's Russian!...small world) took a dump on the pile of mail...but, like, it wasn't like I was gonna open it so it's all good

My super agent in Utah says the double double decaf wrap I did is unwrapped...I guess I need to take Week 5 of "The Art of Wrapping"--where will I get $4500? All the money coming from Utah went to other education....Maybe can get Yulia to get a Ca$hCall loan... Sweet!

Talked to BK lawyer...he wants another $100 to keep working on my case. Dude, like he is _stealing_ my money!...I gave him a WF check (won't he be in for a surprise when it bounces! haha...just like the Ca$hCall bloodsuckers...)

Some strange dudes in suits knocked on the door yesterday....Yulia said "Don't answer it." ...what 's this all about?...uncles are sayin we need to move...said it's getting too hot here..they're saying family needs to find a warmer place to start new sweet deals.....I don't understand this, cuz I think it's been pretty cold here lately...they also said I might need to take a dirt nap....what's this, don't I take enough naps already? Speaking of naps....we are blessed cuz it's all good!

G. says she has other plans for Valentine's Day, so I guess I'll work on rearranging the mail on my desk....still haven't decided whether to open it or's all good...

Guadalajara gets auctioned next week....I may drive to RR in Vdubs to see what this is like....then I can make it back to Modesto for Muncy auction on 24th

Talked to family about uncle offered me a one way ticket to, as if I really want to go back to Uzbekistan!...but he sort of insisted...Galina says she'll stay here and take her chances...she was gone again last night....she sure does study hard


Tony Soprano said...

@ Benoit

Awesome job on G. Spot on! I'll put her to work at the Bing.

Stephanie J. said...

@The most Original Kevin

No. I'm just a product of an international school system with lots of brit teachers. It's a habit I haven't quite purged, much to my editor's annoyance.

Stupidtoo said...

It is possible to be worse. Casey could be investigated for fruad to the tune of $317 million.

See here and here.

Tony Soprano said...


HEHE Knock yourselves out...

Subsonic22 said...

Loan Product Interest Rate Annual Percentage Rate Number of Payments Payment Amount
$5,075 Loan 59% 59.95% 84 $254.03
$2,600 Loan 96% 99.25% 42 $216.55
$1,075 Loan 89% 96.78% 42 $83.89

These are the interest rates at Cash Call for the respective loan amounts! Maybe 30% was a sweet deal after all?

Tim from Monterey Bay Area said...

Valentine's Day Massacre

Speaking of Valentine's Day, it's the 14th. Which is the same date set for the foreclosure (and/or auction) of Casey's Guadalajar Drive house in Rio Rancho.

(I tried searching for this date to confirm it, but the mentions of the "New Mexico house" and "Rio Rancho" and "6021 Guadalara" are scattered throughout thousands of entries. His "status" page last gave an update dated 9/29/06. Strange that he has time to blog but not time to even update the very pages that potential buyers might want to see.)

However, entering "6021 Guadalajara" into Google reveals the auction date:

6021 Guadalajara Road North East
Rio Rancho
New Mexico
01/10/2007: SALE SET FOR 2/14/07 AT
12:30 P.M.

Maybe we'll see a flurry of overnight mails (mailed the night before, as with Angleridge) and frantic messages and the eventual announcement that the acution has been delayed by a month, as with Muncy in Modesto.

(BTW, the one-month delay in Muncy suggests a 2/24 auction, or close to it--usually a Wednesday, I believe.)

I dub this month "The Valentine's Day Massacre."

(Not to be confused with the "Casey's Restaurant Massacree," where you can get anything you want, including Casey....that gets held in Folsom or Lompoc, depending on the types of charges he's convicted of.)


Northern Renter said...

Hey all,

For an idea of what our hero will be facing, check out

It's a rather daunting prospect.

Northern Renter

Clotpoll said...

To paraphrase from the excellent Will Blythe book: to hate like this is to be happy forever.

Eth Real said...

If the price of buying property was being driven up by this, there'd be no problem because he could get out of the properties he owns without a massive loss. renters may be facing higher prices, but buyers? Not yet. We have further down to go before prices stabilize.

Tony Soprano said...

Off topic but here is a shot of ANS coffin:)


delete all haters said...

Yes, may those massive jumblies rest in peace.

Tony Soprano said...

Sheesh, who wasn't tapping that?

I just sent the cashcall guys an email about our hero. Imagine what would happen if we all email CC every day about Sercasey. i think the gloves might come off pretty fast. not that they use gloves anyways..

Anonymous said...

from the sign on san diego article.

"Based on interviews he conducted with released convicts, Scholl says a person who doesn't know how to act in prison has a 25 percent to 30 percent chance of getting killed; a 10 percent to 15 percent chance of being raped; a 30 percent to 40 percent chance of getting stabbed; and an 80 percent to 90 percent chance of getting beaten."

knowing what our young nega-hero faces just warmed by heart. Just think -- even though Casey is in prison, both of them will be getting boned. Galina willingly, and Casey unwillingly ...
but still, a sweeet deal!


Tony Soprano said...

I don't think G is gonna have much of a choice either if she hangs around much longer.

G, if you are reading this, NOW is the time to run. Run to your girlfriends, parents, whoever, it doesn't matter. Just start running and don't stop. get far far away. See that door? Use it! And Go Heavy!

Tim from Monterey Bay Area said...

Eth Real said...
"If the price of buying property was being driven up by this, there'd be no problem because he could get out of the properties he owns without a massive loss. renters may be facing higher prices, but buyers? Not yet. We have further down to go before prices stabilize."

You're ignoring _phasing_. We are now in a downward phase of the bubble phase that people like Casey caused through much of 2004-5 and into the first half of 2006. Casey happened to catch this phase at precisely the wrong time.

(I'm not claiming a direct causal relation between Casey's actions in 1H06 and his current problems. But the _type_ of actions Casey took, and the carelessness of appraisers, loan officers, and others certainly contributed mightily to the bubble.)


lawnmower man said...

By handy coincidence, the 14th is also the date of the appointment that Casey claims to have with his CPA for tax preparation.

I suspect his CPA appointment is going to be a bloodbath: Casey's idea of financial organization is stacking his unopened mail, so organizing his mishmash of documentation and half-remembered transactions into a coherent return is going to be long, complex, and expensive. Can he afford it? And is it just me who, when he says "my CPA" -- part of his Kiyosaki-mandated "team" -- suspects that what he really means "the temp dude at H.R. Block"?

Valentine's Day Massacre indeed.

Tim from Monterey Bay Area said...

I'll bet dollars to latte ventes that Casey cancels the 2/14 tax session. He has neither the organization to be ready nor the cash to pay for a session.

His will be what tax preparer's call a "shoebox return," as in "Here's a box with my receipts." Much effort will be needed for a preparer to get up to speed on all of the various "FSBO round robin auction" (how he sold an Albuquerque house we only recently heard about for the first time), his wraps, his estimated taxes not paid on earlier sale income, his various deals with friends who hired him but apparently didn't pay payroll taxes on him, and how he tries to write off $45K in "education" costs.

This will be a costly return to prepare. And the one for 2007 will be littered with 4-5 more foreclosures.


Tony Soprano said...

Casey can't afford a gallon of milk much less an accountant. And besides, what accountant is gonna put his ass on the line for Casey? No my friends, I say Casey is getting mighty uncomfortable right about now. He has how many DA's crawling up his ass? Cash Call up his ass, RE Boards up his ass, Hard money guys up his ass and now the IRS is about to REALLY ream him out.

Tim from Monterey Bay Area said...

lawnmower man said:
"And is it just me who, when he says "my CPA" -- part of his Kiyosaki-mandated "team" -- suspects that what he really means "the temp dude at H.R. Block"?"

Speaking of which, remember when Casey said Galina was going to use her accounting training at Sierra College to start doing tax returns part-time in January?

(Just to head off the obvious, Casey later told us that he and Galina had decided she should go back to school full-time, etc.)

Something is mighty strange when a wife ostensibly trained in accounting and apparently prepared to starting doing tax returns for HR Block or whomever is now "uninvolved" in the finances and taxes for their trainwreck.

She apparently does not care that his taxes are also _her_ taxes, even if they file separate returns. (Partly because her name was on some of the property deeds, including the foreclosed-upon property in Dallas. And on some of the other deeds, if memory serves. And her credit cards were used, Casey says, for various real estate-related expenditures. Which means their funds were co-mingled in various ways. Makes filing completely disjoint tax returns much harder. Maybe she thinks she doesn't even have to file?)

This is all part of the larger train wreck, that of having a wife who is high-maintenance and who doesn't work or have money of her own.


Anonymous said...

@ Tony Soprano

Galina run?

I don't think she can walk. Casey's old posts prove Galina has much difficulty getting off the couch. I think she is waiting for a poster at IAFF to rescue her.

In my opinion, she is so lazy that leaving Casey Serin would be like... work.

Supreme Loather said...

Anyone want to fill out this application on Casey's behalf ?

Klaw Hamner said...

Here are pictures of Casey. Use them in your own anti-Casey web site or promotional items AT NO CHARGE.

Stephanie J. said...

That's just plain creepy.

Anonymous said...

"In my opinion, she is so lazy that leaving Casey Serin would be like... work."

Galina leave? Why? It's *her sister's* house.

No, odds are L'il Casey is living out of the 'Dub or the Sac house soon.

Anonymous said...

...If he's not living in his car already.

Ogg The Caveman said...

In all seriousness, all this PMITA talk is starting to creep me out. I want Casey to get his due as much as the next guy, but I can't imagine hating somebody so much as to wish rape on them.

The occasional joke is one thing, but it's reached an intensity on this blog that really makes me wonder about some folks.

Legion said...

I agree, I don't really want him to be raped either, though some slaps to the head I could go for, and that electric collar thingy. At any case, even if he was raped in prison you know he would blog about it and say "Yeah my ass hurts, but hey, it's ALL good!"

Dolph, Just Dolph said...

Me neither. I just want him to pay for his fraud either through restitution/probation (he will have the felony on his record though...good enough for me).

I don't want him to go to jail too long. I figure a short time will put the scare into him.

Ogg The Caveman said...

@ Legion:

I'm not exactly sure where my limit is in terms of bad things happening to Casey, but I do know that it falls somewhere between an encounter with Stephanie J's Doc Martens, and becoming Bubba's girlfriend.

I guess I should feel a bit conflicted, since I do think he should go to prison and I also think he's likely to have a rough time of it. He's young, good-looking, appears physically weak, and has a penchant for pissing people off. That's not a good combination. However, I find that I can think that he deserves to do time while deploring the way he is likely to be treated.

Tony Soprano said...

I for one want him to be Bubbas bitch and be ass raped nightly. I hope no pillow is thick enough to muffle his screams of agony! THAT is the only way he will ever learn what he did was wrong. Otherwise, when he gets out, he'll just go back to scamming again. Prison is not supposed to be fun gang..sheesh...

chjts said...

Today we look in on our favorite hero to see what life is like for a dedication R/E investor.

"Who are those people Casey?", Galina says looking through the miniblinds.

"Honey, cant you see I am moving these stacks of mail arround, I am very busy here".

"Well they are very big guys and they dont look friendly".

With a sigh of disgust, our young Casey gets up and looks out the window. Immedietly dropping to the floor, he starts to break out in a sweat. "It's the Uncles Galina."

"No, It cant be".

He sees them walk around to the back of the apartment and Casey wonders why they had to live in the bottom unit of the apartments.

They walk right in not realizing that young casey forgot to lock the sliding glass door.

The big mongoloid looking one that bore a striking resemblence to the offspring of a Klingon and Abe Pagota grabbed Young Casey and lifted him almost 2 feet off the ground to bring him eye to eye with him.

"Look, if it wasnt for your father, Uncle would never had loaned you that money"

"I know , I know..I am said that he gave that part of his life up when he came to America"

"You need to pay or we are going to take it out on trade with your wife"

"I would never let my babushka do that....we love each other and that is sacred"

Casey winks his eye at the thug "never in a million years would I ever allow that"

Just then the thug tells the other thug to take her outside and have a smoke while he has a man to man talk with casey.

"Now that they are gone....what are your terms" casey says knowing that Galina cant hear him.

"We get galina 4 nights out of the week and for special parties..this will be for 1 year."

"and this will cancel my debt with uncle?"


"Will I make any money from this, and Galina can never know about this too"

"you little have allot of balls", the thug says as he backhands casey across the face sending splatters of blood flying across the room onto the wall.

"Look some of these clients tip big, I usually collect the tips and keep them for myself..last thing we need is one of our whores saving a bunch of money and dissapearing on us...I will split this with you 70/30"

"70/30, that is not a sweet wife is going to be used and abused by hundreds of slobby slavic men and you offer me those terms, I want 50/50"

"How about I just kill you right now?"

"70/30 sounds great...this is a win/win here"

The thug waves the other man back in with galina.

"Your gonna entertain guests for Uncle or I am going to kill your husband"

Casey "No, galina would never do galina I wont let you do it"

Thug "You will do it or he will die right now"

Galina is all teary eyed and about to lose complete control "I will do it because I love my husband"

Just then the thug pulls out a knife and cuts caseys pinky finger off "Let this be a lesson to both of you, I mean business...if she doesnt do die."

casey is screaming bloody murder and they move him over to bounce on his blue ball to calm him down.

Galina runs into the bedroom and locks the door unable to face the situation anymore.

casey "fuck that hurts..but that was pretty sweet to convince her like you want to pick her up this friday or do I need to drive her over"

"You will need to drop her off at the locations that are phoned to you and pick her up approximately 3 hours later at that same location"

"Can I get an advance on that 30% then...see this guy duane owes me 750 and hasnt paid me I am a little short on gas money. Also I can think of a way for you to earn up to a 24% return on your 70% you make too........"

HAHAHAHAHAH Hey casey I know a way I can make a 100% return on my money.....Not give any of it to you.

Fucking thief ..go to jail.

mel said...

Ogg, it would take a prehistoric caveman to bring a voice of reason to this blog. I agree wholeheartedly with you - I don't want our hero gang raped or beaten to a pulp either. He is far too fragile both mentally and physically (anyone see on myspace where he described his build as "athletic" bwhahaha. It is fun to talk about punching him in the head or using him as a human speedbump, but I am sure that both Stephanie or I would be hard pressed to either a) bruise our knuckles or b) f*ck up the undercarriage of our vehicles. (Not trying to think for you Stephanie, I just know how us girls hate to see grown men cry after we beat the living shit outta them).

However, I do think he needs to serve time (would have to be solitary confinement with that athletic build of his tho) and be made to live a life of total abstinance (both from sex and money). Sounds like a life straight from hell to me.

Legion said...

@Ogg and Mel

I must admit though, if I was a guard at that prison, and I knew about Casey, and he was getting salad tossed, I probably would just keep on walking. Especially if I was renting because I couldn't afford to succesfully bid and buy a house with my salary.

king friday the 13th said...

@ tony soprano

I read "ass raped nightly" as "ass raped lightly", and said to myself "don't go soft tony".

I want Casey to have to toss a few salads as well. I want him to be break. Oh, and Galina will likely be "servicing" their debt in some of sac towns finer "massage parlors".

Hey, I bust my ass at my job, and my fiance at hers too. because of s--tstains like Casey, >$200K household income in the Bay Area, CA allows you to buy a meth lab (suburbs) or a crackhouse (urban). we are in our early 30's and live quite frugally. I've been to jamba juice ONCE out of curiousity. Eat out once a week, and hit starbucks once a month. no cable tv, and our cars are 4 and 7 years old respectively.

livin' the high life, trying to scrap together a down payment for a house. all because of little s--ts like casey and galina bidding houses to the stratosphere.

so yeah, I want to see Casey and Galina pay dearly for ruining the lives of people like us.

mel said...

King Friday, I can't believe I am admitting this but when I was a kid I used to fantasize about hopping on the trolley and coming to live in the castle with you. In fact, I had that same fantasy just the other night....

Damn, I need to get out more.

ratlab said...

With all the action that went on right before the Modesto auction to postpone the auction, there has been very little action (so it seems) since. If there were buyers ready to jump on a short sale, what are they doing now?

Tony Soprano said...

@ chjts

Bravo!, Bravo!

Golf Clap! I couldn't have said it better.

I would LOVE to walk into a nice massage place and find G there working off the debt. You know, they move the girls around a lot so none of them get any ideas. maybe I'll pull some strings and see if I can get here transfered up here to the PNW. Sweet....Hope she likes "Russian":)

king friday the 13th said...


personally I used to fantasize about riding Lady Aberlin, who has quite a rack ... I presume.