Friday, April 20, 2007

Danger Will Robinson!

Okay, Casey. Understand a few things; your life isn't over, your marriage isn't over, your future isn't over. You have your health. Got it? Say it. Come on. Say it. Okay, now. Many of us understand the mania/depressive cycle. Most accept this in you. Some even understand that you need to see it before it can change. Got this? Okay, now suck it up. Nobody is gonna slash the tires on the cashcall VDubs.

Yawn. What was I thinking? Advise? Never happen. Honest? GMAFB, you won't even admit to the recent important business. Yawn.


Sprezzatura said...


R-Boy said...


Uzbecki Durok said...

Tretii Turst!

Sprezzatura said...

OK, now that I have gotten that out of the way....

I'd be a lot more sympathetic if he hadn't dug this huge freaking hole for himself, sat down inside the hole, and refused to to a goddamn thing about getting out of it.

Anonymous said...

He should kill himself on a webcam.

Anonymous said...

Preferably drowning himself in that pool during the day of foreclosure.

Uzbecki Durok said...

Even though KC apprently can't buy a clue about how to start digging out of this, suggestions that he off himself are really uncalled for.

The Original Kevin™ said...

He & his family are nothing but travellers.

The Original Kevin™ said...

HHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh. My. God. I just saw his latest post at IFF, assuming this thread is in response to that...

Too funny.

He is getting good at trolling.

Snoop Dawg said...

Furshizzle and Mursizzle. That Vdubs is fo sho one swizzle ridizzle. Somebody grab the weed and the ho's and let's roll on to the VIPizizzle room.

The Original Kevin™ said...

Man... HHAHA... I'm still laughing at this latest pic...

It just SCREAMS to be highjacked & manipulated by that one & only beauty Stephanie...

GameOver said...

Sorry for the double post in comments but since it is on topic... ____________________________

Debt. => File Bankruptcy
Finances. =>Get a job
Blog. => Stop moderating EVERY EFFING COMMENT.
Foreclosure Site. => Don't bother
Negativity. =>This is realism
Haters. =>We tried to help, you didn't listen.
Details. =>Uh, yeah...that is what business are built on. Follow-through. => Just do it!
Partnerships. =>Don't even bother, get a job.
Opportunities. =>You don't have any worth going after Job. =>Duh.
Book. =>Nope, no one cares enough to spend the money Success story. =>What success?
Big deals. =>Your deal with the DA?
Crazy ideas. =>Aren't all of yours?
Passive income. =>Doesn't exist how you want it.
Huge deals. =>More jail bait for the DA.
Goals. => Take out the effing trash.
Focus. => Just do it
Priorities. =>God, Galina Job. NOTHING ELSE Marriage.=>Why bother at this point? She's going to leave.
Values. => You have any beyond money?
Faith. => Better keep it or you'll get too depressed.
Purpose. =>None I can think of.
Progress. => Please prove you've made some.
Time. => You have plenty, remember, NO EFFING JOB. Finances. => GET AN EFFING JOB!
Finances. =>GET AN EFFING JOB!

Anonymous said...

Nice staged photo, Snowflake. I don't buy it. You're just trolling, knock it off.

You've been given every opportunity to be honest, to not lie, and to take responsibility for your life. This fake "Dark Teatime of the Soul" moment you're attempting falls flat and stale after all your antics, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

I learned a long time ago to judge someone not by their problems, but how they deal with their problems.

An honest man, who's living a life worth living, takes on adversity and strife head on, and deals with the problem. Sometimes he fails, but is stronger from the attempt.

You avoid them, lie about them, ignore them, distract from them, and ultimitely when you're painted into a corner, you cry and whine like a child, helpless.

DEFINE yourself.

Adult life is a mix of "have to" and "want to". You invariably choose "want to" and ignore "have to", and then whine when the consequences hit you. EVERYTHING you face, EVERYTHING, is something you could have avoided if you'd done the right thing from day one, but YOU CHOSE to lie, steal, defraud, distort, and ignore it all.

Take your pathetic attempts at sympathy and shove them as far up your pampered little ass as far as it will go, and then twist it 360˚.

Fuck you, Casey. From the bitter, loathing bottom of my heart, fuck you. You have NO reason to whine about anything, when your problems are of your own making, and you REFUSE, to the point of temper tantrum, to face them honestly.

Fuck you, little boy.

dsw said...

I posted over there:

Aw, but you left out "it's all good!"

Impulsive wreck said...

I'm kind of thinking Casey is faking his M/D cycle. It occurs too quickly to be classic bipolar. In my uncredentialed opinion, the reason bipolar disorder is the Flavor of the Month among psychiatrists is because people think the cycles are shorter than they are. Yes, Casey is an impulsive wreck, but I don't think any psychiatrist worth his salt would concede that Casey is legitimately bipolar.

Master Yoda said...

Trouble, our young Snowflake does have.

Haterz, many there are.

Shave and haircut, need these Snowflake does.

A blue sweater, found in the dumpster he did.

Long list of words, understand these he does not.

Puke, from my stomach it does rise.

Flailing Forward said...


Juice. Naps. Burritos. Sweet rims. Highlights. Naps. Murses. Paypal. Macaroni Grill. Vdubs. Hot/cold showers. The Secret. Wheatgrass. Naps. PDAs. Yneone. Argyle beanies. Chipotle. Blueballs (bouncing). Mongolian BBQ. Naps with Nigel. IKEA. Snowboarding. Hawaii. Starbucks. Corporate credit. $165,000 in cashback.

Focus on the positivity duuuuuude.

Scratch that, suck your widdle wip back in and focus on cleaning that nasty pool.

ASW is misspelled. It says failforward.

Sprezzatura said...

I took pity on the fool and posted a link to It won't help him, I think he is too far gone for that, but it would be pretty amusing if he decided to try her advice out. Maybe he will post a photo of his clean sink!

Casey "Gelatinous Pool" Serin said...

Why won't everyone just leave me alone??? This is not the way it showed thingys on the brochure back in Uzbekistan.

I just want to sit at home and be a CEO. STOP HATING ON ME!!!!!!!

segfault said...

Wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a sweater in California this time of year will give you heat stroke. Combine that with the heat from your cell phone and more insulation from a murse and your innards could cook from the inside out!

Anonymous said...


That made me very happy. :)

Anonymous said...


Actually, here in the Bay Area it's chilly and rainy - Sac might be as well. It's been a somewhat tepid spring, no real hot weather yet.

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's time for the



Post your entry now!

Sprezzatura said...

Bay Area here, and it's kind of chilly today. I had fleece and a turtleneck on this AM.

Tony Soprano said...

Casey, sack up and get er done your lazy fuck! You think your depressed now? How you gonna feel when Bubba ass rams you and dumps a hot load down your gullet? How you gonna feel when someone like me comes along to Galina, runs some weak game and snatches that ass right out from underneath you and kicks it to a cab in the morning?

Here is how to start getting out of the hole. Free, no $39 Bullshit. All you have to do is declare BK and the process will start getting better. Really, that simple.

Mr. Bubbles said...

Debt. Finances. Blog. Foreclosure Site. Negativity. Haters. Details. Follow-through. Partnerships. Opportunities. Job. Book. Success story. Big deals. Crazy ideas. Passive income. Huge deals. Goals. Focus. Priorities. Marriage. Values. Faith. Purpose. Progress. Time. Finances. Finances. Finances…

The pressure of it all is getting to be too much.

Snowflake, out of that list of twenty or so above, can you name ONE in which you succeeded other than us HATERZ and NEGATIVITY?

Why not take Homey's advice and turn yourself in? Because that would be the right thing to do?

Oh,nice staged photo by the new VAIO laptop. Mr. Blip will sieze that, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Malignant narcissists seek a "narcissistic load" -- their drug of choice -- which is ATTENTION.
Positive attention and negative attention are one and the same -- attention is attention. People suffering from this disorder tend to blame others for their difficulties, fly into a "narcissistic rages," and seek revenge as their due.

Attention is the drug, the victory, the raison d'etre -- the narcissist simply needs to be the center of attention, and will get his fix by any means necessary.

M. SINGH said...


I have three questions concerning the picture. Perhaps you will be able to answer them:

1) Why is he wearing a ridiculous pullover sweater when the temperature in Sacramento is approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit?

2) Why does his laptop sport a 3.5" floppy disk drive?

3) Do you suppose he needs to utilize the services of this gentleman the next time he visits Roseville? I am not sure whether he would take a "bartering arrangement." However, judging from one particular link on his page, it seems they will have plenty to talk about.

I remain,


Anonymous said...

The pool is another example of fraud that Snowflake has committed as a result of these transactions. Here is verbage from the typical mortgage that addresses this:

Borrower shall not commit waste or destroy, damage or substantially change the property or allow the property to deteriorate, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

Allowing to let your pool go uncleaned for 9 months doesn't seem reasonable to me. Snowflake should at least have the common decency to keep his property in presentable condition for at least his neighbors sake. How this POS has any supporters is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Suicide watch on webcam.

Maybe donations for v. against would be a money raising option.

He should just get a life insurance policy and crash the cashcall vdubs.

LOL said...

I called it yesterday, he is gearing up for another beg-a-thon.

Honestly Wondering said...

1) Why is he wearing a ridiculous pullover sweater when the temperature in Sacramento is approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit?

I can testify that here in Florida, a 60 degree day can be cause to break out a sweater. The blood thins after a few years, you get adjusted to regular 80-95 degree days. 60 degrees can get cold.

Anonymous said...

suggesting anyone, commit suicide is overthe top. R Dawg why dont you delete such nonsense? Hating is one thing, but that is over the line. Suicide on web cam, come on...He is a jerk, but this is over the line.

GameOver said...

I'd pay to see a few things for the next beg-a-thon but I would only send payment DIRECTLY to the holder of his debt (ie Cashcall or Yulia).

He's got no accountability to where the money is going otherwise.

Sweet Moments in Serin History said...

Today's topic: the value of hard work.

Casey Serin, 10/11/06, IAFF comment 22.

“All those haters who think I am too lazy to work - why don’t you try doing some of this stuff yourself!

I bet I’m working hard than you! My wife and I are even having marriage issues because of it. First I’m working all day and all night long, second I’m not making any money (yet). We have been arguing about it lately. Yes, I need to learn how to balance, and how to keep my priorities straight.

Sure I’m not getting instant money. I’m not trading 1 unit of time for 1 unit of pay like traditional employment. What I’m doing is much better. I’m trading 1 unit of time for unlimited future potential. The skills i’m learning by trying to invest and failing are very valuable.”

M. SINGH said...


While I agree that any calls for Mr. SERIN's suicide are unwarranted, I do believe -- given his penchant for alternative healing methods -- that we will sooner see him in an orgone box rather than a pine one.

I remain,


Kerriella said...

I left a comment but after reading these comments I wish I hadn't. Duh, of course he is staging. In fact after all of his complaining lately about the haters I think this whole thing is a ploy to get us off his back because he is soooo fragile right now. Maybe I ought to go back and post my thoughts but really whats the point?

dumbfounded said...

Ditto Anon @ 11:44.

Only next time please don't hold back and tell us how you really feel....and while you're at it, please click the link on my handle and sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

Live comments look to be working. I posted about Casey needing to take a vacation.

Kerriella said...

12:34 Anon

looks like he disabled and deleted the live comments cause now I only get 3 comments instead of 6

Mr. Bubbles said...

From Dr. (Feelgood) Funk's website.

"Real Estate Investor Seeks Apprentice $10k-$20k/mo!

My name is Dr. Steve Funk, and I am a real estate investor/chiropractor working out of the Roseville, Ca area. My investing business has recently picked up and I am looking for some partners/apprentices who are serious about investing in real estate and want to work with a mentor & a nationwide community of investors.

If you are serious, then fill out the form on the left and I will be in contact with more information. I look forward to speaking with you! For now you can check out the links below for more information about Nouveau Riche University and Community of Investors...

Nouveau Riche University does not merely educate people about real estate investing, it creates Real Estate Investors.

While many want to travel the road to riches, Nouveau Riche University students want to own the right of way! To help them in their quest, we have created an educational and support system that is unsurpassed. Our simple, time-tested formula for success is…“first you learn, then you earn.”

Nouveau Riche University students have shown that they act on what they’ve learned, so we can confidently say that “we don’t just teach real-estate-investing…we create Real Estate Investors!”

Dr. Feelgood has the same picture of the office as does Chris Record. I'm thinking Snowflake is in on another scam.

Kerriella said...

wow refreshed and now it went from 3 comments to 35. He can't be too depressed if he is this on the ball with moderating.

GameOver said...


let's see how long it lasts before he bans me!

Ogg the Caveman said...

Wow. An entire post without a single hint of Casey-newspeak. He sounds downright realistic. Is he in danger of becoming one of his own Haterz™?

aaron said...

he'll turn that instant comment off in no time b/c im sure he couldn't figure out how to set it up to block IP's etc.

Anonymous said...

seg sed

Wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a sweater in California this time of year will give you heat stroke.

thats obvious.
casey the user & abuser
is blasting the AC
running up his SIL's electric bill.

Dr. Ogg said...

I do believe I have found the cure for Snowflake's mood.

Stephanie J. said...

Ah... the depressive stage. What a surprise. I'm so sympathetic I laughed for a good ten minutes straight after reading his post.

You're right Kevin; I may have to snag that picture tonight and work some magic with it.

Monkeydance Friday!!!! said...

Friday, April 20, 2007........


On Iamfacingforeclosure dot com, it's...


(laser sounds)

The swooning public is invited to ask real estate entrepreneur Casey Serin questions about topics that don't make him too uncomfortable for a low, low, introductory fee of just $30. (plus $1 per instant comment plus $2 per minute plus 1 jamba handling fee.) $30 really isn't that much money, people. He will usually consider answering any question you want as long as it's not on any of the following topics:

fraud, loans, housing, cashback, jail, lying, foreclosure, real estate, being dishonest, pools, Macaroni Grill, overdraft fees, Cashcall, murses, highlights, Prlinkbiz, gurus, ethics, work, his blog, his history, RESCOM, his vacation, what he does all day, the Vdubs, napping, Galina, Yulia, his family, all natural carnitas burritos, Uzbekistan, Nigel, Duane, AbleBuyer, SerinSites, headwear, the color blue, taxes, IKEA, accounting, computar skillz, misspellings, business, economics, the housing bubble, veganism, religion, Prlinkbiz, Earth Mission, ponzi schemes, chain letters, breakdancing, wheatgrass, law enforcement, haterz, webstats, Homey Da Clown, 5th grade math, the date, the difference between seize/cease or lose/loose, whether he dresses himself, or the Dewey decimal system.

Anything else is on the table!! And that's not all!! For a mere $250, he will allow you to interview him, provided that he gets to ask all the questions!! Limited time only! Call now!! Snowflakes are standing by!!!

(916) 595-9632

king friday the 13th said...

dr. funk-master may be the chiropractor who "tenderized" tenderloin after he "bartered tech services". hmmm, some of the links on dr. funk's site are broken, so looks like a Serin job to me!

I saw the link to the real estate investing club, and nearly spit my soda into my keyboard when I saw Dr. Funky shrilling for Nouveau Riche University.

Wonder what other savory characters are in this real-estate investing club. And how many of them will be sharing cells with Casey and Galina?

LOL said...

Well that lasted about 10 min, he is back to chastising haterz.

Dolph said...

First, he's trolling for attention because he NEEDS it.

Second, he needs a freaking haircut. Sorry buddy, your boy band hair style is unprofessional (unless he works in the music biz, X-Games sports retailers, computer programming career or movies). NOBODY will ever take you seriously Casey. THAT is fact.

Third and most important, IF this post is real does this mean that good things ARE NO LONGER around the corner?

I mean, is he realizing that there is a huge difference between having meetings and talking with prospective partners and waiting for them to do DD on you? Is he realizing the people he's gotten involved with are most likely not giving him one thin dime until he provides them with clients and profitable opportunities?

Everybody I've every presented a business idea to wanted a detailed business plan, year by year sales growth analysis, marketing and sales goals, etc. I can't see Casey having any patience for this kind of thing. When I was talking about funding this kid for an online retail store, he was enthusiastic and appeared to have his crap together. Problems arose when he THOUGHT I had agreed (nothing in writing) because we met and kept talking about when I'd fund his business. He kept losing patience even though I clearly kept telling him to GIVE ME A BUSINESS PLAN. I had other partners who would not invest in this unless he provided this. Needless to say, he never provided me a thing.

I'd bet Casey is exactly the same person. Lots of "ideas" with no game plan means no way I give this kid my money to play with.

So basically is Casey trolling or what?

Anonymous said...

Guys -

Can't you see what snowflake is doing?

He is "deflecting"

Many valid questions were asked yesterday

"why not pay rent?"
"where did you go on vacation?"
"where did the $$ for IKEA stuff come from"
"What did you do with the excess of $400 you got from the beg-a-thon after paying cashcall?"

Rather than answer the tough questions, he has chosed to go the "poor me" route - and it is working!

People are offering sympathy. People are hating.

Most importantly, the though - the tough questions are being ignored.

Anonymous said...

Is Nigey Poo now the owner if IAFF

"Note: if you are not logged-in your comment will be held back for moderation and will not appear right away.

For instant comments register and login.

If you are too disrespectful you will be banned! Email accounts from "" and similar services will be banned also. "

aaron said...

ahhh poor snowflake is stressed. he better go take a 3 hour nap now.

he's a growing baby don't you know(well of course we know).

lawnmower man said...

Dr. Funk the NRU-toting chiropractor? It's too good.

Well done M. SINGH: you are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Most of a post that I left...


This week of all weeks, I hope that you have the decency not to manipulate us with photos in order to skate along a little while longer. I hope you're not using "mental illness" as an excuse to bs, troll, or to extract money from us. Not during this week when someone else who wanted attention manipulated us with a photo and 32 people have lost their lives. Don't. It's shameful.

Please--If you are truly down, if you really feel that you are at your wit's end, then go see a mental health professional. NOW. I'm not kidding.

Sprezzatura said...

The lower right corner of Dr Funk's site gives credit to some other dude for the web design.

Casey had shown this pattern of swinging from high to low (and back again) for a while. I doubt this is Nigel or trolling; look back over time & you'll see this is a typical Casey pattern.

A lot of bills come due around the 20th of the month; perhaps he's feeling the pain from trying to figure our how to keep his cellphone account active, or maybe Galina and he had a fight.

aaron said...

well if he's not trolling and might really take some good advice it seems there are many heartfelt posts there that aren't hating but telling it like it is. Giving him honest advice as to how he can start pulling himself up. Let's see if he takes it and finds a J _ O _ B.

I give him 20:1 odds. anyone else?

Sprezzatura said...

@Anon 1:20 -- well said.

@aaron -- also well said, and those odds sound about right. He'll probably go through some of his e-mail, cheer himself up with the though of sweet deals, and go onto another up cycle.

Benwa Mandelbrot said...

Orgone, huh?

This would be the - what? - sixth Reich, I guess.

Casey will neither get the trains nor the clouds running on time, I fear.

Anonymous said...



Flailing Forward said...

Anyone else get in with a mailinator account? I did, but it didn't say the mailinator bit then, and I'm wondering why I'm not banned. Maybe I'm good until I logout since I've got the cookie?