Friday, March 30, 2007

$220 or ELSE

This is too weird. I loaned $220 to an old client down on his luck. Now Casey needs that same amount; $220 to keep the wolves at bay. There is a differnce however. my client gave me the pink slip to the vehicle you see here.


Dimes said...

First! No donations for Casey!

PMSPMS™©® said...

HELL! If I lived in the US I'd give you $440 for that pink slip Rob!

Dimes said...

Besides, even if he does pay them, how is cashcall going to negotiate the payment before Monday?

LOL said...

OK now is is saying the donations aren't enough! He wants $30 to go look up his highest stated loan income $20 isn't enough.

LOL said...

He bailed to go "eat some food" apparently the donations were not coming in fast enough to keep his attention.

Lost Cause said...

That boy is pathetic.

T said...

He obviously doesn't want my $20.

Lou Minatti said...

Seems that he's eager to keep up the flow of comments when there's a Paypal button.

Would everyone chip in $5 if he promised to remove the moderation?

PMSPMS™©® said...

T - he could have sent Galina out for the Groceries surely? The problem is I guess that he may not have $20 for the groceries up front. Kudos to you anyways.

420 said...

220 for his (and G's) ongoing 420? F that shit.

Anonymous said...

74. Rico Swaubay
March 30th, 2007 at 7:07 pm

I will send you 100 Olympic pins from the Utah games if you will proclaim me “Blogger of the Century”. I do so love awards.

420 said...

Not to mention the "occasional" meth issues.

Stanley said...


Check my response to your question on the previous topic....

Rob Dawg said...

You understand once you accept money any subsequent untruths are wire fraud. Right? Think carefully. That means someone asks about your financial arrangements with Nigel and you reply "I'm not at liberty to say" you may end up being asked to prove that.

People are desperate for information. Some have been unbelievably generous in their support of that goal. There is a problem however. Face it, you don't do well with money. Can you set up a trusted third party to promise the money goes to the right places?

Speaking of trust; "We’re 2 months behind on rent and if we don’t pay then things will get rather uncomfortable around here." Come on. "Y" has no idea you are $650,000 in debt does she?

Seeing it is a Lenten Friday we had Scallops in spagetti sauce over Riggitoni, French bread, milk and Chardonay. Musta splurged, maybe $9 for the four of us. Any bets Casey doesn't do better?

420 said...

In the midst of so much busy-ness, has stinky cotton schwab/nabby/ugly had a chance to follow up on his manifesto?

Casey's Conscience said...

What I'll do for cash:

PMSPMS™©® said...

is the money for cashcall or the ticket I wonder?

Rob Dawg said...

You understand once you accept money any subsequent untruths are wire fraud. Right? Think carefully. That means someone asks about your financial arrangements with Nigel and you reply "I'm not at liberty to say" you may end up being asked to prove that.

You understand once you accept money any subsequent untruths are wire fraud. Right? Think carefully. That means someone asks about your financial arrangements with ***** and you reply “I’m not at liberty to say” you may end up being asked to prove that.

Gee, why the difference?

Anonymous said...

well crap i just risked $220. i'm not worried.

Benoit™ said...

Anyone listen to the whole CashCall transcript? Casey bleeped out the name of the male representative at first, but accidentally let it slip during the second call (when the female rep is speaking). I'm sure it'll be deleted right after Gaysey reads this, but it's at 24:42 to 24:50 in the call.

The rep's name is "Mr. King". Might be very helpful for anyone who wishes to inform the CashCall rep exactly what Mr. Serin is up to... :-p

Anonymous said...

Where is that link to Galena? I am explaing this who thing to my friend over IM and i mentioned she was hot, and he said "link" so i need a link to that one pic. Cmon now! Thank you.

PMSPMS™©® said...

Anonymous said...

101. Casey Serin
March 30th, 2007 at 7:59 pm FREE MODERATION: For a limited time tonight, if you pay $10 I will give you the right to post your comments freely on this blog without moderation for one month. After that we’ll renegotiate. The only thing is that you gotta follow a few simple rules: no bad talk about G, no personal attacks, no sexual jokes, keep it reasonable, that kind of stuff. If you start misbehaving I will warn you and then I will have to turn off your account (Like google did to me). No refund. I will be reasonable though. You asked for it, you got it. Any takers?

Stanley said...

Utah leads the way on mortgage fraud:

Hello? Nigel? Are you here?

Jean Val Jean said...

This was my reply to 101:

FREE MODERATION: For a limited time tonight, if you pay $10 I will give you the right to post your comments freely on this blog without moderation for one month. After that we’ll renegotiate. The only thing is that you gotta follow a few simple rules: no bad talk about G, no personal attacks, no sexual jokes, keep it reasonable, that kind of stuff. If you start misbehaving I will warn you and then I will have to turn off your account (Like google did to me). No refund. I will be reasonable though. You asked for it, you got it. Any takers?

Bad deal. You ARE moderating. You are just PRE moderating. And you’re leaving the people far too moderated under your “being reasonable” clause.

No deal.

ASW: What about T’s offer?

T said...


I posted your offer on Casey's board. So far no response.

Ogg the Caveman said...

The problem with Snowflake's $10 moderation pass is that the comment is still moderated, under subjective rules. In particular, "personal attacks" and "reasonable" are very open to interpretation.

Besides, WTF is the point of posting on IAFF if you can't be unreasonable, joke about Nigel going on Casey's log ride, and make cracks about Galina?

beezer said...

I can't believe anyone is giving him money, even to give answers or anything else.

The only time he's been moderating in god knows how long, and it's because he wants cash.

This is really the very first tangible thing he's had happen - the CashCall threats - as a result of millions of dollars worth of fraud.

He absolutely flat out refuses to not squander money he doesn't have on frivilous shit, and people are giving him money. I'm just infuriated. It's completely rewarding all his behaviour, his attitude, his only paying attention to anything when he can get immediate cash from it... please, stop!

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Benoit™:

Yeah, I caught it too. I'm sorely tempted to drop a dime on Casey the next time I'm near a public phone.

Akubi in the Sky with Diamonds said...

Rob Dawg,
What’s up with the new forum (murse, murse…)? I am angry, bored and don’t want to bother with Ni(gel)’s crap aka IAFF these days. Still struggling to understand this justin thing and they have bandwidth issues. I have a lot of concerns about gen Y (except for the ExUrbs).

Stanley said...


Got it...I'll drop over to IAFF and see what happens.

Some people are critical of anyone paying Snowflake a dime, and I understand their point of view. For me, it's WORTH $240 for you to interview him. Maybe it's going to be a waste of time and money, but there are some things we can do to help insure he'll got through with it. I consider the $240 entertainment.....

Ogg the Caveman said...

Casey used the words "going forward". As someone who has those kind of management-speak verbal tics inflicted on him on a semi-regular basis, I rank that as the worst of his crimes.

BTW, Talisker is as good a cough medicine as any.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys:

I just posted the following at IAFF.


I will send you $$…..$5 immediately and I will increase my donation ten fold if you stay on line for the next six hours (3:00 a.m. pacific time).

I may even send more - say $100.


I think we are on to something —

We’ve all watched you for months. I am a haterz and I’ll share with you a secrete - I don’t hate you.

I’m frustrated, yes. Nate you, no.

I feel that there is something that makes act impulsively. Who knows what it is….. a mental condition (i.e., bipolar)? a personality flaw (i.e., narssism)? a product of what you learned from your parents? a product of our mass-consumer materialism?

Or, you could be someone who knowingly intended fraud.

I have a feeling that while sometimes unbelievable, you are in a horrible situation. Your wife is unhappy.

Every year I donate money to many causes. Sometimes, I dontate directly to people in need. For instance, my former receptionist was a single mother…. just 22 and having trouble meeting her bills. She asked me for a loan. I knew she wouldn’t pay me back. She knew she wouldn’t pay me back. But, at that moment, she needed money to buy food.

Like you, she has some problems. And made some poor choices. I have a feeling that tonight, you and G are facing some horrible realities. You know it. And I know it.

I’m willing to send you $250 if, like others of here, you are honest and agree to be honest that tonight you only have $40 in checking, you have very little money and that its “not all good” but tough.

Why? Because I think you really need the money.

More importantly, I have the money to give and feel poorly about some of the things I’ve written to you or about you and need to make amends.

And, perhaps, I’m not the only who feels that way.


I know die hard haterz think this is enabling and perhaps rewarding Casey for his bad behavior. However, I have a feeling things are not "all good" and while not a hoax, Casey has made some horrible decisions, he's in deep, and tonight he really only has $40 in checking and things are bad.

It must be tough to be 24, millions of dollars in debt, and completely delusional.

What's worse, it must be horrible to be 23 and married to him.

I really pitty her.

We all know how this is going to end. We all know the reality. These kids are in big trouble.

Call me foolish. Call me stupid. However, at his expense, Casey has been greatly entertaining for all of us these past six months. And, along the way, I've got too meet some really great characters... Like Sputnik, Ogg, Rob, T, Stephany...

Stupidtoo said...

I really hate seeing desperate people. I makes me feel dirty to watch.

I have a hard time with the bums in Seattle. I have given away all my Krispy Cremes before. I do not carry cash anymore because I will always give away the last few dollars in my purse on Mercer Street.

Btw, what is the most desperate thing you have done for money?

My confession, I have passed out fliers for two hours to earn $30. It was pretty sad.

Jean Val Jean said...

MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! Great comment:

131. Name
March 30th, 2007 at 8:30 pm

Casey, I don’t think you’re in a position to try and coerce anyone. You’re groveling for bucks on a Friday night. The only difference between you and a hooker is that you’re not standing on a corner.

Cunt Dump said...

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Legion said...

Casey ain't getting a dime from me. Why? Not cause I'm cheap, I sent good ol Rob Dawg 50 bucks. I'll tell you why, it' because it would irk the shit outta me to find out that he didn't pay cashcall and ended up just using the money to go out to dinner or starbucks or jamba juice or some other bullshit. He has stated over and over that there is no sense in making payments to his lenders because he owes so much, and they will just ask him for more money next month. So now suddenly he is going to pay back a lender? The only reason he got serious with Cashcall was because he learned from a caller that they can just come in his house and start grabbing shit. Without his computer he'll really be dead in the water. If he tries to buy anything new, cashcall will just drop by and pick it up.

T said...

cunt dump - stfu

Stanley, he has agreed to go to the grocery store so I have sent him $20.

He has not yet responded to your offer. I will ask again.

Benoit™ said...

I'm not posting over on IAFF, but maybe someone can suggest a donation of $100 or so if Casey reveals that he's either a closeted homosexual or at the very least, had at least one same-sex experience in his life :-)

$300 if he admits it was with Nigel Swaby.

$400 if he mentions whether he was the top or the bottom.

$500 if he posts a video of this admission publicly on YouTube. :-)

Stanley said...


I couldn't locate your post so I just posted the offer.....let's see what happens.

Big Cheese said...


You are going to get pwned tonight by KC on the number of posts at his site. But itsallgood.

I posted this but KC hasn't responded. I think since his wife is already constructively involved it's ok- no response yet. But I'm 100% serious about the offer and will pay him immediately when I see the picture.


My serious and honest offer:

Post a flattering but decent picture of G***** holding a sign that states “Please donate so Cashcall won’t take my sister’s stuff” and I will give you $75. The picture must be clear (no blurring) with a full shot of her standing with the sign in front of her, and when you post this you cannot blank or star out any letters of her name.

She has quit college to help you make money and be supportive. So why can’t she help you here? It’s a decent offer with no funny business and I am good for my word. I’ve never used Paypal before but I will do what it takes to immediately donate the money when I see the picture.

Are you interested or have you found another shiny object to chase?

-Big Cheese

cheese dawg said...


That seems over the top (even in light of my offer). He mentioned to T that he's married, isn't that enough? :-P


Anonymous said...

He's made a thousand dollars in two hours for basically doing nothing.

My one consolation is that it is basically insignificant when compared to his liabilities.

T said...

I wonder how much he intends to pay to Cashcall?

Legion said...

Casey "I'm thinking of getting a job, and my wife quit school so she can get a job..."

Bring out the violins.

Cashcall "So you have been putzing around for like 6 months with no income? And only NOW you are looking for a job, and your high maintenance spoiled wife had to quit her commuinity college? Booohooo.
600 rent, 100 utilities, 200 cell phones (for 2 people who don't have jobs), 50 for cable (for people who don't have jobs), avg income of 1000 to 2000 a month (imagine someone saying I make 100k to 200k, wtf you don't know if you make twice as much money?), and they want to set money aside to pay off credit cards...right. Actually Casey, you want to set money aside to start investing said so yourself.

Lou Minatti said...

"Btw, what is the most desperate thing you have done for money?"

I think any job is a good thing, no matter what it is as long as it's legit. But I was so desperate once in college that I couldn't scrounge up a buck for a small bottle of generic aspirin, so I stole it. I couldn't think of any other solution. My head was pounding, I was broke, payday was later in the week and the campus medical center was closed for the weekend.

Lots of people in Texas were in worse shape than me during the 80s oil bust.

Casey says he can't live on Ramen. Horseshit. I did. And I lived on budget-brand Ramen, not the fancy Nissin stuff.

Benoit™ said...

cheese dawg: " He mentioned to T that he's married, isn't that enough? :-P "

Well, that's why I put "closeted" homosexual. heh. We know that he portrays himself as straight on the surface, but everyone's gaydar goes off the chart when looking at the guy. :-)

Big Cheese said...

Snowflake just posted that he got up to $940. Pretty amazing and shows that even the critics have a heart.

50% chance something happens and he doesn't pay CC anyway.

$940 for 2 hours of work... better than being a real estate agent. Take that Nigel Swaaaaaaaaby (spoken by T in a slowed down sexy voice)

-Big Cheese

Legion said...

"Business has dropped off..." What business? Your real estate business?

"My wife and I are going to look for jobs, maybe even get two each"

This guy is so full of shit..trying to raise his stated income so he can seem not too negative. I'm calling Cashcall and ratting him out..fuck this guy.

T said...

Big Cheese said...
Nigel Swaaaaaaaaby (spoken by T in a slowed down sexy voice)


Benoit™ said...

Another suggestion that has to be mentioned. A bunch of male Haters™ should repeatedly post on IAFF offering the going rate for a high-class escort in Sacramento ($400/hr?) for one hour with Galina. Anything goes, no questions asked. If he declines, ask him if he'll ask Galina what her price is ;-)

T said...

@ Big Cheese - he's going to ask Galina if she'll do it. LOL

Anonymous said...


It looks like Casey is taking you up on the offer for the Talkshoe interview.

Anonymous said...

Some bleeding heart sent him 850? Sheesh. Probably Nigel, for services rendered.

Legion said...

I just sent cashcall a picture of how much he made tonight:-)
Like to see him lie outta this one.

Lou Minatti said...

Holy crap. One person gave Casey $850.

Dimes said...

This whole thing sort of reminds me of the Chef Aid episode of South Park.

T said...

Holy shit, Stanley! He's taking you up on your offer! I need you guys to post questions for me to ask, please. It's been a long week.

Big Cheese said...


I know- I told him let me know what she says. If I see the picture, I send the money immediately.

I think KC is starting to trust the critics since he made $1K. And I will add on to that- sorry critics, but the entertainment value is worth it.

@ Benoit,

$400 per hour? well he has already made $1000. that would be 2.5 hours of here time or roughly 100 sexual encounters with KC. (sorry just a joke in poor taste but I couldn't help myself)

Big Cheese

Stanley said...


Looks like he's going to do the interview.

Email me at and we'll try and put this together

T said...

@ Stanley, I just emailed you.

Big Cheese said...

Somebody posted that the $850 was a typo, should be 8.50... not sure if that's a troll or not. But damn, the lord really did answers KC's prayers.... he sent KC a bigger fool.

Maybe I need to rent that DVD...

Big Cheese

TK said...

Wow this is an insane turn of events. Haters hold the cards. Nigel must be red in the face!

Big cheese said...

Rob Dawg,

KC has made the equivalent of 4 of your cars... are you impressed?

Big Cheese

TK said...

Who the fuck sent him $850 and for what?

T said...

LOL! TK's gonna blow a gasket.

T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CARDER said...



Legion said...

Finsihed listening to his cashcall call. By the way, I don't remember him asking the supervisor if he could tape the call.
He pretty much bullshitted and weaseled the entire time..bullshitted as if he had a business that fell on hard times but was making a comeback, bullshitted about having people who were willing to give him the money to pay off the debt completely, always uses the "we" form when talking about himself to make it seem like it's a group of people and now just his pathetic self, bullshitted about looking for a job, bullshitted about how much he can make a month..increasing it slightly if it would put him just above too much negative worth and qualify for a payment plan, bullshitted about how little he had in the bank, bullshitted about how frugal he is..why didn't ya tell them about the trip to Utah? The seafood dinner out, the dreams of stiffing everybody else...bullshitted about how he has paid cashcall the longest while screwing everyone else..not cuz you cared Casey, cuz you were just too lazy to close your bank account earlier. Christ, this guy is a maniac and pathological liar. I can see how people believe his bullshit about having investor friends, a cirlce of investors and contacts..blah blah blah.

TK said...


I have no sense of the timeline here cause I'm on the East Coast and only got in from work about midnight. When did all of this Whoring start and are you going to interview him???

segfault said...

Who sent him the $850? First letter of first name looks like an "L."

Stanley said...


Check you email ASAP


T said...

@ TK,

It began around 6 pm or so and has continued until now. There's a discrepancy with the $850 donation. I wonder how that will pan out?

Yes, Stanley has made the offer and Casey has accepted and I have agreed to interview him but in all honesty I've had a really long week and I'm super tired.

Stanley and I would prefer to do it tomorrow because this may be a rare opportunity and we want to do our best. In order to do that we'd like more preparation time.

This may be our last shot at interviewing him so we really need to plan ahead. And suggestions for questions would be helpful.

segfault said...

Don't Paypal transfers take longer than 24 hours? How's he going to get the money to CashCall? What will become of the $$$ he doesn't need for CashCall? Cash back at close, anyone?

Benoit™ said...

segfault: Don't Paypal transfers take longer than 24 hours?

I have a long-standing PayPal account (7 years), and it depends on the type of account you have. If Casey's going to try transferring money to his bank account, it will only get there around Tuesday.

If he has the PayPal Debit Card, he can go to an ATM and withdraw upwards of $400 per day. Instantaneously, as long as the money's in the account.

CashCall said they work through MoneyGram (not PayPal), so I don't know how that would work out either way. hmm...

TK said...


I've never seen him like this before. It's amazing. He's totally abandoned his principles. It's incredible! The real guy is there for all to see. He's desperate and those with a little money in the bank are owning his ass.

I would love to involve Nigel in this somehow. Have him shut down all ties for $300. I bet he'd do it.

T as far as the interview goes I'd rather have A)You be fresh and B)Have a long list of EN questions. Unfortunately this crumbling facade may be fleeting due to constant stress and lack of sleep, so if you're fresh, he may be too, and may be back to his old self.

I have zero doubt that in his mind, this is a respectable turn of events. I wonder if he's asking himself why he didn't do this sooner.

We caught the upcycle.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Benoit™:

A guy would be better off spending that $400 wining and dining any of the various local hater women. G strike me as the sort that just lies there. If I want that kind of action, I don't have to fly to Sacto or pay $400 to get it. Frankly, trying and failing to get the sort of woman who hangs out here in the sack sounds like more fun than succeeding with the likes of G.

Tony Soprano said...

$300/hr is the going rate for prime POA in the Seattle area...Galina ain't prime...

TK said...

$1,060 now, and no list of things he needs to do. I think people are just giving him money. Are they all drunk?

Benoit™ said...

@ Ogg and Tony Soprano:

OK, then... we can up the ante since Casey is at our mercy. $400 for a threesome with Galina and Yulia. And the Hater™ in question gets to photograph the whole affair ;-)

It's too bad I live on the opposite coast... hehe.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Legion:

Finsihed listening to his cashcall call. By the way, I don't remember him asking the supervisor if he could tape the call

He didn't, as far as I know. I don't know whether the inital rep's consent to taping covers the supervisor or not.

@ T:

Here are a couple of off-the-cuff suggestions:

* Did you tell G how much money you made before you got married? If so, were you truthful or did you treat it as a "stated income" marraige?
* What church do you belong to? Ideally, try to get him to cough up the URL. If it's a Pentecostal megachurch as suspected, they have a website.
* Exactly what is the highest income you claimed on any of your loan applications?
* How big is the back seat of Nigel's BMW?

Anonymous said...

What a ginormous amount of traffic Nigel ISN'T getting tonight. 2759...

TK said...


In real life you don't have to have a person's consent to record them. Precedent is set on the news daily. I have friends in the biz - when people freak out and threaten that they didn't consent, they just laugh.

T said...

TK said... Unfortunately this crumbling facade may be fleeting due to constant stress and lack of sleep, so if you're fresh, he may be too, and may be back to his old self.

S'ok. I feel confident that I can handle an interview with Casey no matter which self he brings to the table. :)

Tony Soprano said...

I think I'd rather spend my money a bit more

Hugh said...

I caught the name Mr. King toward the end of the phone call- when the female supervisor came on KC said something like "I was just talking to Mr. King about . . ." He beeped over the name in a few other spots, but I think he missed this one. Mr. King should definitely find out about this stunt and how it improved KC's current cashflow situation. They should be asking for the total amount due plus late fees.

Ogg the Caveman said...

* Define "vegan".
* "What's up with the murse?" (Just to hear you say it again)
* Exactly how much cash is in the murse at this moment?

Benoit™ said...

Interview questions/offers for T:

- Do any of Casey's relatives know the full extent of Casey's financial problems and current situation??

- Since he cut you off the last time, is he a Mormon? If so, is he looking to become a part of the fundamentalist polygamist sect for more possible juicy credit lines™?

- Who are Casey's infamous "Uncles"?

- What is Nigel's actual relationship with IAFF? No vague answers allowed from Casey.

- What does Yulia think of her nearly 25-year-old brother-in-law mooching off her, and still being 2 months behind on rent?

- Will Galina consider any type of sex work (stripper, escort) to raise money? ;-)

segfault said...

Don't look now, but Nigel Smarmy has posted his anti-hater manifesto on the Don't Hate Casey website.

Legion said...

It may not be against the law, but it just may piss them off enough that they really start to play hardball with the snowflake. Hee hee, I did mention that they can listen to the calls, and I gave them the website as well. Everything he said and what he has written in his blog won't jive, and now they know it. At anyrate, they can find a list of property that he has as well as see pictures of it (I sent that too) so they can at least recoup some of their losses. The schmuck owes 30K and he wants to make a payment of 40 dollars declaring insolvency when he has a computer, pda, new cd/dvd burner, and spends 200 to 400 a month on cell phone and cable. Does this guy act like he is down to the bare minimum in terms of expenses? Besides, now they know he made 1K in one night and I am sure they feel he can at least catch up the two months he owes them:-) there goes 440. Then he can make a payment on what he STILL owes, there goes another 600. I hope for his sake he doesn't go out for a celebratory dinner or treat himself to some wheatgrass when he owes so much to so many.

TK said...

Just in time for absolutely nobody to give a shit.

Casey gets a traffic bonanza and Nigel says "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!"

Anonymous said...

For those who don't want to step in nigel...
The Anti-Hate Manifesto
I’m pretty stunned and amazed by the character assassination I’ve been subject to by the Casey Serin haters. For that matter, the housing bubble blogger readers haven’t been too kind either. I’m not sure how this all happened and escalated to this point, so I’ve gone back and created a timeline of events related to Casey Serin and

In September 2006, I stumbled across Casey’s blog. He was getting some attention from the housing bubble blogs I had also stumbled across. At that point, the last I’d read about the “national” housing market concerned house flippers in Las Vegas and Arizona. Quite frankly, I was shocked at some of the things that were being said by the bubble bloggers.

At that time, I had recently launched my real estate blog, an experiment of sorts with several goals in mind. As I read through Casey’s early story, I felt sorry for him for the situation he had created. Having been through some tough financial times myself, I thought I would offer him some advice. Then Casey started getting some media attention from California. Having dealt with the media before and knowing they are not always evenhanded, I approached Casey about writing his foreclosure story from his perspective. I considered it a “win-win” because I might get some traffic to my website while Casey got a more evenhanded story told.

What Casey failed to mention was USA Today had already written a story about him and released it before I could finish transcribing our interview. I had been scooped. Instead of abandoning the writing project, I decided to present it as serialized posts which could generate return visitors. So I went ahead and did that and issued a press release to announce it. Casey also announced on his blog and the hate began. What? I was just trying to help Casey out. Why did people turn against me, while the writers at the SF Gate and USA Today went about their business unscathed? (I’m not comparing my writing to theirs in any sort of way.) Was it because I didn’t paint Casey as being stupid? Was it because I offered a positive story, told mostly by Casey himself? I wouldn’t find that out until now, but more about that later.

My email filled up with negative comments as did Casey’s post about the story. Eventually things died down. I would comment as Casey told his story, sometimes posting links to my blog about subjects related to foreclosure. The hate towards me died down as did the traffic from IAFF.

At that point, Casey normally made a post just about every day. He would moderate comments several times a day. One could almost set their watch to his updates. Then one day it stopped. After a couple days, people started emailing me asking where he was. I didn’t know, so I called him and emailed him. No response. This was the start of the break down of IAFF. Posts came infrequently, but it seemed every time IAFF was taken away for a few days, people clamored for more. At that time, I was nary a blip in the hater's eye.

Friday, January 26th is the day I became the full blown target of the haters. Casey’s site had been shut down by the No Limits Ladies. I had noticed the night before, but figured it was a glitch. Casey had recently spoken of transferring hosts, so I thought this was part of the transition. When I woke up that Friday I had multiple emails from Casey, concerned regulars and a phone call from Duane LeGate on my “mortgage line” I humorously described as my “bat phone.” So I made a post about it. After that was completed, I made the rounds of the “Casey” related sites to publicize it. Wow! Big mistake to do that at EN.

Here’s what I posted over there and the pages involved:

At 7:55 AM, Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...
This is the guy Casey modelled himself after...22, immigrant, bought a bunch of houses.

At 11:30 AM, Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...
Turnabout is fair play it seems guys. No Limits Ladies has gone down...

At 12:21 PM, Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...
Here's the full story on Casey's latest debacle...

Earlier, Casey’s Utah wrap had seemingly come unwrapped. Living in Utah, I took a jaunt down to Highland and took some photos of the house. Knowing how well real estate was doing in Utah, I even offered to take over Casey’s note if the wrap had failed. Fortunately for Casey the wrap had not failed. It was the misinformation about the wrap that turned me into EN public enemy number two. Rdawg made some comments on my blog about it and completely blew it out of proportion. Then he insinuated that I had something to do with the creation of the wrap. So I responded and wrote a piece on wraps and Utah law. About this time I had made a comment about Internet anonymity on Casey’s blog which also drew the ire of the Casey haters.

Then the name calling started from EN. I tried defending myself over there, to no avail. At that point, one comment Rdawg made rang completely true – never bring a knife to a gun fight. With anonymity on their side, I was outplayed and outmatched. I decided to head for the sidelines and wait for everything to die down. I made one last post about the liberties and risks of web anonymity and to borrow a Casey term, went into “hater ignore mode.”

Ignoring the haters didn’t work. They started trying to dig up things on me. First they found my birth date which crushed their theory I was some kid in his parent’s basement. Then they started looking into my employment and the mortgage company I work for. Finally, one hater impersonated me on IAFF. Unfortunately for him, I knew who he was. So I made a comment at IAFF to clear my name. I “outed” said hater and EN erupted. They emailed my boss and some other people unrelated to my company. They “reported” me to the State board - Your action was childish and vindictive. I have reported you to your state board.

The “outed” hater called me the next day. Do you know what he did? He apologized. We had a good talk about the whole thing and he apologized. He asked me to remove reference to him at IAFF and do you know what? I did.

As far as my boss goes, he had this comment - I looked at your post 109 and fell off my chair. Great humor, way to put the dweeb in his place. This whole blog thing is a frickin hoot! Happy traffic!

Concerning the complaints to the Utah state board, I doubt they consider “blogging” within their realm of jurisdiction. RESPA does have rules about advertising, but commenting on the identity of a blog commenter isn’t in that law.

After the initial outing, I started seeing “information” posted at EN including the following:

My parents ages and address.
My “older sister’s” age and address.
My “brother’s” address and link to a former employer.

This is blatant misuse of information and it’s by and large incorrect. I have no “older sister” and “brother” Mark is no relation.

So I decided to bring a bigger weapon to the “gunfight at the EN corral.” You can call it my “Google gun” for future mockery. By “outing” haters, I’m simply leveling the playing field. Sometimes the truth hurts and in this case it’s the only thing that can set you free.

Like “D,” “T”racy has a conscience.

At 3:35 PM, T said...
Miguel said... I hope I'm not the only one who feels uncomfortable about highlighting people whose only "crime" is to be related to Nigel.

No, I also feel uncomfortable with it. Nigel and/or Casey's family members have done no wrong. This isn't about them and I think posts pertaining to them should be deleted.

At 12:41 PM, T said...
Casey Fannnnn said...Apologies. Thank you. <3i>

I just think that it's not her fault she was born into this scamming family. We're assholes, for sure, but imo we should definitely abide by some basic codes of decency.

What baffles me about the hater "outcry" to the "outing" is I only posted public domain photos and identities. I didn’t publish anything that wasn’t true. I even felt out Stephen (Rboy) before I did anything to make sure it was him. He freely pointed me to places I hadn’t considered. Maybe he wanted to get caught?

On the other hand the haters have gone out of their way to cause trouble for Casey and myself. What success have they had? Remember Duane LeGate and the deal he had with Casey? Gone because of haters. How about Chris (Savvy Chris)? He’s had his business hampered because of haters. I get my name dragged through the Internet sludge that is EN. But turnabout isn’t fair play? Sorry haters, I think it is.

People think the Internet gives them the right to bash others and to do it without recriminations. Sorry, it doesn’t. You leave a digital trail everywhere you go. If you post a photo, it can be found. Now before you think I’m out there trying to track everybody down, I’m not. The people exposed happened to be low hanging fruit. It was coincidence I easily tracked down their identities and it took me very little time to do it. I’m simply making a point, don’t put things on the Internet expecting unwavering anonymity. It’s not going to happen.

One final thought before I end this post. I know it’s gone on for far too long. All this Internet hate is a function of group think in a digital world of implied freedom. Without rules, mankind and womankind, naturally devolves into anarchy. EN is the digital equivalent of Lord of the Flies. EN and IAFF aren’t the only places cyber bullying and cyber hate take place. It’s all over the place. Consider cyber pimping –

Bullies are no longer content to taunt their victims in the playground but are turning to cyberspace, according to Canadian researchers.

They are using e-mail, text messaging and social networking sites in new forms of victimization.

Cyber bullies are even forcing their girlfriends to undress in front of webcams and then sharing the images with others online.

Students also thought it was pointless to tell parents about cyber bullies because they could not identify the culprits.

Guess where cyberbullying takes place the most? Unmoderated forums.

Unfortunately, the communities favored by cyberbullies are largely unmoderated. Private legal action may put individual cyberbullies out of business, but few families have the resources to make this approach viable.

What’s the best form of action to take against cyberbullying? Standing up to them of course. Bullies engage in that sort of behavior because of their own inner weaknesses.

One of the best answers to school bullying has been for the targeted individuals, perhaps with the support of other students, to stand up to the bully or bullies. That may well prove to be a solution to cyberbullying as well, whether the confrontation takes place in the real world or cyberspace.

Casey doesn’t have the biggest haters in the world. While many at IAFF and EN want Casey to go to prison and be raped, the honor of world’s most hated blogger has to go to Kathy Sierra. Her haters want her dead! Pretty harsh. What’s Kathy’s crime? Why so much hate? Did she borrow $4.4 million dollars with no doc loans and default? Did she drown kittens? Nope. She’s too positive.

For Ms Sierra the reasons behind the campaign against her remain elusive. Other than being a woman, she can see only one other reason for the hatred she has experienced in the last four weeks.

"They thought I was just too damned optimistic," she told the BBC News website.

"These people are interested in rage and they think that if you aren't enraged then you are part of the problem. It seems that they hate my optimism. They think I am poisoning peoples' minds with my positive outlook," she told the BBC News website.

Now I get it! Now I know why EN commenters and housing bubbleistas hate me. I’m too positive. I don’t think housing is going to crash. I believe in the American economy. I believe in the power of capitalism and of the ability of markets to define themselves. I believe that one should never, ever give up. The haters hate my optimism. They hate that I’ve managed to work myself through very difficult times, personally hanging on the edge of insolvency. They hate that I encourage Casey in his self made conundrum and help him with advice. They hate Casey for not giving up already. The haters hate baby kittens! Now I understand.

So what does Kathy Sierra think should be done about cyber hate?

She also thinks it could be time to re-examine whether the blogosphere needs to be completely uncensored.

"There is an unwritten rule in the blogosphere that it is wrong to delete nasty comments. It suggests that you can't take criticism but now there is a sense that this is nonsense," she said.

So EN haters, housing bubble haters and every other anonymous hater that comes here; I will stand up to you and I will remove your hateful posts. There’s no reason for such hate. Stephen and Jon, you guys are young. What you’re going through now is part of growing up.

::snark, sarcasm and sniping off:: Good for you Stephen for getting a Master’s Degree. That’s impressive. I’m glad you like your job and I’ve driven in D.C. before and understand the utility of a scooter. I’m not going to rip on it for the sake of ripping on it. We shouldn’t judge each other for the vehicles we drive, we should judge each other by the content of our characters. Jon, moving to a new state must be fun and scary at the same time. When I was in college I remember packing everything I owned into the back of my VW Rabbitt. I was happy it all fit and I didn’t feel I was missing anything. In my present life, I have so much shit…my wife will confirm it’s shit…the last time we moved it took three weekends and multiple trips with the moving truck. Our new neighbors thought we were moving half the city in!

“D” has been emailing me and offering advice. “T” has even stood up for me…briefly as it was. So come on. Let’s work on seeing what can be built, not what can be destroyed. Let’s contribute, not take away. Let’s evolve, not devolve!

Anonymous said...

"Can't eveybody just get along?"

Shut up Nigel you pompous pseudo intellectual ass....

Anonymous said...

What is he trying to make friends now that he knows he's beat. Some manifesto. Dipshit.

TK said...

Man I gotta go to bed. Work tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Nigel has shown me the error of my ways.

It is wrong to hate Nigel for lying about the housing market because it would cost him business to tell the truth. It is wrong for us to hate Nigel for spamming eveywhere he goes about his pathetic website. It is wrong to hate Nigel for bragging about his BMW (used no less lol...just not a new car type of guy eh?). It is wrong to hate Nigel for using Casey merely to drive traffic to his site, whilst pretending to be doing it for nobel reason. It is wrong to hate nigel for standing up against the haters and whatnot while being the person most consumed by rage, impotence and hatred.
Thank you Nigel for showing me the truth. Now please turn off the light on your way out..I mean the light reflecting from your pathetically balding head.

Anonymous said...

I hate everybody who gave him money. Why bother to give money for questions that will be answered in a trial and broadcast on court tv.

You've all been conned by snowflake.

bemused guy said...

If there's time after finding out the skinny on how Julija really feels about the deadbeat brotherinlaw, I'd love to know how he ended up in Utah in the 1st place and a little more about the wrap.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the hater manifesto.

Benoit™ said...

PayPal's actually very temperamental when it comes to people receiving large amounts of money in a short period of time. Casey's account has probably been relatively dormant for a while, and now it has received over $1000 from around 10 separate people in less than 3 hours.

PayPal errs on the side of caution in cases like this. They will assume that Casey's account has been hacked by a third party and is being used to launder money. They will subsequently limit his account, which means he will be unable to withdraw or send any money for a 6-month period. They may even return everyone's donations to them and outright close Casey's account.

The process for getting out of the "limited" status is comparatively time consuming, and would be a real pain in the ass for Casey.

bemused guy said...

Folks,, it's not even worth a response. Although I do remain bemused that they affected the Swab deeply by posting wrong information about his family, some members who don't even exist. So of course you settle a score by divulging other's real details. ::Shakes head::

Moron (Webster's definition) can't even fathom that reports to the Utah board could have anything to do with his honest & advice on the blog, not the fact he supports the snowflake.

Oh who am I kidding? I really don't care.

Aelfscine said...

Someone posted info about his family?
That's kinda sucky. All I did was deeply insult him, and I was the first to be called out!

Aelfscine said...

I don't feel so bad about people giving Casey money for the blog; it's probably the one thing in his life he's legitimately put work into, whether he got paid for it or not. Obviously he hoped and prayed it would bring him attention and money, but face it, without him, none of us would likely know each other. He's been giving us entertainment for near six months now, and if someone wants to toss him ten bucks to dance around like a monkey, I'm all for it. Whoever gave him the $850 is on crack, but eh... this is some of the little money in his life he's actually earned, let him enjoy it. It's not like it's going to save him anyhow.

T said...

TK said...

Just in time for absolutely nobody to give a shit.

Casey gets a traffic bonanza and Nigel says "LOOK AT MEEEEEE!"

Haha! I was thinking the same thing! Casey has emailed me and agreed to do the interview. It's tentatively scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Some person named Annie is planning on keeping him up until 4 am (wtf?) answering her questions so there might not be much left to ask him tomorrow but it's freaken midnight and I'm beat. I'm gonna crash now and read up on everything in the morning.

G'night all.

walt526 said...

RE: The CC Calls

That CC call was frigging hilarious. My favorite part was when Mr King was going over Casey's financial information and starting pressing him on the cost of his cell phone relative to his other expenses.

King: "So you're spending $200 a month on the cell phones plus $50 on cable. Is that right?"

Serin: "Well $200 is a low estimate. I usually go over my minutes, so sometimes its more."

King: "Riiight. Okay, hold on for just a minute or two."


RE: Donors

I'm not real happy about anyone who has contributed money to the Casey Fund, regardless of any consideration they received from him. The interview thing is surely going to be unproductive. I fail to see the point of having evade direct questions for an hour.

As Mr King said, if he can come up with the $220 then he can essentially get CC off his back for another four months (two month deferral and then two months before they'll utilize their legal resources against him). I really don't want to see him string yet another creditor along until they take off the gloves.


RE: Nigel's Manifesto

Wow, he's even less coherent than normal tonight.

I do agree with him on one point: a lot of anger or frustration that should have been reserved for Casey has been thrown his way. There's a lot not to like about Nigel's online persona (don't know the guy in real life, so I'll just comment on how I perceive his internet posts): he's condescending, obtuse, disingenuous. His warped view of the housing market betrays either a lack of integrity or intelligence, or possibly some combination of both. And he's a shameless opportunist with a petty thirst for revenge against "his cyber-bullies."

But outside of being an occasional jackass, he's relatively benign. I share his bewilderment at becoming a focal point of so many of Casey's critics. Until proven otherwise, he hasn't violated any laws or cheated anyone. At worst, he's shown some bad judgment at wanting to get involved with Serin and possibly overreacting to rebukes of his nonsensical online ramblings. But I can sympathize with him to the extent that the "hatred" that has been expressed toward him has been quite disproportionate to his actual actions.

Frankly, the best thing we can do is just ignore Nigel and his blogs. Lereah essentially makes the same arguments that Nigel tries to parrot. Let's focus on him and prominent REIC spokespeople who offer something a little bit more coherent and possibly more interesting to deconstruct.


Anonymous said...

Nigel reminds me of Charlie Brown on valentines day with a suitcase for all the valentines he expects to get...just a sad sad loser who thinks people are paying attention to him. Must hurt to write such a long winded manifesto (it obviously took him some time and he has been announcing it for awhile now, a la keep us all pasted to her monitors in anticipation)..and nobody matter, I'm sure he will be buying press releases and nominating himself for another award winning blog..

Anonymous said...

$5 answer about G getting a refund from school. I just went downstairs and confirmed with her that NO the school does not issues refunds after a certain date. She was already half-way through the semester and the refund was not an option. We paid about $300 for this semester. She had some useful classes too, like QuickBooks and accounting. But we realized her driving to Siearra College from West Sac is taking too much money. Also because she is not involved in what I’m doing we were starting to grow apart. And I really need some help around here with making money and whut not.

Isn't it strange that Galina went to a community college for 2 years and studied accounting... and now she in her third(?) year taking accounting and "Quickbooks" classes? After Casey had said she was tired of accounting or it wasn't right for her? This doesn't make sense. I think G's cashing the tution checks and doing something else with the money...

Anonymous said...

Admissions to Sierra College is open to any person who:
Has a high school diploma, GED or passed the high school proficiency examination, or
Is 18 years of age or older and capable from profiting from instruction.

What a barrier to entry! Only the creme de la creme at this school. I think the only reason Casey even agreed to this was because he saw the word "profiting". Who the hell goes to college to study quickbooks? Ever heard of a book? Or is it the shiny certificate that she was after.

"Also because she is not involved in what I’m doing we were starting to grow apart"
What is it you are doing besides losing money hand over fist and whining about it? she has been living under false pretenses since you met her and pretended you were some financial whiz, and she couldn't even count on you to pay for her schooling like you promised, keep a roof over her head, or retain any dignity by not begging borrowing or stealing from either of your familes. This latest whoring yourself for dollars display I'm sure impressed her to no end. Growing apart? She isn't even in the same time zone as you anymore snowflake.

Lost Cause said...

So, T, what time is the intervention tomorrow? 2pm?

Anonymous said...

i gotta say... what a night. casey gets paid for something like real work. hey, i like the variety... i'm sure he'll have many more telethons... and if people play along, swell.

and nigel argues that T was posting personal info. isn't that what he's saying? did any of the three post personal details? any single one? or did they just criticize, rightly, his constant river of shit? we should call him Lazy Susan, he spins shit so hard. it's not an attack to say someone failed high school rhetoric!

Benoit™ said...

I'm going to bed, but hopefully someone can answer this before tomorrow morning -- how do we listen in to tomorrow's interview with Nacho The Pussycat™ and Casey? Is it another TalkShoe thing?

Please post the link, oh furry one. Thanks in advance :-)

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the cashcall call whilst reading the comments here - wow, just when you think this story has unwound it picks right back up again.

The point i would like to make is this: anybody who takes any pleasure in listening to that call, or who makes Casey dance for their pleasure for a few dollars really needs to take a step back and look at themselves in the mirror. I am well aware of the wider ramifications of his actions, the "old lady having to choose between food or medicine because her mortgage has gone up" argument is both apt and fair, doubtless he has done a lot of things that must be paid for, possibly with jail time.

However, i feel there has been a rather unpleasant undertone to tonights proceedings, one that goes well beyond (admittedly deserved) schadenfreuder(sp:) I would no more ask anything of Casey for money than i would demand a homeless man dance for his dollar, and i am quite sure that in the real world neither would any of you. If you want to give him money then just give it, no strings attached. I think donating to UNICEF or something would be a better use but there we go, your choice.

All I am saying is this, i understand many of you for one reason or another have an axe to grind with Casey, I personally am priced out of the housing market because of people like him and that pisses me off too, but don't fret, Casey is absolutely fucked. There is no way on this earth he will get out of his predicament without a lot of bad times in the future - a LOT - what you need to ask yourselves is do you really, really want to make sure you get your own pound of flesh when he's down? God forbid he tops himself (not outside the realms of possibility) how would you feel then?

Feeling a bit gutted today i must say as my other favourite blog, housingpanic, has also taken a turn for the worse with Keith and co spouting all kinds of right wing warmongering shit. So lets all take a deep breath and get back to more karma positive pursuits, like whaling on Nigel!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys -

This is Annie... It is 1:06 a.m. I've got five comments with questions waiting moderation.

The agreement is for Casey to to until 4:00 a.m. answering questions....

Ask away.

And T - I didn't realize you were negotiating your call for tomorrow. I thought it would happen tonight. In now way did I mean to steal your thunder.

I'm busy tomorrow, however, I hope someone posts a link to the pod cast. I want to hear the interview. I'm certain it will be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Tonight, I feel more pity than frustration for Casey. I didn't read any of the visitors' comments on the latest post, but I read each of Casey's replies (easy to do with Firefox, just search for 'Casey Serin' with match case enabled).

He won't be able to repeat a pledge drive like this. All these months have culminated in some 400 dollars, in exchange for varying amounts of humiliation.

His comments about Duane are interesting.

And, he thinks he can come up with a new 'million dollar homepage' idea? Actually, I think he may be able to think up SOME idea that enough would respond to to the tune of ~$500K. But where will he be then? I believe simply back at the cliff, ready to jump off once more.

Tonight we have participated in a profound night of this young person's life...

Control has slipped from his hands, he is becoming conscience of this fact.

scummy said...

I wish the morons would stop giving money to Casey (no offense but you too T). It only encourages socially aberrent behavior.


Gte a grip, masturbate if necessary but STOP donating to a leach of society.


aaron said...


a tip jar is one thing but to BEG like that. f8cking pathetic. I will give food to homeless folks or donate money to when i know its going to actually help put a roof over their head but i never give cash to them on the street. that more than likely goes to booz and drugs. I have nothing against either. If you can pay for it fine.

Casey could have been much more creative and made much more by begging. he never thinks a plan through. He has no 'A' game. hell he has no F game.

I would never beg for money no matter how bad things got. Jeez. I am beside myself right now. Off to an early start today. I finally got to see my wife's office for the first time this am(due to security it's difficult to get in). now its off to sand down the patio furniture and re-stain it for its semi annual upkeep. its funny or rather sad. I feel blessed to be able to do these weekend projects(sometimes not). heck this weekend will involve at least 12 hours each day of yard work and finishing off my basement.

In one weekend I will do more than that POS has done in 18 months. I'm sure most EN'ers do more than casey has done in 18 months in a couple days as well. I would not give one penny to that F*CKER. so many other people need help in their situations. Casey created his and is doing nothing to resolve it.


aaron said...

just read your post. my thoughts exactly on nigel. I never posted on his site although at times felt someo of the things posted. One point though. If he is unintelligent fine however if he is blogging while knowingly being aware of the coming collapse in the housing market he deserves full wrath.

beezer said...

The piece of shit is moderating out comnments and of course, ignoring all the questions we didn't already know the answers to.

Like everything else, he won't do any work, won't answer any questions, and has now gotten greedy and is chasing quick cash (the pay me for posting a resume post). I really, really wish no one had given him a damn dime. It only encourages this shit.

The refrigerator is Yulia's, it's not his. She has a perfectly fine job and can buy food. We knew where the $20k went, to the classes, we knew the $5 went to the shell corp.

He won't answer anything new. He's doing the exact same thing. He just stopped like three posts with questions from me (legitimate questions), and he's talking about vague "good things" and "changes" and blah blah blah.

walt526 said...

@ Aaron

I just can't get too worked up about Nigel or the countless other REIC sycophants that try to parrot Lereah's hype. In my opinion, Nigel is fairly innocuous because he's so incredibly incoherent that very few will confuse his ramblings for something captivating or insightful, much less useful, actionable advice. A liar who has no mastery of his medium does not pose much of a threat, IMHO.

Whatever you want to say about Lereah's integrity, he's a pretty smart guy who pretty creative at spinning data to support his arguments. While much of his analysis collapses under any sort of scrutiny and he usually resorts to ad hominem attacks when responding to any sort of criticism, he's well-polished, engaging, and creates at least the veneer of credibility. Essentially, he's a very good used cars salesman with a PhD in Economics.

Lereah is someone who has some measure of influence due to both his personal talents, his position, and access to MSM. For that reason, his often inaccurate analysis deserves constant review and critiquing of anything and everything he says. In contrast, how the hell cares what some entry-level mortgage broker in Utah thinks?

EN spends WAY too much time dissecting Nigel. He hasn't done anything to deserve the venom that has been hurled his way. And even if one thinks that he has, I really don't see why he's worth the trouble.


@ beezer

Did you really expect that he would honor his end of the bargain on answering questions? Hate to say it, but T's interview with him tomorrow is going to be more of the same mindless drivel.

I'm willing to bet that the most entertaining part of the interview is T herself, ripping him apart. But he's not going to provide very many new substantiative details.

If T's on her game, it might be worth listening to for the same reasons that Bill O'Reilly can be entertaining: a clever, strong-personality isn't afraid to bully someone around to get them to answer questions. But such "interview" techniques seldom yield actual information; rather than be a means to an end (insight into a subject), such tactics are often just an end in themselves (entertainment).

After the Final Four games, I'll probably listen to the interview just to hear T rip him a few new ones. But I doubt very much that she'll extract anything that interesting about his financial dealings.

That said, I hope that T proves me wrong tomorrow.


beezer said...

No, of course I didn't. It's one of the reasons I posted asking people not to give him money.

That he's moderating out questions he doesn't want to answer is just low. Like Casey, the amoral moron. Check out the resume.

I'm BEGGING y'all not to clue him in on the more egregious and totally hilarious mistakes.

sid_finster said...

Is it just me? Or is depressing that Casey even considered asking Galya to pose in a swimsuit for the IAFF trolls?

beezer said...

I assume he's not going to let it through so...

"Did I do any of this intentionally?"

YES!!!! Yes, you did. God. This is part of why we're phenomenally angry with you.

You absolutely refuse to accept responsibility, you refuse to act like an adult, you refuse to do the simplest things (like, say, giving up Starbucks), you insult people who actually have educations and jobs, you keep rationalizing what you did, and you lie.

You refuse to answer question, you refuse to be truthful and you persist, you absolutely never stop chasing quick money while refusing to work. When people point out these things, you either censor the posts or rationalize it all.

Censoring posts and questions tonight, as you've apparently done, and ignoring questions, and being evasive and yet again, lying, are not helping. Refusing to take responsibility for the past like, year, makes people angry.

walt526 said...

Just posted this is response to his resume. Doubt it will make it through...

"Highly motivated – ability to work without supervision, work under pressure and acquire new skills rapidly"

You do realize that you exhibit none of the qualities, right?

When you started this blog back in September, you were out-of-work, facing foreclosure, with no exit strategy in site. Six months later, I don't see a difference. What tangible improvements to your situation have been yielded by your "highly motivated" personality trait? Even your very modest goals (tracking 2007 finances, taking the trash out, etc) have proven to require more effort than you can muster. Where's the "highly motivated" Casey there?

You claim to be able to "work without supervision" yet still struggle with basic tasks such as opening up your mail.

As for "working under pressure"... no, not even close. Couple of examples: the Phoenix contract and the Countrywide note. Given the slightest bit of pressure, you sign stupid contracts that fail to serve any interest. You have a very limited ability to assert yourself and respond to strong-personalities professionally.

As for "acquire new skills rapidly," if that's the case, why did you spend tens of thousands of dollars of "real estate education" for seminars that by your own admission covered topics that you had studied earlier? What percentage of the money that you spent on "education" actually gave you skills that have yielded any sort of successful, tangible results?

"Self-thought, on-the-job training, Internet classes and college courses, A+ certification"

Before you send that BS off, here's a hint: there's a glaring typo in this section. See if you can find it and then "self-think" yourself some basic grammar.

Here's a project for you: go to (Social Security Administration) and request a Social Security Statement. It's free and takes about two minutes. In the statement is an annual summary of your earnings history that were subject to the FICA tax (ie, essentially any "W-2" income you've ever made, yearly cap of $94,200).

After receiving this document in the mail in 2-4 weeks, scan it and post it on this site (censoring your SSN and any other personal details). I'm curious to see how those numbers compare to the annual salaries that you posted on your resume.

If everything matches up, I'll donate $100. That's $100 to do about five minutes of work (2 minutes complete the statement request and 3 minutes to scan, censor, and post the statement).


walt526 said...

@ sid_finster

I considered offering him $10 to answer "Galina, spits or swallows?"

But I stopped myself because I remembered that they're vegan.


Anonymous said...

nigel's worth my time. he didn't defraud anyone, but he rationalizes the crime! listen, i know internet blowhards. this guy's jackin' and jockin' for a slice of smarmy blowhard pie. you know what he deserves? banana cream pie, right in the kisser. that chump's telling us about humility and kindness? he's the most self-serving spin doctor i've seen in years. gotta be Number One! grab and blab, spin and condescend. you bet that's a delicious target! he thinks he's got diction skillz and econ skillz. as an investor and writer, i know he's got neither. it's ok to aspire but 9/10th's of that is stfu and study. he needs to eat the humble pie he's trying to cram down our throats. it's a cakewalk to spin his head like a top. you bet it's worth my time. i see him as an offshoot sit-com, like 'Joni loves Chachi'. I think his egomania, obsession, and scheming can serve up delicious internet drama for months to come. if it's not your thing than don't bother!

Anonymous said...

It appears the host of this IT veteran, Mr. Casey Serin, has not updated its servers with the 2007 DST patch. This is most obvious now that the comments are being approved quickly. I suppose no one will notice in a few days, anyhow.

walt526 said...

@ Anon

I believe that you could levy the same criticism about 95% of all internet postings.

For instance, I've been online for nearly 20 years now (first used Usenet in 1989) and Nigel's act is nothing new. If you don't have anything original (and honestly, most people don't--myself included) to add to a conversation, then pick a fight over some trivial tangent or act like an ass by pretending to know more about a subject than you really do by either making stuff up or pointing out the obvious. This is known as trolling.

Exhibit A: my very own posting right here. :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Casey has at least confirmed he DOES have business dealings with Nigel:

“What are the extent of your business dealings with N. Swaby?”

That’s private for now.

If there were none, he would just have said no. Sorry if the the details of these dealings have already been exposed elsewhere. I can't keep up with every sordid twist and turn in the Rico Swaby-Snowflake business enterprise!

“Why did you misrepresent your speeding ticket as being on the way TO Tahoe? (OK, this is not a business question, but the fact you go to such pains to maintain this illusion itself shows that you have an uncontrollable need to impress people.)”

I was going EAST towards lake Tahoe. There is no misrepresentation. Maybe the cop wrote it wrong. I don’t need to prove nothing here. Why does it matter anyway? Why would I lie about which direction I was going on the freeway. Makes absolutely no difference.

The cop just wrote it wrong? Give me a break. As for why he'd lie - I have no idea. That's where we need him to come in!

“Why were you living it up in Tahoe when, by your own admission, you had no job or a crappy job, which means no income”

We wanted to get away for a few months to a year. We just got married. I was doing freelance website design still at the time and I figured I can just keep that going remotely. The business wasn’t strong to sustain us though.

He just got married and had to get away from it all! The stress! The pressure! Egads!!

“What specific efforts have you made on sorting out the Utah wrap payment?”

I called them this week and recorded my calls. They say their records are correct and that I’m wrong. More investigation is needed.

This ought to be interesting if he posts the calls. Since they didn't happen, I don't think that's too likely.

“What are the specifics on all the recent “tech jobs” you claim to be doing to provide for you and your wife?”

I’m not going to list specifics. Different jobs, different pay.

I think this is pretty much an admission that there were no jobs, and there was no pay.

Well I have to give the idiot credit, he made a few bucks tonight. Too bad he's never going to be able to pull this shit again!

Anonymous said...

Oh no another "interview" with T and Casey. I am not a Casey lover by any means, but come on. T you are a grown woman ( in fact many assumed by listening to you, you were a man) .Anyway, I thought the beginning of the last call with you and Casey was amusing at first. Then when you started on the Gen X ling, I felt uncomfortable. It was like a Mother figure torturing a baby bird. I think you tried a bit too hard to be "cool" as in "big ass bad of beans" big ass that. Casey is obviously no competition for anyone in a verbal challenge of any sort. But you dear T,are showing your age, and your need for attention. I feel this new "call" with Casey, will not have the punch you think it may. The sad part is, I see you at home making notes getting ready for the big event. Kinda sad about what this says about you, middle aged women should know better. Casy is no challenge. He is a dumb , young moron. Period. You are trying to have a battle of wits with the unarmed. Do you torture puppies too? FYI...drink soemthing or chew some gum before the big event, you sound like a man, or that you have swallowed glass. Try to keep the younger generation sland to a minimum, it makes you sound old and sad, it just does not work. Its like seeing a 50 yr old woman in a belly shirt. UGH

Clotpoll said...

Why give this dolt money? He is an addict. Not one penny will go toward a debt payment, or anything that could be construed as constructive.

ratlab said...

Wow, I took a power nap after taking two aspirins and wake up to Casey begging for money. WTF?

sid_finster said...

"That's private".

Translation: I have enough money to keep Cashcall off my jock for the time being, so now I'll clam up.

Jefe said...

Here's an interesting tidbit--Nigel is looking for CA investors for a test marketing program he's doing. I wonder if it has anything to do with Casey?

Schnapps said...

Geeze, go to sleep for 10 hours after only getting 4/night for the last week and look what I miss!

How does Casey do it?

At any rate, I'm sort of interested to see if he'll actually send the money, or if he just "intends" to send it.

Anonymous said...

Casey is not going to send that money to cashcall. If he pays them it will damage his BK case.

sid_finster said...

@ Schnapps: baby, it don't matter. Casey can pay or not pay. Even if he puts every penny sent to Cashcall, it will only stave off the inevitable.

This time next month, still no job, no income, he'll owe Cashcall even more money. And his audience will want a lot more out of him this time before they open the purse. This time, he relented before asking Galina to pose. Will he do the same in a month?

Still, I gotta hand it to Casey, every time I think he has milked IAFF for all that it is worth, the trainwreck is over, the broken glass swept up and there is nothing left for us to see, he digs deep and does it again. That he has spun his story out for as long as he has is one for the ages.

So I think Casey does have a certain talent for something. Or maybe a certain low cunning.

At the same time, I do feel sorry for him. He is like a junkie offering to show us his needle tracks for spare change.

Legion said...


This is truly the end game for Casey. He isn't gonna keep milking telethons..what next?

"Hey guys, need money for cash call again"
"Hey guys, need rent money now, didn't take out the garbage and she is pissed"
"Hey guys, need to pay off the speeding ticket or my rates go up"
"Hey guys, my rates went up..give a dog a bone why dontcha?"
"Hey guys, Cashcall needs another installment"
"Hey guys, need to pay off my cell phone and internet!"

People are right, encouraging this behavior by sending him money is just gonna make him do more of the same. Why get a job when he can beg for money..just ask all the professional beggars on the street....

sid_finster said...

@Legion: good point.

While on the one hand, KC was able to reach deep inside himself and pull out another show-stopper and keep the gawkers coming back to his circus. It was amazing.

But the crowd is a fickle thing, espeically when parting with money. Every time Casey pulls off another such "triumph" he limits his freedom of action a little more.

So if Casey continues much further down that road, he's going to be doing a threesome with Nigel and Galya for spare change.

No, I will not contribute.

Anonymous said...

Snowflake is close to rock bottom. I give him 2 months before he hits, and hits hard.

I have to laugh. He charged $400 to make 1000 cds. IF it's 1099 work, then figure he made $200. (I generally sock away 50% of all 1099 income, it's usually that much in CA). CD duplication services could dupe those faster an cheaper, with full color labels. He's a rip off - and he's not making enough money to make it work it.

O, wait, Galina did the work.

God, what a piece of shit he is.

If it was'nt 1099 work, then it's under thetable, and the one thing you NEVER do with under the table income is TALK ABOUT IT ON THE FUCKING INTERNET.

I mean, c'mon. Even an idiot realizes that. But Snowflake needs to validate himself so much, he just pretty much guaranteed an audit. All it takes is one person dropping a dime on him, which is 99% certain by now.

PS - Nigel, shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch. Nobody cares what you have to say. We make fun of you BECAUSE WE CAN. Get over yourself, bitch.

casey said...



im going to jamba juice to celebrate, macaroni grill tonight, the wife is asking for a new purse


do you think the PRLINKBIZ ladies should get a cut?

dont forget the 10% tithe sunday morning

Anonymous said...

Uh- I hate to tell you this, mate, but $220 is probably more than an old, clapped-out XJ is worth these days.

Still, it's a helluva lot more than Caseycon's benefactors are getting!

Rob Dawg said...

...$220 is probably more than an old, clapped-out XJ is worth these days.

Oh, I know. The KBB is like $2600. Still $220 is cheaper than trying to weasel around trying to get a replacement pink slip.

T said...

And T - I didn't realize you were negotiating your call for tomorrow. In now way did I mean to steal your thunder.

Not a problem, Annie. There are always more questions to ask.

scummy said...
I wish the morons would stop giving money to Casey (no offense but you too T).

You're entitled to your opinion, Scummy, but I decide how to spend my money.

Benoit™ said...
Is it another TalkShoe thing?

Yes, it'll probably be a Talkshoe interview. Stanley wanted Rob to set it up so that we can control it but I haven't gotten an email from Rob so I don't know if that's happening. I'm not going to send him the Paypal money tho until he's made the interview available for downloading.

Lost Cause said...
So, T, what time is the intervention tomorrow? 2pm?

Yes, 2 pm because Casey said he had something to do around 1 pm. I wonder if he'll be late since he just woke up?

Anonymous said...
Oh no another "interview" with T and Casey. I am not a Casey lover by any means, but come on. T you are a grown woman ( in fact many assumed by listening to you, you were a man) .Anyway, I thought the beginning of the last call with you and Casey was amusing at first. Then when you started on the Gen X ling, I felt uncomfortable. It was like a Mother figure torturing a baby bird. I think you tried a bit too hard to be "cool" as in "big ass bad of beans" big ass that. Casey is obviously no competition for anyone in a verbal challenge of any sort. But you dear T,are showing your age, and your need for attention. I feel this new "call" with Casey, will not have the punch you think it may. The sad part is, I see you at home making notes getting ready for the big event. Kinda sad about what this says about you, middle aged women should know better. Casy is no challenge. He is a dumb , young moron. Period. You are trying to have a battle of wits with the unarmed. Do you torture puppies too? FYI...drink soemthing or chew some gum before the big event, you sound like a man, or that you have swallowed glass. Try to keep the younger generation sland to a minimum, it makes you sound old and sad, it just does not work. Its like seeing a 50 yr old woman in a belly shirt. UGH

You again?

I don't know whether to be flattered or repulsed by the attention.

You've got quite the hard on for me, don'tcha anon?

Anonymous said...

Whether people laugh at this law or not, it is a violation of the California Penal Code to record a phone conversation without the other person's consent. The penalty is a possible $2500 fine and jail time.

Here's the statute:

Cal.Penal Code § 632

(a) Every person who, intentionally and without the consent of all parties to a confidential communication, by means of any electronic amplifying or recording device, eavesdrops upon or records the confidential communication, whether the communication is carried on among the parties in the presence of one another or by means of a telegraph, telephone, or other device, except a radio, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison, or by both that fine and imprisonment. If the person has previously been convicted of a violation of this section or Section 631, 632.5, 632.6, 632.7, or 636, the person shall be punished by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

(b) The term "person" includes an individual, business association, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity, and an individual acting or purporting to act for or on behalf of any government or subdivision thereof, whether federal, state, or local, but excludes an individual known by all parties to a confidential communication to be overhearing or recording the communication.

(c) The term "confidential communication" includes any communication carried on in circumstances as may reasonably indicate that any party to the communication desires it to be confined to the parties thereto, but excludes a communication made in a public gathering or in any legislative, judicial, executive or administrative proceeding open to the public, or in any other circumstance in which the parties to the communication may reasonably expect that the communication may be overheard or recorded.

(d) Except as proof in an action or prosecution for violation of this section, no evidence obtained as a result of eavesdropping upon or recording a confidential communication in violation of this section shall be admissible in any judicial, administrative, legislative, or other proceeding.

(e) This section does not apply (1) to any public utility engaged in the business of providing communications services and facilities, or to the officers, employees or agents thereof, where the acts otherwise prohibited by this section are for the purpose of construction, maintenance, conduct or operation of the services and facilities of the public utility, or (2) to the use of any instrument, equipment, facility, or service furnished and used pursuant to the tariffs of a public utility, or (3) to any telephonic communication system used for communication exclusively within a state, county, city and county, or city correctional facility.

(f) This section does not apply to the use of hearing aids and similar devices, by persons afflicted with impaired hearing, for the purpose of overcoming the impairment to permit the hearing of sounds ordinarily audible to the human ear.

Anonymous said...

Dumbass, he told them he was recording it. Listen to the call moron.

Anonymous said...

Dumbass, he told them he was recording it. Listen to the call moron.

Anonymous said...

T I do not have a hard on for you, as I am a female. I prefer big dicked males. I find you an old, sad, pathetic, attention whore.
You sound like a Mother giving Casey advice. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:49

The first call he told em, the 2nd call he 'forgot' You LISTEN to the call, moron.