Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some Kids Never Learn

@Investor Guy asks over at IAFF…

I want to see if you’ve learned anything. [RE example deal]

Casey Serin's reply:

...So unless I can pick it up at say 300-350 (assuming there are no repairs needed) and I wouldn’t even bother.

The correct answer is:

I've learned my lessons. I have no talent, affinity, resources, special knowlege, access to or expertise in any of the myriad necessities to make money in real estate. My instincts have proven horrible. My personality concerning details, deadlines, priorites and the like is not compatible with the demands of the industry. My time is better spent on other ways to earn an honest living.

That is what he should have said.


Tony Soprano said...

First again bitches!

sid_finster said...

I see it as progress of a sort.

Besides, it's not like anyone is going to loan him 350 grand.

GameOver said...

Nice to see you back in the saddle again Tony! How many houses is that for Q1 '07?

I'm out of it this weekend. In a friends wedding and not worrying about hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt or a ruined credit score. My wife didn't have to quit school recently and I'm not looking over my shoulder for CashCall knee-breakers. I've got $220 to settle a debt if need be but that's just not going to happen!

Poor Casey, what a douche. If this was September 2006 I might have felt bad for the guy. Not now knowing what a lazy fliptard he is.

Ciao people, see ya'll on Monday.

all things good staff said...

A new podcast analyzing the lastest development in the ongoing Casey Serin saga, specifically, the hat-in-hand palms-out "send me money" post. Download/stream it at

Annie said...

I totally agree with you.

I just posted this at IAFF.

Let's see if Casey let's it through.

Let's see what kind of moral character he has. Let's see if he can live up to the final terms of my agreement.

I told him there would be strings attached.


I just reviewed the DHC site. Nigel says he would not donate to the Casey-a-thon. Why is that? If he is your friend and you are really in the dire straights you are in, I would think that he'd be supporting this one-time-only effort.

Through the kindness of others, you got what you needed for your CashCall payment - please post no later than 12:15 p.m. a receipt of your payment.

As instructed by CashCall you are to call them today to confirm the payment - please record that phone call and post it to the website today.

By my estimation, you will have at least $100 excess from the paypal donations, plus what has been "pledged" by me and others - what will you be doing this money?

And, one last thing - the money I will be sending you is from hours of my own hard work at a W-2 job. A job I am lucky to have. I live on a budget and within my means. The money I am sending you means I will not be getting a new windshield on my car.

See, I've been driving with a cracked windshield for a year now. I don't use credit cards and live within my means. I'm generous when I can be. I'm getting a tax refund. I was planning on using the money from the refund to get a new windshield. Instead I will be sending it to you. I want to know that you understand the sacrifice I'm making by sending you this money.

It hurts.

It hurts bad.

Really bad.

See, I don't go to starbucks. I've never been to Jamba Juice. Never been to a Macaroni Grill.

But I have a job, a little savings, and I work hard everyday so that I can enjoy my home and eat.

I don't have much in the ways of extras. A cell phone - but it is very basic... nothing fancy. I'm on a program and stay within my minutes. No extras.

I don't have a PDA.
I don't have an IPOD or MP3 player.
I didn't go to Hawaii last year.

My adjusted gross income last year: $38,000.

My buget is tight - but I get by.

With what I have, I share with others. It is my "tithing" or whatever you call it. Would rather give it to people REALLY in need than to the catholic church.

Now tell me - do you really need my money? You made your goal. If you need my money, how will it be spent? I want (and need) to know you will spend it wisely (i.e., towards a BK attorney) and want to see a receipts posted. Better yet - tell me you'll send the money to one of your lenders from a foreclosed house as part of your effort to "repay every dirty penny."

Best yet - give it to the "elderly friend" you still owe $2200.

Just let me know that you'll be wise with my hard earned cash. Let me feel good about this "donation" and know that I can sleep tonight knowing it went towards making right one of your wrongs and not spent towards something intangible or foolish.


That's it. Last night was about moral character and integrity. Both Casey's and mine.

I've been mean spirited and poked fun and feel badly. (Call it catholic guilt.... sure I could say a bunch of Hail Mary's.... but what can I say, when I made the offer I had enjoyed a glass of $4 wine - my "friday night treat" after a hard week at work.)

Let's see if Casey says "Annie, thanks, I don't need your money. Get yourself a new windshield."

That is Good Moral Fiber.

If he says, "Annie, I need the money, but I will use it to pay back XYZ lender. I will make the payment and post the cancelled check plus the receipt on this blog."

Not the best moral fiber, but a little - provided he follows through.

If he doesn't follow through on paying one of the lenders, or says says, "Annie, you promised and a promise is a promise" then we all know the truth of his honesty and integrity. Because he promised to "pay back every dirty penny" and hasn't done so.

And I go back to being a quiet hater and sideline watcher of this train wreck - with good reason.....

Guys, I really need that windshield.

Schnapps said...


Get your windshield fixed. Don't give him any money. He made his bed, he can lie in it or remake it of his own accord, not with others' money.

He's perfectly healthy - yet refuses to get a job. You'll get a better return on investment by fixing your windshield than investing in Casey.

Schnapps said...

I should clarify my previous comment: he's perfectly healthy - yet he refuses to get a job that brings in a steady, regular paycheque.

Like I said, fix the windshield. Its a better ROI.

lawnmower man said...

I wonder if last night's beg-a-thon was a trial run for a "Save Casey" initiative?

He's always had the "Getting Saved" strapline (and in retrospect, doesn't that sound awfully passive?) and ISTR from his history that he'd bookmarked

Maybe this is his next fantasy: if he just comes up with a good enough idea the readers will bail him out? (Telling also that he mentioned, I thought. Nice try, but that particular seam is already mined dry by countless imitators.)

Maybe the whole "#1 foreclosure resource! guest posts! help for all! it's all good!" scheme isn't working out so well for him. It's increasingly clear that the blog partner is Nigel, given the strong "none of your business" responses from both.

But maybe Casey is finally starting to realize that this may not be a win-win deal: that Nigel may not have Casey's best interests at heart; that Nigel's top priority is his own interests; that from the very beginning Nigel has milked Casey for all the traffic he can get to his award-winning advertising-loaded site.

But really what yesterday revealed was how much the walls are closing in. CashCall's still chasing him; Wells Fargo have sold the debt to a collection agency who, I imagine, will start chasing him more aggressively; and for all his bullish "but I am working!" talk he's two months behind on the rent and has $40 to his name.

(And dear God, Yulia doesn't read the blog? He's freeloading off her and she doesn't have any curiosity as to why?)

Rob Dawg and others called this correctly months ago: this is the endgame. And it's not the foreclosures that'll get him; it's the consumer debt and the limits to the patience of friends and relatives.

(Oh, and bravo to Casey Fannnnn's comment: that was much my response too. Casey wants me to *pay* him? *Reward* him for his impulsive, irresponsible, and fraudulent behavior? Protect him from the consequences of his own actions?)

Anonymous said...

Annie, I applaud you. You are obviously a moral, caring human. I wish there were more like you around.

But, your offer reminds me of a quote by Robert Heinlein, which is along the lines of:

"don't try to teach a pig new tricks - it makes you look foolish, and annoys the pig".

Casey is not in a place yet where he can or will live morally or with integrity. Helping him pay a deby he aquired through fraud is not going to teach him anything except that yet again he slides through life with no responsibility and honor.

This calls for "tough love". He made his bed, let HIM sleep in it. Like the Bible says, teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish, he'll eat for the rest of his life.

Casey needs to be taught how to fish. You're feeding him for a day.

I respect what you are doing, but risking a ticket for a cracked windshield (you CAN get ticketed) won't solve any of his problems. He needs to grow up and become a man once and for all, and face up to his responsibilities to his debt, his wife, and those around him, and take on meaningful and honest pursuits. He's unwilling and incapable of doing this, and he WILL disregard your pain, because in his world, HE always comes first, regardless of who is harmed.

I'm sorry if you disagree, but I wasted years and money and much emotional stress trying to "save" people in my younger years, and was burned 99% of the time. People can only do what they are capable of, and Casey, as a man-child, is not capable of doing what you wish him to. I'd save you the heartbreak and pain you're going to suffer at the hands of his childish ego.

walt526 said...

@ Annie

So seem like a pretty compassionate person, well-grounded in reality. So what the hell are you pledging to send that fucktard $250 when you are driving around with a cracked windshield for over a year?

You seem to think that the cracked windshield only represents a cosmetic defect. It's not. Its structural integrity has been compromised and in the event of a collision its very possible that it will not shatter into a million little harmless pieces but rather break into large, dangerous chunks. You are putting your life and those of fellow motorists at grave risk.

Same thing with a bumper. A crack is not simply a cosmetic flaw, rather it can easily compromise the safety systems of your car. Windshield, bumpers, tires, and breaks are the four things that you should never, ever compromise. If you can't afford to properly maintain those parts of your car, then you cannot afford the car.

Apologies if I'm coming off as preachy or whatever, but you need to take care of that windshield before you send Looser Boy a single red cent. Snowflake's not worth risky your life, IMHO.


Benoit™ said...

Lawnmower Man: "And dear God, Yulia doesn't read the blog?"

I've e-mailed Yulia on two occasions, the first time to alert her of the blog's presence (my guess is Casey's keeping his relatives mostly in the dark). And the second time was after the CBS story aired, I told her that a throng of people are starting to look into her brother-in-law's actions. She never responded to either mail, but she definitely knows about the blog by now. :-p

Homey DA Clown said...

Awaiting posting on IAFF.



It's Homey.


NO phony talk, bs jive, or funny stuff.

Some time ago, you wanted to make a "deal" with me, remember? Well, here is my "deal" to you, which in my opinion is worth far more than the money you bilked out of these people on this post.


Make it easier on yourself, Galina, and the others involved.

You have no clue as to the forces being amassed against you.

That's it.

Here is where you need to go:

4500 Orange Grove
Sacramento, CA 95841

Ask for any of the Agents in charge

Special Agent Parenti
Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mark F. Johnson
Assistant Special Agent in Charge David A. Picard

Tony Soprano said...

7 houses sold for Q1 2007. Not bad..

Tony Soprano said...

Wasup HOMEY!

Cassandra said...

Prediction: Casey will not get the payment to Cashcall by today's Noon deadline, despite having adequate donations well in advance.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What makes snowflake think that he could pickup a house whose FMV is $500k for $300-350k? Why would someone simply give the house to him?

If someone had that much equity, they wouldn't be in financial distress.

A REO is another story. Banks want to unload these houses asap to get them off their books. But they don't want to give them away either. They also require that the purchaser pay in cash. Something casey doesn't have.

If casey had taken a few college econ classes, he'd know that markets are generally efficient. If anyone could buy a $500k house for $300k, everyone would be doing it. Which would then push the price back to where it should be.

He doesn't understand that to buy a house, you have to be the HIGHEST bidder.

Anonymous said...


Don't give Casey money and call your insurance company (mine and many others will fix a cracked windshield for no deductable)...

YouSoSpecial said...

Assuming T is still going ahead with the interview this afternoon, and she is still looking for questions, here is something I read this week in a book called Difficult Conversations.

"When competent, sensible people do something stupid, the smartest move is to try to figure out, first, what kept them from seeing it coming and, second, how to prevent the problem from happening again.

Talking about blame distracts us from exploring why things went wrong and how we might correct them going forward."

Schnapps said...

It seems young Casey is off to moneygram to send money to cashcall!

Or, at least he intends to do this! He also intends to update when he gets back!

O, the anticipation!


beezer said...

@ Annie -

I just posted a lengthy reply to you in the previous thread (the flag/song one), which basically says don't pay him. He didn't live up to his end of the bargain, and deserves what he dishes out.

@ Homey -


T said...


Why the hell did you offer him the money if you needed a windshield? That's why, as a single mom, I only offered what I could afford to spare. $20. For groceries. Sheesh.


I'll be interviewing Casey at 2pm pacific time.

I've been doing stuff with my kids this morning (we made cinnamon rolls!) and cleaning house so I'm trying right now to catch up on everything but I need your help to come up with more questions to fill the hour.

If anyone is familiar with what was discussed last night and can give me the gist of it all, I'd appreciate it.

Also, if you have any other questions you want me to ask, please list them here. I've already written down the ones from Ogg and Benoit.


GameOver said...

@ Mr. S, Nice work! Glad to hear you're doing well.

@ Homey

You've been missed and boy do I hope he turns himself in!

I just finished reading through all the comments from last night's charity drive, funny but pretty damn sad. Casey is a bitch now and I think he is finally starting to realize it.

Damn I gotta go put on a penguin suit...

Jade said...

T - I'd really like to know why G quit school with only 2 months left in the semester, for a pre-paid semester, and why she hasn't gotten a job yet. There's something fishy about that, honestly. What's 2 months in the scheme of things, especially if she hasn't gotten a job yet.

Next, I'd like to know how Casey justifies his actions with his religion.

Finally, I'd like to know why he STILL HASN'T FOUND THE UTAH PAYMENT

Yneone said...

It's true. I had a friend with a cracked windshield who got in a wreck, and it cut his head COMPLETELY OFF. (He's ok now though.)

Schnapps said...


As far as I can see it, Casey had, at one point over $1000 in his paypal account. He got an email from Paypal a bit later saying the $850 was either fraudulent or a mistake and he reversed the charge (presumably).

He also started "answering" questions in exchange for money. Annie had some good ones, that he didn't answer so well (and she listed some of them above this post).

Most recently, he's posted a comment saying that Annie better pay because he made such a sacrifice staying up so late a second night in a row and that if she doesn't he's not going to do this sort of thing without advance payment. heh. I'm going to leave the door open on that one.

In any case, I'm curious to see if he actually sent the money to Cashcall.

beezer said...

T -

I think this whole thing is a mistake, he's not going to answer any damn thing and I'm desperately against anyone giving him a plug nickel. I really think you shouldn't do it and not give him anything. However, if you're determined...

Where did the like quarter million dollars go?

He said last night it went to fix the houses and cover the $20k burn rate. That's bullshit. We know he didn't fix the houses for crap, and the full bill for all the mortgages was only paid for a few months. AND it was mostly covered by the successive cashbacks, one would think.

What did they spend the credit card money on?

But again, I don't think he's going to answer and even if he were, he should answer because that's why he started the blog, not for cash; and no one should be giving him cash. I'd rather never know than have him given more money.

T said...

Thanks for putting the questions in this thread. While on the phone with him I will go down the list and pick questions from each person.

beezer said...

He just posted this -

"I just woke up from staying up till 4:30 AM answering Annie’s and other people’s questions. She promised to pay so she better pay because that was some detailed answers and sacrifice staying up 2nd night in the row."

Annie - Don't pay him!! Do you see that? Did you sacrifice and work harder than that to make the money in the first place? He thinks he worked hard, so he'd better be paid. He didn't, it's not a technicality, he did not live up to his end of the deal.

He thinks he worked for it. How hard did you work for it?

Besides, apparently T is going through with the call, so he'll get $240 regardless. Let it be Stanley's, not yours.

Benoit™ said...

T, more questions:

- Is Casey aware of (or worried about) Homey D.A. Clown and his efforts in bringing Casey to justice?

- What is Casey going to do next month or whenever CashCall comes calling again? If he tries pulling this donation crap again, I'm personally reporting him to PayPal.

- How did the sale of the Blue Ball™ go this morning at Jamba Juice?

- Has Casey ever had a same-sex experience? Yes or no. No wishy-washy answers like "I'm married".

As far as offers:

* $75 for Galina in a bikini. Real, no photoshopping

* $200 for nude pictures :)

* $1,000 if he gets a permanent tattoo saying "I Faced Foreclosure and lost 5 times"

* $10,000 contributed in a group effort to his family if he voluntarily turns himself into the FBI as Homey suggested. Maybe we could foot his entire bail if it isn't too high... :-p

Anonymous said...

Basic summary:
Casey thinks only of himself, and isn't willing to make ANY personal sacrifice for the sake of his wife. He's done this for years, and until he has an epiphany about this behavior pattern, he's doomed to repeat it. His wife appears to be finally understanding this, because they have 'grown apart.' I think his family is incredibly frustrated about the calls from creditors, especially CashCall. Some family members think a rescue may solve the problem. Other family members think he should be thrown out of the house if the calls don't stop and he doesn't pay rent. The donations are holding maneuver.

Mr. Bubbles said...

@ T

Some questions to ask snowflake:

1. How much money did you obtain illegaly at each of the 8 houses? $$ amount

2. Why didn't you disclose on the HUD/loan/closing documents about this? You are aware this is fraud?

3. How many times and how much money did run run through your phony real estate companies or third parties at the closings?

4.How much money did you make in 2005 & 2006? Include all w-2, 1099, advertising, royalties, and consulting work done.

5. Did Chris file a 1099 as required for you in 2006?

6. How much money have you transferred to Galina's accounts, your family's accounts in 2005 & 2006?

7. Did you include the $30,000 you made from the first property sale in 2005 in your 2005 taxes as income?

8. When and whom did you sell the rights to IAFF to?

9. How much is Nigel making on your relationship?

10. How much have you made by selling email adresses to spammers?

11.Where is the money you obtained through the illegal cash back at closing?

12.Does your family have any involvement in your real estate transactions?

13. Has your family bought and sold houses?

14. State in detail exactly how much money you have made in 2005 & 2006 from Chris, Duane, Nigel, and all of your consulting work.

15. State exactly how much you have paid to Yulia for rent total.

16. State all monies, titles, assets that you have transferred out of your name for the past year.

17. State the names of all banks, savings insitutions, credit unions, brokerage firms that you and Galina have opened or closed since 2005.

18.Ask him to swear under penalty of perjury that everything he has stated on IAFF and in his interviews is factual and truthful.


These are about 1% of the questions you will face when prosecuted. Enjoy.

LOL said...

T, please ask him about the $22k promissory note, how does he intend to pay it? What will happen if it isn't paid?

R-Boy said...

And the 50k promissory note.

Also, ask him about his cell phone bill and why its 200 + a month. I have t-mobile and i pay 45 a month for unlimited nights/weekends and enough minutes during the week that I cant ever use them all

Enquiring Mind said...

@ Annie
Don't pay him if you need the money. He doesn't need it. He needs to wake up. Tough love, baby.

@ T
1. Has he or G taken the Christmas tree out yet?
2. As a murse-wearing metrosexual breakdancer who obviously has his finger on the pulse of his generation, what is the best way for an award-winning commenter such as myself to pick up semi-hot Russian chicks who leave the price tags on their clothes.
3. Who is his favorite hater? Least favorite?
4. Favorite cheerleader?
5. What does Nigel's pee taste like?
6. Has he gotten used to the feeling of cat poop squishing between his toes?
7. Tell us more about your toilet-time. We're dying to know.
8. Is Nigel that greasy looking in person? Does he smell like Axe Effect?
9. Discuss the differences between macro and microeconomic theory as it applies to the housing market. Be sure to touch on the effects of consumer preference on demand. Using a two good model for the housing market, how will a reduction in real income affect the supply and demand curves? (15 pts.)
10. Get him to take a picture with the hat, the murse, the blue shirt, and the blue ball before he sells it.

Katie said...

Posted this on IAFF:

"I just woke up from staying up till 4:30 AM answering Annie’s and other people’s questions. She promised to pay so she better pay because that was some detailed answers and sacrifice staying up 2nd night in the row."

I don't like your tone.

Why, you nasty, self absorbed little jerk. She "*better* pay?"

That's hysterical, given your track record for keeping promises and paying your debts.

The fact that you can take your narrow ass to Cash Call to pay the bill that you ignored for months is because people put up with your shit--"haters" included--and gave you a chance. YOU are the one who put yourself in this position. You're the one who is pimping themself out for "easy money."

I knew that you would blame being up late for waking up late. Whatever. As for people being in your shoes, I am here to tell you that at your age, I paid down debt the tough way--I lived frugally. I ate Top Ramen. I didn't go out. I paid less than the minimum to ensure that my creditors knew I was serious. I worked several jobs. And you know what? I'm healthy, safe, happy, own my own home, and have a wonderful life.

ASW: Letsdoit (after I take a nap first)

Annie, I didn't like his tone and sense of entitlement. Get your windshield fixed.

Khatie said...

@ T


Where is the Utah payment?

How to you think your actions have affected the communities that you bought properties in, and what can you do to atone for it? What would be a fitting punishment?

Why did you change your mind about paying CashCall?

Benoit™ said...

Again, though, how are we ultimately going to listen to this? It's not a TalkShoe deal, is it? My guess is Casey's forgotten about the whole 2 PM deadline anyway. He's more focused on the income he's just made by virtual panhandling. SWEET DEAL!

More questions/statements:

- Does Yulia™ know that all of her stuff may soon be repo'ed by CashCall?

- Did Suze Orman tear him a new one during his call? [Never seen the show, if it's live on April 7th, disregard this]

- Make sure to audibly say the names "Galina", "Aleksey", etc. ;-)

Dimes said...


Ask Casey what is SPECIFIC priorities for debt management are. Didn't he work with a credit counselor or something a couple of months ago? When listening to his call the other week he kept saying "I don't want to commit to a payment plan with _____ because I have other debts." So in the debt repayment scheme, what are his priorities specifically? If he's raising capital for another venture that is also an acceptable answer.

Rob Dawg said...

Casey should not be allowed to touch money. Every time that's happened we got screwed.

R-Boy said...

rob, can you verify the ip of homey as homey?

Enquiring Mind said...

Please please please give Casey a taste of his own medicine and renege on the money. He should be made to feel the burn from getting no return on his investment.

Endgame Observer said...

11:25 AM, Cassandra said...
Prediction: Casey will not get the payment to Cashcall by today's Noon deadline, despite having adequate donations well in advance.

Good call - you were right. He had to get a 1 hour extension!

Endgame Observer said...

@Annie - I think you got caught up in the spirit of the moment and offered too much $. (I did the same thing - $70 in 3 offers, but he didn't do any of mine, so I'm happy that I owe him $0)

I do not believe you got detailed, honest answers to many of your questions. And no answers at all to some of them.

You in no way owe him the full amount - he did not completely fulfill his obligation.

Perhaps you owe him some for partial answers to a subset of the questions, but not close to $250.

Anonymous said...

Snowflake said,

"I just woke up from staying up till 4:30 AM answering Annie’s and other people’s questions. She promised to pay so she better pay because that was some detailed answers and sacrifice staying up 2nd night in the row.

If she doesn’t pay or claims that I didn’t perform based on some technicality, I’m not ever going to do this kind of thing again without advanced payment."

Kinda like how you failed to pay back EVERY PERSON you borrowed momey from? Kinda like you Wells Fargo STOLE $1000 from YOU? Kinda like how you STOLE over $300,000 in cash back money and credit card money?

F You Snowflake. You bitch about not being paid $30 and you owe about $650,000.. nice relative moralism.

Enquiring Mind said...

More questions:

1. What tasty vegan animal does he enjoy eating the most?
2. If Nigel's super-accountant, Brian S. Nick, and Chuck Norris were to meet in battle, who would win?
3. Why he doesn't get a steady job and volunteer at Habitat For Humanity for a while to atone for his sins against the US housing market?
4. Why are Yulia's socks so dirty?
5. Why, as stated in his old blog, did he continue to buy houses even after he was aware that the housing market was reversing? (Correct answer: because he needed the cashback to float his existing obligations.) I just want to hear bullshit justification for it.
6. Exactly how did local rich dad make his money when he started? Why did Casey not copy his model?
7. Are Aleksey or any other family members involved in real estate?
8. Has he ever seen the underneath of a Jeep chassis?
9. Are his testicles vestigial yet?
10. Get him to name some of his fave musical acts.

Jojo said...

TVGuide for the Suze Orman Show has this for a title~

4/7/2007: Facing Foreclosure

It's All Good aka Engame Observer said...

@T - question for Casey:

"You had an offer last night for $30 to post the highest income you put on a stated-income loan. You accepted the offer. However, you didn't do it. Why not? The person who made that offer [It's All Good] says it's still open. So, what is the number?"

lawnmower man said...

I’m not ever going to do this kind of thing again without advanced payment.

My comment on IAFF is in moderation limbo, but -- "again"?

How many times does he think he can try the cash-for-questions stunt, particularly if he leaves the questioners unsatisfied?

And where does he go from there? Cash for degradation?

This show's almost over. And when it ends, the audience leaves. Maybe that's what scares him most.

Enquiring Mind said...

Yeah, Annie, nickel and dime him. Multiply the $250 by the fraction of questions he answered to your satisfaction to the total number that you asked. Even with a clear conscience, this is what you owe him. But really no one will blame you for stiffing him because that's what he does to others and deserves.

It's All Good said...

Just posted at IAFF:

Casey - your comment to Annie She promised to pay so she better pay because that was some detailed answers and sacrifice staying up 2nd night in the row. was arrogant and entitled. It reminds me of your comment to me last night:

@It’s All Good… I will lookup the loans for you tonight and see if I can get the highest stated income… can we increase that to $30 because that kind of information can potentially get me in trouble. $30 is nothing these days.

Both of those comments from a broke, desperate kid who had to beg for dollars, got bailed out by generous people he labels 'haters', then couldn't get up in time to send them in by the deadline..... You are unbelievable.

BTW, I'll still pay $30 for that info you AGREED to provide to me. Are you reneging on our deal??

Enquiring Mind said...

Who cares if he never does that again? It's not like he told us anything that we don't already know. The only funny parts were when he was offering to post "sensitive" agreements with the original owners for 75 bucks a pop. We're all just waiting around to see if he gets prosecuted. His story is told and there's nothing that he can do to reinvigorate it.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Also, if you have any other questions you want me to ask, please list them here. I've already written down the ones from Ogg and Benoit.
The obvious question: Does he know where this is?

4500 Orange Grove
Sacramento, CA 95841

Has he met or heard of any of these people yet?

Special Agent Parenti
Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mark F. Johnson
Assistant Special Agent in Charge David A. Picard

How does he feel about the possibility of their involvement in his financial life/decisions?

Annie said...

Hi T

Annie here.

I'm with my mom - it is her 80 b-day. She has parkinson's. She's taking a nap and I'm doing some household chores for her.

I just finished reading some of the posts and comments.

Here's the deal. I made a pledge and a promise to Casey last night. Because I don't use paypal, I gave him my private e-mail address. We spoke on the phone. He knows my name and my phone number.

Everyone, I don't like the tone of his e-mail. As I said this morning, he has an opportunity here to really show his moral fiber. He got what he needed plus some. He'll be making $$ from your call later today. Does he "really" need my money?

I do have in my e-mails with him his promise of confidentiality. If I see my name, identity, phone number or ANYTHING posted on the internet today, tomorrow, or to the end of eternity (or when the world ends of global warming) I will be so disappointed. There is no information about me on the internet. However, someone could pay one of those people finder services and get a tone of personal and private information for a small amount of $$.

If you could do me a favor, start the call and ask him about his moral fiber. Ask him about Karma. Ask him if he "really" met his end of the bargin. It's all there - I attempted to figure out what he was answering and what he wasn't and lay it out for you. See if you can get him to answer these questions.

Then, ask him how he plans to use my donation. Ask him to be specific. Figure out a way to hold him accountable.

Then, ask him if he would be willing to renegotiate the terms of our agreement. Maybe forgiveness because while well intended and heartfelt, I made a foolish decision on one glass of wine (geez, I'm a light weight). It was impulsive. I was feeling sorry for the guy. He's asking forgiveness of his debts, can he do the same for mine?

If not forgiveness, perhaps a "short sale"? You know, one one glass of wine, his information and answering questions had a value that today has declined. Something like the housing market. I really don't feel he held up his end. Yes, he stayed up late (thank god the blue ball buyer cancelled his appointment) but all of the questions were not answered. And, my understanding is that he moderated out questions.

Remind Casey that at no time did I (and many of the other people) make hateful comments nor ask him to do stupid things of him or G. (Well, asking him to photograph the refrigerator and freezer was sort of lame on my part, however, I needed to see if they were at the point of starving.)

Finally, I held Casey accountable for answering questions. You have my list and summary of those he didn't answer. Please review those and ask.

I wish I could listen to the call, but I need to get back to my mother.

And to all of the readers here and at IAFF - I am, in the light of day, scared shitless because Casey now has my name and phone number. I do not want him, Nigel, or any other friends, family or fans to "out" me and make my information public. I was very clear with Casey regarding confidentiality of my identity.

He's been very protective of G, his "money partner" and others... but we saw what happened with the NoLLL.

Good Luck

I'm never drinking wine again!

lawnmower man said...

Out of interest, did anyone bite on the bullshit "free moderation" offer?

T said...


Just offer him $50 and tell him his answers were not sufficient. Because in truth, they weren't.

Just tell him you're having buyer's remorse. Be honest with him.

I must also tell you that he has my work email and details and he has never done anything inappropriate with the information, including sharing it with Nigel so the guy has some sense of right and wrong.

Remember: Don't drink and post.

Enquiring Mind said...

Annie, don't sweat it. Casey is way too lazy to ever do anything with your information. Deep down, he's too much of a puss to be that vindictive. At worst, you might end up on his spam list. Nigel Swaby, on the other hand, IS that much of a shithead, but since you're not one of his sworn enemies, he won't have anything to gain from it. I think you're safe whether you pay him or not.

You're absolutely right about him looking like a hypocrite for not relieving your debt. Just remember, as long as you INTEND to repay, itsallgood.

YouSoSpecial said...

Here's a question. Was Casey serious in his comments about looking into penny stocks and precious metals investing? I fear all the good things he says are coming are actually more of the same thing. How are his good things different from the fad-driven guru-led get rich schemes to which he is so susceptible?

Sorry I won't be listening in, off to my son's baseball game.

Casey's Physician said...

T, you seem a little pale in your profile photo. I suggest laying off of the jamba juice for a while and increasing your intake of all-natural carnitas burritos. You also seem to be a little lackadaisical in your attitude towards cutlery. Such a cavalier attitude can be as dangerous as a cracked windshield.

Casey's Physician said...

T, could you also ask Casey about the tumor I found on his anus. It was Nigel-shaped.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Now that I'm looking at this in the cold sober daylight, I realize just what a momentous event last night's whore-a-thon was. He's finally put his dignity up for sale. He didn't give up much last night, but having doen it once will make it easier next time. This is the first step in the journey that leads to his long-predicted career in gay porn, or something similar.

bemused guy said...

Annie -

Doll, spend the day with your Mum. Try and relax and don't think about this. In other words, go into "Casey-ignore mode." He didn't answer your questions and you have a more compelling case of where your money should be spent. Get your windscreen fixed.

If I need to be all "hater" about it, it's not like you had a contract with the guy. Blogs are opinions and expression, not law. And it's not like Our Hero has shown he can follow legal contract.

Have a good weekend, sign out & check back on Monday.

Katie said...


Listen. Actually you are in the catbird seat. You asked for a reciept date stamped by 12:15. He has not produced it and is trying to blame you for not holding his end of the deal.

Look, my husband, who is working on his masters degree, goes to class at night and his studies and ends up going to bed at 12:30. He has to get up at 4:30 in order to get to work on time. He's also 23 years older than Snowflake.

His being up late two nights in a row is his fault, not yours. So to hell with him. His tone is particularly shitty and entitled and he needs a taste of his own medicine.

Katie said...

That's 12:30 am and 4:30 am. I'm glad that my husband graduates this's getting to him.

T said...

Casey's Physician said...

T, you seem a little pale in your profile photo. I suggest laying off of the jamba juice for a while and increasing your intake of all-natural carnitas burritos. You also seem to be a little lackadaisical in your attitude towards cutlery. Such a cavalier attitude can be as dangerous as a cracked windshield.

Do you think maybe I'm anemic? And don't be dissing the Cutco knife. I bought it off a door-to-door salesman named Casey.

Katie said...

This was posted on IAFF:

Casey, how was that Sweet Wheatgrass Shot you enjoyed this morning while at Jamba, courtesy of donations from readers last night?

I know you had one.

Your readers would want you to.


Someone needs to ask about this.

T said...

Wow, it's 2:09 pm and no word from Casey re: the interview. Surprise, surprise.

Schnapps said...

So I should probably just watch that episode of Lost from last week.

::twiddle thumbs::

T said...

Yeah, I've got homework to do, too. So this is pretty annoying.

Casey's Physician said...

@ Annie:
"I'm never drinking wine again!"
This is why the drinks are free at casinos.

@ T:
Never trust a salesman with a murse. I had a similar experience, except he sold me the Eggwave. One thing that the brochure failed to mention is that the "delicious eggwave omelet" smells like a chicken crematorium.

Schnapps said...


Just read your last comment over at the Casey Love-in Blog. Too funny.

I do hope Nacho recovers. He looks tough enough to recover. Perhaps some catnip might help?

T said...

The words "delicious" and "crematorium" do not belong in the same sentence.


T said...

Schnapps said...
I do hope Nacho recovers. He looks tough enough to recover.

He's all kindsa emo, Schnapps. He's super-sensitive and takes things to heart. I try to tell him to man the fuck up and grow a ball sack but then he throws the fact that I had him neutered back in my face and we go round and round with that old argument again.

*rolls eyes*

He needs to suck it up, seriously. I mean, they're gone. Get over it, right?

Benoit™ said...

Hey T, if Casey reneges or forgets on his interview offer, I suggest you rescind your down payment to him. If you've used PayPal for a while, I'm sure you know how to...

If he's taken all the donations out of his account already, and you rescind your payment, his account will dip into the negative, and he'll start getting hounded by PayPal as well. SWEET DEAL!! :-)

Endgame Observer said...

KC just posted at IAFF - he sent the money and posted the receipt.

Anonymous said...

@Annie et all.
You guys pledged $ for the privledge of moralizing and making yourselves feel better about yourselves. The guy is desperate, and you guys took advantage of him in a weird humiliate-myself-for$-athon.
If you can't afford it, thats your problem. You guys had your fun, entertainment - now you need to pay him.

Schnapps said...

Hey, lookee, boy blunder has a new post up! He forgot about you T!

I think you should let Nacho go all emo on him.

bemused guy said...

If you chat with Our Hero, could you try & explain that most of the people he calls Haters don't really care enough to truly hate? If he must put a name to it, I think it's more accurate to call us "annoyed-ers."

Back when I was starting my RE investing I would have given anything to have a group of people with experience shouting advice through cyberspace to me. True, some of the visitors are cranks but what an opportunity. And he ignored almost all decent advice. Oh well.

Schnapps said...

And because I like to move the poop around, Casey said:

I never got a call about the interview with T. I told Annie to call me around 2:30 so we can discuss her intentions again and setup a time to do it. Is Annie and T the same person?

Oooh. Comment. Overload. Don't. Know. What. To. Say. first.

bemused guy said...

T: I forgot to add...would be curious if he still considers all the people who donated money to save his *ss (for a few hours at least) Haters?

And get him to absolve Annie. He's probably not aware that she has a pressing bill. He should understand that & I'm sure it would make her feel better.

Lou Minatti said...

Casey should have bought some of these when he was at Walmart this morning:

T said...

Anonymous said...

@Annie et all.
You guys pledged $ for the privledge of moralizing and making yourselves feel better about yourselves. The guy is desperate, and you guys took advantage of him in a weird humiliate-myself-for$-athon.

I'm sorry, could you come down off your soap box? It's difficult to hear you from this distance.

Casey's Lawyer said...

@ anon 2:33
Some good points, but this is really a business matter, not a moral matter. Casey agreed to answer all of Annie's questions to her satisfaction for $250. If he did not, she may not owe him anything or she may owe him a prorated amount for answers she did receive. However, Casey cannot prove that he answered them all, and she cannot prove that he did not, making the contract unenforceable. She can pay or not pay at her discretion.

Rob Dawg, please paypal $250 to for this valuable legal counseling.

T said...

I just called Casey and left a message about the interview. I've also emailed him and a few comments on his latest IAFF entry that he has yet to moderate.

I'd like to get other things done today so if I don't hear back from him soon I will rescind the deposit money via paypal and call it a day.

T said...

Casey and I just spoke on the phone. We've rescheduled for 4pm.

I'm gonna go get some homework done.

caseyserin2 said...

i birdogged a blog!


Wagga said...


If you live in California, a cracked windshield can cost more in fines than the actual repair cost.

Ask me how I know.

Check with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. If they say 'Butyl Tape' and the 'Low Class Auto Glass' place says that goop is good enough, then just rotate the ignition key clockwise & vote with your right pedal.

Ask me how I know.

If you live near the Central Valley, you might contact me via the Dawg email. I have all the proper tools. I also have a Class A BBQ licence, with Instructors and 50 mm and 100 mm endorsements.

Cheers - Dave

Anonymous said...

I tried ppsting this at IAFF. . .

Now Casey, I want to think about what went down the other day and the whole money issue. The stuff that you were selling did not raise a lot (other than the ball I don't think that there was nothing else) nor did it look like it was about to. And the things people were asking you were not that easy (I don't think that they were that hard either, though). You were trying to raise just over two hundred dollars. You took on debt of just over two million (with an "M") dollars last year. Raising a couple of hundred was not that easy was it? Yet that was around .001% of the debt that you took on. The stuff you have has almost no commercial value. Notice the offers you got? I did not see any offers for your real estate courses. I bought Russ Whitney courses on E-Bay for 19 dollars and just bought another for $5.50. I bought the complete Carleton Sheets "Nothing Down" course for the exact same amount. Since I live overseas the shipping costs are quite high, and I have to take that into consideration. I’ve heard that the Carleton sheets course is $1995.00 at the seminar. . .0.28%. We are talking fractions of the original amounts. . .
An excellent post was submitted on your blog about "woo woo money" and reality. I think that these are excellent examples. When I started investing in real estate in the 90's I did not have enough cash to close on a property (I was putting around 20% down and found that the closing costs were going to cost an extra thousand or so). I learned the value of much of my 'assets' as I ran around to used bookstores, consignment shops, friends and pawn shops trying to sell my valued "assets". (I can remember going to a check cashing place and being told that the fees for cashing my paycheck a week early was 10%!) I was able to raise the funds and close on the triplex that I bought, but it was a very valuable lesson for me about the value of possessions-I think of most of my stuff as having no monetary value (of course that does not include the real estate, stocks, cash and such). You should do the same and stop making flippant remarks about "$30". That $30 will buy quite a bit of used stuff if spent wisely-think about the offers on some of your stuff. . .
By the way, I have 18 separate properties that vary in size and units and I've owned (since sold-never flipping) in three countries. Yet, I still hesitate to call myself a "real estate investor". I think of real estate investors as people and companies who buy and sell huge properties.
Of course, I'm a looser with a job and the property stuff is more of a hobby.

Aspeth said...

Did anyone else wonder if fucktard's traffic dips on the weekends because even the feds need a break from his sorry ass?

Anonymous said...

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