Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Blogging Dirty

Is blogging dirty? Yes, if you are doing it right. If you aren't doing it right or ypu are not doing it for the right reasons then it just becomes a bizarre fetish/obsession. There's a problem with maintaining perspective as well. It is just blogging. Assigning any more imporntance than is warranted will get you a 2x4 of reality across your forehead. Some blogs are awesome resources, some fascinating insight into interesting persons, some are valued for their community. those of the notorious variety are invariably tranient phemenona. They know who they are and they know what that means and it bugs the crap out of them.


Stanley said...


aaron said...

damn! second

Stanley said...

Damn, almost lost this one when I visited another site for a couple of minutes. Won't make that mistake again.....

Now that the stress of FIRST is off my shoulders, I can relax for a few minutes.

Nige-ku said...

Little man cries out,
He craves the attention that
He will never find.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Nacho login and see that mouse!

Nige-ku said...

Shine the light of truth
The haterz scurry and shriek.
I found your myspace.

Miguel said...

Don't let Nacho login and see that mouse!

Or Sputnik. We have some very accomplished cats around here.

Has the mouse got its own blog?

Nige-ku said...

two seven five nine
monthly unique visitors
two seven five nine

Rob Dawg said...

i tell ya, i almost spit out my meds when i found this mornings picture. Even Sputnik and Nacho should get a kick out of it. Later a user submission featuring murses but for now 'Bondage Hamster" has me amused.

Nacho said...

Did someone say mouse?

Nige-ku said...

I am like a god.
What is my secret you ask?
Gin and propecia.

GameOver said...

IMHO blogs fall into three categories.

1) Resourceful - good analysis, witty commentary usually run by a veritable god of the subject (thinking BR on BigPicture)

2) Amusing - Odd ball topics around a central theme read by a community of entertaining and overall pleasant people (thinking EN of course!)

3) Worthless drivel - Typicall someone keeping a personal journal about why they feel sad but publishing it for the world to read. Why would you post pictures of your kids on the internet? Why would you tell the world the messy details of your divorce?

Obviously I understand, appreciate and utilize the first two however I have no idea what the point of the third is. Is it a generational thing? Casey loves airing his dirty laundry and so do other people (i.e. myspace).

Where have the limitations of common sense gone? Do you really want a future employer googling your past forever?

PS. Good work Stanley!

PPS. is a combo of 2 & 3

T said...

Do you really want a future employer googling your past forever?

The only info you can get by googling my name is the fact that I donated scholarship money to my old community college.

Cause unlike some people we know (*cough* CASEY SERIN *cough*) I like to give back to the community when I can.

R-Boy said...

Google me, and you'll find out that I was active in student government at GaTech, that I had watched professional wrestling, and have a few network pages, that I like swing dancing, and camping.

Which, really, is nothing that you couldnt find out just by what I would post.


I'm had some wonderful emails with Rachel Dollar of MortgageFraudBlog. I wonder what about?

2759 said...

Don't miss Casey Fannnnnn's photoshop dujour on the previous thread.

GameOver said...

@ T & R-boy,

Maybe that didn't come across like I was thinking about it. I wasn't refering to either of you, or any other commentator here. You guys are the "overall pleasant people" I was refering to.

I don't see anything wrong with the sort of information we can find by googling you, I was more refering to the Nigle-esque meltdown type blogging.

As other people have said, all the info Nigel "outed" you with made you look like very enjoyable people! I was refering to the unpleasant things people post about themselves/situations or the attitude they exude which is often not so pleasant.

I didn't mean to offend!

Miguel said...

Why would you post pictures of your kids on the internet? Why would you tell the world the messy details of your divorce?

Tell me about it. There are no pictures of my kids online, and won't be until they're old enough to make that decision themselves. I'm only aware of one site that even mentions their names, and it certainly isn't anything to do with me (I did own up to my daughter sharing a middle name with T's first, but that's as far as it goes).

On the other hand, if you Google my name you'll certainly find loads of stuff - but also dozens if not hundreds of namesakes, as my real name isn't what you might call exotic. Tragically, I couldn't even get a dotcom URL in my name, but I wouldn't know what to do with it if I did.

So there's every possibility that if Nigel tries to out me, he'll end up outing someone else altogether, and wouldn't that be hilarious?

(Well, not to the guy who's erroneously outed, but I suspect he'd never find out.)

Stanley said...


When I get kinda down about living such a miserable existance, I look at Casey and Nigel and realize my life is actually rich and full compared to theirs.

Anonymous said...

Re: thinskinned cumbucket blogger claims shes afraid to leave her housecasey spent the night working late with nigel again.

please i need the attention, id glady be someone's cumbucket for a nice house to live in, my sister is getting really annoyed with casey's "75% success rate of taking out the trash every week" plus he keeps eating all the bacon & eggs when hes supposed to be a vegan!

Anonymous said...

Blogging ain't as bad as TV...let me repeat my argument here.

I posted the following to the fliptard's blog (a reply to his interest in the website and the suggestion/thinly veiled threat that he might create a similar site)

Casey the *last* thing you need to do is set up a TV website.

In fact you and TV need to part ways like *yesterday* already. It has really screwed you up but good.

Consider this: Your 'RE mogul' ideas came from TV, your business 'gurus' (Trump & Kiyosaki & Orman) come from TV, your sketchy home lenders (Countrywide) are all over the TV, and ditto for your sleazy lender of last resort (CashCall), your overpriced juicer (Jack LaLanne), and even your choice of mediocre dining establishments (Macaroni Grill).

TV rots your brain Casey, even the oompa-loompas know that.

But that's the only thing you seem to respond to (look at how long it's been since you've posted a comment to anyone) is someone suggesting anything having to do with the boob-tube. There's a reason why it's called 'The Plug-In Drug', it can be as addictive and damaging as any other substance. If Jerry Mander were writing his book 'Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television' today, he'd have to add a fifth argument: TV creates morons like Casey Serin who remain moronic due to their fascination with TV and their inability and lack of desire to interact with reality (the way the rest of us do).

We're not haters, Casey, we just refuse to live in a fantasy world and believe everything we've seen on television (which I also believe is a major reason why you come off as extremely dull whenever you appear in front of a camera or a microphone because you can only ape what you see on the tee-vee).

I am praying that the first thing CashCall seizes from your home is the TV (and believe me if I knew of a way to make that happen already, I would be taking the steps to make it so).

bemused guy said...

Is it true that in another post the Swab write he has a "big plan" and added something about bringing light to the haters so they can scurry?

Er...since everyone has been posting their details,how exactly is that working out for the looser?

I continued to remain..bemused.

Mr. Bubbles said...

IS everyone associated with CS a deadbeat or scumbag?

Dear Mr. AFB-blogman,

My name is xxxxxx xxxxxx. You might remember me from January 22, 2006.

I should tell you what happened to me in the last year. I give you free permission to post this e-mail on yor site, if you like.

After your post, and the ensuing comments, we tried real hard to sell the house FSBO for $639K. Didn’t happen. We had our baby, and, with four mouths to feed now, I got another title rep job, but it only lasted for three months. Got one realtor to list at $639K, just to cover the $601K in debt, commissions, etc. Didn’t get a bite for 90 days. We let him go after the contract, and hired a “hitter.” She listed at $599K. We spoke to her assistant for the ensuing months. Not much really happened. We stopped paying the mortgage after April 2006’s payment. We received the notice of default in September. I had already moved the family to a rental in Garden Grove in June. After three short sales fell out of escrow, we closed on a short sale to a landscaping contractor for $550K. He went no money down. The bank had to eat, among other things, a new septic tank, a tenting for termites, and $30,000 in agent commissions. We bought the house for $605K, paid $3K of principal, and stuck the bank with a $122K loss. The short sale closed on the day of filing for Notice of Trustee Sale in November. The bank, in their deduction schedule, showed the entire period of January through September 2006, as mortgage interest paid, making our write-off 4 times larger than I expected. [Maybe I’m ignorant: is this supposed to happen, and I just didn’t know?] Also, the bank didn’t 1099 us! I talked to the supervisor in the collections department eight weeks ago, and he said our file was noted as “do not issue 1099.” The super interpreted this to mean that the bank must have thought it wasn’t worth it. I was planning on claiming insolvency to the IRS through my job loss, anyway, but they didn’t even give us a 1099!

I continue to follow the national real estate scene on the Internet; now, through, with a great deal of schadenfreude, because I’m no longer an FB.

Incidentally, the wife and I opened a transcription business from home, and are doing excellent in the first quarter of 2007. Ironically, I produced the podcast transcript for Casey Serin these last couple days.

xxxxxx xxxxxx
As you might remember, this individual was a title rep in the industry. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you read the earlier post from about 14 months ago. It will shead some light on why I see things getting worse.

So, the guy that did the transcriptions for Snowflake ALSO had his house foreclosed on, and thinks becuase the bank won't issue a 1099 he is not responsible for the loss?

How do these deadbeats find each other? You need to read up on this assclown. He fits perfectly with the flake twins.

Stanley said...

From IAFF:
"That thing is pretty interesting… it’s giving me some ideas. I’ve thought of doing something along the lines of a web-cam or a more detailed daily blog of everything I do. Especially now as I transition into the next chapter in my business and life. If I DO do that, I will have to find a way to convince the Mrs. to allow such a thing. She is a pretty private person, you know. And I want to respect her desires. A marriage is a team. It’s teaching me to be less selfish. On the other hand, I don’t want any of my current deals or jobs to be compromised by the “haters” who love to see me fail. I also want to protect the identity of people that I’m working with. We have seen what can happen on this blog. So I don’t know if I’m going to do a “a day in the life of casey” type of blog, but I sure get tempted. We’ll see… we’ll see. Make sure to signup for my mailing list for any major announcements."

Be very afraid.....

CaseyTV !!!! Is the world ready for that? Can it handle the Middle East AND Snowflake walking around with a camera stuck to his head?

Mr. Bubbles said...

Here is the Guy from Noble transcripstions response- makes me want to vomit.

# The former FB
March 28th, 2007 15:36

As always, there is a reply from the source needed.

I admit, looking back, I was incompetent and stupid because I bought too much LTV with not enough reserves. For the record, though, I went full doc with New Century, after WaMu and WF applications got stuck in an underwriting morass, and it was coming time to close. I got that purchase loan with New Century in 72 hours. New Century approved me, seeing I was not misrepresenting myself, unlike IAFF, who obviously misused stated income loans.

However, I take exception to the idea that I’m taking food out of someone’s mouth by sticking the bank with the loss. An appraiser made the valuation, and I got a loan. No one forced New Century to give me the loan to buy the house, but they did. They confirmed the value, and thus, assumed all risk, especially since I went no money down with an, at the time, 720 mid-FICO, and the wife as well.

When I stopped paying the mortgage, because I couldn’t affor to, I got ONE collection call. I arranged the short sale possibility myself with New Century, which they readily and happily approved; they said, bring a buyer asap. They didn’t have to accept the short sale after the fact, but they did, and I’m very grateful. I did the right thing for me and my family at the time. I tried a deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure, but they would not accept it. Besides, everyone connected got paid — the termite guys, the septic tank replacers, the realtors, the purchase lenders, and the government for taxes, which were never delinquent. Yes, New Century was out the dough, but that’s the risk they took.

I have nothing to hide, but the insinuation that I did this on purpose is over the top. You don’t know me personally, but if you did, you’d know I have a little more character than to try to screw someone over. I believe in lowering tax burdens on myself, but not tax avoidance. This isn’t a cheat, if the Feds want to audit me, I’ve got plenty of paper trail to fend off any fraud charge they want, not to mention hardships that are within current IRS guidelines to file an amended Schedule C, according to myy accountant.

I consulted a BK attorney when I lost my job in Jan 2006, and he chuckled me out of his office after 5 minutes. He showed me the rule changes, and how there was no way I could qualify for forgiveness, with all the money I had made in 2004 and 2005. So BK was out of the question from the beginning, which is why I never mentioned it in the first place.

I welcome any and all constructive feedback, and I appreciate the couple pats on the back I’ve received here. Thank you.

Notice the same indignant, sence of entitlement. HE has no responsiblity, or accountability. It was the appraiser's fault. It was the bank's fault, because no one forced the lender to make the loan to him, (had they known he would default with 6 months, they woul dhave right?).

It's all good.

T said...

Anonymous said...
Re: thinskinned cumbucket blogger claims shes afraid to leave her housecasey spent the night working late with nigel again.

please i need the attention, id glady be someone's cumbucket for a nice house to live in

Why are you posting this? Do you think a woman, ANY woman, being referred to as a cumbucket is amusing? Have some class, ffs.

GameOver said...
@ T & R-boy,

I didn't mean to offend!

Oh, no, no… I wasn’t offended at all.

Sinister Nigel said...

Heh heh heh,
I zee zat Mr. Beeeeemooooshed has asked about zee seeeecret planz zat I haf.

You haterz must be zee most eeembeziles on zee internet zo I weel repeat it.

My strategeeez, eet eez vorking pervectly. Now you haterz vill feeel my wrath!

Scurry like theeee ratz that you are. Meeester Serin and I vill rule zee vorld by doing zee internet trolling and deeeestroying zee haterz vith our mad mad googling skeeeelz!

And pity be to zee cashzcallz of zee vorld who weel harazz my leetle Meeester Serin.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

i think the issue was an example of kathy sierra / blogger business

sounds relevant to nigel & casey & galina....

put your self online....
and people will be posting pictures of you
with a noose,
photoshop you into porno

maybe even say i wish you were dead.

everyone secretly wishes Casey will be bubba's cumbucket in prison

Anonymous said...

I want to see the look on G's face when Casey presents his new big idea of filming their daily lives and posting the video on the net. Talk about a money shot.

"Honey, we can be just like Jessica and Nick or Brittany and Kevin. It could mean a reality TV show is in our future...SWEET!"

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting so say this for quite some time. Those cufflinks look GAY. Nothing wrong with french cuff shirts, but post a decent pair of links. Check out Paloma Picasso's new collection at Tiffany's; great looking designs.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is up with Nigels shit.

Ogg the Caveman said...

If you google me, you'll find that I'm not the only Ogg the Caveman out there. That's typical of my online aliases, although I didn't do it that way on purpose. If you google my real name you'll find little that EN readers don't already know. You'll also find that most of the hits are old. As I've grown older and grown more aware of modern realities, I've kept a lower profile online.

I don't have a blog, even under a fake name. Anything I'd write about would fall into one of two categories: work and my personal life. The former is dangerous, and I'm not under the delusion that anyone other than my mother would read a blog about the latter.

Anonymous said...

there are countless pics of me online, including some very funny ones. In fact I'm a bit of an internet joker. My reputation used to matter. i thought the internet was "the whole wide world" and i thought i needed to make myself look great. i wanted to seem like a real smarty-pants who knows fancy words and can really yap you down in a word war. but now all I care about is silly fun, which paradoxically makes me more powerful in a yappy word war.

i track at least a thousand blogs, including about 200 related to economics, investing, and trading. to my knowlege, none of them tout "award-winning" status.

T said...

Anonymous said...
everyone secretly wishes Casey will be bubba's cumbucket in prison

I vehemently disagree. I do not wish rape of any kind on anyone.

The truth of the matter is that I wish Casey would learn to discern between good advice and bad, to renounce the guru crap, and finally realize that personal responsibility/accountability and ethics FEEL GOOD and build one's positive sense of self.

I secretly wish that Casey will finally get a clue. That's truly what I wish for.

Anonymous said...

I agree T. I couldnt wish rape on Casey. Although I wouldnt mind if it happened to Bin Laden

So, T what are you doning to night?

Ok, we are to far apart for me to start hitting on you.

Anonymous said...

I agree T. I couldnt wish rape on Casey. Although I wouldnt mind if it happened to Bin Laden

So, T what are you doning to night?

Ok, we are to far apart for me to start hitting on you.

T said...

Anonymous said...
So, T what are you doning to night?

I have class tonight. I'm such a looser.

Ok, we are to far apart for me to start hitting on you.

But the distance makes it that much easier to play hard to get, no?

Rob Dawg said...

Actual physical harm is totally counterproductive all around. Casey would use it as an excuse. Nigel would use it to reinforce his twisted worldview. No, there needs to be a rejoining of actions and consequences. Serving fast food for 65 hours per week with 25% garnished is more like it.

T said...

there needs to be a rejoining of actions and consequences.

That's some straight-up old-school wisdom right there.

Sprezzatura said...

w/r/t the site: Casey's a fool (no surprise there) if he thinks he can do a quick & easy knockoff of that guy. Pushing a solid audio/video stream to the web and making it accessible to a significant number of people 24/7 -- without lots of frame loss or latency -- is a non-trivial job and costs some real money.

In other words, yes, he could do it, but given what we know of his financial and technical resources, the likelihood of his doing it successfully is pretty low.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Rob:

Serving fast food for 65 hours per week with 25% garnished is more like it.

Agreed. His debts should be fixed at the current level (he's never getting out from under if interest continues to accrue) and he should be sentenced to probation and restitution. The conditions of probation should be that he works at least 60 hours a week at W2 jobs, does not have any credit cards, and has no involvement with real estate. When he's paid his debts, he's a free man and can do as he chooses.

Physical harm, or even prison, would be counterproductive.

T said...

You know what? The thing that neither Casey or Nigel understands is that I'm not just talking out of my ass. I'm speaking to Casey from experience.

I was not always financially responsible and there was a time that I lived on a strictly cash or money order basis. I couldn't open a checking account. My credit was absolutely fucked.

But I handled it much differently than I suspect Casey will. I spent every income tax refund to repay my debts for several years. What that did was teach me how to delay gratification and it's helped me become the person I am today.

I fixed my credit and repaid every dirty penny by doing exactly what I've encouraged Casey to do: filled that bucket one drop at a time. And when it was all said and done I felt INCREDIBLE!!

So I'm not just talking out of my ass. I've actually practiced what I've been preaching.

My philosophy is that it's ok to fuck up. It's not optimal, but it's ok. IF you learn from your mistakes. I could give a shit if he learns sooner or later.... I just care that he eventually LEARNS.

For a variety of reasons, it took me a while to grow the fuck up. And while it's been amusing to watch Casey crash and burn, I gotta tell you if he began to turn a corner and do the right things, I'd be his biggest fan.

Now Nigel, on the other hand, is sorta fun to fuck with cause he doesn't seem as dainty as Casey and in truth he oughta know better. Besides, he bites back. And it's much more fun to fuck with someone who bites back from time to time than to fuck with someone who just quietly takes it.

TK said...


I don't know how anyone could read either of your last two posts and stick you with the title of hater. (Well other than a Nigel Hater, but he earned your hate all by himself).

The fact that you want Casey to wake up from this nightmare is a sentiment shared by all, I think.

Sure some of us want some bad shit to happen to him cause he's a self entitled twit who somehow managed to play the system, but I think it shows there are some people here with class that don't want Casey's wife to be referred to as a "cum bucket" or wish rape on him. I certainly wouldn't want the same for myself if I were in the same mess.

Anyway it certainly strengthens the case for total anonymity on the Internets. What Nigel used to call cowardly (i.e. "hiding behind a cloak of anonymity") is being proved as a valid course of action by this dickbag. So I encourage everyone to give it back in kind. Just don't call his wife a cum bucket.

Tony Soprano said...

I for one do want to see Casey ass raped in prison on a daily basis.. Then Snowflake might realize his actions. Until then..he just doesn't get it.

It's pretty pointless googling "Tony Soprano". Every wise guy on the net uses that handle. If you dug a bit I'm sure you could eventually figure out who I really am but I don't have much to hide. I've never been arrested, never been to jail, never been in handcuffs. The only time I've ever been to court is to serve Jury Duty which I loved doing. Now don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean I haven't done some shady shit. I just never got caught. And I certainly never bragged about it on the Internet. Let's just say I'd never make it as a politician, hehe....

Man, if I wasn't married, I'd be buying T dinner at The Herb Farm:)

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Tony:

...The Herb Farm

Now you're just showing off.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I've been following IAFF for a while but lately have switched over to EN... I started out half feeling sorry for Casey and half laughing at his antics, but lately I've gotten more and more annoyed cause... nothing's really happening to him in terms of consequences... arrrgh! I mean, his house of cards has gotta crumble eventually... right?
Also Nigel is such a wanker.

Anyway thanks EN for the daily smile. I also appreciate being able to follow IAFF and Nigel without giving them any extra hits.

IAFF & EN lurker

T said...

Tony Soprano said...
Man, if I wasn't married, I'd be buying T dinner at The Herb Farm:)

And if you weren't married, I'd let you. :)

T said...

TK said...

I don't know how anyone could read either of your last two posts and stick you with the title of hater.

Yeah, that's why it didn't really bother me when Nigel said on his blog that I was full of hate.

Since the beginning of the journey with Casey I've been trying to give him practical advice and I've stuck up for his family's privacy on more than one occassion (the inappropriate comments about his little sister come to mind) and it's funny that Nigel should call me of all people a hater.

That's not to say I don't enjoy a mean-spirited snicker @ Casey and/or Nigel's expense from time to time, cause for real...I do. It's just that I haven't been vicious and he's pretty much labeling me as vicious but that just confirms my suspician that much like Casey, Nigel also filters things in a warped way.

Anonymous said...


Nigel apparently sees the world in a stark black and white way. Since you criticize Casey it doesn't matter how nasty you are because you congregate with the "haters" here at EN. He doesn't see your positive posts, he doesn't want to. For Nigel it's all about reading the negatives.

In Nigel's world it appears that you are guilty of a crime by association.

R-Boy said...

yeah, i dont know about dave (the other outed), but Nigel didnt exactly pick the best representations of folks who "hate" casey.

T and I started the iaff journey the same way, and both hope for the same thing. A good politician knows you don't roll out the good family members to make a point, you roll out the ones with shady pasts.

Anonymous said...

I was bored and annoyed with Nigel's googling so I did some of my own.

His companies D&B report is VERY interesting. I won't post any of it but if you want to laugh go get it. Hoovers has some good info as well.

Nigel's mortgage company only did $400k in sales last year...WOW!

$400,000 in sales.
2,759 unique visitors.

This man is a machine! How does he do it?

You'd think for such a small time mortgage shop he'd rather spend his time selling loans than digging up info on bloggers.

Than again, maybe not.

T said...

Well, that's the funny thing, Rboy, I DO have a shady past so I'd be the perfect person to "out", however, Nigel has failed to uncover it and I willingly discuss it because I am no longer that person. And BECAUSE I am no longer that person, I am no longer ashamed of it. So Nigel has failed miserably in the "out" game.

Come to think of it, I also sincerely offered assist Casey with finding the missing Utah money. Damn. I'm a really nice person deep down. I think I'm losing my edge. :)

Anonymous said...

How much of that $400K would he keep in profits? 3%? 5%??

R-Boy said...

I think this is fairly common knowledge since its on his SLC Blog. His business is this.

I list this page just to note one somewhat humorous item.
::Savvy, not savy. You'd think you'd spellcheck a business website.

Anonymous said...

Blog death threats spark debate

Ms Sierra describes the death threats she received on her blog
Prominent blogger Kathy Sierra has called on the blogosphere to combat the culture of abuse online

kathy sierra...


R-Boy said...

Actually, there's alot of mispelled words on their site.

Hundreds of loans?

Khatie said...


You are a classy lady. Thanks.

Khatie said...


You'd think with "hundreds of loans" they could afford spell-check and a better Web site! What a snore!

bitterrenter said...

Bloomberg Details City’s Antipoverty Experiment

great paying poor people for hitting target success rates for mundane things that we all have to do...

like perfect attendance, $25

$300 for better grades on standarized tests

Anonymous said...

If his company did 400k in 'sales', those are probably the gross fees to the business from origination, ysp, junk fees, credit reports, etc. That's not really that much $$$. If they grossed 3k per loan avg, that's about 11 loans per month. Of course it all depends on the loan sizes, their fees and ysp, etc.

Depending on how many loan officers work there, Nigel could be making a decent amount or he could be sucking ass or something in between. Let's say there were 4 equally award winning loan officers so Nigey does 100k in fees. If he is simply a loan officer and not an owner or partner, he probably would generously receive 70% at most, meaning 70k. Some shops deduct something from the gross prior to paying commissions if, for example, they are paying a processor as a salaried employee. So maybe Nigey does a loan for 200k and the office grosses 5k in fees. Maybe they deduct $500 for processing so under a generous compensation plan, Nigey might gross 3150 (.7 x 4500). A simple example, obviously, and YMMV.

Anonymous said...

One other point. By generously, I mean most shops only pay that type of commission if you are bringing in all your own customers through your own marketing, referrals, etc. The house takes 30% or so for overhead and everything else involved in running the business.

If you are working leads that the house is paying for, like or lending tree, the commission drops down in the 40-50% range in most cases.

2759 said...

With the type of visitor traffic my award winning blog gets, I don't need no stinking bankrate or lending tree. Haterz!

T said...

Khatie said...

You are a classy lady.

Aww, that's very sweet, Khatie. Thank you.

Nigel Swaby said...

You think 70k would afford you a sweet BMW like I have? You think 70k would afford you the ability to pay CASH for 2 at Macaroni Grill? Come on, try again haterz.

Mozatta said...

Keep in mind, this is SLC. Don't know the area, but I don't assume it's terribly expensive. Assume he made 70k last year, his wife, ahem..cover up person, had to bring at least 20k in. 90k would be decent in Utah, at least I would think.

R-Boy said...

70k seems high for a mortgage broker, especially one so new to the biz

segfault said...

Wow, there are a ton of spam comments on Li'l Dandelion's blog. El Toro energy products, BullionVault (free gold), ...

R-Boy said... says that a entry level mortgage broker (credit analyst) is about 40K

Anonymous said...

It's Casey TV and I've decided to stay up for 48 hours to watch and see what snowflake does all day.

Day 1 - 5:00 p.m.
I turn to the Casey.TV site and find our little buddy at home in the kitchen talking with his wife about dinner options. They open the refrigerator, where we see everything has a post-it sticker with sister-in-law's name on it.

Galina starts to rag on Casey about dinner. Since she's started working, Casey (our self-employed hero) was to go grocery shopping - unfortunately, it was Wednesday and Casey is pre-occupied with making sure the trash gets taken out.

The dinner solution? Casey and Galina help themselves to some of sister-in-law's pasta, salad fixings, veggies, and a couple pieces of an unopened apple pie.

6:30 p.m. Sister-in-law and her hubby arrive home - she goes to make dinner and find her pasta and salad fixings GONE. She's one unhappy camper. However, we don't know what happens since Casey runs for the bathroom to do some moderating and wheat-grass dumping.

7:15 p.m. - After a dinner of cold turkey sandwiches on stale bread, sister-in-law and husband get ready to leave for a "BYO-Dessert" party. She notices the bakery pie she bought has been opened and over 1/3 of the pie is missing!

Sister-in-law is steaming mad and confronts Casey and Galina. Casey's all full of excuses and says that if she didn't want them to eat the pie, she should have put a post-it on it with a notation that it was for the party. Afterall, it's not his fault.......

8:00 p.m. Our little buddy and wife sit down to watch t.v.

8:20 p.m..... still watching t.v.

8:40 p.m..... still watching t.v.

9:00 p.m. Casey suggests he and the wife head to bed - a spark is in his eye. Galina replies "I'm too tired tonight. Perhaps next week." Casey looks dumbfounded and says, "that's what you've been saying since our Hawaii trip in 2006..... come on babe, I told everyone on the pod cast that the foreclosure and debt stuff hasn't affected us in the bedroom."

9:15 p.m. Galina gives Casey the blankets and pillow for sleeping on the couch.

10:00 p.m. Casey is back to moderating in the bathroom.

More to come later guys.....

Anonymous said...

If he is working leads from a bankrate type thing and 100% commission, the commission rate is probably around 40% of gross fees. It could be all over the place month to month. New to the biz has no relevance if you can sell. Some places try to do more volume and less fees per loan - typical with bankrate as you are being shopped all over the place. Other places close less loans but make more per loan. 70k would probably be on the very high end in that market IF he was bring in some of his own business.

Big Hung McGinsky said...


please tell Casey to stop calling me !!!!!!!

however, i don't mind him paying me for webcam sessions, he can continue to hire my webcam services anytime.

Casey, just don't call me and try to be my new boyfriend --- i am already seeing a hot boy.

Casey, i am not interested in you sexually, i understand that you adore me, but i am not meeting webcam customers in person.

Lost Cause said...

What is Nigel going to do to make the BMW lease payments and the house payment once the mortgage industry collapses? Does he read about the housing bubble implosion? Does he seriously consider his future prospects, or does he think he will miss this tsunami? I would be awful nice and awful careful if I were in his shoes. You never know where you might end up begging for a job.

lisa said...

love your pic Mr. Big Hung McG

what a total studmuffin you are

i've been looking for a real man and you are definitely it. a true Adonis.

what is your website address?

PLEASE post more pics.

Tony Soprano said...

In my experience, the fastest way to score with the ladies is a nice afternoon sailing, followed up with dinner and a bottle of wine somewhere nice. So, I tend to hit homeruns, lol...Yeah, I took the Mrs to Herb Farm a couple of weeks ago. Very nice. Next Saturday we're going to Lark. Any EN'rs in the Seattle area can join us at Licorous around 11pm for drinks..

April 13th, we'll be down in PDX for a few days. Saucebox on Friday night and Blue Hour on Saturday night. Staying at the Heathman. Did you get that T?

T said...

Did you get that T?

Lark, Licorous, Saucebox, Blue Hour, and Heathman. Got it. :)

Sprezzatura said...

I have a trip to NY queued up for this weekend. Looking forward to it.

Akubi said...

I don’t know if I would describe El Toro’s comment as complete spam.
Here’s another version of a subprime bail-out letter anyone concerned might consider sending to their representatives:

Tony Soprano said...

Bail out Time! Too bad Snowflake missed the boat, lol...

R-Boy said...

I am relistening to the Jerome Mayne Podcast.

Casey says to the first caller "My local rich dad is the dad of a high school friend"

Ramit's Dad?

Anonymous said...

RB Boy,

His name is Dustin. Homey outed him. I am sure that other EN'ers can direct you to more info.

Anonymous said...

I know plenty of people who made 70k the first year in the business. I made over 90k my first year. Then again, I'm somewhat intelligent, unlike Nigel.

It all depends on the size of loans he's doing and his split. Very easy to make 70k in this business. I take that back. It USED to be easy to make that. We'll see about this year and next.

Sprezzatura said...

@Tony -- allowing FBs to refinance into fixed rate loans may or may not save their butts. For example, the payment on a vanilla 30 @ 6.75% for a 500K loan is ~$3240.

Will that payment be affordable for an FB?

Anonymous said...

seems like lots of girls looking for love back in Tashkent!

Anonymous said...

seems like a lot of girls, Casey included, are in love with mr big hung mcginsky.

go figure

Confucious said...

this site make less and less sense daily.

much confusing to read.

many post like one hand clapping in forest with tree falling - no one to hear

subject lost like blind who touch elephant trunk

Schnapps said...

I think Confucius has a point there, Rob. Can we get a new post?

Schnapps said...

Oh god. New post chez Casey.

Regret, guilt and relief all wrapped up in one tidy post. Personally, I think its an attempt by our favourite FB to demonstrate some sort of remorse.

Good luck with that.

Plus, a birthday wish for "one of his number one fans".

Akubi said...

Since this comment was related to an old entry, it could be lost in the shuffle, but I thought it was rather insightful particularly for someone who apparently just discovered the train wreck:

Casey Fannnnn said...

The big question:

Is birthday lad James Sivco a h8tr boy or a sk8tr boy?

Some Guy From Colorado said...

Check this out. Somebody attended the foreclosure sale on Casey's NM house yesterday. He posted what happened on IAFF yesterday at 11AM on the page for the NM house on IAFF. His post was approved, yesterday.

Then today Casey says that he found out the results of the foreclosure sale TODAY.


Anonymous said...

@Akubi at 5:13PM

Thank you for pointing out that post. That was an excellent read. One that many people could afford to take a few minutes to review.

So, not to thread jack, but when the hell did parenting and morals and values go out the window??

Tommy DeVito said...

What am I, a mirage? What?

Some wiseguys ain't so young.

Akubi said...

Anon 5:39,
Or as “It’s bovine excrement!!” Keith seems to ask, what has happened to this country?

Anonymous said...

Only sluts can be cumbuckets, T. So if you close your legs you don't have to worry!

T said...

Anonymous said...
Only sluts can be cumbuckets, T. So if you close your legs you don't have to worry!

Is this the strategy your mom implements? Sweet!