Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nigelpalozza (Nigelpaloser)

What a complete retard. Now that he's set up a gatekeepered forum people will merely have to "sign up" and hate away on the subjects that Casey represents. We've seen what happens to people of whom Nigel garners information. This is a knat that carries a plague. He's also obviously got something to hide. Must be something about being in the real estate for obscene profit industries that causes people to lose perspective. Instead of sitting down and STFU Nigel, like Casey, seems to think a high profile bluster and diversion tactic works. Oh, and I know it's tough but let's cut back on the buttmunching bunboy backside boytoy bit. The constant referals are now so pervasive that they work against our purposes. Let the venting commence.


LOL said...


LOL said...

Snowflake and Nigel are in cahoots on some sort of slimy scam, hence the sudden efforts to "clean up" Casey's internet image. That or Nigel didn't get past first base with Casey on their first date and is still hoping to get some action.

PMSPMS said...

He was involved for sure somewhere somehow in the UTAH deal - maybe brokered some finance, maybe introduced the property to SF or took a fee for something. He's panicking now.

Casey Is Pathetic said...

Hey Dawg-
This post is a bit more rambling than your usual style.Been up all night? Or is your inner rage taking over?

"let's cut back on the buttmunching bunboy backside........"

That's all well and good but,did you
just equate Nigel Swaby with
"Shit On A Shingle"?

Casey Is Pathetic said...

HAH! You changed the pic.
This is even more insulting. :))

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Homophobia is not cool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dawg, I know people will be lining up to register, say nice things about Casey which will be moderated and then maybe be banned if King Nigel finds your language too spicy. So is this a place where starfucker Nigel will post his personal correspondence with the almighty Casey Serin? I know I'm impressed. Besides Nigel has to keep his name out there somehow. A simple Google search of Nigel Swaby shows that he essentially failed to exist before Casey. The guy even put out a PRnewswire press release with his and Casey's name in it. Like his opinions count for something. So he's a real estate blogger. BFD.

Anonymous said...

this blog is becoming incrasingly annoying - impossible to actually find anything with so many comments spread across so many posts.

i can host a forum, webpage, blog or whatever and set it up for free. anything just so i can keep up to date...

on another note, why the hell was silverbulletboy's blog going to a redirect yesterday? what the hell is notice how all his permalinks are up the wazoo now? what an idiot.

Nicole said...

I really don't know who is more annoying - Nigel or Casey.

And I think Dawg is rambly because while Casey is Casey, Nigel is a twit who jumps on whatever bandwagon happens to be passing by.

Casey doesn't get my blood pressure up; but Nigel does. Twit.

Rob Dawg said...

at this point if the utah swap goes totally bad it doesn't matter what nigel's involvement was. he'll get served and lawyers and publicity and bye-bye all the trappings of a successful mortgage broker.
Speaking of publicity, Nigel paid for those press releases. How lame is that?f

For the record, the juvenile but understandable personal insults are not homophobia anymore than slut jokes are hetrophobia. There is something definitely odd about his public persona. I think he fell into it by accident and never really thought through the consequences and now finds himself stuck. Thus the attempts to disperse and deflect.

Nigel is a failed real estate blogger and I've no doubt his business has seen a massive retrenchment. He's clearly looking for the next great scam like the other 2 million soon the be underemployed bubble riders.

Rob Dawg said...

anon,your comments about blog structure are well received. the generous readers have donated and I'm hoping for a beta launch of the new "dawg pound" tonight, tommorow for sure.

Sprezzatura said...

For the record, the juvenile but understandable personal insults are not homophobia anymore than slut jokes are hetrophobia

Actually, I disagree. Both gay and slut "jokes" not funny unless you accept the underlying assumption that a man who has sex with other men or a woman who has a lot of sex is somehow wrong, bad, or lesser than normal behavior.

I think he fell into it by accident and never really thought through the consequences and now finds himself stuck.

Here I think you're probably right.

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>Both gay and slut "jokes" not funny unless you accept the underlying assumption that a man who has sex with other men or a woman who has a lot of sex is somehow wrong<<

Neither of those behaviors is inherently wrong. However, they are seen as such by many people in the US, and even cultural elites such as we Exurbanites do not live in a vacuum. Thus, while we do not endorse the weapon, it is an artifact of convenience that can be wielded by anyone. Certainly you have heard gaybobs refer to other males as "faggots", and not always in a chummy way. Certainly you have heard the staunchest of skanks refer to other women as sluts, whores, and carpeted septic tanks, rarely in a way meant to engender endearment.

So, while many of us who haunt this blog fundamentally decry hate speech and its casual use, it's too much fun not to engage in it when a wretchedly inviting target appears.

Anonymous said...

Umm, can someone make a picture of a 3 way with Nigel, ChimpCasey and PRCheezblinz? We could have PR screwing CS from the back while Cotton Swaby is servicing our Dandy-loin from the front?

If you do this please make sure you post the necessary anti-work advisory.

-Melatonin Eater

Aelfscine said...

Blech... why the heck would anyone want that?

Don't give Casey ammunition, folks. He's a sanctimonious ass and he's trying to come across as the 'mature adult' surrounded by crude, childish haters.

The very thing I loathe about him the most is his attitude. Any time he's been offered good advice, he responds as if he's sitting you down calmly on his knee and gently rebuking you.

"Surely now you see how you were wrong? It's OK, I've been wrong too." he says, channeling Ward Cleaver. "I know you think that me getting a job is a good idea, most children would think so. But someday when you're older, you'll look back and see that I was right."

Don't let him get away with this! Don't attack him childishly!
Things like the Casey action figure are witty and hilarious, but "Draw Casey having sex with a dog" actually helps him in his facade of moral high ground.

Consider that he is, as we speak, plotting to scam people. If those people see crude attacks on him, he can laugh it off. If they see well-reasoned, documented assaults, we just might have kept someone from being bilked.

Nicole said...

What would be great is if there were never any comments on that thing - good or bad :>

Rob Dawg said...

No comments? Nigel is his own best fan. Haven't you seen all the times he's been caught touting himself?

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>Don't give Casey ammunition, folks. He's a sanctimonious ass and he's trying to come across as the 'mature adult' surrounded by crude, childish haters.<<

I resent your pejorative use of the terms "crude" and "childish", two traits which I occasionally, deliberately exhibit when there's little or no downside. We must play fun as it lays.

The very thing I loathe about him the most is his attitude.

Casey is a GEICO Caveman.

Don't attack him childishly!
..."Draw Casey having sex with a dog" actually helps him in his facade of moral high ground.

The beauty of this particular hater community is that we need not be disciplined. The effectiveness of our expressed disdain is irrelevant. Casy has walled himself into his own personal Crypt of Terror, even though he may not realize it yet. He will. By the time the fan is thoroughly coated with shiz, we may have become bored with him and moved on to other distractions, but he will reap dire consequences, unless he sells his story to a publisher and goes on the Okra Winfrey show and gets stinkin rich.

whuh? said...

Don that eCasey? What is an eCasey? Is it like eBay or eTrade?

Stephanie J. said...

[slightly hung-over]
Hey everyone. I pulled a Casey and only got up about half-an-hour ago.

Lots of drunken fools in Portland last night (including us).

I see more drama's been going on.

What else is new?

Ogg the Caveman said...

From Nigel's new blog:

Feel free to post with no fear of retribution.

Three sentences later:

Flame, hate or attack and you will be banned.

Very nice.

bemused guy said...

Dawg -
as your friendly neighborhood homo,
I appreciate all those sticking up for my brothers & sisters but let me interject.

At first the thought of the two of them doing the dirty tango was absolutely revolting. But then I realized, it wasn't their gayness, just themselves that were revolting.

I don't particularly mind the occasional jab at Nigel's & Casey's closeted homosexuality. (It could explain a lot about the Swab actually.) Constant jabs are just boring. Your posters are far too clever to constantly resort to the playground. Or in this case, gayground.

bemused guy said...

And for the rest of you...why do you even bothering going to Nigel's blog? You know he's just going to post something informed & idiotic. Why bother giving him webhits?

If he was any damned good you think he'd have no time to blog.

bemused guy said..., that would be an UNinformed post of the swabs.

bemused guy said... quietly as possible...
::good morning stephanie...::
how was st pattys?

Rob Dawg said...

You all know Portland has one of the highest bar densities of any city in North America? Little wonder they needed their Tipsy Trolley.

I made my famous corned beef boiled cabbage dish. The secret is keeping the chef well lubricated. Success on all counts.

GameOver said...

Nigel creeps me out.

he's trying WAY too hard if he doesn't have a stake in this whole mess.

Even Duane LeGate had $1500 riding on his involvement and he bailed. Its gotta be something way better($$$)or way worse (pictures?) that keeps him spouting off like the jack@ss he is.

T said...


Nigel has way too much time on his hands. Guess business isn't as prosperous as he'd like us to believe.

I wonder what his motive is?

BadjerJim said...

Methinks we're all been overlooking the obvious: NIGEL is writing Casey's book about all his adventures, failures and potential redemption.

Put the pieces together: Nigel started phone contact last fall, and did a series of articles about KC on his blog. Nigel has always been the sympathetic ear for KC's plight. Nigel earned KC's trust early on in this misadventure.

Nigel LOVES to write long and rambling drivel. Perfect even to 'ghost-write' a KC autobiog.

Nigel was right there to cheer on KC in 'outting' the contract with PRpinkclitz.

Nigel no doubt helped engineer the photo-ops during the Utah visit. Why else would he risk soiling a reputation (if he has one) by being associated with KC?

Now Nigel comes along with the IDontHageCasey blog.

Nigel is painting the groundwork for the upcoming book about how KC is a misunderstood entrepreneur who got caught in a real estate downturn.

What he's doing now is the initial 'viral marketing' that will drive the demand for the book. So he can prove with website hits that there's a market for it. This will make it far easier to get the book published.

What do you think?

Kate said...

I think Mr. Nigel has been investigating more in Casey than we think; I also believe that Casey has scammed yet another gullible victim (Nigel)who is such a blowhard that he hasn't even noticed that Casey hasn't taken his sage advice about getting a job.

Whatever happens is that Nigel doesn't know that this will backfire on him. Too bad.

Katie said...

@ badjerjim7

I think you have something there. I'm sure that's why Casey grew nads to try to get rid of PRCheezeWiz and invalidate their contract. Boy, that KC is a total user, isn't he?

PS. Pity that Nigel can't write.

Miguel said...

I thought I'd start the comment ball rolling on Nigel's new blog - at the time of writing, there's one on each post.

king friday the 13th said...

Having a D.A. mention my name and "accessory" in the same sentence should scare Nigel.

Nigel, Homey wasn't complimenting your murse either. Or your snazzy shades.

BadjerJim said...

Thanks Katie...

The more I think about this, the more the puzzle pieces start to fit together.

Nigel recently said on his Blog that there are media and TV shows in production. Methinks Nigel could have been a part of helping engineer that?

This would also explain why KC has steadfastly chosen NOT to declare bankruptcy. Even a modest book advance would erase some, if not all of KC's revolving debt.

We've all wondered where KC's day-to-day living expenses were coming from. Maybe Nigel himself? Maybe a book advance from a savvy publisher who dispenses it a couple-thousand a month, rather than lump-sum? With 'milestone incentive' payments for first-draft, second-draft, etc... paid to Nigel, who then forwards it to KC in CASH so the lenders can't grab it? If that's the case, none of this money would show on a 1099 until next YEAR, and the lenders wouldn't know. Sweet Deal!

Anonymous said...

I live the quote on the new blog"

"Yeah, the tech guy is working on getting me on a semi-dedicated hosting account. But he went a little too fast on the switch. I just changed the DNS to point to the new location so it should all be good within about 12-24 hours."

Is Casey having a hard time keeping up with people who get stuff done?

Stephanie J. said...

@bemused guy
I'm with you. I never go to his blog. I don't see why I should. He's got nothing of value to offer, and I don't think I should dignify him with my traffic.

It's just feeding his overblown ego.

T said...

Miguel said...

"I thought I'd start the comment ball rolling on Nigel's new blog"


From our sponsors!



Nicole said...

Question: why does Casey's comment counter show 65 comments, but when I go to the comments there are over 100?


king friday the 13th said...

badger jim,

right, but the fly in the ointment is that under CA law, felons cannot profit from selling their story. Proceeds go to victim restitution, and so on...

A pirate walks into a bar with a helm sticking out of his pants. The bartender says to the pirate, "Do you know you have a helm sticking out of your pants?" And the pirate replies "Aye, and arrrgh, it's drivin' me nuts"

oh well, the joke is on topic given this is a thread about Swaby.

Zewg said...

Since the DNS update is only halfway done, you are actually seeing the old front page, when you go into the comments section you are then on the new server.

BadjerJim said...

@king friday

Likewise - right you are, but as of now, KC is not a felon.

And per Nigel's slc blogPost on Feb 18, Nigel believes (and had done some research) that it's unlikely that the Lenders will initiate action against KC, because they don't want their lending practices to come under scrutiny. Nigel posted this on his 'Blog on Feb 18, 2007.

Why would Nigel research and post about this on Feb 18?

Well... a possible scenario is that everything goes into foreclosure. KC and Nigel get a book deal, for the book that Nigel is already working on. KC does the talk show circuit (Oprah, Letterman, etc.). The book hits the NYT best-seller list. KC uses that to pay back revolving debt. Maybe even pay back losses to RE lenders, to prove he's a 'good guy.'

In this case, even if the DA brought a case against KC, it would be diluted by the fact that he's repaid all debt, possibly including the shortfall on the mortgages.

Further in this case... maybe KC is being played as the sucker (ha!) by Nigel. Yeah, as a felon under CA law, KC can't keep book proceeds, but Nigel as a writer (or 'ghost-writer') CAN. Nigel could walk away with $100K+, while KC takes the fall. And Nigel's reputation for being an RE blog guru would be all the more established.

Think it's any accident that Nigel on his Blog has a new Black-and-white profile pic taken by KC during the Utah visit? To me, that looks like the "About the Author" pic you see in books.

But that's just me.

I don't think I'm wrong about this: expedited promotion in the publishing biz could get this book on the shelves by the end of this summer. Fueled by viral marketing on the Internet. Makes it a best seller. And by then, enough money is flying around that even a well-researched DA would have trouble with a jury - if public sentiment is on the side of the "poor entrepreneur who got caught in a fading RE market." Which is exactly HOW the media has portrayed KC, as of now, today.

Rob Dawg said...

Imagine the Amazon customer reviews.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Right now there's 4 comments todal. I predict that all of them will be gone after Nigel sees them.

It's the "postive take on Casey Serin", but "constructive criticism" is allowed. There's no fear of retribution, but being too critical will lead to bannination.

Can a blog jump the shark before it even lanuches?

king friday the 13th said...

badger jim,

all good points. that's what galls me about today -- get famous, write book, and profit. I think this was KC's plan once the flips flopped -- no accident IAFF got launched about then too. I think this is the same "gold" that PrLinkBeast saw.

Taking an awful chance by painting a bulls-eye on himself....

bob dawg is right, we need to save our best in-u-end-o for when Casey does the perp walk...

Ogg the Caveman said...

From Nigel new blog:

Anybody in the tech world knows things like this happen. In the meantime, IAFF may behave strangely, but everything will be ok in a little while.

Ogg not DNS expert. Ogg only Caveman, but even Ogg make DNS TTL really short before site move so everyone get new site right away.

Nigel half right. Some tech guy make that mistake once. Casey make mistake every time site move.

Clotpoll said...

My take on the whole Nigel/Casey new NAMBLA blog is that it's simply an attempt to both take advantage of hater traffic...and direct it to a "quarantined" spot where the commentary won't interfere with Nigel's hydra-headed conversation with himself. Nigel can't stand it when all his earnest, rambling posts about mortgages and the market- and their conversation threads- get broken by Casey-comments (I've had simple, non-profane questions moderated out of several of these threads).

I think it's also an attempt to blindside the momentum here by drawing traffic away.

TK said...


You can't get a reasonable thought between the posts in Nigel land. He censors like Kim Jong Il. If you google Nigel and look at sites other than ones which are run by equally wannabe famous realtywhores you can see he takes the same shellacking he takes here. He is universally hated by anyone who doesn't breathlessly await David Lereah's next economic pontification (like calling the bottom no fewer than 5 times).

BajerJim said...

king friday -
The process grosses me out too. The gold in fame/publishing. Sheesh.

Oh wait: I just picked up this phone call between Nigel and KC on my scanner:

KC: So how's the book coming along?
Nigel: Like I said in Salt Lake... first draft is off to the publishers, and I'm now nearly done with the second.
KC: So when are you sending me money?
Nigel: SHHHHH! It's an annuity. Always call it that, ok? Sent FedEx yesterday. Package marked 'lithographs' which they are. Green lithographs, wallet sized.
KC: Anything else?
Nigel: Yeah, we have a problem with Wikipedia.
KC: Oh?
Nigel: Yeah... that's the first place TV and magazine reporters go about a new story. Letterman and Oprah too. They're lazy, so that's where they go. And the Haters have put up a lot of information. You have to counter all that stuff!
KC: I do? Let me look. Wow! Oh man... what do I do now?
Nigel: Just write about it on your blog. Do your usual, and write a lot. No matter what you say, the Haters will go nuts!
KC: How will this help?
Nigel: Easy. I'll report to Wikipedia that the article is biased and an unfair personal attack against a living person. Ultimately, they'll remove the article.
KC: Sweet! What then?
Nigel: Well, you'll have to remove certain things from your Blog.
KC: Like we talked about in Salt Lake? At Jamba?
(signal fades... damn!)

Anonymous said...

And when the book is published PRLINKBIZ throws their contract at them and sues them for all money from the book... LOL

TK said...


Unfortunately PR's contract wasn't worth the paper it was printed on or they would not have faded into obscurity with such abandon.

Other people have far more legitimate claim to any money paid to Casey. Unfortunately they'll have about as much money as Ron Goldman while OJ plays golf every day...

T said...

Anonymous said...

"And when the book is published PRLINKBIZ throws their contract at them and sues them for all money from the book... LOL"

That can't happen in Caseyworld. Don't you remember? Casey canceled that contract by posting a resounding, "NO DEAL" on his blog.

Rob Dawg said...

No matter what happens Casey will never be able to lead a normal life nevermind a comfortable one. He doesn't have anything beyond the 15mins of fame factor, no skills, no assets financial or otherwise. Low level tech drone with massive garnishments forever is the best he can hope for. He's rattled too many cages.

T said...

TK said...

"Unfortunately PR's contract wasn't worth the paper it was printed on or they would not have faded into obscurity with such abandon."

Maybe... maybe not. Erin doesn't seem like the kinda person who'd just slink off with her tail between her legs. I bet she's just laying a cobra... ready to pounce at the first smell of some decent cheddar.

Stephanie J. said...

@Badjer Jim
Nigel's writing style is not engaging. It won't sell.

And if that *were* the case, if any of the haters from EN actually buys a book, even to mock, and gives that turd royalties, I'll personally come over and steel-toe-boot your ass for doing it.

BadjerJim said...


I disagree. Media-fueled scenario (already under way):

1. Publish book
2. Proceeds from book pay back "every dirty penny." Even foreclosed property shortfall.
3. Legal proceedings disappear in the midst of public sentiment, and payback of all debt.
4. Legitimate investors appear, wanting to be involved in KC's remarkable 'comeback.' After all, taht's the Great American Story - how when you're down and out, you can finally make it.
5. Investors in #4 (above) make sure they get a cut of KC's upcoming second book.
6. KC becomes a RE Guru... holding seminars about what he did wrong, how he can prove he did it wrong, and, through his own new Miracle Method, can make ANYONE a millionaire through RE investing.

BadjerJim said...

@Stephanie J

Right on about Nigel's writing style. He's a dweeb, at best.

But any worthwhile publisher will put Copy Editors on the job, and turn it back into (at least) readable dreck. Nigel gets the credit, KC gets the fame. Win-Win!

And besides: on the NYT best seller list... prolly about 30% is media-fueled sensationalism. Not quality literary work. Sheesh. Remember: Rush Limbaugh made it into the top 10. Not once, but twice. Just food for thought.

Clotpoll said...

Nigel's writing style= the printed equivalent of Quaaludes.

What a f-ing drip.

king friday the 13th said...

badger jim,

interesting scenerio. I really hope Homey D.A. makes an example of Mr. Serin, or the days of this republic or numbered.

people cannot be rewarded for breaking the law. period.

bemused guy said...

@Rob Dawg
Is it possible to search posts?
Sometime last week someone posted on the usefulness of a university degree. Basic observations like, "it shows your employee you could get yourself to class on time...and complete classes & tasks you probably care nothing about." It was clever enough that I thought I could tweak it for a short soapbox speech I have to give manana on interviewing. Thanks.

TK said...

No they'd definitely have somebody with half an ounce of talent write Casey's book. Hell Casey's a better writer than Nigel. Or at least he knows how to provoke well. The Great American Story scenario, while possible, is not likely. He is not a sympathetic enough character despite his endless attempts to shape his public image that way. He's just a naive sould who got chewed up by a corrupt system...

Ah bullshit, I say. Most Americans work too hard just to pay their bills on their one house to have any interest in someone like Casey. Sure - hes topical, the whole goddamn system is falling to pieces. But when it's over, I mean REALLY over, there's going to be a lot of people who will never want to hear or see the words "Real" and "Estate" together for the rest of their lives. It's the craze now, but it's ending. And when it's over man, it'll be like trying to sell dot com stocks again.

Anonymous said...

I could see the book scenario, although I tend to think the Fraud Freinds are thinking more Web 2.0 - weblogs, Podcast, "sweet" ad linkage...

The book publishing industry is in a slump, has been for a while, and the only way I could see Turnip Head getting an advance that's more than a grand or two is to actually have a *story*. His story isn't done yet, no editor would buy a story half-way through, not one as non-sexy as this one is. Sure, the high profile murder cases generate big deals, but that's because they KNOW it will be on the headlines for a while. Shithead isn't even good enough for a top of the hour story, he's filler at best.

They *could* be doing a self-financed book at a vanity press, but I highly, highly doubt they could sell enough to even pay off *one* card, let alone all of it. The big easy money in publishing dried up years ago, only the top ten sellers get the big bucks, and this story is not top ten material, even if he DOES go to jail.

Also, no self respecting author will publish a book where the author admits to felonies, especially without comment from the authorities that they will not prosecute. They will be called as material witnesses, and most likely have to pull thebook under court order, and then all advance monies are lost. Margins are too thin these days, editors will not take a chance, not reputable publishers, anyway.

The two morons are up to something, but it's rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...that boat WILL sink before the idiot can profit off his crimes. The two are NOT THAT SMART. There's no ingenious twist at the end of the story here, it's just two stupid morons trying to be criminals and not doing a very good job of it.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Your Nigel PR BLOGING at work. EEWWW.

Shupe said...

On the book idea...

If he had any brains he would close shop and hope that the attention goes away.

I think he and guys like Nigel see 30,000 hits in a day and figure that there must be some way to capitalize on it.

There are PR firms that would jump all over anything that even had a remote chance of being spun into a marketable story and none of them are on the radar.

Casey should read James Frey's book A Million Little Pieces and then do his homework on how readers feel when they've sunk $20 into a book written by a liar.

His reputation is not going to go away and the more exposure attatined, the more outrage will ensue.

king friday the 13th said...

The fear of retribution concerns people on Casey's site who get attacked for offering any support to him. I'm not the only one.

um no, it's the fear of INDICTMENT that keeps his supporters away.

btw -- any photos of nigel with his beard?

BadjerJim said...

@Bemused Guy, 3:30pm

Yer question about the post from the past... that was me. I'm copying and pasting it below:

After reading KC's latest literary excretion about the value of a college education, I think back to a past ladyfriend who has a Phd in Career Counseling.

Her comments on the value of a college education, in a career sense were:

1. It proves to an employer that you're smart enough to pass all the courses and get a degree.

2. It proves to an employer that you have a 4-year track record of showing up to classes on time. Classes that have a diverse schedule and physical location.

3. It proves to an employer that, over the course of 4 years, you complete your assignments on time.

4. It proves to an employer that you complete assignments that you think have no value. And you complete them even if you think that your professor is a dork.

Subsitute the words "partner" or "investor" for the word "employer" in the above, and you have a picture of the value of a college degree.

Without a degree, you have to prove all of those things in a different way - usually with years of experience in a particular industry. Which is actually harder than going to college.

To me, it's all about choosing the easiest and most effective ways to achieve your goals.

king friday the 13th said...

KC will have a "team" handling all the details -- like actually writing + editing.

KC just "facilitates," which is the limit of his value add.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Clotpoll

Having missed the 60s and most of the 70s, I had to look up quaaludes. People actually took that stuff recreationally? Was the world that boring back then, or had all the worthwhile drugs not been invented yet?

Sprezzatura said...

Just to add to some of the comments above -- a first-time author, even someone with a little bit of name recognition like Snowflake, is just not going to get a big cash advance. Think $5,000 - $25,000. Maybe a bit more. And the royalties aren't all that much either unless you have a best seller on your hands.

If the Snowflake or Nigel were smart enough to get a good agent, then maybe they'd be looking at better terms, but I'm 100% sure that neither of those two is savvy or connected enough to be able to get one of the good agents.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to say it, the best thing to do about Nigel's Special Olymipcs blog (where every comment is positive and everyone's a winner) is ignore it.

The guy is obviouly just trying to create traffic- for whatever reason. The man really likes to hear himself talk. Every comment on his blogs (that he likes enough to let through) is just another opotunity for him to spew some more drivel and paste his most creative screen name yet again (NIGEL SWABY).

Nigel fancies himself a marketer above all else. He is one of those guys who thinks he can sell anything. He blogs because he likes the attention and exposure- not because he is particularly interested in real estate in Utah, Casey Serin or anything else.

According to his own statements, he has only been in this line of work for 4 years or so (on and off) It's really a convoluted story when you try to read through all of Nigey's spin.)

His story is actually very similar to Casey's in the fact that he has never really succeeded or followed through on anything. The big difference appears to be that he has a wife who is willing to bring home some money to help support him while he is between jobs.

Stephanie J. said...

Nigel is a traffic whore. That's why his name is always an active hyperlink on IAFF.

Now that I've said that.. I'd better be a good little woman and get back to dinner. Chicken paprika; with rice (I'm cheating). Mmmmmm.... my favourite.

Yes PDX was a drunken fool of a town last night. Very amusing. We had a drinking game; spot the following:
A 21ish year old jabbing his fist in the air going "WOOO!" --take a drink;
trolling skanks hitting on any of the guys in our group --take a drink;
every time someone looked at either L's or my cleavage --take a drink;
a stumbling drunk --take a drink;
a green foam hat --take a drink.

One of our friends wore a kilt. Every time someone tried to lift it up and look under it... ---Take a drink. Several people tried to lift up his kilt and take pictures with their cellphones. He was also gang-dry-humped by a bunch of other guys in kilts.

Luckily, Portlanders are polite, so there was a minimal amount of beligerant drunks. All around fun night. Lots of beer.

BadjerJim said...

DANG Stephanie J...

And to think: your party was only 4 hrs south of me. Sheesh. Missed out on this one!

Katie said...

But any worthwhile publisher will put Copy Editors on the job, and turn it back into (at least) readable dreck. Nigel gets the credit, KC gets the fame. Win-Win!

As a professional copyeditor, let me tell you, we call doing that kind of substantive editing "polishing a turd." And if Nigey's stuff takes constant, substantive editing (better known as rewriting) a publisher is going to take into account the costs of putting skilled professionals on the job fixing a piece of shit. They don't spend that kind of money on first-time authors unless they are celebrities, and even then, a ghostwriter is brought in at the beginning to turn out something that's readable. Nigel's lazy, cliched, and hackneyed writing is awful. I think he'll be in for a big surprise when he tries to shop a book.

Gewgel Bahmen said...

I predict that donthatecasey will last at most a month before Nigel Swaby (mortgage broker of questionable ethics) loses interest and the post frequency drops below one per day. Why would any self-respecting hater go there when there's already an unmoderated site right here chock full o' friendly haters?

I wonder how long until Nigel Swaby (divulger of other folks' personal information) pays Yahoo to put out a press release about his new blog? I can't wait for the post where he describes how he straps a camera to his head and he and Casey play "colonoscopy."

Anonymous said...

Holy shite. WTF? Wowzers!

Who is this clown trying to fool? What is his true involvement with Casey? He really wants to take ratings from you Rob. Problem is, he will fail since Casey tends to bring out the most vicious of opinions!

Anonymous said...

I hate nigel many more times over than I could possibly hate Casey.

Proof positive Casey is a rube compared to Nigel's shark.

Anonymous said...

I see now. Nigel posts nasty comments here as an anonymous poster (or Internet Police or whatnot) but God forbid if anybody takes it to his crapfests.

Anonymous said...

Riveting shit on Nigel's blowjob site this evening, as he wields the sword of the Wikipedia definition of "constructive criticism" as his banning bible.

In the midst of his staggering 17 comments over 2 posts (more than SLC Real Estate ever got mind you) our "ethical mortgage broker" from SLC (accounting for at least 4 comments) hath given the following interesting nuggets.

An element of surprise consicuouisly absent from his own blog, "First of all guys, thanks for not going apeshit crazy right off the bat. Fair questions from all."

And then the first fleck of smugness... We start with a little inkling of goods things are coming...

"Actually, he's (Casey) not ignoring me. He just hasn't announced anything on his blog yet. Stay tuned, an announcement is coming soon."

Then things start unravelling...

T said, "So again I ask: What's in it for you?"

"Good question. Something I'd rather address over here than at my blog.

Initially, I responded on Casey's blog for two reasons:

1. I had recently started my own blog and I thought my advice to Casey could help establish some credibility for my blog.

2. I recognized some traits in Casey that exist in myself and I had been in a situation similar to Casey's (being upside down because of a failed busines, not anything criminal) that I had managed to work my way out of with much help from my wife.

That was my initial motivation. I have a lot of marketing experience and as I saw the media Casey was getting, I proposed to him that I write his story from his perspective to provide some balance to the story. In return, I would receive blog traffic. It was beneficial to both of us.

As his story progressed and he appeared to ignore pretty much everyone's advice, I kind of left things alone. I commented on his site here and there, but that was it.

Frankly, I was a bit disappointed for him the situation had grown so out of control for him.

For the record, the NRU school and corporate credit issues were both time and money wasters in my opinion.

I've gotten dragged back into the narrative on a few instances, the December "Casey's gone missing for three days" and then the "PRLinkbiz website shutdown." Each instance, I made a post based on information I received directly from Casey. The whole "Duane, PRLink" situation really turned on the heat from the EN crowd and now I have become linked to Casey. The "Utah trip" cemented that link in the EN crowd's mind.

I have never been involved in any of Casey's real estate deals and I don't plan to be involved in any real estate deals with him. His "Utah trip" was based on his own volition along with his "money partner" G. (Not Gary by the way.) I didn't attend any of his "money partner" meetings and we didn't discuss any real estate deals.

I showed him the house at Suncrest because I had access to it and it was on the way to the Highland wrap.

So, the bottom line to "what's in it for me?" is simply web traffic. So far it's worked well and I will continue with that strategy."

But the thing which caught my eye the most and which we all should latch on to is this...

"Casey really screwed up by publicizing his situation and his personal finances. By publishing explicit financial details, he removes any leverage in working with his creditors. He can change this by removing specific details from his blog to improve his negotiating position.

SO basically Nigel is supporting Casey's right to alter a truth which was CREATED BY HIMSELF TO FURTHER HIS OWN BUSINESS INTERESTS in order to not scare off potential business partners. So in Nigel's mind there is nothing unethical about concealing the ugly truth about your history in the field in which you are purportedly employed and making a living. DISGUSTING!

Schnapps said...

Yeah, I left the comment asking about what he meant by constructive criticism. I just wanted to know if he knew what he was talking about.

And then he goes about condoning altering the truth that Casey made.

Serious concerns about his ethics. Moreso than Casey. Casey is just an idiot. Nigel apparently deals with giving people mortgages.



Anonymous said...

Nigel Swaby's apparent resume based on his own blog enrty

May 2005-Present? Mortgage Business (Obtained License). Part time web marketing web marketing manager for a medical software company in Draper. Award winning Real estate blogger.
April 2003- May 2005 good paying job doing web marketing
? 2003-April 2003 Mortgage Processor
Nov 2002- ? 2003 Marketing rep for Small Title Company
Mar 2002-Nov 2002 Unemployed
Set 2001- Mar 2002 Working at Olympic Pin Store
Sept 11 2001: Selling Olympic pins at the State Fair
Jan 2001- Sep 2001 Part time Olymic Pin Marketing
Sept 1999-Jan 2001 Web Marketing (well paid)
Jan 1999-Sept 1999 Freelance web designer/Marketer

Dude got his license around March of 2005. Throw in a few months at Pride industry and/or Rescom and you have Casey's resume in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Check that, May of 2005. 2 year anniversary coming up fast.

Anonymous said...

"AdvancedMD Software, Inc., headquartered in Draper, Utah, is the leader in Web-based medical billing and practice management software."

I guess this is what "part time web marketing" means.

John said...

so much about the book idea fits, that i suspect it might be a real scheme. but nigel can't write. he's just a kid, without much power to project. he tries like hell, so i saw the gloss at first. but then i read the "award winning" blog and also noted the behavior patterns. he doesn't have what it would take to carry out the plan. he's caught up in some kind of internet kalidescope. aren't we all, bro. aren't we all.

Miguel said...

Did anyone find out what this award is that he's supposed to have won?

And, more to the point, what the competition was?

king friday the 13th said...

miguel, you are a regular so I will answer this.

from the poop deck of the rear admiral himself:

"My judgment article received a bronze medal from the Carnival of Real Estate Investing host last week as well. The Carnival of Personal Finance host also gave it a nod. (Sorry, I did a lot of Casey Serin posts the previous week.)"

There you go. Bronze (3rd place) in a weblog competition. Better make room for your Pulitzer.

I bet Nigel still brags about scoring 4 touchdowns in a high school football game.

fyi -- according to Casey's Xanga profile, Dandyloin wrestled in high school. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Got a home loan today. Pretty "sweet" place, good location, excellent price. One prob...I am a first time homebuyer.

When I met my broker months ago he had me pegged for a 6.5% fixed loan with 5% down and no prepayment/refi penalties. Now that the place became available, I made my move. Now I am told the rate went up because of my first time buyer status and 5% down. I make over 100K a year with an excellent fico.

Well, this was what floored me, my broker pointed out that the idiots who lied on their apps are the ones to blame for the tighter underwriting. We talked for a little bit and Casey's site came up. My broker mentioned he had seen the site and laughed at the poor schmuck. When I asked who he thinks is at fault here, he told me it's definitely him because he knew what he was doing.

Basically, we all have to pay more thanks to that looser in the blue shirt.

...and Nigel this is fact or else you are a liar about what you do for a living. YOU know it's true you tool.

Anonymous said...

King, so Nigel is Al Bundy!?!?!?! Instead of shoe salesman he pretends to be a broker!

sid_finster said...

It is obvious from Casey's latest post what his game is - he is planning to channel business to Gary and/or Nigel, business from people who "need help with their mortgages". Presumably Snowflake gets a cut of the action.

"Birddogging", if you will.

Those who do not want Young Casey to profit from his acts should avoid posting on IAFF. The less publicity IAFF gets, the less business is generated. Casey's questionable ethics should also be
publicized, in order that only the most desperate (and unsalvageable) of debtors request his tender mercies.

Miguel said...

There you go. Bronze (3rd place) in a weblog competition. Better make room for your Pulitzer.

That's actually even more pitiful than I was expecting. And he probably really does think that this is some kind of career peak.

Clotpoll said...

Ogg (5:39)-

The only reason we were ingesting all this crap was that nobody knew it was dangerous.

Or, it was possibly a reaction to Weimar-like inflation, the prime rate sitting at roughly 20%, Jimmy Carter and the whole country being held hostage by Iran and disco.

Quaaludes also had quite the rep as an aphrodisiac for women.

Clotpoll said...

Third place in a carnival of assclowns.

Shit de merde.

Anonymous said...

Look at the first two pics, LOL.

beezer said...

Ok, at some point last night, the idiot put up a whole entry about how he wants to help people, and he wants to turn IAFF into a clearing site to help people facing foreclosure.

Hilariously, it addressed that he has no place offering anyone advice, and said it'd be SELFISH of him to keep his advice to himself while waiting to actually fix his own mess.

Now.. it's gone. I assume this is a glitch, but he's back on the upswing to a manic high. Seatbelts on.

beezer said...

OMFG. How dumb is he? The state of California doesn't actually erase tickets from your record for going to traffic school, do they? Because here, it can reduce your points, but the ticket exists.

I am not even going to TOUCH that he's been "so busy," doing NOTHING that he needed to "get away." Not at all like he did in Utah. Or every damn day. What a phenomenal lazy ass. Which would be one thing, but he can't even admit it.

Casey Fannnnn said...

He can afford to go snowboarding, but he hasn't seen fit to replace the rear window on his POSmobile, which looks as if somone tried to shoot it out.

If he follows Nigel's advice and wipes his previous posts of incriminating info, that will have no effect on the info already snagged by interested parties such as creditors and law enforcement. They've been visiting his blog for months. Does Casey think he can remove embarrassing details long after the fact and prevent their use against him? Is that like making debts disappear by breaking a stick, turning one's back on the debt, and saying "I discharge thee" three times?

Schnapps said...

OMG. Waaay too early for Snowflake's newest post.

WAAAAY too early.


R-Boy said...


You know what we have to do.


Rob Dawg, we need that new forum now! I can help organize our collective vehement!

R-Boy said...

Oh. Okay.

So this weekend I spent crunching numbers to figure out what's the best package for a home addition we're doing. Can you believe WAMU pitched us a REFI at a higher rate than our first position? The idiots!

They pitched it to my fiancee. She didn't understand, so let me handle this. They'll be getting a nice "Taking advantage of clueless women...intonated letter from me"

Anyways, a local bank offered us a very good HELoan rate, and putting that into our 5% APY checking/savings, means the interest lost will be negligible.

And THAT's why I hate Casey Serin. Because our rates would be lower if we didn't have folks like him.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW that little shit was gonna do this.

So thi sis the "good thigs are coming" huh? LOL. Sure, shithead, sure.

Lets see you explain how you can possibly give advice, when you've done NOTHING - repeat NOTHING to stop your foreclosures.

Oh, wait, that's because you're a liar. You're not going to "help everybody", you're gonna birddog the poor people who really DO need help to the sharks (Mr. G).

Fuck you, Casey. It's ON. Your "I'm just an innocent victim of a bad real estate market and meanyhead realtors" facade is about to be bulldozed down, shithead.

Love those google hits? Wait until you see what OTHER google hits can be manufactured.

ratlab said...

I like how his PO Box is his address. I guess when you move around that much, that's the only permanent place to send the mail.

sid_finster said...

I cannot say that I was the first to notice, but I think the evidence is stacking up that Anon is right.

Casey is trying to parlay his 15 minutes into a birddogging role with G and/or Nigel. Once his properties are gone, he thinks he'll be scot-free to pick up the G-fees.

Casey's lenders will be left holding the bag.

Every time I think Turdboi can't find a new way to be less ethical and less Christian, he manages to exceed expectations.

NoVa Sideliner said...

Anyone able to scan that drivers license number off of casey's ticket? Jeez! Then again, like someone said before, you'd have to be a real moron to try and steal HIS identity.

It also looks he snapped his photo of the ticket while he was driving with half of one hand in the fast lane. Nice safety-conscious driving right after getting a fat ticket, Wonder Boy. My guess is that he wasn't even passing anybody but just likes cruising there. Too bad he covered his speedometer.

Shall we start a betting pool about whether he makes it to his driving school class? Maybe it would be better to start a betting pool with all the various excuses he can use for why he had to miss that class.

GameOver said...

Wow. What a little prick.

Wait a minute...let me rethink that.

What an arrogant, pretentious, self-important, conceited, vain, smug, pompous, scum sucking, Nigle-loving, douchebag THEIF.


Rob Dawg said...

New post all Casey and the latest scam. "Fire, Aim, Ready!"

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

It is obvious from Casey's latest post what his game is - he is planning to channel business to Gary and/or Nigel, business from people who "need help with their mortgages". Presumably Snowflake gets a cut of the action.

"Birddogging", if you will.
I have been saying this all along.
Also, do not forget Greg Swan @

He is a "Buyer' Broker and another shark infested friend of Nigel's. He awarded the Nigel Blog Carnival of RE, I think they will both be in on the Birdogging.

sid_finster said...

The pieces are coming together....

Will Nigel and Greg screw Casey over, or will Casey's general lethargy and fecklessness give the boys the shaft?

Cotton Swaby said...

To Anon First Time Homebuyer:

Unless you have some unique circumstances, your first time homebuyer status should have NO affect on your rate/terms.

Sounds fishy to me. If you want to give some additional information, I'd be happy to give an opinion. I'm a broker but not affiliated with Nigel. LOL.

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>he hasn't seen fit to replace the rear window on his POSmobile<<

Oops. I just glanced at the pic very quickly. It's his rear-view mirror that's broken.

Anonymous said...

In California, a ticket can be erased from your record if you go to traffic school. YOU WILL need to pay for both traffic school and the ticket.

He could go before a judge and claim poverty, but the traffic judges will laugh and demand full payment. Not paying for the ticket means he can't go to traffic school.

Mozatta said...

You mean to tell me if any of you had financial questions, you'd go to a licensed, professional financal advisor rather than Casey? Weird. I know if I wanted advice regarding my finances I'd go to a 25-year old, fraud who lost 8 houses.

Ickey Schmutz said...

If there is a book in the works, won't the PR bitches have a right to claim against KC?

At the very least it will cost $$ and potentially bad publicity.

Oh well, at least it is all good.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:57 AM anonymous
on another note, why the hell was silverbulletboy's blog going to a redirect yesterday? what the hell is notice how all his permalinks are up the wazoo now? what an idiot. is site that allows people to search on multiple search engines at once without having to look at ads.


The interesting part is that it's run by a guy who goes by a couple of nicknames, including Heekee and Nimrod. Heekee is an old alumnui of the forum, and he runs a troll messageboard and image dump site of his own called

Heekee and Casey made a deal a while back. If Casey would put a link to Zewg on his blog, Heekee would remove all of the Galina pictures that had been saved on his image site and a bunch of the threads that made Snowflake cry.

Yea, I own Zewg, I told him I want to test out my new metasearch script which is like pre-alpha.

Im not sure what kind of load it can handle. Zewg is actually running on the old CI server.

Apparently he found some Galina and family pics on the dump and saw all the mean comments. I deleted the pics for him and he was tickled pink

Aspeth said...

@king friday the 13th....Holy FUCKING *FUCK*

Are you serious?!?!? I thought Nigel's award-winning thing was some hand-job piece of pay-to-play PR.

Are you SERIOUSLY FUCKING telling me that his "award" is from some fuck who ran a fucking BLOG CARNIVAL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(deep breath) So for those who don't know, a blog carnival is basically when someone says, "hey, I want to run a lot of content on (x) topic, so I'm going to put out a call for submissions. Everyone email me your article and I'll post them with some link love"

With that in mind, Rob Dawg, I hereby award EN the title "Best Blog of the Year" (with TwelveYearsOfBeingAnnoyedByChloeSevigny trailing at a close second, of course) and wish to bestow upon you the honorarium of Knight of Reason, King of Truth, Leader of the Informed.

Now please go forth and issue press releases.