Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Talk About Nigel

Can you believe the dummy walking into a gun club meeting waving a knife and picking a fight? Threatening people with employer reporting because they speak their mind? I knew he was arrogant and unseasoned but vindictive? Not enough that he practices the most insidious forms of anti-democracy by censoring and misinforming on his own blog he wants to spead his poison elsewhere. I say no.


TK said...

First! This is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Jade said...

? Threats? Huh? What? What did I miss?

LOL said...

Is Nigel threatening to hit Rob with his murse?

Rob Dawg said...

jade, you snooze you "loose" around here. While you were taking a refreshing nap the world kept turning. Nigel has jumped the shark. He's threatening to "report" someone to their employer. It's in the "loan" post from yesterday. I'm not repeating it here because I don't want the search engines to pick up on it.

Anonymous said...


PLEASE direct me to the link where Nigel stated he will call my employer. I have 2 attornies on retainer and I will JUMP at the chance to sue his ass. Perhaps the moron is unaware,threatening to have people terminated is an actionable cause. He obviously has not intention of following through on it, but it goes to show his true character.

And you wonder why he is associated with Serin?

Miguel said...

PLEASE direct me to the link where Nigel stated he will call my employer.

Go to IAFF, scroll down to 'Couldn't Avoid Foreclosure on Burdett', and read comment #109.

And then laugh hysterically.

(Sadly, he didn't actually state that he'd do that - he merely posted a mealy-mouthed, vaguely threatening comment along the lines of "I hope you own Safe Fit because I’m not sure your “boss” would like to know your job bores you." Which certainly makes him scum of the lowest order, but I'm not sure this is actionable).

Anonymous said...

Well, at least that proves that Nigel does come to this site to read hater comments.

I'd be real careful "outing" people if I were him. The world is a very small place indeed. :)

Katie said...

It also proves that Nigel wouldn't be above using someone's personal information for his own gain/revenge/hissy fit.

Nice trait for someone in his line of work....

Zewg said...

I would be happy to host your blog, contact me at

Anonymous said...

The fact that the "friend of Fucktard" outed someone's identity on a public blog- giving his WORK email is abhorrant.

This is the same creton that a potential mortgage applicant would trust with ALL of his personal information- social security number, bank accounts, tax returns etc.

Perhaps the Utah Attorney General should know about a licensed mortage broker's propensity to break privacy laws and confidentiality?

If I were Doug, I would not let this go unanswered.

Anonymous said...

Since it's perfectly fair to cyber-harass people (Nigel's true face is now exposed) I figure I'll repost what another put up on the loan comments:

Contact Information:

Nigel Swaby
Integrity First Financial

Integrity First Financial has been the go to company for hundreds of savy borrowers for over 10 years. Our motto is "Our name is our business". You can count on Integrity First Financial for straight up advice and expert knowledge. Feel free to contact us at any time during the application process for personalized attention. We believe the internet is a tool but it doesn't replace human contact.

Address & Driving Directions:
1495 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Voice: 801-474-3333

Fax: 801-474-1367


NTEGRITY FIRST FINANCIAL, INC. Corporation Salt Lake City Active
Business Name:
Entity Number:
Registration Date:


1495 E 3300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Status Description:
Good Standing
This Status Date:
Last Renewed:
License Type:
Corporation - Domestic - Profit
Delinquent Date:

Registered Agent
Registered Agent:
[Search BES] [Search RPS]
Address Line 1:
1495 E 3300 S
Address Line 2:

Salt Lake City

Additional Information
Additional Principals: N
NAICS Code: 9999
NAICS Title: 9999-Nonclassifiable Establishment
Stock Class 1 Amount: 50,000
Stock Class 1 Type: COMMON


Feel free to contact Nigel's boss and let him know how Nigel spends his days. I would bet the same would apply to Nigel that he says applies to Craven.

Anonymous said...
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Clotpoll said...

Fucktard (my new fave word) Nigel is seems to be posing as multiple characters within threads at his own blog.

I went there and posed a simple question within a thread yesterday, and the dipweed moderated it. I guess it broke the flow of his multiple-alias conversation.

Now more scuzzy Nigel behavior revealed here. He is a Casey lackey and lickspittle from the get.


Pulp Fiction said...
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T said...

Clotpoll said...

Fucktard (my new fave word)

Fucktard is a badass word, fo' sho', but when it comes to Nigel and his boy toy Casey, I prefer the word cocktart. I think it's more descriptive and fitting, imo.

MerMerde said...

Good point, T.

A Real Conservative (Nigel is not) said...

Hey Nigel,

Stop with the trolling. We get it, Doug hurt your itty bitty feewings and now you need to lash out.

We get it, but nobody and I mean NOBODY cares about you or your "thoughts."

Legion said...

I think if you look up nigel Swaby in wikipedia you link to Casey's rectum...