Friday, March 02, 2007


Props to D of All Things Cool blog for the contribution.


ratlab said...

Not second!

You're up late Rob Dawg!


TK said...

Great illustration! Love the sheen on those freshly manicured nails. BTW - read Casey's Wiki entry lately? It gets harsher by the day. Rality bites, though Casey would have you believe it's a total HATER entry. Never mind that it's 100% truthful. Maybe he should do what the NAR did and try to doctor his own bio like David Lereah did.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the small fact that I know who the person in that picture is, that would be a cool illustration.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the below is a link, if not, just C&P.
Casey got new tires, and posted the reciept, showing the cash-sale price w/no tax, written estimate etc

TK said...

Read the caption, "Thanks to my brother for the hookup"

A brand new set of low profile tires:


I can smell his next post a mile away.

TK said...


"Contributed by somebody.. not sure who... if it's you, let me know"


Get off it Casey we know you lifted it from here!!!

Nicole said...

What I want to know is where he's getting the cash to buy new tires.

Hasn't he heard of public transit?

LOL said...

I'm sure he borrowed the tire money from his brother. Hope his brother realizes he won't ever see that $1500 again.....

TK said...


Just freeloading from his brother. I suspect it isn't just the discount hookup his brother gave him - I suspect he mooched the cash as well...

We'll get to hear all about it later though since he's in "Lender ignore mode" and won't want to discuss his debt.

What Sales Tax? said...

Keep in mind that he bought a "brand new set" of TWO tires.

ratlab said...

It looks as though they wanted to quote him $150, but decided on $160.

Since the tire place is only a few miles from the Burdett property, I wonder if we'll get an update on the homeless guy.

Anonymous said...

From FFC...

"Looks like Go Tires in Sacramento is doing shit under the table to avoid pay taxes laugh Nice job outing the source of your "deal" Casey. Fucking idiot.

No written estimate. No customer authorization. No sales tax. Lots of violations."

Oh man, now we got to make another round of email and phone calls. I suggest a local news outlet with a big gap in their "fluffy news item" segment looking to out "Nefarious non-tax paying, overcharging tire shops who scam Asian and Russian kids out of their parents hard earned cash to over accessorize their cheap imports"

LOL said...

"Keep in mind that he bought a "brand new set" of TWO tires."

That's probably all the cash he could suck out of his brother. If his siblings have any brains at all they know better than to loan him money.

My husband's family has their own version of Casey, a bipolar deadbeat who rarely works. My husband and his sister washed their hands of him long ago but he still manages to sucker his mom for money.

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all,

As much as it pains me to admit this, it looks like C has fallen forward.
I found the link to his apartment complex venture and it looks worth more than $5000 month passive income for our hero. Here's the link:

I'll be a man and admit I was wrong about C, he's got the game. Now can the rest of you admit the same.

Tony Soprano said...

Anybody care to drop a line to the State Board of Equalization regarding the tire shop not collecting taxes? Probably a few environmental issues as well, hehe

Go Heavy!

Tony Soprano said...

CFC is gonna get murdered today baby!

What Sales Tax? said...

Damnit Rob, you've spoiled me. I can't even read the comments at IAFF anymore. Same old advice being given over and over and over, responses to previous comments appearing 35 comments later, etc. It's too tedious. I want instant gratification. If I could make an analogy, reading IAFF comments is like going on a bunch of blind dates, whereas EN is the gloryhole of Casey bashing. Thanks for that.

Is the Timeline guy actually funny? I see a lot of complimentary comments, but by the time I've skimmed through 75 lame ones I don't feel like reading anymore.

Anonymous said...

19% of their subprime borrowers were late? Damn.

Benoit said...

Well, the tire receipt answers some questions about the car. It's a 1998 model, with 99,438 miles on it. Casey also forgot to blur the license plate (4BUB954). Maybe he assumes everyone knows it by heart already. heh.

... and why is his brother (Timothy Serin) a "regular customer" at this tire place? Does he get flats habitually? And did he front Casey the $160 as well...?

segfault said...

Usually, when replacing two tires, you replace both tires on the same axle, and it looks like he put the new tires on the front. It's quite dangerous to drive in rain or snow with worn rear tires and new front ones, as the worn rear tires are more likely to lose traction. Rear tires breaking loose will cause the car to oversteer. Many tire stores won't even mount two new tires on the front for liability reasons.

Some people dispute the physics of the above, since the front tires should displace the water on the road before the rear tires contact it, but the rear tires don't always exactly track the fronts. A FWD car like the Jetta will usually wear out the front tires before the rears, if you don't rotate them, but it's a false economy to replace the fronts and put worn tires on the rear--at best, the car's handling will be squirrely, and at worst, it could cause snap-oversteer when you're driving down a wet highway.

I know it doesn't rain (or snow) very often in California, but...

Cased! said...

So, Rob Dawg posted the new "Sweet" graphic at 2:34 AM, and Casey had it uploaded to Flickr by 5:57 AM (at the latest).

But remember, "I actually don’t have the time to look for this stuff and I rarely visit the hater sites." (Comment 42)

Rigghhhhhttttt.... Somebody on Casey's Team must have the assignment of trolling the Internets on the graveyard shift for this stuff, since it is obviously beneath Busy Casey to visit here.

Anonymous said...

Newest registered member at is Galina Serin.
(Probably somebody from here).

Anonymous said...

I know that when I had new Eagle Z's put on my Mustang in the front (got a nice chunk of metal in the front left in Berkeley) they refused to do that - instead they rotated the back tires and put the new ones on the front, for the exact reasons stated here. Since Turnip Head is on the cheap, he waived any rights he'd have for the tire shop making the Jetta unsafe.

I love how day by day, wekk by week, the "hater" comments are drawing out the True Turnip Head™. That blog has gotten so passively aggressive snotty it's not even funny, and even new readers see the farce.

I wonder if that's what the relationship between Metrosexual Boy™ and the Shopping Addict™ is like - pure passive aggressive hatred and warfare disguised in utterly sick-making "Honey"s and "Darling"s. Think "War Of The Roses", but in Sacramento, in a rented bedroom instead of a mansion, and Jamba Juice cups instead of crystal and porcelain figurines.

How steamed is Galina that the Jetta got new shoes, and SHE did'nt?

I love how the majority of posts are about why he's going to Utah, and he's avoiding the question harder than he avoids hard work. Something smells in Utah, and a thief is shambling their way this weekend.

It would make my whole year if they meet him at the airport with a Sheriff and cuff him at the gate, and charge his bitch ass for wirefraud, for stealing that mortgage payment. (Probably both, and I wonder if Sugar Daddy Duane's cash went to cover part of the second, or all of it).

No way Galina is going to Utah to visit Schleprock in the can.

Anyone want to post odds that he never comes back from Utah, and why?

1. Gets arrested

2. Goes under the radar

3. Ends up in a hole in the desert

4. Goes too close to the Mormon Temple and bursts into flame after being struck by lightining on a clear, blue skied day.

BadjerJim said...


I think you're missing the bigger picture with the tire failure. Inner sidewall failure like shown in the picture is the result of SERIOUS alignment problems in the front end, usually as a result of crash damage where the frame was not (or could not) be correctly straightened. And the fact that two tires were replaced indicates similar sidewall stress/damage on the other front tire.

If the frame is bent, you can adjust the front suspension to keep the car steering straight, at the expense of tire life (front wheels literally 'scrubbing' down the road, causing heat on the sidewalls).

This is typical where the car was in a severe crash but for some reason was not 'totaled' by the insurance company, or somebody bought the wreck from the insurance co and did a 'quick' repair job for resale. That would explain the new BlingBling rims, and probably nice looking paint on the car (if he ever washed it).

Actually, hitting a curb nearly straight-on at about 30mph would do this kind of damage: bend the frame and front suspension, and ruin all 4 rims. Result? take it to the front-end shop where you learn: "bent frame, will never drive right again, but we can get it back on the road if we tweek the front end and stick on new rims."

Stephanie J. said...

I don't know how any able-bodied, capable person can subsist on the goodness of others and feel good about themselves on any level.

His family should stop enabling this crap and throw him out so he can learn to take care of himself. Maybe he'll grow up and get a job if he doesn't have this support system holding him up.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Stephanie J:

I don't know how any able-bodied, capable person can subsist on the goodness of others and feel good about themselves on any level.

Snowflake has a characteristic that I've seen in enough Gen Y failures to consider it part of the standard failure mode for that generation. His self-image is completely divorced from his actions and the consequences of his actions. As long as he can persuade himself that he's Falling Forward and It's All Good, reality need not intrude on his ego.

Snowflake could be living in a cardboard box under an overpass and whoring himself out to pay for meals, and he'd still be convinced that he was some kind of wheeler-dealer real estate tyconn who had just fallen on hard times and needed to wait for the next Sweet Deal.

Remember, reality has a known anti-Casey bias.

Anonymous said...

@ Ogg. Just for old times, can you convert what you just said to Ogg speak the way you used to do it on looser's site?

Cotton Swaby said...

Hi all,
I got a few posts through over there at iaff. My first, where I told the tale of how I am a real estate expert and tried to be a friend to Casey and how his ignoring my advice has been pushing me to turn against him, was not allowed however.

Anonymous said...

Last night, I had a dream about Casey and I woke up with wood.

Does that make me gay?


Northern Renter said...

At 6:01 you said

"What I want to know is where he's getting the cash to buy new tires.
Hasn't he heard of public transit?"

Much as I detest defending snowflake, bear in mind that public transit in California (at least in Los Angeles, I can't speak for Sac) is a world apart from what is present in most Canadian cities in terms of cost, area covered and frequency. It may well be that he needs a car or else he will have to walk a lot.

I feel dirty now.


Rob Dawg said...

Anon asks:
Does that make me gay?"

No, the murse is confusing your subconcious. There are many of us that would like to take a piece of lumber to Casey to wake him up. Metaphorically.

Aelfscine said...

Being a Gen X/Y cusp person myself, I don't think our generation is solely to blame as much as our timing. The whole country is gradually adjusting to the idea of having a stupid amount of available credit. My credit card limit on one card is five figures, and I didn't even ask for it! I just got a letter one day saying 'we've upped your limit to a ridiculous number.' I'm not anywhere near my limit, because that'd be idiotic.

I was lucky though in that my parents were sensible with money and raised me to do the same. I know that as I start my new job I need to start the 401k ASAP, so I never think of the money that goes to it as money I live on. But a huuuuuge number of people were just never taught how to handle money well, young and old.

And when money was just something you stuck in a mattress, that wasn't so big a deal. It was easy to tell when you had lots, when you needed to save.

But with all the available credit now, it can be a lot harder to understand exactly where you are financially if you're not paying attention.

That said, this shit is important. One can't just go through life saying to themselves that they don't need to think about their finances because it's 'hard' or 'boring.' Not paying attention means you're a mouth-breathing moron, it'd be like not paying attention to when you need to poop.

To conclude though, not having the foggiest how money works and thinking that one can live in a little dream world isn't my generation alone. (Kozlowski, anyone?) You can bet a good portion of the X/Yer's that don't know shit about money had parents who don't know shit about money.

*steps off soapbox*

Anonymous said...

I always thought that they should have a class in high school that teaches you the pros/cons about credit. "If you have a credit card that has a $2500 balance with a 25% APR and you pay $50/month, how many years would it take to pay it off?"

But no, I learned how to make a potholder.

Okay, now you guys can pretend like the above question was posed to Casey.

Ogg the Caveman said...

anon @ 8:15

It not good to mooch. Even Ogg feel bad if ogg mooch food, live in sister in law cave, and need to borrow weel. Ogg feel better if have own cave and kill own mammoth, and Ogg only a caveman.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ BadjerJim:

So that means that Casey can look forward to another similar flat, right? Oh, that ought to be a fun post to read.

That Jetta sure was a sweet deal.

Savloah said...

@ Stephanie:
I don't know how any able-bodied, capable person can subsist on the goodness of others and feel good about themselves on any level.

As Ogg said, it seems like its a GenY thing.

Special snowflakes don't feel bad if others support them, beccause they are Special Snowflakes. People support them and give them things because they deserve them, because of all the specialness.

It's only fair that your family continues to provide! You deserve it! And taking a cut in standard of living when you go out on your own? Hell no! Snowflakes require that they be SITMTWTHBC (Supported in the Manner to which they have Become Accustomed). They all forget that their parents have what they have through 30+ years of work, and they want to have it all right away, on their own.

Anonymous said...

Teacher: "Casey, if you have a credit card that has a $2500 balance with a 25% APR and you pay $50/month, how many years would it take to pay it off?""

L'il Casey: "Uh...well, i'll outsource the asnwer for that, I'll try to get back to you tomorrow. Now, what if I used someone else's credit to get 10 of those cards, get cash back for using it, pay off one card with the next - sweet! Where can I get these cards? Do I have to use my name, or can I get my girlfriend Galina one for her? What about my dog? My hampster? What? It's illegal? Everyone is doing it, it's all good!"

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Ogg.

Thanks. Good times....good times....

Two Tired said...

@ Ogg:
Watch out, Jade will be in ass-kicking mode when she hears you've been dissing Gen Y.

@ Ogg as caveman
Love it, you're the original.

@ Tibetan Monk
You owe Ogg a licensing fee. Go back to your sherpa tent and Brad Pitt parties.

Anonymous said...

our little trendsetterhas done it again - the blue ball is everywhere

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Two Tired:

Oh, I'm not implying that Gen Y is worse, on the whole, than those who came before. My point is that many of the Gen Y kids who fail do so in a characteristic way that's incomprehensible to those of us who are just a little older.

I'm sure you could say the same about any other generation.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I guess I need to slip back into caveman-speak every so often, so folks can get their fix. I understand. I feel the same way about Sputnik.

Here, kitty kitty kitty...

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:43

ACTUALLY, I just went to my 8th grade daughter's High School enrollment meeting last night and I was floored at all the options her high school has.

In fact I am really pressuring her to take as an elective Business and Personal Finance. It covers banking, saving, stock investments, careers, budgeting, CREDIT, taxes, and insurance.

And that is just ONE course that I was wowwed(sp?) by. In fact their course planning guide reads like a college course guide. Where were all these options when I was in school?

Oh and in case your wondering, yes, my daughter goes to public school.


Two Tired said...

@ Aelfscine
I don't think Gen Y is so "gimme gimme I want it" because their parents were bad with money. I think they're that way because their parents gave them too much of whatever they wanted without making them give up something to get it. And in Gen Y's defense, I'm Gen X and see a lot of the same behavior in my friends and at times in my own past. Hell, the boombringers probably thought the same thing about the babyboomers with their dope smoking and their love-ins and whatnot.

60's: "Get a job you stupid hippies."
80's: "Get a job you stupid punks."
00's: "Get a job you stupid Caseys. And lose the murse."

If the bent frame theory is true, dumbass needs to lose the low pro wheels soon because they're going to eat him alive (assuming he has money for gas.) I got rearended by an 18 wheeler in a sweeeeeet Subaru I used to own (yes Steph, I'm one of THEM). No real visible damage but it was enough to bend the frame and turn it into a tire-eating monster. My advice would be to subsist on $20 used tires because he'll be changing them every six months.

Two Tired said...

Oops, ignore the first half of my comment, Ogg already said it.

Anonymous said...

Just remember your looser baby boomers. There is no "I" in Team but there is a ME.

Me me me me me me me......

Gen Y

Anonymous said...

interesting data, anyone know any more about this?:

*CA Sacramento Sup. Civil Detail

Case Number
06AS05460 Date Filed
Dec 21 2006 Case Type
Injury Vehicle"



Stephanie J. said...

It may be reflective over time; but I'm not quite sure about that.

It looks like as each generation of kids comes along, they're just getting worse and worse.

They're detached, entitled, shallow, selfish and spoiled. And the littlest ones have few boundaries or limits, they behave abominally in public, lack manners in any sense, and are far to eroticized for their age.

Just go to the mall; or to a public restaurant, and you'll get a perfect example of this worsening trend.

As a child, my mother would have slapped the eyeballs out of my head if I behaved out of turn. I behaved in public, accepted "No" after at least the third time, and knew never to push my limits because there were consequences.

Kids these days are obnoxous, disruptive terrors--and they grow up to be little succubi, latched onto their like lampreys, sucking them into raisin-dom and depriving them of a good retirement because they're too lazy, unrealistic and have no concept of money and value.

Part of me is relieved that I'm dealing with infertility issues; because I'm not sure I could ever raise a child in this me-me-me-bratz dolls-and-blackberries-for-the-kids world, and still love them.

But let me tell you how I really think...

Stephanie J. said...

too erotisized

their parents

--I tend to drop words and misspell when I'm being passionate about something.

Two Tired said...

I saw that case info the other day, but I can't tell if it has anything to do with our Serin clan. I think you've got it wrong though, weren't Kinsella and Romeo the defendants?

Two Tired said...

@ Ogg
I heard that the reason Sputnik is so conspicuously absent these days is because he's embarked on a new career.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

Read this gang:

I really liked the last paragraph.


ratlab said...

@two tired
Wasn't this the reason he bought the Jetta. Some accident totaled his previous car. Though I thought it was much earlier than Dec '06. Maybe these things are filed much later than the actual accident date. Could he get a sweeeet deal out of this?

Dumbfounded said...

@ 8:53 AM, Ogg the Caveman...

A Classic. Love you posts man! Thanks.

Akubi said...

I also have a tendency to drop words and letters.
Anyway, as far as children are concerned, I would say their parents have a lot to do with the problem. Little snowflakes on airplanes drive me absolutely insane. A kid will be practicing gymnastics in the seat next to me, whining, crying, hollering and throwing My Little Pony on my laptop while the parents look on adoringly completely oblivious to the fact that I am not amused nor are a number of other passengers. What is wrong with these people?! When I was a kid (X-er here) one would never behave like that on a plane. Whatever happened to manners?

Anonymous said...

Steph J @946

As a single male Gen X-er I really do get where you're coming from however I think the problem lies with our contemporaries who are currently rearing the next generation of America's best and brightest. I used to think as a teenager that older folks who were outraged at my conduct were working themselves into consternation over nothing. (OMG! did you see him come to church in a T-shirt and jeans.) Of course the fact that I had rousted myself up to attend Sunday Mass was another thing entirely. Nowadays though I take a look at the really revealing clothing (sluts male and female from 20 years ago would never have worn BTW)some of these kids wear and well I'm that fuddy-duddy from 20 years ago.

An argument can be made that every generation rebels and settles down and to a certain extent it is true. But when you look at the Casey's of the world, they all to a great extent want to go from point A to Z and just have a life filled with pleasure without the idea that hard work and sacrifices. The whole idea of actually contributing SOMETHING to the betterment of the world in general escapes them. I know a cardiologist who is worth well over 7 figures but still works because he is researching ways to eliminate or reduce the risk of heart disease. This man is 41 BTW, at that age I guess our snowflake will figure that he will have earned a life on EZ street by virtue of age alone.

It is the whole notion of laboring for something beyond your own selfish needs that has been lost by our society as a whole. The children with this attitude outnumber those without it. Who would actually accomplish something of real tangible and lasting value if everyone could afford to sit by on "passive income" Snowflake's idea of nrvana. I used to be depressed because I had not married and brought a child into the world. But nowadays I am kind of glad I did not.

NoVa Sideliner said...

My very first impression of that car accident, seeing the list of plaintiffs and defendants, is that it's a scam accident.

I've seen these before, having worked in a small attorney's office years ago, where there'd be an accident (sometimes accidental, sometimes otherwise) and the people in the car would sue the owner/driver.

Before filing, they'd of course have gone hunting for lawyers who knew doctors who could vouch for their "injuries" and "incapacitation". They usually seemed often more than happy to take a hefty settlement from the insurance company instead of a real trial.

What's interesting is that Patty and Aleksey are both plaintiff and defendant! In some cases that doesn't fly, insurance or not.

Could it be that the whole clan there is a bunch of thievin' no-goods? Cases like this can be a red flag.

GameOver said...

@ the GenY comments...

Hold on a minute! I fit in there and take offense to the broad generalizations taking place!

Mid 20's, married, 3 kids, 5+ years at a very stable job, own my house (ok fine, rent from the bank but it is singular, no flipping for me!), 5 figure 401k and max match. I'm not saying I'm pefect by any means but come on lets not go too overboard!

Like Two Tired said, and I am summarizing, every generation is going to have some slack @ssed loosers.

You know I've got nothing but love for all you haters!

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Two Tired:

This is how I picture Sputnik in his younger days, before he turned bitter and ruined his voice by smoking too much catnip.

Stephanie J. said...

::gingerly climbs up on her soapbox::

Obviously all kids are products of their parenting and environment. What's different about kids now and kids from parents like mine ('cause I'm an X'er too)?

Yeah, they are little bastards on airplanes. I get really pissed that their parents are right there, doing their own thing, and they don't give a rat's ass how disruptive their demon spawn are on other folks. I once flew from O'Hare to Zaventem in Belgium with three kids being given soda sitting in front of me. The tray table was constantly jostling. I finally lost it, and asked the mother to please have her children sit still, and she had the audacity to be angry at ME. WTF????

It's like there's this universal flight from responsibility; and it's being taught to Gen Y (aka Gen "Me-Me-Me"). Eek, it's hard! Mommie! Daddy! Save me!

I mean Jesus, have you ever seen an episode of "My Super Sweet 16"? You see these rotten little bitches having parties for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and still having the audacity, not only getting away with but being REWARDED for being sassy and crass to their parents, making demands, and telling them to shut up??!!?!?!?

What would I do if my kid pulled that shit on me? "One more word out of your mouth, you will not only have no party, no new Beamer, but you'll go and stay with Grandma in New Hampshire (who is Satan, and a two-day visit would constitute torture) for three months--then you'll come back, and get a job at McFriedFood, and earn your own fucking money to pay for your own fucking car and see how that works, sparky.

Parents on these shows are so focused on showing off their wealth and success through their kids, they don't give a shit how their kid behaves. It's sad, because these kids equate recieving as love... how empty and sad their lives will be.

These shows play constantly, and they're the veritable fodder for the muffin-topped, sparkly pink cell-phone toting teenage girls who will be tomorrow's adults. What does this shit teach our kids?

It's no wonder Casey's priorities are: Personal Comfort, Personal Comfort, Minimizing Effort and Personal Comfort. Look what culture he's been reared in; Foreign parents trying so hard to fit itno the American Dream.

Okay now I'm done pontificating. For now.

Dumbfounded said...

Re: These lazy gen Ys...

In my opinion, it's not the generation, but rather the parents fault in raising spoiled kids. As a dad of 2 teens today, I see so many of their friends spoiled to the level that they have no need to work for anything they get. Neighbor's kids got cars for 16th birthdays, $150 sneakers, etc. Because of this most of them have no idea how to fend for themselves.

My kids get what they need and then some too. But damned if I am going to buy them a car. Sneakers? $20 is the budget. When my kids were about 9 & 12, the family across the street had high schoolers that all had new cars given to them. Each of them was in a car wreck in no time. They are all in the assigned risk pool for insurance and their parents still foot the bill today. They are now in their 20s and still living at home too.

I told my kids long ago that if they want a car that they have 2 choices: either work and buy one themselves or I'd buy one if they got a college scholarship.

Well guess oldest is now 17 and is in the top 3 of her graduating class. She just got a full 4 year college scholarship!

Yep! She'll get her car, but she earned it and she deserves it. The car costs only a fraction of the college education so I am in heaven. Yep, I am one proud dad!

My kids are not a bit like Casey. They work summers and earn their own spending money. Even though I pay for their clothes and necessities, they choose to shop at places like Walmart or even thrift shops. From their summer jobs they've saved nearly every cent they made.

I'll bet my kids have a greater net worth from their own earned savings at 14 and 17 than those 20 something freeloaders living across the street from us.

GameOver said...

@ Ogg & TT

This is more of how I see Sputnik...

Excerpts from Sputnik's Daily Diary:

Day 683 of my captivity:

My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the floor and poop in their shoes.

Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a "good little hunter" I am. The audacity!

There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of "allergies." I must learn what this means, and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches.

The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released - and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded!

Akubi said...

As long as you teach your kids how to behave on an airplane, I’ll stop generalizing ;).

Stephanie J. said...

@Gameover and Other Gen-Yers that don't like sweeping generalizations.

We as Xers were called slackers and all end of other things--and as there is today, there are exceptions to this rule.

Sometimes, someone like Gameover comes along, that gives me hope that the global culture isn't so shitty that it's impossible to raise a child in. So, that's why I'm still trying to get knocked up and I haven't given up; Yet. Even in *spite* the Casey Serin influence. There's hope yet.

The Original Kevin said...

Stephanie - you want to get knocked up? Try eating Ben & Jerry's... hi in fat content & helps. You see the stories?

Stephanie J. said...

@Adorable Kevin
No, what stories?

Anonymous said...

@ Gameover

On behalf of the rest of society thank you for being a mature,responsible adult. I hate to say it but I really think you're the exception to the rule though.

Stephanie J. said...

Uh.. I meant Original Kevin

You can email the story to if you want.

Where in this country to you live? I'd like to buy you a beer.

GameOver said...

@ Steph, I can feel the love :)

Good luck we could all use Little Stephanie J's & Stephen J's running around kicking our FFF in the shins!

@ Akubi, angels of course!
(the chillin's are 4, 2 & New)

Planes are the only time I don't hesitate to bribe my kids. If they are crying/whining about a treat at the store, I don't cave, I just explain what their punishment will be and tell them to cut it out and they do.

When it comes to a plane though, TOTALLY different story. Books, games, treats, juice WHATEVER it takes to keep them quiet. Why should the whole cabin suffer cause of my kids?!?!

I do have a soft spot for the crying baby's parents. That is a tough spot to be in, sometimes there is just nothing you can do.

GameOver said...

@ 11:14 Anon

I do understand the thought and what people are saying. I'm not trying to claim Gen Y is anything different, just that there are some of us that aren't total loosers.

The Original Kevin said...

I prefer Adorable...


I saw the story originally somewhere else, but can't remember - if you google Ben & Jerry's+fertility you get a bunch of stories, & this was one.

So.... if you need any help...

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Stephanie J:

Perhaps it would help you to picture your future kid turning down Casey's future kid for a loan.

Rob Dawg said...

Anybody hangin' with the EN posse is alright in my book. It's the rest o them greedy (Boomer), lazy (Xers) and shiftless (Yners) mo-fos that need a Doc Marten enema.

GameOver said...

As usual, Rob Dawg drives the point home like no other!

Three cheers for the Dawg!

Rob Dawg said...

Perhaps it would help you to picture your future kid turning down Casey's future kid for a loan.

After I stopped laughing a cold chill ran down my spine. Spawn of Casey? That's why there are canvas bags, lead weights and the Sacramento River.

Galina's babuska brand of biological clock has probably got an early alarm. For our sakes he best be careful.

GameOver said...

That's why we gotta get Stephanie J's Doc Martin wearing steel toed feet down to sunny CA ASAP!

All we need is one good kick...

Sprezzatura said...

My parents helped out with my grad school tuition; the federal student loans I took out didn't quite cover my tuition and my parents graciously agreed to cover the gap rather than have me take out high-interest private loans.

I would have preferred to not have had to ask for help, but I also don't think that getting some parental help with affording grad school is a sin. Maybe that makes me a Gen-X slacker. You tell me.

Stephanie J. said...

Anybody hangin' with the EN posse is alright in my book

Awwwww. Right back acha, babycakes.

Stephanie J. said...

And yes.. Casey will probably breed. Many times.

Luckily for natural selection, they probably won't make it to breeding age from running into speeding traffic after a shiny red ball, or getting their limbs shorn off by freak-juicer accidents.

Akubi said...

Stephanie on soapbox,
You crack me up. What did the little demons’ mother say when you asked her to control her little demon monkeys? I have never done anything more than fantasize about duct taping them to their chair or slipping a few Ambiens in their soda.
Thankfully, I have never seen "My Super Sweet 16.” Casey is about as much sweetness as I can handle.

Stephanie J. said...

@The Only Kevin
That's interesting; however it's a double-edged sword. Chunk up on fatty foods: More chances to get preggie -- Chunk up on fatty foods: Look like blimp... man runs away screaming; no baby batter...

Hmm... quite the conundrum.

Sprezzatura said...

I don't know, Steph; I tend to think that Galina will bail on Casey before the reproduce.

I could be wrong, but this I do know: despite a cultural tradition of stable marriages, Russian women are also very practical. Once it finally sinks into G's head that C is deadweight financially and dragging her down like an anvil in the ocean, she will dump him.

On another note, my sympathies on the fertility issues. We are childfree by choice, but it stinks to want kids and not be able to have them.

Sprezzatura said...

Forgot to add: an anecdote from a transatlantic flight I took last summer. I boarded the plane and was seated in an aisle seat; 2 seats between me and the window. A woman and her 2 children claimed the seats next to me. Within 5 minutes, Mom was reading aloud one of the Harry Potter books to the older of the two while the younger child was on mom's lap, nursing, and kicking me rhythmically as he nursed.

Not wanting to spend the next 8 hours dealing with the three of them crammed into two seats (and me having to get up every 30 minutes for bathroom runs etc), I asked to be re-seated. Luckily, another aisle seat was available and I moved.

BadjerJim said...

Ogg the Caveman said...
@ BadjerJim:

So that means that Casey can look forward to another similar flat, right? Oh, that ought to be a fun post to read.

Exactly. If I'm right, for cars with this kind of suspension/frame damage, the tires get dangerously hot if run at speed for any period of time. Casey may have gotten away with it, just bopping around town for the past 5 months.

But if he's planning on driving to Utah, and runs those tires for 2-3 hours at a time without a chance to cool... And if I'm right about what caused the previous failure... I don't think the new tires will make the round trip to Utah.

Rob Dawg said...

The more I get these glimpses into the "family" and their "business" the more uneasy I become. Too many secrets, too many public records trails that don't make sense. It's a slur but the old concept of gypsies comes to mind. [in a heavy Slav accent] Can you beleaf these stoopid Amerikans? We just say we vill pay back and they beleaf us! No wondur cap-e-tell-ism lost the kold war! [accent off]

The Sacto DA better be watching the airport. This "Utah" trip could be a blind.

Stephanie J. said...

Russian women as a whole might be practical; but looking at Mz. G, she's shown herself to be far from practical in her spending and priorities during this difficult time. It gives me the notion that she's got very little grey matter and too much white in that little cranium of hers. She's probably super-fertile too... Skank.

I'm sure you gleaned from my months of sounding off around here, that I've got a bit of a mouth, and I am one of those people who embarrasses their friends and family by openly confronting strangers when I'm pissed about something.

I'm never arbitrary about when to use this 'super-power' though. I don't remember her exact words, but she shouted at me that just because I hate kids I don't have the right to tell her how to raise them or something. She was pissy for the rest of the flight too, and I only got peace when her little bastards fell asleep. It was a long flight.

Example of my well-placed annoyingness:
The other day we took grandma to Red Lobster as she requested. We came into the overpacked waiting area and I got pissed because Gran's like 80lbs of skin and bones, is 82 years old and frail; and here these young, healthy upstarts are littered all over the benches letting the teetering old lady with a cane stand. So I walked into the middle of the waiting area, and said in a really loud voice: "Is there anyone here with the common consideration to give up their seat for an 82 year old woman?"

Only a few people stood up. That's the sad part. But yeah... they don't call me a pain in the ass for nothing.

Stupidtoo said...

Stephanie J: was that you on the plane from Mempis?

A couple started screaming at me and cursing me out after we de-planed. My daughter was singing loudy on the plane. (Adults who cannot control thier behavior should not expect 3 year olds to do so.)

In my daughter's defense, she had been travelling for 14 hours. She also talks very loudly as she has an issue with her ears. (The pressure from the plane does not help) She was not even being unruly, just singing!

In my defense, it is very hard to travel with an hyperactive child. On our last flight, I considered diverting the cat's sedative to her. Of course, I quickly changed my mind.

I usually take new toys and break them out during the flight. Also, I saw these little angels sitting quietly watching a movie. Now we NEVER travel without a portable dvd player. It was the best invetion EVER for traveling parents.

Our next flight in April is from Seattle to Orlando. I have to take two trips to Orlando this summer for work and she is going also. We will stay the weekend and get a cheap vacation. I am debating whether to fly at night. Maybe she will sleep though it...

notme said...

I don't have any crazy Kids on A Plane stories but one time I got stuck on a return flight from California with a bunch of folks returning from an AKC show. Talk about noisy. The dogs were all down in the hold and I could still hear them barking the whole damned flight.

segfault said...


I totally believe Vdubs was in some sort of major crash and poorly repaired before Li'l Dandelion bought it. I can't find any pics in his album where poor bodywork is easily visible, but that sort of thing is easier to to see in person.

Wonder if he ever got the torn CV boots replaced? The November inspection (at 94,000 miles) indicated that one of the boots on both the left and right were torn, and the valve cover needed replacing... What a POS!

BadjerJim said...


Thanks for the feedback. Since he was getting a brother-inspired "discount" - I wonder if the folks at the tire shop spent any time to say: "Hey guy... you KNOW what caused this, right?"

I was going to go back and try to find the mileage on the car when he bought it, but you beat me to the punch. So about 5K miles in 4 months... if he and G are using the car, that's just 'bop around town' mileage. Not sustained-speed long-trip mileage. In fact, one round-trip to Modesto may have stressed those tires to the point of Imminent Demise.

Tires don't just 'let go' like that without a reason. Underinflation, and run at speed will do it. Suspension/frame damage, with the front components tweaked to make it drive straight will do it.

For Vdubs, it was probably a combination of both.

CV boots torn? I missed that. Usual cause is car was towed improperly. Or maybe repo'd, and hauled onto a flatbed in haste? That's usually what causes torn CV boots.

Valve cover leak? Who cares... as long as you keep the oil topped up. If he ever thought to check the oil.

[side note: an ex-wife of mine has destroyed 3 cars from not checking the oil. The most recent (postDivorce) was a 2002 Chev Trailblazer. Brand new, she drove it 22,000 miles without even the 500-mile service, and never cheked the oil. Kudos to Chevy for making an engine that would go that far before it consumed 4+ quarts of oil, with no service.]

Fact is: I wouldn't drive that thing to Utah and expect to make it there or back. Noway.

But then again... nobody knows HOW he's getting to Utah. Or why he's going there.

Yet. (Sorry for the long post)

Anonymous said...

My wife and I made a deal with our daughter: We'll buy all the A's.
Four years later she graduated from a private U. with a 3.86 GPA.
Did the same with her Masters.
Now she's a VP at Bank of New York.
(No, not mortgage lending!!)
Of course, it was not all smooth sailing.
After school, I told her she could live with us as long as she saved 1000 a month towards her own home.
Three years later she bought her condo in NJ.
(I did fire her from her dishwasher job at home once, just to let her understand that if you want to get paid, you must do quality work)

Two Tired said...

@ Ogg
I had no idea Sputnik was such a kitten prodigy. I'm hoping that Dolph produces the new Sputnik and Homey record (Hataz With Attitude).

Ogg the Caveman said...

Actually, if I was Casey, I wouldn't be too worried about the valve cover gaskets. Unless you have a Subaru, that sort of thing can be left alone provided that you check the oil regularly.

The CV joints are quite another matter. That can cause a wreck if it's not eventually dealt with.

Sara said...
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savloah said...

re: genX/genY...

Well, us "lazy Xers" came of age in the late 80s and 90s. I graduated from college into a recession. No one was hiring. What did I do? I got a job in retail until I could find one closer to what I wanted to do. I got my non-retail job and worked until I made myself invaluable and got a promotion to get paid for what I was actually doing. My parents helped me pay for college (and I'm thankful) but they were clear: four years of assistance, you *work* every semester and full time every summer, and at the end of four years you are On Your Own.

GenY grew up in an era of Magic Tech stocks, followed by the Great Housing Boom. They've watched their mostly-boomer parents cash out equity from their McMansion mushroom houses (we call them that because they spring up like mushrooms overnight on formerly empty fields). That monopoly-money equity paid for GenY's college, it paid for GenY's brand new SUV, it paid for GenY's designer clothes, cell phone wtih unlimited minutes, iPod, laptop, XBox....

GenY's parents spent it like it was monopoly money because it WAS just monopoly money -- it was paper gains. Of the Boomer parents of GenY kids that I know, most of them have owned their houses for 10-15 years and still owe 80-90% of the CURRENT assessed value. The rest of the housing boom "gain" has been pissed away on lifestyle improvements, mostly for their kids.

I actually think housing created kids like Casey just as much as it is taking Casey down.

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