Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Theme Song?


Writing code

Another loser working in a cubicle

9 to 5

A slave driver telling me "Get off the blue ball!"

A lousy job

I kneel before them

Misery beyond compare

Sweating sucks

A stupid code drone

What's he got against fresh air?

I want a new tract and some sweet cashback

Take me to the bank where the pretty girls aren't skank

I, I, I wanna be a fliptard (flip, flip, flip, flip)

I, I, I wanna flip your house

I, I, I wanna be a fliptard (fliptard, fliptard)

Hardly any straight clothes (fliptard)

Brown grass between my toes (fliptard)

Jamba Juice on my nose

Writing code

Another loser working in a cubicle

Is Galina getting fatter?

What does it matter?

Nobody cares at all

But next July, I'll say goodbye to every out-of-it, dull-witted fool

Convert their feet into meters, marking distance at the swimming pool

Agent blondes revealing tanlines

I'll make more moves than Allied Van Lines

I, I, I wanna be a fliptard (be a big man, now...get a great tan, now)

I, I, I wanna flip your house

I, I, I wanna be a fliptard (fliptard, fliptard)

Sitting on my chair (fliptard)

Screwing lenders, I don't care (fliptard)

Jamba juice on my nose

I, I, I wanna be a fliptard (flip,help,help,help)

I, I, I wanna flop your life

I, I, I wanna be a fliptard (fliptard, fliptard)

Lounging on the deck (fliptard)

Noose 'round my neck (fliptard)

White stuff in my nose

I, I, I wanna be a fliptard (fliptard, fliptard)


Dumbfounded said...

Flipping first!

Rob Dawg said...

Nine, count 'em, nine freakin' minutes. This place is just dead. Just wait 'til Tony sends a few of his boyz over to talk to you.

I was going to suggest Robert Hazard's "Escalator of Life (I'm Shopping In the Human Mall" but I couldn't find any words to change.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again today --

How much do you want to bet Casey will go to court and plead "poverty" to get out of paying for the ticket????

Someone should find out the court date and make sure the judge gets info from the blog on Casey's desire to have a "normal" life filled with treats from Jamba Juice, Starbucks, etc., so he can't get out of not paying the ticket.

This kid has a scam for everything.

Anonymous said...


Casey always talks about how he thinks mortgage fraud is like speeding on the freeway - everyone does it but no one gets caught....

Perhaps his luck is changing... caught speeding on the freeway in March. Arrested for mortgage fraud in April?

GameOver said...

You know why don't you Rob?

All the guys saw Stephanie J take her dirty Jeep and leave yesterday and they are too busy crying themselves to sleep...

bemused guy said...

Two astute observations

1) The beginning of this thread...a little extra time on your hands today Mr. Dawg?

2) Why Gaysey isn't really a gayboy.
Look at that ticket picture. No self-respecting homo (in or out of closet) would allow that pic to be taken without getting a manicure first. Casey - we know you read this. Ask Galina or your sister-in-law to give you one.

LOL said...

Is anyone planning to listen to the fraudcast tomorrow pm?

LOL said...

Is anyone planning to listen to the fraudcast tomorrow pm?

T said...

LOL said...
"Is anyone planning to listen to the fraudcast tomorrow pm?"

Not me.

R-Boy said...

I am. I dont know if I can record it, but I will, and I will take gratuitios notes

I hope its a spectacle

Eth Real said...

Ack! The wiki might be pulled and a ton of info has vanished.... even the true stuff. Given he is the source of much of the info, it should be easy enough to cite sources...

"This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy.
You may share your thoughts on the matter at this article's entry on the Articles for deletion page.
Please improve the article if possible, but the article must not be blanked, and this notice must not be removed, until the discussion is closed. For more information, particularly on merging or moving the article during the discussion, read the guide to deletion.


Steps to list an article for deletion: {{subst:afd}} • Preloaded debate OR {{subst:afd2|pg=Casey Serin|cat=|text=}} ~~~~ • {{subst:afd3|pg=Casey Serin}} log

The neutrality and factual accuracy of this article are disputed.
Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page.
This article may contain improper references to self-published sources.
Please help improve this article by removing unreliable sources. A self-published source may only be cited as a primary source in an article about the author or source itself and not as an authority."

Bohica said...

In two weeks the King will be dead, who's going to linger over the corpse?

Eth Real said...

What can Casey aspire to now if this career track is gone??? From CNN.com:

McDonald's bids to reclaim 'McJob'

POSTED: 9:20 a.m. EDT, March 20, 2007

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A job that is low in skill, status and opportunities? It must be a McJob, according to British dictionaries and popular slang.

However, McDonald's says it is fighting back.

It says the term McJob, which first came to attention in the Douglas Coupland's 1991 novel "Generation X," may deter people from seeking work at McDonald's.

The Financial Times obtained a letter in which McDonald's executive David Fairhurst wrote: "We believe that it (the term McJob) is out of date, out of touch with reality and most importantly it is insulting to those talented, committed, hard-working people who serve the public each day."

In the UK, half the executive team started on the shop floor, according to the newspaper.

The company has backed down from legal action against dictionary publishers that use the term McJob. But this year it plans a "high profile public petition" to get it changed, the FT reports.

TheREForum said...

I thought you all might like this piece on "Lowest Common Denominator Laws". I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty fed up with 100% of us being held to standards that apply to 10% of those who can't or won't function as adults.

ratlab said...

Tony and his freaking naps with Casey and/or Galina.

Rob Dawg said...


Here's what I left on your moderated blog:

Umm, no. That's not how it works at all. Those dutiful sub-prime borrowers negatively impact the rest of us in many direct ways. Regardless of the interest rates they pay their very prescence in the borrowing pool increases all risk and compete for the same resources. They take their share and use it to compete for the same pool of available housing. Their part in driving prices raises everyones' taxes. Oftentimes their financial positions necessitate things like doubling up familes straining resources from sewers to schools. My county recently hired 22 translators to facilitate access to free services for the 10,000 or so people thought to be living in garages and 4 to a room in the 90%er type houses you champion. The translation? Mitexca to Spanish. So before you say the subprime/liar loan/stated income loan enviroment is only a few bad apples you just write out a check for those 22 translators and while you are at the salaries for the team of doctors recently hired to combat drug resistant TB and Whooping Cough.

For the rest of you this blogger claims the baby will be thrown out with the bathwater as the small number of bad subprime loans will cause many deserving subprime borrowers to be denied.

Ogg the Caveman said...

All the guys saw Stephanie J take her dirty Jeep and leave yesterday and they are too busy crying themselves to sleep...

I can't speak for anyone else, most specifically The Original Kevin, but I've been too busy writing code at my 9 to 5 looser cubicle job to hover over EN for first-posting opportunities today.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh Rob, you are really an eternal pessimist. Does anything bring joy to you?

Tony Soprano said...

Wifey came home early today so I had a PowerNap:)

Now for a Power Gimlet!

Anonymous said...

IAFF seems down again or is it me

Anonymous said...

Yep - down again.

Could it be the dude at Zewg is actually hosting Casey knowing his traffic is basically irrelevant at this point and is simply screwing with him?

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Yep - down again.

Could it be the dude at Zewg is actually hosting Casey knowing his traffic is basically irrelevant at this point and is simply screwing with him?

Just a thought...

Bohica said...

Wed Mar 21 01:02:17 2007
Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) mod_auth_pgsql/2.0.2b1 PHP/4.3.10-18 mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.7e

I know very little about networks, but is there some reason that the time-stamp was 6 hours ahead of my clock?
Is the UK someplace special for servers?

-Anonymous- said...

"IAFF seems down again or is it me"


Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Bohica:

is the UK someplace special for servers?

Yes. GMT is used for this sort of thing to avoid having to convert between the server's time zone and the client's.

Rob Dawg said...

GMT is Grenwich Mean Time also called Zulu (zero)around which all clocks are set.

Casey is just screwing with his page and screwing it up. THe path is correct but the code there is wrong.

I'm not a pessimist. Heck I made about $20k fantasy dollars today in the CNBC challenge. Can't short so I must think there's some good out there. I see the fallout from irresponsible lending all the time. I also have some beautiful roses coming in. I don't bitch about the thorns or rip out the plants in December just because they aren't blooming. What I see now in the housing and housing part of the economy is so far out of the ordinary I know it cannot resolve without great pain. I only get nasty/negative when some cheerleader tries to sugarcoat like in the link above. The fact that comments are moderated tells just how much denial there is. Pessimist? I'm going shopping for lots of houses in 1-2 years. It'll be great.

LOL said...

IAFF is down, php script error, probably snowflake's mad IT skills at work again.

The newly sanitized wiki really pisses me off, they should have left the scam emails in at the very minimum.

I take heart knowing that no matter how many golden opportunites Snowflake gets he will fuck them all up. His new "bizness partners" will tire of his flakiness soon and toss him aside.

His 15 min is almost up and he knows it. He is trying deperately to sell his domain name for a windfall price before everyone stops trainwreck watching.

Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with Zewg, apparently a judge ordered the site to be shut down.

They are talking about it here:

Judge Orders Shut Down

Anonymous said...

I so HATE Nigel:

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

I really object to the term "haters".

I hear you Steve. Casey's detractors form several camps. One group is very vocal on other boards and they are truly haters in the classic sense of the word.

Another group are critics, also in the classic definition of the word.

As far as I can tell there are no haters in the hip-hop parlance of jealous rivals. There's nothing to be jealous about Casey for except for maybe he's been on TV and in the media. That's something which has little value unless you can monetize it which Casey has failed to do yet.

Unfortunately, "haters" has stuck. Why don't you come up with a more descriptive term? It could become a new term in the "Caseyspeak lexicon."


CLASSIC FUCKING SENSE? Hater is a HIP HOP created word, no question about it. It refers to jealousy of another person. When a rapper says no hatin' on me, he is telling his opponents to stop being jealous of his skillz.

F-you Nigel. You really are a smug SOB. THAT is my opinion and it's a shame you can't get off your arrogant high horse and DISCUSS points with people. Oh yes, those who dictate do not have a point of view worth defending.

Oh and DEBATE R-Boy! Are you afraid he'll make you look the "talks a good game" type a lot of us realists believe you to be?

Ogg the Caveman said...

IAFF is back up. The order linked to by anon@4:26 smells like BS to me. Among other things, there's no way that attempting to "access" a website could constitute obstruction of justice.

As usual IANAL, use only as directed, do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.

Anonymous said...

Ummm this was written on a web site, but I have a feeling it is a joke.


By order of Magistrate Judge Hyram McKenzie the website:
Iamfacingforeclosure.com is offline incident to the service of a search warrant executed today, Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 1203 hours PDT. Any attempt to obtain access to the website or any electronic data stored on the site's servers would amount to an obstruction of justice and will be prosecuted as a felony.

Please direct any questions to the undersigned.

H.M. Bartlett
Assistant United States Attorney
For the Eastern District of California
1000 Capitol Mall Drive
Suite 900
Sacramento, CA 97899

P - (916) 788-9000
F - (916) 788-9595


If it is true, then the days are numbered for our boy Casey. Certainly that would get his attention.

It is just to good to be true.

And the site is back up.

TOo damn lazy to make an account.

Tony Soprano said...

HOLY SHIT! Either Zweg just pwned Casey or Casey is toast.

Steph, come back!

Tony Soprano said...

I think I was the one that got pnwed. IAFF still up:(

Casey Fannnnn said...

The legal notice is bogus, a typical bit of hijinx from campidiot.com, whose users exist to troll the world and each other. The community's aim is to take no particular side of an issue, but to fuck everything up. In the past, when the board was known by a different name I forget, the board's users posted fake notices of Serin's arrest as he returned from a real estate seminar. Hilarity and confusion ensued. Mission accomplished!

Campidiot is a funny and entertaining place and I may or may not post there under a variety of names.

Tony Soprano said...

How does Who Failed Today tie in? And aren't they all the spawn of FC. Anytime I need a laugh, I just stop by FC

Anonymous said...

1. The phone number given for the magistrate googles to Centex Homes.

2. They state the magistrate's surname as Bartlett in one place and MacKenzie in another.


Rob Dawg said...

Classic troll. Takes about 4 seconds to snapshot his space, they wouldn't even bother with a warrant. I know I don't. >:D

When Casey does the perp walk all the TV stations will be tipped off. Like I said oh so long ago: A Thursday afternoon but early enough to make the news. Paperwork on Friday and cupcake gets to spend the weekend in the county tank with Bubba.

Anonymous said...

You know what happened, casey fucked up a script, got on the phone and cried to zewg to have them fix it.


Anonymous said...

Who Failed Today aka FFC was where the majority of the FC trolls migrated.

After the guy who started FFC sold the site to some foreign guy everyone migrated to camp idiot aka heekee.com .

The CI forum has been around for years but has become the largest underground free speech bbs once FC hit the dust.

Stephanie J. said...

::pokes her head into the room to make sure the boys aren't getting too rambunctious::

Hey there.. Can't stay away too much. Miss all you crazy bastards. I feel better now. Too bad that judgement thing wasn't real. ::::ssssiiiggghh::::


king friday the 13th said...

Very talented bob dawg. I would love to hear the Casey version of "Ridin' Dirty".

Rob Dawg said...

I was thinking "House Flippers" to the tune of Randy Newman's "Short People." Come to think of it "Short People" goes just fine as is for short sellers.

"Short sellers,
Short sellers got no rerason to live...."

BadjerJim said...

Welcome back Steph J!

Methinks we're all hooked on this slow-motion train wreck.

Likewise, methinks that interest here is whether or not justice is done. It will likely be some period of months before we find out.

R-Boy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Stephanie J: If you created a blog, I would read it regularly. There's a few other posters that would make good bloggers.

Schnapps said...

6:24pm PDT. And I don't see a "listen" icon on the talkshoe thing.

Of course, this could be breathtaking stupidity on my part, but it doesn't show on the "Live Now" listings either.

Of course, I'm sure Casey INTENDED to do the show.


Tony Soprano said...

I thought it was for tomorrow??

By the way, what ever happened to Dolph?

Schnapps said...

Is it only Tuesday?

Like I said, it could be breathtaking stupidity on my part. :)

And I'm sure Casey still intends to do the cast :>


Lonesome Looser said...

Rob Dawg-
What's up with the Blotto reference? Please tell me you were Cheese Blotto or Lee Harvey Blotto back in the day. The only reason I know the name is I found one of their records at a thrift store.

Lou Minatti said...

The two speeding ticket photos have been removed.

Sprezzatura said...

I wouldn't believe ANYTHING on heekee's board unless there was some iron-clad backup material.

Especially if it's a report of Bruce Springsteen's demise.

Lost Cause said...

you guys spell h8tr wrong.

Is Casey in the midst of a supply denial blog revitalization operation?

Anonymous said...

Tony S,

Dolph is still around. I believe I saw one of his posts a few days ago.

C-Corp Man said...

Rob, you are my hero:

Rob Dawg said...

Why is it that you think removing 8 houses from both the owner/occupier and rental pool didn't contribute to denying people adequate housing?

THANK YOU for articulating something I won't waste time doing on Nigel's craptastic attempt to steal hits from EN.

C-Corp Man said...

BTW - John if you post here, you rock. Your probing and well articulated responses to Nigel are classic.

Kudos to you sir.

Lost Cause said...

The problem with the Casey case, he has not managed to keep enough of his ill gotten gains to pay for his own attorney. If he had, they would bust him in a minute. All those attoneys drink in the same bars. He is a deadbeat in every sense. This is what "not worth prosecuting" means. No attorney to get rich off of him.

John said...

oh thanks C-Corp Man. nigel erases a lot of shit so i am reluctant to try hard to spell it out for him. but i also know the words reach him, and hopefully echo around in his head a while.

i've been wondering about nigel since casey's latest sabbatical. he's trying like hell to win some spin. he's craving for just a little Serin star power to splatter off onto his face, and touching tarbaby casey has given him some taste of the traffic and attention he craves. but he's very green about internet and also remarkably ignorant of the economics of his industry. i'd like to understand his motive a bit better, but a part of me thinks he's got a little of casey in him. lemme explain: recent posts strongly suggest that he wants to talk about economics, so it can MAKE TROG STRONG. but he doesn't do the *work* of learning economics. so for example when i can bust my nuts studying this guy:


nigel just wants to spin off a few factoids and hope nobody's actually listening. i know my ignorance, he knows that ideas sorta go together into thingies the professor called arguments. about economics, real estate, and fraud... three areas he's claiming to understand well enough to speak smugly. PUNY HUMANS! DON'T U KNOW IT'S KALLED A ZERO-SUM GAME??? TROG KNOW!

it's not like the Accrued Interest blog goes away. i follow fifty or so economics blogs. i've dropped only a few, when they seem fishy. that's when i speculate about motives. because here i've got a solid core of mind-bending debate. and i pour them over my tired eyes, trying like hell to make order of the chaos. it makes me know i'm mostly ignorant. instead, he aspires like hell to seem smart. which brings me to the point: casey seeks wealth without work. so does nigel. nigel's wealth is 'looking cool' on the 'internet blog'. but he won't even work to look cool, except to a complete economics retard. he doesn't realize the 'haterz' include cogent and critical thinkers, with a lifetime of practice telling shit from shinola.

king friday the 13th said...

Serin star power to splatter off onto his face

ummm, I've heard it called many things before, but "star power" is a new one.


Lost Cause said...

I've got Nigel pegged as, besides the obvious, a man with a closet just like Casey's: his own large collection of get-rich realty porn, for which he also paid with obscene amounts from his future children's higher education.

R-Boy said...

There are alot of folks who *think* they know how the economy works and think that correlation = causation.

Sadly, alot of those folks get heard on the nightly news.

TK said...

Great work from everyone over in "I Love Casey" world. Nigel uses our "hate" as a means for him to not have to answer to his critics. When people start making sense, the man simply shuts down.

I noticed after John's last post that Nigel became strangely silent. I also noticed that he never answered R-Boy's comment either. These are things he ordinarily just deletes on his own site.

But he's very defensive in a way he's never had to be before. This was his strategy to get himself to the next level, I think. He really believed he could go head to head with the critics. But he can't - and now it's too late to close the door he opened. He laid out the rules and it probably freaks him out that people can still verbally tear him (and Casey) apart without name calling. Did he really believe we would all just go over there and make asses of ourselves? He started this second site and it surely generates more traffic than SLC. That has to infuriate him. Probably more infuriating is the fact that try as he might - he will never figure out how to parlay it into traffic for his own craptastic blog. It's all negative traffic, and that is a very bad thing for Nigel. Worse than no traffic at all. Google search promotes a decent picture of Nigel right now, but soon "Nigel Swaby" typed into google will show a snide, smug, not-very-intelligent-after-all traffic whore.

John - you're my hero. Those were some deep and very surgical cuts. I think his head must still be spinning. I also think you have a very good read on Casey.

"Casey doesn't seem to care if he has allies, but I think it's fascinating when they emerge. He does seem to bring down everyone he touches."

Right. Whether Casey brings him down directly (i.e. NLL or Duane) or because Nigel makes himself look like the world's biggest fool for taking the wrong side in this saga remains to be seen. The end result is the same. He made a very poor decision.

TK said...

PS- traffic ticket incident deleted from FLICKR. He really botched things up with that one. And he doesn't read EN...Right...

Cotton Swaby said...

Just read the comments over at Nigel's new baby and kudos to John and others. John carved him up like an Olympic snowboarder.

What was the link that Nigel removed?

Casey Fannnnn said...

I did web searches for "Casey Serin" just now while I drank coffee and watched the news. I used a variety of search engines. All the Casey-offending info that Wikipedia has removed has been cut and pasted elsewhere, with even more damning, footnoted stuff added, in hundreds of different places. It's going to be difficult to remove every last speck of it from the web, and only a few prominent sources of truth need remain to permanently hobble Casey's future attempts to partner with anyone who is web-savvy enough to type his name into a search engine and scan the first three or four pages of results.

It appears as if a few "h8turz"™®Ж have used some spare time to seed the web extensively. Several sites, to which I won't link right away, actually have this entry:

Serin is regularly criticized on both his blog and other blogs specifically devoted to his story. A number of specific criticisms that have been leveled at Serin include

>>the list formerly on Wikipedia, which I'll remove because you've seen it<<...and the following new entries:
* General disdain for Serin looking like a girl and habitually carrying a purse.
* Serin's clumsy attempts to conceal his homosexual relationship with an "award-winning Utah real estate blogger".

I know many EN readers afflicted with teh ghey have pled for restraint when tarring their predilection by associating it with Casey, but I merely convey the fact of this information's robustly redundant presence on the web.

T said...

Oooh, shit! I missed John laying the smackdown on Nigel last night cause I had class. Gonna tip-toe over there and have a peek.

Stephanie J. said...

John is my new hero.

T said...

Nigel definitely got served.

CASEY'S WIFE said...

you know this relationship with nigel is getting really fishy!

i dont know why casey hangs out with him so much?

CASEY'S WIFE said...

wow, that was the 69th comment!

i havent had any 69,

casey always says lets do 68 and i'll owe you one.