Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Aftermath

Okay, I need to get out of California for a week. I'll be remote but itsallgood. Right now the big "T" has the floor and our admiration.


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PR said...


Aspeth said...

damn, damn, close.

caseyserin2 said...

oops fixed it,

no MOD,

Anon allowed

go for it

Benoit™ said...

Hey Rob, no joke here, I will donate $200 to your tip jar if you can somehow arrange a one-hour interview between Casey Serin and Homey DA Clown. Seriously. I think it'd be well worth the money, especially when Homey gives his credentials...

You can then give the $200 to Homey himself, or do whatever with it. All of this is probably wishful thinking, but can't hurt to ask :-)

Anonymous said...

I will put in $300 for that

StephanieS said...

I got the impression that this "interview" will happen whether we give money or not.

Schnapps said...

OMG. I just turned on A&E and its some house-flipping show where they're making their own wheatgrass shots.


Anonymous said...

That is funny Steph!

Akubi said...

Damn, I’m apparently very late to theT vs. KC party (offline most of the day) and now battling Vista issues on my laptop. Plus Talkshoe won’t let me back in. Is there an mp3 available?

bohica said...

Is Lidiya casey's sister-in-law?

Anonymous said...

Playback here:

Casey's Talkshoe thinger

"Honest Talk with T"

T said...

Aspeth said...

damn, damn, close.


Meth Murse said...

Ask Casey about meth.

Legion said...

Actually, there is something that I would pay Casey to do, and that is to get a vasectomy...fat chance though..once Casey finds out that there is a market for babies in the black market..

Legion said...

Oh and if Homey nails Casey to the wall I would gladly pay for him and his significant other to have a ncie weekend in vegas. Seriously I would.

Schnapps said...


Check out blunder boy's latest post.

I thank god I am on my second beer.

Anonymous said...

“Nacho” offered to pay $250 for one hour conversation with me about foreclosure, debt, job, finances, etc. She gave me a $50 deposit last night and we had our talk today at about 3 via TalkShoe.

Nacho tried to “talk some sense into me”. It was a good conversation, though it turned into more of a debate. She says she means well but I felt judged and criticized. She was getting frustrated with me and my views.

If she is really sincere (I wonder sometimes) then I do appreciate her efforts. I can learn from all this criticism because there is some truth to it all. And on top of that she paid me the balance of $200 immediately after the call.

Nacho, thank you for your payment and for taking the time to “talk some sense into me”. These types of talk help me evaluate myself and examine my views and strategy. I may or may not change my direction but at least I will consider it. It’s all good!

What a waste of money, and he ain't gonna change shit. Why should he? He just made 250 dollars for doing one hours work of what he does best, listen to his own bullshit and scam people for money. How many readers here make 250 dollars in one hour? I suggest you try to get some of that money back for not answering all the questions to your satisfaction..and screw this "paying him is the right thing to do, and if we don't pay him we are just like him crap" thats what all the con artists are hoping you think, they prey on YOUR sense of right and wrong and manipulate you completely. I say screw him....get the money back.

Benoit™ said...

Commented to the latest post on IAFF, may not show up but tried to talk some sense into Casey's mile-thick skull:

Casey... I listened to the talk in real-time. Do you understand that it's very difficult for many people to believe you when you claim repeatedly that "good things are right around the corner" but won't answer when pressed as to what these "good things" are?? You come off as very shady by saying stuff like that. Would you believe me if I said I was about to make $10K/month but I couldn't tell you how?

It was rather annoying to hear you use the excuse of using loose language constantly. You claim to be vegan, yet you eat meat -- "Well, I was using that term loosely". You're supposedly a tithing Christian, but you don't attend a church regularly -- "Well, I meant it loosely". You admit many of the haters don't actually hate you; they're just frustrated with your actions -- "Well, I was using that term loosely". Sheesh.

You freely admitted that you shouldn't have quit your full-time job, you freely admit your need for a stable full-time job right now, and then you refuse to search any of the online job sites. How do you think that makes you look??

Lastly, you said you were saving money by living with your sister-in-law, instead of renting a house for $2000/month. OK, that's good. But if you're supposedly saving money, why does your checking account have only $40 in it? Either you're lying about putting away money (hence your need to beg for cash), or you're lying about where you're putting the money away. Either way, I hope you understand that you come off as very suspicious. That's all.

Akubi said...

Still listening to the podcast and it seems to me T cares a lot more about Casey than his “business” partners, etc. and he doesn’t seem to see it at all. He is so deluded.

Mac & Cheese Top Ramen Eater (with organic sprouts, etc.)

LOL said...

Ok I just listened to the webcast, as I suspected last night Casey is a con artist pure and simple. Nothing anyone says to him will make any difference one way or the other.

Here's to hoping Homey is right and the feds are coming to get him soon.

Jennifer Government said...

T is far more sympathetic than I am at this point, but I really respect her and this conversation shows how deluded/robotic KC is.

He's just like all of the other f-heads who don't pay their taxes.

Jennifer Government said...

KC and G are Meth heads.

T said...

I say screw him....get the money back.

It was never my money. Stanley put up the cash for the entertainment value.

Jen Gov said...

IS really, really pissed listening to this shit.

Jen Govt said...

KC's morals and ethics are highly lacking.
Nigel is not his friend or a good influence.

LOL said...

He sounds incredulous that anyone would actually pay their debts, pretty much says it all.

Benoit™ said...

"KC and G are Meth heads."

No way... their sleeping patterns don't match up with real speed freaks, who can stay up for days on end and then crash in bed for 48 hours straight. These two clowns, on the other hand, need a full 8 hours of beauty sleep followed by two 60-minute naps at regular intervals, just to get through each day.

Real meth addicts couldn't care less about juicing and eating organically-raised meat, either. The only thing Casey's tripping on is Guru Kool-Aid™. Sadly, an actual drug habit would be a step up... :-p

Endgame Observer said...

Posted at IAFF. I'm disgusted with my alter ego, It's All Good, for having got sucked into the maelstrom last night.

I suspect that since you got your money and met CC's artificial deadline, you're back in Casey-mode.

You appeared to be in reality mode for much of last night, and that was sweet to see.

You got the suckers to bail you out - you are good!

And I consider myself a sucker since I offered $70. Fortunately, you wouldn't (1) come clean on Utah, (2) change the ASW words, (3) tell us the highest stated-income. I would have paid. And probably be kicking myself today ...

One thing I know you accomplished is to have a new note in your CC file reading something like "squeeze hard, threaten legal, and he'll find the money". You've shown them you can be intimidated. You'll be hearing from them again I'm sure.

You've also learned that there are decent human beings who, when you pull the right strings, you can get money from (probably not the same ones, certainly not me, but there's always others). Until next time...

TK said...

He was on the offensive since the moment he started. He controlled this conversation. I don't know, he seemed mentally prepared for this somehow. I did not know he had it in him. He's on the upcycle.

One of his techniques here is quite simple and used to be used on me too by my worst managers. It's called 'make you feel stupid by taking a tone' and 'question your knowledge and your confidence in what you're arguing against'. Also, leaving ugly uncomfortable silences is effective as well in undermining your confidence. She could have used them if she weren't the one trying to control the conversation. Unfortunately in the other situation, the roles were reversed - he was trying to fill an hour with his content.

Asking you if you really know what you're talking about, EVEN IF YOU KNOW IT'S UTTER BULLSHIT is another way of undermining your confidence or making you look uninformed. See like when T talks about his WASTED money on these bullshit RE "Universities" he just needs to ask her if she has personal experience to shoot it down. We know it's BS, she knows it's BS, HE knows it's BS, but he's holding the cards here. He's scummy alright.

T - much respect to you. I'd probably not have done much better here.

He's asking her "where is that? What is it called? Who was that?" Like do you know what the fuck you're talking about? What a jerkoff. I agree, he is a criminal - an almost too-well-studied con-man. And anyone who can't see through this "I have all the answers" bullshit is a complete moron. He's not Naive. But we already knew that.

Jen Gov said...

Aaah, Benoit – perhaps you have not had the opportunity to deal with formerly high ranking white Russians and their behavior here. It starts out manic and continues to the point of the equal and opposite reaction. Particularly when they smoke it regularly. They go to sleep for a very long time.

Jen Govt said...

Sac and Modesto are highly problematic areas meth-wise.

T said...

In my professional opinion, Casey is not a drug user.

Spanky Sapperstein said...

If you really want to have a conversation call Galina at (916) 595-9632. Casey left the phone number on the money gram receipt.

LOL said...

RE and and any get rich quick schemes are Casey's drug of choice.

Benoit™ said...

Spanky: "If you really want to have a conversation call Galina at (916) 595-9632."

That's not Galina, it's just Casey's cell phone. It's posted for everyone to see on his website. He's never made any attempt to hide it.

Jen Gov said...

Vista ate my response, but if he isn't smoking crack or crank wtf is wrong with him?!

TK said...


Agree, Casey doesn't use drugs. But he probably should. He sounds like a really screwy person. His drugs of choice are things I don't relate to- God, Money and being an almost sick obsession with what he puts in his body.

There's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, but I'd love for Casey to know that the single healthiest person my wife ever knew, dropped dead from an unusually aggressive form of cancer. And that shit can happen to anyone, no matter how much wheatgrass they consume.

T said...

Jen Gov said...
if he isn't smoking crack or crank wtf is wrong with him?!

He got a taste of fast easy money.

Anonymous said...

Just like a gambling addict who hit early and has been losing ever since.

T said...

He just keeps rambling and won't listen. I also thinks that's his problem. He did a lot of talking and not enough listening.

I began talking quickly because the clock was ticking and I didn't know when he'd end the call. He kept speaking over me, so yeah, in that respect he totally dominated.

PMSPMS™©® said...

Does anyone know if KC's cell phone can receive text messages? (Carrier dependent?). I can see a bit of fun here! For 20c a text message you could get straight to the man-child.

(Yeah - I'm slowly climbing back on the haterz™ wagon).

JG said...

If Casey is drug-free, he would be an anomaly in the Sac area. Proof anyone?
Also, I have nothing against drugs in general unless they eat one’s soul - like BS investor seminars.

Anonymous said...

"T" was destroyed by Casey...come on guys admit it.

Lost Cause said...

Nice try T, but combative Casey is stuck in his land of delusion.

Akubi said...

Nigel-ish Anon 9:16 I have three words for you:


TK said...


I'm getting towards the end of the call and he is fucking exhausting. It's called TALKING LOUD and SAYING NOTHING.


Did he win? Absolutely not. His real loss is coming...

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Stanley. I think Casey's objective was to waste time and get the money.

TK said...

It's over. I have a headache. T - I feel for ya. He's functioning on a bizarro plane where I'm just not...You held on as long as you could, but having bullshit slathered on you for over an hour gets old. Leave that to the folks at Cashcall.

daniella said...

Casey refuted all of her points, she stumbled . Sad but true.

Casey_hater said...

He is at his breaking point, He stood up for himself, he did dominate her. I am not happy about it, butlets call it as it is. Casey had the upper hand.

Miss Cleo said...

T did ok. All of the anon assholes are the same person.

Jesus H. Chrysler said...

Rob Dawg,
If you don't hurry up and roll your forums out, the Casey thing is going to be over. The END IS NIGH!

T said...
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Ogg the Caveman said...

I haven't watched the call, so I can't opine on that. As for Casey being on meth, no chance. As has been pointed out, his sleep patterns don't fit. His health is also too good for him to be a longtime user, and there haven't been any behavior changes to indicate that he recenntly picked up the habit.

Probably the only drug that makes sense for Casey is marijuana (naps, "It's all good", etc.) but somehow I doubt that. He doesn't seem the type.

T said...

Miss Cleo said...

All of the anon assholes are the same person.

Yes, I'm sure they are. And my best guess is they're all Nigel.

Lost Cause said...

I tell you what -- that call convinced me. At least it is better to be a sucker than to suck -- Casey sucks. I hope that it was 100 degrees at the miserable WalMart Western Union window. I had a lovely day walking at the beach with the ones that I love. I saw every kind of geek, all more honest than Casey. Thank God that I know when I have been taken.

He really hates his audience, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

T and others-

Just finished the call. Good work. I wouldn't have let him ask me so many questions - after all, wasn't the money for an interview... of HIM? - but I think you are a nicer person than I.

Casey's wife had to quit school because his "business" failed. Casey and his wife live with her sister because of his failed business... what ELSE needs to happen to him? That is what I was thinking during the discussion about 'W2 Jobs' in the first third of the call.

"People assume - they don't know what's going on" "People read the wrong thing into what I say" Casey, you are writing a blog and trying to share your story. If you honestly feel these first two statements are true, that is a shortcoming of your communication skills that you should remedy. On the other hand, maybe people's observations have a lot of merit, and these responses from you are just defense reflexes.

blah blah blah...

T said...

Before having the conversation he agreed not to drone on and on because he did that in our first Talkshoe conversation but not to the degree he did today.

He had the upper hand. He was gonna get paid at the end of the conversation and maybe I shouldn't have paid him because he was supposed to answer question to MY satisfaction. Those were Stanley's rule, not mine.

But as the conversation kept going on, I knew he was just gonna spit out the scaminar rhetoric. I was annoyed that he was giving these useless contrived answers to questions we'd all heard before. That's when I thought I'd allow him to ask questions because I figured that if he got where I was coming from, he might allow a free flowing exchange between the two of us rather than simply trying to dominate the conversation.

It was lame. We got the same answers. He thinks he just made business errors. He doesn't understand that there are critical errors in his life goals. This kid wants to work as little as possible. He doesn't want to get a job and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Nothing anyone says to him will ever change that.

I truly believe he needs to go to be prosecuted. It is only until a court of law tells him that he's done something terribly wrong will he MAYBE begin to process it.

Until then, he thinks he's right and we're wrong. He is bitter because he felt belittled by me in the last conversation and wasn't about to let it happen again.

Truth is, the state of his life right now is in a shambles. I don't believe for a minute that he has anything great lined up. Perhaps a few pie in the sky promises from people who are dreamers like he is, but nothing concrete. The kid's burning cd's for cash right now. What does that tell you?

My hope is that if he's suicidal or extremely depressed that he will call me or needs some straight forward advice (where he'll stfu and LISTEN) then he'll call me.

In fact, he called me earlier (we spoke for quite some time) to tell me he posted the convo on IAFF. And he understands where I'm coming from to a degree but he was still defending Kiyosaki and talking about buying/running a business and receiving passive income from doing so.

That's his goal. To have his days free to do whatever he'd like, not have to answer to anyone and to make easy money. He's like the drug addict that won't stop using no matter how much it’s destroying their life. And that's why I just couldn't finish the conversation. Because it's futile. He needs a catalyst for change and he's just not there yet.

Hopefully after our conversation tonight, he will call me if he's in a jam. And when he is, I will do my best to give him practical advice and not blow smoke up his ass. I was not interviewing for an audience. I was interviewing to get to Casey....deep down....and I think the fact that he called me tonight to talk speaks volumes.

He and G were discussing trying a few new things in their life and sharing those things on his blog. Little things (which are big things to Casey) like not eating out for a month, etc., and posting about it on IAFF. I think he should do those things because they're practical. I'm not really sure what his motive is and I don't really care. I just hope that he does it because he needs to learn how to enjoy life without those things. All I know is that the conversation was much different without the mic on and for that reason; I think it was worth the $250.

And yes, the interview was supposed to be of Casey. But in the middle of it I had to ask myself what was the purpose? Maybe I could get him to fucking LISTEN and even if none of it sunk in today.... perhaps it would in the future. Cause someday soon he might be laying in a jailhouse bunk wondering what the hell he was gonna do now. And at that time I hope he'll remember some of this. I also told him that if enough people tell you something, perhaps there's some truth to it. I don't think he bought it but it's good advice to follow.

It's more important to me that Casey changes. I'm not so sure he's capable of that but I truly hope he proves me wrong.

Legion said...

Easy to say in hindsite, but you gotta remember, Casey needed the money, not you. Everytime he gave me the ol "you don't know everything going are wrong"
I would have answered "Ok I'm deducting 5 dollars for that buillshit answer, try again? And everytime you ask ME a personal question, that's another 5 dollars off, we are interviewing you, not the other way around."

tlm said...

So sad that Casey is so delusional. T, thanks for being honest and gracious with Casey. Too bad he has his ears shut to wise counsel, unless it's from an RE "guru".

I was actually a bit sympathetic toward Casey until hearing this. You gave him so much good counsel, and then he calls you angry and frustrated? I don't believe it. The guy has real issues.

Legion said...

By the way T, after reading your last post, you are getting WAY to involved with the guy. This guy should not be calling you, and you should not be answering him. I think it's time for you to back off, you have lost your objectivity. He is conning you..again. You are not here to save him.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the whole thing. Somehow I felt that T was off her game to a degree. Certainly not as good as during the first call.

I tend to think most of the guru crap is worthless, but T started down that path and he had a valid point. You are here criticizing me and you've never invested, you've never bought property, and you've never gone to any of the seminars. That is I think T is right in the end, but didn't come off as a good candidate to debate with him.

To her question about how he is different from the guy who has lost $300K and has a blog, it is clear there is one overwhelming difference. The $300K guy has given up, admitted that daytrading was the cause of his losses, is no longer trading and seeks to repay his debt through other means.

Casey has not given up in the slightest, he believes he will be successful if he keeps doing what got him where he is now. He will not change until he hits a personal rock bottom, maybe not even then, and he isn't there.

He really has bought into the guru speak, the books and tapes, and all this mystical stuff like The Secret where you create your own reality through thought. And that makes him totally different from the $300K guy.

WINEX said...

T, I just finished listening to the call. Interestingly enough, something you told Casey applies to you in this situation.

You were talking about being realistic and you mentioned that "you wanted to look like Angela Jolie". If you take that same perspective with the subject at hand, it could change your perspective.

You wanted to make Casey realize the value of responsibility. While that doesn't seem like you are asking too much, you have to realize who you are working with.

The problem isn't with your intentions.

Your heart is in the right place, and so is your head.

The problem is with who you were working with.

Though quite a few of the "haters" were hoping that the fear in his voice that we heard on the Cashcall recording were indicative of him hitting bottom, it's clear to me now that Casey isn't close to bottoming out yet.

Maybe one day he will realize the value of the message you tried to give him tonight, but it looks like he is going to commit a lot more felonies before that happens.

Also, for the record, while you may not look like Angela Jolie, you do look pretty damn good.

Legion said...

By the way T, and you know I respect you and everything, and I know you are just a really good person..but you think that maybe you are starting to come off a little like Nigel here? You know, basking in the insider info with Casey, connections etc...he is not such a bad guy etc... Just a thought, I'll probably get slammed for this but hey...just watch yourself kay:-) Con artists are masters of manipulation. Pretty much he has made you his mouthpiece and you don't even realize it...

T said...

Legion said...

Easy to say in hindsite, but you gotta remember, Casey needed the money, not you. Everytime he gave me the ol "you don't know everything going are wrong"
I would have answered "Ok I'm deducting 5 dollars for that buillshit answer, try again? And everytime you ask ME a personal question, that's another 5 dollars off, we are interviewing you, not the other way around."

Yup, I could have done that. He knew I had the money. I knew I had the money. I knew he wanted the money. But if I did that he'd have been much more guarded. So by letting him take control, more of his true nature was revealed. Casey TRULY BELIEVES his own bullshit. So if he needs straight advice, I'll give it to him. But I'll never speak to him in a forum like that again because he'll never get real in that situation. His ego won't allow him to be vulnerable and honest in front of his "haters". He thinks they'll mock him for it and they probably would.

This conversation was extremely telling. He will take someone like Nigel's advice over someone like you or me any day of the week. He's not ready for the truth and thinks he "won" this interview. What the hell has he won?? $250 measly dollars? Seriously? Oh, no.... Casey hasn't won. Not by a long shot. His life is still a mess. It's gonna take a lot more than a few straight talking conversations to slow this train.

T said...

Nope, Legion. I'm not basking in insider information. I'm telling you the parts he told me. I'm not holding information back. What I know I have reported. And I won't be chillin with Casey on the phone on a daily basis or whatever. But I did tell him that I will never not take his call if he's ready to hear the truth. Trust me, Casey isn't ready to hear what I have to say until he's desperate. REALLY desperate. We're not new best friends, for fucks sake.

Annie said...


This is Annie here.

I just read your 10:06 post and feel exactly as you do. The kid's life is in shambles.

The following is what I just posted at IAFF.


Hi Casey -

It's me Annie - the real Annie.

You can confirm this by seeing my e-mail address which you know is my private e-mail.

I just got home from spending the day with my mother. She's 80 years old and has Parkinson's. Anyway, I didn't check my e-mail so I didn't see the message you left for me this morning at 4:30 a.m.

(For those of you who question Casey's bedtime, look at the time stamp of his blog - he hasn't changed to daylight saving time - he's still on standard time.)

Anyway - when I got up this morning I checked your website to see what happened after I went to bed. And then I sent you three e-mails - these e-mails are #450, 461 and 467.

Other than the e-mail you sent after 11:00 a.m. saying that I "better" pay, you have not answered any questions.

I'm not going to repeat the questions here.

I do not think you are going to answer any of the questions from #461, so it leaves me to what I wrote in in #467. Have you read that?

What are your thoughts?

I'm really faced with tough ethical questions.
I'm also faced with some hard moral questions.

It is true, I had a glass of wine last night , and was "thinking under the influence." I did have every intention to pay you - but can I afford to pay you? How will I know you will make wise decisions with money that I work very hard to earn? How do I know it will be used properly and not wasted at Starbucks, Jamba Juice?

I'm going to listen to your call with T now.

Please read post #467 and reply here.

This is important. Some people say I shouldn't pay you - that you didn't answer all of my questons. (I outlined those in post #461.)

Other people say I should only pay you a portion. If that were the case, do I pay you for 75% success rate for your answers? 50% success rate?

Other people have told me to buy a new windshield for my car. (Geez - I had no idea having a broken windshield was so unsafe or a ticketed offense....)

I don't know what to do.

I've thought hard about this today while I was doing some chores for my mom.

Do I send Casey a money order? If so, for the full amount or a percentage? Or, do I not send the money because the objective of the evening (having people donate $$ to you for answering questions) had the result you were hoping for. I have seen comments where some people think you should be thanking me because I got the ball rolling.

Or, do I not pay you because I really need a new windshield? Can you forgive me of my debt? Can you understand I was well intentioned but really don't have the ability to part with $250 unless I know that money I've worked so hard for is put to good use.

Nothing would make me more unhappy than to learn that you took my hard earned money and went on a shopping spree..... or had a "date" night with your wife.... or bought yourself a new techie toy.....

I'm going to listen to your broadcast with T now.

I look forward to your answers.


I would really love to talk with you.

T said...

it looks like he is going to commit a lot more felonies before that happens.

According to Casey, they're not REALLY felonies unless you know they're felonies before you commit them, right? LOL:

T said...

No, Annie. Don't send him the money. He didn't answer either your or my questions to anyone's satisfaction.

If you wanna talk to me you can email me @ and I'll give you my cell phone number.

Legion said...

I think we both know Casey will never be ready to hear the truth. If he hasn't by now he never will. How will you know he is ready? Because he is crying on the other end of the phone? Listen to his conversation with cashcall, he is so polite and thanks them for taking the time blah blah blah...the guy is a good con artist, and I suspect that that is really how he was able to get so many loans so fast..he knows how to talk a good game. You say you are not new best friends and yet you are willing to take a call from this cretin? Didn't you already offer to help him before about the Utah deal? did he ask for help then? He just decided to talk when there was money to be made.

Casey Blows Goats said...

After hearing T vs Casey I am of the opinion that Casey is an ignorant piece of shit that will never change his idea of how the real world works and will continue his downward spiral just like a turd down a toilet.

Legion said...

Buy a new windshield, you don't owe this guy anything. Yes his life is in a shambles, but who made it that way? Has he really done anything to get out of his situation? Think of how much he worked on preventing foreclosures, think of all the lenders he has put on ignore mode. think of the fact that while you need a new windshiled, he has a laptop, pda, two cell phones, cable and is eating out more than you probably do.

Benoit™ said...

What the hell has he won?? $250 measly dollars?

Well, he just needs to find 10,000 other haters to interview him for an hour at the same price. Total revenue would come to $2.5 million. Sweet!! Since he's made The Economist, I'm sure Casey has at least 10,000 people who would love to rip him a new one ;-)

T said...

He called me, Legion. I did not call him. He could have hung up immediately after telling me he'd posted the convo but he didn't. And call it the mom in me or whatever but he wanted to tell me about his plan to not eat out for the month of April and to blog about it and so I listened and gave constructive advice. Do I think he's changed? No, not at all.

Legion said...

Lastly Annie
Think of the fact that he and his wife blew thru 150K they made on cash back loans that they will never repay, lived it up for a year, went to hawaii, went to Colorado on vacation, then put another 150K on their credit cards during that same time period..and here you are struggling to buy a new windshield for 250 dollars so it doesn't crack and explode in your face while on the interstate. you don't owe him jack shit.

T said...

How will you know he is ready? Because he is crying on the other end of the phone?

Because he's exhibit a bit of humility. And he was in no way humble during today's interview.

Legion said...

Okay T peace:-) I know you are an intelligent woman (and by the way, very beautiful as well), and whoever said that you sounded like a guy has apparently never heard of a sultry throaty female voice..but anyways, I deal with con artists all the time, and it's very easy to feel sympathy and hope that we can help them if only they really wanted it at first, but I have yet to find one that really wants help, they will tell you whatever you want to hear if they think it will get them closer to what they really want.

Legion said...

He is planning not to eat out for the month of April? As in he has been eating out for the last few months? You didn't tear him a new asshole for that?

Big cheese said...

I just listened to the cashcall interview. What is up with their hold music? It's like a murder mystery / thriller soundtrack. No normal cheezy muzak there.

Is that to increase the intimidation factor for the loanee?

-Big Cheese

Aspeth said...

@Legion....While you're counting the trips, let's not forget the little snowboarding excursion that caused the pricey CA ticket.

@T....I have a deep level of respect for you, and I totally get what you were trying to do.

With that said...I spent most of the day today meditating and doing yoga (crunchy, right?). I think that most of the folks last had fantastic intentions. But I'm gobsmacked that you guys actually pulled Casey's blue balls out of the fire.

I'm with the posters last night and today who said that this is the first even remote consequence he has received for the millions of dollars of theft and fraud...and you enabled him to beg his way out of it.

Again, I deeply respect you all (well, except for Nigel's "anonymous" posts) but I really fucking needed some time 'on the pillow' after all of this.

T said...

Legion, I thought Casey was desperate last night. He'd never danced like that for $ before. I went to sleep hoping he'd turned a corner. I was wrong. I actually decided to go easy on him because he did what he said he'd do. He sent the money to cash call.

I currently volunteer at a substance abuse treatment facility near my apartment so I also deal with con artists often. I understand that they won't change until they're ready. I'm aware of that.

And when I found myself saying, Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey, during the interview, I realized that he was not listening. There's nothing much left to do after that but call it a day and hope he turns a corner someday.

He may never call me again until he gets out of prison. But if he does, I will not hang up on him. And I won't apologize for that.

T said...

Legion said...
You didn't tear him a new asshole for that?

What do you think? C'mon. It's me here. I'm not becoming a bleeding heart Casey supporter, ffs. But this FOR HIM is progress. He's never gonna do the shit he's supposed to do, Legion. I learned that today. He's hardwired to think this way and it's not gonna change soon. But at least he's agreed to spend Stanley's money wisely. That matters to me. I could give a fuck how he spent last month's money because I KNOW he's been spending it frivolously.

T said...

Aspeth said...

@T....I have a deep level of respect for you, and I totally get what you were trying to do.

Thanks, babe. That means a lot to me because I value your opinion.

PMSPMS™©® said...

Aspeth and other's who didn't have the pleasure of following this in near real-time... it had a very different feel to it in real time than it would going over stale comments and postings. For awhile there we had the real Casey online and it seemed we might be able to help him turn around. I certainly turned around my opinion on him.


Aspeth said...

@T--Right back atcha, Lady. You have a heart of gold.

@PMS--I was following it in real time. And I still saw the fairly consequence-free life of Casey Serin. It's all good.

Big Cheese said...


No question you have a big generous heart. But don't get sucked in too much and don't fret. KC can't be helped until he is ready. Every wine has it's time.

I'd like to see the CashCall supervisor do a 1 hour interview with him. I think he'd be a bit more humble then.

-Big Cheese

Lost Cause said...

I also suspect that he was lying in his answer about spammers. Actually, the guy is a chronic liar. He cannot go 5 minutes without telling a whopper.

This is what I would have told Casey. Qestion #1 -- I have never been to the surface of the sun, but I can tell you with assurance that the temperature is about 5500 degrees Celsius. You do not have to participate in the scaminar way of life to know that it is bullshit. There are companies that are listed on the New York Stock exchange that do nothing but real estate. Their offices are staffed with graduates from many fine universities, none of which are named Nouveau Riche. Is Google a fine company? Search term: Nouveau Riche. Sponsored links: #1 Nouveau Wasn’t for Me…I lost money in Real Estate #3 We Hate Scams. Other similar real estate scams out there? Try John T. Reed’s comprehensive site, or perform due diligence on a search engine near you, before you put your wife’s future into hock for $22k.

T said...

Legion said...

I have yet to find one that really wants help, they will tell you whatever you want to hear if they think it will get them closer to what they really want.

Well, you've "met" me and I'm not longer a criminal. SOME PEOPLE can change. I'm living proof. I don't think Casey's ready. I pity that about him.

And he could have told me what I wanted to hear to get what he wanted. But he didn't. Because he believes his own bullshit.

Anonymous said...


I just spent a few hours tweaking my diet and my grocery bills, and the best I can do is $86/week for 1740 healthy calories a day meeting 100% of my nutritional needs. I get about $344/month for a single person. I live in New York City.

How are you getting 3 people fed on $190 per month? Please share. I can't see how it can be done, unless you use low cost red meat or avoid fruits and vegetables.

Btw, I just visited the donthatecasey web site and saw a reference to your blog. After your conversation with Casey, I got curious about you. You, like Stephanie J, would be another person's blog I would read regularly. If you ever get a chance, put one up and write. I'd enjoy it.


T said...

Big Cheese said...


No question you have a big generous heart. But don't get sucked in too much and don't fret. KC can't be helped until he is ready. Every wine has it's time.

Thanks, BC. I have no intention of getting sucked in. I told him in no uncertain terms that if he was ready to hear the truth and ready to turn a corner that I would take his call. That was after he thanked me for taking the time to try to talk some sense into him.

Maybe he's never had anyone do that before? Who knows. All I know is I have my own two teenagers to raise. And I'm very grateful right now that they are who they are and that they've never gotten their hands on a Kiyosaki book. LOL

Fool said...


When I read "I did have every intention to pay you ", I thought "oh oh"...

I think you do owe Casey something. You did ask an awful lot of questions. Saying that you may not need to send money because the objective of the evening was met is a Casey-type excuse, and deep down, I think you know that.

I think chances are he'll blow it on something silly, as you suspect. But when your employer pays you for your work, he/she doesn't ask you what you're going to do with it. That's the whole point - it's *your* money. You wouldn't think it's fair if your employer doesnt pay you because he/she does not approve of what you do with it.

Now, whether or not you actually send the money is another issue. Casey owes a lot of people money, and lord knows he doesn't pay any of them. So he's certainly not on any moral high ground here.

Yep, quite an ethical dilemma you have here...

beezer said...

Honestly, I think he believes listening to sense is the same as his actually doing something.

Like, if he hears someone say what he should do then he's "considered all his options" and "weighed the options" and therefore whatever decisions he makes or doesn't (those being the same actions or inactions he's taken all along) are actually the result of reasoned, careful contemplation.

The same way the shithole thinks that staying up late and repeating vague answers is "sacrificing" and "working", he thinks listening to someone talk sense is almost the same as being sensible.

No, he won't ever change, he won't ever get it, he lacks the intellectual capacity for much of the seeing and changing and he's just hardwired to not want to ever work and to believe that he's special and will be given money for nothing, for the rest.

I don't hope he succeeds, I want him to fail, and badly. I think he deserves it, on the entitled, snotty, unbelievably stupid attitude alone.

I was here in real time and one of the ones hoping no one would give him money, as it did seem to be the first real consequence he faced. I think this whole episode will only reinforce his ideas - that he's special, that he can get money without working for it, that work equals things like staying up late one night or being uncomfortable and doing something you didn't want to for a half an hour, and that he's magical and money will come to him and good things will just happen right when he needs them to yank his nads out of the fire. I want them to burn.

T said...

Anonymous said...


I just spent a few hours tweaking my diet and my grocery bills, and the best I can do is $86/week for 1740 healthy calories a day meeting 100% of my nutritional needs. I get about $344/month for a single person. I live in New York City.

How are you getting 3 people fed on $190 per month? Please share. I can't see how it can be done, unless you use low cost red meat or avoid fruits and vegetables.

I currently work in Ag Chem so I get produce from there for free. That really helps. I only buy what's on sale and I use my store's discount card to take about a third of the total off each time I shop. Also, I'm Italian so we eat a lot of pasta at my house. It's cheap and the kids like it. My older son works and eats out a lot so he doesn't eat at home as often as much as he used to.

We don't eat a lot of red meat. I cook a lot of chicken and I only buy it on sale and in bulk. I make a lot of soups.

Btw, I just visited the donthatecasey web site and saw a reference to your blog. After your conversation with Casey, I got curious about you. You, like Stephanie J, would be another person's blog I would read regularly. If you ever get a chance, put one up and write. I'd enjoy it.

I actually just put that up when I made the blogger display name in order to post here. I have a private messageboard that been up for several years now that I'm usually on. I've been neglecting my friends on that board to post here. They're like YOU FUCKING LOSER, GET THE HELL BACK HERE AND AMUSE US! LOL

There are quite a few people here I'd love to invite over there because we always appreciate intelligent new members but we also post a lot of personal stuff there.... pics of our kids, ourselves, what have you, and talk about the shit that's going on in our lives, so I don't know how they'd feel about it.

I was going to suggest to Robert that we could use that board when people were asking for one but he was already working on his so I didn't.

Anonymous said...


I haven't posted here for a while. I probably won't again. My advice to you is to NOT pay him. (I would also advise you not to make financial committments while under the influence;-)

For those of you who question my "involvement" with Casey, I will have a full answer for you tomorrow at DHC.

Have a good night.


PMSPMS™©® said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...


Interesting posting. Why would you not pay Casey?

I'm interested.

and would like to know more.

Anonymous said...


It sounds like you need it more than he does.


Aspeth said...

beezer said...
I was here in real time and one of the ones hoping no one would give him money, as it did seem to be the first real consequence he faced. I think this whole episode will only reinforce his ideas - that he's special, that he can get money without working for it, that work equals things like staying up late one night or being uncomfortable and doing something you didn't want to for a half an hour, and that he's magical and money will come to him and good things will just happen right when he needs them to yank his nads out of the fire. I want them to burn.

I'm right there with you.

John said...

Can Nigel write a comment anywhere on the fucking internet without hyperlinking to one of his dicky playgrounds?

Nigel, you can write a blog post describing your association with Casey. You'll ramble and shamble, running far too long. What you've done so far--your very well-documented public behavior--clearly shows you're a dick, regardless of details you haven't yet presented. Are you a dick involved with Casey Serin? Fuck if I know, and fuck if I care. But write another post. Nobody reads. We know you quite well already. You're a dick. Now post, dick, post. And thanks for the pre-post hype! You're generating buzz, dude!

My call review: Casey came out swinging and kept swinging. I semi-agree with him that he has been underestimated or caricatured in some ways. But he does tend to fail expensively. Entrepeneurs need to learn how to fail cheaply. Having poor risk assessment is a huge weakness. It's not a little problem you manage. To say you're an entrepeneur with poor risk assessment is kind of a mind-blower. I don't see how these go together.

I think T/Nacho's charm in the first call was her disarming empathy. Casey kept swinging in this call, but she definitely landed some righteous blows. One thing we got from the previous show was a variety of callers, including the financial expert who deconstructed Casey's errors with great clarity. He was my hero caller. Entrepeneurs need to deconstruct failed entrepeneurship. In any future call, it's important to study Casey the man, and not the hype.

This call showed Casey's cynical and sarcastic-as-fucking-hell side Very unpleasant.

Nigel, you should do a call-in show. I'd love to have a piece of that.

Anonymous said...

PMSPMS™ said...

Drop dead.


Lol, Nigel has some balls spamming here, especially after his Haterz manifesto, then again, it's pretty obvious that the guy will eat shit if it meant more hits for his blogs. As for his "I haven't posted here for a while. I probably won't again." comment,

You mean as Salt Lake mortgage guy right? Anonymously however is a different story right?

Anyways, I for one will be up all night tossing and turning waiting with bated breath for him to put up his "version" of his involvement with Casey. AND for crying out loud does a gaydar alerting mugshot of your shiteating grin have to accompany each one of your "non anonymous' posts?

Anonymous said...

I respect T a great deal, but I felt as if her effectiveness was undermined by the fact that she is not an investor and that she didn't understand the tax consequences surrounding the proceeds of a real estate transaction. I mean, I get her angle that she wants some element of righteousness and wants Casey to repay society for his wrong ways.

I go back and forth on my view of Casey, but my general opinion is that people like him are part of the financial ecosystem. It's okay for him to view what he did as a "business" transaction, because how he adapts to reality now doesn't really matter what he thinks of his old situation.

I think T's approach would have been better if she avoided alluding to his (and her own) past actions. It would have been better to ask him things in terms of hypotheticals.

For example, in a hypothetical situation, if Galina was saving money for her future plans but let Casey borrow her money, would Casey be so reckless with the money? Essentially, the reality that Casey fails to face is that his recklessness didn't just happen in a vaccuum. This is what is the most infuriating about him. He thinks there's no face behind the money he borrowed and that mistakes are okay because he doesn't have the overall picture of how the system works.

Really though, the system should work to put guys like him in jail -- regardless of whether he's a good or bad person. Regular foreclosure risk is accounted for, but the lenders and Casey really abused the system this time around.

Why are we angry with Casey? We should be more angry with law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

"Why are we angry with Casey?"

Because the unrepentant little shit-stain-on-society is so smug about his self proclaimed entrepreneurial skillz , while his financial life is actually in ruins.

Anonymous said...

I think this also revealed that aside from being a scam artist, Casey has also got a mysogynistic streak. Think about his references to women--trying to talk down T, not answering Annie's questions (but having the nerve and the bravado to say that she'd "better" pay, and the references to Amy's physical appearance, and the tacit encouragement of vile commentary slamming PRLinkBiz (it's apparent that Casey enjoys having other people do his dirty work, have you noticed?)And then there's the matter of being all high and mighty about G's welfare, when his actions speak the exact opposite. It was telling that he considered...actually considered selling his wife out for a few measly bucks. "Morals" didn't change his mind--keeping his "marks" (us) engaged--was paramount. He realized that if he sold G out we would have left in droves. And now, his wife has been pulled out of school to duplicate CDs--even though the bill has been paid. Methinks someone has some serious control issues there.

I have never seen this "man" (and I use the term loosely) pull the kind of arrogance with men that he has with women on the blog and the calls. They strike an ugly chord in him.

It's all a part of his game...power resides in his ability to USE people--G, Amy, Yulia, Duane, PRLinkBiz, T, those who donated, and yes, even Nigel. They're all out there supporting his lying ass and doing his dirty work for him. It's nothing for him to crow about how "supportive and giving" this "community is" --when he has the money in his hand--then turn around and verbally attempt to beat down a member of that community, and leave pathetic, limp, passive agressive, comments crowing about his prowess on EN. What a pathetic, sick, twisted little con artist.

Anonymous said...

Anon-NewYawkah here...I'll have to make a screen name at some point, too many anons here...

@T, I understand why you did what you did. No reason to explain, and the results were fairly predictable. I understand why you had to try, and that defines you as a woman to be admired. My Blog Crush™ for you is deeper as a result. :)

I have experience with addicts and addiction and dysfunctional behavior, and Snowflake is a classic manipulator through and through - the depressing thought is how long guys like that can go before they hit rock bottom. Snowflake strikes me as the drunk negotiating his way out of rehab - I can control it, I'll only have x number of drinks, I won't do X anymore, but still drink...What Snowflake has to do is admit he has a problem, and he can barely handle admitting he has any responsibility for the aftermath of his folly, let alone deal with the real issues. I've dealt with many, many people like him, and always I've had to walk away, as it's a rollercoaster I don't want to ride. Professionals would find him a challenge!

It's sad that you're offering him a sincere, honest hand, and he's spitting at it. There were dark times in my life when i would have gievn anything for what you've offered him...and he'll scoff at it like he does everything else.

That attitude will last about 1 hour in jail. Unfortunatly, he's so devoid of any real character or morality or even personality, he'll be clay for the mold that is prison, and will simply leave there a better criminal.

@Annie - forget Casey. Your windshield is more important. He made easy money already, he won't starve for at least another couple of days. At this point, giving money to Casey is like handing a crack head a vial. You'd be doing more for him by not paying him. He manipulated you by accepting your offer and managed to not answer anything of substance, and then threw an attitude at you. #$#@ him. He doesnt deserve dime one from you.

@Nigel, get over yourself, bitch. Nobody cares. You act like we're all hanging on in anticipation for your next Important Announcement™...what a blowhard you are. Could you be MORE pompous, if we paid you? Who do you think you are? You think just because you're swinging from Casey's nutsack that we're all just begging to get the next golden nugget you deign to drop from your oh-so-anus-like mouth?

Get real, bitch.

We know you have some idiotic plan together, we knew from the moment you and Casey ran around Utah holding hands and giggling like schoolgirls, and documenting it for all to see. You think you're so slick, and so subtle, but I hate to break it to ya, dreary old queen that you are, you're blatantly obvious.

The only financial dealings you'd have any success at is if you get in on pins for the next olymics - ad then, MAYBE. Clearly, from reading some of your drivel, you next to fuck all about real estate, and you were only able to sell because the market was so hot, a spastic chimp could sell a house. Just like all the people who sold their houses early into the boom and strutted around acting like they were the new Authoritah™ on Real Estate, your strutting and pompous "manifestos" just make you look more gimpish, sad, and deluded.

As they say in Oakland, ******, please, you ain't all THAT. Silly bitch.

BadjerJim said...

Win or loose, today's call was to me, revealing about KC. And the degree that he believes what he believes.

Now I'm not a shrink, and I have no schooling in that area, but one word kept popping up in my mind: Sociopath. So I looked that word up in wikipedia, only to find that the term has been politically-correctly-redefined as "Antisocial Personality Disorder."

Read about it here, and see if it seems to fit Snowflake:

This, coupled with the brainwashing he's paid for under the guise of 'education' - gives him the deep seated belief that he'll never get rich by working for somebody else: that's for cube-dwelling w2 loosers. Frame this in today's phone call, and all the puzzle pieces fit.

Again, I don't profess to be an expert or even remotely qualified for diagnosing mental and behavioral disorders, but this defiition of "Antisocial Personality Disorder" strikes chillingly close to what we've all observed for months.

BadjerJim said...

@At 11:33 PM, Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

Oh come on, Nigel.

For those of you who question my "involvement" with Casey, I will have a full answer for you tomorrow at DHC.

Like we're gonna believe anything you post on April Fools Day!

Anonymous said...

i replaced my windshield,
i cracked it...

doing the usual stuff when buying a new used car...replacing the wipers...

pulled up the arm removed the wiper and allowed it to smack down causing a small round crack

did a little research.

noted that the windshield replacement websites say that night/day temp changes will cause the crack to grow.

sure enough after a week or two the crack grew to about 18 inches going up from the small crack down were the wiper arm hit the glass.

made me think, what about all those other things the websites say...
the windsheild protects you in an accident, better to hit the windshield than fly out the car.
you say wow i dont want my face to hit the glass, but the glass is made to shatter thats why your windsheild isnt made of arcylic

if your car flips over the glass is part of the shock & wieght absorbsion system in car of flipover

your car will not pass inpection with CE light or cracked windsheild, at least in my state.

thats why i went with safelite not some crackhead with ducttape in the south bronx

glass & tires are important
dont compromise your safety to save $$

paying casey instead of new windows is like casey paying for a guru seminar instead of rent.

id say lets CHIP IN to help replace her glass,

beezer said...

@ BadgerJim -

Just for the heck of it, it's not a pc redesignation, it was a separation of two diagnostic conditions (and the refinement of some of the symptomology and criteria) that used to basically coexist as Sociopathy.

beezer said...

New post up, which I'm going to assume is an April Fool's gag. Whether it is or isn't it's a blatant troll. To wit -

April 1st, 2007
I Bought 1.3 Million Shares of GSPG
Via my corporation. On Friday. At $0.0034. Why not?

LOL said...

Nigel dosen't want IAFF turned into a "Casey turns tricks for money" blog.

He needs to make sure it remains a "Forclosure Infomation Center" he can't sucker any desperate suckers in if it's a Casey sideshow for haterz.

The "new vision" for IAFF took about 10 steps back this weekend and I am sure Nigey poo is NOT happy.

TK said...


I agree completely. I believe that on Friday night in the midst of all of this madness, (while Nigel was typing the "Manifesto") things got WAY out of hand in Nigel's mind. It's why his tone has changed so dramatically towards the haters - including having the chutzpah to post right here. Damage control, changing tactics. I guarantee his strategy is still undefined because he doesn't know how to handle the haters OR Casey. IAFF will be a terrible failure as a "foreclosure information center". We're just train wreck watchers.


Do not give Casey the money. I believe from an ethical standpoint that you are entitled to get what you paid for and you did. You never got the answers you were looking for (the truth) and he wants additional money from you that you evidently have a greater need for and that he clearly didn't earn. Staying up all night means nothing when you don't have kids or a real job. I think that this will teach him a couple of lessons.

1. Until you hold up your end of the bargain (i.e. pay your bills?), you will never be entitled to expect the other party to hold up theirs. Now that the shoe is on the other foot - Oh the hew and cry. Proves that his sense of entitlement and selfishness are deeply ingrained. Hey Casey how does it feel to have somebody withold something from you that YOU feel you are entitled to? Since you think the banks aren't entitled to the money, neither should Annie think that you are.

2. Never cut deals with people on the internet. (That will bear itself out fully in his partnership with Nigel),

Schnapps said...

Um - question.

Snowflake put up an April Fool's Day post saying he bought 1.3 million shares of GSPG at $0.0034

Oh sorry. He bought them on Friday.

At any rate, what's GSPG? It sounds like a dying breath.

Anonymous said...

Schnapps it's a mineral exploration company. You know the type that builds stock price on the "possibility" that they may find gold in some particular field. Obviously they never found shit.

R-Boy said...

GSPG is Goldspring, a very small mining company that recently settled two lawsuits.

It is a 3 year old company who's high was at .015 and low was about where casey bought it.

He would now have 4420 dollars in GSPD stock. I wonder what margin he bought on.

So gold, silver, and penny stock, all in one. This is silly.

Jade said...

T - you did great. I just listened to the whole thing. It's REALLY difficult to talk to people who don't have a grasp on logic. It's like trying to ride a mechanical bull.

Jade said...

My favorite part is where T tells him "if I have $5, I'm going to go to the grocery store and buy something instead of going to McDonalds" and Casey starts saying "well you can spend a lot of money at the grocery store, for example making fresh juice you can spend $3 on ingredients"

He totally misses the point, yet again.

Anonymous said...

I still think it's an April Fools joke.

Clotpoll said...

In a sales situation- or a debate- the person asking questions is the one in control. T, you got to Casey the first time around, because you were the questioner. This time, you ceded the high ground to him. No matter. Every time he opens his piehole, he exposes himself as one of the biggest morons of all time. I think in the RE investment environment of 2005, lenders would've approved apps with the name "PeeWee Herman" on them. Perhaps they're the biggest rubes of all.

Jade said...

How could casey have bought anything on Sunday or Saturday? The markets are CLOSED.

Engame Observer said...

I'd like to help buy Annie a windshield.

I foolishly volunteered to give numnutz $70 Fri nite. Fortunately he didn't accept 2 of my offers, and reneged (suprise, suprise) on a 3rd. I'd like to put that $70 to better use.

Annie - would you accept the $70 in the spirit of respect in which I offer it? (I do ask that in return you don't sent KC any $)

If so, do you use Paypal? If so, Rob, would you be willing to handle the transaction via your tipjar? I'll add extra to cover the transaction costs on both ends.

If not, anyone have thoughts on how to do this without Annie giving me her address? (I'm as pure as the driven snow, but I don't expect Annie to know that!)

Endgame Observer said...


His post says

I Bought 1.3 Million Shares of GSPG
Via my corporation. On Friday. At $0.0034. Why not?

lawnmower man said...

GSPG. And I too vote for April Fool -- ol' Casey knows how to yank the haters' chains.

Now, Homey. Homey pressured Casey for months about his involvment with Res-Com; Casey always maintained clam-shut silence. Homey's plain-talk comment on Friday came right on the heels of Casey posting his resume; a resume which admitted to employment at Res-Com. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Hey hey's the Snowflake school of property flopping NYC style...all y'all should read this as I'm sure this is how the fliptard cared for his 'homes'

francisco d. said...

Acording to "Time and Sales" for GSPG:

Last trade on Thursday 3/29/07 was 300,000 shares hitting the bid @ $.028. The ask price was .030.

On Friday 3/30/07 the stock gapped up on the open (if such a term can be used for price changes in this realm)@ $.034. The range for the day was $ .032 to .039.

Next to the last trade on Friday was 7.7 million shares trading @ $.034. The last trade for the day, 3 minutes later, was 1000 shares trading @ $.037.

Can you say "pump 'n dump"?

Cassandra said...


Casey will watch a paper profit (unrealized gain) turn into an actual loss by the time he liquidates this trade, after including brokerage fees and commissions.

Anonymous said...

I swear, I've gotten a bunch of spam over the past week that's basically pump-and-dump for some mineral exploration company, probably GSPG or something very similar. So, if this isn't a 4/1 joke, Snowflake bought into a scam that'll lose 10% in the coming week?

Jack said...

you may pay him... somewhere in the future. just like he promised to pay all his debts.
you have all the intention of paying, but right now you have more important bills (windshield) like he likes to pay JJ.
maybe he will clue in?

Consider me Trolled said...

If a person in Casey's financial position was actually able to open and fund a brokerage account, I am concerned about the safeguards built into our nation's security markets.

Even if he is only trading from the long side, and for peanut stakes, we know that he has a negative net worth and has borrowed all the cash that he has, effectively circumventing margin requirements.

Jade said...

are you kidding? We should encourage this behavior! At least his speculating on penny stocks doesn't hurt other people as much as failed flipping, which brings down the value of others' properties.

Shine on, Casey!

Legion said...

This is obviously an April fool's joke as we all know Casey doesn't have the money to buy the stock, he doesn't have a corporation (he's trolling for sure), and he would be stupid to admit to having bought this stock knowing that we have already sent cashcall all his assets.

what IS alarming however is that this mental midget knows about this stock, as it means that he probably IS IN FACT evaluating penny stocks as a means to get rich quick. This guy has got to be the biggest sucker I've ever read about. I'm surprised that he hasn't started buying lottery tickets as a way to get rid of all his financial problems..then again, I'm pretty sure that he is RESORTING to this. When they call it tax for the stupid and poor they weren't kidding.

Jerry Mander said...

Annie - my advice is that you go into 'payment ignore mode'. Just say the truth, you've got bills to pay, and that based on Kiyosaki's teachings you've decided to pay yourself first. Upon hitting a sweet deal (which you really aren't at liberty to discuss right now - but if you did you're sure everyone would totally understand), you will gladly repay every 'wine soaked' penny. If there's anyone that can understand it will be Casey.

When Rob dawg returns from his vacation, perhaps EN can purchase your debt from Casey at about .10 to .15 on the dollar, using money that was generously supplied by 'endgame observer'.

Annie can then pay the debt off via 'EN Community Service', which to me would be a 500 word essay entitled 'I need to go a little easier on myself for doing the right thing and not paying for services that weren't rendered'. And I think I speak for the entire dawg-pack when I say you should write that essay after no fewer than 2 glasses of wine.

I call sweet AND win-win.

Jerry Mander said...

Annie - one more thing. While Casey is waiting for Rob-Dawg to get back to buy your debt, I'd also advise you to go to Macaroni Grill, order his favorite dish (he listed it on his blog somewhere). Then take a picture of it and email it to him. Let him know you that you agree that it is a great dish, it is your new favorite and you are going to work on getting him his money right after you get back from Jamba Juice.

real_tuff_gurl said...

This is NOT NIgel you idiots, I am a female for Gods sake! ANyway, its amazing how you can twist things. T fuckewd up, she was weak, and Casey handed T her ass.
Just because it is "T" you are making all kind of excuses LOL Kind of "Casey like" . T was all full of herself fromn the last call, and she wasnt doing this call to "help" the poor lad Casey, she wanted attention. Can you say "Attention Whore"?
Alot of you are hypocrites, admit she was spanked, bitch slapped and get on with it.
I mean she didnt even ask him any amusing questions such as casey, do you wax your man hole?
Casey when you were with Nigel, were you the pillow biter?
Casey, Galina is kinda fat does she have meat flaps?

Anonymous said...

Annies is a whiney stupid cunt. Why are you on the internet giving people shit, and offering hundreds of dollars Annie, when you have a broken windsheild? MORON!
Now you are trying to back out of it> whining, crying? You make me sick.

Benoit™ said...

Gaysey has updated his anti-spam words with a whole bunch of new entries.

Click on THIS LINK to see one of my favorite new ones. :-p

You can change the number at the end of the link from 1 to 48 to see all of his anti-spam words.

Tony Soprano said...

I'm 12 minutes into the call and this is pointless. Until Homey puts the silver bracelets on him, he'll just keep scaming. I can't believe the haterz paid $250 for this drivel....T, great job and all but I just can't stand hearing his whiney assed voice.

Man, what a hangover...

The Truth Hurts said...

@ 11:15 Real-Tuff-Nigel
Nope, you're still Nigel. Nigel, control your jealousy over T's hotness.

Anonymous said...


Real Tuff Girl?

I think Casey's answers and attitude speak volumes about his character. T didn't ask the hardest or the most humiliating questions, which really just left plenty of room for Casey to demonstrate in "full color" his personality on tape. Suppose you're right, that Casey did 'spank' and 'bitch slap' T: that's simply audio confirmation that he is... a prick.

Anonymous said...

Okay I listened to the latest call (the T/CS $250 call) and here are my thoughts:

CS still sounds like a scammer moron to me. Personally I wouldn't PayPal him one dirty penny for anything and I hope that in the future no one else does either. I don't see that CS won anything here (he's still delusional enough to keep screwing himself up). T didn't really win anything either at least in terms of getting CS to face reality...maybe next time you could use some kind of videocast/chat to get the snowflake to take every word you say to heart? I dunno. But I give this one to T because at least I heard more truth from her than from the rip-n-burntard. He ain't gonna change, he barely hears what any of us say but you got some stuff off your chest so itallain'tsobad.

If I were going to send CS any money via PayPal, I'd send him like $5-$10 for every satisfactory answer he gave you (and what satisfactory is is entirely within your discretion). As for the rest of the money promised, well it's not like he's never been duped before. If it comes down to one of you two feeling remorse, let it be him (and since I'm sure he's a moronic scammer, he probably won't feel too bad for all that long so neither should you).

@anyone who PayPals the snowflake
I know that TV sucks right now any you all would like some entertainment...please spend your $$$ elsewhere (or heck even go to your local public library and check out something for free). I also know that some of you are truely feeling generous towards people in crummy economic circumstances...if you've just gotta give away some money, how about giving money to your local charities (a food bank, a public library, a church, whatever). Then email CS and let the 'good Christian' he claims to be know that you donated to someone truely needy (and if you like do it in his name).

@Homey DA Clown
Yo Homey we've missed you...and we hope you'll have CS doing the perp walk real soon...I can't think of a better candidate for it.

@Rob Dawg
Enjoy your time off...we'll keep things going while you're away.

Intentions are key said...

Annie, you probably give your 80 year old mother rides in that car. Don't you think it's more important to look after her safety than it is to fund Casey's Chipotle addiction? You have a responsibility to watch out for your own family first. Besides, if you give him the money, you're just enabling him. Let the boy hit bottom so he can grow up. When you have the money someday you INTEND to pay him don't you? Just not right now.

What's the lesson we've learned here? It sounds like everyone who pledged or gave Casey money has buyer's remorse. You should, because it makes you look like the bigger fool when he spends it irresponsibly and continues on his same path. You can't change Casey, only Casey can change Casey. He doesn't want to yet, and won't until he exhausts all of his resources. That means until his parents, Yulia, Galina, the haters, the cheerleaders, Nigel, etc. refuse to enable his unrealistic bullshit, it's going to be the same old same old.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

WOW, The Haterz have Haterz.
Who Knew.

Stephanie J. said...

Perhaps it's because I'm more jaded, but I have to admire your ability to give CS the benefit of the doubt. Personally, I would never have wasted $250 on a gamble that he'd ever take any sound advice to heart. After seeing so many of us trying to hammer it into his head over and over again, and seeing him respond with his form replies which have helped him evade giving any real answers, I would have never thought him capable of it, thus never made the offer.

You were eloquent, and right as usual--but it just made me mad that all your good advice was falling on deaf ears. I sort of laughed when he asked how you knew that the RE investor class wasn't good information; I thought: Look what it did for you Casey.

You made him squirm, got under his skin; and it's most likely it won't change a bloody thing; but perhaps it was worth the $250 to rattle his cage a bit.

I don't think he's worth even trying to give advice to. Casey is going to do what Casey wants... his blog is a deluded attempt to make himself feel justified in his decisions, and he has no concept that without his haters and critics, his blog would be worth nothing, there would be no controversy to attract more traffic, and he would suffer the same mediocrity as his little friend Nigel.

The sad thing is, that I've been out of the loop for some days now, and even with the phone call, and the payment to CashCall -- nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Real Tuff Girl is YneOne.

The Truth Hurts said...

Tony, you're a local at FFC right? What was that one photo during the whorathon about?

It was this one.

That was the only good money spent Friday. Plain old-fashioned no-frills web whoring. Kind of reminded me of 419 Eater.

Mr. Bubbles said...

@ Rob Dawg,

Explain this to me. CS has a begathon because he claims he does not have $240 to pay CC, BUT he had $4400 to buy a penny stock.

I don't care if it is an April Fool's joke, you people that gave him money are fools. He's laughing at you. The guy is scum, get it.

WHY would he post such a thread. other than to effectively give you all the middle finger?

If he did buy the stock, he had to fill out an application stating his financials, income, etc. Homey needs to subpeona that.

real_tuff_gurl said...

I apologize for my earlier comments. I had a glass of wine.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bubbles,

Hate to say it but I think you're right. Of course Homey will subpoena the brokerage account app. Please oh please Homey act sooner rather than later. Casey I will never give your deadass a dime. One dirty penny maybe but that's it. Get a real job.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's not working with Casey.

Nigel Swaby is irrelevant said...

Well, that's exciting news. NOT.

LOL said...

Snowflake's fair weather friend Nigel is done with him now too, how shocking. I didn't think the beg-a-thon would sit too well with him.

Stephanie J. said...

How about for a new url, Casey?

Jesus. He claims he's got income but now he's overtly panhandling on the internet to make Cashcall payments.

"AAALms... Alms for the stupid..."

Anonymous said...

He left his "pride" at Pride Industries. Also his income.

Annie said...

Good morning EN Community - Annie here.

I'm back to being a haterz - and proud.


Well, first, I believe we were all scammed on Friday - the "I can't afford cash call BS." I bought in to it. Others did too.

For months (since early October) I have suspected Casey to be bipolar or have some other mental illness. Then, as things went along, I began to think it might be more of a personaility disorder (a sociopathology).

I know about bipolar mental illness - I was married to a man who took me on a wild roller coaster.

RE Gurus weren't his thing. Spiritual ones were. We spent thousands of dollars for him to go from one seminar and retreat to another. Anyone who promised "the path to enligthenment" would get a check. We even met a man - scamming "chiropractor" who didn't do typical "adjustments" but spiritual "adjustments" who started treating my husband - all the while billing my husband's insurance company.

My husband bought this guys crap, hook, line and sinker. My husband wanted to "sponsor" this guy, to the tune of $25,000 for "research" to test his methods and help others - with the intent of "opening a spiritual retreat" in a couple of years.

(A side note for you all - I'm a nice girl from the Pacific NW - my husband worked on Wall Street... his parents were against the marriage - another story, but lets just say, I wasn't Ivy League educated, "old money" nor Mayflower Ship enough for their son. I digress, however, the point is, my husband had the $$ for every one of these Gurus and their programs.)

Anyway... to put a halt on this guy's attempt to get $25,000 from us, I said that he needed to register as a non-profit, write out his research plan, along with some other conditions, the hope of slowing down the financial blood letting. Know what, my ex offered to pay for the attorney fees and the guys time "off from his practice" so that "Mr. Chiropractor" could meet these conditions.

What happened next? Well, the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together and with some unusually strange and abnormal behavior on my husband's part, I realized something was wrong and took him to the ER. He was hospitalized for three days in the mental ward. It was a horrible weekend.

Needless to say, this guy had my husband on the phone, telling my husband NOT to take the meds - that it wasn't an illness, but a "spiritual breakdown" and all we needed to do was......

I think you all get the picture here. This is when I put the breaks on everything. I met with an attorney immediately and sent a letter to the "chiropractor" -- it wasn't pretty or nice, but firm. No contact with my husband or I report him to both the medical board and chiropractic boards for malpractice and insurance fraud.

After a second hospitalization a few weeks later, I was able to put my foot down and say "no more, take the meds for six months or move out."

He took the meds and things stablized. Then, six months was up, the meds were out the door, and the roller coaster continued. Then, out of the blue, my ex asked me for a divorce - "our lives were taking different directions." I'm a good catholic girl - no one in my family ever divorced. Seriously.

I talked with my family and they assured me I was always welcomed home, they loved me unconditionally, and that everything would be okay.

So, that was it. I did not marry my husband for his money. I did not divorce him for money.

That was 10 years ago.

My ex was the love of my life, and when things were good, they were GREAT. However, when things were bad (not financially, but with his disease and the Gurus and the crazy roller coaster ride we were on)..... well, things were BAD. Very bad. Physical abuse and threatening bad. Kitchen knife bad.

I was never seriously injured, but I was scared. It was tough to tell people about what had been happening in our lovely home. Many people (his family and friends) did not believe me. I was persona non grata.

It was tough to walk away, but I did.

I changed my life. Though I don't live in the beautiful home or take exotic vacations, I have a family that loves me and wonderful friends.

Friday night, reading Casey's first posting, I knew from the previous information Casey had provided (blog or pod cast, I don't remember) that Galina had quit school. His posting on Friday saying "I am working and my wife is helping" with him "delegating" tasks and on and on.... That pissed me off.

Then, comes the posting about Cash Call - things sounded HORRIBLE. Not just for Casey, but for that poor girl.

I think of her. In that little apartment, up all night burning CDs, with a husband who speaks so little of her. Who thinks so little of her. Her parents must be clueless, practicing tough love or something. I mean, if they can't say, "Galina, come over hear and we'll fill the car with gas so you can make the commute to school." Well, there is something very wrong.

I was filled with such pain for her. That's why I asked the initial questions I did... That's why I came up with the "donation for answers" idea.

But, as the evening wore on, and the wine took its effect, I made a pledge.

Not a wise move on my part.

I asked him to photograph the refrigerator and wanted to know what they had for dinner because I wanted to see how bad things were. We know he won't take a photo of Galina - but I wanted to be assured she was eating. We know Casey puts healthy things into his body - but does he allow Galina the same?

I will be paying Casey. I just couldn't sleep well last night. The full amount, no. While he did stay up, did take a photo of his refrigerator, he didn't answer all of my questions. The most disturbing being "how much does G have in her checking account." He didn't even acknowledge the question.

I asked him again yesterday morning the question. It has gone unacknowledged.

He also did not respond in any way to my questions about not paying so I could put the money towards a new windshield. Nothing. Nada.

That speaks volumes.

Upon reflection, here's my take on things:

Casey is one troubled kid. I don't know what it is, mental illness, psychopathology, a brain tumor? But something is not right.

But equally important - there is the Galina factor. I think back to when I was her age - thank god I did not get married at 19 or 20 because I would not have had the smarts or understanding when things became clear to put my foot down and attempt to stop the madness.

I went to one of my ex's weekend Guru seminars - that was enough for me to know it was a load of crap. It was an EST type of thing where they "break you down" to make a "better you" then at the end, sell you on more of the crap at more $$. My husband was buying in to it. He paid for friends to attend this weekend thing too.... We were all of the same opinion - CRAP.

The only thing I could do to keep those people from getting more $$ was to ask my husband to wait 3 months before doing the next. I knew within a few week's time, the "high" these people give you, all their positive reinforcement of his "unlimited potential" would wear off.... I knew we'd have that monkey off our back... but there would always be another one.

And then the puzzle peices came together, the diagnosis was made, and I began to understand. At this point, my husband was no longer able to work - he was too distracted by the Gurus - and I was attempting to hold things together, get him to take meds, watch our finances, keep safe, all the while minimize the "Guru influence."

Today my ex lives in some commune with the latest Guru. He has taken a vow of "simplicity" - I don't know if that means he gave them all of his money, or what...

That's my story.

I worry for Galina. Casey must have her so beaten down. She is so young , she's buying the "good things are coming" BS. She's on this horrible roller coaster in a state with community property laws where to her the debt must be either overwhelming or unreal.

So, I will be sending a check to Casey - however, it will be in Galina's name and for her to cash. Casey may have "earned" the money, but Californai is a commuity property state, she was there watching the crazyness, probably not knowing what to make of it.

The check will not be in the full amount. A second check will go to a women's shelter in Sacramento for the remaining balance - it will go in Galina's name.

I don't think Casey can be saved.

His "April Fool's" posting did it for me this morning. Either he has a horrible sense of humor, really stupid, or, he is really pathological. If he is pathological, However, I can see him dump "leveraged debt" of $4,400 into the next "get rich quick" Guru scheme from a poster/caller to his blog who has been selling him on these "penny stock" ideas.

Rob Dawg or T - I'd like to find a way to get in touch with the two of you so that we can photograph the checks I am sending so that people here know that I'm for real.

I'd also appreciate the haterz sticking up for me. Having people say I'm a cunt is very very hurtful. Other things people have written over the past two days are also hurtful.

This is it for me.

Nigel Swaby is not irrelevant for once said...

Ok, I take back my previous snotty attitude. That was actually an interesting post. I suggest everyone read it. Best IAFF breakup since Duane. And I actually agree with everything Nigel wrote. Damn it, I hate finding myself agreeing with Nigel.

This has been a pretty eventful weekend for IAFF. Casey gets his whore on, the death of DHC, Nigel and Casey break up, and Casey burns the bridge to the haters. At least I hope it's burned. Everyone who gave him money feels dirty, right?

Khatie said...

It was a good post. And I'm wondering if the money partner is the next bridge to be burnt. Where else would little Snowflake get $4400 from?

Big Cheese was right. We've been had.

LOL said...

"Big Cheese was right. We've been had."

Somewhat but still constructive, confirmed what I've thought about Casey all along. Others (including Nigel)see his true colors now so hey "It's all good!"

Katie said...


'I think of her. In that little apartment, up all night burning CDs, with a husband who speaks so little of her. Who thinks so little of her. Her parents must be clueless, practicing tough love or something. I mean, if they can't say, "Galina, come over hear and we'll fill the car with gas so you can make the commute to school." Well, there is something very wrong.'

Amen to that, Annie. Casey's attitude toward women really disturbs me--his nastiness toward you and toward T is a real tipoff. The fact that he has let shitty comments go about your offer and about T is a huge red flag. The gross anonymous nasty posts are probably from him, too.

A picture is beginning to emerge and it's not all good. I was wondering what was going to happen when Galina's credit all dried up. He uses people. He cannot keep any promises. Why should marriage vows be any different?

I think what you've done is a wonderful solution. I hope she gets the hell out of there.

Kudos to you for getting out of the horrible situation you were in.

Anonymous said...

OK, Kiddies, what's the lesson for today? That's RIGHT! Don't drink and blog!

Buy My Blue Ball, Pleez said...

My vote is that the $4400 deal is a joke. Although it's in very poor taste considering he just begged for money two days ago.

@ Annie
That's a crazy life you've lead. I feel for you and it's very obvious that you're a good person. However, and I can't stress this enough, this is not the place to reveal too much about yourself. The idiot calling you a cunt is just some stupid troll and if they know it bothers you, they will continue. IAFF gets massive traffic and this blog gets a good chunk of that, so they're always going to be around and all we can do is ignore them.

I think your solution for the $250 is excellent and very appropriate. Casey doesn't give a rat's ass about your windshield. All he wants is your money.

That being said, you and T seem to be getting entirely too emotionally involved with Casey. Specifically, you seem to be projecting yourselves and your pasts onto Casey and Galina. We know next to nothing about Galina. She may be a victim, or she may be as bad as him. I know you both want to help them and prevent them from making mistakes that you've made in the past, but they need to learn it on their own. Would you have listened to anyone else at their age? I wouldn't. They don't have enough life under their belts to be able to look back and think "Damn, what an idiot I was back then." Don't make their situation personal for you and stress yourself out.

Endgame Observer said...

Excellent post from Nigel at DHC. My fav:

"As we talked, the biggest impediment clearly became the job issue. What was a job? If he did this and if he did that would that be a job? This guy sounded like Bill Clinton trying to parse the definition of "is." I can most certainly say, a job does not include very many "ifs." A job is where you work and in return for your time, labor and constructive thought, you get money, or a "paycheck." I know Casey has had both of these things, a "job" and a "paycheck" in the past, so they can't be completely foreign concepts."

Who'd ever thought Nigel would end up writing something like that!?

Nigel - Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

Annie - thanks fr sharing but as someone else posted, be careful what you put in cyberspace.

What you do with your own money is up to you but consider this. You don't know a thing about Galina. She may be in this up to her plucked eyebrows. But if the blog is to be believed, they are living with her older sister. If true, I doubt her sister will let her be starved in her own home. If you want to dispose of that money, windshield first, save up, check to shelter.

Endgame Observer said...

Annie, with all due respect, thinking that Casey won't cash and use for his own purposes a check written to Galina is a bit naive.

If you feel obligated to pay Casey for answering your questions with lies, half-truths, BS and no-answers - then that's your business, of course. But please don't delude yourself that writing a check to Galina is in any way different than giving Casey a Jamba Juice gift card.


Akubi said...

Agreed, Endgame Observer.
Nigel's latest deserves a new post here. Classic KC business deal meltdown.

Stephanie J. said...

So Nigel shows an limited amount of patience and a desire to disassociate himself with Casey.

Bravo. Give the guy a medal. ::sigh::

Don't hate on Nigel said...


There is no shame in trying to help a person out. I think T said last night that KC is at the point where only he can help himself. Seems like a simple enough concept but it summed it up for me. Him whoring himself out had to be the last straw for even the closest of friends.

KC should have taken that $250 and bought another 73,000 shares :-)

I wonder if Casey is the "pumper" or is he the "dumpee"?

WINEX said...


You should never give a personal check to someone you don't trust. The bank routing information and your personal account information at the bottom of the check can be used to initialize transactions electronically, or can be used to forge checks.

Akubi said...

Good to see you're back Steph - and that you've started your own blog.

T said...


I said it last night and I'll say it again: DON'T SEND CASEY THE MONEY.

Buy yourself a windshield.

If you wanna talk more about it, email me @

Casey appeared to turn a corner on Friday night. It was apparent by my Talkshoe interview that he has not had a change of heart. Let it go. Stop trying to explain yourself and take care of your windshield.

Anonymous said...

Chucklenutz' site is down again...

Lost Cause said...

Hi Annie,

You asked just the right questions with the food in the fridge and how much money that they have. It sounds like you are well schooled in the scaminars. I really respect that you both took the time, and put your money where your mouth is, even when it is difficult for you. I wouldn't do anymore for Casey if I were you. It was a great try, but I don't think that anybody made a dent in that hard head.

Mermaiden said...

Casey got his money to make a payment to where ever he was making a payment (can anyone confirm from the photo that it actually went to CC?) - and now couldn't care less.

I applaud Nigel for his open and honest post. You can see he feels very let down and disappointed in Casey's inability to face the reality of his situation.

As for G* = look, the girl has quit school MORE THAN once because of financial reasons. She has also not gone to school for various lengths of time - but she doesn't have a job. Why is that? Those are 2 able bodied 'adults' who can work, but choose not to. This is her choice. I orginally felt sorry for her, but when I read she was involved in the fix & flip in the begining and running the books, I changed my mind.

What self respecting girl in their right mind stays with a guy who can't even afford to pay for gas?

The whole issue is sad.

The_real_tuff_gurl said...

Annie you my dear are a moron. You make me ashamed to be a female. so very weak. Just like T but in a different way. Who cares about your bi polar love life? T who cares you are an ex criminal / drug adict? You are way too involved. You dont see the men on here bitching and crying. T got herself into something she could not handle. Annie, was acting all bad ass, now does not want to send the money. Period. I can imagine if Casey had pledged money to a blogger and didnt pay, boy oh boy there would be hell to pay.
T "lost" in the coversation with Casey, period. No excuses. Annie said she would give himmoney period. Lets stop the candy coated hypocritical bullshit. They both fucked up..end of story, stop babying them, and stop the back peddling, it makes it worse, not better. And to the poster using my handle..grow up!

Anonymous said...

T you did fine. Your goal to try to make him see the light is hopeless.

I think the problem with Casey he does not see the fact every thing he has done has ended in failure!

You should of kept him on a more of what has happened in the past - thinking he has been unable to pay his bills, unopened mail, he has destroyed all his and his wife's credit, he has failed to pay his rent to his sister-in-law.

It has been always what is going to happen, not what has happened. Face it he was not saved from forclosure. He is dreaming.

And for shisty? You nailed him on the letter. He keeps making mistakes, fraud was simple for him. This guy is dangerous.

He keeps making mistakes, over and over. He failed over and over and he was not saved. His future is going to be bankrupcy and I think he sees that light. This idea of a 10K/month "deal" is not going to help him, those credit card debts are just going to be oppressive. Past history tells us the "deal" isn't going to happen.

He was evasive, he never tells us the full story. I think that is the frustration of everyone.

Can he make it? Maybe, but past history tells us no.

And for defending anything he has done. He only tells us I made mistakes over and over. Tell me one thing he has succeeded on. A trip to hawaii?

Who is going to take a risk on him? Certainly not anyone whith a business sense. He brings nothing to the table. Impulsive, failure to asses risks, and unable to organize without thinking it was a great task.

Sure he got a 2 month repreive, and think he has made it. Well to one creditor for 2 months. What about the others?

Too lazy to make an account (being a casey, LAZY!)

Anonymous said...

Word, dawg.

Well said, tuff_girl. I posted as much on IAFF. Casey pwned T, inside and out. Go figure that T is an ex-con. Takes one to know one.

These women ought to grow a set and stop already with the pansy-assed excuses!

Anonymous said...

Chucklenutz' site is STILL down.

Lost Cause said...

Server error!
The server encountered a pump-and-dump scam.

Error message:

T said...

Casey pwned T, inside and out.

It is comments like this that make me sad. Would you have preferred that I demean Casey? The first interview was off the cuff and fun. This one was supposed to be more substantial. Casey was supposed to reveal his amazement at the "haters turned supporters" however he chose to spite me for the last interview that he felt "owned" on. Whatev, you know? We agreed not to "own" each other. It was meant for him to reconnect with his haterz as per the quick phone call to me prior to and that's why I was so stunned. It was unfuckingbelievable, for sure. But not for the reasons you think.

Mr. Bubbles said...


Please don't be offended, but you accomplished nothing in the "interview" last night, other than to expose your own shortcomings and past. You give snowflake to much credit. He is not skilled, intelligent, or educated. His debating and communication skills are below avergage.

You did not ask any of the hard questions many of us laid out for you. You let him control the interview. He was prepared and you were not- bottom line. The fact it was not "your money" as you said is meaningless. That suggest if it was your money you would have been better, which I doubt.

I will chip in $20 for Homey, Rob B, or Dawg to do an hour long interview with snowflake. They know what questions to ask and will not put up with snowflakes bs. The key is know how to conduct a proper interrogation, or deposition interview. I will be happy to provide them with a list of questions to ask.

Again, take this for what it is, constructive criticism. You got lucky in the first podcast when you caught him offguard. However, your skills as a probitive interviewer are lacking.

Al Lewis said...

)))I will chip in $20 for do an hour long interview with snowflake(((

Keep your money. "Homey" will get his interview without it. Keep watching the skies!

T said...

I don't want to watch Casey dance for dollars. It's pathetic. It's like the internet version of Bum Fights.

I will repost here what I posted on Aspeth and Steph's blogs and then I'm done with this. Anyone who wants to keep in touch can reach me via email.

On Aspeth's blog:

I had a glimmer of hope that Casey might have had an epiphany. But not because he was being pressured to pay a measly $200 bill but rather due to the fact that we will reward that kind of behavior: doing a task for a certain amount of money in order to pay down his debt. It's like when you tell your toddler, "Yay! You went peepee on the big boys' potty!"

Casey and I spoke briefly on the telephone prior to the interview. His demeanor was vastly different. He agreed to not make excuses and argue through the interview but to help his "haters", the ones who found it in their hearts to give him money, have an opportunity to get to know him better.

The interview went south. I was stunned. I realized he didn't appreciate shit. That's not the tone of someone who wants to reconnect with his audience. I tried humanizing the "haters" to bring him back into focus but he was more interested in spiting me over the last interview than doing what we discussed prior to the interview.

I could have held the money back. I could have told him to STFU and let me do the interviewing but I decided not to be a cunt. I was like, here... I'm done. Take your money.

After the interview, Casey called me to let me know he'd posted it on IAFF and in my opinion he wanted to feel me out to see if I was angry with him. Again, his tone was very different from the interview. Is he a seasoned con man? Nope. Not by a long shot. A seasoned con man would not be dancing for dollars on his blog to pay Cashcall. Hell, a seasoned con man wouldn't bother BORROWING money from Cashcall.

No, Casey is just like a dope fiend. He wouldn't even be saavy enough to be a dope DEALER because he'd get high on his own supply and then HIS dealer would break his kneecaps.

I would have been his biggest fan had he turned a corner. But now it'll just be too little too late.

On Steph's blog:

I gotta tell you... I don't care anymore, Steph. I could have used the hour to belittle Casey and have a sensational interview. I could have made him jump through hoops and beg for the $. What would that have solved? What would any of us have gained?

I believe in redemption. If I didn't, I would not be focusing my education on substance abuse/human services/social work.

Casey is not currently interested in redeeming himself. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And to belittle him in a calculated fashion would have made me even lower than he is.

I'm not interested anymore. It was fun for a while to see what this yahoo would do next. Now it's just sad. He has not been humbled by this experience. I tried to humanize the "haters" during the interview by sharing some of my own experiences with him but that only magnified the fact that he thinks he knows some secret that we've all missed.

To be honest, I have no faith in our criminal justice system. Not by a long shot. And I don't believe that Casey will pay dearly for his crimes.

I really like and admire some of the people on EN so I'm glad I was directed there via the housing bubble blog but even that is beginning to lose its appeal. What is our goal? Do we even have one?

I'm too old to be an internet bully. To laugh and joke @ Casey and Nigel's expense can be fun when you're bored but it's gotten stale. It's the same old same old. I had a flicker of hope that it all might MEAN SOMETHING on Friday night. That hope was dashed yesterday. Now I must reassess and ask myself "am I that fucking bored?". I think it's time to read a book or something, you know? I'm just not into beating my head against a wall anymore.

I'm totally glad you began blogging, tho. I'm definitely going to keep in touch here and also with Aspeth via her blog. But I don't think I'm gonna spend much more time rubbernecking the train wreck and inner machinations of Mr. Casey Serin. I'd rather spend more time volunteering @ a drug treatment center where the people who come in actually WANT to be helped.

Later, Haterz!

Anonymous said...

Looks like is what Casey the was pwned by "T".

Looks like it was Casey that didn't know about what was happening in his own future in regards to Nigel finally drawing the line with him and dumping him as a business partner. Guess that is another deal crossed off Caseys list.

Endgame Observer / It's All Good said...

T & Annie,

Ignore the nasty comments, please. Your only mistake was the same mistake that I (a male - that'll be an important fact to "The_real_tuff_gurl", but irrelevant to most of us here) made.

That mistake was to get caught up in the moment Friday night, give a (convincing and) desperate soul the benefit of the doubt, and try to help.

In retrospect, we all got scammed by a young but experienced con artist. (If it's any consolation, Nigel himself has now come to the same realization).

So shame on Casey for conning us, but shame on us if we let him do it again.

Ogg the Caveman said...

That being said, you and T seem to be getting entirely too emotionally involved with Casey.

I agree. While it's Annie and T's business what they do with their time and money is their business, I think they would both do well to think about whether they've become too wrapped up in this whole thing. We all know what's down that road, and it's nothing good. Just ask local Rich Dad, Chris, PRTwinkBits, Nigel, and so on. I don't mean to compare their intentions to T's and Annie's by any means. I'm just pointing out that people who get too involved end up getting hurt, and usually make themselvse look bad in the process.

Between Nigel's recent outbursts and "outings" and this weekend's events, I think the situation is starting to take on dangerous undertones. Nigel's change of heart today may lower the temperature, but bear in mind that Casey is only beginning to spiral down the drain. As the pressure builds, he'll become more desperate and more likely to drag others down with him.

This is the time to keep the whole mess at arm's length. Don't give any of the players your personal information if you haven't already done so. Nothing good can come of being associated with Snowflake, no matter the nature of that association.

@ Annie:

The poster who said not to give Casey your checking account number and routing number is dead on. Don't send him a check. If you pay him, do so via cashier's check, money order, or some other instrument that doesn't give away your bank account information.

Endgame Observer said...

Annie - my last comment re you (I promise).

Imagine this scenario:

Casey walks into room, waves check in the air, says to G, 'honey, one of my fans named Annie sent you a check with money she earned at a J.O.B. and said she's treating us to dinner at Macaroni Grill!', G says 'Sweet! But, can I get a new purse instead?' Casey says 'Sure, why not? There'll still be enough left over for Jamba Juice. It's all good!

I believe this scenario already happened once on a larger scale with the 'missing Utah wrap payment'.

If you must mail away $250, consider sending it ALL to the shelter in G's name...

Lost Cause said...

N****'s letter to Casey: (from pwn3d site)

Mr Serin:

It seems that you could only monetize your blog for a total of $378 in a single night. Let me check to see if that matches our requirements, and I will get back to you.


Prince of Darkness

John said...

Ogg breaks character for a wise message. We are dealing with an addict. Gandhi said some mistakes lead to violence, and wealth without work is one of them. Casey has turned very bitter and cynical as Cashcall turns the screws and finally there are real consequences. He'll do anything to make someone else make the sacrifices. Please stand back. Furthermore, no real empathy or heart-to-heart can be effective now. Concern has the scent of opportunity through manipulation. Deprogramming an addict for an hour is the job of professionals, and only when the addict is ready.

Anonymous said...

If it is true Nigel has dumped Casey because of all this, that would be interesting. And if this was the good things comming, OMG.

The only thing I have learned is -- Casey is IRRESPONSIBLE!

He has amazing things comming. Things are in transition. Things are all good. How many times do we have to here this?

In the mean time he is begging for money, and seeming to resign himself to bankrupcy.

"A dreamer, not a realist", in Casey's own words.


Anonymous said...

As for nigel's confession

Ummm, it was already pretty obvious and with your opportunistic coat tail riding perosnality, not too much of a stretch to deduce that you were in one way or antoher hoping to capitalize on Caey's website. I'm just surprised it took you so long to admit something everyone already knew. you have done nothing in your life but jump on the latest way to get rich phase (web site designer my ass), olympic pin master salesman, real estarte mania (as usual jumped on too little too late), and now blogosphere and foreclosure website activist (make money one people on the way up, then return as they are crashing and burning to 'help them out)
Casey did the usual 'agree to something then back out at the lasy minute' dance with you, and you are a moron for thinking that despite it happening to everyone else; prlinkbiz, Chris Record, Rich Dad, duane LegAte, you were in some way too special for it to happen to you. You get no sympathy from me here.
As for you deciding to pull the plug on Casey, (sounds like he pulled the plug on you actually, or at least is stalling you), more than likely, you probably realized "Wait a minute, what the hell do I need him for?"
Good luck on your fantastic career Nigel, I suggest going into vitamins like all the other get rich quick losers.

Jennifer Government said...

The unusual amount of vitriol here would seem to suggest that KC and G spent their “hard-earned” $ on drugs and feel entitled to more.
Please do not send either of them another dirty f-ing penny.

beezer said...

Annie -

Galina is a willing participant up to her crossed little eyes. Read the Earth Mission blog. She's as lazy as he is, she was involved in the entire thing, she doesn't want to work, it's her as much as him.

Look at her ELEVEN credit cards. Look at the one to Macy's she opened right before her credit score tanked and then put a couple hundred bucks on immediately.

Please don't assume that, just because she's a woman, she's some innocent bystander.

Jennifer Government said...

Exactly, Beezer. G isn't a poor little girl by any means.

Don't worry about her, Annie.

PMSPMS™©® said...


You don't have to pay. This is only the internet. If you feel bad about it pay later when the dust has settled. You never put a deadline on the pay day as far as I can recall.

Stay off his blog and go outside for awhile.


Schnapps said...

Ok, putting it out there:

Annie, don't send Casey or Galina any money. Whether she is or isn't in on his [insert expletive of choice here] dealings, is besides the point. If she is, she doesn't really need it. If she isn't, he's not going to let her have it anyways or take at least some of it for himself. I don't think you want that.

You seem like a nice person. Save that money for yourself: get that windshield fixed, get your mom some flowers or something she'd really appreciate. Or if you must do something with it, give it all to a women's shelter. If you must donate it in Galina's name, do so.

From your story, I know a bit about where you're sitting (although my ex was more Casey-like without the psychological/psychiatric issues). If you want to talk more, you can email me at schnapps013 at gmail dot com (that's a zero, not a letter O). You can set up a separate email address if you like through yahoo.

Anonymous said...

Nacho did a terrible job trying to coach Casey! Why is she feeding this guy $250 for doing nothing. Why is she enabling him. Hell, it's better to give a crack head the money and get high..or give a hooker the money and get blow or in her case licked!!

Casey is lowlife scum and will not change. He'll laugh in your face as he always does and never help anyone but himself...Casey is a selfish bastard straight through and through.

Why you mofos babysit his azz is beyond me.

He need his azz kicked for being so freaking manipulative!

I just lost my job because Heritage Plaza Mortgage dissolved and many smucks are paying this guy just to talk to him!! If there is a God, and I surely hope there is...I hope God makes a good example of Casey!!

Aspeth said...

The_real_tuff_gurl said...

A load of crap.

Look sweetie, grown folk are talking here. Go play somewhere quietly.

lawnmower man said...

oh, and reading Aspeth's blog, this awesome catch which I don't think has been mentioned here yet: check out what other tabs Snowflake had open during the grovel-a-thon.

Sweet. Hi Casey.

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

After I read the "Nigel" post I skipped to the end. This shit is ridiculous.

Do any of you realize how easy it is to spoof identities on blogger post? Try it for yourselves. It's not exactly difficult.

No wonder most of you believe that a troll who posts as Homey DA Clown is a district attorney because he posted a bunch of junk that he dug up on google and Zabasearch.

Quit being so goddamn gullible.

Anonymous said...


You probably should read the rest of it. You'd realize that most of us have read your post, have commended you on it, and moved on. Myself included.

"Quit being so goddamn gullible."

Pot. Kettle. Like so many others, you got slimed, too.

Anonymous said...

As for T

T, didn't you just show that you are just as gullible and make just as bad investment decisions as Casey did by agreeing to interview him for money? Paying him 250 dollars for that poor excuse of a tell all interview is just as bad as Casey shelling out money on all his real estate seminars.
You also mention that..well, it wasn't your money, it was Stanley's. Kind of easy to act all righteous and send Casey the money when it wasn't yours isn't it? Kind of like Casey letting all his houses foreclose since he never invested any of the money himself. If you did actually send Casey some of your own money...I have some nice penny stocks I think you would like to own.

Aspeth said...

@ lawnmower man...thanks for including a snap of the larger pic. I'll see if I can get the resolution better in the blog post.

@ the multiple "Anon's" lurking...not really sure where you get off calling criticizing and calling T names. Her intentions toward Casey have always been the purest of anyone's. If you didn't already know that, you're too ignorant to to comment.

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