Friday, March 23, 2007

The "Fannn" is Gawd

Casey Fannn has authored the seminal audio work to date on the trainwreck we call "Casey Not at the Wheel." The haterz™ have preserved it for all time and I've no doubt ten years from now it will still be being downloaded. Good work Fannnn and our eternal tanks.
Link to the grand opus: here.


Anonymous said...

i will never get "its all good" out of my head EVER


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok I an Dum, how do you download?

Rob Dawg said...

Type in the 3 letter 'code' at the top next to the empty box.

segfault said...

If you don't have time to listen to the full two-hour ep, just download the remix--you won't miss much. The radio guy who told Casey to quit rambling was spot-on.

I thought the transcript of the call from Nacho was a very clever troll, especially with so much in-depth discussion of finding the right murse, how many pockets and zippers it should have, and its contents, some of which can't be talked about... I can't believe he actually wanted to discuss it at length!

Rob Dawg said...

If your choice was "contents of murse" v. "criminal diversion of Utah checks" which would you chose?

Anonymous said...

Ok it was good.... its allgood its
all good........its allgood its allgood

Stanley said...

Dawg made me choke on that one.....he does have a point. :)

Stanley said...

Nobody claimed FIRST....I am depressed.

Nigel's Editor said...

Wow! I was watching the Paula Zahn show on CNN (not exactly a liberal lady) and she made the following statement (paraphrased of course):

Say you have a nice fixed rate mortgage and you think you are sitting pretty, one foreclosure in your neighborhood could lower your home value by 1%. If, say, 4 foreclosures occur over a short period, you could see your home DROP by 4%.

Based on that info FROM A LENDER what about short sales? Say my neighborhood is good to go, prices are steady and an asshole like Casey buys a neighboring home? He can't flip it, he can't sell at a reduced rate so he short sells. He just fucked my home value with his irresponsible ways. Better that the original owner couldn't sell and take it off the market than have an asslicker like Casey fuck my value!

Can somebody tell that asskissing Nigel how wrong he is about Casey's effects on society. If A LENDER said this to Paula Zahn, guess what? It must be true. Of course the RE industry won't tell us this stuff.

Poor Nigel, caught in more lies.

Mozatta said...

My question is do you think we can get enough cash back at close to provide the fans of EN with glowsticks?

Anonymous said...

Here is Casey's church:

Akubi said...

Hilarious Casey Fannn!
You made my day.
Itz all good.

T said...

OMFG!! I just got home and checked this out. I'M FUCKING DYING!!




Fucking brilliant!!!

Akubi said...

You also did an amazing job or Casey Fann wouldn't have so much material to work with.
Happy Friday to all!

T said...

Thank you, m'dear.

Akubi said...

Somehow this one seemed murse related:

Tony Soprano said...

I would have called "first" but I was out selling a house. Can you believe it, I actually worked anyho..

48 hours since the big show and not a peep from Snowflake. WTF? All this sweet publicity and he's too busy fucking socks. And what about the Economist article? Nay a tweet! Me thinks Snowflake is melting faster than the ice in the shaker that I just used to make a gimlet. Go long on Stoli!

I've posted the song twice over there and the second time I warned sockfucker that if he deleted my post again, the song would be on the radio. Casey? Did you hear that? I will get that song played on the radio if you ever delete one more of my posts.

Go heavy! I highly recommend the STI Spartan. I just picked one up. $600 for a nicely tuned 1911 can't be beat. WAY smoother than a Kimber. Sorry Casey, they are not on the California approved list.

Benoit™ said...

That was great... I could just imagine Casey sitting in a yoga position at home, while ignoring his cell phone ringing constantly, repeating his mantra -- "it's-all-good, it's-all-good, it's-all-good..."

Other good parts were the "I was lying to the banks" re-mix and the part where Nacho™ says "Nigel Swaby", slowed down so it sounds seductive :-)

Pink Lips and a smart dog said...

Great mix Its all good!
I didnt realize some of the haterz (male) had such hot voices, made it kind of hard to concentrate hearing a smart sexy sounding MAN, instead of Casey and his nasally, Russian echoing, man purse toting, snot nose.

T said...

Benoit™ said...

the part where Nacho™ says "Nigel Swaby", slowed down so it sounds seductive :-)

You silly fucker! I just threw up in my mouth a little!

The words "Nigel Swaby" and "seductive" should NEVER be used in the same sentence!

Rob Dawg said...

...STI Spartan. I just picked one up. $600 for a nicely tuned 1911 can't be beat.

Sure it can stop a snowflake but...

Anonymous said...

L'il Casey is disapointed. This was supposed to be the dawn of all the good things he deserves, just for being alive. Us Haterz™ were not supposed to hijack his pathetic attempt to become an adviser. Tsk. Tsk.

I would love to find out a CashCall representative was behind him in line at Jamba, and as soon as he pulled his pda out (you just KNOW L'il Casey loves to flash that around in public, it makes him looks SO important!), the rep grabbed it, said "Thank you", handed him a receipt, and bought a strawberry and banana smoothie (or whatever the holy fuck they sell there).

Based on what I've heard of CC, it's in the realm of possibilities.

Or, L'il Snowflake is gonna come out of Jamba one of these days, and the Vdub will be gone.

And I can't wait for Galina's checks to be garnished.

Woo! This summer should be a riot in the Serin household!

Yeah, Casey, you're the man. You're SUCH a success. You da winnah. Yup. Prison is going to be relief from the hell that awaits you.

Tony Soprano said...

I picked it up to shoot USPSA Single-Stack class. It does carry nice and all but I'll stick with my Glock for carry.

segfault said...

Rob Dawg,

That's it! The cash from the Utah checks is in the murse, which is why he can't talk about it. Here I was thinking he didn't want to talk about various sex toys and prophylactics he had in the murse... Eww!

Stanley said...


Forget Glock or STI Spartan and go REALLY heavy with a S&W Model 500. It's my cannon of choice.....

Anonymous said...

This is truly incredible. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Polar Bear said...

Hacky sacks can be utilized as anal sex toys.

Polar Bear Circle Jerk said...

Also, an interesting reference point from our little droid flake per Wiki:
Hacky Sack is sometimes also referred to as Circle Kicking. There is a formal game of footbag but Hacky Sack is played informally, with little or no rules. Hacky Sack generally consists of a group of people formed in a circle, trying to keep the footbag in the air. Usually the goal of the game is to complete a "hack". A "hack" is when the footbag is passed around and touched by every player in the circle, without touching the ground. Many players feel the game is based on respect and fun, so someone showing off and kicking to yourself is generally frowned upon.

Other games are also played, for example, waterfall, kill, step up and tower. There is also Slaps:

Slaps is when there is a certain number of kicks between a certain number of people, once this is accomplished the hacky sack can be slapped at a member of the group and if the hack hits the person or anyone else they are either eliminated until there is one person left or they have an out if they are playing with more then 1 out. The rule might be 5 between 3 so there most be 5 total hacks between 3 people before the hacky sack can be slapped at a member of the circle. It is a survival game the last one standing wins the round. Usually when it gets down to 2 people there will be a hack off; where the winner is determined by the number of consecutive hacks they can do the one with the most consecutive hacks wins the game.

Al Lewis said...

))Forget Glock or STI Spartan__((

I got an old Thunder 5. Is it a cool weapon? I can't fit the damn thing in a jacket pocket, so I leave it at home. I only fired it one time. It blew apart a wooden box. It's very heavy. I suspect it's not accurate for target shooting. I never understood why a sawed-off shotgun is illegal but a Thunder 5 is legal.

Al Lewis said...

))I can't fit the damn thing in a jacket pocket((

Oh yeah, I also got a .38 Special I bought from a Viet Nam vet, but I don't like it. It has no safety! It fits nicely in a pocket, but you can accidentally blow your balls off with it. So, I also leave that one at home. I gots no guns for walking around. I feel so defenseless.

Akubi said...

I save my guns for the times I need them. It hasn't quite happened yet...

Akubi said...

Yet, when bored in an unknown place I enjoy shooting Rainier Ale cans like I did with my Daddy.

Akubi said...

Heaven's Gate 10 year anniversary:
I wonder where those Nikes have taken them…

Aelfscine said...

Posted this on Nigel's blog, who knows how long it will last?

Remember kids, having a BMW makes you a Person of Worth. It shows you were willing to shell out money in return for respect, without actually having to earn the latter.
Be sure to tell everyone about your automobile as much as possible; that earns you Respect Bonus Points that you can spend to win arguments.

Exchange Rate:
5pts: Win one internet flame war, single thread only.
10pts: Win one internet flame war thread, even if you likened your opponent(s) to Hitler.
25pts: Win all pending internet flame wars on any existing website.
50pts: As 25pt. award, plus Hitler Protection
100pts: As above, but also retroactively win any previous internet flame wars for a period of one year.
200pts. Retroactive victory, Hitler
500pts. Win any one argument with anyone, anywhere, online or off.
50,000 pts. Win a new BMW!
1,000,000 pts New BMW delivered to your door by Hitler himself! (Disclaimer: You are not allowed to refer to anyone else as being like Hitler while in his presence. His eye lasers will deliver swift retribution)

bemused guy said...

He's posting transcripts!!
I wonder how much history will e revised?

Dolph said...

Being somebody with many friends in entertainment and with experience myself this song fracking ROCKS!

Wow, you are very talented Fannn.

TK said...

Well I've noticed hour 2 is...probably gonna take a couple days. Hey Casey - the meat is over here big guy! Don't worry it's 100% accurate. Oh maybe that's the problem.

BTW - Cashcall deadlne passed today. He better start looking over his shoulder. Hell they'll repo his fucking salmon dish from Macaroni grill if they can resell it! They've probably begun to contact all of his associates (particularly his supportive ones that appear to have some sort of financial interests with him).

Hey Nigel, Say Hi to Cashcall for us. I'm sure your wife is a hair's breadth from banning your internet usage. But I'm not sure that's what good mormons do...

TK said...

PS - Casey fannn - great work. My favorite part?


followed closedly by getajobgetajobgetajobgetajob

Anonymous said...

If Casey thinks he's gonna be famous and be on TV he's wrong. He has zero personality and can't talk. His voice is boring with barely any inflection.

The anonymous lawyer said...

Can anybody point me to where Cashcall will "repossess" Casey's stuff? I thought they handed out unsecured loans?

Anonymous said...


It's gone. Apparently Nigel is on the prowl for haterz.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Casey's transcript and one thing annoys me very much. How can he claim to be such a good entrepreneur YET not do research on his lenders and business partners? He had no idea that Cash Call is famous for going after deadbeats? If I am planning to do business with a new credit card co, lender, buying a home or consult for a client I do serious Due Diligence before signing on the dotted line.

Further proof he has to stop pretending to be a businessman.

king friday the 13th said...

Because Casey violated Exodus 20:15, he will go to prison, where he will share a cell with Bubba, who will force Casey to violate LEVITICUS 20:13.

I have reached a new low -- who uses the bible in prison jokes...

bemused guy said...

Am glad I read the transcript. Now I have warning he'll be a caller on Suze Ormon. Let's hope her producers perform due diligence & find this blog. I'd for this to be another "poor little boy" story. In fact, maybe I'll send her website a link to this one...

Akubi said...

king friday the 13th,

How did you become so well versed in the Bible?

Don’t dare touch his site, but when will KC be on Suze Orman?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Hey Alpha Dawg,
You are getting plugged and Hat tipped on HP by an anonopussy. Here is the post:

Anonymous said...

"Arrest Casey Serin!"

And spoil all the fun? No no no. Never let it end! Just read exurbannation so you're not actually supporting his site.

Sweet deals forever.

TK said...

Oh my God,

That picture of Max Headroom led me to go to youtube and remember what all the fuss was about back then. I don't know if anyone ever heard about this but it is documented on Wikipedia. This is one of the freaking weirdest things I have ever seen. Anyone who happened to be watching Dr. Who on acid at 11:30 that night probably never forgave themselves.

bitterrenter said...

theres alot of casey's in nyc

TK said...

Bitter Renter - I live here too. In Queens actually - the land of the $million dollar loft abutted by a railyard on one side, a bridge on the other, an elevated subway and a strip which crowds with some interesting local characters when the sun goes down. SWEET!

Rob Dawg said...

NYC is exceptional in many ways. The last time it got this populous and dense was 1950 which was followed by 2 generations of decline. This latest resurgence will cycle down much faster and deeper. Cities are expensive and the one thing that will be in short supply will be the money to keep NYC afloat. This is the point where NYC supporters make what is known as the Moynihan Defense. Thst NYC contributes far more in taxes and productivity than it consumes. This is an accounting gimmick, nothing more.

Aelfscine said...

I've been asleep at the wheel apparently, what's this Cashcall deadline everyone's been mentioning?

Is he out of his grace/we don't break your kneecaps period?

He's been in default with them for a while, is now the start of when they can repossess?

Anonymous said...

"So I wanted to get a little bit extra time with them, and he said I’ll have until the 23rd. I said, let me call you back and discuss it with my wife. Then he cut me off and said, that’s it, we’re forwarding your account to their legal department. So I’m not sure if that’s just a threat, or if something bad is going to really start happening here. I’ll definitely keep you updated to see what they’re going to do now. Apparently now, they’ve lost their patience with me, and they’re going to try and collect."

This is from Casey's Wednesday night call in.

Big Cheese said...

Casey Fann,

Very nice job... I'm only disappointed you couldn't work in the line "I like to get a package I can really bite into.." or something along those lines.

Really there was so much choice material from the webcast that it was just a rich abudant environment.


bitterrenter said...

sounds like you mean long island city...

TK said...
Bitter Renter - I live here too. In Queens actually - the land of the $million dollar loft abutted by a railyard on one side, a bridge on the other, an elevated subway and a strip which crowds with some interesting local characters when the sun goes down. SWEET

home of the rikers island (JAIL)shuttlebus and the hookers, the fr8 yards, the only fun around there is PS1 Warmup parties, the PHUN Phactory, and the circus people every year.

million dollar lofts..yea city lights, the aurora...

hate it all, i used to live in LIC, where you used to be able to walk around, see a for rent sign in the window and the landlord would hand over the keys and say bring the 1st&security later!

first-time caller said...

from iaff:
Facing Foreclosure Call Transcript 1
Huge thanks to fast and accurate transcription by Chris Naaden of

Rush (1-2 Business Days, 2 hours or under):
Type 1 Audio - $2.25/minute

Mr serin, a poor person, paid $270 for a transcript? It doesn't seem right.

Schnapps said...

Actually, I think Casey may have paid even more for it:

Type 1 Audio Transcription Rates:
-Any audio up to 2 people, recorded in digital format, standard cassette, microcassette, or video format.

Type 2 Audio Transcription Rates:
-Any audio with a total of 3 people.
-Any audio with significant noise in the background.
-Any audio that has voices that are difficult to understand (i.e. poor recording, soft voices, echo/reverb, etc.)

Type 3 Audio Transcription Rates:
-Any audio with 4 or more speakers.
-Presentations dealing with highly scientific terminology or very thick accents.
-Panel discussions & focus groups, conference calls, seminars with multiple participants.

Please find our rates listed below, based on each recorded minute of audio:

Standard (3-5 Business Days, 5 hours or under):

Type 1 Audio - $1.50/minute
Type 2 Audio - $2.00/minute
Type 3 Audio - $3.00/minute

Rush (1-2 Business Days, 2 hours or under):

Type 1 Audio - $2.25/minute
Type 2 Audio - $2.75/minute
Type 3 Audio - $4.00/minute

Conceivably, he paid $4.00/minute for transcription.



Schnapps said...

Oh, and I don't know if anyone saw this last night, but there was a comment from Nigel over at the casey love-in showing a bunch of links where people spoke highly of Nigel. One of them had something to do with ninjas and the "order of the sword" or something.

This morning, that comment is gone.

So I posted this:

Hey, Nigel, why'd you remove the post with all the links where people spoke so highly of you? Tired of your ninja status?

T said...

Once again, Casey's quest to find a "sweet" deal has eluded him.

Anonymous said...

Any way to get the song without downloading that shittacular spyware loader, er, file downloader?

Ogg the Caveman said...


It took me a while to figure it out too. It doesn't help that I got the German version of the page.

In the upper right of the center region, above the Google ads and to the right of the MEGAUPLOAD logo, there is a captcha image, a field to enter it in, and a download button. The image is labeled "Bitte hier" and the entry field is labeled "eingeben". Enter the captcha in the text field and click Download.

Anonymous said...

You can download the song directly here:

Casey Dance Mix

Benwa_Mandelbrot said...

My suspicion is that Casey didn't actually pay for this transcription. I mean, that level of idiocy would be beyond even him, right? Huh, guys? Huh?

I mean, could he be that much of an imbecile? I can't quite begin to believe that, at one minute to midnight with the Cashcall wolves beginning to howl around his door, that he'd spend money on that.

I would like to imagine that the transcription service offered him a freebie in return for him prominently mentioning their name at the top of the blog. If I were a loan or realty service, I wouldn't want to be associated with KC directly because of the taint of Serin incompetency. But a transcription service just has to provide a good transcript.

Out of interest, I have seen a couple of people suggest he has sold the blog? Is this foundationless.

- A New Hater

Tony Soprano said...

Could be that the transcription service did this at a reduced rate/ freebie in exchange for the linkage. Casey does get a lot of hits and most of us are professionals in one way or another and may require suck a service from time to time. On the other hand, I could see Snowflake easily spending that because after all, "it's a business expense, not a personal expense".

One interesting thing I've realized is that Casey no longer controls his own story. We haterz are really in the drivers seat now. Look at how he tried to dodge the song and call-in. It wasn't until I ("el_hombre" over there) yanked his chain that he posted the link. He tried to ignore the webcast and make it go away but he couldn't with us keeping up the heat on. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE on him! He's got to be close to cracking by now..hehehe

please excuse any typo's/spellings. I'm Episcopalian and I've had five gimlets already this evening......

Go Heavy! (don't worry, all but one AR-15 is locked away in the safe!) Hic!

Endgame Observer said...

My suspicion is that Casey didn't actually pay for this transcription. I mean, that level of idiocy would be beyond even him, right? Huh, guys? Huh?

Certainly not beyond him. Don't underestimate his stupid ego.

I mean, could he be that much of an imbecile?

Sure, he is!

T said...

Holy fucking shit. You know what? I never heard the beginning of Casey's podcast thingie. I was on AIM with rboy and a few others and was having difficulty getting the talkshoe thing to work properly so I had no idea what was being discussed before I spoke with him.

I just got done reading most of the transcript that Casey posted over at IAFF and I gotta tell you, had I heard that shit first, my questions would have been brutal.

What a cocksucking motherfucker. Oh, I hope he does another one. Trust and believe, I hope he does. I will ream that pansy bastard a new one if I ever get the opportunity to ask him additional questions.

Anonymous said...

@12:35 PM Anonymous
"You can download the song directly here:

Casey Dance Mix ( )"


www. is owned by the same person that owns,, and he's also the same person that's giving Casey free hosting.

Akubi said...

In addition to hosting the song is hilarious.

BJ said...

www. is owned by the same person that owns,, and he's also the same person that's giving Casey free hosting.

Umm (hemming and hawing).. considering the talk about Casey's orientation, Nigel.. the murse.. I think this pretty well seals it.. Not that there is anything wrong with it..

Casey Serin is a gay cocksucker said...

The New York Times

March 23, 2007

Foreclosures Force Suburbs to Fight Blight


SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — In a sign of the spreading economic fallout of mortgage foreclosures, several suburbs of Cleveland, one of the nation’s hardest-hit cities, are spending millions of dollars to maintain vacant houses as they try to contain blight and real-estate panic.

In suburbs like this one, officials are installing alarms, fixing broken windows and mowing lawns at the vacant houses in hopes of preventing a snowball effect, in which surrounding property values suffer and worried neighbors move away. The officials are also working with financially troubled homeowners to renegotiate debts or, when eviction is unavoidable, to find apartments.

“It’s a tragedy and it’s just beginning,” Mayor Judith H. Rawson of Shaker Heights, a mostly affluent suburb, said of the evictions and vacancies, a problem fueled by a rapid increase in high-interest, subprime loans.

“All those shaky loans are out there, and the foreclosures are coming,” Ms. Rawson said. “Managing the damage to our communities will take years.”

Cuyahoga County, including Cleveland and 58 suburbs, has one of the country’s highest foreclosure rates, and officials say the worst is yet to come. In 1995, the county had 2,500 foreclosures; last year there were 15,000. Officials blame the weak economy and housing market and a rash of subprime loans for the high numbers, and the unusual prevalence of vacant houses.

Foreclosures in Cleveland’s inner ring of suburbs, while still low compared with those in Cleveland itself, have climbed sharply, especially in lower-income neighborhoods that border the city. Hundreds of houses are vacant because they are caught in legal limbo, have been abandoned by distant banks or the owners cannot find buyers.

The suburbs here are among the best organized in their counterattack, experts say, but many suburbs elsewhere in the country have had jumps in foreclosures and are also working to stem the damage.

Outside Atlanta, Gwinnett and DeKalb Counties have mounted antiforeclosure campaigns while several towns south of Chicago are forcing titleholders to fix up empty houses, or repay the government for doing it.

Here in Ohio, there are more than 200 vacant houses in Euclid, a suburb of Cleveland north of here. In the last two years more than 600 houses in Euclid have gone through foreclosure or started the process, many of them the homes of elderly people who refinanced with low two-year teaser rates, then saw their payments grow by 50 percent or more.

Euclid has installed alarm systems in some vacant houses to keep out people hoping to steal lights and other fixtures, drug users and squatters. The city has hired three new building inspectors, bringing the total to nine, to deal with troubled properties and is getting a $1 million loan from the county to cover the costs of rehabilitation, demolition and lawn care at the foreclosed houses. (When the properties are sold, such direct maintenance costs will be recovered through tax assessments.)

The Euclid mayor, Bill Cervenik, said the city, with a population of 53,000, was losing $750,000 a year in property taxes from the empty houses.

At greatest risk in Cleveland’s suburbs are the low- and moderate-income neighborhoods where subprime lending has soared. The practice involves lenders issuing mortgages at high interest rates for people with lower incomes or poor credit ratings, usually involving adjustable rates and sometimes no down payment and no investigation of the borrower’s circumstances.

“What makes the subprime mortgages so devastating from a community perspective is that they’re so concentrated geographically,” said Dan Immergluck, a professor of city planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Rosa Hutchinson Yates, 62, had kept up payments on her tidy two-story house on Chagrin Boulevard in Shaker Heights for 30 years. Now, she may well lose the house because of a disastrous refinancing deal in 2003 that brought her $24,000 in cash but bills she could not pay.

Ms. Yates, who has worked as a beautician and a cocktail waitress, was emotional and confused as she tried to explain what happened. Though she signed the closing documents, she said she did not realize that she was getting an adjustable rate mortgage that did not include taxes and insurance.

In 2006, broke and bewildered, she stopped making payments and the lender started foreclosure proceedings. A Shaker Heights city attorney said it appeared that illegally high fees might have been charged and that the broker had overstated Ms. Yates’s income, raising the possibility of a legal challenge.

Ms. Yates, preparing for the worst, has learned that she can move into a subsidized apartment for retirees. But the thought is devastating.

“When folks pay for a home, they expect to die in it,” she said, breaking into tears.

In a report for Shaker Heights, Mark Duda and William C. Apgar of Harvard University found that expensive refinancing deals had been aggressively “push-marketed” in the city’s less affluent west and south sides, bordering Cleveland. They said that “the rising number of foreclosures threatens to undermine the stability” of those areas.

“The moral outrage,” Ms. Rawson, the mayor, said, “is that subprime lenders have targeted our seniors and African-Americans, people who saved all their lives to get a step up.”

About one-third of the residents in Shaker Heights and Euclid are black.

Early last year, James Rokakis, the Cuyahoga County treasurer, started a countywide foreclosure-prevention program, which pays community groups to educate people about loans and help defaulting borrowers negotiate with lenders.

In the late 1990s, Mr. Rokakis said, the flight of manufacturing jobs was the major cause of rising foreclosures but around 2000, the surge in careless lending began to wreak havoc.

Mr. Rokakis estimated that more than three-fourths of the current foreclosures in Cuyahoga County involved subprime loans, some of them blatantly unwise or dishonestly portrayed to buyers. Only last year did Ohio tighten its laws to require more complete disclosures to borrowers.

With so many homeowners running into trouble, the City of Cleveland has been unable to keep track of the number of vacant houses, said Mark N. Wiseman, director of the county prevention program. He estimates that 10,000 of the city’s 84,000 single-family houses are empty.

Suburbs like Shaker Heights are trying to avoid the experiences of blighted neighborhoods in Cleveland like the one where Barbara Anderson lives. Ms. Anderson, 59, said her block of East 76th Street was fully occupied three years ago, but now about half the houses are empty.

Many of the houses are filled with smelly trash and mattresses used by vagrants. They have been stripped of aluminum siding, appliances, pipes and anything else that scavengers can sell to scrap dealers.

“It stifles you,” Ms. Anderson said of the squalor. “It lowers the value and affects the kind of people who are willing to move here. I’m embarrassed to say I live here.”

Ms. Anderson, who works for the city ombudsman’s office, is president of a street association that is working with a county-financed group, the East Side Organizing Project, to salvage some homes. But so far, she said, “when we try to board the houses up, someone comes and tears the boards down.”

Things are not as bad in the Moreland section of Shaker Heights, but residents are worried and angry all the same. Robert O’Neal, 52, has lived there nearly all his life and, until recently, could not remember a house being empty for more than a month. Now on his block, 4 of the 12 houses are vacant, 3 of them for more than a year. Lost jobs, divorces and predatory loans have all played roles, he said.

“It’s sucking the life out of the neighborhood,” said Mr. O’Neal, the town’s chief probation officer. “These are big empty houses near the Cleveland border, and people start worrying about letting their kids out to play.”

Anonymous said...

Speaking of

Dont forget

Anonymous said...

Here is another good one:

Anonymous said...

Casey will have to start posting nude pictures of "G" on his blog, as it's really boring now, and has lost all it's entertaining value.

I wanna see some skin!

Anonymous said...

Xanga guestbook message...

sercasey's site has been shut down by its owner...

Haterz win again!

T said...


Did you ever receive my email? Let me know. Thnx.

Anonymous said...

The fann's mp3 remix was amusing...too bad there was no video to go along with it. Thanks for posting it.

Schnapps said...

Transcript, part II