Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Morning w/Rob Dawg

Visit the Yosemite webcams.


sercasey said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe only second but the cheque for the house sale just came through from my sellement agent in Oz - a nice fat $300k... you see that's what you get for holding sometimes - and yes - there's more houses left in the PMSPMS house bank!

When I first heard of flipping I figured it was a short name for a LOT of work... and yes it is ... with a nasty downside.

Beaut pic Rob.


Sprezzatura said...

Lovely photo.

Rob Dawg said...

$300k. AU$ or U$?

CHJTS said...


I have seen the name Dolph Deroos posting on either here or

I am hearing radio commercials for him now being pawned off as a real estate guru. Can you give me the low down on this it the same one posting here as on the radio commercials.

AND also IMHO...any new real estate guru is a scammer and a thief....all you do is take info already readily available, change a couple verbs and nouns and repackage it like you have discovered some secret.

Pulp Fiction said...

Dolph's dead baby, Dolph's dead.

The interwebs chewed him up and spit him out like so much Skoal.


GameOver said...

My understanding was that the Dolph that was posting here and did CaseyLand chose that name to post under because of the actual person who is a scammer.

I don't think it was the same guy...

Can anyone comment otherwise?

sk said...

Living out of Boulder, CO I have access to similar( but not as beautiful) views every day - but exurbia and suburbia views have their own visual stimulation and memory jerking capacity - as I was reminded during my trip to LA last week.

As I drove through her suburbs, drivin' down her freeways, and roamed her alleys at midnight( with apologies to Jim Morrison) it all came back to me. Over 1 week, starting in Arcadia, then Pasadena and much hissing spitting at IndyMaq HQ (but the Crown City Brewery LIVES), over to Hollywood Lake, then Mulholland across to Laurel Canyon and down to Studio City and then the famous BofA robbery shootout at Laurel and Archwood. Then, Woodlands Hills, Topanga canyon( STILL as weird), Box Canyon, but that biker hangout Woodys(someothername??) has gone then over to Simi Valley to hiss and spit at Countrywide - down to Filmore, down Grimes Canyon( the canyon side namesake graffitti still LIVES on).. to Santa Paula, Ventura, PCH to Neptune's Net and then to Malibu and Suzannes burnt out house then back into the mountains and the other biker hangout "The Rock Place".. then out on the Los Angeles crest highway, PearBlossom to VictorVille, Apple Valley to Yucca Valley and disappearing into the desert.
Man.. this housing boom has made a real MESS of the place - but despite that I loved it still. I have 4 hours of video out of it !

Rob, do post some cam pics of the Southland as well, every once in a while.


Rob Dawg said...

Will do. You came within a few miles of me.

Here's my backyard:

Anonymous said...

that would be a neat picture if it were december or january, but its march and I've seen enough of the white stuff for a while. thanks for reminding me why I dont move to the mountains, though. :)