Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Important Safety Note

A reader asks:

Dear Dawg,

In Blogspot / Blogger, is the blog administrator able to see the IPs
of comments' posters?

Thank you Rob,

Yes, but before you get concerned I won't/don't and will fight anyone who tries this crap. Any emails are confidential, traffic tracking is of the generic variety. Now, Nigel has used the data at his blog to track people but not here. One of the "delays" in the new blog is precisely the testing to ensure privacy. Understand, it is only a little privacy but still many times better than nothing and certainly preferable to the abusive intrusions we've seen elsewhere recently.


Bohica said...

Foist ?

Bohica said...

In my point of view, every phone conversation, e-mail, wink/nod etc. is being watched by big brother.
It never dawned on me that privacy was to be expected in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

third. it accoounts for something I should hope.

Zewg said...



Anonymous said...

Even if he could see the IP, if you use a phone or Internet Access company he can't get anything more than the city you live in.

To get personal info would mean he'd have to sue and as the big media companies have found out, it's tough AND expensive to subpoena that info without a compelling enough reason.

Now if you post using a company owned system along with a personal board like Myspace, he can find you.

Anonymous said...

Just a side note:
I remember KC had his Google AdWords canceled due to a high numbr of 'fraudulent clicks.'

Now I see over at Nigel's DontHateCasey blog - Google Adwords!

Maybe they need lots of clicks too?

Lou Minatti said...

How can you see the IP addresses? I also use Blogger and have never seen this feature. You need to add a third-party counter, and even then it's difficult to figure out who posted and then matching it with their IP address.

Tony Soprano said...

Nice Jacket there R-Boy:)

PMSPMS said...

I am absolutely stunned at the hate crimes that Nigel Swaby is committing. I am sort of catching up here but need to work as well. R-Boy, Miguel and T ... love you all.

T said...

Anonymous said...

Now if you post using a company owned system along with a personal board like Myspace, he can find you.

He might be able to find my Myspace page but he won't be able to view it as I have it set so that only my friends can view it. I'm stealth like that.

PMSPMS said...
R-Boy, Miguel and T ... love you all.


You know, the only thing he's proving is that what we say about him over here bothers him.

And R-Boy, you and your girlfriend are adorable.

Mozatta said...

rob dawg, fast as fast can be, but you'll never catch me. Rotten squirrel.

I'm been trying to uncover some of my ancestors, so maybe if I post hateful comments over at d*ckswap's blog he'll uncover some of my past for me.

Stanley said...

Let's begin.....

I decided to let you loosers claim first, but don't make it a habit.

What's the big deal about the myspace site anyway? fucking big deal. Asswipe thinks he's pulled some kind of coup, I guess.

Where's the "next to be outed" list and can I be on it?

Back to waiting to be FIRST, once again.

Anonymous said...

I'll spare you the trouble.

My name is Andrew.
I'm 27
Live in Little Rock, AR
I attended UofA breifly, go Hogs
I like blondes
I smoked dope from '99-'05
I got caught stealing when I was 5
My parents divorced when I was 13
I've ordered from online porn sites
I particpated in D&D during Jr. High

Anonymous said...


so far it's 3-for-3 on coolness. we're an upstanding bunch!

remember when he just wrote bad econ essays and rationalized the fraud as victimless? man, those were the days.

Pitah said...

Damn....long time lurker, first time poster. just have to say that nigel is a egomaniac who is spiraling into self-destruction for no reason other than his bizzarely deep-seated attachment to Msr. Serin. Unbelievable.
And by the way, I play The Fannnnnn's remix every day and have laughed while thinking about it at work. Itsallgooditsallgooditsallgooditsallgood.
Okay, now that I'm out of the closet and on the comments page, Rob, how's that forum coming?! :)

BadjerJim said...

Now that Nigel has outted R-Boy... do you think he'll buy another press release about it?

Anonymous said...

Two things come to mind:

One, Nigel is really a douche. 'Nuff said.

Two, the haters he has "outed" aren't Internet trolls on the fringes of society. They're not murderers or rapists or fraudsters. They're intelligent people with interesting backgrounds who are expressing the appropriate moral outrage at Casey (and Nigel's) stupidity, lawlessness, rudeness, and general lack of tact.

Nacho said...

I was just informed that Mr. Swaby has posted an unauthorized picture of me.

I am not amused.


Nacho Cat

Nacho said...

And check out my blog. It's not award winning or anything, but I find it enjoyable and therapeutic.

Stanley said...


Do you have an Uncle Heavy's Original Hog Hat? None of these low class damn yankees have a freakin' clue what one is; but I'll bet you they wish they had one.

I'm looking at LR as a place to buy. Well, it's time to go put mine on and call the hogs. It always thrills the neighbors....they love it.

R-Boy said...


thats actually my fiancee.

GameOver said...

Congrats r-boy! I'd assume were all invited to the festivities but that would make me a Nigel out of myself!

Although I am riveted to my monitor for his explanation of all this non-outing he is up to all Nigel has accomplished is prove that he and Casey are made for eachother.

God would be too kind to let them share a jail cell for all this fraud.

PS. Nacho is a cutie!

Akubi said...

I’d rather not peruse Nigel’s blog and encourage his adolescent behavior with hits, but did all of the haters he “outed” with his awesome Google skill set post comments on the PoS blog?

T/Nacho, I think your new name should be Teflon T. I have some interesting ideas for Nigel’s mad Google skillz, but I won’t comment here since he’s such a regular lurker/”stalker” so it would ruin the fun.

Rob Dawg,
I hope the new blog contains a Nigel blocker because he simply isn’t fun or entertaining or intelligent or witty, etc, etc. Just plain annoying as far as I’m concerned.

LOL said...

Since everyone is sharing
43 years old
IT Director (at a Law Firm)
Hobbies: watching Star Trek and p0wning snot nosed brats like Casey and Nigel

Jade said...

There was a time I sort of defended Nigel and thought the people here were a little too obsessive about him. But he's proven himself to be a worthy target after all.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

@ Dawg & Rb-Boy,

Since Nigel is a licensed mortgage broker, he has lied about his employment history. Cornflake has since removed his bio on his POS site, but it has been posted on EN many times.

Missing from his resume/profile is his employment/business with his brother Mark. I am sure that his employer and the State of Utah would like to know that he is misrepresenting himself to the public.

R-Boy said...

Staff Statistician - USDOJ-CRT
Getting married in September
Fiancee bought a home in early 2003.
Love fantasy baseball and football
and ive got a 200 bowling average.


and a crazy suit. That question mark suit was my halloween costume last year. I was the free government money guy you see on late night infomercials. I actually know the guy, because he's got a scooter too.. and scooter folks tend to hang out at the same places

Ogg the Caveman said...

If anyone's really concerned, anonymizing proxies like Anonymouse will help. I haven't bothered with that sort of thing thus far, but I will if I visit Nigel's sites in the future.

Its' important to understand the limitations of that kind of service. All it does is conceal your IP address from whoever's on the other end by routing the request through an intermediary. It does nothing to cover your tracks on your own computer or conceal anything from anyone who can observe the traffic between your computer and the proxy. In particular, it won't make it any harder for your employer to know what you're doing if you post from work.

It's also important not to pass any sensitive information through a service like that, since the operator of the proxy could read all of the traffic.

Tony Soprano said...


Here you go..

Live in PNW
Active sailor. Oregon Offshore and Swiftsure coming up. Whoo Hoo!
USPSA competitor. A class Limited shooter. Just ordered a new SVI Infinity Sighttracker .40 and 10 tuned mags.
Grew up in Central CA
Seriously debating purchase of Lexus 2008 400H. Car is so new that Progressive doesn't have it in their database yet and couldn't give me a quote today.

knock yourself out buddy. whatever..

Tony Soprano said...

Looks like Snowflakes mad IT skillz are at work again. IAFF is Tango Uniform.

Stanley said...

Hell, if tonight is true confesssions, I'm game.

Retired = don't give a crap what anyone thinks, says, or does.
Married = 34 years
Two sons = absolute pride and joy of my life
Dog = Barkey Von Schnauzer
Why here = bored
Hobbies = Being FIRST, you loosers
Home = Gonna buy one in some town, some where, some day.

Unlike Snowflake, I worked my ass off all my life at a real owner. Changed careers at 35 and became a McDonald's Franchisee. Made a ton of money, sold 'em, and retired in my early 50's.

If Rob takes away my reason for living, being FIRST!, with the forum format I'll have to take up golf or something.

I was going to find some part time work that I enjoyed doing if I decided to go back to work; but I've learned I cannot get a position because I never went to college. AMAZING how Casey blows that off...if I ever NEED to work, I'm screwed. No degree = Wal-Mart Greeter

Anyway....that's me! Let's get another topic going, I've got the itch to be FIRST; again.

Anonymous said...

If you really are concerned about Nigel's skullduggery (or buggery) just post via proxy server. It's easy and fun!

go to tools >> internet options >> connections >> LAN settings >> check "use proxy server"

Now you ask, where do i get information for Proxy servers?

There ya go! Try to stick to ones in the US and Canada. Stay away from Middle East ones. Post with anonymity!

Lost Cause said...

Nigel is a worm.

LOL said...

Post no 39 on IAFF

"I am the short sale buyer on the muncy house. I offered 80% of the banks asking price and added an addendum stating that I will pay 10% more if the bank finds a way to put casey in jail. Casey will be a lot looser after a few months in jail."

my favorite IAFF comment of the day

Akubi said...

Where is the confessional template we're working from?
Must have missed it.

Anonymous said...

Posted at IAFF. Doubtful it will make it through....

I put the Liar in Liar Loans

Looks like you've changed your RSS feed to not show the entire post to score a few more sweet clicks. You're a winner!


Casey Fannnnn said...

Okay, I found the appropriate links and followed up on all the outin', after I cleared today's work off my desk.

What is the point? Every person "outed" by Ni-gel has been shown to be, by online evidence at least, an apparently worthwhile person of dignity and accomplishment, with any eccentricities of the charming variety. Real adults, in other words. This makes Mr. Salty Realtor seem injudicious and meager in comparison.

I think Ni-gel may eventually realize the folly of this action and discontinue it. Then again, this is the person who deliberately chose that picture of himself, and continues to use it on his blog profile, as if he does not realize it evocatively displays him in an unflattering way beyond his physical appearance.

>>ANYBODY can get their photo taken next to or inside a BMW<<

Troo. It's even easier to pose coyly cradling a BM, and UPLOAD A PITCHER.

Lost Cause said...

If Nigel is the type of friend that Casey has, then Casey must be even worse than the h8trz suspect.

Personally, I think they are part of the same guru cult, and would rather make everyone else look bad than admit the idiocy of wasting thousands of dollars like foolish pricks. Bankruptcy cannot happen soon enough for the both of them. I hope that they gone down in each other's arms, if they haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Swaby - 801 265-7132
Rebecca Storey

Mark Swaby - 7187 South 2780 East SLC, UT 84121 telephone 801 943-3580

I'll have a picture of Rebecca and of the Swaby residence by tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

Oh my let the confessions continue

-I'm 33
-Manage a business in NYC
-Have a daughter
-work 55+ hours a week to support my family
-Drink good wine, eat good food
-Play bass, for 18 years
-Don't feel a lick a lick of guilt except maybe I work too hard.

Akubi said...

Retired = Sooner rather than later

Married = 0 years (and plan to keep it that way)

Kids = 0 see above and below

Dogs = Pomeranians

Cat = KooKoo

Why here = bored as usual

Hobbies = change with the weather

Home = over 50% equity

Gender = female

Photos = can be found on the interwebs and proud of them. (Can I be your pin-up Nigey baby? Perhaps you'd enjoy the whip ones...)

Age = 36

Sprezzatura said...

Recent events have convinced me to set up a new email account for anything to do with Casey & Nigel., that's me!

Anonymous said...

Sprezzie! Watch your azz, Nigel is watching...

Akubi said...

Oops, forgot these confessions:

Age I learned how to use a gun = 6

Profession = government agent and the usual computer shit

TK said...

Evening all. Just read Nigey's "outing" and Snowflake's borefest. Guess it's all finally coming to a close over at IAFF. Nigel must be severely disappointed. Why else would he be provoking people to come over there and freak out? I feel somewhat like I do when they take the Rockefeller Christmas tree down. Deflated.

Hey Akubi, why so bored? And just where are these photos???? I'd understand if you didn't want to reveal that, they'd just be tomorrow's jerk-bait for Nigel.

Akubi said...

If you had my bf you'd be bored too. Finding the pictures is an Easter egg hunt. Nigel makes me want a Xanax.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to believe that Nigel Suave is moderating IAFF. I have tried to post several comments with references to him that were vague enough that Casey probably wouldn't catch the but the comments don't get through.

Akubi said...

It is sad. In the beginning, the whole IAFF situation reminded me of _The Crying of Lot 49_. When everything is auctioned off, what is left and what is the purpose of the sale in the first place and this and that...?

Sprezzie said...

I'm beginning to believe that Nigel Suave is moderating IAFF

Ya think? I'd be very surprised if the "other" mod was not Nigel.

Anonymous said...

Nigel said
"The lights are on haterz! Watch em scurry..."

that isn't a light Nigel, that's your balding head.

TK said...

Well hell Easter's right around the corner! Hints now!

Anyway, I have noticed the comments at IAFF are actually a little stiffer than usual and I'd chalked that up to lazy moderation on Snowflakes part. But if Captain Censorship is involved, you can bet he'll let derogatory shit towards Casey through bu tanything that may mangle the Swaby name will not,

I halfway want to buy a goddamned press release that says he's a piece of trash webwhore just to get some dirty google placement with his name in it.

Anonymous said...

Well if Nigel lays in the grass during easter kids are going to be pulling on his balding head all day thinking it is the mother of all easter eggs....

GameOver said...

@ Sprezz - I did the same thing!, drop me a line folks!

Gender = Male

Age = 26

Married = 5 years

Kids = 3

J-O-B = Financial Services (SWEET match on the 401k...what a looser I am)

Why I'm here = Waiting for CS to go to jail.

Hobbies = none (see "Kids")

Abode = Bought SFH in 2003.

Akubi said...

As long as this Nigel thread continues, I'm bored, but can be reached here damyata7(at)

Anonymous said...

@ TK

Press release should read:

Award winning blogger aligns with admitted mortgage fraud artist, celibrates one year anniversary of his broker license.

Commenting on the recent developments, Mr Swaby stated, "My goal is to be an ojective observer. I have an obligation to my 2759 loyal blog readers and a reputaion to uphold. With Bloggapalooza just around the corner, I have redirected my efforts away from Olympic pins sales and towards relationships with my more felonious associates. It is my belief that my association with Casey Serin will increase my reach and I only hope that some of his stickiness will rub off on me in the process."

Sprezzatura said...

This is fun! Now I have a blogger tag and everything.

GameOver said...


"It is my belief that my association with Casey Serin will increase my reach and I only hope that some of his stickiness will rub off on me in the process."

Anonymous said...

Me: 42

Occupation: Art director by day and freelance in the music industry. yes, *two* careers. I do more by 10am than Casey does all week.


No kids

No pets

Why here = Ben Jones Bubble Blog -> IAFF -> Here

Hobbies = Wondering how to get a woman like Nacho to marry me.

Home = Looser apartment than is less than 1/3 of my monthy income. In case casey is reading, that's money my "employer" gives me each week in exchange for "work", after "taxes" are taken out (not "stolen"). I put the money in my bank, where they do not "steal" it as I pay my bills ontime and never overdraft.

Anonymous said...

Over at IFF, someone (probably cornflake) wrote that Robert Coe is a drunk.

If that's true, cool and I'll drink to that.

GameOver said...


PMSPMS™©® said...

Since cornflake deleted my comment "Nice Pussy" referring to T's ginger one I'll have to post it here.

I've found an animal likeness to Nigel... details on my blog if you're interested.

Nigel Shitstain Swaby said...

Me: 35 but look older

Occupation: Get up and go workaholic willing to jump face first into any get rich scheme of the moment (see, olympics and real estate)

Hobbies: Award Winning blog writer and real estate guru. I get 2759 unique visits in a week.
Hating the haterz
Outing the haterz
Outing myself..woops..teehee freudian slip
Rimming Casey
Pasting my dog's hair on my head

Marital Status: Married for convenience, but bi curious. Shit who am I kidding, I'm a flamer

Wealth status: I got a BMW...let me rephrase that, I HAVE a BMW. Paid for in cash after I sold more olympic pins than anybody else one month.

Why here: To protect my good name, integrity and high moral values. Ok I just bought Casey's site and it's going down faster than I do for a dollar. C'mon guy, come back!

Home: Numerous investment properties which I have sold making sure to take my profit up front, er now paying mortgage on a mcmansion which I bought to impress even more people. With business the way it is, it has gone above 50% of my take home pay and climbing. The good news is, I just remortgage with myself and take the sucker to the cleaners with origination fees!!!

JLIN the LOL guy said...

heyo, rob dawg.

wanna flip this?

nice picture for the front page.


Ogg the Caveman said...

As long as we're laying it all bare...

- 25 years old
- Single
- Occupation: hunter-gatherer
- Residence: cave
- Hobbies: grunting, competitive spear-chucking, inventing wheel

Stanley said...

"I have an obligation to my 2759 loyal blog readers"

Shouldn't that read:

I have an obligation to my 2759 loyal blog readers at the Utah State Hospital...

Anonymous said...

Nigel really has no clue about escalation.

One of the things I always found a little scary about IAFF is that there were three fields to put information in, other than the comment.

So, if a person put "John Smith" as their name, some bogus email name as e-mail AND put some totally unrelated website in the website field, there would be a link.
Anyone who knew the basic protocol of having could have an outbound link from IAFF.

For example, I searched for "turkish underwear", I found "". I removed the http://www so as to not try to make a valid link. It would suck for the moderators of that site to try to determine which links were possibly valid.

As I said, it's kind of scary, moderation could become a huge issue if there were a lot of posts like that, with different names, email accounts and websites. Makes me nervous just thinking about trying to sort through all of that trying to determine what is valid.

Nigel's Head: Ribbed for Casey's Pleasure said...

The reason for Nigey's outing "plan" is that he's angry for us outing him from the closet.

And the worst thing about reading Nigey's blog is that awful picture of him. He looks like his head is lubed. Gross.

I think he missed his true calling: German gay porn (or at least fluffing.)


Honestly Wondering said...

You know, I keep checking back every so often, and every time I do this whole drama gets weirder. I don't even know how to process this whole Nigel outing thing.. it's just surreal. I try to figure it out and my brain goes tilt.

T - what I want to know is, is Nacho filled with hate, too? I've got two of the critters myself, and you know they *always* have that look (two expressions: "feed me" and "I'm vaguely disappointed in you"), so you never can really tell. Nacho could be filled with hate, or just coming off with cat 'tude. Hard to tell from just a photo.

Old joke, but relevant I think..

Tony Soprano said...

I for one am positive Cornhole is moderating IAFF. Snowflake is MIA for over a week. All I can figure is Snowflake is in "World Ignore" mode now and is laying low hoping the heat blows away with the last of the foreclosures. Thing is though, the pan is just getting to the burner. Cash Call is waiting outside and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

And there isn't anything wrong with that said...

Question: What's the deal with you and Jeremy? Is there a little bi-curious going on there or what?
Straight Man: I'm straight. What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Go fuck yourself!! (punches you in the face)

Compare to: What's the deal with you and Nigel? Is there a little bi-curious going on there or what?
Casey: I'm married, he's married. There's nothing going on.

You don't even need gaydar to see what's going on here.

Sprezzatura said...

As much as I'd like to join in the fun and share more about me, I'm not going to until the forums come online. I have a visible enough presence on the Internet that someone could find out quite a lot about me from Google if they wanted to. So I need to be careful.

I'll say this. I'm female, over 30, and live in the SF Bay Area.

Aelfscine said...

Hey guys, I hadn't even noticed Nigel's little escapade until just now. Apparently my comments last night dug deeper than I thought; they were gone so quick I just figured he hadn't even read them. In any case, thank you for the kind words, all.

Anonymous said...

No prob Aelf, hey watch almost stepped in some Nigel...

Schnapps said...


Age: 30.
Work: two jobs. The paying job as a paper-pusher for government and the fun job playing in the pool.
Status: living happily in sin.
Kids: none. Eventually. Maybe.
Pet: Cat who thinks Nacho is hot. She snarled at his photo after all. That is HIGH praise (she's basically a dirty old lady at 18 :))

And T is my new girl crush.

And R-boy is awesome. :)

Oh, and I posted this at the casey love-in blog (after I flagged it):

Nigel! You must share the source of your mad google and deletion skillz!

Is this how you practice them?

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ And there isn't anything wrong with that said:

As much as I hate to do anything that could be construed as taking the side of the Flakes, I've always been under the impression that it's the closet cases who react violently to the suggestion that they might've caught teh ghey.

Of course, it could be a cultural thing. I could see that kind of reaction from a straight guy who comes from an area where being called gay is a serious insult. Like Utah.

2759 said...

For all of those who (wisely) choose not to patronize Nigey-poo's little cry for attention, here are two of today's winwinner comments. I apologize, but these are just too extra-douchey to let them slip by.
The first is definitely a classic.

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

I'll have a full statement on all this outing soon.

Just like rats in the darkness a light causes a lot of shreiking and scurrying.

Here's your light haters.

March 28, 2007 5:42 PM

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

"If your point is to make the haters look bad for outing Casey's personal details, then that critique applies to Casey's hosting buddies and very few haters."

So what exactly did I do to inspire the hater's hate? To have people try and dig up my personal information and post it at EN? I wrote a story about Casey six months ago. I felt sorry for him and offered him advice.

In return, I get a bunch of anonymous idiots digging into my personal life and calling me names. You included Stephen. Though you're no longer anonymous. BTW, Do you think "pro wrestling" is real?

No matter though. My strategy is working out exactly as I planned. No worries.

March 28, 2007 8:44 PM

Anonymous said...

Nigel Swaby-

"I’m a mortgage broker - stated clearly on my blog. Are you telling me you’re criticizing me without seeing what I’ve actually written?

Being on the finance side, it doesn’t matter to me whether people buy homes. 70% of the country owns homes right now. They want to take out equity, refinance to lower payments, or refinance to change their term. What’s that number you guys keep quoting, “3 trillion in ARMs ready to reset this year?” What do you think those people facing an ARM reset are going to do? Refinance. Most of them will be able to do it too.

I don’t need to promote homeownership to make a living. The market takes care of that for me. *I’m not a full time mortgage broker either.* I do it because I like it and it gives me a nice income boost."

Akubi said...

Out of curiosity, I made the mistake of checking out Nigel’s blog and that guy is a real f-ing piece of work.
WTF is wrong with him? He actually makes me feel a tad bit sorry for Casey for being friends and/or indebted to him. Nonetheless, I think it is best not to feed his hits and ego to encourage this shit. Ignore the MoFo NOW! Please, he’s that pathetic kid whose mom packed his lunch that out of boredom one would beat up at the back of the school bus.

Akubi said...

BTW, Nigel was born in mid-1970 and is 36 and monitored. I suspect he needs his meds way more than Casey.

Akubi said...

BTW, Utah sucks. Most of the Uranium is in Wyoming anyway.

And there isn't anything wrong with that said...

@ Ogg
I agree with you. I was just exaggerating in a failed attempt to be funny. The people who make a big showing of being threatened or disgusted by homosexuals always seem like they've got some deep-seated tendencies they don't want to face.

I do however think that a straight person would answer the question with a definitive "no." The "I'm married" response was pretty revealing.

Anyway, I don't want to come off as a big homophobe. I've been making the Nigel/Casey gay remarks because I know it pisses Nigey off. When he finally does come out of the closet, I promise I will stop being so insensitive.

Akubi said...

Too bad Tim from Monterey Bay isn’t around to play thermonuclear war with Nigel baby.
And where is Homey?!!!

Akubi said...

The guys in Brokeback Mountain were married too.
Anyway, I think it is perfectly normal to be bi on a certain level. I'd take Stephanie J's wit over Nigel's bald head any day.

Sprezzatura said...

Wow, Nigel is deleting comments by the handful. I left a fairly mild one and it went poof inside of two hours.

Anonymous said...

Casey is still stalking his old properties....

T said...

Anonymous said...
Me: 42

Why here = Ben Jones Bubble Blog -> IAFF -> Here

Hobbies = Wondering how to get a woman like Nacho to marry me.

I am also 42, I also came to EN via IAFF and IAFF via Ben's Blog.

I work full time in Ag Chem.
I attend college at night.
I am a certified substance abuse counselor but I do not currently work in the field of addiction.
I have two teenage boys.
I've been married twice.
Both my ex-husband's names are Mike.
I will never again date anyone named Mike.
I am a smart ass.
I was born & raised in NY which is probably why I'm a smart ass.
My comedic timing is impeccable.
I have an extensive criminal history that if revealed would frighten the shit out of Nigel.
I am no longer a criminal.
I am financially responsible.
I think the word "groovy" should make a comeback.
I was raised by my dad so I'm not all emo like most women.
I am a dog person but I own a cat.

Any more info and you'll need to buy me dinner first.

Honestly Wondering said...
T - what I want to know is, is Nacho filled with hate, too?

Nacho is the most tolerant cat in the universe. You can do anything to him and he'll just keep purring. There's not a hateful bone in his body.

Having said that... he is giving me that look. Do you think maybe he's just passive-aggressive? Do you think he's keeping score? Should I be concerned for my safety?

Schnapps said...
And T is my new girl crush.

I'm honored. <3

Sprezzatura said...

Oh, and R-Boy -- you're the coolest statistician I know.

Tick Tock said...

I found amusing earlier comments that referenced "The Art of War".

Your users, Rob Dawg, really don't appear to have huge comprehension skills. I don't say that as someone trying to incite flames, or responses, they are just somewhat disappointing.

I've posted a few "anon" type posts, and I haven't seen anyone run with the information. So, your traffic is those that quote, but cannot think, or act?

Nigel is nothing. No significant traffic, no insight. He exists because IAFF exists. IAFF exists because you allow it to exist.

If you feel you/your site won't exist without IAFF, then the enemy is internal, not external.

The Art of War, read it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Casey's site has become a snorefest of posters. Whatever IAFF morphs into it will only die faster than it has the last few months.

No Casey drama = Nothing to waste time visiting for.

Anonymous said...

Tick Tock: I'm enjoying watching Nigel's head explode. As a professional investigator, I can think, and act. But I'm here to have fun. If Nigel pushes me in particular, I might show him how much web force I've got. But if I'm not having fun, what's the point? Let the spirit move you. If you have information you want to run with, start running.

ratlab said...

Breadcrumbs: Housing Bubble>IAFF>EN

Age: 33
Status: LTR, Single, LTR, Single, LTR, Single, repeat
Location: Lived in CA since the age of 4
Kids: None, except my dog, for now
Residence: SFR using full-doc loan
Monthly CC carryover balance: 0
FICO average: 800+
Times in police handcuffs: 1
Times booked: 0
Previous JOBS: Lackey in Fixed Income Analytics Firm, Business Analyst in very large Institutional Investor/Investment Banking Firm, now Project Manager in IT
# of times in West Sac in the past 2 months: 2

Nigel said...

T said
"I have an extensive criminal history that if revealed would frighten the shit out of Nigel."

Seeing as how I am a navy seal washout that made it to day two of hell week, I seriously doubt that. Wait, that's the other guy. Anyways, I still made it to day two, and then I got the navy seal workout book and as you can see by my pictures, my glorious body has seen a workout or two in its day. That's right haters, let's do a little imaging shall we?

Start off at the crown of my head, where the peach fuzz is growing since I started rogaine, go down to my walmart glasses, down to my nose where my nostril hairs sway gently with the breeze. Next you reach my wondrous mouth, and I think we ALL know what appendages have gone in there. Next we reach my man boob chest, with my chest hair teased and plucked just right in an S formation. No, it's not for Superman, thoguh it might as well be, it stands for swaby. Next we REACH around my jelly belly, which can be hard to clean under sometimes so excuse the smell of feet. Then, oh then, we reach my genitals. 2.5 cm of prime beef ladies and gentleman. Imagine a baby;s arm holding an apple at the end (that's the opposite of what I have) a better image would be my getting a blow job akin to throwing a tic tac in a whales mouth. I shave to make it look bigger, well hell, I can't even see it because of my belly so I use nair. going across the back alley we see my hairy butt, yes there are a few clingons, but that could make a nice treat for just the right person.

gaaaaaaaaaaa, I think I just puked into my mouth...

Tick Tock said...


There's lots of people that have access to "different" data sources. That's a good thing, and I'm glad you are reading.

I brought up Nigel's less than one year license status, with references.

I said marketing might be Nigel's focus, with references why.

I said I was concerned that IAFF could lose relevency in search engines if people engaged in certain behavior.

Art of War. It's not a slam, just an attempt to get people to realize their objectives can be obtained not by storming the wall, but by walking around the wall.

Scummy said...

To Tick Tock: Mr. Cote has had a blog since before the fraudster Serin burst into infamy. I would assume he would have a blog long after the fraudster is gone.

Nigel has defintily jumped the shark and is screaming out for drama and attaention.

46, single, engineer, rent a SFR for 20% of my take home.

Thnk T is pretty hot and probably have a criminal record that exceeds her's. It was nice of Nigel to create the drama around a very nice looking lady.

Casey is done. He may go to jail and he may not but he's done. Nigel...who cares? He lives in Salt Lake City and obviously deserves it.

Tick Tock said...


I really despise having to explain myself.
Rob has a good blog, I have nothing bad to say about it. However, I do have to call attention if I'm doing something that may impact his rankings/traffic. It's just the right thing to do.

Nigel just seems to want to play escalation, I have no desire to out his parents and whatever else I can find. It's hard to justify that.

What is fair game is Casey's site. I already stated how some people could alter the significance of the IAFF site. Rob cannot post that, it has to be reposted by someone other than this site owner.

I don't care about Nigel, or shark jumps, they are temporary amusements.

Now T is a different story. She did very well in the the verbal exchange. I'm not quite sure how Miguel fits in with all that, but he could do worse.

Well, it's now kind of late in Polynesia, so I suppose it gets continued tomorrow.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Species: Cat
Breed: Chinchilla Persian
Favorite Food: Mincy Meat
Favorite Snack: Fishy Treats!
Favorite Hobby: Poopin' in the shoes of people that PISS ME OFF
Age: 6
Born in: Australia
Live in: London, England

Anonymous said...

you can also use torpark



hey nobody ran with my movie review...

cassy is and will be that guy JED from "enduring love"

nigel will be daniel craig's character JOE, just not in the looks great in speedos dept.

Wagga said...

Here we call Speedos "Budgie bags"

Stanley said...

T said:
"Any more info and you'll need to buy me dinner first."

T will not have to cook for six months straight.

Dinner rules include:

McD's doesn't count
Lunch doesn't count
Soup/Salad doesn't count

I have a feeling this could turn into a megatopic... :)

Schnapps said...

I think Macaroni Grill would be appropriate. Followed by coffee at Startbucks and perhaps a shot of wheatgrass with a carrot-juice chaser? :)

Or, that other chain restaurant Casey mentioned that we don't have here - Chipotle? Pardon if that's a McDonald's-type-place - in that case, I take it back!

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>...get people to realize their objectives can be obtained not by storming the wall, but by walking around the wall<<

There's an "objective"? And here I thought all this was aimless, abstract fun.

Anonymous said...

Two posts before Nigey deletes them:

R-Boy said...

If your strategy included deleting comments and censoring to make yourself appear smarter, yeah,its really working.

You're awfully smug for someone who barely passed their license exam. (that's on your SLC blog, btw, I didn't do any detective work).

I can assure that I didn't barely pass my graduate comps. I aced em.

Cheerio good chap! I've wasted enough time here! But I'll still be around, in case you got an economics question!

March 29, 2007 5:26 AM

Schnapps said...
I'll have a full statement on all this outing soon.

Seems I've seen this tactic before somewhere else...

OH RIGHT. Casey used to do this all the time: "Update! Coming soon!Keep reading or you'll never find out!"

Just like rats in the darkness a light causes a lot of shreiking and scurrying.

Here's your light haters.

Nigel, daylight savings kicked in. There's lots of light already. Your 20W assistance isn't necessary.

Sinister Nigey said...

Heh heh heh,
My strategeeez, eet eez vorking pervectly. Now you haterz vill feeel my wrath!

Scurry like theeee ratz that you are. Meeester Serin and I vill rule zee vorld by doing zee internet trolling and deeeestroying zee haterz vith our mad mad googling skeeeelz!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Casey Fannnnn said...

Here ya go.

T said...

Schnapps said...

Nigel, daylight savings kicked in. There's lots of light already. Your 20W assistance isn't necessary.

LOL!! Oh, snap! Nigel got told!

2759 said...

Awesome, CF!

Nigel did always dream of being one of those butt gerbils.

M. SINGH said...


The demographic and career information volunteered by the readers of Exurban Nation confirms a very important point -- one that Mr. SWABY may have missed.

I believe the reason he wishes to "out the haters," so to speak, is because he believes that only a professional mortgage broker is qualified to speak about Mr. SERIN's actions. He also mistakenly believes that the individuals he has chosen to profile hold opinions on Mr. SERIN that would not be shared by the majority of the public.

What he overlooks, however, is that we now know the people most critical of Mr. SERIN comprise a wide age range, have diverse jobs, varying income levels, and enjoy geographical diversity. Anyone can become a "hater" -- even members of a potential jury pool.

Perhaps Mr. SERIN should opt for a bench trial.

I remain,


Anonymous said...

Heh, I knew T was a fellow New Yawkah. Born and raised as well, in Rochester. (I'm Anon 9:10pm)

Funny how many people have more than one career here - and Casey wonders why we "hate" on him.

I was raised to work hard, find a passion and get obsessed, and to do your best at all times. My father gave me a rock solid work ethic that guarantees I'll always have a roof over my head, and food on the table, and my bills paid, even though I'm a Looser™ who gets a W2 (and 1099s) and rents a McApartment™.

That's why I loathe Casey and his ilk. I have no patience or pity for weak people, and lazy people, and I despise with all my being scammers and frauds.

I have'nt reached that level of negativity with Nigel, yet, I just like to push every button I can come up with, because his reaction is so funny, and there's not a damned thing he can do about it, his ego, as fragile and out of control as it is, compels him to lash out. Low self esteem is a bitch, and his is subteranean.

So keep "outing" people, you silly bitch. Real impressive Google skills, you old queen. You Google as well as you sell Olymic pins -wooo, I'm so skeeered! You're so BUTCH. You're a top, that's for sure (Casey is so a sloppy party bottom) (No, I'm not gay, but I know all the terminology from gay friends)

I just flagged your blog, Nigel. Come and get me. I dare ya.

Silly bitch.

Anonymous said...

assistant US attorney, SDNY

Yes, i'm keeping nice copius notes and referring irresponsible behaviour to the proper 'people.' It amazes me what certain gov't folk, ie the fbi, doj, IRS, etc will do when there is no work. In not so many words, I predict that certain bloggers in Sacremento and SLC will eventually get a knock on their door.

Heck, we know all about Casey's site here in NYC and have been following it since it went up.

Keep up the good work, fine entertainment.

Schnapps said...

T said

Schnapps said...

Nigel, daylight savings kicked in. There's lots of light already. Your 20W assistance isn't necessary.

LOL!! Oh, snap! Nigel got told!

Damn straight. Boy's an idiot. Thinks because he's a realtor/mortgage broker/whatever for a year he is all that and a bag of chips.

But thank you :) I had problems deciding between 10W and 20W and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt :>

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:05

Pssst....your Brit is showing. :)

R-Boy said...

@@Anony 8:05 am (AUSA).

My folks down here just worked with your folks up there in WestChester. We did very good!

I am doing the same thing here that your'e doing there, forwarding information to the proper folks

Stupidtoo said...

Tor is the best tool to use if you want to remain anon online.


V said...

Might as well "out" myself as well.

- 36
- Married 8 years
- No kids
- 4 cats
- Own a business with my spouse (financed by our own reserves and wise managment of credit)
- Own a house in Palo Alto, CA (full doc, but not fixed)
- Carry no CC balance most months (but never because we can't pay)
- Am here because I'm obsessed with trainwrecks and read about Casey in SFGate.
- Hobbies: cooking

Anonymous said...

@ 9:16 AM

Fwiw, I'm not British, but I married one. Thus, some of her spelling has rubbed off on me, behaviour, centre, colour, favourite, etc all mysteriously appear in my spelling these days. It's all good.


Good to know. You know how stuff like this situation gets taken of then, just piss off the wrong higher-up at the wrong time and voila..a SWEET investigation. However, I suspect it will be many months before something could take place. Personally, I deal mostly in fraud allegations and such, so Casey's actions are of particluar interest to me. I've also made my colleagues aware in the EDCA and the Sacremento AG's office. Personally, I've captured screen shots, copied Casey's videos, pictures, etc and burned them to a disc and forwarded them on. It's the least I can do.

R-Boy said...

@anon 1204 (AUSA)

If you can email me at, ill reply via my work email. I'd love to know any contacts you have. For some reason I cannot internally send emails to the FBI office in SAC (though I see their email addresses clearly...weird)

I suppose I could be a little more proactive. Guess I will call the FBI folks and see if I can't get anyone.

Kudos to you for all that you've done. Tell the US attorney with a presidential name up there who just won a preliminary injuction that DC says hi.

Miguel said...

And another bit of self-outage:

Fast approaching 40, married, two kids, full-time writer, part-time DVD producer, own approx. a third of my home (based on what I have left to pay), no cats (but we're getting one soon to prevent the neighbours' ones crapping in our yard), formerly self-employed but much happier handing over the admin hassle to people who are good at it, am here because I somehow got sucked into the Casey Serin story and found it strangely gripping - and also, to paraphrase T, immensely sad and salutary.

Oh, and I'm eaten up with rabid and all-consuming hatred, which colors everything I say and do. Then again, isn't everybody round here?