Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Twofer Another Blog O'Note

Jim "the Realtor" Klinge is, get this... honest, an honest realtor. As if that weren't enough check out this "Mr. Dave" interview...

And make sure you visit Jim's most excellent blog: "BubbleInfo"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And second bah!

Tony must be napping. :)

Rob Dawg said...

Tony Soprano is obviously busy teaching "Jim the Realtor" how to "go heavy" on "Mr. Dave." ;-)

Ogg the Caveman said...

BTW, is anyone else noticing a sharp increase in TV ads for risky mortgages? Right around the time that the first bad news hit the stock market, I started seeing lots of ads for option ARM refis, especially from Countrywide and Quicken.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed an increase in ads as well, Ogg. I wasn't sure if it was just me or not though since I never really paid too much attention until I got into the whole KC fiasco.


Rob Dawg said...

"anyone else noticing a sharp increase in TV ads for risky mortgages?"

I just left the the Oxnard, CA Sam's Club and on the way out noticed the rack of free magazines we have all grown to hate. I'm used to a little multiculturalism but what struck me about these half dozen different publications? All in Spanish. Somebody is definitely running out of greater fools when the local real estate market attempts to exploit language barriers.

Oh, and yes, in addition to some Berringer wine 6/$19 bottles I went for the purpose of spending $98.96 for 16 solar lights for the new walkways. I swear, the Chinese deserve to own us.

Anonymous said...

"I swear, the Chinese deserve to own us."

So funy missah Rob. We own america, one blake lite at a time.

Sank you.

Anonymous said...

Nigel hab idea for new chinese restraunt. Cremeasumyoungguy.

Me tell him joke no funny.

Tony Soprano said...

Nah, I had to go to Bank of America and get midevil on their ass about them putting a hold on one of my commission checks. Fucking pikers... The manager cringed when I asked her why I shold deal with BofA and not the credit union. I then told her that she just lost the next car loan from me. Not that they ever had a chance to begin with...

LEND is toast. Sure wish I paid attention and shorted that a week ago.

WTF is schleperock doing anyways?? Nigels newest post is a gem. If it weren't for the haters, Casey would have NO posts..Can that guy get any further up Caseys ass??

Anonymous said...


I'm sure the real Nigel will be impressed with my "never leave your buddies (buddy's) behind.

I was Karen Carpenter also. Yes, I'm bored.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Ogg see LEND down 62.81^H^H^H^H^H63.25%. Ogg think it good time to get out.

Rob Dawg said...

Robert think too late get out of LEND. Robert get screwed in NEW think bailout [CNBC fantasy investment]. Robert wrong. Don't be a Robert. Robert think TOL, CFC, HOV say run away. What Robert know? Only pale cavespeak imitator.

007 said...

Snowflake has posted a few "answers" on his latest thread. Same old song, I don't know what verse he is on now...

Nobody that I know has been getting any more CashCall loans, people are just trying to mess with me. CashCall is still calling me and offering a loan modification with lower payments. I’m thinking about it.

Translation: We all know what happens when Snowflake thinks about something. That is all he does, think about it and nap. He will not pay back one dirty penny to CashCall.

Utah wrap status hasn’t changed. Still a payment behind. The property has been extensively remodeled is for sale though. The investor that wrapped it stands to make a pretty nice profit. At least one of my facing foreclosure properties ended up being of use to somebody.

Translation: Casey being a Real Estate Investing Guru F*cktard has to have someone else clean up his mess. As always!

I find ways to pay for daily expenses through various means… I sometimes wonder myself how it all happens but so far so good. Barely scraping by but not going into any more debt which is a good thing. I am considering a W2 job… kinda.

Translation: Once again Casey thinking about something means he'll never do it. Not knowing how he pays his bills means he isn't paying them.

Relationship with wife is doing pretty good. Not paying her credit cards at the moment but she knows good things are coming so its all good.

Translation: ALL IS NOT GOOD

If you think the blog is getting stale then leave. I’m not keeping you here. However, there is a lot of stuff brewing but I’m not sure how much of it I can share… yet. The haters always criticize my every move and my current deals can get compromised if I share too soon. So because of all the haters I have to start being more secretive.

Translation: Bitterness about blog becoming a non factor as foreclosures near totality.

I will tell you though that the I am Facing Foreclosure experience and me sharing it publicly has been a crazy ride and a blessing in disguise.

Translation: The blog is all he has left.

I had some more problems with my computer so I’m behind on email and other tasks… I apologize to those that tried emailing me.

Translation: A day late and $2.2M short. Story of his life.

Tony Soprano said...

"but not going into any more debt"

Uh dumbass, do you know what INTEREST is? Isn't he going backwards something like 600-800 a day just breathing?

Tony Soprano said...

I'm outta here for a while. I'm going to Salumi and getting a bite to eat:)

Ogg the Caveman said...

Yeah, he sounds like he's not holding up so well. There was something distinctly sad about his reference to "my Burdett", as if the dream finally died with this one. I'm not sure if he's being quiet about his future plans "because of the haters", or because he's finally realized that he's not going to dig himself out of this.

He's lost his properties, he's lost his money, he's lost a good chunk of his physical and mental health, he's lost access to G's tunnel of love, and now he's lost his dream. How sad.

I'm actually starting to feel a bit sorry for the little fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

"I'm actually starting to feel a bit sorry for the little fuckwit."

That's a joke, right?

For us oldtimers, can you put that in Ogg speak?

king friday the 13th said...

i think our snowflake shat himself when Homey named "gary" the money guy.

I think he finally realizes some serious jail time is a real possibility.

walt526 said...

The big winner on the Burdett property was that guy who flipped it for the better house. I might try to look that guy up and buy him a beer.

He took full advantage of Looser Boy's ego and stuck him with a crap house in a crap neighborhood. Sure he probably overpaid 20% for the house Casey "sold" him, but the premium is somewhat justified by him divesting himself of the Burdett albatross.

Casey's latest post is just plain sad. I don't feel sorry for him, but its clear that he's in the middle of a downer phase. One of these days, he will snap and hurt himself or someone near to him.

I just hope that whoever winds up feeling the full forth of his collapse is at least partly complicit in his schemes, rather than a completely innocent bystander.


walt526 said...

What are the details on "the money partner"? I must have missed that post.



Anonymous said...

Don't feel too sorry for him. In the next day or so, he'll be sending out his "good things are coming" update.

Rob Dawg said...

If anyone is physcially hurt by Casey I promise to make it my lifes' work to put a DA or Fed Investigator behind bars for their failures.

aaron said...

Look what I just received in my email. I'm gonna refinance at almost 2 full percentage points lower. what a hoot!

Dear Homeowner,

You have been pre-approved for a $492 ,000 Home Loan at a 3.99 % Fixed Rate.

This offer is being extended to you unconditionally and your credit is in no way a factor.

To take Advantage of this Limited Time opportunity all we ask is that you visit our Website and complete the 1 minute post Approval Form.



Sincerely yours,
Henry Myrick

Anonymous said...

I honestly think Casey's more likely to hurt himself than anyone else. His anger at himself has to be pretty high right now. In a way I wish I hadn't joined the 'haters party.' Not because Casey didn't deserve what has been and is now coming to him (He did) but someone is going to be in a world of hurt and I just don't like to see ANYONE in pain even if it is so richly deserved like Casey's.

I'll put out a question:Does anyone regret kicking the hell out of Casey here or on IAFF? Casey deserves whatever comes to him but it is sad to watch what could have a productive individual self-destruct. Of course I have no sympathy for any of the gurus like Kiyosaki and since God is just I KNOW they'll get theirs in the end.

Anonymous said...

Casey doesn't believe in a job. Casey doesn't believe in anything remotely close to hard work. Casey has ripped off a lot of people. Casey only cares about himself.

I don't even feel a little sorry for him and I'll continue to kick. If he doesn't want any pub, he should just shut his blog down.

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>Does anyone regret kicking the hell out of Casey here or on IAFF?<<

No. Casey put himself and his circumstance out there for us to see. He didn't have to do that. His motives for doing so, in the absence of a tangible benefit to him, are baffling. But, the end result is he made himself a surrogate for all the similar scumbags we've known. More than one Casey has numbered among my acquaintances. They filled me with rage! Some are in prison. A couple have succeeded, and own businesses famed for ripping off consumers, including a local used car dealership and a finance company. In real life they can't be touched without risk to life, limb, and freedom. Casey has stepped into the breech, and he pays for his own offenses and the ofenses of others, as he is crushed under a torrent of abuse.

Casey could stop this. He could shut down the blog and walk away now. It would not improve his financial and possible criminal situation, but it would relieve him of dealing with the ire of strangers for his ineffectual, ruinous real estate adventures. What's in it for Casey? Who knows. As long as he posts a warped, partial representation of his tragic, tiny life, as long as he tranparently and inexpertly evades and lies and weasels in full view of us all, I'll watch from a distance and pile on the hate here in the dawg haus.

Nigel's Award Winning Blog said...

I'm more interested in chipping away at people like Nigel. I am beginning to believe their self promoting and materialistic ways are not helping the Caseys of the world.

Sure Casey deserves to go down but creeps like Nigel are busy promoting a rosy lie to keep their pockets lined with profits from people who have no business owning homes right now. I hate that he thinks that everything is okay. NOTHING is okay genius, get it? Shit, New Century is being removed from the nyse to the pinks for God sakes!

Crazy me though...As long as Nigel says everything is okay and won't allow for intelligent debate of his position, it must be true!