Sunday, March 04, 2007

Career Advice

I'll post a serious discussion of the results of the NO HATERZ experiment after I mow the driveway. Yes, mow my driveway. Anyway, in the meantime what kind of job can Casey hold?


Anonymous said...

yeehaaa, first!

Benoit said...

Jobs that Casey Serin can hold:

1) Prison Snitch.

2) Gay Male Escort/Porn Star. And using the old adage of "Middle Name + Street" to give your porn name, his would be Konstantin Snapdragon. Sounds gay to me!

3) Panhandler.

4) ... And he could always be a server at a certain restaurant whose name I forget.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

There is a world of skilled jobs that Snowflake can get with ease, that generally pay pretty well. I really hope he buckles and gets one of these jobs. He needs money along with something intangible: humility.

At my current job, everyone has a CDL (commercial drivers license). I truly mean everyone, including the Stanford MBA CEO. When I was hired, the next day, an envelope arrived with a voucher for a pair of steel-toes boots and my enrollment into truck driving school. When I was in school, I did blue-collar work; swinging a hammer and driving a forklift. But the education I got driving a big-rig was invaluable.
One major way he shot himself in the foot IMHO, is that he looks down on people that work for a living, which is the majority of the country.
I'm going to stop ranting, but it steams me that Snowflake has no understanding or respect for people that work hard for their money.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, noticed a new "face" on casey's blog, one "Cyclops Gali".
I'm waiting for the na na na.

walt526 said...

He needs to do something either in sales (most likely commission-based) or possibly IT/web design. Although to be perfectly candid, I don't know how marketable his IT skills really are. Although he has claimed to know PHP, SQL etc. it sure seems like the execution on his websites has been fairly amateur.

He's foolish to pursue any career in RE right now. Plenty of very talented and established realtors will be leaving the industry because of the market correction that will last for at least another few years. Also, no lending institution would (or should) hire him because of his horrible credit score and potential criminal charges.

I really think that he should try a career in sales, since he found the web development cubicle job so boring. He seems to have a talent for bullshit and engaging people, so its possibly something that he would do well at and even enjoy. Depending on where he worked, he could have a flexible work schedule. The downside is that nearly all entry-level sales positions are commission-based (generally only managers and established top-performers receive base salaries).

As has been brought up numerous times, Casey is a pretty weak candidate for any position based on his terrible credit, publicized laziness and lack of professionalism, and possible criminal charges. Anything involving any responsibility over money is most likely out of the question (although he really doesn't have the education or experience to be a candidate for that type of job anyway).

Neither a web development or sales job will allow him to service his debt, but right now he just needs to start earning enough to cover basic living expenses and start building up a legal defense fund.

And of course, he needs to stop trying all these BS "sweet deals" and whatnot. He has neither the talent nor the capital to make any serious money overnight. In all likelihood, these "connections" that he thinks will save him will only further entangle him in illegal activities.


Stephanie J. said...

Casey should be a personal assistant to a celebrity; but only a B-List celebrity, so he can stand around, spew platitudes and gush compliments; talk to them in 'health-food' speak, buy them fresh Jamba Juice, make errands for them, and otherwise do absolutely nothing but stand there holding their little accessory-dog.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can think of that sonofabitch is capable of is either a doorstop or paperweight.

He_will_not_work. He_will_NOT work.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...


At this stage in the game, about the only sales he'd be capable of is car sales. He does not have what it takes to be a real sales person. Sales is a lot more difficult than just having a gift for gab.
Attention to detail, follow through, and at least a basic understanding of cash flow are CRUCIAL for salespeople of any stripe.
Not to mention the fact that any "real" sales job will involve at the minimum a credit check, and in a lot of cases a credit check and a background check. Many companies now feel that if you can't handle your money, why should you be in charge of theirs, or their customers money? I have no doubt that Casey knows (or has experienced this) by now.

Anonymous said...

Sales. He has a warped world-view, is able to see everything in an unreasonably optimistic light, completely ignores details, thinks everything will work out fantastically well, and has an extremely inflated sense of self-importance. In short, he's a salesman.

That's not to say I'd ever hire him; but he fits the salesman personality type closer than anything else I'm aware of. Also, it should be noted that salesmen spend most of their time traveling or in meetings, very little of it would be what we call "work". The inattention to details, and especially to contracts, is not going to help, but that's far from unusual in the world of sales.

Many of the sales positions out there don't require a college degree, or even a credit check (and I suspect some won't even look at his criminal record.) If you bring in the deals, you're on board. It's all about connections and selling other people on your product or your ideas, and Casey has some talent there. The real problem for Casey will be getting started; he has nothing resembling a resume, and his track record thus far is miserable.

Rob Dawg said...

Nutritional supplements salesman.
Veggie-Vita Mix Juicer salesman at County Fairs.
Food samples on aisle 5.

bemused guy said...

Gay porn.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Used car salesman

Late-night infomercial pitch man (but only if he works on his stage presence)

Most any kind of McJob (but he'd get fired for slacking off)


Ogg the Caveman said...

Oh, one more: He could be the "before" guy in ads for exercise equipment.

walt526 said...

Well I agree that he is grossly incapable (or obtaining) of doing any sort of business-to-business type of sales (usually the most lucrative). I work as a purchasing agent for an electrical contractor and if any of our vendors assigned someone like Casey to our account, they'd lose our business pretty damn fast. We need our account managers/reps to respond quickly, professionally, and effectively to our needs--and that's something that I absolutely agree that Casey could not do effectively given his lack of attention to detail, follow-through, and basic professionalism.

But there are some opportunities out there where he could excel consumer sales. As you and others mentioned, car sales would be one obvious option. Also, I could see him being somewhat successful at selling electronic equipment (computers, cell phones, TVs, etc). He might also do decently at telemarketing. He does seem to have the ability to retain and regurgitate useless trivia about an array of subjects, such as the product literature for the products he'd try to sell.

None of those positions are going to earn him a very large paycheck, but they seem to me like possible areas where he could earn a halfway decent living with a lot of hard work and persistence.

But more than likely, he thinks that something like that is beneath him and will continue to chase shiny objects with half-baked and illegal scams.


Honestly Wondering said...

In all seriousness, Bubbles' employment options are pretty limited. His entire "working" life has consisted of the low hanging fruit of market bubbles - first, web design; second, real estate. Anyone in either industry knows who he is now. He'd certainly get called in for interviews ("OMFG!! IT'S *THAT* GUY!!") but his odds of getting work in any field he has experience in is slight-to-nil.

Comments about gay porn aside, the best option I can see is some sort of manual labor. Landscaping, bricklaying, maybe take up carpentry. It'll be hard - he can't escape hard now - but at least he'll have real skills that will always be needed by someone.

And he'll be working for money, rather than thinking for money (which he's obviously no good at). Good, clean, hard labor would be good for him. He'll be financially paying for this for the rest of his life, but it's not too late for him to become a decent human being, and lugging concrete blocks in the afternoon heat for a few years could do that to him.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

Doubt Snowflake will have to face a credit check for a job?

Also, I work for a Fortune 500 company and EVERY ONE of our 3500 employees has had a credit and background check.

Eth Real said...

He reminds me of the simpering guru hangers on I have met, so I think Juice Boy for Tony Robbins Jr. is ideal.

BadjerJim said...

Robert Cote-
I've got a cool idea... please contact me via and then delete this message in the thread. I've searched, but can find no way to contact you directly.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I had a lengthy response to JimBobJoeBobJim's last comments, but I lost it because Blogger doesn't currently work with any of the web browsers on my primary machine. I ranted about it a bit in the latest thread.

I'm about ready to quit reading EN on the weekends. It works adequately well on weekdays when Google has somebody minding the store, but weekends are almost always trouble lately. It's just not worth the aggravation for me any more.

Stephanie J. said...


Those poor, poor girls! No.

Stephanie J. said...

@Eth real... Hangers on... LOL.. Like a big dingleberry.

Benoit said...

Buy a candy store and re-name it "SWEET DEALS!" :-p

Tony Soprano said...

No way would snowflake make it as a RE agent. I'm an agent and I hustle my ass of for my six figures. The lazy assed agents in my office are getting flushed out thank god. I was up at 4am on a Sunday hustling to find a house for a client. Just got it signed around at 6:30 tonight. No way is snowflake gonna work like that. Besides, he ain't gonna show houses worth a shit driving VDubs..

Where the fuck is Homey anyways??

Nadia Belemi said...

I can't see our hero as a bricklayer. I can't imagine him spending days slinging cinderblocks and hauling 50 lb bags of concrete mix. Maybe car sales (Lord knows, you don't need to be honest doing that, just able to appear sincere) or some sort of retail sales. Maybe selling airtime for some TV/radio station (like Herb Tarlock)?

And here's a scary thought. Maybe our hero is hung like a newborn baby?

No, I mean 21 inches and 8 lbs, 12 ozs. THAT could explain why Galina and her sister haven't tossed him out on his ass.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Nadia

No. Casey's vain enough that if he was packing that kind of heat, there would be pictures of it on Flickr.

walt526 said...

"hauling 50 lb bags of concrete mix."

Not that it matters, but the standard size bag of ready-mix concrete is 80lbs.


rot13 said...


uh ... I think he tried that one already