Friday, March 09, 2007

The EN Crew AwaitsCasey's Next Move


Anonymous said...

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous said...
- Nigel Rant anon here. Thanks. I got the car wrong, but the rest was fun to write. :)

I missed the $10 "luxury" meal. Rats.

Looking at Turnip Head, I'm always reminded of a travelogue Robert Heinlein, the sci fi writer, wrote about traveling in the former Soviet block. Among many observations, he said that one of the most insulting things you could say to a Soviet was "uncultured" - forget the actual Russian word.

I just think that's such an appropriate word for Fraud Boy. The posed shots of Safeway gift bags, candy and Safeway flowers. A $10 fast food gourmet dinner. A trashy VDub with thump boxes. The murse. The cheap khakis worn too high on the hips, and the never-in-fashion sweater vest and dreadful yellow tie.

He's like a lot of people, who *think* they have class, and spend a great deal of effort trying to convince people. I'm sure shithead loves to whip out that PDA at Jamba Juice and tries to make it look like he's important and all, but doesn't realize he's a child playing grown up. I run into that in CA all the time, the self-important tards who think their lives are SO fascinating that they are just compelled to shove it in your face. They get a hold of a little cash and it's spent in a blink of an eye, with no regard to value or quality or taste.

Just as much as Nigel has no game, Casey has none either, but I get a sense from his blog that he's desperate to be considered hip, cool, trendy, and cultured - even if he has to lie, cheat and steal to support the lifestyle (and has).

My wish for today - to bump into Galina in public, and look her straight in the eye, and say, "Do you realize every piece of clothing you have on, your cell phone, your Coach bag, your tuition, it was all paid for with stolen money? How do you sleep at night?"

I made reference to Casey being seen a failure even by the Magyar gypsies in his homeland, of course it was deleted. Must be a touchy subject. I think there may be some deep running attitudes and beliefs he's carried from his youth, that could be fun to poke and prod at. He's most likely NOT gypsy blood, as they tend to be dark skinned and dark haired, but he's likely part of the quasi-elite of the former Soviet Union, the blond caucasian type that got catered to.

I also wonder about shithead's father, and what he was in the former communist block - shithead acts exactly like the spoiled children of Party members and the wealthy elite - entitled, above the law, and arrogant.

Hey Nigel, since I know you're reading this: your new boyfreind? He has no taste. When it comes to picking out drapes and wallpaper? Hire a decorator - you don't have much taste either.

Anonymous said...

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous said...

I don't get why you guys obsess over Casey's looks and clothing. Do they really matter? I would have figured he was ordinary looking, and I think the blonde hair would actually have helped him in the US.

I'd hate to see what Casey would undergo if he were black.

Some Guy From Colorado said...

Well, we can rest assured that Casey's next move will have absolutely nothing to do with dealing with his three pending foreclosures, the missing UT payment or their staggeringly frightening unsecured debt situation.

On a related RE comedy note, NEW is down another 40% so far today. Too bad there are no more shares available to short.

GameOver said...

@ Some Guy From Colorado

No shares maybe but those April 07 puts are fairly active. $2.50 put seems fair @ $0.95 right now.

aaron said...

Rob, others,

This is offtopic but take a look at People Support Inc (PSPT). They missed earnings and lowered 1Q07 expectations. They do outsourcing(call centers etc). It got a huge haircut this am(over 35%). I couldn't resist and nibbled a few shares on the low end of 14.

Northern Renter said...

As Rot13 put it on IAFF, his next move is presumably to USP Atwater.


JimBobJoeBobJim said...

It begins:

The walls are closing in. Everyone does it, and those everyones are getting into trouble.


sid_finster said...

wrote a long explanation of Russia and the word "nekulturnyii" (yes, it is insulting, but there are mre uncultured insults) and how things worked in the Soviet Union, but capitalist computer ate up.

Anonymous said...

It occurred to me overnight that if we really want to turn this into a Tom Wolfe novel, all we need is a fundamentalist minister from a poor minority neighborhood, to be tipped that Casey is the symbol of why none of the congregation can afford housing anymore. The ensuing demands for justice, picketing the FBI office demanding a prosecution, manipulation of media to get airtime, etc would accomplish all the hater goals without a lot of effort.

Anonymous said...

Sold 1/2 (50)of my april 07 puts at .95 .. noce $1500 in 1 day.

Holding the other half for the Ch 11 news. Will buy the 50 back if there is a dead cat bounce.

Looking to buy the LEND puts.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

...but capitalist computer ate up.

In soviet Russia, blog updates YOU!

Rob Dawg said...

Commrade finster,
Must suggesting People's most glorious computing device; Macintosh. Way saying to enemies of revolution and evil Microsoft screw you! Proletariat proudly proclaim you Hero for most excellent purchase.

bemused guy said...

Love the pic Rob. The ones I find for work are never so hilarious. Care to share your search engine?

Anonymous said...

Re: Galina.

I know this may not be a popular viewpoint, but I feel for the woman. She was taken in by Casey, but that is far less of a sin than being Casey. Yes, she enjoyed the benefits of the ill-gotten wealth, but many women enjoy their husband's wealth (and vice-versa) without closely scrutinizing where it comes from.

What could she have done--look closer and figure out that something was wrong? Yes, but bear in mind that we're talking about a 20-ish young woman from an immigrant family (if I'm correct in the assumption that she's Russian.) The level of sophistication of the fraud here is fairly high, and anyone who's ever met a 20-year-old knows that, for the vast majority, legal and financial issues are not at the forefronts of their minds. That goes double for a young woman recently married, who is (was) planning on being a homemaker and is likely thinking more about family planning than financial planning.

What can she do now? Divorce him? Yes, but she will be at a severe disadvantage. As awful as Casey's financial and legal abilities are, they have a certain primitive ruthlessness that is occasionally effective, and as her financial skills are likely completely nonexistent, she will probably be at the losing end of any financial struggle post-divorce. She did not incur the debt they are in, but if her names on all the records are any indicator, she will probably end up with all of them.

Her only hope, at this point, is a divorce combined with a relentless and capable lawyer who would be willing to do A LOT of pro bono work to ensure that Casey is convicted of fraud and that the debts are transferred from her name to his as a result. I do not see that happening, and I am afraid that the future for Galina will be far worse than anything she actually deserves.

Rob Dawg said...

Google images is all but the key is vocabulary. It's no secret by now that my mom must have been an English teacher or sumptin'.

Eth Real said...

And Casey thinks he has haters...

How's this for an Associated Press headline?

Priests to purify site after Bush visit

hee hee

Here's the link if anyone else is a Bush hater too.

Some Guy From Colorado said...

RE: Galina --

Casey duped her from the start in leading her to believe that he had some wealth before they got married. He's openly admitted that. He's been nothing but a con artist with her. The only thing Casey actually does well is lie.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 840 AM

I disagree with your assessment in part. If you start with the assumption that G is financially naive then at some point she HAD to know that something BAD was happening. Reasons, the blog and the fact that they have moved 4x in the past 2 yrs. Can you imagine the sort of bald faced lies that G has put up with out of Snowflake? No doubt she has caught him in a few more than Snowflake would like to admit. Hence the blog entries about the need for Snowflake to work on his relationship with his significant other.

I personally think that she is far more involved than Snowflake lets on. However, assuming she is not as involved with this financial catastrophe, then what is the explanation for keeping Snowflake around? Answer is she just doesn't know everything and has to wait for the damage to completely manifest itself in a determinable amount before moving on (divorce). This is just a theory but if any divorce lawyers are out there what sort of advice would you give Galina? My theory sounds insane I know but then I am not a lawyer.

World's Shortest Fairy Tale said...

Casey sez "Marry Me"
G. sez "No fucking Way"

And they both lived happily ever after. (Except for Casey)

Anonymous said...

One of the many Anons said:
"I'd hate to see what Casey would undergo if he were black."

Race has NOTHING to do with it. In fact, YOU are racist for bringing race into the discussion. A true Casey Hater knows it's all about him being held responsible for his to jail.

Jade said...

Galina was TOTALLY involved in this stuff. Her name is all over the deeds, and they transferred properties to each other.

The blog was set up to provide reasonable doubt for Galina's complicity, but you can't re-write history.

ratlab said...

KC is not dining at Macaroni Grill enough... sales down 4.1% comp-store for FY07.

king friday the 13th said...

oh, I shed not a tear for our little babushka succubus. at best, she was a little gold-digging tart. at worst, she's an accomplise to real-estate fraud.

Most girls like her have enough brains to marry a doctor or lawyer, or someone well-monied enough to keep buying them stuff. She would have spent Casey (or virtually any man) into the ground.

Eth Real said...

@9.30 Anon
You refer to @7.30 anons query about how the vitriole on this site would read if he were black. @7.30's point is that a huge amount of the "conversation" on this blog is a tirade against things that have nothing to do with Casey's illegal doings. Throwing insults at Casey re. his stupidity, immorality, etc. is fair game - the guy's a crook posing as a victim and frustration drives us all to that. What seems unescessary and childish is the ongoing homophoic and xenophobic slurs about his outfits, hair, looks, country of origin, etc. Thie inisial jokes about sexual preference were referencees to gay rape in jails - kind of on point because it's a big reason why no one in their right mind wants to go to jail. The progression from there to ongiong slurs about his looks, relationship with Nigel, etc. is what has brought the discussion and fun rants down to nasty and personal attacks.

What pisses me off most is the underlying implication that there is something wrong with being gay and foreign. Gay rape, like all rape, is bad and the jail comments that paint it in a bad light are within reason. Being gay (which he doesn't seem to be, but who cares, really?) is a non issue and to treat it like an accusation/insult is demeaning to the gay society. Ever heard of hate speech?

Ditto re. his being foreign born. I'm foreign born too. BFD. Not relevant to the discussion, except when dissing his spelling.

I'm with anon7.30 - I'd hate to see how the hate speech here went if Casey were black given how nasty it is with him being a metrosexually-dressed foreign-born guy.

Eth Real said...

PS - apologies for the typos. I can spell, I just can't type and forget to spell check. :-)

ratlab said...

@Guy in Colorado
How do you know when there are no more shares to short?

What happens to options when a company goes BK? Are the options immediately worthless (which is what I assume)? If there are no more shares to short, the next move is options, buy puts or sell calls, right?

Anonymous said...

@9:07 a.m.

I'm no divorce lawyer, but I think there's a strong case that she'll be better off waiting for his legal troubles to hit. If she goes to divorce court now, you know he's going to try to weasel his way out of as much of that debt as possible. He put a lot of it in her name, and I don't doubt he'd be happy to keep it that way.

I think she's much better off waiting for his legal troubles to hit. If there's an indictment against him, she has a much stronger case for transferring the financial obligations to him. The risk is that the law will try going after her as well, but in that case being naive will be to her benefit. If the rap sheet against C.S. is long enough, the judge will be more inclined to believe that she was deceived and is a victim in all of this.

C-Corp Man said...

Jim Bob,

Thanks for the link. Guess this proves, yet again, how wrong Nigel and his commando accountant buddy are on mortgage fraud and prosecution.

Why oh why is Nigel such a close minded tool?

RacistAnonymous said...

One of the many Anons said:
"I'd hate to see what Casey would undergo if he were black."

Race has NOTHING to do with it. In fact, YOU are racist for bringing race into the discussion. A true Casey Hater knows it's all about him being held responsible for his to jail.

That's not what I meant. People are trying to make inferences about Casey's character from his Russian background. If Casey were black, I'm almost certain people would dismiss it as some weakness of character that's affiliated with black stereotypes. We're just lucky that none of us have become sensitive to Russian-bashing and think it's okay.

I'm quite alright with being labeled a racist if being a racist is synonymous with being able to observe that making inferences about character from a general population is an inaccurate process.

While I've often felt like Eastern Europeans were a bit more blunt and self-serving, I don't think Casey is a fair representation of that group. Their school systems and work ethics are generally better than what we observe in Casey.

In my limited electronic interaction with him, I basically just think Casey is fundamentally uneducated and believes there's such a thing as free lunch. The reason we can all point to why he is "stupid" is because he has never been able to frame his actions in the scope of the macroeconomic picture. He believes there's a free lunch out there in real-estate and simply doesn't understand the market. He doesn't understand interest rates, forecasting future interest rates, the effect of interest rates on the economy, or anything similar to that. He was told one thing: "Buy cheap, sell high". He thinks that that is possible in all situations.

He has no college education and probably has no theoretical understanding of supply and demand. His stupidity isn't rooted in his reasoning ability so much as it is his laziness with regards to understanding the underpinnings of modern American capitalism.

Casey's problem is not a Russian problem. His problem is a uniquely American problem.

I equate hating Casey with hating what America has become. He's really just a symptom of a greater underlying problem.

This doesn't excuse him from being an irresponsible asshole. I waver back and forth on whether I think he deserves serious punishment. I generally think he has enough negative karma that if he were to ever form a business that were profitable, there would almost certainly be others out there ready and willing to sue him.

The hater community has an irrational fear that this guy will get anywhere. He can't profit from his crimes because of California Son of Sam laws. If he were to become successful, CashCall and all his other creditors would immediately find him and destroy him. The people who ultimately partner with him cannot achieve their objectives because he has a scatter-brained approach to attacking problems and still does not know how to delegate responsibiilty correctly.

Casey is a prime example of mismanagement and what can happen when someone chooses to remain uneducated. Americans need to stop trumpeting the fact that Bill Gates dropped out of college or that Ted Turner or whoever was a high school drop-out. These people are outliers who've become heroes for people who generally lack the intellect to accomplish what either Gates or Turner did.

Anonymous said...

Oops. It looks like IAFF is down again.

C-Corp Man said...

Can the cowardly anonymous people stop inferring that race has something to do with this?

I don't give two shits what color you are...if you defraud the system YOU SHOULD GET PENALIZED FOR IT. No color here.

I don't even think Casey is a real blonde, but heck that's just one of many opinions i have.

Stop with the race baiting. You have ZERO ground to stand on with that comparison.

C-Corp Man said...

Uhhhh, RacistAnonymous...Technically Casey is an Asian NOT an Eastern European.

Uzbekistan is in ASIA NOT Europe.

If you want to play the race card go ahead, but if he were black and pulled this crap, I would STILL go after his CHARACTER. I have the same disdain for white guys like Bernie Ebbers, Ken Lay, Tom DeLay and others who manipulate the system to make themselves rich.

One of my heroes, FYI is Magic Johnson. The man was a gifted Ballplayer who is an even more gifted businessman. He is HONEST and seems to CARE about people which is something people like Casey apparently do not. He pretends to be empathetic and caring but I think it's a beautiful act.

Anyway, Magic also has AIDS. How he got it, I don't care. I judge the PERSON not the color.

Anonymous said...

I bet anonymous thinks Iranians are Middle Easterners. If you called an Iranian an Arab they'd beat you up.

Persians, Uzbeckis, Khazaks, Pakistanis, Afghanis are all ASIANS.

ratlab said...

I've dated dirty blondes. ;)

Yep, take that and run with it.

Eth Real said...

"I would STILL go after his CHARACTER."

No one objects ot going after his character. anon7.30/RacistAnonymous seems to be saying - and I agree - that that's 100% OK.

Read all the posts about his presumed sexuality, the Russian mafia, etc. - that's what's not about his character, but about homophobia and xenophobia.

Now, can we just all get along (and return to bashing his character?)

RacistAnonymous said...


As far as I'm concerned, he has Russian roots, isn't Muslim, and has blonde hair. That makes him Eastern European. Uzbekistan being in Asia says nothing about where his family originated from. Central Asians are not as pale as he is. His facial features are almost certainly European and his cultural heritage is more than likely European. Uzbekistan is a former Soviet country. The likely explanation for how Casey's family ended up there is that his family was affiliated with the Communist party or their objectives and got relocated there for, presumably, some sort of economic reason. When the republic broke down, it's likely that the party wasn't powerful enough to extend benefits to the Serins; therefore, they relocated to the US. He is no Uzbek in the sense that he champions Uzbek culture.

Go back and read the posts trying to make guesses about his behavior based on his roots. They're more or less outrageous. Every Russian man out there probably hates being lumped into the same group as Casey.

I agree with the other guy. The gay comments are out of wack too. Even if he were gay, it's not like committing mortgage fraud is some fundamental property of being a gay man. Limp wrists, fashion sense, woman like tendencies, and... mortgage fraud? Seems a little unreasonable to me.

sid_finster said...

Young Casey commented in an email to me that he is "Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian", or something like that.

There might have been some kavkaz or central Asian in there somewhere, I forget.

Big deal. There was a lot of ethnic mixing in the Soviet Union. Just like how about everyone in Russia has ancestors from somewhere else.

sid_finster said...

I would add that a LOT of Russians moved or got moved to Uzbekistan in the Soviet days, and it didn't necessarily have anything to do with being a Party member.

For instance, Casey mentioned that he was hatched in Tashkent - the main production lines for MiG fighter jets used to be based there. That required a lot of skilled labor and engineers, many of whom were imported from elsewhere.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, a lot of the ethnic Russians and Baltic types high-tailed it for Russia or emigrated altogether. For that matter, so did a lot of Uzbeks.

Rob Dawg said...

There's the gay and effeminette stuff and the Gypsy and Russian stuff but it seems to me that while on the childish side it is all a reflection on Casey's character. More precisely his lack of character. Every affectation from the glasses to the murse to the wheatshots to the valleyspeak are all mere act. Kind of a Borat thing going except hurting a whle lot more people. We attack the affectations because the effort he puts into them distract from what he needs to do for us. Being gay isn't bad, acting gay for the fun of it when you should be making right your errors is bad.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Eth Real:

I agree. Aside from being distasteful, this sort of commentary is also really boring after a while.

I think there are two problems going on: First, as I mentioned in a comment the other day, we're out of material. Casey needs to do something new and spectacularly stupid to prime the pump, as it were. We've already mocked the hell out of him for the stupid stuff he's already done. Second, I get the impression that EN is getting a slightly broader and (with a nod to anon) less cultured audience.

One other possible reason for all the speculation about Nigel playing hide the sausage with Casey is that his motivation for dealing with Casey is difficult to understand. People may be latching on to the first vaguely credible explanation.

sid_finster said...

OGG, O-g-G,

EN has picked up a lot of the racist dots from the old FC board, who came to FC when FC trolled Stormfront (a straight-up Nazi site). The logic and syntax haven't changed at all from that used by the anonymous FC racists.

The racist dots were/are also spectacularly uninformed about Russia, Russians, and Russianness.

Agent #777 said...

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous said...

Re: Galina.

Why do people go to the trouble of typing a 4 paragraph entry, but can't be bothered to enter some identity for reference?

Anyway, I think people are forgetting that she wanted to be a CPA. I presume she had no idea what that really means. Ideally, with the highest ethics, education, and intuition a CPA verifies there are no financial irregularties in the numbers and business dealings of a particular entity. The irony of this item is part of the tastiness of the Serin story.

Anonymous said...

I'm the original "homophobe" and "xenophobe"...if you knew me, you'd know how ridiculous that accusation is.

Look, okay, I use a heavy brush when I write that kind of stuff. It's *supposed* to be brutal. I do it here because Rob seems to have no issues with it. I like that there's no PC crap here, and if I want to bludgeon a running gag like Casey's gayness, then I can.

I still stand by my theory that there are remnants of his childhood at work, as I think Casey stopped developing emotionally and mentally at his early teens, not long after coming here. Deny it all you want, but it had an effect on him, regardless if it offends you or not.

I personally don't care if he's gay, from Russia, Antartica, or the moon. I'm lambasting him, it's nothing personal, it's satire, and a fun way to try and punch his buttons, because we know he reads here - and possibly posts, like in this thread. I post what i do specifically to insult and anger Casey and Nigel, because they seek to insult us with their drivel. If there's some truth in what i percieve, even better. If I'm full of shit - so what. It cost you nothing to read it, and just my time to write it.

Yes, I used a Russian stereotype, but THEY EXIST. Just like "hicks" and trailer trash make us uncomfortable - but go ahead and joke away. The black sheep of a society don't define that society, only a moron would think that.

And the other posters are right, if he were black it would make no difference, and it shows to me that you're throwing a typical knee-jerk response at me because i've offended your PC sensibilities. The race card, especially in a context that does not warrant it, says all I need to know about you, and I have one response to you, after which I will be done with you and never address you again, as you are worthless to interact with:

Blow me.

Yes, I'm rude, i'm a jerk, I'm a meanyhead, and I don't care what you think. As Dennis Leary says, "Life is hard, get a fucking helmet".

Rob, if you want me to stop, I will. You call it, boss. I'd like to think we could not have to worry about PC bullshit here, there's enough of that over at IAFF.

Rob Dawg said...

Ogg speak goodly. Ogg know knows banging two rocks less boring than Casey until next disaster. [/cavespeak::off]

To most peoples' credit the seriously nasty trolling racist/homophobic/xenophobic/[wo]man hating crap finds no audience here. A couple f-u posts and gone. The esscence of laughter predates civilization and ridicule and generalization and playing on fears of the different or unknown are common basises. The medium is also very difficult to master in such situations. Without a collective group laugh there is a tendency to try again with the same lame jokes whereas if the one gaydar joke were acknowledged and the one snappy reply met with "funny, but back on topic..." things wouldn't look so juvenile. Just discount that portion of multiple punchlines.

"So complex that only a caveman could understand."

Rob Dawg said...

If Casey were a black immigrant we'd be making crude Nigerian e-mail scamer comparisons. Oh... wait... Casey is black then. Nevermind.

[laugh dammit.]

Casey Fannnnn said...

-What seems unescessary and childish is the ongoing homophoic and xenophobic slurs-

Most "fun" is unnecessary.

We don't dislike Casey because he's a effeminate yoozbekky. We simply bring up those characteristics because we are displeased with Casey, and he has those characteristics. These are slurs of convenience. If he was black or Chinese or quadraplegic we would call him names incorporating those vile traits.

Stanley said...

My last post got eaten by the we have one. :)

Anyway, where's my Official Casey Haterz Membership Card? Ogg has been flashing his all over town and is getting all the hot chicks.

Observation Mode: How can anybody read more than one thread and not realize this is satire? I hate people who don't like satire. I hate people who don't hate Casey.

Cotton Swaby said...

I just posted this over at iaff. Taking odds on whether it will make it though and if he will answer any or all:

Casey please take a minute between business meetings to answer the following questions for us:

1. Why did you lie on your loan applications?
2. Why did you lie at closing by signing the intent to occupy document?
3. Are you a man?
4. Do you have any self-respect?
5. How much money have you EARNED by working in 2007 so far?
6. What does G do all day?
7. Is the Utah payment all straigtened out?
8. Were any other parties complicit on your loan fraud or was it just you?
9. How will you get out of debt (don't say sweet deals please)?
10. What are you goals for 2008 beyond staying out of jail?

Your friend Cotton Swaby
Award winning commenter

Stanley said...

Ogg is correct. It's time for Casey to do more stupid stuff so we have fresh material. Any idea how long that will take?

sid_finster said...

Cotton: I doubt that will get through, although KC's censorship seems to be pretty random and standardless.

Stanley/O-to-the-G-to-the-G cavebaby: the question is not "when will Casey do something stupit?" but "when will Casey do something new (and stupit)?"

Casey's last posts have been blatant trollbait, trotting out old mistakes and old tropes to rattle his haters' cages.

His act is stale, Hosadus needs something new and craptacular to keep our interest.

Some Guy From Colorado said...

Does anybody have any idea why Casey has not been brought up on charges yet? This one in particular boggles my mind. I mean, we can argue the merits of Galina's intentions or racial/ethnic biases in the equation all day long, but there is one very clear fact here and that is that it's an open and shut case of fraud.

I wonder what the DA is doing that is more important than this case. It'd be a slam dunk for them and slam dunks make DAs look good for when the next election comes around.

Rob Dawg said...

New Material:

G knocked up, wheatgrass doesn't inhibit libido.

CashCall steps over the line and actually collects some of the money owed.

V-Dubs "disappears."

"Accident" with insurance implications.

1099 shows up.

Spreadsheet updated to remove foreclosed associated issues showing how he's reduced his debt by half.

Yulia borrows Stephanie J's Doc Martens and institutes new rental policy. relaunches with money partner.

Tax trouble hinted at to chum the waterz for haterz.

Anonymous said...

Casey please take a minute between business meetings to answer the following questions for us:

1. Why did you lie on your loan applications? Everyone does it. Do you burn CDS? Do you speed?
2. Why did you lie at closing by signing the intent to occupy document? See #1
3. Are you a man? Is that a joke?
4. Do you have any self-respect? See #2.
5. How much money have you EARNED by working in 2007 so far? I have sources of income that shouldn't matter to you.
6. What does G do all day? As I've said before, she's in school.
7. Is the Utah payment all straigtened out? Yes, I will update with details as soon as I can.
8. Were any other parties complicit on your loan fraud or was it just you? Is that a trick question. We've been through that before.
9. How will you get out of debt (don't say sweet deals please)?
Still going through mail prioritizing awesome deals.

10. What are you goals for 2008 beyond staying out of jail? Continuing to work with the awesome contacts I've made through my site.

Are you happy? Constructive criticism is okay but no mean spirited posts.

sid_finster said...

The short answer as to why no DA has filed charges could be called "prosecutorial triage".

As long as no influential lenders or the public clamor for charges to be filed, and as long as Casey remains a muppet who has not committed any violent crimes, he just isn't a priority to the DA.

The fact is, Casey is not what terrifies suburban homeowners and other solid citizens. Going after (or being seen to go after) the people that scare middle-class voters is what gets prosecutors re-elected. That is why I mentioned black and violent crimes in another thread. Thoughts of violent black criminals are what keep solid citizens awake nights. Not dorks with murses whose fraudulent shenanigans apparently impact the economy.

Of course, if prosecutors are like other elected officials, incumbency carries enough of an advantage that most prosecutors aren't really worried about losing an election.

So the DA may never get around to taking Casey off the streets. And if they do, he probably won't face hard time (as long as he avoids serious Federal charges). He'll plea-bargain down to something like probation, community service, halfway houses, home detention, etc.

Legion said...

@Stanley and Ogg

Casey does stupid stuff all the time, wether he will write about it or we will hear about it is a different matter. We all know he hides a lot more than he gives out.

As for the claim that the treatment would have been harsher had Casey been black, I say bullshit. Sure you would have the occasional racist anonymous writers, but frankly, these days, more people are afraid to say something politcally incorrect and will just refrain.
Want an example, look at the comedians, you have black comedians making fun of white people all the time, the way they dance, the way they try to act black, how all their kids are named Chauncy and Brittney etc...but how many times do tyou hear a white comedian making fun of black people?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Legion. You can make fun of a white guy and his jumping ability but make fun of a black guy not being a good swimmer. Try it.

Good post.

Michael Richards

Cotton Swaby said...

I forgot to mention that I talked to a friend of mine the other day. He makes sweet juice concoctions by day, but at night, he fights crime by wearing a batsuit. He doesn't have a gun but he has all these really cool toys, err, weapons to help defeat the bad guys. He told me that Casey is really a nice guy and everyone should stop being so mean to him as he will not be prosecuted. In fact, my friend also works for a secret division of the treasury department and they are thinking of even giving Casey an award for bringing to light all the problems in the lending industry and exposing the lenders for the money grubbers that they are. According to my juice pouring secret agent bat-like hero friend, they are preparing to name Casey 'Murse wearer of the Year'.

Some Guy From Colorado said...

At 11:18 AM, Anonymous said...

Why would Casey be wasting time reading this site? Anybody??

lawnmower man said...

New post at IAFF: another rerun of the last-minute will-it-foreclose-or-sell drama.

Seen it before, Casey, and let's cut to the chase: it'll foreclose. Let's hope you don't shred another tire on the way to this one.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Some Guy From Colorado:

Aside from sid_finster's comment about "prosecutorial triage", which makes perfect sense, it may be that the prosecutors are waiting until all the homes are foreclosed and the actual losses are known before they proceed. Right now, only the Dallas and Larchmont lenders can be shown to have actually lost money.

It's a curious position. Casey can't do any more harm to his lenders than he already has, so there's no real risk to letting him remain free until the final butcher's bill is in.

lawnmower man said...

Oh, and why would Casey read here? Ego. He loves being the center of attention. Having a cadre of haters probably provides a huge boost to his sense of self-worth.

Casey may well be a narcissist, in both the classical and clinical senses. Diagnostic criteria for NPD:

At least five of the following are necessary for a diagnosis (as with many DSM diagnoses, they must form a pervasive pattern; for example, a person who shows these criteria only in one or two relationships or situations would not properly be diagnosed with NPD):

1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance
2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
3. believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by other special people
4. requires excessive admiration
5. strong sense of entitlement
6. takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
7. lacks empathy
8. is often envious or believes others are envious of him or her
9. arrogant affect.

Does this sound like anyone we know?

Ogg the Caveman said...

*cracks knuckles*

From Casey new post:

The received the short sale offer at 240 but its too low because there are about 30 grand of costs: agent commissions, closing fees and buyers want some cash for repairs.

Ogg laugh. Buyer want cash back at close on short sale? Hah. Ogg only caveman, but Ogg know karma when it bite Casey on ass.

Ogg see sherrif sale coming.

Anonymous said...

CO Guy,

1) Wasting time is all Casey can do, and do well.
2) Regardless of what he may post on his site, he CRAVES our attention.

R-Boy said...

Who is Loads of Money? He makes claims that Casey was having a warrant issued today

Peripheral Visionary said...

Casey is definitely up to something in Utah, the problem is that he won't let on just what it is (which means that it's probably even more illegal than what he's been involved in in the past.) So there's fresh material out there . . . it's just a matter of him getting desperate for attention to the point that he's willing to divulge it.

@Agent #777: I'm also 8:40 Anonymous; I decided that being lazy and just going anon-account was too Casey-ish, so I sat down and did the WORK to set up a new account (all of two minutes!) See, I really am getting something out of following Casey's story: everything in my life that resembles anything in Casey's life has got to go.

Anonymous said...

The received the short sale offer at 240 but its too low because there are about 30 grand of costs: agent commissions, closing fees and buyers want some cash for repairs.

Let's not shy away from the fact that most of the $30k of "costs" have to do with missed payments and penalties, snowflake. But everybody does it, right? It's like speeding, or copying CDs, right? RIGHT???

Stephanie J. said...

Gay or no; I think the reason why Nigel is so resolved to be Casey's saviour is the same reason why he always puts an active link to his own blog when he posts on IAFF; he wants the attention.

The way of diverting attention to himself is to put his arm around the lightning rod and buy him a wheatgrass shot.

Nigel is just drowning in his own mediocrity, and is desperately grasping onto an easy device to extricate him from the cesspool for a while.

Anonymous said...

I hope I can avoid foreclosure on this property. If not, at least I did everything I could.

Yeah. Everything you could. Let me add onto that little blurb...

...everything I could in the last few moments when nothing could be done, instead of during the many months of pure inactivity.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is an idiot. Who posts "award winning blog"? Who would pose a a JJ with Casey and expect to be taken seriously? The list goes on.

Anonymous said...

And Nigel's whole "I have convinced Casey to get a job" bit. That just shows how retarded they both are.

Any normal human being without a source of income doesn't need to be convinced into working.

sid_finster said...

Perhaps referring to Casey as "not black" wasn't the best way to put it.

I wasn't trying to make a racial statement but rather, to point out that the voting public is not all that disturbed by visions of Caseys running loose and defrauding banks and lenders. At least the public is not as incensed about this as much as we are.

Then again, there was a reason that they chose Willie Horton for the infamous "Willie Horton" ads. He represented what suburbanite swing voters fear. Although, black or white, Willie H was one creepy-looking dude.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if people are so so jaded with the Enrons of the world that they couldn't care less about a "small fraud."

I have eight houses and I got them all the honest way. I never lied on any apps. I know I could have told the bank that it was owner occ and saved the half point of extra interest I got dinged for telling the truth. Casey just flat out lies and compares it to someone burning a CD. I really have a strong dislike for the guy, mainly because he's rubbing it in the face of all the honest people. And eventually, someone will pay for the Caseys of the world. I'm pretty sure that's us.

sid_finster said...

anon: you are basically correct. The only reason Enron got nailed was because the public outcry was too loud to for the prosecutor's office to ignore.

At that point, the prosecution became a political matter as much as anything. See any of several Tom Wolfe novels for insight.

If you want further proof that white collar crime pays, look up econometric analyses of insider trading.

In the days before acquisition of a publicly traded company is announced, the bid price of that company's stock will almost invariably and mysteriously rise. The value and timing of such rises can only be explained by any factor other than insider trading.

Yet charges are almost never filed. White collar cases are expensive and difficult to prove. The public rarely demands prosecution, so it's easier just to let them go.

CASEY'S WIFE said...

thats not a MURSE, casey stole my PURSE!

Anonymous said...


Too bad really. I'm still not going to jump on the bandwagon. At least I sleep well at night.

Just pisses me off that Casey has been riding on someone's dime for so long.

He'll get his eventually. In some form or another.

Rob Dawg said...

Am I the only one that thinks a spanking and grounding in 1996 when he was caught pushing a pyramid email scam could have prevented this?

Nigel Smarmy said...

Hey SID!

I'm offended as hell at your if Casey was Black statement.

I'm offended at the fraud, I have never in 34 years bounced a check, failed to pay my bills or even ever paid late.

If Casey were black, he probably would not be blogging, but, regardless of the color, I hate his stealing, thieving attitude.

I'm really sick of the so called "racist" angle.

sid_finster said...

Nigel, go ahead and get offended. Yeah, what KC did was wrong and criminal, but it isn't the sort of criminal activity that gets the general public to demand that something be done.

That does not mean that nothing will be done, just that the authorities don't treat Casey as a priority.

Any lenders who have not foreclosed don't want Casey prosecuted, either. They want any money that Casey has to be used to pay them (fat chance) and not used for a criminal defense attorney.

Those lenders who have foreclosed probably regard deficiency judgments and calls to the DA as throwing good money after bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid


You just do not get it do you? I think it's on purpose. If Casey the lying thieving credit bandit was anything but white, anyone and i do mean anyone who dared to criticize the criminal nature of his behavior would immediately be branded, OH MY GOD as a RACIST!

So take your indignation and shove it up your ass!