Saturday, March 10, 2007

Irresisitable Comparison


Benoit said...

First posts and the posting posters who post them :-p

Anonymous said...

Original thought? Of course not.


and for sid

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous said...

Hey Sid


You just do not get it do you? I think it's on purpose. If Casey the lying thieving credit bandit was anything but white, anyone and i do mean anyone who dared to criticize the criminal nature of his behavior would immediately be branded, OH MY GOD as a RACIST!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Well, he is an immigrant, I wonder if he is an ILLEGAL Alien.
Some people think that is racist.
That would make him a victim!
In the world of ifs and lets pretend, I have it figured out.

Akubi said...

I particularly like the 4 images in the background of the photo. Beautiful:).

Anonymous said...

I think the CashCall loan in Galina's name is very interesting.

There was a lot of paperwork in the beginning with the properties, and her name.

She has 8 credit cards, maxed out.

She has at least two DBA's with her name on it.

She was a central figure in the previous blog, and was playing general contractor, clipboard and all.

Implicit? Maybe.

Mastermind? Doubtful. Clue number one - that blog.

Clueless trusting wife of a criminal? Most likely.

My theory: Let's face it, Casey would'nt attract a smart woman, and any woman with any common sense would have bailed on him last year.

I think she may be a bit dumb, no worse than any typical 20-something product of the California school system, she's lazy, and when she saw how much hard work the rehabbing was - even as half-assed as the rehabs Casey tried to pull off - she decided napping and hanging out at extended High School (junior college) was more fun.

I'm tending to think Casey told her to sign a lot of papers, that allowed him to do the transfers, open DBAs, get a bunch of credit cards an max them out, allowing her to use one or two (they do not live or have the posessions of two people who blew through that much money that fast. No jewelry, no huge wardrobe, no top of the line cameras or laptops (you'd think PoserBoi would be lugging a top of the line Vaio or Macbook)...just debt. A LOT of debt.

According to him, he's lied to her about everything else. It would be very interesting what her name was used to do, and where. A CashCall loan in her name would NOT be surprising, and a good reason why they have seperate cell phones - he could have all the creditors call him, and not her.

Even when he does tell the truth, it's half truths. I know in my gut there's other accounts other places he doesn't mention. His spread sheet tells a story of someone who signed up for any credit they could get, frantically, and was soon maxed out.


None of the debts were serviced. He stopped paying mortgages a long time ago. How many of those credit cards are in default and on their way to collections? I did that in my youth and it took less than 6 months. (Which I paid off by working my ass off, doing without luxuries, eating tuna instead of eating out, and PAID it)

It just does not add up, not without a serious drug habit, or a gambling addiction, or living the high life, or a girlfriend on the side who needs rent, a car, and spending money. What we have here is houses half rehabbed, everyone who's owed money unpaid, a shitty POS Vdub that a kid delivering pizza would drive, living in a spare bedroom, and shithead is mooching off of anyone who he can bamboozle. Mr. "Big Shot Businessman" is probably just now coming off the high of traveling and eating on someone else's dime, but yet again, he's freeloading.


What OTHER schemes, "investments", or frauds did this money pay for? How much did Chris get? What other MLM schemes are you involved with, that you don't dare mention?


Anonymous said...

@ flying monkey

I think he got his citizenship, he posted that.

But well, like my shit scum car theiving embezzling driving on a suspended license credt bandits neighbors, they can fog a mirror so maybe your standards are too high?

He got arrested for car theft, embezzlement, criminal threats and suspended license. Really except for the assholes next store, this is much like Ward and June Cleaver neighborhood, 99% white!

No crime, everyone wants to live here!

The above was sarcastic.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Does Galina have US citizenship? I haven't read much about her or her family's background.

Anonymous said...

Uh, well, no income, is not that why she quit school in the first place, plus loser casey could not pay thus the moves every 5 months. He did say she was a quitter because of financial reasons./

This is what it is, Casey and his wife are thieves, get your money back anyway possible.

king friday the 13th said...

Clueless trusting wife of a criminal? Most likely.


I really doubt it. I wouldn't be suprised if Yulina is somehow involved as well. The public records show Casey's parents were involved in flipping as well. I bet casey's little sister "braceface" has a few cashback deals under her belt.

my god, if real estate fraud ever became an olympic sport, Uzbekistan would have a gold metal team with this bunch fo sho.

and HOMEY DA would present them with the cuffs, err metals. FO SHO.

Al Lewis said...

this was said:
)))they do not live or have the posessions of two people who blew through that much money that fast. No jewelry, no huge wardrobe, no top of the line cameras or laptops(((

Trust this: When you're hiding $150K in a fireproof box, you don't want to flash around a lot of fancy accessories.

Akubi said...

Off topic, but I thought this was cute

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I hear what you're saying, but I tend to think if this was a family-wide scam, there would be MAJOR problems with his blog - what purpose would it serve? We pretty much know now that it was just a "contact" trap and a way to make money with doing anything, but if he were in a criminal family, I highly doubt they'd allow him to be doing what he is.

Yulina is Galina's sister, tho, isn't she? No, I think the only reason she's involved is she took her sister in, along with her schleprock slacker husband. LOVE to know what life in that house is like. Considering she's charging him for the office, it's probably not all sweetness and group hugs.

How old is Yulina anyway?

The fireproof box could be right too. But...going with the idiot's behavior, since we can't trust his words...he's a showoff. He'd have slipped by now, you'd think. He does have a tendency to "pull money out of his ass" as his wife so eloquently (as we're told) said. Why would he admit to criminal fraud in public, all the while sitting on the stolen money? He doesnt strike me as the type who'd voluntarily go to jail so he could keep 120K - and his actions say he's either as clueless and stupid as we think he is...or...what the hell is he? None of it adds up.

I also tend to think if he was that much of a criminal, that he would'nt be using his real name on ANY of it.

I don't know. You guys could be right. The one thing we know is, according to what he's said - and remembering that he's a liar - the numbers don't add up. I think he's just a lazy slacker with no regard for anyone, who tried to con the system without looking at the consequences, and without realing he's just not very good at being a criminal.

Sometimes, it just doesnt add up to me, and keeping in mind how much of a liar he is, can we even really speculate?

Anonymous said...

I used to know this Lebanese couple; her husband was a mortgage broker, and she bought and flipped houses.

T said...

Akubi said...

Off topic, but I thought this was cute


Akubi said...

Note the Cabela’s shirt... I don’t hunt and rarely fish, but on the rare occasion I visit one of their brick and mortar stores, it feels like Disneyland.

Stephanie J. said...

I've been to the one in Kearny. It was pretty sweet.

Akubi said...

What do you make of this article ?

Akubi said...

I liked "Driverless dog team parks self" among other choice quotes ;).

Akubi said...

For posterity, I'd like to copy and paste the article below. (BTW, while I was wasting time online again, Close Encounters was on – one of my favorites as a kid).

Kids' hearts harnessed to Alaska sled dog race
Iditarod fever hits elementary school -- star musher is carrying its token
Jill Tucker, Chronicle Staff Writer

Saturday, March 10, 2007

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More... The San Carlos schoolchildren gathered around their teacher's laptop computer, standing on tiptoe to see the screen displaying the fifth day's standings in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska.

Some of the Arundel Elementary School students clutched stuffed toy dogs, huskies mostly, while Andrew Cross, a third-grader, sported a fluffy wolf hat.

"Where is Martin?" the students asked.

Martin Buser, a four-time Iditarod winner, was in 19th place outside of the Ophir checkpoint when the children checked on Thursday. With him on his sled, in his pack or his pocket, was a small "good luck" keychain that had spent more than two years "geocaching" its way from Arundel Elementary to Alaska, buried at one point for seven months under Canadian snow.

The Iditarod is always a big deal at the San Carlos school. The kindergarten and second-grade students study it every year. Buser is a perennial favorite.

But this year is special -- the culmination of a 29-month lesson in patience, geography and hope.

It started on Oct. 1, 2004, when Arundel students put the small keychain in an Army surplus ammunition box and covered it with leaves, twigs and tree bark in a nearby park, dreaming that it would make it to the start of the Iditarod race in Alaska five months hence.

And then they waited.

That olive drab ammo box was a geocache, a collection of items hidden and then identified on the Internet only by its Global Positioning System location. Geocachers make a hobby of seeking out these treasure chests, taking and leaving items as they go. Some of the items have missions, and instructions are attached. The keychain was one of those, a "travel bug" -- destination Anchorage.

The children hoped the keychain, with the help of strangers, would hop from geocache to geocache to see the start of the race. They never dreamed it would find itself on a sled more than two years later.

Months passed and then years as the students and teachers followed the chain's progress while geocachers logged its location using an Internet address and an identification number attached to the chain. It made nearly two dozen stops before reaching Buser in Alaska.

After landing in a couple of caches in the Bay Area, the keychain hopped a flight up to Calgary, Alberta, then zigzagged through several caches in Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces.

At one point, for seven months, there was only silence as it sat buried under Canadian snow. Teacher Anne Higginbotham thought it was lost. When it popped up again, the keychain inexplicably veered south through Washington and Oregon.

Ultimately, after passing through the hands of kind strangers for 4,758 miles and through 21 separate geocache sites, the keychain was picked up in Alaska in January by a friend of the famous musher. She gave it to Buser.

Every year for the past 11, teacher Katherine Wolfe's second-grade class has studied the Iditarod with Higginbotham's kindergarten class. They learn about the race, the dogs, the mushers and Alaska.

Wolfe's class has always rooted for Buser, a crowd favorite in Alaska as well. Last year, Claire Grundig, now a third-grader, sent Buser a letter, and he sent one back. There are more than 80 mushers at the start of each year's race, so the teachers and students couldn't believe the keychain landed with Buser.

It was, in short, "kind of exciting and funny," Claire said.

"We were sending it to the Iditarod," she said. "It got to him, and we didn't think it would."

Wolfe said she practically cried when she found out Buser had agreed to take it with him as a good-luck charm.

Using the Iditarod race as a teaching tool has always been successful, and this year especially so, the teachers said. The race grabs the children, making math, geography, literature and science come alive through men and women on sleds racing with dogs more than 1,100 miles across sea ice and through mountain passes.

The children calculate distances, compare and contrast teams, read fiction and nonfiction stories about the race and learn the dangers of traveling across Alaskan terrain.

The dogs, however, are the clear favorite of the children, and many of the students carry stuffed dogs around school for the eight to 12 days of the race.

After gathering around the computer Thursday afternoon to check the status of the mushers, the children debated the most dangerous part of the race. Crossing the sea ice, some said. Going through a blizzard at night, others shouted.

"Going in a blizzard on sea ice at night," said third-grader Mrinal Verghese, 8, content that he had the perfect answer.

The race also teaches the students about intangibles such as character and personal strength, Higginbotham said.

"They do get the part about not giving up and trying," she said of her kindergartners. "At first they just want to win."

This year, they also learned about losing gracefully.

The kindergarten class' favorite musher was DeeDee Jonrowe, who scratched on Tuesday.

"DeeDee broke her finger," said Terby Diesh, 5. "Now we're rooting for Martin."

By Friday, Buser was in first place.

Terby, just a toddler when the keychain left San Carlos, likes the idea that Buser is carrying it for the school.

And so does Herb Mesler, who created the keychain's geocache in Arguello Park. Only recently did he learn about the school's travel bug and its successful journey to Alaska.

"I thought it was absolutely super," he said as he stooped down next to a tree in the park and uncovered the Army-green metal box. Since Mesler put it there in June 2004, casual and serious geocachers have found his box, taking something and leaving something as they go. On Thursday, several plastic children's toys mingled with the small notepad Mesler left there when he created the cache.

On the pages, families had written thank-you notes. Others described what they took and what they left.

Flipping back, Mesler found the note from the school: 10/1/04 Travel Bug to Alaska.

He smiled. "There it is," he said.

Then he tucked the notebook back into its plastic bag, closed the box and put it back, carefully covering it with leaves, bark and brush to wait for more treasure-seekers.

Back in Higginbotham's classroom, another little keychain with a computer tag attached waited on her desk.

It's going to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the kindergarten teacher said, smiling.

In April, the new chain will start its long journey to China -- first stop, an Army surplus ammunition box on a San Carlos hillside overlooking the school.

Rob Dawg said...

I do occasional GeoCaches with my middle child. Wholesome family fun and exercise. The article seems more of a paperclip for house type of stunt but good luck to them.

Akubi said...

Well, you're obviously far more brilliant and harness more fossil fuel than I could ever imagine.

Tom in NJ said...

@ Dawg,

I can't vouch for the validity of this, but I imagine it's in your baliwick

Sprezzatura said...

Geocaching is a lot of fun.

Akubi said...

I generally find that I'm the color of my personal parachute or potatoe.

Stephanie J. said...

Sorry for not being my usual pain in the ass today. I'm not up to my normal self lately. I went skiing @ Timberline and I think I picked up something from one of the snotnosed kids poking around the lower lodge. I feel like an anachronism these days on my old rossignol alpines, with all these boarders zooming by. Lots of telemarkers there too. My dad would love seeing that.

Pretty amazing. Working dogs always have a special place in my heart; police dogs, bomb & drug sniffers, etc.

They're always so eager to do well by us folks--and look at the lengths they go to. Running the race without their driver. How awesome is that. LOL.

Akubi said...

Is that meant to be a Zen koan of sorts?

MerMerde said...

I spent the whole day avoiding dealing with real time folks wanting to hang out, waste money and time while I'm barely able to stay awake in the process. Dogs and cats are so much more tolerable than most people.

Stephanie J. said...

Here here. Nice name by the way. :)

Which part... I think I don't see any references to falling trees...

RandomDude said...

New pastime for Casey:
Ball, Ball - The Greatest Sport, Ever!

Nigel is a silly, silly man-child said...

Can the anonymous critics buy a clue? A BLOG DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ORIGINAL. WE ARE NOT WRITING A NOVEL.

We know it's you Nigel, so stop. It's not as if your blog and it's alleged plaguerism (some blogger accused you of stealing his material for that lame award) makes you anymore original.

Oh yes, originality, that's rich. You go on Casey's blog every five seconds to tout you crap site every chance you get, real original. You spend an inordinate amount of time touting Casey's "story," more originality.

Please spare us your self righteous indignation. You are just a creep who wants so bad to be famous.

sid_finster said...

I never once said what *I* thought was right, only what tactics get a DA re-elected.

Beyond that, cut and paste all you want. I am not going to waste my time with you.

Northern Renter said...

You want skihill anacronims? My Dynastar Omeglass skis still have safety straps.


Northern Renter said...

I obviously can't spell anachronisms.

Rob Dawg said...

Here at Exurban Nation we don't take points off for spelling unless you get picky first.

I've got good ski equipment. Every year the little mountain community of Wrightwood has a Memorial Day yard saleapolloza. We pick up skis/boots/poles for $10-$40 a set.

Isn't it pathetic though how Nigel feels the need to censor his blog, post anonymously here and try o disrupt us?

Anonymous said...

What the heck is geocaching?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

flying monkey

I think he got his citizenship, he posted that.
I am new to this soap opera, but he is not a very sympathatic guy. I have never seen a pic of his wife, is she in on this too?