Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hey man, you glowin'?

No! Man! I don't glow! I'm cool, like I'm sooo coool I'm like fluorescent. Don' you call me no waster.

Turns out that not only has Austrailia but the Europeans are considering -banning- the bulb. I went tubular two years ago when our stupid Electric monopoly was all but giving them away. 25¢ each for what they laughingly call 60w equivalents. Well I guess if your name is Riddick they might look like 60w but not for normal people. I swapped out something like 4500w for about 1200w. What did it get me? My electric bill only went up a lot as opposed to a freakin' lot. Gotta pay fer dem bulbs somehow.


Anonymous said...


You bunch of loosers

MerMerde said...

What is the meaning of "Austrailia"...?

Rob Dawg said...

Austrailia, Aust-rail-ia. A joke making fun of their recent infatuation with rail transit. My sister lives in Brisbane, mate.

MerMerde said...

Assumed as much - but one could assume quite a bit more as well.

Benoit said...

OK, now someone do the obligatory Photoshop of wide-eyed Casey Serin saying, "Aha! Cash Back!" with that light bulb flashing over his head. ;-)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I swapped out most of my old incandescents for CFLs too, except for lamps where you can see the bulb -- as much as I love the CFL energy savings, them bulbs be really ugly! Hurry up GE, and develop that energy-efficient incandescent you've been talking about.

Talking of energy savings, don't forget to Spring Forward tonight. It's been amusing reading about predictions of Y2K-style glitches that the new Daylight Saving extension might cause--and we all know how devastating Y2K ended up being. ;-)

MerMerde said...

Sweet!! Thankfully, Nigel seems to have gone to sleep or focused on shots of wheatgrass juice or both...

king friday the 13th said...

4.5 kW to 1.2 kW is 3.3 kW.

Thus, say if you leave ALL the lights on in the Dawg pound 4 hrs a day. (I'm assuming that's the average all of the lights are on, and that's a very liberal estimate). Then, that's 12kW-hr saivings per day,
or at most $1.20 per day (assuming electricity is .10 per kw-hr, the US residential average).

At most you save about $36 per month, or approx. $430 per year. Not great, but it adds up.

Rob Dawg said...

Benoit said...
...Photoshop... Serin saying, "Aha! Cash Back!" with... light bulb

Damn, you people are waay too smart. Remind me to not underestimate the audience.

Truth be told Casey is the antithesis of conservation. Being that I am one of the last true conservatives I am qualified to pontificate albeit briefly. Don't give me crap about Bush, in some respects Clinton was more the big "C" conservative than Bush.

Akubi said...

My comment was lost to the interwebs and I'm living on borrowed laptop and time.

Akubi said...

Please credit the Photoshopper. Was it you?

Rob Dawg said...

.10 per kw-hr...

I wish. This is California. Might as well wish for $2.50 gasoline as $0.10 kilowatt-hours.

Akubi said...

Was referring to the image in the other thread...Nonetheless, which Bush are you referring to? George W IMHO has done more to ruin this country (on a global and local level) than any pres in U.S. history.

Mel Gibson said...

Please explain how the Patriot Act has benefited this country?

Mel Gibson said...

And the Department of Homeland (In)security reconstruction of nothing?

Sprezzatura said...

*sigh* was out doing errands today & noticed that gas has shot out to $3.17 at my local fill-up joint.

That Prius is staring to look better and better.

Heironymo said...

If one has to drive, a Prius is a good thing, but for the most I think physical transport is unnecessary.

Cabela said...

K Dawg,
If you had to vote for the current '08 runners, who would you vote for?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what does Dunderhead do all day? I've always wondered but I think I was giving him too much credit for playing around with his computer. I pictured him checking his email for nuggets,trying to click on the monkey to win a flat screen tv, working on uploading his next Blue Ball masterpiece into his Flickr acount(naps, dinner and juice were also accounted for in my mental image) I don't know...something.

It does appear that the guy realizes that his blog may be his only real asset yet he still goes for days without touching it (remember the "just moderating posts from my thingy" days? Sweet times indeed.)He says he has no money so one would assume he stays pretty close to home.

I'm pretty sure he is not:

1. Going to work
2. Having sex with G
3. Fixing any of the houses
4. Mowing Yulia's grass
5. Paying bills
6. Calling Creditors

Things he could possibly be doing?:

1. Sex with Nigel?
2. Video games?
3. Contemplating suicide?
4. Napping (definately)
5. Working with law enforcement?

One can only sleep so much. This guy loves his blog and his "celebrity" he wouldn't ignore it if he wasn't doing something.

BJ said...

Banning the incandescent is going to be interesting. Sometimes you need the light to come on (not warm up like a CFC) when it is turned on (ie. Emergency lights, security lights). I think that banning them outright might be well intentioned, but not smart. Has Australia and the EU considered what to do with the waste? CFCs have mercury.. can't throw them in the trash like incandescents.

PS: I am almost 100% CFC. I have found they fit most applications, just check the length of the CFC bulb versus incandescent. (also have CFCs as recessed floods). To get about the same brightness, I go up on 'indicated' equivalent wattage by about 20% when possible. (ie. 60w to 75w indicated equivalent brightness.. actual electrical consumption will be less with CFC over incandescent even with the 'adjustment'.)

astrid said...

Nothing wrong with moving to a more efficient form of lighting. The light from the new CFL are as good (I'd say better, because they're whiter) as incandescent bulbs. Plus, you're probably saving yourself a couple hours each years on buying and changing light bulbs.

Cheer up. At least you don't have $1,000/month winter heating bills in Ventura County.

CHJTS said...


Casey you are a fucking tool...People like you have caused the housing market to go to shit with overpriced houses...subprime lenders going all suck balls.

Yes I am pissed again...I just spent the last 4 hours..(and that is after working a 12 hour day today I might add) ..yes the last 4 hours updating my net worth spreadsheet.

YAY on paper, I lost money in the stock market...but my 401k did alright..some modest gains. Some bonds and cd's even helped hedge these losses.

What absolutely fucking killed me was the lost value on houses.

I lost over 40k so far this year alone because of those little bastards. Good thing it is only on paper or I would curb stomp him.

My LIQUID investments (Investments I consider that I can convert into cash in 2 weeks or less) actually show a modest gain of 4.5 long term clusterfucks show a nice loss.

F_you I cant afford gas to go to work for the next two weeks and have to walk the 20 miles each direction to get there.

I also cant afford to take stephanie J out to dinner and a movie and a cheap hotel for tawdry sex later on this week.

Going to have to change your nickname from snowflake and pissant and douchebag to cockblocker.

Just because your not getting any from your babushka vagalina doesnt mean you have to cockblock me with stephanie J.

Stephanie J. said...

@Anon 7:54
How long do you think he's been shirking taking out the trash, as he agreed to do for Yulia?

MerMer said...

I’m pissed too. Email me at damyata7(at)yahoo.

Stephanie J. said...

Cheap hotel? Wow, you really know how to win a girl's heart. ::sigh::

Rob Dawg said...

astrid, yours is always a voice of reason. Yes, I was bitching about SCE and their corrupt ways when I should have been discussing the small favors. Like I said 1200w for 4300w was a good deal. For 3/4ths of the uses they've been fine and the failure rate has been average I think 2 of 80. As you note, far less than incandesents. Surely as well in the big picture it probably saved SCE from the bother of overcharging me for another generating plant.

As to heating, the six weeks mid January on were the worst I've ever experienced as far as persistent low temps. February's heating bill was 5x normal. $50 instead of $10. Don't send flowers, the roses are doing just fine.

MerMer said...

I prefer a Hotel Existence.

MerMer said...

Perhaps one to many...
But how about pooling all of the hater money into a Hotel Existence...where we can all hate and bitch and moan and not feel alone with that...

Stephanie J. said...

Do you feel alone with that?

MerMerde said...

Funny off topic stuff:

ADHD related book?

I was reading opinions and book details on this book title, and for the life of me I can't make the connection between Neural Networks and ADHD??

Stephanie J. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MerMer said...

Microsoft ate my comment. Anyway, I prefer to be alone, but would like some degree of connection and find it difficult to balance the two.

Stephanie J. said...

I understand and relate to that sentiment completely.

MerMer said...

Thanks Steph.
My doogies want some attention and aren't in the least bit OK with their Noah's doggie bagels and organic carrots, so I think it might be time to sign out.

Anonymous said...

I found this on Nigel's blog. Sure seems full of it:

"Recession risk caused by the sub prime meltdown? - At this point, there is not much to worry about because employment is good. Additionally, sub-prime is a rather small part of the lending industry. However, things could change and we'll see that happen over the coming months. By the end of the year we'll either be wondering why we thought this would be a big deal, or we'll be in a huge mess economically. I don't know which quite yet."

Nigel, the employment figures aren't great either and show great cause for concern down the line. Where did you learn economics from? Certainly not from a REAL university it appears.

Oh, and I don't need to show you any data. If you were smarter, you'd have realized that.

bemused guy said...

Rob - I can't wait to see the torch-bearing crowds if we are forced to use these new bulbs in Europe.
Think they're fugly in your beside lamp? Imagine those of us with chandeliers! Yeepers - I see an underground trade of illegal bulbs brewing. Europe - green but only as long as we can still look chic.

bemused guy said...

@All - I visited Nigel "Got No Play Even As a Gay" website. As all have stated - complete, utter drivel. No matter how often you look, it won't change, no matter how many awards he manufactures for himself.

Why do you go there? All you do is increase his hits & encourage the idiot. If you need your daily dose of idiocacy, just be patient. You know he trolls here incessantly.

astrid said...

M. Robert,

LOL! $50/month!

A poster who lived in Danville said she used to pay $1,000/month for winter heating (before moving to smaller digs).

Bemused guy,

Fear not! LED light bulbs are also highly energy efficient and would work very well in chandeliers. In fact, I expect the US to move towards LED bulbs once the cost comes down - then we'll never need to replace light bulbs.

king friday the 13th said...

ugh. the employment report was HORRIBLE. take away the 100K+ jobs the BLS adds due to their "birth/death" model, and we actually had a contraction in employment in Feb.

FYI- the Bureau of Labor Stats (BLS) adds/ subtracts (i.e. "fudges") the number of jobs created number every month. The fudging is based on their "birth/death" model. usually more birth than death.

ugh. I'd call Nigel a retard, but well, that would insult the retards.

TK said...

An interesting thought from Barry Ritholtz on his Big Picture blog (Dawg, thanks for pointing this one out to me - it's a great read).

"The post-Gen Y crowd has a penchant for chronicling their entire lives for all to see online. And as many are learning to their chagrin, digital media is even harder to erase than tattoos; both are likely to be a source of embarrassment in the future. It may even have professional repurcussions ("Miss Jones, we were about to hire you for the research position, but based on this video that surfaced, your skill set is obviously more suitable for sales")."

This applies to the back half of Gen Y as well as evidenced by Mr. Serin and the mountain of evidence "tattooed" on the internet for all (DA's, Civil Lawyers, Prospective Employers, Future Lenders, my GOD the list goes on) to see. He's even tried to clean it up, but remnants of Casey's inability to avoid telling the world about the naps and Galina's involvement will never in his lifetime go away. That's a scary thought and yet his pal Nigel wonders why anyone would "hide" behind a "cloak of anonymity".

Here's a little message for you Nigel:

The evidence that you are a fool is RIGHT HERE for all the world to see. You can censor me and many other like me on your blog (which, by the way is further evidence), but you will never erase those pictures of you and your "friend" Casey drinking wheatgrass shots at Jamba Juice. Yeah you were really sticking it to the haters there. The more I think about those pictures, the more I shake my head and laugh at you for allowing yourself to be used by a punk ike Casey.

BadjerJim said...

You are SO RIGHT about Internet permanence. Recently, I was surprised to see that a search of my name turned up posts that I had made to a local Macintosh Programmer's BBS back in the summer of 1986.

(Anybody remember BBS systems? Aiyeee! I'm old!)

21 years is a long time to have casual remarks made to other programmers VISIBLE and immediately available, world-wide. And I expect those remarks will still be there long after I'm gone.

Rob Dawg said...

astrid said...
M. Robert,

LOL! $50/month!

A poster who lived in Danville said she used to pay $1,000/month for winter heating (before moving to smaller digs).

We have a small gas fired space heater in the family room. It was on most nights and even for the first time 3 times during the day. That's where we extra $20-$30 went. We also have resistive cieiling heat that is so gawdawful wasteful we only use it for an hour in a couple rooms "to take the chill off." It's easy to get a chill in a California Ranch c. 1962. Huge single pane in aluminum frame windows with best I can figure negative "R" values.

Fear not! LED light bulbs are also highly energy efficient and would work very well in chandeliers. In fact, I expect the US to move towards LED bulbs once the cost comes down - then we'll never need to replace light bulbs.

Yes! Already people don't buy wired garden lights but solar/LEDs. There's big changes coming to home technolgy. 10 years and dual voltage power, fiber optic control circuitry and data feeds. Exciting times.

chjts said...

BadjerJim said...
You are SO RIGHT about Internet permanence. Recently, I was surprised to see that a search of my name turned up posts that I had made to a local Macintosh Programmer's BBS back in the summer of 1986.

(Anybody remember BBS systems? Aiyeee! I'm old!)

21 years is a long time to have casual remarks made to other programmers VISIBLE and immediately available, world-wide. And I expect those remarks will still be there long after I'm gone.

Yes I remember BBS systems...Hell I even remember accessing the internet when it was so little you had to have 20 passwords to connect anywhere because it was only at few schools and universities.

Luckily I have always used alias's in most of my posting throughout the years. A google search of my name turns up very very very few searches. But still enough to upset me that I was not more careful. There is zero negative info and luckily I have absolved myself of all the bad stupid shit I have done in the past and it remains firmly in my head. Most of the people that know the bits and pieces of the stupid shit I did as a kid are few and far between and I have stopped running with those crowds years ago.

Can it all be dug up...sure but I am not seeking a public office, public exposure. I am just a plain guy that works hard....doesnt go out to much, and prefers to spend time with my children than with some conquest (like stephanie J). I am still pretty young but it feels like I have lived 3 lifetimes to get where I am at.

I have experienced just about the entire gambit of what life has to offer. From extreme poverty to financial wealth and everywhere in between. I have experienced death, birth, tragedy, life and everything in between.

On some level (not nearly to the degree), I have even experienced what casey is going through....albeit I had a plan and quickly pulled myself out because I am a firm believer in hedging and preparedeness in unseen risks that could pop up at any time.

My stress levels have been so high before that I have been almost hospitalized (all money, all bad properties, and the closest I have ever been to casey). But I didnt go out and do more deals and bury my head in the sand like ole casey did. I went and worked 2 full time jobs, slept 4 hours a night...for 7 days a week for almost 8 months until I could sell the properties that were hemmoraghing money. It would have been cheaper and easier just to let them go...and in the end the same damage was done to my credit as a foreclosure would have done.

But that is not the damn point...the point was that I gave my word.....see in writing or a doesnt matter....when I give my word then it is as good as gold and all of my true friends know that...

IF I say I am going to be somewhere then I am there...IF I say I am going to do something..then it gets done...I dont care what personal sacrifices I have to make to do it. That is why it takes me sometimes days and weeks to make a decision that could impact others and myself for years to come...When I commit then I commit.

(steps off his soapbox now)

ps---f U casey...your word isnt worth the toilet paper it is written on.

pss yes stephie pooh..a cheap hotel....hey I am already willing to go over the 40 dollar leykis date rule with you...up to 46.70...anything spent over 40 bucks needs to be just not straight hanky panky but an "around the world"

Stephanie J. said...

In your dreams, cupcake. :)

Internet Police For Hypocrites said...

Right on TK, right on.

Remember, Nigel isn't afraid of anonymous posters, but he should be. After all we have the evidence to eventually implicate him with Casey's schemes.

savloah said...

And even before the LED options for chandeliers, the latest round of CF bulbs are being offered in the chandelier shape. We've got 'em in our ceiling fan and they look spiffy.