Thursday, March 22, 2007

Zip Zip

This new murse completely zips up
so I can actually run with it
if I'm,
you know,
trying to run away from somebody
or catch somebody.

Run! Casey! Run!


OK, here are some quick links:





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Great work Miguel!


Jade said...

So did anybody listen to the webcast?

Tony Soprano said..., it's really tough lately..sheesh!

Mansack Juicefast said...

I listened, it was great. T served Casey big time. Good times were had by all (except Casey)

Miguel said...

I've nearly finished transcribing the T-Casey encounter - check the end of the last thread for updated.

Rob Dawg said...

Something like 400 comments. A record. Unless there's a better suggestion I'll just put up a new snarky picture every 100 posts or so. I was having a great prime rib at the yacht club last night and had a little too much red meat anf Cabernet so I was in no condition to join in the laughfest but I'll speed listen and pull some gems for our amusement.

Miguel said...

OK, here are some quick links:





Coming soon:



R-Boy said...

having a forum would really have helped us out Cote.

ALso, feel free to post up the transcript of the haterz aim convention that I sent you

Rob Dawg said...

I hear you. I am actually putting the realworld™ on hold for a few hours today to make it happen. Don't tell my wife.

Miguel said...


Final part within the next hour.

Anonymous said...

C: We have a Hacky Sack when I get bored.

WTF is a "Hacky Sack"?
But, all that murse talk is getting me HOT.

Miguel said...

I had no idea until I Googled it and found a Wikipedia explanation.

But why is Casey using the royal "we" in that whole section? Or do he and G both live out of the murse?

Anonymous said...

I'm downloading the MP3 of the TalkCast now.

(Casey gets paid approx $4 for every 100 downloads - but only if they are downloaded from TalkShoe.)

I wonder if there's a way around this?

bluto said...

Hackey sacks are those bead or bean filled leather balls that are used in a game of juggling (keeping the ball bouncing) by hitting it with any part of your body except your hands.
In the northwest it was very popular with the stoners and skaters.
In action:

Anonymous said...

C: Oh yeah, that's why I'm looking at other investing opportunities, not just real estate.

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ! I can't even type what's going through my mind. The bars are going to be full of Haterz numbing themselves. Sonofabitch is going to take his crap on the road.....

Mansack Juicefast said...

The "we" is more likely he and Nigel than he and G.

"We got the digital camera that takes the famous pictures. We got the PDA, that's also my cellphone, so I can check comments while I'm crapping out wheatgrass shots. And we got Nigey's vibrating buttplug, I gave it to him on his birthday."

Rob Dawg said...

Casey is clearly severing any remaining ties to the realworld™. After all the realworld™ hasn't been bending to his desires, why should he even bother? After this 'live podcast' how can the DA keep ignoring this fliptard? He says right out loud that he is not going to stop. A clear and present danger to society and I blame any damage from this point on to be the fault of law enforcement. If anything happens, to him, if he does anything to anyone or commits any more crimes I won't sit still. I'll make sure the police and DA get hauled in front of the Grand Jury to explain how they managed to ignore the dozens if not hundreds of complaints about this character.

Miguel said...

And the final part:


Katie said...

From Snowflake's blog


[To come after the call… maybe, if I can get somebody to help me]

...Why am I not surprised. I don't think he made much money on this enterprise....

Moroni said...

Can anybody get Casey to go on the record about whether he's a LDS? This might explain a lot of G's behavior and give add'l insight. I'm not beating up on anyone's faith; just seems like there's something to him not responding and the SLC connection.

Anonymous said...

My favorite quote from the cast:

I like it to have a package that I can bite into.


Anonymous said...

Could someone repost the keystrokes to make "tm"?


Khatie said...

I am listening to this dreck...this fool is really, really deluding himself.

He makes me want to change my name...

aaron said...

You are the woman! Damn you slowly took casey down one cleaver swing at a time. That was some of the best comedy I've heard in a while! I had to close my office door :))

Rob Dawg said...

Extended Character Codes:

To get extended characters on a Windows-based computer, make sure Num Lock is on and hold down the Alt key while typing in the 4-digit code on the numeric keypad (the numbers on the right side of the keyboard, not the ones at the top).
Note that not all fonts have all of the extended characters.
Char. Char. Description Windows Alt+
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ƒ Small Letter f with Hook 0131
„ Double Low-9 Quotation Mark 0132
… Horizontal Ellipsis 0133
† Dagger 0134
‡ Double Dagger 0135
‰ Per Mille Sign 0137
Š Capital S with caron 0138
‹ Single left-pointing angle quotation mark 0139
ΠCapital Ligature Oe 0140
Ž Capital Z with caron 0142
‘ Left single quotation mark 0145
’ Right single quotation mark 0146
“ Left double quotation mark 0147
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Khatie said...

T, you are my hero.

You totally rock.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I guess I'm screwed on using it since I have a laptop.

Jade said...

he plays with a hackey sack? Oh man, those are lame. Those were popular about 7 years ago. Leave it Casey to jump on another trend when it's long over.

Cotton Swaby said...

There is much speculation that no authorities are making a move on Snowflake because all his properties have not been foreclosed on yet and in some way when all foreclosures are done, that will be the time they move. Anyone familiar with the legal issues/benefits of that scenario?

Khatie said...

This fraudcast is amazing. Little Twit has an explanation for everything. I love the fact that he didn't know that Hawaii was expensive. He doesn't read a book about places he goes to.

He is so self absorbed, then he goes back into that "Oh, I didn't know, I was so innocent, blah blah..."it may have worked on the blog (not) or not, but listening to him, he just sounds like an insane shyster.

And Suze Orman is going to tear him a new one. I can't wait.

Limited Thoughts Guy said...

I'm wondering how many of Casey's blog followers will just walk away from this mess after the colossal train wreck last night.

TK said...

What do you suppose Suze Ormann's motivation is? Is she gonna rip on him or are they going to have a nicey nice, "well boy you messed up but you're a kid let me help you get your life back on track" conversation? I sure as hell hope it's like Kiyosaki where he and his audience are laughing at Casey for buying into his crap. Casey missed a great opportunity to call Kiyosaki out but he got starstruck. I agree that snowflake has a almost predetermined answer for everything - like a Jehova's witness on the street. Maybe he's a Jehova's witness?? He's also quite robotic. Only when T started getting crazy and he was talking about Galina's pictures online did he sound like a halfway normal person.

Khatie said...

No, I think she's going to tear into his a**, particularly if she knows his background. At the very least, she'll tell him to get a job. She may take him under her wing, but given Mr. Man's track record, that won't last for long and she will wash her hands of it.

Anonymous said...

But he HAS a job - you know "money is coming in". From what we don't know. I think it's from coffee cans in the backyard, family charityand maybe some Nigely "partnership" money too. Man that guy made a huge mistake hitching his wagon to Casey's star.

Khatie said...


The only church Casey worships at is the church of himself. He'd even sell his wife and his marriage out to make a buck, and that's becoming abundantly clear. He is so self absorbed that he posts incriminating evidence about himself and wipes his butt with people like (Amy, Duane, East Coast Mentor, PRlinkidiots,even stupid little Nigel), then sits back and claims that his problem was that he had no mentors. Bastard had a million mentors via his blog and p****ed it all away. But he sees himself as a hero. And now he wants to go down to MY HOMETOWN, Detroit, to try to find some "sweet deals?!" Oh, *hell* no, I'll ring the alarm!

Anonymous said...

re: cotton swaby at8:17

In Connecticut, in a judicial foreclosure, the judge sets the value of the property as a finding, usually after the foreclosure auction. This determines the amount of the loss, and thus the deficiency.

It is also what the DA may be waiting for to determine the magnitude of the crime. That is, if fraud was committed, but ultimately little or no loss occurred, the crime charged might be lower, and the motivation of the DA to proceed would be less. Also would effect sentencing.

Not sure how it works in CA (or Utah or New Mex, etc.)

LOL said...


I would love to have snowflake show up here in the Detroit area with his Murse, he would get his ass kicked in about 10 seconds.

Khatie said...


Let's have him go to the East Side, he'd go down like the Titanic. He wouldn't make it off the bus.

At the rate he's going, he couldn't buy a house on Zug Island.

M. SINGH said...


I am amazed at the utter candor employed by Mr. SERIN in last night's interview.

I do not believe that he understands sarcasm, and I also do not understand how he expects people to take him seriously as a businessman when he commits the following conversational gaffes:

a) Describing the utility and contents of his feminine satchel, and

b) Giving a success rate, in a percentage no less, of removing household trash from his sister-in-law's apartment, and finally,

c) Extolling the length of his bathroom visits.

I am concerned that he may use his "famous" camera to take pictures of his wheatgrass-induced bowel output, and load them to his Flickr account. As his career in real estate is about to come to a close, this is probably what his loyal supporters will have to look forward to.

I remain,


Casey Serin is a flaming faggot said...

The New York Times

March 22, 2007

For Some Subprime Borrowers, Few Good Choices


Myriam Philemond says she knew almost from the start that she and her husband could not afford the nearly $500,000 house they bought in South Boston more than a year ago.

After falling behind on payments in July, she is considering whether to turn the house over to her mortgage company because she cannot refinance and modifying her loan will not help. “We are stuck with a house that we can’t afford,” she said.

As problems with subprime mortgages have escalated, officials on Wall Street as well as in Washington have urged lenders and the government to step in and cushion the blow to troubled borrowers and find ways to enable them to remain in their homes.

That may not be possible in many cases.

Like Ms. Philemond, some will not be in a position to keep their homes because the properties they live in — bought during the boom in housing prices — are no longer worth what they paid. Some properties may be worth still less because the price was previously overstated. Many borrowers’ incomes, which were often not verified, are insufficient to cover house payments, taxes, home insurance and other requirements.

“There is no way they can keep their homes,” Lillie Searcy, executive director of the Mattapan Family Service Center, said about borrowers like Ms. Philemond, whom she has been helping. “It’s impossible.”

And in an unusual twist, the process of packaging and reselling home loans to investors — known as securitization, which has provided much of the cash that fueled subprime lending — has also made it harder to modify debts that go bad.

At the end of last year, more than 2.6 million home loans were either past due for more than 30 days or in foreclosure. About 40 percent of them were made to people with weak, or subprime, credit. Most economists predict that the number of troubled loans will continue to rise this year as more mortgages are adjusted to higher interest rates and home prices decline further.

Last year, more than 37 percent of subprime loans were made without verification of borrowers’ incomes, up from 15 percent in 2000, according to an analysis by JPMorgan Chase. Also, a third of borrowers took out a second mortgage, up from 6.8 percent in 2003, suggesting that they did not have enough money for a down payment.

For these borrowers, the best alternatives, according to some housing specialists, may include short sales, in which a lender accepts a sale for less than what is owed on the house, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure, where a lender takes ownership of a house instead of full payment of the mortgage.

Rising default rates have thus far had a modest impact on the overall economy, but economists fear that the problems could intensify if a broader range of borrowers, including those with stronger credit, start falling behind on payments. A big increase in the number of homes for sale, because of rising foreclosures, would put more pressure on prices and limit home buying and consumer spending.

The Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing on problems in the subprime market today in Washington. Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and the committee’s chairman, has suggested that the federal government may need to bail out homeowners in trouble, and some housing advocacy groups are calling for a moratorium on foreclosures.

Ms. Philemond, a receptionist, and her husband, who owns a sign business, have made several payments to try to catch up on past-due payments, but they are still thousands of dollars behind. She is unsure that they will be able to pay off the money overdue, let alone make the regular $3,800 monthly payments on two mortgages. The interest rate on her primary mortgage, now 6.99 percent, will become adjustable early in 2008, making the payments even higher.

Ms. Searcy said it appeared that the couple’s income had been overstated on the mortgage application by brokers who had helped them buy the house and get a loan from WMC Mortgage, a unit of General Electric.

WMC said that it had granted Ms. Philemond the loan because the information on her application indicated that she and her husband had income of more than $100,000 a year, savings exceeding $60,000 and had a tenant.

This month, the company restricted the use of loans in which borrowers state their income without verification.

A spokesman for General Electric’s finance division, Robert J. Rendine, said, “The industry is becoming aware that because of the stresses that we are seeing, issues like this are being exposed.”

Loss mitigation efforts by mortgage lenders and government subsides, to be clear, can help borrowers and limit losses. But experience thus far suggests that a more concerted and coordinated effort will be needed. It may also require a change in the policies governing what can be done with securitized loans.

To increase a borrower’s chance of making required payments, lenders can do things like lowering interest rates on the loans, waiving past-due payments and fees, and extending the periods in which low teaser rates apply to loans.

But the options vary greatly, based on who owns the mortgages. Generally speaking, loans held by the banks that made them in the first place can be modified most easily. Loans that have been securitized are typically subject to greater restrictions, according to the terms on which they were sold to investors. Payments made by borrowers whose loans have been securitized are collected and processed by mortgage servicers.

According to a Bear Stearns analysis, half of all mortgage securities that make up a widely followed index allow the servicer to modify the interest rate, principal balance or maturity of a loan; 40 percent allow some modifications but require approval from a ratings agency if more than 5 percent of a pool of mortgages is changed, and 10 percent of loan pools allow no changes. About half of all modifications are successful at preventing foreclosures, according to the investment bank.

The restrictions are intended to protect investors against tampering with the cash flow generated by the loans. But in times of greater distress, investors prefer modifications that let them continue earning a return rather than having the property foreclosed, a costly process.

“You will see a greater willingness to work with borrowers,” said Gyan Sinha, a senior analyst who follows the subprime market for Bear Stearns.

Much of the revamping will start occurring once investors sell off or write down the value of the loans to account for decreases in home prices and the delinquent status of the loans, said Stan Ross, chairman of the Lusk Center for Real Estate at the University of Southern California. Some borrowers may find that they can stay in their homes if the value is written down enough.

“You mark the asset down to current value,” Mr. Ross said, “then you look at the borrower and say, ‘Is this the borrower that will repay me?’ ”

But housing counselors and lawyers who have worked on behalf of borrowers say their experience suggests that is not yet happening.

They say that many servicers are unwilling to discuss modifications until loans are at least three months past due, a point when many borrowers are in deep financial trouble. Also, servicers are often unwilling or unable to make big enough changes to account for inflated appraisals and income levels that were used in underwriting the loans.

“Some of them take hundreds and hundreds of hours” of work and negotiations, said Diane Thompson, a lawyer at the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation in East St. Louis, Ill. “It seems to me that is a terrible waste of our resources. It would be much better if the bad loans were never made, and if they were made, we would get people to accept responsibility for them.”

Officials at some big mortgage servicers declined to discuss their practices, but an executive at Wells Fargo, which services the seventh-largest subprime loan portfolio, according to Inside Mortgage Finance, a trade publication, says it has taken an active approach.

Mary Coffin, executive vice president for servicing at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, said the company repeatedly warns borrowers about coming interest rate changes, gives them access to loss-mitigation specialists before they are delinquent for 90 days, and refers them to financial counselors if they need such help.

“The sooner that we work with them, the more success we will have,” Ms. Coffin said. She also asserted that the company did not make loans that allowed customers to put little or no money down, which she acknowledged were a lot harder to modify or refinance because the owners typically had no equity in their properties.

Consider Andrew D. Sobel, a 48-year-old in San Diego, who took out two mortgages to buy a $240,000 condominium in 2004 and is now facing its sale for $175,000. He could not afford higher monthly payments that took effect in September, when his loan was converted to a variable interest rate. Countrywide, which services his loan, would not agree to modify the loan but was willing to accept the short sale. He could not refinance because the home is worth less than what he owes on the property.

“There was never any effort to try to keep me in my home,” he said.

More borrowers may find themselves in a similar situation in the next two years as the first interest rate adjustments take effect on loans in 2004 and 2005. Those who continue to have spotty credit and little equity in their homes will be at the greatest risk because many lenders are no longer offering no-money-down mortgages to people with weak credit.

“If someone calls and says they want do a 100 percent loan,” said Jeff Jaye, a mortgage broker in San Jose, Calif., “my antenna goes up. My first question is ‘What’s your credit score?’ ”

segfault said...

Where did the Suze Orman thing come from? Did he talk about it on the podcast?

Casey is a Genius said...

Can't believe that punk hung up on you. Just when you started to bring the real heat on him. Great work Miguel

ratlab said...


He mentioned in his talkshoe blog entry and was asked what his involvement would be on the show. Would it only be about him? Nope, he's going to be one of those call-in people.

Big Cheese said...


You ripped into him so bad.... can you imagine what the PRR ladies did to him?

I feel bad for the guy after listening to the recording...


Big Cheese said...

That last 20 minute exchange between Casey & T is like watching a tenacious bulldog tear into a teflon coated pan...


T said...

Miguel said...
I've nearly finished transcribing the T-Casey encounter

You're the best! <3

Annie said...

Our little buddy is so very stupid. Why do we even give a s#*t?

Because he's so darn entertaining.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't listened to the webcast already get it here :

KC gets $4 bucks for every 100 downloads of that file - but only if its pulled from the talkshoe site. :)

spread the word!

Will Reyes said...

Dear Exurban Nation readers,

our newspaper is working on a story on Casey Serin.

he has so far refused to be interviewed by our reporters.

if you have any information pertaining to Casey Serin and his real estate investment activities please contact our newspaper.

Will Reyes
Valley Star newspaper
5800 Fulton Ave
Van Nuys CA 91401


T said...

M. SINGH said...
Describing the utility and contents of his feminine satchel

I find this sentence absolutely hilarious!

T said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my call.

I must admit, he definitely was a good sport about certain topics... in fact, I'm surprised he kept me on the line for so long. I'm still a bit miffed that he hung up on me @ the end but IT'S ALL GOOD. I strive to be better prepared for the next one. LOL