Monday, March 12, 2007

Nigel Jumps The Shark

"The smart money is still betting on subprime and housing.
... I see opportunities as well."

11:57 AM, March 11, 2007

Be afraid, be very afraid.


Limited Thoughts Guy said...

NEW halted, LEND down 25%. OK, sounds good to me!!

GameOver said...

I don't know where he gets his drugs but they've got to be top shelf.

The Original Kevin said...

Good lord - he actually said that?

Nicole said...

Seems dear Nigel is looking for some sweet deals.

Maybe he'll buy the Burdett foreclosure! That would be sweet!

And then he and Dandelion could go for some celebratory wheatgrass shots.

Anonymous said...

Argh. Please remove that picture. It's damn scary.

walt526 said...

LMAO. Wow, the audacity of that little fucktard still manages to amaze me.

Not clear from the context of the quote... is he referring to stock price or the subprime MBS? Not that it really matters, just curious.


Anonymous said...

God. Look at that slimeball face, it just screams dickhead! Meticulous girly grooming (does he wax his eyebrows????), pretentiousness and smugness oozing from that glory-hole lovin' piehole. He There are no trendy shades, exfoliants or facialists in the world that will make that ass-face pretty.

It should be fun watching this sad, sad little man take an enourmous financial face-plant with those 'opportunties'.

Anonymous said...

Caption for the pciture: "I'M THO GAAAAAAY!!!!"

Rob Dawg said...

The picture is scary. This is the face of twentysometing knowitalls and mortgage broker. Go to his blogger profile and see that the mortgage business is all but dead. He's scrambling to make the BMW payments with things like "Stuff for Sale in SLC."

king friday the 13th said...

The stock price of NEW is doing a convicing impression of nigel in a bathhouse -- going down really fast, staying there awhile, resulting in a sticky mess for everyone involved.

R-Boy said...

And he still has yet to approve my comments.

The kutzpah of this kid.

Rick said...

Smart money still betting on subprime lenders...ROFLMAO.

Nigel is a moron.

Take a look at Bill Fleckenstein's latest article for a peek into what is in store for the subprime market:

ratlab said...

The real smart money (read: hedge funds & and investment bank trading desk folk) are have been putting their money in default swaps, which would actually be a bet against the crappy tranches of MBS put out by the sub-p lenders.

Anonymous said...

This observation was to be in the "casey" ticking time bomb area, however, for some reason I can't "post" from there....

So, here it goes.....

Of course Casey is feeling "down." After a weekend of being the "big" wheeler & dealer with a trip to Utah with a money man he's returned home and to reality... which we all know he has trouble grasping.

Perhaps he was thinking (hoping) money partner would be ready to "jump" on a deal that would result in some fast sweet money in Casey's direction.... Of course, as we all know, that didn't happen.

Add insult to injury... they look at multi-million dollar homes... and, upon his return, Casey is faced with the shared apartment with his in-laws (for which he probably didn't make a rent payment on this month) and the overwhelming responsibility of taking out the garbage!

Yea, he's probably feeling pretty "low" because not everything is "magically" happening as fast as he hoped.

And, the final insult - Nigel tells Casey to "get a job."

So... Casey sees the reality - and hides his head under the covers.. No big deal - it's what he did back in December following his trip to RE Investment "college."

He'll be "happy" posting soon with a "good things are coming" type of message.

Hey Steph - I see we both live in the Portland area.. we should link up and start a Casey 12 step program.

Anonymous said...

Nigel refuses to approve my comment on his post regarding the one thing that will prevent you from getting a mortgage. Someone else commented that these loans are done all day and Nigel asked 'How'? The guy responded that Nigel needed to educate himself on loan products. His reponse was what does a loan product have to do with a title search for judgements. So I asked 'How does a licensed broker not know the answer to that question?' He won't let it through, I guess he has no answer. I predict he is either frantically researching and googling for an answer or those comments will disappear soon.

GameOver said...

@ walt526

I am DEFINITELY going to add "fucktard" to me vocabulary of insults.

Ha, just puts a smile on my face!

Benoit™ said...

If you slap a mustache on his face he looks like a child molestor™. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so big wall street is going to shave the hedgies big time with all of those *free money* risk insurance deals, then is going to pull their credit lines and foreclose on their stock, meanwhile having shorted the entire market. Gotta hand it to wall street, they make the rules and they get the gold.

Main street has been played big time.

As for Nigel- good luck chum- hope mommy and daddy feel like bailing out your lifestyle;-}

Done, it was a fun bubble.
Now on to the congressional hearings and the bailout!!!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, why bother to post over at Nigel's award winning blog?
If you say what's on your mind, he won't pass it. If you tone it down, you feel like Casey's rear end after pressing it up against Nigel's pelvis for about 10 seconds.

bemused guy said...

F*ck Dawg. So this is the sort of person part of my hard earned, yet happily paid, taxes will be going to support some day? F*ck. I know the answer but please lie to me & tell me he's the exception & not the rule. You know...the rest of that generation has to be smarter, is making money & putting at least some of it away in a wise manner...

Benoit said...

In another 40 or 50 years, Nigel will truly jump the shark.

Photoshop it, people! ;-p

Anonymous said...

US housing boom gone, but prices still out of reach in California
The current slump in the housing market has done little to make Californian cities affordable.

Anonymous said...

How pissed off Nigel must be to see that gay mug on this site.

Cased! said...

I think that Casey's problem is once the last houses are foreclosed on what does he have? Today, he can still pretend that he has hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets that he can wheel and deal with (even with the millions in liabilities) - soon, it will be just the liabilities. Oh yeah, and his blog, which has become completely stale and probably dropping like a rock in terms of hit-count.

It has to be occurring even to him that he is not going to buying any multi-million apartment buildings...

Stephanie J. said...

@bemused guy
It sure doesn't look good. It's about the me and the now for these idiots.

Stephanie J. said...

@ Anon 1:31
I beg to differ; he's probably happier than a pig in shit to see himself on the EN site. To see himself anywhere; for that matter. It's that notoriety he wants.

Benoit said...

More Photoshop ideas -- that headshot of Nigel on one of the members in a group shot of the Village People. Given that he's a realtor, he'd fit in best as the construction worker. heh.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Wow. I assumed that was a crop and B&W conversion done by Rob or somebody for maxiumum creepy effect. Then I wander over & see that it's actually an unedited copy of Nigel's profile pic.

In other words, that pic is the image Nigel chooses to project.

Fuck me sideways.

Anonymous said...


You know what's even scarier? Casey took that pic. That smile was for Casey.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's thoughts as Casey was taking his pic.

:Hell, yeah bud, I'm going to hit that and hit it hard. Sweet:

Peripheral Visionary said...

@Bemused Guy: Yes, there are some of us who are of Nigel's generation who are trying to work hard and save hard, and are not depending on any kind of speculation and/or government support for our living.

@Benoit: I wouldn't photoshop Nigel's name onto that headstone; if I have the date and the age right, the young man buried there is highly likely to be one of the many who gave his life in World War I. To say that our esteemed Realtor(TM) does not deserve to be associated with him would be stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the picture I'd have thought Nigel was a youthful, cherubic looking 40 year old.

Anonymous said...

I'll beat that Nigel is the equivalent of Casey but with a job. He talks a great game, but if you dig deep enough he is most likely the assistant to his company's boss or something.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain Nigel will post. ....

"The smart money is still betting on subprime and housing."

I know you'll never post this but I know you'll read it. You've gotta be the biggest retard on earth. Well, after Casey.

You have proven my point that you can have a 50 IQ and broker a loan.

Were you thinking about hitting Casey from the back when that pic was taken?

Stephanie J. said...

@Anon 1:17
I agree. It's an addiction I could be better off without. Although one side benefit is being able to vent all my acrimony at him and at his enablers.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Nigel pixs. It's bad enough having to see it on his blog. And please, never refer to him as a Realtor. He's not. And I know it's true, because it's written in his blog.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is truly a troll.

He posted this on Housing Panic:

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

Casey Serin is leaving real estate and getting a job. If that's not the 7th sign of the apocalypse, I don't know what is.

March 07, 2007 8:11 PM

It's him because it has his link.

So basically he defends Casey as an upstanding young man who is just misunderstood on his blog and IAFF but to get attention on HP he posts a more negative comment.

What a fracking troll.

Anonymous said...

For you posters that live in the same state as Casey....

Will it be that easy for him to get a job making $50k/year? He makes it sound like he can walk in to a job tomorrow and I have a hard time believing it.

I personally think that with his education and skill level, he's insulting the hard working wage earners.

Anonymous said...

1. Kara Thrace is a silon.
2. Kara Thrace was picked up by the silons before her viper blew up.
3. Everyone is a silon.

Anonymous said...

I gotta go with Peripheral on the just might be a WWI vet. We can beat up on the dip, but rather not take the chance of dishonoring a vet.

visioneer said... n=YAHOO&cm_cat=FREE&cm_ite=NA

This shits gonna get worse before it gets better.
The ripple affect is going to turn the industry on it's ear.

Click on the "Cramers take" link in the article linked above, this is the first line you see:
"Futures can't react to every mortgage lender blowup, because there will be so many."

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:58,

No it won't be easy for him. Casey makes it sound as if $50K/yr jobs grow on trees.

He is uneducated...A HS Diploma won't cut it.

Of late, a lot of IT types are out of work due to layoffs.

If he DOES get a job he will have troubles at retail as they do credit checks (why not? He most likely will be handling money and if I owned a store I WOULD want to know the credit issues of my employees). He could get a job at Pride if they want him back, but he will be forced to take less money.

In 2 words...he's screwed. Jamba Juice may be the best he can do if they don't mind his credit issues.

Anon 3:07,

Kara is a Cylon, no doubt about it because Katie (Starbuck) is still under contract to the show.

I think they may be saving this revelation for the final ep of the season.

Cindy Lou Who said...

Wait, wait, wait. I thought the Smart Money was in Beanie Baby futures.

Stephanie J. said...

@Anon 2:58 (SERIOUSLY OFF--Topic--but anythign to avoid giving Nigel any more attention than he deserves-[which is ZERO])

I personally think she's human but she's inexorably linked to the Cylon's ultimate goals. So I think they took her again.

I agree with the other Anon tho... I think they all might be some kind of Cylon.

IT Guy said...

I don't know where you live but in California the demand for QUALITY tech folks is even more severe then it was in the .com boom days. It has never been this crazy and the amounts of money being thrown around is nuts.

Don't take my word for it just visit the major job boards.

I've only been in the biz 6 years and I get calls at least daily for jobs over 6 figures.

What floors me is that with this demand and entry level desktop support guys fetching 60K, he either doesn't have the skills at all simply doesn't care to work.

I would guess the latter.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:57,

No need to visit job boards. I work with IT guys. The jobs come and go and let's say you are right, Casey does not have that COLLEGE DEGREE that almost ANY company worth anything requires.

We do agree, he's screwed because the degree would tell a potential employer that KC is worthy of those jobs.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is an annoying, ass kissing metrosexual dweeb.

He is a know-nothing with ZERO original thoughts.

Legion said...

Nice going guys, now that you have pumped up IT jobs and how much you can make doing it, you KNOW that good ol Nigel is gonna be hitting those job boards hard with his resume

"Nigel Cocksucker Swaby

Seeking a position where I don't work too hard, don't really know what I am doing, and hope to get lost in the masses.

Blogging skills; winner of the best blog award of the year, nominated and created by myself
Was able to increase hits to personal website by over 500%; went from one hit per day to 500, yes 250 of those was myself, but hey, you can't argue with results!
Can kiss ass better than anyone I know, and I know a lot of kiss asses!
Able to set off gaydars at 50 paces!
Able to leverage my boring personality into one of total derision and hate; see Exurban Nation
Drive a BMW to compensate for my small penis, the fact that I am balding, and the fact that I don't really make as much money as I pretend to, didn't really know if I should add this to my resume but hey, at least I got to brag about my BMW one more time before it gets repossesed."

IT Guy said...

I don't have a college degree either. I make more than all my sibs who do have degrees.

However, I do work very hard and have a list of references that would kill to have me back.

I think we would agree though that what's in your past IS very important and may come back to bite and agreed even more so in IT that background checks are becoming the norm as you almost always have access to sensitive info.

Good credit is the fastest way through any BG check or security clearence. A score of less than 700 and you can bet the BG investigator is going to dig.

Listening Casey?

LOL said...

Casey's new hosting arrangement is working out well. This is what you get when you go to IAFF "This host will be working within 10 minutes."

It's been like that for a while now.

Stephanie J. said...

The worst punishment we could impose on Nigel would be to ignore him completely, and treat him like a complete non-entity. That would piss him off. So much so, he would troll here even more.

Legion said...

Actually Steph the worse thing that could happen to Nigel would be for him to live the life of Nigel.
He's already living in his own private hell.

BJ said...

IAFF down again.. says it will be up in a few(10) minutes..

T said...

Nigel has a crush on me.

True story.


Legion said...

I'm surprised more women aren't throwing themselves at him...I mean hell, 'job', 'nice car', 'nice hair ha ha ha nm', you can tell he is a 'fitness' fanatic, the cheap leather jacket, the cock eating grin smile, and that general 'creepy old guy still hitting the college bars hoping to score with some nubile chicks' and hell, you've got babe heaven walking!

Legion said...

Actually that last part,"babe heaven walking" I took from the bumper sticker pasted on the back of his car.

Hey Rob can't we use some of the tip jar money to by shoe polish or some of that Ronco spray on hair for Nigel? I'm sure the people that he has blinded while driving with the glare from his crown would be appreciative.

12 years of Cal IT said...

While there’s a very slight possibility Casey could get a job fixing printers or something along those lines (that would last all of about a week or two), don’t forget that he claims he’s a “programmer.” With all of the information readily available online, what company would be idiotic enough to higher Mr. ADHD personified as a programmer?! Not to mention the previously mentioned BG check issues. He would need to be an incredibly talented programmer to compensate for the obvious liabilities that would concern any potential employer in their right mind. Not a chance.

walt526 said...


Some speculation that I've heard and think might be true: Kara Thrace is not a Cylon per se, but actually a Cylon-Human hybrid. In the episode where she "dies," look at the juxtaposition of Leoben as her father as well as the conversation that she has with Helo about Hera. Apparently hybrids have certain Cylon characteristics (Hera can distinguish her mother from Boomer), so might resurrection be another ability of hybrids? But obviously they're not going to kill her off. She's Aurora--it is her destiny to guide the ship to Earth.

RE: Snowflake, the other white meat

"Will it be that easy for (Casey) to get a job making $50k/year? He makes it sound like he can walk in to a job tomorrow and I have a hard time believing it... I personally think that with his education and skill level, he's insulting the hard working wage earners."

I live in Sacramento and I have a very hard time seeing him getting a job for $50k/year. Based on what I know of the local labor market, $36k might even be a stretch.

I have an acquaintance who is a recent junior college graduate looking for an entry-level IT support job (similar to what Snowflake would probably be looking for), and he's finding it to be a much tighter market than he was expecting. Several months ago the Intel office over at Folsom laided-off quite a few people and HP up in Roseville has postponed/curtailed its hiring plans for Q1-07. Along with the continued pressures of outsourcing, it's simply not a great market for marginally skilled IT workers.

Software engineers and people with hardcore CS degreed people can find work, but workers with fungible skills/education (I'd consider AA degrees and less)... there just isn't the excess demand from local employers that is normally needed to prop up unexpectedly high wages.

Snowflake might be able to get enough contract work to clear $50k annualized, but I think that he's full of shit if he thinks that he can get any sort of salaried position for that.

Given all his other baggage (namely poor credit, the blog outlining his poor work ethic and morals, etc.) he should accept the first $15/hr job that comes his way. Will he? No, because he's too busy contemplating multimillion dollar sweet deals in between inquiries to random Jamba Juice managers over minimum wage openings.


Anonymous said...

The idea of Nigel "Someday i'll get laid" and Casey "When I get around to it" hitting the Utah markets to try a losing game despite even the hardened real estate cheerleaders declaring the game over reminds me of my trips to Vegas and Reno.

I'm not much of a gambler - I enjoy playing, and it's with money I can afford to blow - and it's never more than a few hundred per trip, and I go maybe once a year. I love craps, but claim NO expertise at it, I just love the action, and it draws the truly wierdest of the wierd high rollers.

But, they remind me of the arrogant young 20-somethings who swagger up to the table with a pathetic roll of a few hundred, demand $100 chips, and get served a serious lesson in about 10 minutes.

I think that look of shocked horror at their chips being swept onto the pile of teh dealer will be reflected in their faces when Utah and the housing markets there school them.

Casey should have known the first time around - he's no good at scheming and being a crook, he's too lazy.

The only question is how they plan on doing it...loaded dice, marked cards, or hand signals.

That's my gambling analogy of the day.

Legion said...

There is NO WAY that Casey "It takes a lot of guts to buy crappy houses with other people's money" is gonna get an IT job. Why? It means actually having to work, show up on time, and will most likely interfere with his weekly garbage duties.
As for Nigel "Some day my boyfriend won't be inflatable", I'm beginning to suspect that the picture of the two morons holding up snotgrass shots was taken during their joint job interview at jamba juice.

Stephanie J. said...

You know, first off: BSG -- Interesting take Walt. I like it that there's a show on TV that I can't sit through and predict every outcome. I do it at movies as well. BSG is such a breath of fresh air.

As for the rest of you 'moonbats' as someone so eloquently called us recently; I have to say (be prepared for some gushy hormonal crap), I've been in a seriously stressed out and grumpy mood lately, and I have found that especially this afternoon, that your bratty chatter and universal hatred of Casey and Nigel has warmed my heart and lifted my spirits. It's good to know there's still evil out there. ::dabs away emotional tear::. Thanks for being so rotten. You complete me.

Love Stephanie J. :sniff:

Nicole said...

1. Nigel is a twit.
2. Casey is an idiot and a twit.
3. Kara Thrace is one of the five. Duh.


walt526 said...


Some vlogs that you might enjoy:

BSGCast is ~10 minute commentary on the week's BSG that they've been producing for about six weeks now. Its done by a couple out of Toronto. They were the ones who first posited the idea of Kara as a Cylon-Human hybrid.

Galacticast is a weekly sci-fi sketch comedy (yes, apparently there is such a thing). I absolutely love it. Some are better than others, so give it a couple a webisodes if the first one doesn't appeal to you. I discovered it 2-3 weeks ago and its quickly become one of my favorite weekly stops on the web.


A Real Conservative (Nigel is not) said...

Steph J -

Nigel is the author of the moonbat comment. It sounds like him. I think he fashions himself as a pro-capitalistic GOP type when in reality he's nothing of the sort.

walt526 said...

BSG again... why I don't think Kara is a Cylon (at least 100%):

1) She had a childhood and a biological mother.
2) In "The Farm," why would the Cylons bother extracting one of her ovaries and subjecting her to other medical tests if she was just another Cylon model?
3) Likewise, why would Leoben be so fascinated with her in general and held her on New Caprica in particular if she was just another Cylon model?
4) We've seen her in various stages of undress plenty of times over the past three years, but her spine's never glowed.

Obviously, Starbuck is not dead... but I think that the explanation will ultimately prove to be more complicated and unexpected than Kara being one of the final five.

One of the things that I enjoy about Ron Moore (from DS9 and the short-lived Carnivale) is his ability to introduce plot twists that totally surprise a viewer, but in retrospect seem so obvious.


Akubi said...

Admittedly, I had to Wiki “Kara Thrace” at work earlier today to figure out what everyone was talking about. I hope Battlestar Gactica isn’t the SciFi channel program with a horribly annoying soundtrack that was advertised repeatedly during the last Twilight Zone marathon...

T said...

Legion said...

you've got babe heaven walking!

I know, huh? In fact, I bet all the other ladies are SUPER JEALOUS that Nigel's crushing on me and not them. Hell, I know I would be. His crunchy looking, balding hair is so hot. Rawr!

Nicole said...

In which I show you how much of a geek I am:

In the original Battlestar Galactica, there was an episode originally written for the second season (which never took place due to the cost of the show), called "The Return of Starbuck".

This script was resurrected for the short-lived (thank god) series "Galactica 1980" and adapted to it. Its still thought of as one of the best episodes out there. In terms of Galactica 1980, this isn't difficult, but apparently it was one of the stand-out pieces of acting for Dirk Benedict.

So google "return of Starbuck" and read a summary. :)

And Casey is still an idiot.

Sprezzatura said...

I don't watch BSG. Too damn depressing.

By the way, very, very few retail chains run credit checks on new hires, especially for entry-level workers. Turnover is too high and it's too expensive. Casey could get a job at Jamba Juice or some other chain this week if he really wanted to.

A tech job, though -- maybe. Any halfway savvy company will know enough to Google their applicants, and that would KO his application, but if he were to apply for an IT gig at a slightly less-savvy local Sacto company he might slip through on his ability to BS people.

Toby Keith said...

I thought I'd share my experiences with Nigel so I wrote this song:

Weed with Nigel

I always heard that his herb was top shelf
and Lord I just could not wait to find out for myself.
Well don't knock it till you've tried it.
And I've tried it my friend.
I'll never smoke weed with Nigel again!

Now we learned a hard lesson in a small Texas town
He fired up a fat boy and he passed it around
The last words I spoke before they tucked me in
I made this count bungee jump
but,I'll never smoke weed with Nigel again.

I'll never smoke weed with Nigel again
My party's all over before it begins
Now You CAN pour me some old whiskey River my friend.
But I'll never smoke weed with Nigel again

We hopped on his old bus the Honeysuckle Rose
The party was Huntsville, it was after the show
Alone in the front lounge, just me and him
I took one friendly puff and the grim creeper set in


Let's go down to Texas Scott

Now we're passin' the guitar, we're tellin' good jokes
I know one's a comin' 'cause I'm smellin' smoke
No I do not partake I just let it pass by
With a grin on my face and a great contact high


In the fetal position with drool on our chin
We broke down and smoke weed with Nigel again

Rob Dawg said...

All of the 5 are original humans including Kara and who lost control of Cylons. BTW: How the hell can you not know you have a USB port in your wrist?

Too much mind fraking was going on. Good to see them getting back on a story line.

Akubi said...

I have a very low tolerance for commercials, particularly those with “moving” soundtracks that are twice as loud as the program – so with so many options I only watch SciFi during TZ marathons and it could be a great program for all I know. I guess I'm not geeky enough.
Stephanie, I still hope you’ll let me ride in your passenger seat though;).

walt526 said...

For anyone interested in catching up on BSG and is too cheap to pay for iTunes:

Definitely start with the miniseries.

@ Nicole, "Return of Starbuck" was perhaps the only good thing to come out of Galactica 1980. But the rest of that entire series easily demonstrates how insufferable poorly done sci-fi can be. Casey does look a little like Doctor Zee though (with a fraction of the IQ).


Nicole said...

If you poke around teh interweb a bit, you'll find that the badness that was Galactica 1980 was due to its timeslot. ABC put it in a timeslot designated as "children's programming" and as such the storyline suffered. At least that's one excuse.

I've never actually seen that episode, so I can't comment on Dr. Zee. Although I do remember having a mad crush on Richard Hatch for the original series :) Its good to see the plastic surgeons and the makeup artists can keep him somewhat hot these days :)

Oh, and the new series is filmed where I live so it's a "spot the landmark" show for me much of the time. You want a coliseum? Not a chance, but I got a library I can sell you! :)

At any rate. Casey is an idiot and a twit. Nigel is a twit. I hope Kara Thrace goes and kicks both their asses.


Casey Fannnnn said...

>>>I hope Battlestar Gactica isn’t the SciFi channel program with a horribly annoying soundtrack<<<

Annoying! Damn! I got the soundtrack album and I play it all the time.

Kara Thrace is a Mysteron agent, but it doesn't matter because, in the last episode, the entire series is revealed to be a dream of Bob Newhart. Then Bob Newhart is revealed to be a compter simulation on The Big O

Rob Dawg said...

The motorcycles were pretty cool. Other than that, Mein Gott! that was one stinkin' mess of a show.

Confession, I like lots of the Smallville tracks. And casey fannnnn, damn you, now I've got "Captain Scarlet" running in my head. ;-P

Ogg the Caveman said...


Thanks for the link. The first season was dynamite, and I'm glad to have a chance to re-watch. I think that as the show has become more nuanced it's lost a bit of its intensity. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- week after week of the human race's imminent destruction would've gotten old after a while -- but it's nice to be able to go back and see the older stuff again.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Bringing this back marginally on topic, let's all take a moment to imagine Cash Call sending a couple of toasters around to the Serin residence to collect on the loan.

Rob Dawg said...

...Cash Call sending a couple of toasters around to the Serin residence to collect on the loan.

CashCall never does things halfway. BaseStar at least. Like Tony S says; go heavy.

Stephanie J. said...

LOL--the motorcycles with the little wings... That was cheesalicious. And Dr. Zee.. or whatever, that ugly kid. What a laugh riot. It was worse than buck rogers..


Anonymous said...

How the hell do you go from Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica to CashCall's collection department?

B.J. Mackay and his best friend Bear?

jist wunderin~
anuther 1971-born geek
the crossroads of the modern age

Anonymous said...

BJ & The Bear! Right on.

How about these TV nuggets from my youth:

Buck Rodgers In The 25th Century

I also liked

Damnation Alley
Soylent Green
Omega Man

Anybody watching Prison Break. LOVE Prison Break.

I Am Not Facing Foreclosure said...

I have a new post up debunking Nigel's latest contentions regarding subprime loans.

Anonymous said...

Here is what cheesy wannabe poser Nigel posted at iaff:

"Casey, remember, the first million is the toughest to make. The next 10 million are easy. Hang in their. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer and do like me, never leave your buddies behind.

And don’t post hater comments. I don’t. You may only get 2 comments that way but they will keep you going. Soon, you’ll have an award winning blog also. "

Anonymous said...

I think he meant 'Never leave your buddy's behind'.

Tom in NJ said...

" never leave your buddies behind."

How fitting that Nigel would post that.

The ex-governer of NJ is still in Trenton, he doesn't want to leave his buddies behind either.
They're packing his shit right now.

T said...

Anonymous said...
Anybody watching Prison Break. LOVE Prison Break.


Prison Break ain't got nothing on The Shield, tho. LOVE The Shield.