Monday, March 12, 2007

CashCall Customer?

He let one through!

Here it is:

90. YouGotBusted
March 12th, 2007 at 12:05 pm
Word over on the hater boards is that you took out a second CashCall loan in your wife’s name and that her email address is already in listed in CashCall’s database.

True or not?

If it’s not true, then why does CashCall’s site say that there is already a loan out that’s using her email address?

No answer of course but he let it go on the post.


walt526 said...

That's the best picture of G that you could come up with?


Jamba Monkee said...

Does Galina realize she could do a lot better? And that it wouldn't take much time or effort for her to find a better man?

Rob Dawg said...

It wasn't the best picture nor the worst picture, just the correct picture for the topic.

T said...


Benoit said...

5th! ... and the impetus for this post originally brought up a couple days ago by your old friend Benny ;-)

TK said...

I'd have thought the shot with the clipboard would have been more appropriate, but hey it's your blog.

Sprezzatura said...

It is possible that G's email address was attached to Casey's original loan application, not to a second loan.

Anonymous said...

Benoit - "The Haterz Hater" - I checked for other obvious email addy's at CashCall (following your example) - nada on,,,, .... did you have any luck with any others?

And Sprezz - the answer is no...

I suspect that one of the lovely Galina's 23 personal debts listed by Snowflake was the Cashcall facility???


Rob - perfect pic - it's how Casey sees Galina through the haze of misery and tears he no doubt has running down his face now.

Akubi said...

Rob Dawg,
Moving to another thread since I'm seriously lacking Battlestar/Scientology reference points...I would agree that the Vaselined-lense photo is quite correct.

Benoit said...

PMSPMS, HOLY SHIT. You mispelled Aleksey's name, and guess what?


I just tried Anna's and Yulia's actual e-mail addresses ( and ... search EN for full addresses). Sadly, neither had an outstanding loan. Casey might be a shady character, but I can't picture him signing up his Mom for a loan. heh.

Nothing for either of Chris Record's e-mails:

Nothing for Nigel's e-mail either. Just for kicks ;-)

T said...

Did anyone try Casey's real first name? (I think it's Konstantin or something)

Benoit said...

New one... is also listed as having an outstanding CashCall loan.

@ T, his middle name is Konstantin as far as I know. He stated his first name was Anglicized to "Casey", possibly from "Kasimir".

T said...

@ T, his middle name is Konstantin as far as I know. He stated his first name was Anglicized to "Casey", possibly from "Kasimir".

I thought he got Casey from Konstantin.

walt526 said...

Just curious... am I the only one who finds the tactic of using someone else's email address to deduce whether they may or may not have a personal loan with some two-bit creditor slightly unethical? I'm not talking about whether it's legal or not (although at the very least, I'd venture that the tactic is a breach of's user agreement, FWIW), just whether or not it's ethical. And I have a hard time seeing it as such.

Maybe G has a loan, maybe she doesn't. And if she did, maybe Casey took it out without her knowing, maybe she's fully aware of it. Same with his father. We don't really know what the situation is.

I'm hardly a Snowflake sympathizer, but I think that some people have taken things to far by posting personal details about his family, and this CashCall stuff is the latest incarnation of that.


cjc said...

Akubi, that's motion blur, not Vaseline. The camera's shutter speed was too slow, because of a lack of available light/aperture settings/ISO sensitivity. It could have been intentional, in some sort of artsy or obscuring way; it could have been because the low light capabilities of the camera aren't up to the task; it could have been a mistake that the photographer wound up liking. Hard to say.

Oh, and I for one would be annoyed if Kara turned out to be one of the Final Five, though it's looking like it right now. Did Xena Cylon ever meet Starbuck, in terms of trying to parse what she meant by "so sorry we wronged you" when she saw the Final Five? I thought Starkbuck was taken by Leoban immediately after the Cylons invaded New Caprica.

Benoit said...

@ T, I suppose he could've "duplicated" his first name and made it his middle name as well. I just know he's written stuff before on his old blog as "Casey Konstantin Serin".

@ walt, I don't think it's overly unethical -- not really different from checking whether a given e-mail address exists. Just chipping away at the stone fortress that is the mendacity of Casey Serin.

T said...

walt526 said...

Just curious... am I the only one who finds the tactic of using someone else's email address to deduce whether they may or may not have a personal loan with some two-bit creditor slightly unethical?

Well, sure... I suppose it is a bit unethical. But on the other hand, it's also kind of amusing.

T said...

Benoit said...

@ T, I suppose he could've "duplicated" his first name and made it his middle name as well. I just know he's written stuff before on his old blog as "Casey Konstantin Serin".

I'd always assumed he just shifted his first name over and used it as a middle name.

segfault said...
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segfault said...

Wow, I go on vacation for a few days, and miss a Homey post plus information on more potential Cashcall loans...

I agree that his family didn't ask to be brought into this mess, but by posting about his situation, Casey is effectively giving the middle finger to the justice system, the IRS, every honest borrower and taxpayer, and a few others I've probably left out. It's not shocking that this situation has caused many people who read about it to assault his personal/family life.

segfault said...

As far as the possibility that new loans account for Casey's newfound income, I offer the following:

Ignorance is strength
Slavery is freedom
Debt is income

walt526 said...

I'm pretty sure that D'Anna Biers never encountered Starbuck in any of the scenes seen in the series so far. Actually, aside from Baltar of course and Adama (when she was still undercover as a reporter) she hasn't really interacted with any of the human characters.


Anonymous said...

Benoit - good research mate!

Walt526 - the fault is with CashCall not us for failing to protect Cashflake's privacy. In Oz we'd be starting a class suit against Cashcall for allowing this sort of test to "prove" that an email addy lines up against a loan... far too revealing on CashCall's part but what would you expect from them?


Akubi said...

Yes, my reference points are vintage and I felt as though I was born 100 or so years old from day 1 (and always loved Yoda), but I do in fact “get” the current technical details of the image.
There is so much information contained in a single image (as anyone who has tried to store and index them in a database should know), I’m careful what I watch and worry about the post-textual world where everyone can be easily brainwashed. It is much easier for the human brain to process text. Multiple images and sounds strung together too fast for the mind to absorb can be very dangerous: Think the war in Iraq. Manufactured propaganda. I’m outta here until there are some reasonable reference points, i.e. how totally fucked up things are right now you guys have your head up the boobtube.

Anonymous said...

Akubi/CJC... the blur is a photoshop arrangement put on by Snowflake to try to disguise Galina's identity.

IT was discussed sometimes back... (the photo comes from Snowflakes Flikr account - he's tweaked a few to belatedly reduce the amount of PI he has put out - one example being cropping the back of "Gary" out of the pic of the McMansion (along with the rental Chrysler's plate details - I bet Gary's company name is on the rental agreeement!).


mycroft said...

For them that cares, Burdette went to sale today. It had an estimated debt of $316,359.47, but the bank started with a deficit bid of $249,427.46. No one bit, and the bank took it back. Looks like Casey gets to take yet another debt away from the spreadsheet - except of course for taxes on $66K that the bank will send him a W9 for.

You can verify this at:
Ignore the User Login, and put 20069017100500 in the TS number box.

walt526 said...

If they were willing to start the bid at $250k, why not have taken the short sale offer for $240k last week?

As I've said several times before, the home is in a horrible neighborhood with terrible schools. No one interested in raising a family should consider it until it falls below $200k.

There are some beautiful, similarly sized homes in Elk Grove that are being listed for under $325k (a year ago, it would have been a rarity to see these homes sold for under $400k). Personally, I expect the oversupply will drive the market for their homes back down to $250-275k within a year or so. But regardless, no rational person is going to pay $250k for a slum in a dump when $325k gets you a much safer neighborhood, quality schools (for CA), etc.

Ultimately, the home will sell as an REO for less than $200k. $180-200k if it sells in June--less if the bank doesn't aggressively price it. There are literally dozens of homes in that neighborhood on the brink of foreclosure, most owned by flip-floppers like Snowflake. The bank should look to minimize its losses now, rather than risk selling it for $150k or worse in the second half of 2007.

Although personally I wouldn't buy it for $150k.


Anonymous said...

Mycroft, the 1099 would be 66k IF the property sold for $249k.

It didn't.

So the taxable event will be larger.

Jade said...

I just saw this video and it reminded me of Casey:

Akubi said...

The sloth is so much cuter.

Stephanie J. said...

I'm with Akubi on that one. Let's not defile any sweet, innocent fauna by associating them with that useless little sack of human flesh.

Galina said...

Oh boy do I look hot. You boys like what you see? I will be available soon. Just make sure you have a credit report handy so I know you will take care of me for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

That photo is not Photoshopped - I'm a professional designer who's used Photoshop since version 1 (when it was'nt called Photoshop, bonus points if you can name it). If I had the time I'd have my Adobe Expert Certification in Photoshop. I'm not a professional photographer but I work with them, and I know just enough to be dangerous.

It would take enormous amounts of time and expertise to selectively add blur and clone out layers to achieve what Turnip Head did with that shot with too slow a shutter speed, bad light, and probably more than a little unsteadiness due to a little too much alcohol at a holiday event. It would the first and ONLY time he's ever shown any skills with an editing program, all of his pictures are dumped straight from the camera, or stock art he's ripped off from the web.

If you do a little investigative work, you can see that he has a Konica Minolta DiMAGE X20. Flickr lists the camera make that's embedded in the metadata of the shots uploaded - it also shows the rest of the metadata if you click on "more properties". For this shot, we can see Turnip Head is using the camera as is out of the box, on auto, and the crappy lighting and crappy camera and far too long an exposure (1.5 sec) and too low an iso (100) led to a crappy picture. I suspect he was being "cute" and swung the camera up fast to catch her off guard.

And, to be honest, that's a relatively cheap camera, very old now, and from a little research found out one of it's main flaws is no AF illumination and a very slow auto focus, which would lead to this picture's blur.

And, if you dig into his crappy blog, he stated he doesnt have Photoshop, and he was trolling for a free copy. If he had it before he never used it, as his shots are loaded up straight from the camera, uncropped and unadjusted.

Funny, the idiot was rolling in stolen cash, and could'nt do better than a at-the-time $3-400 pocket digital. I would have thought at least a Nikon D50, or Canon Digital Rebel, so Turnip Head could look all "professional".

Hell, I have a Fuji Finepix S5000 sitting on my shelf that cost as much and has 10x the features, and takes gorgeous shots (if you know what you're doing).

It can't compare to my Nikon D1X, but most of the time that's too much camera to lug around for casual snaps. :)

BadjerJim said...

@anonymous 2:29am
Photoshop was called ImagePro. I worked at SuperMac when they turned the product away.

Good thing we're not getting older, eh?

Katie said...


I thought that Casey's real name was Aleksey, and that Casey was just an Americanization.

cjc said...

Anon @2:29AM

Out of curiosity, how can you tell the camera was working in full auto from the EXIF?

Rob Dawg said...

Wow, I was the first to commercially distro PS 2.01 on my CDs back in '89/'90. I remember sitting in on a Kai Krause demo up in a suite (80% German but 100% technical so I could follow) when his plug-ins first were announced. Excuse me now, my walker needs polishing. Some of the easter eggs on those old versions were classic.

CASEY'S WIFE said...

lots of recent pages have incomplete comments and no ability to add comments in IE6

works fine in Firefox.

maybe you can hire casey to fix this! wifey needs a new purse!

Anonymous said...

A couple of clues about the EXIF data:

ISO 100 in a low light setting (Most cameras, if not all, do not adjust ISO automatically).

Auto-flash on, but did not fire because the sensor was confused (and that camera has a bad rep for it's sensors). That shot required a flash.

Work with EXIF data a lot, you see similarities. Our Snowflake rarely does anything beyond what comes out of the box, his camera is no different. Entry to mid level point n' shoot cameras generally have pretty similar settings out of the box, and the EXIF settings scream Snowflake knows how to turn it on, autofocus, turn it off, and dump the shots onto his hard drive.

So much for his photography skills.

Anonymous said...

I did that post. I also did #30 in today's Burdett foreclosure whine-a-thon. However, despite Cassandra's little G*****, I didn't use the word "Galina" in the post. I just referred to her as 'G'. I have no idea what's up with that.

30. YouGotBusted
March 13th, 2007 at 1:20 am

You only listed this post under the “deals”, “foreclosure”, and “Burdett” tags.

It should also be listed under “sweet media” precious snowflake hobbit.

So are the haters right? Did you also get a loan under G***** ’s name with cashcall?

SmellyPogoStick said...

I suppose that if there was a loan in G's name, we would know about it by now...