Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dandelion's Mad Skillz

Having had some trouble refreshing IAFF I decided to 'peek' behind the scenes. This has nothing to do with his migrating the site and yet again leaving a bad taste behind. Here's why it takes awhile to bring up wonder boy's home page:
[38 freakin more flicr pic!]
Over 4Mb to download. Idjit.


TK said...


LOL said...

Those MAD IT SKILLZ at work again!


Benoit™ said...

Here's something interesting I found out. I went to CashCall's website and clicked "Apply for a loan", and attempted to fill out the first page of data with Casey's e-mail address ( It returned something like, "Error: you already have a loan with us. Call our number for information."

Fine. We all know he has a loan. Then, just as a lark, I tried the e-mail address "" ... AND THE SAME MESSAGE APPEARED.

Just to be sure they weren't just taking the "" string to determine if a loan was in existence, I then tried "", which gave no error message and sent me to the next page, "Step 2".

So... could Casey have taken out a second CashCall loan in Galina's name, that he's not telling us about? It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility. In fact, I would guess "yes, he did".


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Aw, what a cutie pie!! I bet that little 'un is WAY more IT savvy than Casey. 4MB indeed. Snort!!! Who the hell would ever hire Mr. Dandelion Snowflake for web work? Not only is he a "would-be real estate mogul" (yuk) but he can also add "would-be web programmer" to his shady resume.

walt526 said...


Yep, Snowflake certainly seems like he's worth $50k/year to do web development.

Question: based on his performance (crappy web design, poor attention to detail, etc) would you hire Looser Boy for minimum wage?

Not intended slowly as a slam, but it sure seems like the costs of his incompetence very well might exceed his productive contributions. As such, any employer who ultimately hires him is almost certain to get burned IMHO.


walt526 said...

@ Benoit

Possibly. But maybe the single $10,000 Cash Call loan was a joint-application?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

--Sorry for the duplicate posting on the previous thread--

Our dear friend Homey's back -- see the 8.08 post on the Casey Wars thread.

Benoit™ said...

I suppose it could be a joint application, but there was only one space to put your e-mail address. Even if he applied for the loan jointly with his wife, that would be yet another thing he's lied about on the blog.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he applied for a second loan without Galina's knowledge. Possibly at the same time as the first loan. He certainly has access to all of her relevant information (DL#, SSN, etc.). I wouldn't put it past him. :-p

TK said...

So Homey posted on the Star Wars thread. Looks like he isn't going to be around much anymore, probably because he doesn't have that much information to give, but I will say this - he's right about Casey being AWFULLY quiet about how those taxes are going. Whatever happened with the CPA I wonder?

Benoit, you're a hater's hater. Do I think it's possible? Yep. Do I think Cashcall has two people to talk to when they call the Serin house? Quite possibly.

BTW I posted a reply to Nigel Smarmy's snarky reply, since there appears to be some inconsitency with how he regards what Casey tells people. I doubt if he'll let it through, but he's calling someone on their contention that Casey had no source of income, but also claims something to be fact because it was on Casey's site. Well, it is also fact that Casey quit his job to flip houses and if, as Nigel says, all of his money went into rehabbing and carrying costs, WHAT WAS HIS SOURCE OF INCOME???

Also, I'd like to start a game: Choose a motto for Casey. I personally like:

Casey Serin: "Making terrible mistakes, so you don't have to".

Nicole said...

You mean Casey doesn't tell the whole truth on his website??? Wife has loans too????

Ok, I'll stop now :>

Nicole said...

Oh and has anyone else been looking at this? Its part of the RE Forum-palooza on the media and Casey

CASEY'S WIFE said...

send me some suggestions

Benoit™ said...

Motto for Serin --

"Committed a flawed fraud? Go abroad!"

"CS: Compulsory Sterilization"

[a la Nike]: "Just screw it." :-)

Nicole said...

Ha. Okay. I just watched that piece of crap CBS calls a report.

Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions? Even the media is helping him avoid this.


Oh, and Casey looks like hell too. Looks like the vegan diet isn't agreeing with him :>

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

You flamed your own blog!!!1

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Oh, and Casey looks like hell too. Looks like the vegan diet isn't agreeing with him :>
Maybe he can not afford to buy food?

TK said...


Naw, in a previous post, he said his Mommy always made him take produce home with him (probably chopped meat too). This was the same post where he said he couldn't wait to take care of his parents "soon".

ginny said...

Conviction in mortgage fraud scheme


A Santa Rosa man was convicted Thursday of defrauding two mortgage companies and a title company in an effort to eliminate a $240,000 home mortgage.

Eldrick Robison, 41, who represented himself in court, was taken into custody after the jury verdict was read.

He was convicted of 12 felonies, including seven related to discharging the mortgage and five related to weapons and ammunition found in his residence. A prior conviction for a home-invasion robbery could be taken into account at his sentencing, set for April 6.

He faces a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

Judge Elliot Daum denied Robison's request for a two-week grace period to see to personal matters before going to jail.

He was instead handcuffed and led from the courtroom. Bail was set at $200,000.

Robison said he learned the mortgage elimination process through books and seminars, and doesn't believe it's illegal.

But prosecutor Brian Staebell told jurors that Robison and his girlfriend carried out a complicated series of maneuvers to illegally relieve themselves of debt.

In the process, he said, Robison committed the crimes of forgery, burglary, grand theft and receiving stolen property.

ratlab said...

My firm would have drop a programmers's contract for work like this. 4MBs? And from various sources, no less. No respect for the people with dial-up connections, no respect for bandwith. Jerk.

BadjerJim said...

Agreed. But you know what's even worse? He doesn't understand the fundamentals at all.

For example:

...will display a list of the files in the directory. Not protected at all. To call Casey a 'web designer' is an exaggeration at best.

TK said...


Question: Which designation best describes Casey?

A) Web Designer

B) Real Estate Investor

I think we need a new designation entirely.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Question: Which designation best describes Casey?

A) Web Designer

B) Real Estate Investor

I think we need a new designation entirely.

A) Real Estate Scam Deaigner

B) Tangled Web Investor

Anonymous said...

I pointed out the lack of his 'leet" skills a while back - it's not important, but I'm in that field, and his lack of skill is obvious.

No, Casey is a cut-n-paster.

Remember, all we have to go on is that he had a job. Anyone verified that? All you have to do is call HR there and say you're a local Jamba Juice manager and he filled out an application. Telling you he worked there is not against the law.

What they can't tell you if he were fired, or if he quit before they could, nor can they tell you how well he was doing there. His employment record is very short, too short to have the skills to get the good jobs. He's now given several answers to how much he made, so that is firmly in doubt. Who knows, maybe he was bottom of the foodchain, and volunteered for a lot of overtime, and that made it look like he *could* have made 50k. He lies about everything, we don't know.

To me, every time Casey has a chance to show what he's made out of, it's shit. The "leet" coder who trolled for someone to write him a php plug in. The fucked up mods he's tried. His site is boring, vanilla, shows no true skills at custom web appliances - if he were so damned good, that site would be tricked out like you would'nt believe - he's got the time!

No, Casey is a fraud, about everything. He has no real skills, just greed, his work ethic is "good enough when I get around to it", and he's skated through life manipulating people. Look how he gets everyone here worked up - he needs that, because negative attention is still attention. Casey at rock bottom is when nobody pays him any mind, no matter how hard he trolls, bats his his big sad clown eyes, or tries to lure folks in with more idiocy and lies.

That's why the "A job won't cut it" comments he made are to me the most truthful he's ever made. He has no skills. He has no resume. He has no hope of anything except entry level work, making no money and eating a lot of shit (and competing with people with degrees), or retail work, or manual labor. He doesn't even have enough creativity or style to NOT wear that dreadful blue shirt and sweater vest and god awful tie.

And don't start in on his supposed photography skills. I know what I'm talking about here, his shots are about what you get from a $3-400 pochet digital, with auto focus and built-in correction software. His shots are either dreadful (Xmas), about as cliched as you can get (Holding open the oven door), or just horrid Hallmark moments from the eye of a slacker (the presents).

The best shots he has I'd bet Galina took. She may have a small feel for photography. It's not hard. But if you look at the Utah shots, you see your basic amature "gee that's a moose head!" shots, with clumsy framing, no creativity, and about as rigid and stiff as PoserBoi's hair wax in cold weather.

The shot of Casey cupping the globe's testicles sums him up for me - posed, cliched, annoying, and lacking any substance. He could have at least done a Scarface reference, but he's too dimwitted for even that.

Hoovooloo said...

I'm sorry, but I have to ask, where do you find these pictures?

Rob Dawg said...

Google images and careful word selection.

I do have favorites. NYPL Image Collection for old city pictures for instance.