Sunday, March 25, 2007

Serin Clan 2010

Inquiring minds want to know. THe story has spun out of their control. There is no under the radar anymore. Still little fish in a big story slip through the net. So what's everyone's prediction? Expeditied banckruptcy and trivial restitution with a token prison term? A promise to never own more than one house in exchange for moving to Michigan? Or will they slink off to a nice lakefront dacha with their coffee can and raise little Serins as pictured here?


T said...

First, bitches!

segfault said...

A promise to never own more than one house in exchange for moving to Michigan?

But, you didn't say his shell corporation couldn't own more than one house. Sweeet!

Has anyone e-mailed Yulia and told her about the possibility that Cashcall will repossess her stuff?


Anonymous said...

Whee second!

Anonymous said...

...after segfault that is :)

T said...

segfault said...


That's a negative. I rule this shit this morning.

bitterrenter said...

casey would probably rather sit in jail or be homeless in the good old USA then uzbek rich back it bummblefukistan...

oh my is that GALINA in 4 years!!?!?!

anybody else notice that GALINA's name showed up in the transcripts?

T said...

segfault said...

Has anyone e-mailed Yulia and told her about the possibility that Cashcall will repossess her stuff?

No, and I doubt she'd heed any advice she received from a stranger, to be honest.

Besides, I feel badly for Yulia. She's just trying to help out her sister. It's not her fault her sister married an idiot.

CASEY'S WIFE said...

ewww, casey is not touching me anyway & only nigel knows whats in his purse!!!?!

casey had another late night with nigel, chris keeps stopping by looking for someone to tweak his hard drive...

Rob Dawg said...

from the previous thread question... the murse pic? I've been a baaad dawg, I'm just a lazy azz dawg getting the site running. I'm okay, there's enough in the tip jar, I know how to install a forum and all, just lazy azz like I said. Keep getting distracted with jobz and such. Nothing like the cold pit in your stomache feeling when you realize you had damn well better send in an ammended 2005 tax return before the 2006 with 5 digit check comes due on April 17th. Focuses ones' attention in a way the snowflake will never understand.

Schnapps said...


From Nigel's blog:

During the recent real estate run up, many buyers placed offers without contingencies and some got burned. If you're searching for a home, be sure to get help crafting your offer from a qualified real estate agent or real estate attorney. Always protect your best interests when forming a real estate transaction

I am continually amazed by his blinding grasp of the blatantly obvious.

Anonymous said...

You know if I felt really bad for Yulia, I would consider setting up a PayPal tip jar so people could kick in something to rent her a self-storage unit to stash her stuff before the sheriff shows up on her doorstep with the writ to be executed.

But I'm not feeling that bad and I'm not that nice so I'll suggest that she stash anything small and valuable of hers that matters in the trunk of her car (and not park near her home).

Schnapps said...

Hey Dawg,

Aren't taxes and jobs for loosers?

I think you should forget about that and go for some wheatgrass shots.

Being personally responsible for yourself - again, for loosers.



T said...

Rob Dawg said...

from the previous thread question... the murse pic?

No, Rob... nothing about a murse pic. Just quick forum advice and a username and password to my own forum which has kick ass emoticons that you are more than welcome to use when you get EN's forum up. <3.

Rob Dawg said...

Okay, thanks. Yes. I promiz to be a better dawg and get the forum up right away. I'll down a double dose of ADD pills and finish the sucka.

N.B. for all who email; unless you want to remain anon go ahead and tell me your screen persona/avatar. All correspondence is absolutely confidential.

Stanley said...


Casey said he was still gettin' some when you called in and asked him about it. How long till she crosses her legs and moves on? Has she already cut him off and he's not fessin' up? He did say he was "right handed" on the murse question.....what does he do with his left hand?

Inquiring minds want to know.....

T said...

Rob Dawg said...

Okay, thanks. Yes. I promiz to be a better dawg and get the forum up right away. I'll down a double dose of ADD pills and finish the sucka.

You're a good dawg. <3

T said...

Stanley said...


Casey said he was still gettin' some when you called in and asked him about it. How long till she crosses her legs and moves on? Has she already cut him off and he's not fessin' up? He did say he was "right handed" on the murse question.....what does he do with his left hand?

Inquiring minds want to know.....

I think the left hand is in Nigel's right pocket. But that's just speculation, of course.

And I'm sure she's cut him off to a degree. I hate to break this to you... but sometimes men lie. True story.

Rob Dawg said...

That nervous laugh at the "gettin some" question spoke volumes. I wonder if the recordings were of sufficient quality that someone could run a voice stress analysis. Hmmmm, who do we know that might be exempted from the strictures of The California Penal Code 637.3? We'd have to know a DA or something....

segfault said...

Hmmmm, who do we know that might be exempted from the strictures of The California Penal Code 637.3?

Someone outside the state of California perhaps?

I bet plenty of the media outlets in CA have used voice stress analysis software, and probably haven't been prosecuted for it... Regardless, I've heard that, much like Vdubs, it's not very reliable.

Stanley said...

Men....lie about sex??!!?? NEVER!

We never lie about who, how much, how good, how often....and such.

Well, maybe a little lie and only on rare occasions when it suits our purpose.

Anonymous said...

N.B. for all who email; unless you want to remain anon go ahead and tell me your screen persona/avatar. All correspondence is absolutely confidential.

I can't speak for other anons but in my case I already have a blog that's in the top million or so on Technorati (whee!) and I'd rather not have my blogger id associated with anything to do with snowflake or nigel, thanks. I suppose I could make up a new id but I'm lazy that way.

I gotta laugh about Nigel and his postings about his blog traffic...does he not get that people use his SLC site to take a quick look at his fliptard discussion site (and no one hangs there for long because there's no worthwhile content looks like Nigel deletes it)?

Believe me if network TV sitcoms were better written Casey's site would be a ghosttown. But it isn't so I get a lot of laughs out of the occasional IAFF visit and then even more from the comments here at EN.

Keep it up's a lot of fun hanging here.

Anonymous said...

My good friend here is an investigator with the local DA and uses PSE for his work all the time...and has done so for years. The first thing you have to do is get a base line of true statements before running it through the device. Also, quality of the recording is critical....

That being said, if anyone has a recording that meets the parameters, it can be done....

....and, while not nearly so accurate....there's this:

Anonymous said...

By the way someone ought to do the world a favor and repossess Casey's TV.

Consider the evidence:

Casey got started in Real Estate investing thanks to a TV guru (Carleton Sheets) and bought himself some overpriced 'educational' stuff.

Casey's 'educational credentials' consist of having been to The Learning Annex's RE Seminar and thinks a lot of Donald Trump (TV reality show dude who booms and busts too frequently to count) Robert Kiyosaki (heavily hyped on TV and unfortunately now their tickets are a thank-you premium given away on public TV when Kiyosaki shows up and goes all goofy guru on there) For a chance to be on the private label Rich Dad TV, Casey went and let himself be humiliated on camera by RK. It's all good Casey!

Casey is all psyched to be interviewed by Suze Orman (another TV guru who hangs out mostly on that liar financial channel MSNBC but every so often lowers the class level on PBS and isn't above pimping cars for the failing GM now rather than sticking to her original message preaching that people need to get out of debt).

Casey's juicer comes from a TV infomercial (from his flickr pic you can see it's a Jack LaLanne brand juicer) so you can be sure he overpaid for it.

Casey turns to (predatory) TV lenders Countrywide for his sweet real estate deals and CashCall for his day to day funding.

Casey likes to eat at overpriced franchise restaurants like Macaroni Grill that regularly advertise on --you guessed it-- TV.

Casey will also admit to comitting criminal acts if you point a TV camera in his face and tell him you're with the local news station.

I'm sure I'm missing many more Casey and the boob tube connections (like I'm sure there's some vaguely Christian-like teleevangelist to whom Casey has declared his faithful followership) but my point is TV and Casey are a BAD thing. Casey doesn't acknowledge any reality that hasn't been mediated through the idiot box.

Hence why I'm advocating we liberate Casey and ourselves from Casey's idiocy by killing his TV.

TV rots your brain...event the oompa-loompas know that.

JJS said...

There's a homeless guy that hangs around outside the Chipotle near my office that is the exact image of what I picture Casey to be in about 30 years. Unlike most of the homeless in the area this guy seems like he is mentally and physically sound. Perfectly capable of working, yet he just hangs around on the street asking people for money.

Like Casey, he's all about making deals. He usually goes down the street and takes a bunch of free coupon books and then tries to sell them to people entering restaurants that have coupons in the book. I thought he was going to pee his pants with excitement the time I offered to give him a dollar bill in exchange for 50 cents so I could feed the parking meter.

I also see this guy frequently walking around with a coffee from Starbucks even though he always tells people he's starving and just needs a few bucks to eat. I can totally see Casey down on his luck and still taking whatever cash he can scrape together to go get a wheatgrass shot.

Nadia Belemi said...

Maybe there'd be some interest in passing the virtual hat around to raise enough money to have Snowflake snipped? I mean, it's for the good of the human race, right? Sure, it'd be more satisfying to have a video of Stephanie J repeatedly applying her steel tipped Doc Martens, but I think having it done surgically would be more effective, and Steph could still go for field goals while he's post-op.

Hey, Snowflake could sell those DVD's on his website! He could finally find a way to monitize his notoriety. And Cashcall could jump on it like white on rice (Okay, with Snowflake, it's probably organically grown brown rice).

TK said...

Oh dear lord my comment to Nigel has spawned a thread. I guess he didn't really get the jist of my comment which was to say that we're not terribly interested in his blog.

Rob Dawg said...

I went, I saw, I commented. Unbeleivable. He's so sad and desperate that he resorted to calling EN worthless. He also seems to think there's nothing here except Casey hatred. Clearly the little child thinks that throwing mud and making the other kids cry is a way to become the center of attention. He doesn't understand the analogy breaks down because he doesn't understand what he's doing.

His site is totally derivative and unoriginal, he speaks out both sides of his mouth be it intellectual rights or mortgage issues. He doesn't even know how to gauge website value. He thinks it is all about eyeballs and minutes. Me, I prefer quality time well spent with entertaining and challenging exchanges.

Jean Val Jean said...

In a few years, I see Snowflake being in the same situation as he is now: He fancies himself as "creative" and that is all he needs to bring to the table... and I don't see that changing:

The Solitary Nature of the Creative Process

TK said...


If you had a chnace to read my post, it was also just as much about censorship and the lack of accountability that self-cencorship affords. But nigel had to turn it into how I had the number of page views wrong. For the record, if Nigel wants to post his site meter, I will stand corrected. If he's getting lots of hits on SLC good for him. Comments don't matter well that's fine too I guess. Bigpicture doesn't get a lot of them, bit I suspect that's because most people don't want to go head to head with this guy. Housingpanic gets shitloads, or did before Keithe went off the deep end.

I agree with your economic views. When the Casey drama dies, I'll still be here - it's on my daily run of sites to check out. I enjoy your site. I enjoy the personalities here. I enjoy seeing people I disagree with getting skewered. That is the nature of the internet. So check it out, as long as you keep it real here on EN, I'll be around. I can not say the same for the Casey Love Fest. I've said my piece.

Rob Dawg said...

I post occassionaly at TBP but I am verrry careful to only post what I am reallly sure about.

TK said...

My prediction about Casey and family:

In about 2 years when this is all completely done Casey will be divorced, in a small apartment, earning a middling income which will be a low income due to all of his undischarged debt. He'll be on the hook with the IRS for untold thousands and they will watch his every filing for the rest of his life. He may have a girlfriend he met at church who loves the amibitious streak he has despite his circumstances. She may also think he'll one day turn one of his killer ideas into something that will make them rich. At least he'll sound that way. And he'll probably convince her to use her credit cards to go to some seminars.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Rob Dawg:

Yeah, the chuckle reminds me of that guy in high school with the Canadian girlfriend. Although the Haterz™ would jump on such a remark, I think I'd respect him more if he'd simply said that it was none of anyone's business.

The flak he gets is well deserved, but even so I'd think better of him if he showed some spine and told people to fuck off once in a while.

BTW, I recently sealed a win-win deal on a sweet new rental cave. It's bigger, nicer, and in a better neighborhood than the one I'm in now. I know the landlord and my new neighbors socially. The whole arrangement is very cashback itsallgood.

The only thing is that I'd rather be buying instead of renting. Unfortunately as we all know that's not a great idea right now. Maybe in a few years...

Ass-kicking Accountant/Search Engine Optimizer said...

Posted this at Nigel's self-flagellation fest, just reposting it here since he'll delete it in short order:

Steve, I agree. Casey's traffic is going to plummet if he takes almost any new direction, whether it be presenting general foreclosure information or finally following the haters' advice and declaring BK. The only path he can take that will maintain his high traffic level is the one he is currently on, namely making an enormous mess of his life and trying to avoid the consequences. I think Casey knows this and that's why he panders to the haters so much.

Nigel, the fact that you were compelled to write an entire post as a rebuttal to a one-sentence dig in a comment makes you look very insecure. If I recall correctly, you wrote an entire post harping on Keith at HP, and his entire response was "Jeez, get a life." Take a lesson from him and learn about brevity. No one is this interested in Nigel Swaby's webstats besides Nigel Swaby.

Besides, if you want to end the discussion all you have to do is put up a sitemeter link or something. I can easily check both Casey's and Rob D's stats anytime I want to. (By the way, Casey's traffic IS decreasing and Rob's is either growing or leveling.)

The fact is that when Casey's site eventually fades, both EN's and your traffic will drop along with all of the other IAFF related sites. Easy come, easy go. And for your information Rob's site provides something very worthwhile: entertainment. Yours reads like a vanity project.

I'm now going to go post this at EN since you will delete it from here within the next 15 minutes.

Rob Dawg said...

Oh yeah. 2000+ visitors per day is already peaking. The difference is I feel there's something of value to being the bar on the corner after a hard day of work. Casey is the crowd around the car wreck. EN is the place to stop in and talk about the car wreck du jour. Not coincidently a place where you don't have to explain "du jour." Excuse me now as I am busy applying the paint to the private booths and guest rooms to the new EN.

Anonymous said...


How much of your traffic is generated from paid press releases?

Your smugness is impressive, as always (compliment). In all actuallity, one would have to assume that your blog would have more "web reach" as "web marketer" dominated your resume until very recently.

The fact that you spend your time trying to manipulate your google search positions should improve your blogs' stats but will not improve your standing within the RE blogosphere. The general consensus seems to be that you are a naive, shallow newcomer to the profession who lacks the experience to offer credible commentary on current state of the market. Couple these impressions to your alignment with an admitted fraudster and your apparent lack of humilty and you are setting yourself up to be questioned at every turn about your qualifications and motives.

Your post is almost childish. While trying to appear composed and above the fray ("Ahh RobDawg,"), your commentary is continually very defencive and is generally more spin than substance.

I commend your marketing abilities (compliment). If I ever need a press release written or am trying to sell Olympic pins perhaps I will call you. I'm afraid if I were looking to finance a real estate empire I would call someone with real experience and less ego.

John said...

I keep expecting e-karma to infect Nigel's empire like a contagion. Is hubris a deadly sin? Exurban ranks in the top ten for "Nigel Swaby"... I predict it will get worse for him. Optimize all you want... you still reap what you sew. If I truly wanted to rise above the fray, God knows I wouldn't be tussling with anyone about the social impact of a notorious bank fraud king. Nigel's playing with fire here. Not sure he knows that yet.

SumBodyStopEm! said...

Did everyone see the 'new bidness plan' on the transcript?

He gets emails from actual scrooed people in trouble then refers them to a scumbag scammber/equity stripper who pays him for the leads.

Really. An honest person would refer everyone to the local non profit Consuer Credit Counselors. but noooooo

Hataz With Attitude said...

Nut Nibbler Nigel's remark about the pointlessness of an IAFF boycott got me thinking about Casey's recent comments.

I certainly don't put it past Casey's jamba-addled brain to actually believe that people would come to him for foreclosure advice, because as we all know, he crazy like that. No one besides Yneone is going to take advice from someone who at best avoided foreclosure 4 out of 8 times. (Now, giving advice about dropping the wheatgrass off at the pool, that's a different story.)

But I wonder how many of Casey's retardo schemes are actually delusion and how many are either hater-baiting or setups for schemes or scams. He sees his stats declining, reads the writing on the wall, and realizes that the time to sell IAFF is now. His URL lends itself to the foreclosure information idea and any potential buyers will like the huge traffic draw. (Nigel no doubt gets a boner every time he clicks on Casey's statmeter. Or Rob's for that matter.) When Casey says "#1 foreclosure information site on the internet" he doesn't see it as his baby but as a product that he can sell to someone else who will run with it.

If this is the case, then now would be the time that a boycott will actually hurt Casey, because every bit of traffic that he looses costs him sweet sweet cashback. I'm not arguing for another boycott, I'm just saying that Nigel is retarded and doesn't know Jack Schitt, Jill Schitt, or any of their relatives.

I however am on a first-name basis.

Sprezzatura said...

I scanned Nigel's DHC site & was amused that he was talking about his & IAFF's respective Google PageRanks. If IAFF only has a 5 that's actually pretty sucky.

My personal blog also has a PageRank of 5, just like IAFF, and I get a hell of a lot less traffic than Casey does.

TK said...

I am curious to know what everyone else thinks about Nigel's rampant censorship and how it will ultimately hurt him. He doesn't understand something that even Casey understands

- keeping it "organic" is what creates the "stickiness".

I'm sort of at a loss here. The guy talks numbers but won't put them there for everyone to see. And estimates that Dawg is pulling double his traffic, and states he's satisfied with his pull. He sort of reminds me of a marketing guy in my business. Last year I went to CA to get caught up on the latest marketing tactics of the company I was working for and we witnessed one of the single most misguided, insane and unintentionally hilarious marketing presentations any of us had ever seen. Right down to the typo in the presentation that said we were positioning the product to appeal to "White Colored men" as opposed to "White Collared Men". Whoops. He's putting all his chips on a flawed model - and he's risking everything in the process.

BTW Nigel, feel free to post here any time. As I said, We converse quite openly here and it's far more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a rat's ass about Nigel. Casey is the show. I don't get why anybody'd give him a click.

Some of you folks are giving him more attention than he is worth. Do the right thing and cut him off. I mean, he adds nothing to the Casey train wreck. He's a bit-part side player wannabe at best.

Anonymous said...

I think many of us are irritated that someone would choose to ally themselves to Casey for the purpose of creating a successful business and/or internet notoriety. Gotta give him SOME credit for creating a little buzz, if negative, but you're right it doesn't really go further than that. And it won't continue.

John said...

xpost from Nigel's Blogosphere:

whose favor? dude, i come here because you're a dick. you think that's name-calling, but it's not. you've built a cage where a dick primps around like a miniture off-puke rooster, and takes beatings. and that's also not name-calling. i have never made a single statement about the traffic here, and i get more of it than you do, on either blog, and add in exurban to those numbers. my criticism of you is related to the shit-eating smarm of your persona, and the soggy force of your rhetoric. i, personally, for a long while, and probably forevermore, don't give a squirt about your hit counts. maybe someone else does. but not me, feeb. again, none of this is name-calling. this is how i feel in my heart. and i'll probably continue to demonstrate its accuracy. call this traffic to your web site if you want to. it obviously is, and that obviously means nothing positive for you. you've swallowed the same delusion that hatred is a useful category of attention. so let me add another item: i monitize those 20k/day hits very well, thank you. so what the fuck do i care if you can game a web site? tell me, nigel. Tell. Me.

We xpost so delete what you want. have you seen that film 300? your ego is those 300. dick-hating is some mighty army of karma. i haven't seen the film but i bet a lot of those 300 dudes die. i hear from dan savage that it's a very gay film in any case.

Anonymous said...

Well obviously he's watching his blogs like a hawk because that didn't last very long at all. Once again, censored comment, substance-free smarmy response. Awesome blog. Is his project going to devolve into the following pattern?

1. Post
2. Deleted response
3. Snarky Reply
4. Deleted response
5. Deleted response
6. Snarky reply
7. Deleted response
8. Snarky Reply

Um. Yeah.

My Stats are Bigger than Your Stats said...

Nigel's responses are the dumbest EVAR. This a great topic to get under his skin with because the evidence is all over the net that traffic (and Casey) is what gets his man-parts tingly.

Posted at Nigel's:

Another thing that people who can't win arguments do is to psychoanalyze their opponent's motives rather than address their opponent's arguments.

Your "reach" charts are hardly conclusive proof or real numbers. If you want to duke it out with EN or any other site, put up a side-by-side chart for page hits or unique visitors at both sites. You can seed the internet all you want, but at the end of the day page hits talk and web reach walks.

Also, I did not mean that webstats are unimportant, only that YOUR webstats are not important to the average reader on a site that is supposed to be about Casey.

No one has suggested that EN's traffic will ever eclipse Casey's. If IAFF begins to seriously decline, EN must also decline due solely to interest in Casey decreasing. Post-Casey, EN and SLC will have stats somewhat higher than their pre-Casey levels but nowhere near their peak, and sites like this one and IANFF will cease to exist.

I am not addressing the SLC vs. Donthate thing because that was between you and TK and it seemed like a flippant remark to begin with. I would point out though that had you started this site a couple of months ago and were you not so delete-happy, it would have certainly grown to be larger than SLC by now.

Schnapps said...

I fear Nigel's retribution! Even though he said I didn't have to! So I'm posting my comment here too

Hey, Nigel, I think that, given the number of posts you're deleting, you should provide commenters with some clear and explicit direction on what is acceptable and what is not.

Or we could talk about the weather some more.

And since you originally said this was a place to have a discussion about Casey, why are you putting your own objectives as a full post rather than a comment? That's pretty narcissistic of you. You seem to care an awful lot about traffic for someone who is putting up a originally designed to get constructive feedback.


And since we all know that Nigel trolls here to see what's going on...Hi Nigel!


Schnapps said...

Looks like the transcription guy is blogging the talkshoe thing too...full transcript

Debating Nigel 101 said...

TK: Do you not find it the least bit worrying that this site commands more traffic and more comments than your SLC blog?

Nigel: My website has "reach." Come on now, if you're going to tell such lies, at least tell something that can't be so easily disproven. Thanks for the conversation starter TK.

Rob Dawg: I disagree.

Nigel: Critics have their place Rob, but you my friend offer nothing of enduring value.

Several Commenters: We disagree with some aspect of your post, Nigel.

Nigel: Quite frankly, I don't care what you think. It's really not important. It simply doesn't matter to me.

More Commenters: We, much like Several Commenters, also disagree with some aspect of this post.

Nigel: The weather is very nice here.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of "reach" if Nigel wants to know what it can accomplish. Is it me, or does the punk crave a good beating? He thinks he has learned everything about internet conflict. He thinks forces of righteous retribution can be trifled with.

C-Corp Man said...

Hey Nigel: When you quote ONE poster on Casey's site tearing EN a new one, do better than ONE poster, mmmkay bubby?

Just based on his crap responses I am convinced he's the raging asshole who anonymously fucks with people around here.

Rob, he's jealous of your traffic and it pisses him off to no end.

Lost Cause said...

Nigel: My website has "reach."

Yeah, reach around.

lil Nigel said...

my dear dear exurban nation haters. Please see my post at You guys say that I am all about driving traffic towards my site..please see my post at Nothing could be further from the truth. I like a good internet discussion as much as the next guy, see I don't delete any comments that have any merit, unfortunately, unless it makes me look like a God or doesn't insult my main squeeze Casey, it doesn't have merit..see People say that I am condescending with the way I, pinheads, I disagree..see my comment at
Anyways, my website as you know has reach (the more I spam the farther the reach), and unlike EN, it is an award winning blog, see It has even been on yahoo, see I am a mover and a shaker in the real estate field, and now that I am conquering the blogosphere, y'all can kiss my sphincterless ass.

Rob Dawg said...

The thing that bugs the sh!it out of Nigel is that the people who best him on a daily basis don't care. They don't care what he thinks because it is of such low quality. They don't care about the things he cares about because they have rational value systems. They don't even care that Nigel cares.

Nigel is an internet punching clown. Nothing but air up top and all the brains at the other end. Punch him and he's too stupid to stay down. Entertaining for a couple minutes but there's nothing there to even get annoyed at. Yawn.

lil Nigey said...

my dear dear Rob Dawg (note the way i act all superior with my condescending prose), what is it about me that irks you so? Is it my dashing good looks (c'mon, we've all seen the picture of me in my car, I thought it was GQ'ish) or is it the fact that I drive a BMW? Yes I bought it used and it's almost 7 years old, and I can't afford to fix it if it breaks down, but at the bars, I always lay down my keys with the BMW keychain and I seem to score points that way. Perhaps it is the way I engage in dialogue on the internet, whereby I merely delete someone's comments if they blow my arguements out of the water, I take this from the communist governements where I choose to decide what the truth should be. Maybe it is the close relationship that I have with that strapping young lad Casey, I know most of you haters would die to be in my shoes, granted it would be to bitch slap him into a job, and my own reasons for my delight at his proximity are different, but I digress. Anyway, I am rambling on as I tend to do (the shallow brook makes all the noise right?) and I don't really know why the hell I started this monologue other than the fact that I love to see myself in print and like the sound of myself talking, even if in my head...ha ha ha..that reminds me of ...blah blah blah...then again..blah blah blah...

Anonymous said...

Saving my first Serin comment for posterity - 'Well, now you see how it works when the real owner of the property decides to take the toys away from the children.

Unfortunately, the IRS never plays around - while the bank will able to take a tax write-off, you won't - their loss is your gain in the eyes of the IRS - who aren't known for their sense of humor either - even if this is entire thing is just a joke.

But at least for the bank and the IRS, it is just like the antispam word - winwin. And neither of them care at all what you lose.'

TK said...

Hey All-

Looks like Casey is stalking "his" old foreclosed properties to see what the bank is doing with them.

Burdett way:

I saw a piece on the news the other day about how cities are now having to use taxpayer dollars to mow lawns, maintain locks, sweep porches, and pick up mail at vacant houses to generally keep neighborhoods from looking like utter shit while other people in the neighborhood pray their property values don't plummet further. Yet another example of how Casey wasn't hurting anyone. That busted out boarded up window looks fantastic. Probably makes it much easier for his neighbor to get top dollar for his house too...

segfault said...

TK @ 4:42 AM:

Hey, maybe he'll try to buy the foreclosed houses back from the bank at a price lower than he originally paid for them. That would count as profit, right?

TK said...

Man, he is nuts.

"I was curious to see what is happening since foreclosure and to see if I can still get in."

Hey Casey, it's called trespassing. not your house anymore. Of course the bank moved to lock the place up in a hurry- they knew a nutcase like you would come along to try and get in.

"I notice the gates where open on both properties. People must be dropping by and checking things out."

Did you take pictures of the open gates to cover your ass Casey? Because I figure you probably opened them yourself. And the broken window? I guess that must be from a member of your fan club.

"I wonder what they are listed for. Too bad I don’t have my MLS password anymore."

Why don't you call the fucking realtors whose numbers are clearly posted and find out for yourself?

Idiot on so many levels.

PMSPMS said...

What a sadsack! I hope the realtor reports him for trespassing. Aren't the pics evidence enough? It must be depressing though!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Casey could throw his hat in the ring and try to sell the place as a realtor. After all he knows more about the place than anyone else. And you know while he's selling the place he could fiddle with the thermostat and anser his phone just like on the news. Hey what has he got to loose? If he could collect a commission on the place that would be SWEET. And since he's in lender ignore mode, he could take that money and go straight to Macaroni Grill- G's probably been dying for a night out on the town!

Besides, she's got a job, he doesn't. She could probably use feeling like a lady, instead of a victim who married a numbskull. I wonder how he feels when he buys himself a starbucks with G's money? Ow.

R-Boy said...

I wasn't around as much as I hoped to be this weekend. I was busy creating "winwin" deals with the future missus. She finalized the SWEET~! home equity loan package, whilst I crunched more numbers and read some financial mags.

Got my copy of the Economist! Power to the Bloggers! We then made a trellis out back for the blackberry bushes, as well as removing the old fence in the backyard. i think this is called "sweat equity". We're doing as much work as we can to the house so we don't have to pay for it. Yes, that even means we read books and stuff to learn! Wow!

No forums yet, but we gotta be getting close. I almost went over to Nigel's site, but considering that a kid taking econ 101 in high school can smack him around, my time's much better spent elsewhere (that, and we've got a big lawsuit that I gotta finish the stat. research for).

Schnapps said...

IRT Caseys' latest post; he writes "the lenders work fast" in terms of changing locks, etc.

Like he's surprised that they'd change the locks at all.


Casey Fannnnn said...

Wow. Busy weekend on all the blogs. Lots of catching up to do.

I wonder if Casey, furious at the banks for confiscating "his" property, will be moved to vandalize them or try to burn them down.

Picture Casey, furtively glancing around, shakily trying to insert his keys into the new locks, his face contorting with fury when he realizes he has been barred from entering. Picture his spastic peepee dance of fury around the front yard as neighbors watch through barely parted curtains. Imagine, in your mind's eyeball, Casey tearing at his blue shirt and pounding ineffectually at the doors and the windows with his dessicated sticks of arms, but lacking the strength to even make a satisfying thump. Slumped to the ground, sobbing, he could utter only one word..."Nigey".

Then Casey would blog about the experience in detached terms.

Schnapps said...

spastic peepee dance of fury

LMAO. Too funny, CF :)

Sweet Deals for Shitheels said...

Continuation of CF 6:07 -

As our FFF leans up against the door frame sobbing softly, his forearm presses up against the doorbell. He is slightly taken aback by the sound of the chimes, and thinks to himself, "that thing never worked when I owned the house...hmmm." His heartbeat picks up and the jamba juice begins coursing through his veins as he hears footsteps inside. Should he run? Should he hide? The door swings open and Casey stands aghast as he recognizes the face of someone from his not-so-distant past.

Homeless Bob: "Hey, what's up dude? I bought this POS from the bank for like $20k. I lost all my money in the last housing bust and have been living in my sweeet Dodge, eating ramen, and saving my loose change. The trunk was full of cash. Anyway, my credit finally recovered and since I don't have a wife anymore (she left me for some dude named Tony Soprano) I figured screw it, let's make some sweet deals. The bank said you would be picking up the difference between the foreclosure price and the $20k. Thanks dude, I really appreciate it."

Casey stands frozen as a trickle of wheatgrass runs down his leg. His murse drops to the ground and the camera looses focus.

Cashback for Sadsack said...

Continuation of 6:49 -

Casey's eyelids slowly slide open and he stares around groggily. A bright light is shining in his face and he seems to be lying on some type of table in a brightly lit room. Doctors and nurses move about the room busily and several of them are standing next to him and appear to be cleaning surgical instruments. "I must have fallen and hit my head," Casey thinks to himself. "I hope Homeless Bob has slip-and-fall insurance. Sweeet!!"

A Doctor: Nurse, when you finish stitching him back up give him a roofey and have Jimbo take him back to where we found him."
Casey: Homeless Bob... change locks ... (mumble) ... winwin itsallgood...
Doctor: Nurse, why is he conscious? He's supposed to be sedated???
Nurse: He must have a high tolerance to our sedative, doctor.

Casey looks at the cart next to him and sees two jars containing what appear to be organs. They are marked "asset recovery." As his eyes focus on the wall of the room, they recognize an insignia: CashCall.

Casey: Hey, you can't repossess my kidneys!! I INTENDED to repay!!
Doctor: Don't worry we only took two of them. You'll be fine.
Casey: Oh, winwin then.
Doctor: Nurse, give him another 50 cc's of wheatgrass. I need to give Yulia her birddogging fee.
Casey: Sweeeeeeeeeeet.......

Casey loses consciousness as the doctor directs Jimbo to load Yulia's computer, stereo, and flatscreen into her car.

Casey Fannnnn said...


...then Casey wakes up at his polished mahogany, bed-sized desk. He walks to the window of his 798th-floor penthouse office, and surveys his vast empire of business complexes and goldmines below.

"Whew. It was all a dream". He turns to his army of transforming concubines, who can shift miraculously between the forms of a beautiful naked woman, a Ferrari, and a murse full of frozen crab leg snacks. "One uh you bitches bring me uh wheat grass shot, yo".

Tammy said...

Hi everyone, I have been reading your blog and comments for a few weeks now. Highly entertaining and educational. Thanks.

The mentions of Nigel Swaby and Casey relationship kinda makes me wonder if Nigel is using Casey as "bait" to lure desperate people who do have equity in thier homes who are facing forclosure into another high intrest preditory loan scams. I have tried to read Nigel's blog but it is more of a 'me me' than any worthwile finacial advice in the content. Just what is it he does exactly? I have no idea so that makes me wonder. He just gives be that bad vibe.

I mean Casey is perfect for this, as bait that is, self absorbed and spoiled enough not be troubled enough to give up his starbucks. I mean if he can save just one of his properties he will be a hero in the eyes of the desperate homeowner who is facing forclosure. Homeowners who have valuable equity in their homes. His kickbacks for his referrals of all those desperate folks who he claim to e-mail him should be enough to maybe save one house, but knowing Snowballs track record he probably won't sit down long enough to pay some bills.

I don't know, you guys are so much smarter than me on this stuff. Just wanted to put my dime in the hat.

And, btw, my dog is named Swab, it stands for stupid whiney ass bitch. hehehe. just though it was a funny coincidince.


Cashback for Sadsack said...

Dude, don't leave the story like that. At least have a giant meteor destroy the alternate universe that SuccessCasey resides in.

win-win said...

I wonder what Galinas parents think of Casey? Do they know about her trashed credit, the debts, the fraud?

How can her sister let this stuff go on under her roof?

Anonymous said...

Anyone has links of pictures of Casey family?

Rob Dawg said...

Lots of people have lots of pics. They aren't relevant. Indeed the concensus is that family is off limits unless there is a connection like Galina signing all those loans and managing rehabs or dad doing all those reconveyances.

Anonymous said...

Where are some of those pics of Galina signing papers?

I already saw one of her large behind.